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Doing the Inner Work

Published December 8, 2022 by tindertender

By @Theholisticpsyc

The most important part of doing the inner work is learning how deal with being triggered.


We all get emotionally triggered.

Being triggered is a natural part of being human.

Many of us are on autopilot, reacting to our triggers. Transformation happens when we learn to understand triggers and process them in a new way.

Our subconscious mind stores every experience we’ve had in life.

If you’re like me, and have few childhood memories, it doesn’t mean the memories don’t exist. It means, we can’t recall them. Our body remembers them.

When we’re triggered, we’re experiencing our emotional past in the present moment. Smells, sounds, facial expressions, social interactions, and people’s responses can all create triggers.

I am emotionally triggered when:

  • I have a strong sensation in the body (racing heart, tight chest, feeling like I’m going to cry, feeling shut down)
  • my thoughts become racing
  • shame thoughts come up “I’m an idiot” “I never do anything right”
  • I start chronically comparing myself to others
  • I look for something to numb or distract me (food, social media, alcohol, drama cycles etc.)
  • I feel helpless or trapped
  • I dissociate (physically present but mentally gone)
  • I get defensive


  1. LEARN HOW TO SELF WITNESS: self witnessing is the act of viewing yourself from a neutral place. Notice what you think, how you react to different situations, and what people bring up different emotions in you.
  1. NOTICE BODY SENSATIONS: the feelings and sensations in your body when we’re triggered can be intense. It’s helpful to name these sensations to ourselves to stay grounded during a trigger.

ex: “right now I feel my chest getting tight”

  1. PRACTICE THE PAUSE: we all have “go-to” coping mechanisms when we’re triggered. To create new responses we have to practice having them.

Ex: Your partner makes a comment that brings you back to a shame-based feeling you had as a child.

Instead of habit reacting (lashing out), practice the pause.

We do this by breathing and allowing the emotions and sensations to come up.

  1. GET CURIOUS: ask yourself: “why?”

Ex: You read a post on social media and instantly feel angry and shame comes up.

After practicing the pause, you take a deep breathe and ask yourself: “What about this has me responding so strongly?”

With consistent practice the answer will become more and more clear. You’ll also be able to see patterns of things that typically trigger you.

Ex: Any time you see someone post about their weight or body size you’re triggered because you were made fun of for your weight or physical appearance growing up.


Self soothing is how we regulate our nervous system and calm our body after a trigger.

Self soothing can look like: taking a quick walk, doing some deep belly breaths, journaling your emotions, playing music, or anything else that releases the emotional energy.

Understanding and working through your triggers creates more emotional resilience and empowerment

With consistent practice, you’ll be amazed at how differently you respond to the world around you.

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Spring Beauty

Published March 26, 2022 by tindertender

I went for a stroll in a rhododendron park this afternoon. The birds are nesting and some of the trees and shrubs were early blooming. So grateful for these moments.

It is better seen than said so here are a few pictures and a video.

I hope you’re enjoying the beauty of creation where you are.

Membership of the ‘Era of Love & Peace’ or ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on earth

Published January 31, 2022 by tindertender

Before setting out the rules for Membership, I will refresh your memories concerning your own creative power within your minds.

“But when your thoughts and feelings unite in thought patterns of desire, or intention or purpose, you have created a life-form. That life-form is a blue-print, an electrical outline of your intention and the corresponding magnetic field of emotion draws particles of energy together to bring this driving intention into visible manifestation.”

This is a manifestation of your own desires and because your knowledge of yourself and your future is so limited, this manifestation will bring its happy side and its dark side into your experience.

But when you first go to Divine consciousness and seek the true solution to your problem and take this solution back to Divine Consciousness for its perfect manifestation on earth – then you have the perfect manifestation of Light carrying within it no future disappointments.

Try to make it second nature to first seek guidance from Divine Consciousness. Even though you may feel you have heard nothing from the Divine, I tell you truly – if you remain steadfast in faith, in time to come, you will find the answers in visible form returning to you. Therefore:

  1. As a member of the Kingdom of Heaven of Earth I will meditate daily, starting with ten minutes, and moving on to whatever time I am comfortable with. I will set aside all thought as much as possible, quieten and silence my mind. I ask Divine Consciousness with heartfelt prayer to enter my consciousness and take over, bringing me Divine Wisdom and Divine Love that It may bless my own life and all I relate to in any way, and the world generally.
    I will use this time of union with Divine Consciousness to KNOW that all matters I take to it for healing and solving will be duly healed and solved.
    I pray that Divine Consciousness will give me the grace to KNOW that IT always answers the prayer of loving conviction.
  2. As a member helping to create the Kingdom of Heaven, I must set aside every thought of envy. I must remember and affirm that as the child of Divine Consciousness, the ‘Father’, I may ask for whatever needed or wanted and know that, in due time, it will surely be manifested for me.
  3. As a true member of the Kingdom, daily I will reject all ego thoughts and replace with those of compassionate love and the unconditional loving thoughts with which I will help build the Kingdom.
    Daily I will repeat to myself. ‘I have undertaken to help build and Era of Love and Peace and my every loving thought is a transforming influence on earth’.
  4. I must remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place of joy and laughter. Daily I pray that I may become more enlightened and lifted into appropriate spontaneous joy and laughter to help lighten the spirits of those around me.
  5. Daily I must remember that to overcome ego and make deep meaningful contact with other people, I must LISTEN! I must control my ego drive to talk about myself, and must listen, striving to understand and empathize with what I am being told.
  6. Daily I must remember that to overcome ego, I must be able to hear any truth about myself without wanting to retaliate or find excuses. In the kingdom of Heaven is no backbiting, vindictiveness, resentment! By all these ego impulses – exchanging them for unconditional love.
  7. Daily I must remember that in the Kingdom of Heaven is only a KNOWING that tomorrow will be perfect because Divine Consciousness fills the minds and hearts of every dweller in the Kingdom. Therefore, I must avoid all alarmist talk. I will not get caught up in retelling the faults of others. I will not indulge my lower consciousness by contemplating the evils of the governments and the world. To build the Kingdom of Heaven I must withdraw from everything which I do not want to see perpetuated – otherwise the Kingdom will never take shape, or others may build it and I will be left behind. I will be shut out by the self-indulgent consciousness I am building every day.
  8. I will listen with love to all who seek my comfort and will ask Divine Consciousness to give me the words to say to heal their hurt.
  9. Daily, I will visualize and make the following affirmation with love for the world and for myself. I will affirm constantly that because Divine Consciousness illumines my mind, my affirmations are powerful and life giving. I visualize they are the seeds of future events.


Daily, I open my heart and mind to Divine Consciousness transcendent to help me dissolve all present selfish ego drives.

Daily, I open my soul to receive Divine Consciousness to assist me in building a new ERA of LOVE & PEACE in the world.

In the KINGDOM of HEAVEN only Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Joy and Laughter and beauty of self-expression will be sublimely manifested always.

Nature in every area of the world will flourish luxuriantly, harmoniously, supplying fruits and food for every single person on earth. All will be well clothed. All will be uplifted in spirit and will manifest Divine Consciousness in every way, every day.

I lift this Vision of Felicity to Divine Consciousness where it will be ignited with DIVINE LIFE for its perfect manifestation on earth. I give my loving thanks to my SOURCE that even now it is all beginning to take shape in the unseen.

Thank you, Father.

My beloved souls, it is known that at this time there will be clear and unmistakable divisions between the children who choose the Light and the children who prefer the diversions and darkness of the worldly ego. For the Light to lighten the world all must become the children of the Divine.

Loving, compassionately, even reluctantly I leave you, having spoken what I would have you understand. My LOVE enfolds you in ardent longing for you to receive my worlds as simply as a tiny child listens to its father’s well-loved voice, to ensure my urgent message may bear fruit in your lives and the lives of those around you.

This is a true message of powerful creativity of your future. If you will believe and act, you will see it come to pass. Most certainly within your own lives you will find yourselves in your kingdom of Heaven.

Rest in Love Divine. Rest in Peace. Rest in Light.


Published December 11, 2021 by tindertender

I am the mediator between my God-self and my world. I bring the within outward, recognizing that my presentation and the world’s response are just. I am at peace with all outcomes.

There is a guiding voice connected to you from within your own heart. You know when to speak and when to be silent. The Peacemaker knows the way of the world, and yet is not overwhelmed. Your higher self knows how to bring your highest vision into creation. You have seen what can be.

You are being moved through changes required for your spiritual growth. Your choice is the create your path, or one will be created for you.

Allow the light to shine through any cracks you might see. You may act intuitively in the world, seeing every side of a dispute, and bring the polarities into balance.

Suffering exists as a signal that one is ready for a new and higher level of being. Listen to the silent whisper. You are a star in the book of changes. Your movement in the dance of life reveals all things sacred, the unchanging within the changed.

As you enter each transformation you will know if you’ve taken the right action. You will know because you will feel the presence of the Peacemaker within you.

Speak clearly when speaking is needed. Stand up where before you have sat back in silence. Let love come through where anger once lived. Feel the physical changes.

It’s time for a change of diet. Eat that which you are not accustomed to. Break the old pattern. Learn to enjoy whatever is put before you.

It is easy to let a sprouting garden of ideas die. The seed energy must be nurtured, and watered by the consciousness of self-responsibility. You make true peace by offering your real Self in a way the world can accept. There is something in you that the world is waiting for.

Do not fear rejection. You must find your niche. For a successful outcome you must not only have a good idea but you must present it in a way that will be acceptable to a specific group of people. Many fail because they are not acting much different than a salesman trying to sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

Badgering never works. Attempting to force another to accept you or your ideas will fail, if not immediately, then eventually. Go with the flow. Let go of the need to conflict with others.

Peacemaking is a fine art. It is often the art of keeping silence, letting go of the egoic need to be right, or one-up on someone. No one was ever reformed permanently by bullying.

The Peacemaker is ever watchful for the right opening to speak just enough to gain interest and respect. This way there is no need to argue and no need to back down from your true stance. You proceed systematically and intuitively forward at a steady pace, counting every tiny advance as a success. Thus, there is no war; there is slowly expanding cooperation.

Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges

Getting Grounded

Published March 16, 2021 by tindertender

Anger, fear, frustration, anticipation … those emotions, many times are “other peoples” fears.

This is the energy that knocks us out of our body, out from our grounded and peaceful place, and when we try to get back into the body we cannot fully, for the energy of “you’re not okay, you don’t deserve” is sitting there.

Learn more here:

Nature’s Wonders

Published March 14, 2021 by tindertender

Went for a walk on a trail off the old scenic hwy. I found some tufts of fur and a heart rock. Arranged it and said a prayer gifting it back in a good way to Mother.

Strolling among the Standing Ones I stopped and what do I see? A heart rock, and the word “friend” someone left behind.

Continuing along the way I found some orange peel, moss, a cool leaf and some wonderful smelling fallen branches. Branchlettes? Haha. So beautiful out here! Arranged them, said a prayer and walked on, feeling happy.

May it bring a smile to all who pass.

That song “don’t worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright” started playing in my head.

Such sweet moments, presenting themselves to me.

Found a cool stick and some more pretties. Arranged them and said a prayer of gratitude for the sharing of such wonderful things with me.

Here, I can smell the sweetness of the fir trees. Smells fruity.

Found some leaves that were just veins. And some more fur and a couple empty snail shells. Another opportunity to say a prayer for life.

Check this out! Reminds me of some sort of rune or magical symbol. It’s wood.

It’s been said that the natives used to bend the young trees like this to “point the way” for travelers. I did not put the note there, but was very happy to see it.

I saw a young woman and man walking swiftly and I stepped aside to let them pass. He was walking ahead of her and it looked like she was just trying to keep up. I thought to myself, stop, and look at something sweetheart, let him go. She totally missed the beauty of the flowers blooming.

Walking along I saw this tree. It appeared to be a dead tree but the wood was still quite solid. I wondered what might have done this damage to it. Perhaps a bear? Were they looking for bugs? I did not see any claw marks, just little bits gnawed off, all about the same size.

I stood between these two beauties for a time, one hand on each.

As I exited the trail after a lovely 2.5 hours in the forest I came upon more fur. I arranged it and said a prayer to Gaia for her beloved furry friends, and mine …..

As I left, I wore a smile. My countenance was extremely peaceful, still is. Gaia has healed me more times that I am even aware of.

I love her so much.

And she loves us.

Here is a compilation of the beautiful flowing waters.


Inner Peace

Published February 23, 2021 by tindertender

Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me
Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me

Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me
Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me

My heart is open
I am aware
In me is a knowing
Of love, love, love

My heart is open
I am aware
In me is a knowing
Of love, love, love, love o-h…

Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me
Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me

Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me
Please let me feel inner peace
From my center at the center of me

My heart is open
I am aware
In me is a knowing
Of love, love, love

My heart is open
I am aware
In me is a knowing
Of love, love, love, love o-h…

Source: Musixmatch


Published February 5, 2021 by tindertender

“Peace… comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells Wakan-Tanka, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”
–Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala Lakota

Ella Cloud Horse, Little Warrior, Nickolaus Black Elk.
Manderson Sd.

Your Quantum Mind

Published January 29, 2021 by tindertender

Your courageous and creative nature of Good within you is trusted.

You volunteered, you gave your word.

From a deep Love and Vision you said “yes!”

You know that Earth was not intended to be a place for domination or duality or war.

Earth was not to be a place for birthing volunteers into bondage.

You have the strength and determination to end suffering on this planet.

Remember who you are.

Do not allow the parasites to rile you, and suck your energy field dry.

Stay calm, focus.

Do what you came to do.

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