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Spoiling Myself

Published October 26, 2019 by tindertender

What does one do to treat self on a Saturday? Visit the Mystery Gallery, that’s what.

I decided to purchase a ring and necklace pair. Labordorite to be exact.

Intuition and intellect are balanced by Labradorite, illusions are dispelled and true intentions are seen more easily with its use. Labradorite is also very protective against negative energies, balancing, strengthening and protecting the aura and sealing the aura from energy leaks.

I roamed around and thought again … that was a pretty severe experience, and since no one else is in a position to do it, I decided I would double my pleasure and purchase another couple items. Amethyst, and a ‘chip’ companion necklace to create a duo.

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, including geopathic or electromagnetic stress and ill wishes from others.

For years now it has been my pleasure to be the one spoiling me. I’ve learned how to caress my sore spots, to look inside myself and forgive past errors, to excuse those who’s pain will not allow them to see changes made over the last two decades, and love myself as no other could.

I am happy with the friend I’ve become to me, rather than the ‘warden’ I once was, divvying out punishment this twisted world narrated as deserved.

No … the hurts will not come from me … but I will tenderly care for the hurts inflicted by others.

Tonight I am taking myself out for a Sound Bath of singing crystal and Tibetan brass bowls, chimes, and the grand piano. Yes, I deserve to go out for a good time … it’s okay to state this … we all deserve to be kind to ourselves, maybe even should.

So I’m going to get back on track, right where I was prior to two weeks ago. I’m going to love me, like no one has ever loved me.

Then I’m going to love everyone else … intensely … although some will need to remain at a distance.

Nope, the enemy will never ‘permanently’ stifle the light and love I’m pouring forth. Delay for a time … perhaps. Even change the flavor slightly, sure, to which I am grateful and say thank you for assisting me in being more than I was before.

It wouldn’t happen without you …

… and this is how you change an attack into a blessing. One way anyhow.

Mirror Image ~ Reflection

Published October 26, 2019 by tindertender

When your senses are telling you something is off, the words do not match the energy, the too good to be true verbiage is a line, a show, an act, test it …. see what shows up.

By test, I mean check what your thoughts are of the person, people … What do you see in them, how does the relationship make you feel? Do you have honor for their struggles in your heart, are you working behind scenes to ensure they get what they deserve? Wordwise, your ideas and theirs may match, but don’t give into the every whim of the opposite party, and watch as the truth explodes from them.

I was quite surprised at the years long hidden venom … and SO glad it was discovered in truth now, rather than later.

They no longer have to hide their true feelings, they no longer need to lie … a gift to them, from ME.

But they will … miserable people will always find someone to blame. They will always say others had a better start in life, they will always say others never gave enough, and they will always put some sort of value to it, and then attempt to extract payment.

It’s all a lie to make themselves feel better. And they’ll build … or birth … a posse, and teach them the story of hate, the supposed torment of their youth, based on misperceptions and hurt feelings and they will train them to also try and extract payment.

It’s too bad how some folks teach their kids to believe rumor, rather than what they experience for themselves. They will expect others to eat their weaved storyline, and they do … and they continue the fraud.

Generational cycles of misperception and unhealed triggers, Perceived wrongs done. A sincere effort to extract an imaginary debt owed, perpetuating harm in the world …

This is the reality many choose.

The rest of us, well, we have to move on away from that toxic timeline … leave them to it, to swim in their suffering, and hope someday they might have courage and be willing to do the real inner work of healing personal triggers, rather than blaming the world every time one gets flipped.

The grass is always greener on the other side … so they attempt to burn it down, rather than make friends and share ideas.

These are the perfect, gaslighting narcissists. Some folks pour energy into how well they can manipulate others … some simply try to Love to the best of their ability. It usually looks like the gaslighting narcissist gets the upper hand, but Spiritually, they are injured and/or dead Souls.

May they actually get a life of value … relationships, not stuff. And may they actually be brave enough to see the childish tantrums they throw and decide to grow up, without need to justify their vile behaviors.

I am SO glad I am not living with this putrid hate and weird need for some type of revenge inside of me. My hope is they will not get ill from containing all of this poison inside of them. But they might … and I’m sure they’ll find someone to blame there too … probably God this time.

Love vs The Chase

Published October 22, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo,

You think you have fallen out of love—

when the head games are over.

There is no chase.

No great war to be fought.

And your love is waiting home on the couch.

You might think there is “no spark” and will be attracted to something more shiny, that will burn your life all the way down.

And wonder why there is no love left.

When really there is love. Just no high from the mystery. There is no desire to win or be won over.

All the falling is done and you are waking up in the arms of a laughing-sobbing-bleeding-sometimes-stupid-and-pathetic and yet everything-you-could ever-ask-for-and-more, human being.

That needs you just as much as you need them. Just as much as you will let them in.

Our work is to not change to new partners, when the terror of losing them melts into every day bliss. To find “heat” with someone else more interesting. Most likely more harmful.

The freedom is in choosing to appreciate the softness of love. The fierceness of its truth. It will be kind, but not so kind to let you get away with a thing.

But stay on the move, and you will have a lot of “hot” s*x.
Interesting late night conversation.
You will be flattered.
You will ride the rollercoaster of romance.
Meet a lot of seemingly nice people who like the ride.
And you will stay a perpetual adolescent chasing the next one that can make you forget who you are, for a short time.

Choose love, and you will be surrounded by maddening unconditional grace. The kind that brings you to your knees wondering what you did to deserve such devotion.

Love keeps coming. Showing up. Calling. Coming over. Even when you’ve got nothing to give. And when you feel like yourself, they return your kindness tenfold. You are not an inconvenience and they cannot wait to make you see how important you are. You are wanted. For everything you are. And everything you are not.

You can be awkward. And scared. And love will laugh and lean in. Love is not impressed with bulletproof egos.

You just cannot live small or hold back a thing, and still be worthy of this love.

You must be the best you can be.

Want to be half of you?
Get stuck in anxiety or addiction?
Live a life of want and not arriving?

Go for the high that will make you feel worthless.

The one that will use you—until they are bored with you.

Want to have a life worth living?

Let in love. All the way.

There are no secrets or games here. And the only war to be fought is the one in your head.

To letting in the quiet intensity of the heartbeat of love.

That beats for you no matter what.

Elder’s Meditation 10-10-19

Published October 10, 2019 by tindertender

“I think that’s what unity is – knowing one another,coming together, and working with no conflict.”

— Chief Alan Wilson, HAIDA

When we are aligned with spiritual values, we cannot be in fear or conflict. When we are aligned to spiritual values, we have the Creator whispering solutions in our ears. Unity is one of the spiritual values. When we value unity we value solutions. If we think this way, then we have no conflict within ourselves.

Great Spirit, let me see through Your eyes.

Truth In The ‘Game’

Published October 10, 2019 by tindertender

You chose to be who you now are, you came here to thrive, the odds always seem steep, still, the game is rigged in your favor, you knew what you were doing, your demons aren’t real, fear was part of the deal, love is all you need, you’re never alone, thoughts become things… and you still look absolutely amazing in jeans.


~ The Universe

Coptic, Cryptic and Assuming

Published October 6, 2019 by tindertender

It isn’t just those we see who hide behind the mask, or our self for that matter. We are told to “test the spirits”.

Question: if spirit rarely states their name, does this mean we lose our identity once we transition? Or is our identity coalesced with every previous identity we’ve ever experienced, therefore, nullifying, or making insignificant any name we’ve previously held? If the unseen do give a name, is it being used to manipulate, to hook the emotion and drag the energy here and there? Or is the intention pure?

Perhaps our “essence” becomes our life signature instead of a name when we cross the veil.

Darkness of Day, my love.

Make it go away, my love.

The view of the rising sun, so beautiful, my love.

Sit with me my love, let us see, my love.

And each day hereafter, my love, let there be peace.

In every exchange, we are either taking from someone’s ‘cup’ or we add to it. I have a relation who always took from the cup, and always replaced it with that which is not good … guilt trips and manipulations. My cup became empty except for these things which goodness was replaced with. I became ill, physically, mentally ill. Since I know this is how it will remain (after 50 years this is a given) I was forced to sever the relation giving and receiving, I had to learn to protect my ‘cup’ from this one, and others.

When we take and take, never giving anything worthwhile in return, the cup we’ve been accustomed to taking from will become depleted. The cup holder will have no choice but to sever relation in order to replenish their now empty, or suffering, cup.

Every taking must be balanced with a giving, and what is given must be healthy and nourishing in order to keep the reciprocity going in a healthy, balanced matter. Fights happen, relationships break up, all due to the lack of balanced reciprocation.

I do not know why some in this world spend time taking from others cups without putting anything good back in. Perhaps they are so depleted they have nothing to give, or perhaps they have no desire to keep balance, only to possess that which they see as good.

This goes for ALL relations, physical, and those which are of spirit. If any of it leaves one depleted, then it is not good for us. We cannot force someone to be better balance makers, for only when they have been utterly depleted will they know the value of the gift.

Protect your ‘cup’, the sacred goblet which houses your spirit and soul. Your sacred ‘chalice’, the mind and body and every thing it holds (Emotion, Energy).

Life’s experiences will teach us much should we choose to see the lesson and act upon it.

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