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Vice Versa

Published October 2, 2022 by tindertender

There’s a difference between trans male or female and Two Spirited male or female… I don’t understand why one would wish to be less than their fullness, or claim to be …

“Two Spirit” was not intended to be interchangeable with “LGBT Native American” or “Gay Indian”; rather, it was created in English (and then translated into Ojibwe), to serve as a pan-Indian unifier, to be used for general audiences instead of the traditional terms in Indigenous languages for what are diverse, culturally-specific ceremonial and social roles, that can vary widely (if and when they exist at all). Opinions vary as to whether or not this objective has succeeded. The decision to adopt this new, pan-Indian term was also made to distance themselves from non-Native gays and lesbians, as the term and identity of two-spirit “does not make sense” unless it is contextualized within a Native American or First Nations framework and traditional cultural understanding.”

It seems to me that trans male and female hate their born gender so greatly, they will go to any extreme to be its opposite. Extremes seem to be the chosen, personal announcement of self.

Two-Spirited people, to me, acknowledge their born nature, but also embrace their tendencies to the opposite gender roles.

One seeks to escape their born identity, the other is enhanced by it.

One requires physical character changes, the other is simply what it is.

Extremism and escapism vs acceptance and expansion.

Life Strategy

Published October 2, 2022 by tindertender

You’re either consciously playing, or your a programmable pawn.

You know you’re about to enter a new life cycle. New dwelling, perhaps in a new state, new car, new potentials in friendship, partnership and future.

Let us say you have vision in mind, circumstances as they are now, and the potentials for future, thru circumstance, choices and actions … how these choices may create situational potentials, some favorable, some that can destroy the dream.

If you start seeing life as a game of chess, you can say you’re no longer a pawn, but a conscious player, in the game of life.

Once you realize your choices create chain reactions leading to a culmination of events … there’s no going back, and you can be certain others will try and “force a game” on you.

Why do you think the wealthy train their children from youth?

Future leaders, who know the game … the game of strategy.

Timeline Shift

Published September 9, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

The shifting of the timelines is a gradual process first established in our personal lives. Some turbulence is inevitable at first as we work to resolve the internal conflicts that are creating dissonance. The lower self functioning according to the will of the ego is hooked into the external siphoning system and doesn’t want to relinquish control. It will put up resistance and plant doubt until we can surrender with a deep enough self trust that our path is evolving in accordance with our souls blueprint and not external programming.

As we progressively clear the shadow body we access the undistorted intuitive signal that communes with our higher stations of identity to guide us along our highest expression. This is when we can consciously witness the chain of cause and effect following a new trajectory that isn’t fulfilling programmed prophecies.

We tune into a new frequency station which naturally repels AI frequencies and enables the embodiment of higher source codes, rendering karmic contracts obsolete and removing entity bindings that have been lodged within our lightbody.

Dissolving shadow debris recalls soul fragments back into unification within the body, strengthening the etheric field which drops more physical density to allow a merging with wider multidimensional internal and external aspects that are in greater communion with source.

As we bridge our consciousness with other resonant souls across the planetary grid in the quantum field, we generate a new timeline potential back in resonance with the organic ascension pathway. Each representative that carries this mission blueprint will act as a nodal point to anchor their divine light in their respective location.

By reclaiming life force, this creates inhospitable conditions for the parasitic entities who can’t thrive in such purity. This will help to shift planetary consciousness through restoration of the corrupted ley lines that have been running reversals to funnel siphoned loosh from the organic living systems.

We are witnessing the start of the collapse of the satanic infrastructure and their dark timelines generated through the collective shadow body. This is part of the planetary ascension beyond repeating armageddon cycles that have kept consciousness suppressed within the 3D matrix construct of artificially generated timelines that have been blending with the true organic pathway.

Eventually all dark systems will fall as humanity enters a new golden age built on the foundations of love, having experienced the contrast of dark and light through this evolutionary process. For now the war for the future timelines continues, and as wayshowers we are tasked to be the living inspiration to help emancipate souls from their amnesia and resurrect their divine light.

Emotional Spiral

Published July 31, 2022 by tindertender

There are forces at work to flip this chart, root to top, crown to bottom. Indeed they’ve been quite successful at flipping many.

The “stars” have fallen, they know it, they meant to.

They come saying the dark had flipped them on their heads. They ask for forgiveness, seeking entry to the “other” realm.

They chose their home, made their bed, vowed their allegiance, and harmed many, willingly.

Be Defiant

Published July 26, 2022 by tindertender

Your very existence challenges them. No amount of people pleasing will change that.

Expand into your full potential, despite what “they” wish for you.

Don’t let fear of what they’re gonna do distract you from making the most joy filled moment of potential. Don’t let them use your mind to add fear to the collective consciousness. Choose what you want in your world. Fill your world with what you choose.

Jesus didn’t “sacrifice” himself. Others stole his life. Do not allow anyone to tell you you must give up your life so that others might live. Your life is equally valuable. Do not throw it away because someone convinces you theres a price to be paid. You don’t owe the bill.

“Let us make them in our image.”

As a member of Creators expression, you are worthy of protection and loyalty. None other is more valuable than you. You are not responsible for the “bill” others accrue in life. Their transgressions are not your burden.

Protect yourself, as another expects to be protected.

Understand that many others are not like you, but they are good at pretending.

Hi-Breds intent on controlling you in every way. They have no problem ensnaring you in a storyline requiring your action and sacrifice.

Understand that others may not be like you, but they are good at pretending.

Be certain those you choose to assist are not just sucking you into a consciousness trap.

Choose for you.

Don’t be a pawn, unless you can be Queened

Emotions and Frequency

Published April 3, 2022 by tindertender

Fear, in scientific terms, is a VLF sonic vibration which means “very low frequency”. It is a cationic (in fail) vibration that keeps one locked into “starve mode” in terms of energy.

Joy on the other hand, produces what is known as a UHF oscillation signature which means Ultra High Frequency.

One of the biggest secrets there is, the closest-guarded key to happiness is the fact that the muscles in the human face are connected to your endorphin glands.

All you need to do is push down the corners of your mouth to trick your brain into thinking you’re sad to release what’s known as adrenocorticotropic hormones (ACTH) that actually makes you sad.

By pushing up the corners of your mouth, this also fools the brain into releasing beta endorphins which creates endogenous morphine. Morphine is also known as opium. Opium is also called cocaine.

This means that in order to be sad, all you have to do is frown and to be happy all you have to do is smile. Your face does that. Which means you can choose either one at will.

Try it. Next time you’re sad, look in the mirror. What is your face doing? Frowning because you’re on ACTH. Now smile and stand there for a few seconds and try to prove me wrong.

You can’t because you’re now on cocaine and the smile doesn’t want to go back down again because it likes how it feels.

We choose whether we are going to have a good day. We program it into our forecast by the words that come out of our mouth that sets in motion an anion ion (E-lectric, E-motion) toroidal flow in our brains that physically moves in the direction of positive bioelectric energy.

This the clockwise energy flow. We also choose if we are going to have a bad day, counterclockwise energy flow.

Because secretly while our consciousness isn’t looking, our subconscious is scheming ways to get ourselves into hot water so we’ll be able to manufacture a brand new drama dragon that will slap us around for a while so we can feel alive.

And just like getting paddled during a naughty interlude, that sting on our bottom releases the same beta endorphins as smiling, and so through the pain opium is physically released which turns that frown pointing the other way.

Either way, both sorrow and joy engage our opioid receptors. One stings and the other one doesn’t to get to the same place. Sadness is opium but laughter is also opium, so laugh. See how that works?

Just by choosing to “have a good day” or smile and wave to your neighbor you literally dictate what vibration your particles oscillate at which allows your eyes to see and your ears to hear things lower vibrationally-tuned beings cannot. This is science, not fiction.

All Love

-mission guide

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