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What The World Needs

Published September 14, 2017 by tindertender

Are the recruiters more important than the recruits? It seems they think so. The young are lined up in rows, dead. As the fat cat sits behind closed doors sipping on a drink, eating a grand meal, the vulnerable die in wars they did not start. Why are the young sacrificed in wars that old men begin? Why do old men deem the younger lives worthy of this, rather than life? Who are they, that do not seem to care for the living?

Mind washing … a belief is instilled that killing is an honorable occupation, that they are strong and resilient (which they are) however being strong and resilient does not mean one has to sacrifice their life for ‘peace,’ for war has never, and will never, bring peace … it will only bring more war, more fear, more chaos.

Meanwhile, the civilians who do not fight in wars are here, working as slaves, to have their wages taken in ‘taxes’, forced to pay for this death and destruction, without consent, the methods of warring not even made known to those who pay for it.

Beautiful lives are lost, over fictional stories and manipulations of the greedy and power hungry who have political ties. If those governing the system were to fight their own wars, war would end, for it is they who perpetrate it on the world.

Could it happen again?
“Governments have the power to create an institutional, organisational, situational framework that will harness people to kill. They prey on people’s conformity, their deference, and their desire to be held in the esteem of their comrades.”
“Most of the time, soldiers who commit atrocities are not sadists or ‘bad apples’ … These soldiers are ‘normal people’ but they have been trained to obey orders with no discussion.”

Does this training excuse the actions of young people? I suppose it depends on who is doing the answering of the question. If it be the trainers and the ones doing the actions, a profound YES will be the answer. However if you ask those left behind of murdered families, those who have been raped or tortured by the ones ‘following orders’, there will be a definitive NO.

When did it become more important to follow orders than to follow ones own heart? When did it become acceptable to relinquish ones own authority over their personal life to another human being, who then decides whether they shall live or die?

Creator not followerThis is a screwed up and skewed reality that has been created by men who have their fingers intertwined in the purse strings of governments and secret societies everywhere.

When will the young people decide the war making business is not an ‘easy out’? When will they decide that building a peaceful and productive future is more profitable that policing the world?

When people are lifted as brothers and sisters, rather than shot down and murdered as an enemy, the world would begin to level out.

The world needs peace makers.
Are you one?

Ramblings of a Madman

Published September 8, 2017 by tindertender

I recently read a small book titled “The Book of the Law”. It was a little crazy and the scribe wrote these ramblings as the speaker raved on about this and that, stating one contradiction after the other. At the end it was written one should burn the book after reading it. Well, I do not burn books, however I did write on a piece of paper Ramblings of a Madman and put it in the middle of the book.

There are sects which try very hard to make sense of these types of ramblings, they pour their energies into trying to follow them. Nasty and corrupt things can occur when energy is given to madness. It is wise to listen instead to the center of ones beingness, and trust in what they find there, uninfluenced by another human.

Power Within
Divinity dwells within, and when we try to look outside ourselves we often do find just that … madness. When we grow it, it gets stronger. The key to diminishing it, is to go within, in silence, and listen … not for the audible word, but for the knowing that comes from true communion. Sometimes it is difficult to know when we are in communion, until we look back, and begin to count the blessings which have been bestowed on us.

Trusting that the Universe has our back, even when we are in the midst of failure, is key. Only good will come from every single deed, sometimes, impossible to see until later. Those who have left us, have gifted us with eye opening awareness. While here, they may not have known that in their core they came to do just that. Yet because of them, of their sacrifice, our eyes open more each day.

Release the anger that might be harboring in the mind and heart. Recognize the gifts, and move forward in forgiveness, compassion, and love … love for self as well … knowing that as deep as one travels in the darkness, we may also go just as far into the light … if we choose it.

Great Foods & Turning The Other Cheek

Published August 30, 2017 by tindertender

I just made an amazing recipe of “Cucumber Fruit Salsa” and it is bursting with delicious flavor!! Thank you Taste of Home!! It was well worth the time and effort after work, I enjoyed it as my supper with chips!

On a different note, I read a post of someone calling me a not so glamorous title … haha, this one tries to omit the reality of chemtrails. All good, for that person and others who do not believe they are real, however slander of me personally over my disagreement with them will not alter my views on the subject, or my feelings of myself. I find it interesting how some will talk trash about anyone who poses a different “world view”.

I look at my reflection and I remember the smooth skinned young girl I once was. Naive, led around by others views, lacking the knowledge to form my own opinion and outlook. A people-pleaser. No longer do I see that girl, although she still dwells within this flesh. The woman I am today knows that pleasing others is not possible, in fact, pleasing myself can be challenging. There comes a time when stepping away from those who wish harm, either verbally inflicting it or physically, is a necessary move in order to discover, and become tight with, ones truest self.

It’s time to clean house.

When negatives begin, let it be a practice to either dissolve them, flipping them into a positive, or removing the self from the situation. Either way, the shift should be made quickly, for shadow will sap as much light as it can before one pulls out of its way. With practice, the shift will become easier and quicker, and soon there will be no need to pull ones self from shadows path, for shadow will not go there.

Let that beautiful light shine!

Eat healthy organic and fresh foods, kick start your day with natural supplements such as Rain Soul ( drink home distilled waters PH Balanced, or with reverse ozmosis, and plenty of it, and make your own Kombucha (

You’ve Got This!!


Body, Heart & Mind Electromagnetics

Published August 24, 2017 by tindertender

Nurturing the nervous system of our form allows the ability to send and receive heart communication to become greater, and what we intend for peace, love and harmony is magnified.

For years humanity has been told that consuming animals keeps the body healthy. Logic tells us otherwise, for in consuming death, life is not promoted, but stunted, and so we remain in a perpetual cycle of not coming into the fullness of who we are as live wires, as powerful promoters of that which is good, of sharing and spreading the joy that we each hold sacred in our being.

Live, plant based foods are the source of energies our electromagnetic form needs in order to rise healthy and powerful. Harming another sentient being only produces fear, and when eaten, that fear and adrenaline does not produce health, but inhibits the nervous system from attaining a place which includes peace.

For years I had been trained in the most common ways of nurturing my body. I found that my nervous system health lacked strength and there was a sense of something being wrong for the majority of life. Since breaking certain habits around nutrition and creating new, there is a calm that has grown within my being that I had not experienced before. This journey I speak of has been in trial for 3 years, and I speak with personal authority of my current reality.

Human electromagnetic field
Our thoughts and emotions affect the heart’s magnetic field, which energetically affects those in our environment whether or not we are conscious of it.

What has been dictated as good and right and encouraged for ingestion, things that you may question, but willingly believe they would not lie, these things may indeed not be what is best for the body, heart and mind.

I send encouragement to do research on what feels right in the core of your being. Sit in a calm space, listen to what your body is telling you, heed the messages it brings.

With the illness in the world, it is plain to see that the guidelines we have been given are false and do not promote health. The chemicals in prepackaged foods harm our cells and cause dysfunction.  Being healthy requires that we step back in time, not too far, but far enough to regain the ability to do for our self what our body is asking in order to embrace healing.

Investigate knowledge from your ancestors, indeed, from all ancestors, for great wisdom is to be learned from them.

Carl Jung said it best:

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.”

Here is a cheer for your altering your inside to match the outside you wish to see reflected in the world

Flower Power In The Heat & Light

Published August 23, 2017 by tindertender

I just finished making my holistic deodorant without aluminum, it is called Flower Power. It is a whipped mix of 1/2 cup unrefined coconut oil, 1/2 cup shea butter, 1/2 cup arrow root powder and 1/2 cup baking soda. Of course there is the rose oil, lavender oil, chamomile and ylang ylang … a gals gotta have her aroma therapy to boot while she battles the days heat and labor. Whipping it is not a requirement, nor is the shea butter and essential oils, but it does make it quite nice. There was an alert that switching may cause some discomfort while the pits detox from the previous brands with the aluminum, I have been using the store bought mixes without it, which are rather expensive, and figured I can make my own for less money … and yes, it is less costly.

Making my own product is a great schooling and skill which saves money and allows knowledge for future if it be needed, and I believe added knowledge is always a benefit. Now I am teaching myself to make my own medicinal tinctures. There are many fantastic herbs with wonderful healing properties and many books to let us know exactly which herbs do what. Of course, the natural medicines can be purchased already prepared, however once again, the making of them personally costs less and is a great tool in the skill set.

Now for another, more serious practice.

Light. It is within us all, to varying extents per person. I go now to breathe and focus on this light within, and to practice expanding it out, past my flesh, into the world.

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