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Blind Date with My Body

Published June 4, 2023 by tindertender

Every morning I have a blind date with my body.
And as I do,
a million questions run through my head.

Who is this person sitting across from
me in the mirror?
Am I my own soulmate?
Are the dreams in my heart and my thoughts in my head perfect strangers?

How can I open my heart to this imperfect human who is staring back at me?
How can I learn to love their wrinkles?
How can I build a future with this person?

And every morning during my blind date
with my own image I remember the secret
to any great relationship …
Is to let them see you as you really are.

how do I see myself?
As a piece of cosmic art or as half-shattered bowl?
Maybe it’s both things at the same time.

My love,
In order to feel at home in your skin you must learn to be yourself,
with yourself.
And to see the beauty in yourself when you look at yourself.

All first dates are awkward,
so be patient with yourself as you get to know the person in the mirror.

Don’t let them slip through your fingers
because …
they are the love of your life.

  • John Roedel

Artist: Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg

Trust Your Process

Published June 3, 2023 by tindertender

If my energy doesn’t wake you up, it’s because I’m not for you….

If my spirit doesn’t inspire you, it’s because you shouldn’t force the connection….

If my thought doesn’t make you think deeper, it doesn’t make sense to keep me in touch or on your mind….

If my passion doesn’t move you, then it’s better to change direction…

If my presence doesn’t help you evolve, my absence certainly will…

If my love does not open your heart definitively, another love will…

Go and find what makes your being vibrate,
Don’t even stop to look behind you…

One of the greatest acts of love is letting go…

The vibe doesn’t lie…

Trust your process.

~ unknown

Voodoo, Hexes, and Curses

Published June 3, 2023 by tindertender

A nail in the sidewall of my tire. AWD required the purchase of 4 new tires.

My dog was shot by someone

My bank account was hacked and funds stolen

A car accident, requiring a rental and repair

The contractor on my house delaying project for a year

Schizophrenics threatening to “take me out”

My narcissistic mother wants a kidney and to move in with me. She doesn’t even like me. She took my father away from me once, I won’t let her do it again

My brother communicating only to gather information that might hurt me

I’m under attack

There are jezebel spirits hopping from body to body trying to make me repeat a cycle of suffering

I cut them all off

Today, I’m going to the park. I’ll be with people, in the sun, in the shade, and I will dance. I will eat homemade ice cream. I will enjoy this life. I will be happy. I release all the drama and I have no fear. There are some who wish to steal my blessings. What is meant for me from Creator Will Be.

It’s strange witnessing some of dark mind manipulating nature and others to bring about fear and demise. It is also very neat to see creator and my divine family protecting me thru that interference.

So I dance, I sing, I smile, I share happiness, and I WILL expand my mind today during process so those in the astral May witness me enjoying my best life, despite their best efforts.

We are at war
Or maybe it’s just those of us who broke thru the illusion
Be aware
Be safe
Be happy
It’s the best thing to do

Strolling Through the Japanese Garden

Published May 26, 2023 by tindertender

Sometimes life tests us. Those who bring chaos and misery to our door are constantly knocking. Tires get flattened and in need of replacement. Someone shoots the dog with a BB gun. Someone hit and runs the car. Someone lies … and lies and lies … we are tested.

Today, rather than let this shady world get me down, I visited the Sun, and the beautiful garden it maintains with the help of humanity.

The entry


Some pretty, pretty flowers

Check out these bonsais. One of them is 300 years old!

I love the art here!

Random Thoughts

Published May 22, 2023 by tindertender

I hope their awakening is more gentle than mine was. It is why I share what I share. Even tho they may think me crazy, and say just as much to another.

Simply existing in the most gentle way possible with self and others is a rebellion. This in no way means that there isn’t difficult work to do.

Depression isn’t a disease needing treated by Pharma. It’s an emotional imbalance, needing attention and the hard inner work of harmonizing the imbalance.

They knew the truth before they even began.

You can make plans if you want just remember, life is fluid.

That’s the thing about this realm, everything appears to be false.

Anything other than presence in this now moment, is either a fantasy of the future, or a memory of the past.

Little Stone Marbles

Published April 29, 2023 by tindertender

Often in this life people come to us as little round pebbles, they get under our feet, disrupting our foundation, our balance. We stumble, we fall… we hurt ourselves.

I guess living is in knowing there will always be pebbles, bringing challenges to our equilibrium. How will we manage this rolling foundation? This constantly shifting path we are on?

Will we get angry, disappointed, sad, frustrated, vengeful … will we release the need to respond at all, and just flow, knowing for some, we too are little round marbles of stone?


Published April 5, 2023 by tindertender

Because that’s what we brave do, HEAL.

Cure not to repeat the same mistakes.
Heal so as not to kill alien worlds.
Healing so as not to dirty other hearts.
Heal so as not to harm.
Cure not to give half love.
Cure not to be conformist.
Heal to realize that flowers grow in gardens, not in the desert.
Heal so as not to self-destruct.
Heal to clean my bowels.

And even though my throat has thousands of knots.

And even though it was almost impossible for me to break old habits, I wanted to heal, because that’s what the brave do.


There is still a long way to go, the universe knows that I still have a long way to go, but day by day I am removing from my skin what made me suffer.

“I’m doing this, I’m doing this…” I keep healing the most important person in my life, I keep healing FOR ME…

~ Author Unknown

I Release the Dream

Published March 14, 2023 by tindertender

Here we are, between worlds. Stagnant are we, waiting to see what direction this river will take.

Will it flow?

Will it get jammed, as in a winter rage?

Will it dry up?

Will it create a new path?

I need not know. I need not know the players. I need not know my role. I need not know who’s right or who’s wrong, or how it ends.

I need not know what I deserve, or the fate of any other.

I release the dream and I step forth into a new reality, whatever that may be.

May the collection of life’s challenges be remembered as I pull from the strength gained thru them, resilient, persistent, determined … determined to live as happy as I am able despite those who would snuff the promise of reward.

I release the dream, while it still lives.

If it’s meant for me it will be.

After all, everything experienced, everything, can be used to shoot the arrow forward, or break the bow.


It’s where the Power is.

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