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People United

Published November 15, 2017 by tindertender

What happens when a concerted effort is placed upon the success of a thing? When people come together in a conscious exertion of power ~ very little can deter them.

people united

One has to admit it can be quite amazing when citizenry embraces their truest power, united. The force which proves itself to be nearly unstoppable, especially moral or mental strength, can actually end hostilities we see in the world.

Love is the power that holds together everything.
Deepening awareness of the natural world, it becomes
easier to see our connection to it.

“Nature. Love. Medicine. Healing. Reciprocity. Generosity. These capacities, taken together, generate a spirit of community, aspiration, togetherness, virtue, agency, meaning and purpose. We would be utterly lost without them. The integration of these capacities, taken together, is the source of all our good works. With the magnitude of the challenges that face us, there is no greater urgency than to understand their significance.”
~ Nature, Love, Medicine: Essays on Wildness and Wellness


Testing, Testing

Published November 4, 2017 by tindertender

energy ball
He blasted me with energy for a second time, this one took my breath away, literally knocking it from my body. He stood over me for a moment, watching, and then went to sit at the kitchen chair. He made a phone call, he said, “Did you check her out?” no, was the response. “She’s suppose to be slender, 6 ft tall, aged 17”, he said. I laugh (now) just a little as I think of my short and stout nature.

I stood up, shakily, reached out and grabbed a pen off the table thinking it was a lighter, thinking I needed a cigarette. He told me to wait a minute, he said to write something on the tablet, he said my writing was supposed to go crooked. I quickly wrote my name. He asked if it were crooked saying he hoped it was, I replied, “No.”

Although it was not crooked, it was slanted forward, as though my writing were suddenly done by a left handed writer. I sit here typing this and my insides are shaking. I stood and used the restroom, thinking I would pee blood, but no …

Strange, how a stranger can seem quite nice and then turn in an instant, doing something so surprising. Accidents are like that … we never know when they are coming. Who decides they have a right to come along and push buttons anyhow? Who are these persons? Up to no good … do they think that what they seek will just appear before their very eyes? Do they really think that it is going to be that easy? Arrogance … Funny that word should come into my mind … I will not explain.

Radical Self Love

Published October 31, 2017 by tindertender

Responsible for Bringing Energy

In today’s world, we find that most of the time we are either feeding off of, or feeding in to, someone or something. Not too often is there a mutual sharing, a caring, and generous gift and receipt.

It is very easy to attach our emotions to ‘someone else’ claiming our feelings to be caused by them, or something ‘they’ did. Only children can claim any sort of truth to this, for they haven’t the option of choice, most times. As adults, we consciously choose to remain in blame, or to come in to our personal power.

What a relief when we find someone(s) who care about similar issues and are willing to come together, in mutual sincerity, to assist each other in progressing into something greater than before, when we are surrounded by those who actually claim ownership for what they bring to a situation.

“In wholeness, in radical Self Love, we are fully engaged with our Authentic Self and own energy. Nothing can attach and take our Life Force. We are Sovereign Beings.”
     ~ Lia Love

Slow Motion Dancers

Published October 29, 2017 by tindertender

The Power of the human body, when in tune is amazing to see.
The Power of the human mind when in practice, is awesome to experience.

The beautiful forms this high and vital energy takes needs care, and a meticulous effort. Harmonious and healthy thoughts require steady work to produce on a continual basis. The fitness of mind, visualized in the wonderful form of the bodies of these dancers, is phenomenal.

Fine tuning our lives depends on the energy we put into it. Unless there is a willingness to improve, improvement cannot be.

Electromagnetic Cricket “Chirping”

Published October 29, 2017 by tindertender

Walking through the forest I heard what sounded like, crickets. I thought, this is strange, it is awfully early for the crickets to be sounding. I walked nearer to where the sound was coming from. As I came closer, they suddenly stopped. I thought, this isn’t crickets at all! It was some form of electronic pulse. I looked up and saw no wires.

I walked back to the dam, and lake, and I saw fencing around an area with coiled wire at the top, however there was no electronic wires to be seen going into the forest. I am wondering what this sound and pulse were, and if they have anything to do with the forest health.

The wonderful thing of walking in nature alone is that there are no other sounds … no conversation, no other foot steps … only the sounds belonging to the forest, or whatever part of nature is being visited at the time. Being quiet, much is heard that would otherwise be missed.

I passed 4 people three different times along the trails. Each time I saw them, they were deep in conversation. I imagine they were so focused on their talk, it was difficult to take in the surroundings.

I sit here this early morning and hear crickets … they stop. It is 7am. Strange. Being in the inner city, it is rare to hear the small night time creatures, and it is not night.

What does it mean?
Use caution before using “grounding mats”. Please consider the above link.

“The hearing of microwave pulses is a unique exception to the airborne or bone-conducted sound energy normally encountered in human auditory perception. The hearing apparatus commonly responds to airborne or bone-conducted acoustic or sound pressure waves in the audible frequency range. But the hearing of microwave pulses involves electromagnetic waves whose frequency ranges from hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz. Since electromagnetic waves (e.g., light) are seen but not heard, the report of auditory perception of microwave pulses was at once astonishing and intriguing. Moreover, it stood in sharp contrast to the responses associated with continuous-wave microwave radiation. Experimental and theoretical studies have shown that the microwave auditory phenomenon does not arise from an interaction of microwave pulses directly with the auditory nerves or neurons along the auditory neurophysiological pathways of the central nervous system. Instead, the microwave pulse, upon absorption by soft tissues in the head, launches a thermoelastic wave of acoustic pressure that travels by bone conduction to the inner ear. There, it activates the cochlear receptors via the same process involved for normal hearing. Aside from tissue heating, microwave auditory effect is the most widely accepted biological effect of microwave radiation with a known mechanism of interaction: the thermoelastic theory. The phenomenon, mechanism, power requirement, pressure amplitude, and auditory thresholds of microwave hearing are discussed in this paper. A specific emphasis is placed on human exposures to wireless communication fields and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coils.”

Momentum Builds

Published October 28, 2017 by tindertender

Periodically I still have the thought of, “I am alone.” Although my mind has access to that which others do not, it still seems quite lonely at times.

Today may be a good day to visit nature, recharge the connection with the earth. Perhaps I will find a rural herb shop and purchase what I need to make medicines, at least one … An elderberry / reishi blend to ward off the winter viruses.


I’ll walk among the earth and breathe the air, and not dwell too much on the toxins spewed into it by a corrupt government and its varying sectors.

Harms way …
There is no path for it today.
Soon, training begins
And energies will flow which
Alter the way things go.
I will it to be,
Today, I start … anew.

This journey is one which must be vigilantly attended. While rest is needed periodically, forward movement must continue … with speed now, momentum increasing.

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