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Hidden Messages Of Mind

Published March 14, 2018 by tindertender

subconsciousIt never ceases to amaze me how my defenses stir, even when there is really no reason for it. First defense, then embarrassment and a desire to close the self down to certain situations. As I notice these energies in my mind and body  I find that there is a shift, quickly from one to the other, even to something like shame … which is weird.

When intention to share stems from a beautiful and loving space of the heart and finds itself faced with different formats … I hesitate to call it rules and regulations … but different structures, a feeling of not belonging, of being out of place, of separateness arises, even when the differences are subtle.

Here I thought I was doing quite well, yet this experience teaches me that in order to move forward I must allow myself to be exposed, and be open to learning new things without judgement. It is true, we are our own worst critic (although some would deny this). I am happy these emotions have shown themselves, for this allows me to further my personal work.

Remaining open can be quite difficult when the instinct is to shut down, turn tail and run. It is really a very interesting thing that is happening in my mind, so I’ll observe it and work with it and see where it leads.

An Honest Observance

Published March 14, 2018 by tindertender

I begin the day listening to this song, and I unwind from a light sleep.

Standing sure in ones knowledge of personal authority can, and will, be challenged through time and experience, often unintentionally.  Past conditioning may find that there is a questioning of this surety, a doubting. In these times it is important to slow down, listen to intuition and be in touch with the inner self. Observe where these questions are arising from … past beliefs of smallness, or present circumstances. This knowledge should be easy to distinguish. Recognizing the triggers will aide in the soothing of them, a smoothing of the edges which get snagged on current realities, having a dragging affect into the past.

embrace the shadowAll of these occurrences are a blessing, for they bring us once more into the present circumstance of self, pointing out the areas that need attention. Everyone is perfect, right where they are, right in this moment, for their own personal soul evolution … ever forward, ever rising. With attention, there will be less duration for the ‘bumps in the road’ along the way.

As the search for connection continues, in its various forms, it is important not to be dissuaded from reaching out if a trigger is flipped. Keeping the door open for these events and experiences allows also those experiences which are of love and learning … learning of the deep inner self, in relation to the world around us.

In these relationships, our personal authority comes ever closer to solidification. Gift yourself this experience, do not shrink from it. (Of course, if it is harmful or manipulative in any way, absolutely avoid it!).

Cheers to you as you move forward in your journey. Progress is being made on many levels, quicker now than ever before.


Thoughts About Energy Transfer

Published March 14, 2018 by tindertender

Human energy transferToday I had opportunity to sit with beautiful people during a wonderful talk and meditation. There came a time at the end of the evening where people shared a transfer of healing and loving energies, I participated.

I suppose there is an uncertainty in all ‘first appearances’ where one may not know all the ins and outs of a particular group, leading to a second guessing of ones self.

You see, this sharing of energetic transfer I speak of went by a certain name in this group. I do not like the separation names give particular ideals … many of the teachings and beliefs are cross connected, often the same, given differing titles.

While what I would call this exchange may differ from what it was called tonight, I found the process being questioned. This questioning, although unintentional, sparked a slight division and caused me to consider the evening in a bit of a different light.

Many sects do this with each other.

Christianity has so many different branches, as do many other religions. I have always thought the whole of creation sits under one umbrella, not quite understanding the need to separate and bicker about who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’, who is permitted to engage and who must sit by the sidelines …

reiki-healing-power-energy-transferWhile many people talk of ‘being one’ under one consciousness, intertwined and of the same source, this separation vocabulary still exists. In reality, as I see it, unless people begin to see in truth, the connection between beliefs, nothing will change.

It’s all energy. This shouldn’t be such an issue, but it is. Languages and practices use different names and ideas … yet essentially they are all the same. So how can the world make the connection between them, really, and shed this separation?

All forms of energetic sharing are of sameness. Positive = positive and negative = negative. Anything which causes one to feel they ought to apologize for a loving share isn’t so positive.

We All Do It

Published March 9, 2018 by tindertender

future dreaming.jpg
All people live life while trying to determine future events. We walk around dreaming up scenarios for this and for that, imagining all different possibilities. No one knows for certain what will happen to them, or to anyone for that matter, yet try to figure it out anyhow.

A waste of precious energies … rather than spending time on the here and now, so much of thought is spent on these waking ‘dreams’. Lured here by others who tell us “you have no idea what is going to happen …”. They are right, and rather than allow them to lead thought down a road of guessing, delve deep into a subject in the present moment.

The future is not a threat. It is a field of limitless possibilities. All too easy it is, to get trapped in a box of fear, shrinking when thinking of possible hazards. It amazes me how the mind always attempts to go there, rather than positive results which could be, when appropriate actions are put into place.

Paranoia, fear, negative expectation … whatever you call it, it is theft in action, a robbery of possible joy which can be created now.

Every human has the ability to gather these emotions, these energetic impulses, and re-apply them to something else, somewhere else. For instance, if fear or anger crop up, start counting the things in which you are grateful for … the air, water, music, poetry, breathing, food, flowers, etc. There is so much to be grateful for … as this list grows in your mind, you’ll find a shift takes place. Now fear and anger shrink, and hope and beauty grow, all due to your conscious application of thought.

This power is yours, always has been. No one is subject to anything … the power of the mind can transport a person anywhere. So yes, while I have no idea what is going to happen to me, I dream of peaceful tomorrows, and joy filled todays. I will never give up on that thought, it will never be replaced by gloom … for this is what I wish to create, and with every breath I take, I will be working toward that today, and toward that tomorrow.

Open & Connect

Published March 9, 2018 by tindertender

Star Seed
When the soul opens the barrier of the body and the energetic ‘field’ a feeling quite unique happens. The body tingles, the breath slows, things previously kept hidden become known. It is a beautiful feeling bringing with it imagery which can inspire fear, and awe, and a desire to return to a place of comfortable separation.

For these brief moments which seem to last forever, the world lived in becomes bigger, more expansive, and includes things once denied.

There is a sorrow stemming from fear, will a crack appear in the psyche, or will this passage be traversed without injury? Will there be a path to return upon, to the world most well known? These are risks one takes when traveling certain paths. These excursions can be quite terrifying, and sometimes occur quite by accident.

When the world opens up it is realized the ‘family’ is very extensive. Just like some folks in this world, there are those one would probably prefer not to be around. Infinite universes, time which lapses and increases, folding into itself.

This closed off situation is one we choose. It can be open, or closed … the infinite invited in, or kept at bay (consciously) … until this body quits, that is.

Awareness is a gift. If we do not seek it, it will forever be lost to us. Many seek it unconsciously, instinctively knowing this is what they wish, yet quite unaware of the reasons they may do the things they do, until the door opens, and they see. They may question themselves and wonder why they would have chosen this, yet they also have faith that in due time, they will know everything they need to know … for this journey, for their purpose.

Mystical? Quite. This is the only word that can somewhat describe the awareness that has been hidden for so long. In these days and times, there will be more and more people opening up and having unique experiences. One day, we may be able to more fully connect and share. I sense it on the horizon.

Harnessing Rainbow Fire

Published March 8, 2018 by tindertender

Chaos is all around you, tugging at your heart, your mind, grasping at your wallet. Take one step back, close your eyes and come to center, stay there a moment and feel your inner self.

rainbow-fireThere is a task at hand which will require all of your wits. Not everyone is able to harness their power, they toss a little here, and a little there, not leaving much for themselves … they are not able to do much good for anyone in this state.

Hold back when your mind cries and retain that energy for future use. It is crucial to feel it within you, to befriend it, and to practice the harnessing of it, and the methodical release of it, the control of where it goes, and how much.

This world is largely motivated by adrenaline, which is why chaos seems so prevalent. The inner practice is being sloughed by the majority.

Don’t engage. Keep focus on the larger picture. All of your wits and focused energies will be needed. Internal Fire: here, in this present moment, practice holding it, and practice releasing it, a little at a time, controlled.

Simply Be In Flow

Published March 3, 2018 by tindertender


“The goal of meditation is to come back to ourselves and to our true nature. Our breath brings us to the doorway, and the pause between the breath opens the doorway. Once there, simply allowing ourselves to fall into this opening and being aware is all there is to it.”

I move my arms behind me and hold the fingers of my left hand with my right. I bend backward, stretching my front, and I feel a warm rush move from my abdomen down the front of my hips and upper thighs, I must bend forward for it feels as though my legs might collapse.  Once recovered, I repeat this movement until the warm rush of energies stop with such intensity and a simple stretch remains. I stay in this form and twist my upper body slightly to the left, stretching in a different manner, and then turn and stretch to the right for balance.

To start the energy flow there need not be any strenuous movement, one can remain seated if they choose  should there be back issues or balance trouble. Mantak Chia gives a great tutorial here:

These simple exercises done in the morning take only a few minutes, yet the benefit of it will magnify your  life, you will feel better and gain so much. You deserve this gift, and only you can give it to yourself.

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