The Planet’s Tired Of Eating Our Sh!t!!

Published June 19, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Frédéric Paulussen

For some reason (which looks an awful lot like insanity) some brilliant people thought building nuclear power plants was a great idea. As with most things, those who are permitted to make these decisions did not look too far into the future, carefully considering all aspects and possibilities. Or did they?

The world-wide damage is proving to be of such an extreme extent, surely no one with actual intelligence would have plotted this in full. There are so many out there pulling strings who would have the masses believe in their genius, which insinuates they MUST know what they are doing … does this prove that they are pure evil then? Or just plain stupid wearing a mask made of money?

My hope is that those who are baffled by illness in the world will soon understand.

A Fresh Start

Published June 19, 2018 by tindertender

This world can feel very small, and yet is is quite large.

Photo by Aperture Vintage

Karmic debt is now being paid. Long lineages of this is coming to the fore and being wiped clean. There is a power greater than anything most people are aware of. There are many stories behind it, most of them have been skewed to meet the agenda of ‘mankind’ and those who give the message to the people.

This power I speak of will rock the world, mountains will erupt and flow like swift rivers, the earth will split and swallow buildings whole, the wind will toss everything about like little toys, and fire will burn all diseases stored in the soil.

Following this will be a state of harmony. Those fortunate enough to be here still will experience it, and bliss will take over their minds, a gratefulness they have never experienced will fill their hearts. Love will reign.

An innocence is coming to the world, a fresh start is on it’s way.

The Phoenix is Rising.

Moving Forward

Published June 19, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Olivier Miche

Counting, 1 to 400+ and then on up to 1200+. These categories seem widespread, yet fortunately they can be, for the dilemma they hold is compact and easily managed. It is still quite sad there need be categories at all.

Restlessness pervades the senses as the sorting of these things takes place. While many refuse to see them, and so many more are paralyzed by them, there are others taking action which will benefit the whole.

I am sorry for those who do not/cannot see. I am sorry for their families as they will not be prepared, and much suffering will be. I would hope that soon they’ll take notice. It really is quite painful knowing that there will be so much chaos, what we see now is just the tip of the iceberg.

The speed of these massive changes will quicken, as in a cyclone, everything will be whipped into a new placement and status.

All I can do at times is observe. When I speak of the severity of our situation most people laugh and make fun … it is no laughing matter. I shake my head and continue doing the best I can. I am willing to move forward as necessary. This new world will require much work, hard work, and an extreme effort in cooperation.

Leave the need to ‘rule’ or ‘lead’ behind, it will not be needed, or tolerated, sooner than many think.

Number Spirits

Published June 18, 2018 by tindertender



Number 6 gives people the opportunity to develop a clear idea of right and wrong – and the consequences that link cause and effect. The 6 vibration represents truth, order, justice and economy, deep inner-knowing, service, responsibility, depth of emotion, love of home and family.

Number 18 represents a composition containing the ideas of: Humanitarianism; Self-determination; Tolerance; Efficiency; and Philanthropy … 18 resonates its true essence in situations where it’s able to donate money or otherwise help provide for the operations of groups and organizations dedicated to some aspect of the welfare of humanity. toward its own projects and goals.

Number 2018 reduces down to the master number 11 (2+0+1+8 = 11).  Master numbers do not typically reduce further. The Master Number 11 is usually called ‘the Illuminator’, ‘the Messenger’ or ‘the Teacher’, as those under the influence of this Master Number are here to be inspirational guiding lights, and the mission is to bring illumination … and to help raise spiritual awareness.

Let us rest in stillness, recognizing the vulnerability which surrounds us, and is in us.  Let it be known that the flow of life is effortless … trying too hard only hinders its movement. Remain always with a compassionate heart toward all that is, including self, and watch as this river widens and blesses everything, and everyone.

Challenge Met, She Rises

Published June 17, 2018 by tindertender

He cradled her in his arms as she rested, exhausted. He almost lost her, and from the looks of things it appeared he actually had.

The brilliance of her, time after time, is challenged. Her life has not been an easy one, yet here she is, still here, still breathing.

Some are frustrated by this. They would like to see her lose … if not permanently, they would at least like to see her suffer. She pulls through everytime to the dismay of many.

They recognize that after each battle, although there are periods of great suffering, she always rises. Their frustration mounts as trial upon trial are overcome, met with a resilience even she did not know she possessed.

Photo by Ewelina Karezona Karbowiak

Resting now, breathing deeply, a hint of a smile forms on her mouth. She understands that this challenge will be followed by a period of joy, and compassion will be increased in her heart, and a passionate desire for peace will be that much more amplified.

Momentum is building now. The scales are tipping toward balance that had been hijacked for so long.

It has all been worth it … every single aspect of it.

What Does Equality Really Mean?

Published June 17, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Matt Collamer

To me, equality means being equally valued. There are different roles which must be filled in order to create harmonious balance, every position cherished and honored.

City life is a challenge, in that the definition of equality has been skewed. It’s about equal pay, voters rights, the freedom to choose. And while all of these things are important and necessary to be considered, the aspect which makes them poor, and will always see they remain so, is the lack of honor and respect shown toward each other.

There must be an inner desire to see others be successful in whatever they choose to take part in that is of benefit to someone other than themselves (which in turn is benefit to them). The logic, which is really very simple, has been jacked all out of context.

For the most part, it is my observation, this imbalance revolves around ‘greed’ and need for ‘power’. Lack has been bred into the system we find ourselves in, leaving folks scrambling for money needed to acquire enough for their families. The most prevalent problem in today’s environment is that there isn’t opportunity to earn enough anymore. Although wages have increased, they in no way measure up to the demands, that have also increased.

Essentially, the only way to combat this hole most of the world has been stuffed in to, is unity. Coming together, merging resources, working as a team and having honor and respect for each other for all our contributions.

The shackles which the powerful and greedy have given average people to wear must be shed. The system they’ve created isn’t working. It only serves to entrap and enslave. There is no real freedom.

There is possibility for freedom though, and it is in the hearts and minds of all people. It is up to each and every one how to go about breaking chains, for each and every experience has its own structure. Only those within the structure can organize an exit, one which will be easiest on those loved and cared for, while merging into a larger, more beneficial whole.

Cooperative Union

Published June 17, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Mario Purisic

Falling back, head into the grass, I turn my face and see you looking at me through its blades. I rest there and I watch the clouds. Logic says they would flow with the wind, but no, the center one moves left and right, and the left cloud moves right, while the right cloud moves left, reaching for and merging into one another.

I’m called to the ladies gathering and we discuss the needs of the group. We plan on how to best serve all members that gather here, we make our lists. I am amazed at the beauty before me. I think of the city and its definition of what beauty is. I am sorry for those who have not had the opportunity to sit with people such as these.

The men are gathered and they discuss repair and modifications that need to me made for the safety and comfort of people living with mobile challenges. They make a mental note of tools needed and schedule a time and day for the “work party”. Although I will not take part in the labor, I will be there to provide nourishment, I am honored with such a task.

I’ve yearned for this type of exchange my entire life. A conscious, cooperative union, working together as a team. It is quite beautiful. At the end of the day my eyes long to close. My heart is at ease and a smile rests upon my face.

Arriving in the city once more I begin to search for, and acquire, items of benefit for the future. This giving of ones self is the most satisfying experience. It is not a challenge, it is a desire to make life a bit easier for others, and for enjoying these little things with them.

My heart remains with each and every one of them as I sit here typing these words. The sun is going to shine on their heads today, and on mine … equally giving of its warmth.

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