LIVE ~ Right Now There Is Brutalization Of People Trying To Save The Waters, The Sacred Land

Published October 27, 2016 by tindertender

Electoral Manipulation At It’s Finest

Published October 27, 2016 by tindertender

Wake UP people! This is what is happening in ALL areas of this election! DO NOT allow yourselves to be manipulated. Perhaps it is time to VOTE for EVERY candidate that DID NOT GET TO SPEAK!!

It is disgusting what this democracy has become. Can it even be called a democracy anymore?

The very basis of integrity has been lost among those who are running this show. Morals are thrown from the window, and WE are being manipulated.

CHOOSE NOW. Vote for those who are not heard. Stand for those who protect the waters and life. Do not be abused and stripped of your RIGHT as a free human being!!

Take back your ability to choose what your heart tells you is right and good. There is strength in numbers, let us opt for a different solution than what we are told is the only way.

Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Pays for Poisoned Water

Published October 27, 2016 by tindertender

Please … stop buying bottled water. Invest in a purification system for your home, or wherever you are living. Please do not support these thieving water stealing criminals.

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