The Difference Between Fallen Angels and Demons

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A few hi lights from the above videos:

Fallen angels can materialize at will and are much more powerful than demons. They don’t die and can mate and have children.

Fallen angels chose to leave their first estate and violate humans, interbreeding hibreds.

Hibreds were known as nephilim, demons are the disembodied hibreds.

The hibreds die, unlike the fallen angels, but they live longer than humans, as humans are injected with disease, kept in addictive phases, and their energies are harvested so not only are they poisoned until they die, they are operating at a fraction of their Source energy, Life Force.

Demons need to “get in” a body, that’s why alcohol is legal. During the stages of inebriation, the safety shield of the auric fields weaken and allows entry. Black outs? Nah, that’s just you being kicked aside for awhile while a demon uses your body for a good time.

Law makers (politicians/ dark magicians) have made deals with demons for power, they sold folks out, as they enticed youth into alcoholism and other drug addictions from a young age. By the time they are adults, many are so deep into habitual patterns of self abuse … it’s really sad.

Humans, in their ignorance, don’t know of these “deals” made at their expense. These “rulers” think humans are stupid because they just go along with whatever they say, dark magic “deals with demons” have proven to be quite effective at hypnotizing the masses into lethargy, apathy and compliance.

Chimera of Arezzo | V century BC e.

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Written by @AndTartary

Chimera was a three-headed creature which ravaged the countryside of Lykia (Lycia) in Anatolia. It was a bizarre fire-breathing creature with the body and head of a lion, a goat’s head rising from its back, the udders of a goat, and a serpent for a tail.

The hero Bellerophon was commanded by King Iobates to slay the beast. He rode into battle on the back of the winged horse Pegasos and drove a lead-tipped lance into its flaming throat, choking the beast on molten metal.

The Twitter Files – Volume 1

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Written by @mtaibbi

What you’re about to read is the first installment in a series, based upon thousands of internal documents obtained by sources at Twitter.

The “Twitter Files” tell an incredible story from inside one of the world’s largest and most influential social media platforms. It is a Frankensteinian tale of a human-built mechanism grown out the control of its designer.

Twitter in its conception was a brilliant tool for enabling instant mass communication, making a true real-time global conversation possible for the first time.

In an early conception, Twitter more than lived up to its mission statement, giving people “the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”

As time progressed, however, the company was slowly forced to add those barriers. Some of the first tools for controlling speech were designed to combat the likes of spam and financial fraudsters.

Slowly, over time, Twitter staff and executives began to find more and more uses for these tools. Outsiders began petitioning the company to manipulate speech as well: first a little, then more often, then constantly.

By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine. One executive would write to another: “More to review from the Biden team.” The reply would come back: “Handled.”

Celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or reviewed at the behest of a political party:

Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored. However:

This system wasn’t balanced. It was based on contacts. Because Twitter was and is overwhelmingly staffed by people of one political orientation, there were more channels, more ways to complain, open to the left (well, Democrats) than the right.

The resulting slant in content moderation decisions is visible in the documents you’re about to read. However, it’s also the assessment of multiple current and former high-level executives.

Okay, there was more throat-clearing about the process, but screw it, let’s jump forward.

The Twitter Files, Part One: How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

On October 14, 2020, the New York Post published BIDEN SECRET EMAILS, an expose based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop:

Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be “unsafe.” They even blocked its transmission via direct message, a tool hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography.

White House spokeswoman Kaleigh McEnany was locked out of her account for tweeting about the story, prompting a furious letter from Trump campaign staffer Mike Hahn, who seethed: “At least pretend to care for the next 20 days.”

This led public policy executive Caroline Strom to send out a polite WTF query. Several employees noted that there was tension between the comms/policy teams, who had little/less control over moderation, and the safety/trust teams:

Strom’s note returned the answer that the laptop story had been removed for violation of the company’s “hacked materials” policy:

Although several sources recalled hearing about a “general” warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks, there’s no evidence – that I’ve seen – of any government involvement in the laptop story. In fact, that might have been the problem…

The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role.

“They just freelanced it,” is how one former employee characterized the decision. “Hacking was the excuse, but within a few hours, pretty much everyone realized that wasn’t going to hold. But no one had the guts to reverse it.”

You can see the confusion in the following lengthy exchange, which ends up including Gadde and former Trust and safety chief Yoel Roth. Comms official Trenton Kennedy writes, “I’m struggling to understand the policy basis for marking this as unsafe”:

By this point “everyone knew this was fucked,” said one former employee, but the response was essentially to err on the side of… continuing to err.

Former VP of Global Comms Brandon Borrman asks, “Can we truthfully claim that this is part of the policy?”

To which former Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker again seems to advise staying the non-course, because “caution is warranted”:

A fundamental problem with tech companies and content moderation: many people in charge of speech know/care little about speech, and have to be told the basics by outsiders. To wit:

In one humorous exchange on day 1, Democratic congressman Ro Khanna reaches out to Gadde to gently suggest she hop on the phone to talk about the “backlash re speech.” Khanna was the only Democratic official I could find in the files who expressed concern.

Gadde replies quickly, immediately diving into the weeds of Twitter policy, unaware Khanna is more worried about the Bill of Rights:

Khanna tries to reroute the conversation to the First Amendment, mention of which is generally hard to find in the files:

Within a day, head of Public Policy Lauren Culbertson receives a ghastly letter/report from Carl Szabo of the research firm NetChoice, which had already polled 12 members of congress – 9 Rs and 3 Democrats, from “the House Judiciary Committee to Rep. Judy Chu’s office.”

NetChoice lets Twitter know a “blood bath” awaits in upcoming Hill hearings, with members saying it’s a “tipping point,” complaining tech has “grown so big that they can’t even regulate themselves, so government may need to intervene.”

Szabo reports to Twitter that some Hill figures are characterizing the laptop story as “tech’s Access Hollywood moment”:

Szabo’s letter contains chilling passages relaying Democratic lawmakers’ attitudes. They want “more” moderation, and as for the Bill of Rights, it’s “not absolute”

An amazing subplot of the Twitter/Hunter Biden laptop affair was how much was done without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, and how long it took for the situation to get “unfucked” (as one ex-employee put it) even after Dorsey jumped in.

There are multiple instances in the files of Dorsey intervening to question suspensions and other moderation actions, for accounts across the political spectrum.

The problem with the “hacked materials” ruling, several sources said, was that this normally required an official/law enforcement finding of a hack. But such a finding never appears throughout what one executive describes as a “whirlwind” 24-hour, company-wide mess.

It’s been a whirlwind 96 hours for me, too. There is much more to come, including answers to questions about issues like shadow-banning, boosting, follower counts, the fate of various individual accounts, and more. These issues are not limited to the political right.

Good night, everyone. Thanks to all those who picked up the phone in the last few days.

The Harvest – Life Force

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Honestly, I believe the life force harvest from bioforms (people and animals) has already been in practice. I believe this is why so many seem hypnotized, sort of dazed when they hear of things such as Chemtrails, (it’s not conspiracy, they’ve changed the natural climate rhythms of the planet) which they cannot see with their own eyes, registering the obvious truth in their minds. I believe people have only a fraction of their life force to function on, which is why lethargy, apathy, and lower vibrational mindsets, like anger and frustration or sex addiction come from, coupled with mind control.

I cannot pretend these things are not happening, no matter what people say about me. I’d rather speak the truth so one day, when it finally registers, you’ll know how much I love and care for you, by trying to introduce these F-d up practices by governing bodies the world over.

Do some research before you try to treat me like a lunatic. K? Here’s a couple links.

As I said, Chemtrails are NOT a conspiracy!!

Cheyenne Dog Soldier

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Cheyenne Dog Soldier, 1840.

The Dog Soldiers were the Cheyenne Elite. They formed their own bands within the Cheyenne Nation. They often gave their own lives to protect their women and children. They were very much feared by the white Soldiers, and their Native American Foes, Pawnee, Ute, to name but a few, however, they where honoured Allies of the Lakota Sioux, and the Arapahoe’s, Comanche’s and Kiowa’s.

The mention of the words “Cheyenne Dog Soldier”, put Fear into the most hard of white Soldiers. They are still the most famous warrior society on Earth today. AHO.


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Written by: @Tenomnft

herbs for cleansing the lungs:


herbs for inflammation:

sarsaparilla root
burdock root
holy basil
cats claw

symptoms of mucus build up in the lungs:

  • wheezing
  • difficulty sleeping
  • throat irritation
  • chest congestion
  • cough that produces phlegm
  • respiratory infection

symptoms of inflammation in the chest:

  • fever
  • cough
  • tenderness
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • inability to breathe deeply

taking your herbs:

the best way to take your herbs when fighting against mucus and phlegm is in liquid/tea form. the body needs to stay hydrated in order to keep the mucus thin within your body.

the healing process:

healing is process and in order to do so naturally we have to be sure our environment is conducive to the healing process.

  • when it comes to clearing out our lungs it’s important to keep the air moist.

– dry air irritates our noses and throat, our bodies began to create more mucus as a lubricant to keep our nasals moist. using a humidifier can help to keep our airways lubricated during our healing process, especially while sleeping. I recommend using eucalyptus oil.

  • stay elevated and keep your head high.

– sleeping and resting in a elevated positions will prevent mucus build up in the back of the throat. I recommend using hypoallergenic pillows as it’s worked well for me when fighting sinus infections and battling mucus build up.

– try to avoid suppressing your coughs.

instead, take a breath that is slightly deeper than normal. use your stomach muscles to make a series of 3 rapid exhalations with the airway open. this technique is proven to help loosen and move mucus upward toward the larger airways.

– avoid smoking/ second hand smoke.

this one may be difficult but it’s important to give our air airways a rest from smoking. If you use marijuana, I recommend steeping your herb in tea form until your sinuses and air ways are cleared. i recommend avoiding tobacco completely.

🌿 i posted step by step instructions on how I like to steep my herb (marijuana) here:

disclaimer: this is not medical advice but information derived from my personal clinical research. please consult your doctor or physician before taking any holistic supplements or alternatives especially when paired with pharmaceutical treatments if you have no experience.

healing holistically is a process that requires both our minds and bodies to be in direct communication. it requires us to listen to how we feel, and how to patient with ourselves. when we heal from the inside, we radiate good health on the outside🌿

The Arc

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Written by @Akashicel

The assumption that a life conserving arc has to be a ship, navigated by brave leaders is a toy story, sold to us by members of secret societies, calling themselves ”arc”heologists.

The real arcs are always under ground, conserving self-proclaimed kings and queens and their followers for the time after destruction of Earth, reset after reset.

Antarctica is the preferred place right now and all arcs are ready and manned.

Thousands of them on our continents for the lower levels of ”rulers”.

Situated under cities, airports, and lonely farmyards. All operational and fully manned.

The stories about them are many.

The purpose is always the same, destroy humans on the surface before they destroy their self-proclaimed leaders. The outcome is always the same. 90% of the inhabitants pass away because they were too low in rank to really know what is ahead.

This is an ancient arc controlled by priests.

Panic, control, fighting, protesting, lockdowns, are just a meaningless game for them in the very moment in time.

The future is fluid, and the state of this Earth depends on all of us; where attention goes, energy flows, and what we feed with our attention, grows.

The last reset took place in 1842.

Mudflood and Great Tartaria. The tartarian empire is a psyop to keep us from asking more questions. The tartarians were the old freemasons, just the russian kind.

The mudflood happened by applying a variety of high and low frequencies, by which all soil became liquid, got destroyed and covered all bigger human settlements.

After a large part of humanity was wiped out, there were trains full of orphanages, coming from underground bunkers.

They were the only part of society allowed to stay alive, beside high ranking freemasons.

If you dig into your own bloodline family history, you will not be able to find out who your great-great-grandparents were.

If you look at graveyards and cemeteries, you may find graves prior to the 1842. The surnames written on them do no longer exist living nearby.

If you find one, then that is a freemasonic bloodline.

All old buildings have half buried windows, often up to 20M below there are buried structures under all buildings.

Mainstream mass-media in Russia claimed they were buried by the owners, who wanted them to remain hidden without any building plans existing with those hidden structures on it.

After the last reset buildings very buried in mud and later owned by the new ruling class, claiming to have built these structures on their own.

Baroque or renaissance structures worldwide have the same style. Yet nobody can reproduce any of those old buildings and statues.

Most old churches were not made by christians.

If you take for example a mosque, which was former a church, in 200 years will anyone ever know it was formerly a church?

If you have a building built for healing purposes, put a cross on top and claim to built it on your own and give a date of construction, how would not believe you if the original builders all died in a catastrophe?

History books are fake and historical buildings like the pyramids or Stonehenge were built only no more than 300 years ago.

If you find old pictures of the Sphinx for example you can clearly see it has been repaired massively and many structures in the Middle East were added recently.

When ISIS destroyed “old statues” you could see that all of them had metal poles inside them and all of those “antiques” were just made of sandstone, which supposedly survived for ”2500 years”.

If you have curiosity to learn more, you are welcome to join 1 on 1 sessions, to listen and speak human to human, heart to heart, soul to soul.

To get more details on this & to schedule this course, please contact by sending a message.

As always, with best regards, thank you:


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