Today’s Essene

Published March 23, 2017 by tindertender


Energy. When it pulses strong in our body, we feel it in our gut. I’m sure you may have experienced “butterfly’s” in the belly, or what fear feels like there too, perhaps you have loved so deeply your insides, in the belly area, have been flooded with warmth.

Working with Remco is an astounding energy experience. I have been around, and involved with, energy workers here in the USA, however I must say that the long distance energy work Remco provides surpasses ALL of the experiences I’ve had here over the last 7-8 years.

If you are in need of a healing, or assistance in some type of release, I highly recommend you visit this site and ask your questions. You will be glad you did.

Today’s Essene

The Essene of this day, as a group.

“The Essene of this day, like two thousand years ago, form…

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Honey Bee Swarms

Published March 23, 2017 by tindertender

Resting Bees

If faced with a situation such as this, take into account what a wonderful opportunity it is ~ to ride in a cab, to wait for travel, to take a break that otherwise might not have occurred. This is a moment to consider the bigger picture, and your role in the health of the world and our food supply.

If you leave the swarm alone 99% of the time the next day they are gone. This is just a temporary resting spot in route to their new home.

Please do not spray them! They are vital to our future!

Primal Ground

Published March 23, 2017 by tindertender

As we move forward into awareness, let us remain firm in thought, strong in our intention.

All that consists of harm and foul play will be brought to the surface and exposed. It may be a shock discovering how vile some have been, and are.

Let us hold space for those coming out of the darkness.

Love will prevail.

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