A Wonderful Day

Published August 8, 2020 by tindertender

Cleaning and burning … offering tobacco and sage to Grandfather and Grandmother, thanking Creator for such a lovely day.

Pizza was delivered, and it arrived piping hot! I was impressed at the heat of it and grateful the pizza place is right up the road and they were not too busy. Desert is here too, a chocolatey peanut buttery brownie!

The Fire Spirits are very good at keeping me company. Why, just being able to tend their fire brings a smile to my face and happiness to my heart.

Cleaning the roof wasn’t as dangerous as I had anticipated. Glad I shed the pounds making it easier to maintain balance up that high.

Oooohhhh, I do not want to go in. My fingernails are dirty, my face is too. Need a shower, but the warm breeze is rustling through the leaves … such beautiful music to my ears.

This day, the 8-8 Lions Gate, is a potent day. I spent my time focusing on being positive … however, those pesky negatives tried their mightiest to infiltrate my peace.

Fortunately, just being aware of it, and then choosing a different thought … overriding the uncontrolled dribble that sometimes speaks from the subconscious, makes it easier … this awareness.

And then, I sing a little silly diddy.

Having fun.

Oracle Reading 8-8-2020

Published August 8, 2020 by tindertender

You, and your energy: Drum: Dream and Journey: Journey inwards to uncover insights and information that will be important for your path. Then follow the guidance.

What is grounding you and providing you with focus at this time: Shaman: Trust in Higher Forces: Trust in your angels, guides and ancestors. If you have given your power away, claim it back.

Your current thoughts and perceptions: Stag: Trust and Thrive: Come alive and thrive. Stand in your light and glory with grace and majesty.

Your rising desires and primal needs: Warrior: Be Fearless and Stand Strong: Don’t back down. Make your opinions heard. Don’t settle for second best.

How you rally feel emotionally: Traveller: Move in a New Direction: Welcome any opportunities to travel, either to the outer world or to your inner worlds.

What needs attention and action: Guardian Angel: You Are Not Alone: Watch for signs and reminders from your angels and loved ones that they are close by. Remember they are working hard to guide you.

Where to direct your energy and attentions: Great Teacher: Learn from Spiritual Experiences: Know that what is happening around you is divinely inspired. Learn from your current experiences, then share them with others.

What you need to let go and let flow: Moon: Take Note of Intuitive Messages: Use your intuition. Practice discernment. See through illusions and blockages.

The outcome of your current vibration: High Priestess: Harness Mystic Power: Align with the light and focus on all things positive.

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” Oracle Cards created by Kyle Gray

The CDC Is Infected

Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

… let that sink in for a minute.

Superman’s Not Coming … you better starting fighting to protect your own families NOW!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it has closed several buildings it leases in Atlanta because Legionella bacteria have been found in their water systems — bacteria that likely grew because of the prolonged pandemic shutdown. It’s a problem that people across the country need to be on the lookout for, the CDC says.

The bacteria, which can cause deadly pneumonia, grow in warm or stagnant water.



Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

Yesterday I was driving along, looked at the clock right at 1:11. This has been happening quite frequently.

The number 111 is a very powerful angel number, and signifies manifesting and manifestation of thoughts into reality.

The number 1 signifies independence, motivation, uniqueness, new beginnings, leadership, progress, moving forward, inspiration and achieving success. The number 11 signifies understanding your soul mission and purpose on this earth. As a combination of these energies, the angel number 111 signifies spiritual awakening and enlightenment, inspiration, high energy, intuition and sensitivity. The number 111 carries the vibration of leadership, creativity and independence, as well as optimism and tolerance of others. Its essence is also joy, inspiration, interactions with others, communication and self-sufficiency.

As I drove along I looked up and lo and behold, a license plate directly in front of me beginning with 222. This is another number that keeps coming up for me.

The number 222 not only reminds you to be positive, but it reassures you that a positive attitude is warranted. It confirms that you are on the right path. The number 2 by itself is a positive sign, and when it is repeated three times, you can be sure that your angel guides are telling you to persevere. The bottom line is that the number 222 is a sign that you are heading in the right direction and need to keep the faith.

The meaning of number 222 suggests that you are at a point in your life where you are looking for some sense of balance. This means it’s the best time to have faith and to keep trusting. It’s a sign that you’re pushing yourself too hard lately, and you need to take it slow and have a break. The angel numbers 222 want you to do away with all these negative energy threatening to overcome your life, and just focus on the healthy and positive things. And in case you didn’t know this, the numbers 222 also mean peace and harmony. This is your cue to take a peaceful stance when it comes to the things that matter, and avoid being baited to negativity and hostility.


I kid you not, during this same trip I looked to my right as a vehicle passed by … and their license plate began with 333. I thought, “Holy Moly!”

When you see number 333, it means that there are angels all around you. They have heard your requests and prayers, so they are coming in your life to help you. If you see number 333 very often, it means that your angels want to remind you that they are with you at any moment.

The angels are telling you that you are overflowing with power and energy. If you keep seeing 333, the angels want you to know that it’s time to focus on acknowledging your inner truths. It’s time to head out into the world with more purpose. Number 333 represents growth. This can mean that you are currently in the process of growing, or you are about to enter into something that will kick start it.

The angel number 333 wants you to eliminate the things in your life that are no longer bringing you happiness or pleasure. It may not be the easiest task, but it’s something that must be done sooner rather than later. There will be more love, peace, and harmony in your world, and this will help you achieve a balance. You can reach a balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

If you see 333 while running your errands, driving to work, queuing up at the coffee shop for your morning cup, or while doing your shopping, that means something that will really make you happy is coming your way.

Every once in awhile, they really lay it on me. To this I say, “Thank you Guardians, Guides and Angels. I so very much appreciate your presence in my life!”

…. and just when I looked at the views for the day thus far, I find this … hahaha … thanks again my friends!

Affirmation 8-7-2020

Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on my home. What does it mean to have a home? Is it a particular building? A specific set of rooms? Or is it the time when I feel safe, secure, and loved? If it is, then my home can be anywhere. And I can always make others feel that they too are home by sharing those feelings of well-being.

~ A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@barchpou

Morning Message For My Attacker’s

Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

You expect me to be the one to end the cycle of warring?

When it is you who continually bring the attack?

I cannot stop you from doing what you do.

And I will not stop defending myself.

Until you stop attacking, I will not stop defending.

It’s the natural law.


Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

It is a precious thing.

So often it is not realized that love requires a certain circumstance in order to flourish.

Much like a garden, it must have proper care and nutrient …. love in, love out. Abuse in, defense out.

Too many times an abuser expects love to be born out of a beating, mental trauma, and a large amount of neglect.

I am impressed by this because it seems to be increasing …. abuse in, expecting a good crop of love to be received.

The gardener gets what he puts in.

It isn’t up to the plant to grow big and strong when the gardener spits on it expecting it to be sufficient water for growth.

Love must always attempt to extract itself so that it can replenish itself …. it is sad that ‘plants’ simply cannot get up and walk away.

Oracle Reading 8-6-2020 p.m.

Published August 7, 2020 by tindertender

Listen to you heart. Embrace what makes you happy. There are one million reasons to love.

This day I will love. Before I talk I will listen. Before I criticize I will forgive. Before I judge I will think. I remember that after all of this is over, the only thing that will really count is how we treated each other and how much we have loved.

Pay attention to the subtleties. Look with new eyes. There are signs and omens everywhere.

This day I will open my eyes and acknowledge a deeper truth. I will pay attention to the omens that Spirit sends and receive the message. Every sign I need is here to guide and direct me. I will not be deceived. I am now excited and ready to welcome the miracles life has to offer.

No matter what happens you can find new wings. Rise from the past. Accept the positive change that is coming.

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This day I will give thanks for my trials and recognize them for the many gifts they bring. I know I grow stronger in the broken places. I know that the world will turn in my favor, that the dark night is over and a new day is here because the light has returned. I have ended things well and am ready for this new beginning. I will shine, because the whole universe is mine.

Believe you are not alone. Spirit is right beside you. Ask for guidance and it will come.

This day I will take a leap of faith and spread my wings. I will shine the light from within and know my strength. For I am not alone. A greater power than me is by my side. I will ask and receive. The still small voice that I have been waiting to hear will come and guide me.

Focus on the positive and more good will come. Give thanks for blessings and they will multiply. Prosperity begins in the mind.

This day I will focus on the good and happy moments in my life for this is true wealth. I am a powerful person who believes in prosperity and happiness and health. I will stay positive and prosper beyond my wildest dreams. I give praise and thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Reading from the deck “Magical Times Empowerment Cards” created by Jody Bergsma

Affirmation 8-6-2020

Published August 6, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on humor. It is important to see the “light” ~ as in the light side of things. Nothing unites me with other people more than laughter, and very few things are better for my health and peace of mind. Today I banish all thoughts that make me sad and welcome only those that make me, and everyone around me, smile.

~ A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@ninovisalli

Oracle Reading 8-6-2020 a.m.

Published August 6, 2020 by tindertender

Do not give up, there is hope yet. A wish will be granted. A birth is imminent. Fertility is everywhere.

Romantic love comes into focus. Build your love of self from the inside out. You only fear because you lack self-love and acceptance. Jealousy is unnecessary.

Examine your darker aspects. You are being shown the way forward. Your path is illuminated, and there is no need to feel lost or indecisive. Something that has been lost to you will be found.

You are creative in every way. There are no barriers to constant, consistent creation. Allow yourself to creat in joy, not because of pressure. Connect more deeply with the earth.

Establish a solid home base. Protection is necessary or granted for your space. Keep the home fires burning. You may be moving soon.

Reading from the deck “Goddesses and Sirens” aged by Stacey Demarco

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