Time to Practice Self Care

Published January 19, 2021 by tindertender

When things are appearing to be really dire on the external, please remember that things are not at all what they seem to be. Right now, we are in the height of false flags, agent provocateur, controlled opposition, blatant lies and falsity, deep fake videos and every propaganda tool they can come up with to keep the public confused and terrorized.

It is important to keep an open mind, learn how to become more flexible and adaptable to spontaneous changes of perception, and to stay calm, peaceful and in the observer consciousness. This is a momentous time for human liberation, but we will need to become more discerning and become aware that the propaganda machine is military grade warfare used to target us with demoralizing fears.

Do not succumb to the fear, work your spiritual tools, pray and meditate, realizations of betrayal may be prevalent so this is the time for radical self-care and knowing your limits, while supporting loved ones and friends as best we can.

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Published January 19, 2021 by tindertender

Dear Astral Male … You tell me of the plan, the plan for the planet, the Great Separation. I wake in a state of mild shock … and you cleared up my thought process right away. Thank you.

I’ve only managed a tiny little print shop. It was a challenge. I cannot imagine what it must be like to manage an entire planet.

I am grateful to those with this experience and for their dedication to life.

I do not understand many things. My emotions get in the way quite often, however I’m working to become the master of these emotions.

Recently, I spoke to a fellow who stated that life is more than duality/polarity. That it has always been a trinity.

I asked what that meant.

Does it mean girl, woman, crone?

Does it mean subconscious, consciousness, superconsciousness?

Then it dawned on me …..

Polarity is things like sad & glad; dark & light; etcetera, etcetera.

I’ve concluded that the trinity must be polarity engaged with its third portion, neutrality.

I know what religion says about it …. god, the son and the holy spirit. But I am more than this body, much more. I am the essence that drives this form. I am Spirit. And so, maybe I AM the Holy Spirit … and perhaps so is everyone else who is in material form.

What makes it Holy?

Well, perhaps it is in the preparation of the Spirit. The work that each individual is required to put in, to knowing Self, in order to purify the Spirit.

There are those who are driven to eliminate triggers, to control the emotion rather than be controlled BY it, to examine the internal dialog, the past experiences, and find compassion, forgiveness and love for Self, which grows into compassion, forgiveness and love for people in the external.

There are also those who do not give two shits for anyone outside of self, and in most instances are ill equipped to even care much for themselves, beyond acquiring things … stuff … and using people around them.

These two factions of life will be separated … at least this is what my conscious mind tells me … but the actual conversation from the wee hours of the morning elude me. I honestly, consciously, do not know if this in itself is the fine line being drawn between people.

But it sounds good, ‘eh?

We’ve got to climb out of the selfish habit of hording … hording our emotion, our love … hording stuff … hording our compassion … and anything else that can be utilized for making the whole lighter, creating a base on solid ground, one that supports the uplifting of life.

We must start caring for one another. But this doesn’t come properly if we are unable to care for self. Which is why the internal work is so very important.

Bless yourself and bless others by being the best version of yourself possible.

Lay down all perceptions of unworthiness … the conditioning the world has placed upon you. A New Earth is being born, and there isn’t room for emotional, or any other type of garbage.

The body is our temple, and it is past time to Clean House, our energetic house.

This means releasing trauma and drama of the mind. Forgiving self and others. Limiting or eliminating the habitual consumption of flesh (carrying fear laced adrenaline), switching from processed foods to fresh and preferably organic vegis and fruits, drinking a LOT of clean water every day, exercising and meditation practices.

Now, I am a work in progress. I am by no means finished with my growth and purposeful transformation. I’m not too certain it ever is completed, at least not in time, for everything we experience is a flow, a river of life experience, constantly morphing our perceptions of present truths.

If you are using drugs or alcohol, or have uncontrolled emotional issues, it can really affect the health of your energy fields. Please consider eliminating them from your life as you work toward self-health.

Here are a few visuals for your consideration.



Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

As long as you don’t have fear, you are invincible.

If our education was of any use, children would be taught how to be fearless, and how to connect with their inner self. Instead, the education system does the opposite.

Your level of fear is equal to your failure rate.

The universe doesn’t waste talents.

Once you are able to accomplish more spiritually, the challenges that will be loosened against you will be more.

Thus, you won’t have a choice but to level up.

The more we align ourselves to our true Source nature, the easier it is for the Sourceless beings to identify us and launch more surgical attacks.

The war doesn’t get easier as we awaken, it gets more lethal.

To add misery to injury, religion is also a field where fear is cultivated, instead of being eliminated.

So, tell me, who owns religion?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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Balance in Union

Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

The wisest woman only welcomes a strong, balanced man by her side.

She knows her power, she knows his, and together they can move mountains.

She doesn’t play games or feel the need to wonder. She never doubts her worth, his worth, nor does she ever question his loyalty. She knows the truth of what she feels & she shares her love freely. He recognizes her inner beauty as it shines outwardly, and he cherishes every moment.

He cherishes every moment they are together.

Source: Catherine@keeper_energy

LOVE ~ As You

Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

What everybody seems to forget is as human beings we have everything in common, in fact that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

So, stop all the fighting. Stop picking sides & embrace your uniqueness! Figure out how YOU can make a difference in OUR experience.

Would Spirit come into form in a world of darkness to separate and further the illusion of darkness?


We came to heal it. We came to reconstitute Love in form and field and transcend beyond darkness to solidify Heaven on Earth.

Know it. Be it. Make it happen!!!

Not even the darkest days can keep me from my higher knowing that love is the cure for the darkness in this world!

Find your reserve, find your truth. And, remember what’s true is always true.

Love came as you! Everything else is an illusion.

Source: Catherine@keeper_energy

Try A Little Tenderness

Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

Ooo she may be weary
Young girls they do get weary
Wearin’ that same old funky dress
But ooo while she gets weary, weary
Won’t you try some ten-tenderness?

You know she’s there waitin’
And anticipatin’
For the things she’ll never, never have
Oh no, no
Ooo while she gets weary
Won’t you try, oh try some tenderness?
Mmm hmm hmm

And I know it, ha
Sentimental don’t know why
She had love, she had her grief and care
But when ah, ha girl
Soft words were spoken
Make it easier, easy girl, ah ha, easier to bear

You know you won’t regret it, no ah
Young girls they don’t forget it
Lovin’ the same old, same old happiness yeah, ha yeah
Ooo, while she get weary, weary
Won’t you try, oh try some tenderness?
I feel good lovin’ in the mornin’

You got to hold her,
Squeeze her
Never leave her
You got to
You got to
You got to try some tenderness
I feel good love, yeah
I feel good love, ow yeah

You got to hold her
Squeeze her
Never leave her
Got to
Got to
Yeah, you got to
Try it now, try it, try it, try it, try some tenderness
In the mornin’ you’ll feel good love

So I say
You got to hold her
Squeeze her
Never leave her
Sock it to me, sock it to me one more time

You got to try, hey yeah
I feel good love
In the mornin’ love
Great God, you must
You got to hold her
Squeeze her
Never leave her

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Songwriters: James Campbell / Reginald Connelly / Harry M Woods

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Empowering Self

Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

Any idea of not loving any aspect of yourself is nonsense. Your human form is an extension of you.

Give complete immense love to your human self precisely as it is, embrace yourself entirely & all of your humanness, give love to your bodies and your face, this human form is a sacred form, you will only be in this form once out of all of eternity, as you are formless eternally.

Just because this is your temporary home, doesn’t mean you can’t admire it and cherish it! Just because you’re much grander than just a human, and that this version of you is very temporary, doesn’t mean it’s not something to love immensely!

Loving and accepting yourself precisely as you are in this very moment and every other furthermore is a blessing that you can eternally bestow upon yourself. Treat reality the same way, unconditionally love life no matter what. Your unconditional love for yourself will mirror!

Everything in infinity all exists in the now, which includes; all infinite possibilities, all pasts and futures, infinite universes, infinite dimensions, infinite realms of infinite kinds, infinite beings whom are infinite themselves, infinite everything, all happening, NOW.

Analyze the hows and whys behind your creations of reality.

Create your experience of reality in such a way where no matter what you’re doing, all is play. Source loves to play, it is our nature!

When we are in any kind of state of resistance, we are in a state of being at war with the now/present moment. Be a peacemaker by making peace with absolutely everything and anything, let go entirely and just relax into the now, this allows you to enter that lovely flow state.

Seeking empowerment within yourself in a world designed to keep everyone in a disempowered state is among the noblest of acts.

Speak to yourself as a collective consciousness, because you really are an entire collective. We have so many aspects within us! We are a tree and all of ours aspects are the branches. We are a micro version of Source, just as we are branches on the tree that Source is.

Any thoughts you may have are simply aspects voicing themselves from within you.

These individuating aspects are our children, we are the father/mother of all of them.

Trinity of the Self:
The Creator, The Creation and Their Source
The Observer, The Observed, and The Reflection

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Procrastination vs Power

Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

President Eisenhower once said, “Neither a wise nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.”

Eisenhower is also credited with saying, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Taken together, these two quotes sum up quite well the power available to all of us and the risk inherent in ignoring that power. What power do we mean? We mean the power to act. The power to actually do what we know needs to be done; we either choose to act or choose to not act. When we procrastinate, we choose inaction. When we act, we choose power to create in our own lives. It is how we make things happen, how we make living on our own terms possible rather than lying down for the otherwise inevitable to run us over.

Think about how you want the future of your life to look. Have you done what is necessary to allow it to be on your terms? Or do you avoid doing so? Life is a far better thing than a battlefield, however we do battle challenges that arise in life and it seems as we age those challenges become bigger and more frightening. What if we get sick, what if we become disabled, what if we develop dementia, or can no longer direct life for ourselves? We may even battle letting ourselves deal with these questions because there is a sense of fear that comes with them. Do not be paralyzed by fear. Action overcomes fear.

We all have the choice. What do we do with our “now?” Do we use now to make later better? Or do we shrink away from action and, “lie down on the tracks,” of our past choices and habits, “to wait for the train of the future” to run us over? It is a new year. What new action do you need to take to ensure this and coming years are better than the inevitable default experience if you don’t take action? Planning is power, and we are blessed to have laws that give you tremendous possibility for a better future through a well-crafted, thorough estate plan so you can live your future on your terms.

You do not have to simply wait for the future to run you over. Procrastination is for the powerless. Planning is for the empowered. Which do you wish to be?

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Published January 17, 2021 by tindertender

It doesn’t matter what size beads you’re working with – be it size 10’s, 11’s, 15’s or 20’s – it always takes 7 beads to close the circle. For many, this number is significant.

For some, who follow Christianity, the number 7 indicates completeness. In Genesis, God created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and, upon completion, God rested on the seventh day. For this, it’s considered a holy number.

Other people, who follow the red path, will associate 7 with the seven directions. Most of all people know the first four directions; the east, the south, the west and the north. There are three more though. The fifth and sixth direction are the earth and the great mystery that is the sky. So what is the seventh? It’s the self. Think a moment about that direction and it’s significance. Without the self, there is a missing direction and a lack of completion.

Without that seventh bead, the circle is incomplete.

Traditional people believe that each bead has spirit. Contemporary beaders who find that a beadwork is too crowded might crack a bead to make space. However, many traditional people prefer a different correction or they will simply and humbly live with the mistake rather than crack a bead because that bead has spirit.

When you are beading, you are already connecting with a tradition. Through your thread and your needle, you are connecting to past generations. And, you are creating for future generations. You are, yourself, a part of the circle. Your self. That seventh direction, it’s between you and Spirit.

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