A neural implant stays in the long term on the spinal cord to restore walking

Published September 27, 2016 by tindertender

I viewed a video of a man who was in an accident and after surgery, was told he would most likely never walk again. I found, and posted this video on the post, but then closed it just as I realized it was another person sharing the man’s video call for help.

I post this here so others, if they haven’t heard of it yet, will be aware of this promising technology. Scary sounding? Yes, but probably worth the risk if you had children and a wife or husband.

Vision Board From Fall/Winter 2015

Published September 26, 2016 by tindertender

Last year the Spitual Healing and Meeting Center I attended while in Salem had an event. We met and spent a couple hours doing vision boards. The above picture is my first and only thus far.

Mine was done very quickly. I cut and pasted without much thought. Whatever struck me as needing on the board was clipped and pasted.

Today I come home and look at it. I am pretty amazed actually.  With current events being as they are, I am quite curious how it will come to be.

I think the outcome is apparent. Whether you view the vision board, the bible, or the world, you can see yourself what comes next.

Bless the peace keepers. Bless compassionate earth, people, and animal lovers.

You are amazing!

What Can I Eat That Isn’t Poison?

Published September 25, 2016 by tindertender

I attempt to make a list for groceries.

I think to myself, I do not want to eat meat, contributing to the mass butchering of animals, who feel and know they are going to be murdered, probably watching their stall mates being butchered right before. No I do not want to eat fear laden creatures who have been fed growth hormones and who knows what else.

I consider vegetables, and think of the poisons that are sprayed on them as they grow. I do not want to ingest them.

I consider fish. The oceans are full of radioactive materials, the sea life poison and contaminated.

I wonder at the prepackaged, canned items, and think of the preservatives, dyes, chemicals and I do not want to eat this either.

EVERTHING sold has been POISONED!!!! I am so sick of the FDA allowing ALL OF US to be poisoned! The water that is sold is in plastic containing cancer causing substance, the tap water has been fluoridated, the rivers are being polluted by oil and gas and other chemicals.

What in the hell?? I can’t even eat an egg without thought of harm and brutality being done to life forms, the chickens themselves having been fed growth hormones and other toxic crap.

Consumers are dying every day from cancer and other ailments caused by fake sweeteners and chemicals … poisons.

So with this knowledge, what is one supposed to eat that is nourishing? I have half a mind to set up a room for indoor gardening.

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