Opinions and Intuition

Published December 2, 2020 by tindertender

Who is right and who is wrong?

No one ……

ALL are right, from their own unique perspective.

To be an undesirable …. a privilege?
Casting opinion of self based on another’s perception is not wise.

Molding ones character to what another deems best for us is not honoring self …. we cannot please every person or entity who says we ought to be this or that.

We’ve been given “senses” for a purpose. True, most have been on hyperdrive sense-wise. But to completely go to the other pole, to release any and all sensitivity in favor of ‘acceptance’ is being a traitor to the God/dess within.

Honoring self means accepting self in all of its forms – not shifting self based on what another says is right, or in error.

If it doesn’t FEEL like Love, then it may not be, at least in the ‘moment’..

Even relationships (as in familial) which are abusive can be labeled as unloving … yet love lives in the heart still, in most cases.

To love from a distance is sometimes necessary for self-care.

Life itself is passion … passion for love and everything that brings love. Intuition is ours for recognizing that which is not of love. If it asks that you be ‘neutral’, it is asking you to release your passion and just accept w/o question what is saying those who suffer brought it upon themselves. Sometimes true … shifting ‘blame’ is an abusers technique.

To accept abusive behavior from another who professes “tough love’ and ‘it’s for your own good’ is not healthy placement of personal boundaries.

We never have to accept what another states is for our ‘best interest’ … intuition states very well for self what the ‘best’ may be in any given moment.

Hive Mind, or self-sovereignty? Honoring our individuality, or sacrificing everything we have become to mold into that which others think we ought to be? To give away our very soul and be at the mercy of the ‘owner’?

Ugh …

The Kingdom of God is Within You

Published December 2, 2020 by tindertender

We are in a psychic war.

Many are unsuspecting.

Giving away access to their minds.

Channeling and thru mediumship, thru partying and any form of lowering of guard.

Those against us, once access is gained to our mind, view our dream state … the human dream state.

They must be human … they are very strict about this.

Some not so nice fellas want access to the Kingdom of God … that which is within you, within WE.

This is all kingdoms that we have access to, all places, in all dimensions.

The Kingdom of God … that the Human mind has access to, that which might be the race, the creation and creators that actually hold it all together, safeguarding the life therein.

When the infiltrators do this accessing … they eventually can ‘infiltrate’ all levels of a mind on a planet and planetary systems.

It might not be that they have all the technology … it might be that they require the human “organic portal” to get to some of these places.

This is what they are after.

The Organic Portals.

The WE that are holding these levels together.

It is wise to end habitual patterns that weaken the auric field … drinking, smoking, drug use. These things simply leave one open for infiltration.

Is it a wonder that liquor and now cannabis are legal while many harder drugs have been decriminalized?

It should not be. It’s a plan.

This, is the harvest.

It may be too late for me, and others.

I woke with an audience who had been observing my astral travels. One very strong sounding aspect of the masculine stated, “She’s like the last one”.

They remember these travels that I have forgotten pretty much right after I woke … they faded for me, but the audience recollects it all.


Published December 1, 2020 by tindertender

Jesus said the Light of the body is the eye: If therefore thy eye be single the whole Body will be filled with Light. Your Upper Room prayer closet is now prepared. Jesus said The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. And when you pray ask God for nothing… FOR YOUR FATHER which is IN HEAVEN (Upper Room, Light) knows what you need BEFORE you ask. So Jesus is in you as Love Consciousness to others. God is in you as the Tablet of the Law of Love in Service. The Kingdom of Heaven is in you. It is written.

Spiritual Ascension is not leaving your body, it is staying in balance because you have the surety of the Word. In that knowing that all things work to the good for those who love God, which is in you, and do his will, meditate.

Ascension into Heaven (IN YOU) prepares us for the death of the body being made ready for the Spirit World in the Life Hereafter. So no, Heaven is not coming 1221, neither is Jesus. They are already here. What is coming is the …shift in Love Heart Center Consciousness to others.

To be made ready for the Spirit World in the Life Hereafter, our Blood–Water–Carbon Bodies are Transformed in Spiritual Alchemy. The Life hereafter is Crystalline Based.


I’ve been called “IT” many times, how about you?

Source: @BearerS_word; https://twitter.com/BearerS_word/status/1333905455249313794?s=20


Published December 1, 2020 by tindertender

I woke with the sound of suffering in my head once again.

I am grateful that the “powers that be” quieted it for me, bringing silence.

It is difficult being connected to differing realms.

The mind, spirit and entire perceptive process changes through time.

Perhaps one day, time will cease to be,

And we’ll all just BE together.

When time ceases to exist | Poetry | Lockdown life

Remote Viewing Secrets

Published November 30, 2020 by tindertender

… and it’s danger.

Anything and everything we experience in connection with the paranormal has both minor and major impact on our philosophic or theological belief. It therefore changes our very nature. It alters the way we respond to crises, changes the very foundation of our understanding or belief in how conscientiousness operates, the way we relate to others, how we think about right and wrong, and it most definitely causes us to rethink the basic tenets surrounding cause and effect.

Self-delusion is seriously threatening to mental stability, especially when it begins to modify behavior.

~ Remote Viewing Secrets, Joseph McMoneagle



Published November 30, 2020 by tindertender

If I show you my heart
Will you know what that means?
If I tell you the truth Will you still hold my gaze?
If I own all the parts that society shuns
Will you shun me too?
Would you choose to let me walk this path
Without you?

Or will you laugh that wild laugh,
Roar from your knees,
Dance like the wind
Strip like the trees
Will you throw out the lies
And the fear of ‘too much’
And redefine ‘sisters’
Beside me…

~ by Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

Image credit and deep thank you to our Artist Partner TamaraPhillipsArt/
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