Visions In Mind

Published February 27, 2021 by tindertender

I sit and listen as he plays his guitar. No singing, just beautiful melody.

Haunting at times, the din of the cafe fades.

I am taken to a place, forlorn and yet hopeful, for peace.

I envision a courtyard dance and romance. Lovers sitting on a short brick wall, holding hands.

Cacophony – watching as children chase each other in circle, dust of the road flying high, laughter.

Chickens and dogs crossing the street, there is no set rule for the way things ought to be.

It just ‘is’.

A green meadow – confusion as it is wondered which direction the river is. Where is the water?

A cantina, men in boots dancing, at peace with each other. Joy fills the air.

It is night and a fire is lit, out of doors, under the moon and stars. More dancing and merry making.

Relaxing, time to sleep.

But one keeps watch, for danger.

Life Dance

Published February 27, 2021 by tindertender

That “you” that is in memory still exists. That part of yourself that did not have a Are in the world is still within you.

It is your base.

If you do not appreciate where life has taken you, reach within.

Begin again.

Free yourself from fear of others perceptions.

Do not self criticize.

You are perfection in motion, and the flow that is you makes the Universe sing.


Oracle Reading 2-27-2021

Published February 27, 2021 by tindertender

Nourish the Soul ~ Drink in life. Use your senses to explore your world – to see, touch, taste, smell, hear and experience all that is within you and around you. Your journey through life is meant to be a sensory experience. Your life is meant to be a rainbow of color, full of emotion and sound. It is not meant to be a bland, tasteless existence of simply black and white. Be sensual. Explore yourself and your world every day and nourish your soul with every moment.

Seek Your Answers Within ~ If you find yourself confused, your intuition and inner voice drowned out by the answers, wisdom and advice of others then it is time for you to step away. Withdraw to a place of solitude. Like the bear, it is time for you to hibernate, to go within and seek the void, and to embrace the silence that dwells within. Within that silence are the answers to your questions, and because they are answers born of your truths, they will be answers that move you forward, instead of holding you still.

Be Without Malice ~ You have been hurt, disrespected or disappointed by others. Another has let you down or betrayed you. It is normal and natural to experience feelings of anger, hurt and disappointment. To feel any and all emotion is natural, but you have a choice always in how you respond. Do not allow your hurt to become a source of infection. Acknowledge it. Learn from it and your experiences, and then let the anger, hurt and disappointment go. Do not allow them to inspire retaliatory acts born of malice or spite.

Embracing Growth

Published February 26, 2021 by tindertender

Sometimes, we must learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable … stretching capacity. Rather than medicate to numb ourselves from the experience, we must learn to breathe, to smile, and not get lost in the details of it. Doing so will only increase the anxiety around whatever the situation is.

We are all changing energetically these days, that in itself is enough to cause discomfort. However, this is growth … and growth is never easy, especially if the growth happens too fast. Ask any tall person who experienced rapid growth and how it felt on their joints. Ask any Shaman about the birth of a Healer … they will tell you it looks like what the western world calls insanity.

These times offer us a magnificent opportunity to jump into the new, and our response ought to be an embracing of it, not a fighting against it … to simply respond to that which is presented to us in any given moment in the best way we know how … and usually that means stepping into our authentic power, a position we may not have ever experienced before.

Often, there will be opposing forces set against this new reality being birthed in us … and they must be left behind.

Love yourselves in every moment, and remember to be grateful for this life, in all its forms, in all of its circumstances.

A New Day is coming.

Our Game

Published February 26, 2021 by tindertender

A story told of long ago
Before they knew
They were powerful.
Materials ruled the world
They sang sad songs
Of how they suffered.
With narrow eyes
And twice sold lies,
A victims view
From inside a cube
My Love

Then all at once
But one by one
They heard the call
A simple song saying
“When would you like
To leave it all behind?
You can quit all your sorrow
Lose track of time
And jump in- surrender
Wash it all away
Jump in and remember
This is our game
My Love”

And now the tables have turned
And the scales have evened
And the Illusions
Are breaking at the seams
And the patterns
And problems
And prisons of the past
Will be pushed under the table
Never meant to Last
And we grow in numbers
Day by day
A familiar smile
Upon your face
My Love.

Then all at once
But one by one
They Heard the call
A simple song,
Saying, “When would you like
to leave it all behind?
You can quit all your sorrow
Lose track of time
And jump In- surrender
Jump in- surrender
Wash it all away
Jump in and remember
This is our game
My Love”

The Sacred

Published February 26, 2021 by tindertender

In this moment all the earth, stands still
Time unwinds its coil
Life is filled to the brim
With spaciousness

Oh, how simple
Oh, the sacred
Oh, how simple
Oh, the sacred

Unfolding sighs, and cries rang out
A universal openness
Each spirit here sang in tune
Into ferocious Love

No fear here
No fear here
No fear here

Oh, the sacred
Oh, the sacred

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Pepper R Proud / Masaru Higasa Swanson

Practicing Zen

Published February 25, 2021 by tindertender

“I ask you: what are you? You don’t know; there is only ‘I don’t know.’ Always keep this don’t-know mind. When this don’t-know mind becomes clear, then you will understand… Keep don’t-know always and everywhere. This is the true practice of Zen.” ~Seung Sahn Sunim

Practicing Zen helps get us in touch with the primordial coordinates of the interconnected cosmos. It helps us recognize the probability spectrum. It keeps us open to the vital transformations of the universe and adaptable to the ebbs and flows of constant change.

When Socrates said, “The only thing I know is that I know nothing,” he was speaking in probabilities. He recognized that his was a single perception dwarfed by an unfathomably large universe. He realized that what he thought he knew was astronomically less than what he didn’t know and wisely swallowed his pride.

Better to use Zen to keep us in flow. Better to transform certainty into curiosity. Better to question answers than rely on them. When we are open, fluid, and dynamic in our thinking, we are less likely to be seduced by dogmatic belief.

Image by drasan_art


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