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Negative Talk

Published May 22, 2020 by tindertender

If someone says to you, “I’ve got bad news for you” trying to dampen your vibe, bring you down, lowering your power source, DO NOT give away your power to these ones. Their bad news is meant to do just that. Bring you down.

If someone tells you you are disgusting, or ugly, or undesirable, know that this ugliness is dwelling within them, and they simply cannot see your light. They see themselves in everything and everyone, they will point it out saying it is yours, and say you must fix it … but only the mirror can fix itself, the reflection cannot change it.

Some people rest within the safety of a conceived sense of ‘self-righteousness’. They believe themselves to be better than others, they cannot see themselves yet, so they cannot see others yet. The high horse is an easy ride. Wait, they will be bucked off eventually.

The self-righteous have no authority or power to judge you, unless you give that power to them. It is YOUR power they want to use to abuse you with.

Take what is said as a grain of salt, small, and once wet, dissolves.

Do NOT give others permission to write, or rewrite your story. Only you have the insight to reveal and know what resonates with your Soul, with your Heart.

Shine your light so brightly that those who wish to dim it fail, resoundingly.


Rural America

Published January 28, 2020 by tindertender

AUTHOR: Kaycee Monnens

While women march the streets of America, protesting for rights that they already have, allow me to applaud a way of life that has honored women in ways the rest of the world never has (for a very long time).

I’m proud to be a part of the silent, steadfast women of rural America, where: Little girls are taught to work alongside little boys, not hate them. We let the men lead us on the dance floor, in prayer, and in life.

There is strength in partnership.

The woman’s housekeeping and the man’s ranch work are both vital aspects of the operation’s success, even though gender roles don’t have much of a place on the ranch.

Women ride Bronc’s, wrestle calves, and rope just as often as men cook, sew and tend to children.

We actually participate in meetings, sit on boards, and vote to create REAL change.

We see the miracle of life in every foal, calf and child and believe all life should be protected.

The men never question a woman’s strength, and women know that a door held open is a simple sign of respect.

The ranchers/farmers/blue collar people of America create empowered women, respectful men, and a brighter future than any “protest” could bring about.

Keep on keepin’ on.

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