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Oracle Reading 7-14-2020 p.m.

Published July 14, 2020 by tindertender

You have charisma, and attract people to you and to the upward direction in which you’re moving. You’ve developed an appreciation for the finer things in life, and have a refined mind that has the ability to meditate well.

There’s a balance between the masculine and feminine in you or in your relationships. You’re beginning to go beyond pride and are filled with courage and self-respect. You’re able to offer service without fear of criticism, and have almost reached a point where spiritual wealth is united with spontaneity.

You’ve developed a sense of responsibility toward others and yourself. You’re dealing with life’s irritations, even when they are severe, and you can handle the rising tide of emotions by removing yourself from a situation until you feel better able to cope with it. You’ve developed a degree of awareness for which you should be congratulated.

Reading from the deck “5 Keys to Happiness” created by Gordon Smith.


Dismantling The Illusion

Published July 14, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

The illusion is very easy to innerstand when one let go of how things SHOULD be and start embodying what actually are. Everyone is a POWERFUL CREATOR BEING.

You create with your Focus, Fantasy, Belief, WILL and action. But really everything is about FOCUS – What you focus on will manifest.

SO when you focus on everything you don’t want, woala. There you go, wonderful creation and you get to experience just that. The illusions are to keep everyone focusing on what they don’t want and feel very low, sad, anxious, stressed and all that. To break free is to really take back ones power of ones focus and at the same time OPEN ONES MIND = THIRD EYE.

It’s that easy as your mind keeps your beliefs and even when you focus on what you want, you’re beliefs are still a part of you and that means also what you manifest.

So open your mind completely and then focus on the absolute BEST CASE, MOST OPTIMAL DREAM SCENARIO. Also, trying to control how this manifests for you will block it all from happening so let go of that, of everything while continue to focus on the most profound dream of creation.

Also, your FAITH in it is SO POWERFUL. You HAVE TO TRUST YOURSELF – TRUST GOD – THAT THIS WILL MANIFEST. This way you are able to let go of everything and then use your heart as a GOLDEN COMPASS, to really calibrate one now moment at a time.

Still, there is also your souls evolution so you will get tested by being put in situations that you feel “bad”.

When this happens, you know that you have two options – one is to change your perspective of that situation so you love that one too – really feeling it deep inside of you. Or you could choose to learn that lesson another time as you’re not yet powerful enough to face that.

Both are perfect – follow your heart!! Your mind will play tricks on you, your gut will play tricks on you so always go FROM HEART TO GUT AND MIND, not the other way around.

For this dream to come true one really has to learn how to love it all but each soul aspect have very different journeys there so one can not tell you what is true for you in your saga where you are staring the leading role. IT IS YOUR MOVIE AFTER ALL. So trust yourself.

Trust God AND MANIFEST ONE NOW MOMENT AT A TIME. It is this easy, yet it’s very hard as we have the human ego aspect that wants to interfere. This is bypassed by letting go of ALL JUDGEMENT and just trust your path. IT IS THIS EASY. Dance with creation.


Oracle Reading 7-14-2020 a.m.

Published July 14, 2020 by tindertender

Focus on how far you have come. Not on how far you have to go. You will find help in unexpected places.

I am a beautiful, courageous traveler on a journey toward ultimate happiness. Today I am grateful for how far I have come and how much I have been given. I am grateful for the companions I find along the trail. I will remember that I have been placed on this Earth to discover what I really want to do and to be true to myself. I will find my own way and I will live my dream.

Immense delight can be found in the smallest of things. Cultivate fluttering moments of joy.

Today I give myself permission to be happy. I will laugh and laugh some more. I will spread my wings of joy and soar. I now let go of the past and live in the present moment. I am a beautiful, smart, creative heart on a journey towards ultimate happiness.

Stop hesitating. Movement creates the magic. Nothing can hold you back.

Today I will focus my energy on moving forward without hesitation. I will get things done. My head and my heart are moving in the same direction. I won’t waste energy worrying about “what if’s” and “who says?” I will rise up, feel my power and be happy. Nothing can hold me back.

Call upon the elements. Focus your intentions. The greatest dragon is within you.

Right now I look to the Spirit within and I feel my inner power. I call upon the forces of nature for even more strength and direction. I will not waver from the task at hand for this is my time. I will go forth with courage and I will succeed, for life and power are on my side.

Reading from the deck “Magical Times” Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma


Oracle Reading 7-12-2020

Published July 12, 2020 by tindertender

There is a ripple effect of energy flowing from you. Be positive. Simply staying happy and sending that happiness out from your heart will benefit those around you. As you adjust your motives and attitudes, this energy flows from you in concentric circles affecting all of your desires and beliefs. There is a chance to bring good fortune and influences to all of the events in your life. As circles also represent cycles, know that you are continually going in and out of cycles, growing and changing. With every ending comes a new beginning. Trust that the positive energy you radiate will attract what you wish for.

If you have a goal or vision, be sure to provide the right surroundings for that dream to flourish. Positive self-talk, affirmations, being kind to yourself, celebrating your talents and successes – all of these create fertile soil for your dreams to take root and grow. Sometimes, when you push too had it can hinder the harmonious unfolding of your journey. Trust the process, relax, and allow nature to take its course. Belief and positive support is needed to accomplish your goal. Keep in mind; Nature makes growing and blossoming look effortless but the secret is in all the details – position, sun, soil, air, water and nourishment. Make sure you are taking the steps necessary to attain your perfect environment.

When you are busy, rushing, stressed, worried or overwhelmed, it is easy to lose track of the simple things in your world that bring you joy. This is a huge nudge to remember to create some fun. Rediscover enthusiasm and fascination through adventure and spontaneous happenings. Engage with your life again and take in your surroundings, observing the importance of living life to its fullest. Decide to do something for the pleasure of it and see where life takes you.

Reading from the deck “Nature’s Whispers” created by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall


The Best Gift Of My Life ~ Semper Fi

Published July 12, 2020 by tindertender

Yes, having my father in my world after many years of not knowing him was a great gift, one I will cherish for the rest of my life.

For 17 years I’ve been in battle, a battle for my soul.

I am tired, and yet invigorated, for I received the most precious gift last night from unseen forces, by an aspect of the masculine.

The message was, “Semper Fi, just remember that.”

I did not know what it meant, so I asked google, the every ‘reliable’ source.

Semper fidelis [ˈsɛmpɛr fɪˈdeːlɪs]) is a Latin phrase that means “always faithful” or “always loyal”. It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps, usually shortened to Semper Fi.

They have taken notice, and given me my current, most precious gift. They have empowered my hope that good will prevail over the chaos makers.

They have let me know, without doubt, that I am not alone in this battle.

I will love them forever, for this is exactly what I needed in my world during these moments, where chaos is intensifying, and suffering increases.

If you are suffering mentally, know that there are warriors in the unseen (and seen) who see your struggles. You are not alone, you are seen, heard, and cared for.

The war is real, and you are NOT crazy.

Remember that.

Semper Fi

Righteous Thorns in the side of Chaos.

SLAP those bitches with a thorny flower!

I will relax and enjoy the aroma.

Take A Long Step Back

Published July 11, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

What possible strategy in politics could ever possess people to come up with an obviously planned and overhyped pandemic, destroy whole police departments, and engage in the very obvious and crazy actions we have seen? It may work short term but that is only because of so much fear they are spreading. Fear makes people panic. It makes people stupid, but fear can only be kept up so long. Eventually more see through that.

It is something that just does not make any sense if you look at things with any traditional view of politics or power in leading countries. What we have seen would be so risky and foolish it would be daring disaster to ruin long term hopes of controlling billions of people on this planet.

It is not just a clever or dangerous game of odd politics or 4d chess.

What we have been seeing here is nothing short of the age old fight between good and the Devil. I know that seems obvious in one way, but this is not just some random odd tactic led by bad people. It is not just another fight of good people vs bad.

They have completely given themselves over to devils. They hid the ancient rites and rituals behind a veneer of politics or kingdoms. They hid the true motivations for a long time. Before this started they made rites and rituals declaring a literal war on God.

These tactics we are seeing are not the work of people anymore. It is the work of demons. The leadership has gone so far past the line that they have lost any small amount of free will they had left. They just do not know it yet.

Forget politics. That has little anymore to do with anything. Now we just have a few groups of greedy people all completely in trances from the demons that are all around us.

There are many you know to be bad. There are many you think to be good, but are not. The demons are strong and the greed is too powerful.

Those that have dark hearts have no choice but to show themselves. Like moths to the flame, the free will is gone. They must obey. They gave their souls willingly for power and now it is time to collect.

The exposures and odd behavior will not stop yet. Normal is gone forever.

The greed inside those with dark heart always proves too much eventually. Rational though will fail more and more and at some point the eyes of the masses will be opened more to see it.

The fight with good against bad never was a fight in the first place.

The good just have to watch, prepare, learn, and endure. The bad destroy themselves. The devil always devours its own.

This is no longer political. This is a spiritual battle. It is one that tests ourselves in many ways. Now rules and politics are just a very thin excuse.

We have a leader and it never was Trump. It never was a fight for the USA. This is a fight for the world and our leader is the very real and living Eternal family that guides us. All other righteous fall under this leadership including and righteous leaders and politicians.

The battle never was a battle. The evil destroy themselves. Knowing this, those who stay inspired with peace and a deep connection to the other side will know what is needed, when it is needed.

Have faith in times of darkness and the light will bring the rewards.

Have peace, love and kindness, but do not equivocate or let those who follow real devils confuse the good and bad as they try to do. There are devils in churches and in every area. Those righteos need to learn to feel what is good. Discernment is needed and will be given.

Do not fear the evil now. Have faith and walk upright in our way and our leadership will bring the peace we seek.

Things do not return to normal when devils take over the hearts of the people. Do not worry about normal. New things will come that are even better.

Basically we cannot let loud mouthed woke people or normal but blind people make us ashamed of doubt ourselves.

We know what is right but often let the confusion others have make us doubt ourselves or second guess things.

Confidence in a calm way = stand tall


Oracle Reading 7-9-2020

Published July 9, 2020 by tindertender

When you witness the initial stages of dawn without the benefit of a clock or other timepiece, for awhile you may not be able to discern whether the sky is really lightening. The stars remain visible, the shadows of the night still shape the landscape. It is that way with any beginning: it is difficult to tell where the old ends and the new begins. Gradually, however, it becomes clear to your senses that the light is definitely increasing; and as you continue to observe, the world slowly wakes up, accompanied by all the sounds, smells and freshness associated with it. Soon the first glimmer of the sun shows. A new day has begun.

This is a time to say farewell to the old and honor the new by releasing any self-imposed constraints or resistance to the truth that you know. This is your chance to develop that project you have been thinking about, embark on that adventure you have dreamed of going on, and take risks in initiating what your intuitive self has been telling you to do.

As this prospect becomes increasingly visible and real, doubts and uncertainties may arise. But rest assured – just as dawn inevitably turns into day, by heeding your inner guidance, you will succeed.

Need to take some time for solitude, preferably in silence. Spend the morning, afternoon, or even the entire day by yourself, completely unplanned and unstructured. The bombardment of your senses by the noise and intensity of society leaves you on alert far more than is necessary. The vibration of millions of people’s worry and fear throughout the world can impinge upon you and greatly affect you if you do not honor your need to pull back from time to time.

When you have passed through any self-constructed barriers to enjoying the quiet peace of solitude, it will serve you best if you simply observe the thoughts and emotions that pass through you, especially those that cause shortness of breath or a quickening heartbeat. Remember that isolation is experienced not by choice, but out of fear. When you decide to spend time with yourself in solitude, however, you are choosing to once again find and connect with who you really are.

Fighting or blocking the flow of your Life Force can lead you to feeling spiritually void and disconnected from Source. Just like the metaphor of the river, it does not work to force or fight this compelling movement. When you simply pay attention and observe the flow, it becomes easier to navigate your experiences and see what lies ahead, or at least get a sense of what is to come by the ever-changing geography that unfolds as you cruise along.

Your resistance is hampering your ability to make a choice in this matter. Surrender to the movement of Life, be grateful, and you will see the signs along the shore and in the river itself that offer you clues about what direction your egoless Self is to be making. Go with the flow is more than a trite aphorism here. It is essential that you do so now. Breathe, relax, and you will know.

Reading from the deck “Earth Magic” created by Steven D. Farmer


Oracle Reading 7-8-2020

Published July 8, 2020 by tindertender

Wisdom from the higher realms will make you appreciate and share the riches of the Earth.

You’re looking in the right place for wisdom and spiritual riches. You’re generous because you think of others and their needs. You have an abundance of energy and the wisdom to use it wisely.

You are the stillness in the midst of turmoil, with inner knowingness and acceptance.

You’re becoming stable and calm and developing the ability to see through the curtain of your own and others emotions. You’re steady and at peace. This energy flows out from you and affects the well-being of others without your realizing it.

You have the quality of complete openness, absolute potential. You are connected to all beings. Everything is linked by the vastness of space.

You feel connected to all of life. You’re developing empathy for all beings and are beginning to understand others. You’re now noticing people’s similarities more than their differences and realizing that you’re at the dawning of your own conscious awakening.


Oracle Reading 7-7-20202

Published July 7, 2020 by tindertender

Your thoughts must travel through your heart. If your action began with attunement to the “I Am” mind of the all-perfect universe, then what is coming to you now should be plenty of what you want.

If you find yourself with plenty of disappointment, it is time to look to your thoughts again and into your heart. Did you set out to achieve a goal your heart was not into? Did you override deep feelings within? We’re your goals overlooking the needs of others? Are there unkind words now piercing your heart and limiting your vision? Listen.

Words can be stab words (s-words) or salve words – “I don’t like you,” or “I forgive you.” Your sword (words) can cut away the problem or wound the one you are experiencing the problem with. Pay attention. Aim to foster love.

It is a time of victory and peace. Those aspects of yourself that you were courageous enough to bring through by accepting them yourself have been accepted by the world. You have captured the dream. You are in a stage of equilibrium. Relax and enjoy.

Your relationship, career, or artistic expression has been accepted by the important others in your life. You have withstood the challenge and gained in strength. Conflicts are resolved. You are deemed worthy. You now have the raw materials, basic setup, or opportunity you have wanted to enable yourself to continue to higher levels of expertise. Your confidence and abilities have increased. That which you have held dear is yours. Take it all in.

You have earned the title Sage or time Genius. You are a visionary who has lived fully and well, the artist at life itself. Your works will last long beyond your own physical life and thus are immortal. You are passing on the pipe now, handing down the wand. This may be in only one area of your life or all of them. You know.

Your vision has brought a portion of your dream to you. But not all forces are yet aligned with your dream. Your own mind may wander from your vision. You may have friends or relatives who disprove. The world may not currently accept what you have to offer. It is time to face these things and lure the universe to accommodate you.

Holding the highest good that you can imagine in mind, begin to enter the unknown. Whether you are engaged in a hunt in the primeval forest or entering into a new marriage or a new career, you are stepping alone into a force field much larger than yourself. You are seeking only one prize, the cherished central key to your dream. Perhaps it is a person’s ongoing love, maybe a position where your creative works will be recognized and encouraged, or an inner step of development that you have been longing to achieve. In any case, you must use your personal talents to guide the dearly desired toward you.

Your fears will rise up. Your expectations that others should already be attuned to your needs will be confronted. You are alone and small in a field of seeming opposition. It is time to go with your gifts, pull out your talents and use them, however meager you think them to be. This is what the universe is asking of you now. Trust the higher self.

Give it your all. This is the egos battle to transcend its boundaries. It is a time of interpersonal breakthrough and growth. You are coming to terms with life around you. This is a creative conflict or the therapy stage of a relationship, a cleansing intensive. All your Energy is called forth to empower you.

It is time to await opportunity expectantly or to wander seeking pieces of the dream. You are probably engaged in fantasy and longing during this period. You may even feel a craving for something you cannot quite define. There may be periods of melancholy due to the sense of uncertainty in your life right now. Flow with them. Watch them pass.

You will reach fulfillment on the path Creator laid before you. Trust enough to take the first step. Let yourself be guided by dreams and visions. Look for signs. Trust your inner response. Follow that which calls you at the deepest level; respond to that which creates all-engrossing enthusiasm. Let the universe lead.

You are now a co-creator , taking part in the planetary transformation now taking place. Self and world are one being, breathing one life. You are the Dancer holding wands of male and female life force in perfect balance. The polarities within the self have been recognized and brought into a conscious creative working relationship. There is a synthesis, crystallization, perfection, stability, all within the greater flow. You move consciously with the cosmos, understanding your place in time.

The Dancer: I dance freely and with power, for I have faced the death of all that flows through me. In other words, I have transcended possession and desire for results. My actions are based on the fullness of the moment rather than on sacrifice for the future. I understand that now is all futures. I therefore live in death. It is death as a state of constant peace and surrender to what is. Thus, death is the ultimate balance during life. I have united polarities of existence. As you approach the understanding of this within yourself, the world is yours. In Earth, I am through you.

Command: (The Emperor) I am the Empowerment/Chief, creator of the overall structure that takes into account the many abilities, talents and experiences you have discovered within and relates them to the worlds needs. Through the Empress/Bounty in yourself, you learned of these gifts in your being. Now, through me, you will learn how to give them physical form.

You have journeyed as the Fool/Seed, willing to take a risk to move forward. Then, as a Magician/Resourceful One, you saw the tools you have to use along the way. As the High Priestess/Seeker, you realized your responsibility for that which you experience. At the same time, along the way, you discovered an abundance of good ideas, high goals, and personal ambitions. You experienced the bountiful feeling of the Empress when you saw the abilities, talents, and knowledge that have been planted in your consciousness. Now it is time to find a structure that can allow this whole Self to come through in fullness.

Your thoughts and images dictate your reality. You must take command now. It is time to make decisions that benefit your whole being and that of the Earth, your dwelling place. I tell you, you are the maker of your personal law. The definitions of the meaning of your experiences constitute (make into law) suggestions that are accepted, without reservation, by your consciousness. You define what you see, many times without thinking. Realize, you have choice in your definition, in your response, to any situation. This is your point of power.

Affirmation: I now create the structures through which all of my gifts will be actualized. I am the governor of my world. I am the ruler of my life. From Limitless Spirit, I draw all things needed for right action.

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