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“The Great Disruptive Force”

Published March 16, 2020 by tindertender

MmmHmmm … fear based hysteria, followed by lock down. Stir crazy isn’t the word for it. Who’s tapping into and using these energies?

Here is a very good broadcast by Lee Harris. He calls these times “The Great Disruptive Force”

Hello, dear friends

Published February 12, 2020 by tindertender

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Today I want to expand on my message of yesterday about the ways you use, project, and combine your energy with that of others. By using your energy, you create the situations in your own life. By projecting it, you influence others’ experiences.

Someone asked an excellent question as to whether projecting your own energy is the same as “communing with God.” Actually, your own energy determines if you can recognize the fact you are always communing with the Creator. Your own energy expands the connection, or narrows it.

This all happens because your energy moves in front of you and creates situations at the frequency you are projecting. To not create the negative, you have to figure out why you feel off, work it out, and develop an attitude that creates a higher energy frequency.

Many of you feel very alone and isolated here on this planet. For some, the reason is because you are here to bring the energy of light to the planet. Your energy actually repels others who might be family members or acquaintenances who project energy at a different frequency.

The reason you don’t like to be around people in a bad mood is because of the energy that comes off them and hits you. The reason some places feel evil to you is your energy does not match the energy of that of the collective energy that has been brought to a place.

A great way to see how your own energy affects your day is to think of a time when you woke up feeling “off .” You open the cabinet for cereal and it falls out and spills. You get a speeding ticket on the way to work. Your boss treats you badly. The day gets worse and worse.

Please keep an open mind about everyone and everything. Almost nothing is what it appears to be on this planet. We’ve rolled off part of the veil to help you see the truth. The Jesus book will help you fix your own energy so you can’t be misled anymore.

Energy Is High

Published January 17, 2020 by tindertender

There are certain things that make us vibrate higher, and there are certain things that actually assist us in “broadcasting” or “announcing” ourselves to the unseen. This is not always wise, especially nowadays when there are so many different life forms out there picking up on our message.

Attracting the wrong kind of energy can be detrimental to health. Old habits die hard.

There is a hint of thought that maybe I should shut down, not be so ‘loud’ as to bring unwanted attention my way … but isn’t this the message women (Indeed, children of both genders) have been taught over generations?

Don’t be too loud.

Someone might come along and hurt you.

Be small.

There is a sickness in this world. And since we know that information feeds the energy, and energy feeds matter (physical form), then it is safe to say that the woes and hurts we see in this world are first manifested in the aether, a purposeful tearing down of the structure of matter.

The mind knows it, for it most often lives in this generated chaos. I say ‘generated’ chaos because there are those beyond time who input this chaos into the energy field, which is then transposed onto the human (and other) mind and body.

It’s all connected.

For the most part, you did not create the chaos. You responded to it. Which magnified it. You are the magnifier.

Recognize what is your creation, and which creations you are reacting to. Then do more of the first, leaving behind that which those beyond time (and those of time working with them) wish for you to claim as your own.

Create your own story.

Stop weaving reaction into the story you are being fed.

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