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When To Tune In

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

Some folks will say anything to flatter you.

Your ego will be so happy at receiving attention it will not allow the inner portions of self to pick up on the vibration …

Are the words truth?

Or are they being utilized to manipulate you into a specific situation and experience?

It is so important to gain control over the ego’s need for praise.

It will get you into trouble every time.

Allow the heart to see clearly … reading between the lines … increasing the chances of gaining access to transparency, to truth.

This secret powert of discernment belongs to every individual.

With practice … releasing the need for praise and promotion … truth will become more readily available and error will become less frequent.

Heck, with practice, we ALL might just become one happy go-lucky family!

Affirmation For The Day

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

Powers that are
Powers that be
Powers of earth, air, fire, moon, sun and sea
Protect, guide and nurture
My loved ones and me
This is my will
So mote it be.

Morning: Today is a day to focus on action. I have goals and dreams and now it is time to take action. I always continue the inner work of cultivating positive thought and ideas, but now it is time to also commit to performing actions, no matter how small, that will move me forward on my path towards making my dreams come true.

Evening: I know that I did my best today to focus on taking action. Tonight I will rest knowing that I did things, said things, and accomplished things that bring me closer to reaching my goals.

A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day



Published June 28, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, everyone. Today I just have a short message from Archangel Raphael, who sometimes uses my account. She is currently busy holding together a tectonic plate system and calming down a volcano.

I’ve described to you in the past the work that AA Raphael has done to remove implants from your brains and help you heal from what has happened over the time you’ve spent on this planet. She wants to let you know that we all need to work on setting appropriate energetic boundaries to deal with those who hurt us, with their words and actions. This again is a matter of strengthening the energy bubble around your body, known as the “auric field.”

Sometimes we are in family or work or community situations where we are required to maintain relationships that no longer serve us in a positive way. Without a strong energetic barrier between ourselves and those who want to hurt us, our energy fields become ineffective.

I would like to add that this also applies to the constant barrage of negativity that comes out of all of the different political factions in the world. Politics are designed for control. The messages that come out of politics are meant as a mind control operation.

With a strong auric field, the harmful messages of hate and judgment that come from poor relationships or the media will more easily bounce off you, rather than deplete your precious Creator energy we each carry.

This thread from March will give you some information on how to strengthen your auric field. The Christ Letters we have been discussing offer more complete information on healing the energy you output to change your reality.

AA Raphael also sends her love, and wants you to know she and her teams are working to deal with all of those who are ill and struggling with COVID-19. She and the healing teams of her gestalt are always in your service, simply by asking for their assistance in your mind.



Published June 19, 2020 by tindertender

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You are an electromagnetic being emitting a frequency only those things that are on the same frequency as the one you are emitting can come into your experience. Every single person, event, and circumstance in your day is telling you what frequency you are in.

The Universe responds to your frequency. It does not recognize your personal desires, wants or needs. It only understands the frequency in which you are vibrating. If you are vibrating in the frequency of fear, guilt or shame, you are going to attract things of a similar vibration to support that frequency. If you are vibrating in the frequency of love, joy and abundance, you are going to attract things that support that frequency. It’s like tuning into a radio station. You have to be tuned into the station you want to listen to, just like you have to be tuned into the energy you want in your life. People with good/pure souls don’t just appear in our lives. Once you reach a higher vibrational life and let go of all the things that are spiritually weighing you down, you will naturally start to align.

Whenever you are with someone notice how you feel. Do you feel guarded, sad and/or uncomfortable? That’s a sign you maybe you shouldn’t spend that much time with them. If you feel light, comfortable, safe and happy it’s most likely a sign that this person is good for you.

Energy is my first language. I understand it more than I do words. You might as well be who you are because your vibes are going to tell the truth anyway.

As your vibration raises, forces will come to work against you. [They] are afraid of your power. Your spiritual awakening scares [Them]. Your job is to keep lifting. Because everything comes as a result of your vibes.


Published June 16, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, my friends. My WiFi is out today so my message will be short and then I will be out the rest of the day.

When you get up and start your day, assume that those with whom you have contact will treat you well. and that your day will be positive. By doing so, you create, and send out energy that will bond with that of others who are positive, and repel the negative energy of others.

As Jesus states in his book we are discussing, everything in life is about “electromagnetism.” If you wake up and think your boss will be rotten to deal with, your energy will create that bond and situation. The opposite is also true. People will react accordingly to you.

Over 80% of all people in the world are either really good, or at least decent in how they treat others. The constant negativity in the media only highlights the negative 20%. You can choose to bond your energy with the 80%, or the 20%.

We can all really help the energy of the collective consciousness to remember and anticipate that the majority are just doing the best they can. They are also trying to figure out how to improve the quality of their lives. When we assume the best in each other, we show love.

I also want you to know I’ve asked an angelic gestalt team to check you all for implants. If you don’t want yours removed, they will know. If you have them and want them cleared, they will remove them so you don’t have to ask me individually.

Thank you all so much for being here. I appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Much love to all of you.

What happens when someone worries?

Published June 8, 2020 by tindertender

Basically, they think of 100 reasons why something might go wrong. And all of those thoughts then struggle to become things, sometimes overriding their more constructive thoughts.

That’s the power of worry.

Now, let’s say you want something fantastic to manifest in your life.

Hypothetically, let’s say you want a Carefully laid out agenda. (I know you.)

Have you closed your eyes yet and imagined 100 reasons why it might come to you easily, fast, and harmoniously?

I think you should.

Today works,

~ The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® © ®

Don’t forget to imagine me conspiring on your behalf!


Ready For Ascension

Published June 8, 2020 by tindertender

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Do all that is necessary to ground yourselves. As the process accelerates, you will find yourselves in the midst of “tornadoes”. Exercise your power to remain calm.

This world has nearly eight billion people. If only five hundred million, collectively invited the Galactics for open contact, for mass landings, it would happen in an instant.

I guarantee you, 100%, there would be DIRECT Galactic intervention if millions were to take a peaceful stand against tyranny, and the few dark ones attempted a killing spree.

If the majority was truly “awakened” as they claim to be, no weapons would be required. Simply because you would have millions & millions taking a stand peacefully. These are different times, and no government would be allowed to just “kill” those unarmed numbering in the millions.

The end game is being played out in front of your eyes. Everybody knows their role. There are those that still believe in weapons. And those who believe in a peaceful revolution.

This process is a challenge for all, but masters will hold the light regardless of what unfolds in the outer world. And this is what you are. You already are an ascended master. You have done this times before, you ascended many times. This is why you were chosen.

The change that has unfolded on Earth in the last fifty years, you are going to see that amount of change or more within the next five years alone.

For myself, it is surprising to say the least, that there are still many who think the “war” unfolding on Earth is still pushed by negative ET’s. This is false. Negative ET’s gave up control over Earth in 1996. Everything that unfolded on Earth since then has been a doing of your so called leaders and the deep state, with secret societies. There’s been a few skirmishes in space between the benevolent Galactics and some small factions of negative ET’s, who never stood a chance.

You will see more chaos unfold in the months to come. And those that remain within the 3D vibrational frequency, will be affected one way or another. While others who have already chosen another reality, of a higher vibration, will continue their expansion uninterrupted.

Be kind no matter what. Even those who may hurt you, those who may not be aware of what you do for them and they do nothing for you. Always be kind. Be kind until their walls breakdown. And they finally see the truth.

Breathing is so important. Which very few people breath correctly. From my perspective, two correct ways for breathing. One, breath in through both nostrils and release through both nostrils. Two, breath through both nostrils and release through mouth(lips close together).

As you continue to expand in consciousness, you will see the magnificence that you truly are. You will see this magnificence in the outer world also. And you will begin to create miracles which not too long ago most people did not even dream about.

It is not what you know about the outside world. It is what you know about the within, yourself, that makes you a powerful being. So it is not the “informed” that change the world. It is the “spiritually awakened” that change the world with the light they find within.

As you continue to expand in consciousness, you will see the magnificence that you truly are. You will see this magnificence in the outer world also. And you will begin to create miracles which not too long ago most people did not even dream about.

You may have forgotten, but you still carry the energy of the star system which you came from. Ask your soul to open that part of you, to connect your now consciousness to that part of you, to the energy of the star you system you came from. Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda.

Within the past few days, higher energy templates have been downloaded into your consciousness. This is triggering new activations within your being, particularly more strands of DNA, the chakras, change in the vibration of your cells.

Whether at this time you are experiencing rage, fear, hatred, anger, or any other feelings that may be out of alignment because of what you see in the outer world, know that these are feelings from your past coming to the surface to be healed and released.

DNA activation plays a direct role in the ascension of a people, and consciousness evolution for the entire planet.

If you worry about the “future”, you are sending that lower energy of the now to the future. When you arrive to that future, you will experience more of that worry, and perhaps worse.


Lesson Noted ~ The Ra Material

Published May 29, 2020 by tindertender

I received my book today, The Ra Material, by Ra, Law of One, book one.

I learned something new.

In an Infinite Creator, there is only Unity. The only way to view infinity is by calling it Unity. All is one.

Infinite Creator energy is a whole. When humanity is viewed by this group called Ra, our energy Imprint on this earth is viewed as a whole.

The looters? The chaos makers, the murderers and rapists, all of those who do crime and harm in all its forms and indeed, those who would like to, but do not … that energy, if it out-ways its polar opposite will be seen as the energy of the whole of humanity by those without, looking in.

This is why it is crucial to maintain a calm demeanor.

Speak to each other civilly, respectfully.

Stop destroying our neighbors and their stuff.

Stop taking what isn’t ours, (in its many forms).

We can’t just write each other off and think that makes it better. No, we must heal the energetic rift, we must make effort to make amends, and keep the line of communication open … to family, friends, neighbors, the guy holding a sign on the street.

Our responsibility to this world and to each other, and to our race, is to care, and show it brightly.

Even if it can only be our heart that sings to each other, let it sing, let it shine from your eyes with a smile upon your lips.

Acknowledge each other. Do it as a friend would.

If we want our GROUP ENERGY FORM to be bright, we must stop acting like thugs and all around a-holes.

Every single one of us.

It’s going to take practice.

And we haven’t got long.

Time to reform our habits.

Your Diamond Core God Cell

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

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Stop, breathe a few times, bring your attention to the center of your chest. Now, move two inches up, and than try to see with your minds eye, go two inches inside that area. This is your higher heart chakra. Focus, imagine a octahedron, the TRUE form of a “diamond”.

This is your “Diamond Core God Cell”. This is YOU, your Divine Soul Matrix. See now this symbol, this instrument, becoming brighter, expanding, encompassing your whole being, expanding beyond your vessel. Place your hands on your chest, right hand on top of left; Recite three times; My diamond core god cell is fully activated. Continue seeing this becoming brighter and expanding.

You can share what you know, your can share your light, love everyone unconditionally. But you can only “save” yourself. Each individual must go through the change and experience themselves. Each one must walk their own path. You cannot “drag” anyone into the fifth dimension.

Every being on Earth knows at one level or another that something is changing. Perhaps there are some that may not be aware in this now, from their human mind. But at the soul level they know what is unfolding. And that information is being trickled into their NOW consciousness.

You do not have to wait for open contact. Do the necessary clearing and alignments. Call upon the group of beings you wish to communicate or have contact with. Let them know you are ready to move forward with the next step.

Question: What is proper cleaning and alignment?

Answer: Meditation, time in nature, mantras, consuming light food, water.

The purging of the old, emotional, mental as well as physical imbalances continues. People are being pushed, pulled and twisted in their dream state, and in their awakened state as well.

The time for the games has come to an end. Snap out of the 3D illusion willingly, or prepare to be jolted until you’re awake.

Ultimately you only have one choice to make, fear or love.

Through the choices you make in this now, you either align or move further away from your spiritual aspect.

It does not matter if the world “opens up” or not. You know why? Because 3D is shutting down. The world will open up, yes, no worries. However, the next collapse will be worse than any “virus”. It is unavoidable. As always, those attached to 3D beliefs have it hardest.

Do not forget to spend time outside as much as possible. I don’t say this for the vitamin D issue. I say this because the Sun offers one hundred thousand other things besides vitamin D. This year’s Summer Solstice is going to be the most powerful one yet.

6/20/2020 will be a Saturday. Set your intention to be outside for more than half of that day. Walk in nature, meditate, or just sit in a forest or a field, or your back yard. Allow the higher energies to enter your being, as they flow through and around you, feel the upliftment.

The energy, the design, the structure of the new reality, of the new world is held WITHIN YOUR DNA. As more and more of your DNA connects and activates, as your consciousness expands, through the light within you, unifying with Mother Earth’s light, the new world shall emerge.

Do all that is necessary to ground yourselves. As the process accelerates, you will find yourselves in the midst of “tornadoes”. Exercise your power to remain calm.

The only time you have failed at life is when you have chosen fear over love.

Empty mind. Full heart.

F.E.E.L: Fabulous Emotions Emanating Love The gift of feeling is of your soul’s essence. Listen, be, allow yourself to feel, the light and love. Allow your feelings to guide you. They will never mislead you, unless you allow fear to come into play. Then everything crumbles.

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