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Beloved Friends! 3-24-2020

Published March 24, 2020 by tindertender

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In These Moments Of Isolation,

Many Are Feeling Fear Or Loneliness.

Some Are Monitoring Ongoing News In Hopes Of Knowing What Is Next.

In Times Of Uncertainly, It Is Wise To Become Reacquainted With Yourself!

This Can Be In The Life Story That You Have Chosen As An Identity To Expand The Soul;

As Well As Living As Much As Possible As The Awareness That You Are A Soul In Human Form!

Suffering Is Always Present In Each Dream Sequence,

But The Gift Of It All Is Discovering What It Can Teach You On A Soul Level!

Who Are You?

Are You Now Slowed Down In The Constant Running Around To Perhaps Consider This?

Some Storms Come To Clear The Way!

Is It Possible For You To Change Your Perspective To This?

Even In Loss, There Are So Many Great Things To Be Thankful For!

When You Awaken Each Morning,

Can You See? Can You Walk? Can You Talk? Are You Still Breathing?

Do You Have Food And Water?  Do You Feel Compassion?

Do You Have Another To Love?  Do You Have A Pet?

Have You Fed The Birds And Assisted The Elderly Who Might Be Inside And Hungry?

Beloved Ones! These Are Moments To Realize Your Power And Rise Above The Storm!

For It Will Pass And You Are Eternal!

In These Moments Of Being Alone,

Trust And Believe That The Universe Will Always Take Care Of You!

You Are A Visitor Here And A Soul Of The Essence Of God!

As You Continue In Isolation, Remember It Is Temporary!

Find Your Sense Of Humor, Allow Your Mind To Know What People Have Become Toxic In Your Story

And Let Now Be The Letting Go Moment!  Rediscover Talents Of Drawing And Decorating, 

The Joy Of Preparing A Meal, Even If You Are Alone!

Move Within The Space You Have As A Home And Bend And Stretch!

Breathe Deeply Now!

Accept The Continual Changes Of Planet Earth,

And Know You Are Not Alone!

We Are ONE And We Are Many!

Soon We Rise! +++



Orgasm ~ Not Just For Pleasure Anymore

Published March 20, 2020 by tindertender

The energy blast created at the point of orgasm is intense.

It is Raw Power.

Rather than seeking pure pleasure, as in past, these days have an intention or specific prayer in mind before you begin.

Build the energy around your intention/prayer …

The fizzling out of the Coronavirus …

The liberation of the human race …

The lifting of pain from hearts of mankind …

Peace on Earth …

Free Energy Technology …

Just prior to climax, focus on your intention/prayer, that which you want this energy applied to, and send it.

Put your vitality to work for you, rather than having others manipulate your energies.

This is your Creation Power.

Let it be a selfless rite, rather than a selfish act.

This is your Time to Shine.

You can reshape circumstances on a grand scale.

You are more powerful than you know.

Power of Intention

Published March 9, 2020 by tindertender

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Learning to set Positive Intentions for your world, for Our world, make it a daily habit to set them, set them for your children, yourself, the things you want to come forth, if we are removing the old matrix, we need to learn how to Create the New One!

We are switching out the old matrix, with our New Creation, we came here to do this right? Do you remember? So let’s stay in Positive mode, Starseeds because it is actually We, who have the Free Will to Create here, we just had to see a bunch of bad stuff to learn to get in the right Alignment to Create.

What ever you see that is negative in your life, or the world, re-Create it into Positive by saying a Positive affirmation. Speak positive words only, replace all negatives with positives, this is actual ‘Free Will’…God gave us Free Will to : CREATE, let that sink in.

Remember, above Everything, that you are not of this matrix, this matrix is a school only, you are learning to walk into Your Spiritual Life here, You are not from here, You are not of this matrix, you are just visiting & You are Guided & Watched over every step by Angels & God.

Coronavirus ~ A Planned Release

Published February 27, 2020 by tindertender

**It was all an accident, and absolutely NOT man-made ( riiiiiggghhtt).**

THESE are the things the destroyer creates. And this creation is supported by many in the ‘system’.

Pretty much anything.

You are more likely to die taking a selfie than you are to die from the corona virus in the US.

“They will release a flu-like virus. It’s designed to spread like wildfire and to knockout a large number of the Chinese people. The people in this meeting were laughing about this. They said “China will catch a cold”. Original video uploaded Jun. 2010.

Return to Center

Published February 11, 2020 by tindertender

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There is no lesser energy among us, there is no greater, we are Pure Divine Love Energy from God, here, waking up, now, to rebuild everything thru Love, because we viewed everything & created everything thru hatred of the self, that is what the lesson was & now: Awakened =Love.

We have been thru the hardships, the wars, the ending of 3d old energies, now at the Awakened States of Higher Consciousness, we Can CREATE the New.

We are already doing it thru our Hearts, The Inner Love is pouring our & we can remove the darkness now, with just our LOVE.

The more the collective awakens, the more we shift into higher consciousness as a whole. One, awake here or there, is waiting for the others, we are all waiting for each other to awaken, & while we are waiting, we are actually shifting too, when more awaken, we shift higher

💖I just want to tell you, that we are walking each other Home, Now.

We’ve fought the war already, we’re goin home now, & Home is Higher Consciousness Existence, in Love Itself with Creator Source, when we shift into Love, we are already One with God, & we are already Home when we are One with God, & at the State of Be-ing, we Bring Heaven unto this Earth….Remember, We are the Game Changers, & now, we are Evolving into Higher States of Divine Love Consciousness, right here, right Now~ We Created the new Heaven Right here, & Right In this Now.

We Were Never Lost!
We just forgot….
And now, We Re-Member.💖

When we are in Purity within us, when we have removed the hatreds out of us, here in the physical form, we create the Temple of God thru our Vessel, & then God can work thru us, anywhere we exist & the Love we carry within The Temple, carries the Power of God within, to Create.

Why do you place so much importance on money when You are the Energy that has the higher value? This matrix has had humanity killing itself over chasing created paper$, when those who ‘create’ the paper$ money are using Human Energy as THEIR currency!
Wake Up!
Create from Within

You Knew It

Published January 23, 2020 by tindertender

If you can get that there was once a “time” before “space,” when all that existed was “Divine Intelligence…”

Then you can also get that there could never, later, be anything that wasn’t “Divine Intelligence.”

Because what would it be made of? Where would it have come from?

Then you’d get that you must therefore be pure “Divine Intelligence” yourself and that there’s only one explanation for you being you, here and now:

From the pinnacle of your royal magnificence, the zenith of your heavenly godhood, as pure “Divine Intelligence,” you, exactly as you now are, with every freckle and blemish, are exactly who you, God, most wanted to be.

And you knew exactly what you were doing.

Thy kingdom come,

~ The Universe

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