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Danu Great Mother

Published November 25, 2020 by tindertender

The river is flowing
Flowing and growing
The river is flowing
Down to the sea
Mother earth carry me
Your child I have always been
Mother earth carry me
Down to the sea.

~ Author unknown

Great Mother,
take me in the healing arms of yours
wash away the tears of my soul
and guide me back home

Great Mother,
embrace me with the light of your sun
shining her golden light upon
the path I am on

I feel you are there
Your being fills the air
In my prayer

I’ll be forever a child that you teach
about ebb and flow, about what is to show beneath
Your roots, your wisdom they reach
beyond what words could teach
Unearth your voice, your song
Embrace me with your love

Great Mother,
take me in the healing arms of yours
Show me where I belong
Show me where my heart feels home

Where Mother is hearing my song,
Where Mother is hearing my song
I feel safe, I feel loved
I feel held in her arms so soft

I’ll be forever a child that you teach
about ebb and flow, about what is to show beneath
Your roots, your wisdom they reach
beyond what words could teach
Unearth your voice, your song
Embrace me with your love

Ending …. Beginning … Life

Published November 24, 2020 by tindertender

I unrolled 2 scrolls, 1 next to the other. I unrolled them slowly, comparing the content of the two, looking for the slightest difference. They appeared to be the same …

The left side has red fancy script, the left blue, and the blue side was die-cut out, open letters. They were not simply side by side, there was a curved line between them, somewhat like a yin yang line.

It appeared there was more blue that red, but as I mentioned, the letters were hollowed out, so not really taking as much space, in my conscious perception. Could I have have achieved balance?

I looked up and I saw above each dwelling, a sign, about 12 x 18. It is as tho the occupants therein had been categorized.

It appears the day of separation, or the day of coming together, however one wishes to think of it, is near.

I’ve neen remined …

This is all a game.

WE choose whether we wish to stay in the game or not.

I ask kindly to these players, leave me be … I’m finished being your pawn. You’ll have to find another way to keep the game going …

The Whole Song

Published November 23, 2020 by tindertender

In the astral, there are certain aspects of masculinity who’ve been taking privilege’s without permission for some time, doing their ‘whateveres’ … I’ve recently discovered that RED is the color of sexual energy … my quilt is a nice bright red. Who knew I had been sleeping under a “welcome mat“.

“Throughout history, Red has been the color of passion, romance, and sexual energy.”

I pulled that sucker off and charged water with salt, held it up and asked Prime Source Creator to also charge it and assist with its protection qualities and proceeded to sprinkled it around my bed, on my bed on the curtains and everywhere I spend the most time, including all 4 corners of each room and their curtains as well … my sofa and my lounge got a healthy dose … and the living room carpet too …. All the while proclaiming that I AM taking back my Power, that any interference at all was no longer wanted or permitted.”

Green is the color of the heart chakra, symbolizing love to others, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, transformation, warmth, sharing, sincerity and devotion.”

Thanks be to my current mentor, Ty, @tymajestic, I’m learning about colors, numbers, and psalms and proverbs, even which bible is best for I came to a passage in proverbs that really turned me off where a woman was spoken of as ‘property’… and stopped reading. He suggested the king James Version. I will buy it and try again ….

Ty has called the Psalms and Proverbs “The Plan”

In my current situation, which has gone on quite long enough, I am going to switch up the color of my wardrobe, removing colors such as brown, gray, and red, which are the colors lower vibrational entities feel most comfortable with and welcomed by according to my mentor. I will replace these colors with Blues, Greens, brighter Lilac type colors .. anything bright and light.

There are two red walls in my kitchen I need to paint, as well as all four walls of my bedroom which are brown. My intention is to brighten up these areas, to remove the ‘welcome mat’. This could be the perfect winter activity. It’ll be a chore at the very least.

It has been 2 nights since I removed the quilt and applied the salt waters to my most frequented areas of my home. I have not been accosted in any way during the astral, or what many call, dream time. I even slept on my couch for a bit without any negative experience.

Ty has helped me recently by providing Light Readings and advice on colors and my birthdate. Should you be interested, check out his website:

His energy is quite bright and cannot be mistaken when he comes in for a ‘looksee’ or a “light hug”. I find his information to be quite eye-opening and am happy to add his knowledge, his teachings, to my meager notebook of my own knowing.

While resting on my couch, eyes closed, a line of type looking much like this one formed before my ‘eyes’. It said, “Thank you for teaching us …”

Let us remember, those we see are not the only ones who hear. Those who see very seldom are able to truly ‘hear’. Let us not discredit either side of life being birthed into a higher arena in these moments … seen and unseen … we are here to help ALL of each other rise into the next dimension … higher and higher my friends.

May it be done graciously.

I dreamed a new song is being sung for the earth. “Someone(s)’ were hacking it into a shorter version. Let us hope the hackers do not succeed, I want to live where the WHOLE song is sung!!!!!

I feel a brightness coming over me, my mind is lifting out of the fog I’ve been immersed in, I feel a separation happening for me, the line is thickening between the new and the old. The old patterns of the living and the new being birthed.

May we begin to hear the whole song, and desire it with our whole heart. It will be bright and glorious, let us keep this vision and song in our heart and mind.

Shed the old.

Do not focus on the autrocities of this world.

Leave them be … to fizzle out in their death throes.

Even when they quake and literally move the earth, be calm and listen to the new song … the new song of rebirth.

Reincarnation / Necromancy

Published November 15, 2020 by tindertender

The Egyptian worshiped Matter as the primal cause. Our word for matter comes from the word Ma’at. The Atlantians perfected the ability to take matter, which is flesh formed and fashioned into a human body, and then take a soul and animate the body with the soul. The matter was their creation and the soul was of course the creation of the Most High. To do this they would have to pull souls from lower dimensions, other worlds, or wherever they could get souls.

Finding souls was like mining for Gold. This whole art is called Necromancy thus one cannot simply die and think it is over they must somehow bypass reincarnation which was always considered a curse as if you had been netted like a fish and pulled back into the Planet/Planned Net. Cloning makes it possible to make the body, Necromancy makes it possible to animate the body with a spirit, this is the other variation of the Philosopher’s Stone, in which the Alchemist used his body as the test subject. He would then add more elements/forces/spirits to his own body to enhance his abilities. If the Alchemist did not have the correct formula of how to control the Matter while the process was taking, it would result in his own death or complete possession and that my good friend is the Alchemical Key.

The Egyptians symbolized the spirit as a snake. In this glyph they have already trapped the spirit inside of these holding tubes, they are now placing the spirits in the clones/matter/golem so they may be endowed with the intelligence and reason of the soul thus they make better servants rather than organic machines which need to take orders before they will engage.

How the Elite work is they expand their rule like a pyramid and elect many consorts in a system of hierarchy. Then they consolidate all of the power that they pull from the people back into the main Deity and close the top through the Hierophant, seldom distributing anything of true value. When Beings come to a new Planet they first set up a Gate. When gates are destroyed, which has been happening, a Being can no longer come into this dimension, trapping those who originally came through the Gate on the Planet until they are able to reconstruct the gate on the proper Leyline and make the “jump” back to their original Planet. This is often referenced in many chronicles, annuals, and even the Bible. It often reads, “they tore down their Gates and dispersed their Gods”.

CERN is a interdimensional gate and they invited a real armee of demons in this realm. No coincidence that Shiva is the Goddess in front of the building.

The Great Pyramids wormhole/zero point configuration is probably how continuous reincarnation or should I say “soul snatching” is happening on Earth. Necromancy obviously became primitive when new ways to harvest departed souls was discovered. There are smaller cult groups still practicing Goetia the old way. Due to the information already known about the Pyramids, if you happened to come out of your body while in the vicinity of the Pyramid, it would eventually suck you in like going down a sink; this is called a vortex/wormhole/black hole. When that happens you would come out somewhere and as I mentioned briefly it seems the Pyramid could be tuned to determine were those entering its Vortex would come out. Those with strong spirits have the “thrust” to trust they can jettison away from the whirlpool. World Pull.

Saddam Hussein went rogue after he began excavation and restoration of the Ancient City of Babylon located in Iraq. He was noted to spend at least 300 million using the best archeologists money could buy. This is what the U.S. wanted so they allowed Saddam to get to a certain point. Once he compared himself to Nebechnezzar they knew it was time to remove him since Nebechnezzar conquered the world and the U.S. was not going to see another rendition of that. Everything that is going on in Baghdad has to do with the Stargate of the Babylonians and the Tower of Babel. Babylon is on a very powerful Leyline that has the ability of becoming a portal to cross dimensions with proper geometric setup. Marduk/Ra declared Babylon his eternal city and coated everything in Gold.

As we have already discussed Pantheism is the belief and worship of more than one God so we will review a few popular Gods amongst the people. Marduk who is Ra takes most of the spotlight, he is at times head over the Demoniac Pantheism of the inverted Tree of the Underworld or Netherworld/Neterworld. All world leaders are now rebuilding towers to Ra who is their Lord. Here are a few of his Generals, we will call them The Dark Side. Abaddon, Adremelech, Ah, Ahiriman, Amon, Apollyon, Asmodeus, Asteroth, Azazel, Baal and the Baalim (not a singing group), Baphomet, Bast, Beelzebub, Behemoth, Beherit, Bile, Chemosh, Cimeries, Coyote, Dagon, Damballa, DemoGorgon, Diablos, Dracula, Emm-O, Euronymous, Fenriz, Gorgo, Haborym, Hecate, Ishtar, Kali, Latchme, Lilith, Loki, Mammon, Mania, Mantus, Marduk, Mastema, Melek Taus, Mephistopheles, Metztli, Midgard, Milcom, Moloch, Morm, Naamah, Nihasa, Nija, Oyam, Pan, Pluto, Persephone, Pwcca, Rimmon, Sabazios, Saitan, Samael, Samnu, Sedit, Sekhmet, Set, Shaitan, Shiva, Supay, T’ANMO, Tchort, Tzezcatlipoca, Thames, Thoth, Tunrida, Typhon, Yaotzin, YEN LO WANG. There are of course many more then these mentioned, however, these in particular are in the German Satanic Bible so their should be no questions with the Beings listed here if whether they are good or bad, they are the orchestrators of evil and 100% darksiders. Keep them and anyone representing them away from anything you love and care about.

As you see they are not really hiding their affiliation with Babylon/Bel/Ra/Marduk. The picture on the left has inverted pentagrams and the people are shaped like cubes. These types of images are rich with symbolism. The Tower itself is complete and several other Towers are nearing completion.

It was even more fascinating to see Vin Diesel the Actor with a tattoo of the Necromicon Sigil on his neck in the movie Babylon A.D. In another movie The Chronicles of Riddick he actually battles Necromongers, holy half—deads from the Underworld who take over worlds by combining their souls with Humans through non-voluntary possession. In Babylon A.D., his role is to protect a woman who will birth the final seed of Babylon, the Anti-Christ twins with genetically enhanced powers. What is being said in secret circles is once the line-up happens the Gates will be open and many Beings will have the opportunity to go into different Planes and Dimensions through Portals. This is a time of great going and coming.

Source: @Karina89350882

Mothers are Amazing

Published November 11, 2020 by tindertender

The things a mother gives up would leave most people empty – but as mothers we hold ourselves high. We do our jobs, and we do it good! It’s never ending hours and requirements most would rather pass on.

– No sick days
– No calling in
– No personal days
– No vacations
– No privacy
– No alone time
– No personal space
– No quitting
– No sleep
– No putting yourself first
– No stopping

Yeah, it’s a lot of no’s… 

Why do you do it then, you ask?

Because. – Because, you are their mother. You gave birth to the most precious beings in your life. Because you have loved them before you knew them. Because you would give your life for them. Because the smiles and unconditional love you receive is more then any sacrifice you have ever made.

Sure, it’s hard. Yeah, it has its days when you want to give up. When you want to cry your eyes out and run away. But you made a promise to care and love for these little beings. And damn it, that’s something you take very seriously!

You are a mother, and no matter the struggles and self doubt… You have one hell of a job, and you do it well!

Keep it up Queen

Be Willful

Published November 9, 2020 by tindertender

If you wake in the middle of sleeping with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach which fades as you come to consciousness, know that ‘someone(s)’ are tapping into your energies, feeling your ‘soul’ … trespassers in the night.

World war three looks different than the others. This one is an actual spiritual battle for souls. It is also intended to block human soul and spirit from accessing the higher realms of existence.

The players are occult and they have been working it HARD the last several years, and it’s only going to intensify.

They have galactic partners.

The intention is dominance over humanity, and a false ‘utopia’ after the ‘harvest’.

Be prepared.

Know thyself.

Love and forgive thyself.

Dissolve your triggers so they cannot be used against you.

Release any and all fears, for they will use them to manipulate you.

Stand your ground.

Be you …

That most precious aspect of humanity that is you.

Have courage.

Be strong.

Be willful.

The matrix we’ve heard so much about is mentioned in the bible. The “matrix’ is the womb … the womb of GAIA in which we find ourselves in habitation. The ‘harvest’ is upon us … the matrix (womb) is opening, and souls will be claimed (as the ‘commodity’ we are being claimed as).

Exodus 13

15 And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the Lord slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast: therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.

Afterward, the remaining people will be injected with gene altering vaccinations, they will go to ‘sleep’ until time for the next matrix (womb) opening and harvest. IF GAIA can survive that long.

If you are not a first born, or a first born male, perhaps you’ll be left to remain and receive your diagnosed injection to keep you docile.

“An RNA vaccine injects instructions to your cells, and hopes that your cells receive these instructions and follow them, and build the proteins that will teach your immune system to fight a virus … no one can or should guarantee that an RNA vaccine will stop the pandemic anytime soon.

“The basic history lesson when it comes to vaccines and immunization is that there always has been a risk and there always will be a risk,” says David S. Jones, PhD, the A. Bernard Ackerman professor of the culture of medicine at Harvard University.

(My understanding: Those who have thyroid issues should be cautious as the Covid vaccine uses the already suffering T-cells to produce an immune response, altering the cells and what they do.)

Dendritic cells (DCs) are a type of immune cells that display antigens on their surfaces, leading to interactions with T cells to initiate an immune response. DCs can be collected from patients and be programmed with mRNA. Then, they can be re-administered back into patients to create an immune response.

RNA vaccines are intended to induce the production of antibodies which will bind to potential pathogens and activate T-cells  … Upon the delivery of the vaccine into the body, this sequence is translated by the host cells to produce the encoded antigens.

(In other words, it alters the cell and its function, changing genetics.)

Baking Bread!

Published November 7, 2020 by tindertender

A couple weeks ago I decided to start baking bread for the house rather than purchasing it. I had a couple failures which were disappointing, but then … this happened! And my oh my was it delicious! It was dinner AND a midnight snack … haha … I woke the next morning to discover half of one loaf gone! Yum.

Today I tried a new recipe. Going to see my father this afternoon and take him a loaf of fresh bread and a jar of peach marmalade I canned last year.

My first attempt at Challah bread. Need to work on my braiding skills. Smells fantastic!

The house smells wonderful! Once this cools a bit I’ll wrap it a go to dads. Hopefully it will stay warm for his enjoyment.

The chimney sweep was here today so my fireplace is all prepared to get “lit”. My father is giving me some nice firewood today so tonight it’s going to be all cozy in here!

Laundry is nearly done.

A nice bath will be happening later with magnesium flake and essential oils.

Aaaaahhhh … the sweet life!

Thank you Creator for blessing me with this day. I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

((((Hugs)))) friends. Be well. We’ll all get through these times. Let us be certain we do it in a good way.

The Afterlife

Published November 3, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by:

Now it is time to question what really happens to us in the afterlife. In order to do that, you have to be already awake here on Earth, and cultivate not only your self-awareness, your insight in your own inner divine self, but most importantly you ability to discriminate who you are dealing with in those spiritual or astral worlds. Ask yourself, why would a council of spiritual guides or masters busy themselves with processing the endless stream of deceased souls through life reviews to make them aware of what they might have done wrong.

True guides and masters have better things to do. It is the same there as here on Earth. People are conditioned to believe what authorities tell them is good for them. The school and governmental systems are set up for that purpose. In the spiritual arena, churches, priests, and gurus take up that role. People end up not believing in themselves. In certain yoga systems, they will tell you that there is only one Guru, that is your own inner divine self. Listen to that and you know what is true or not. Of course, you can listen to what somebody else tells you, but then go within yourself, and feel if it has any value, if it is based on truth, and let your own inner voice to have the last word.

When it is your time to leave this physical body behind, and experience the astral dimensions, be aware of what you encounter, and question everything. Keep your awareness in your center, and from there feel what the possibilities are for you at that point. Discernment always has been a necessity, now even more than ever before.

Let`s go deeper in humans “after life”….. The “tunnel of light” as part of the “extended earth matrix”…….. Excerpts:

…What happens in those ‘life reviews’ is cunning manipulation of your emotions in order to feel guilty based on your own morals and belief systems. In the universe there no good nor bad. Good and bad are based on conscience. Conscience is a mental construct n our own personal history of rules of behavior instilled in you by your environment, that is, parents, family, friends, school teachers, government. Then we add to that our own point of view of what we find acceptable or not. It has no bases on anything divine, or cosmic or spiritual laws. The cosmos is neutral in that regards. Anything goes. Yes, there is cause and effect. Whatever we do will result in certain effects that one has to deal with. There is nothing in the universe, nor inside yourself that says that you have to go suffer because of what you did in the past. You might want to rectify something that you are not comfortable with, but there are always ways to do this in a positive way.

The council of the ‘spiritual guides’ will never openly say that you did something wrong. They know better and they cannot force a soul to incarnate again. They show those scenes of his past life that they know will instill guilt in the soul, so eventually the soul will agree to go back into a physical body to go suffer again in an effort to dissolve his ‘sins’. When it is time to incarnate again, we find, yet again, other ‘guides’ that show the soul a selection of human lives from which he can choose, and then program certain life events that will ‘aid’ him in learning his lessons.

Shouldn’t we ask who are those ‘spiritual guides’ in the council of life review? Any authority that that makes you feel guilty, and tells you what to do is assuming control over you and makes you subject to their own wishes. Such an authority has their own agenda. Councils are OK when they work for the betterment of other souls or beings, but not if they impose something, even if it is done is a subtle or deceptive way. If you hear the word ‘contract’ that you have possible agreed to in a distant past, you should cancel it right away, because it is most often a deal in which you were tricked into.

Don’t misunderstand me, Earth is a learning school and we can reincarnate here as many times we want for whatever reason we want. The problem is that the soul between life times, is being manipulated into believing that he has done bad things, and that he must suffer again.

Now, ask yourself, if this is karma, if man has to suffer, then those suffering humans, need others who will inflict the suffering on them. For example, if you have to undergo bullying, then there needs to be a bully. So, what truly, enlightened guide or master, would make a soul incarnate and pre-destine him to go bully others. Or to go torture and kill. Or to wage wars, etc. Who makes psychopaths incarnate to make the lives of ordinary people hell on Earth? Then when these psychopaths die, they get the same story in their life reviews, and get send back to undergo suffering this time. And on and on it goes. The suffering of humanity never ends. And,…that is the point. Because all that suffering generates a lots of emotional energy that is harvested by the alien Controllers.

Alive … And Well?

Published October 27, 2020 by tindertender

Live Forever! Or until the master feels you are done and doesn’t give you another body. All you have to do is sacrifice your soul …

Oracle Reading 10-26-2020

Published October 26, 2020 by tindertender

You are on a journey to your own greatness. Your soul is longing to find the way. Only you can choose your path.

Today I am confident in my life’s journey. I believe in myself, love myself, and love others. I know that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to do for my soul knows the way. I am never alone for my true friends will walk beside me in the cold.

Be bold. Rise up and stand tall. Feel the fire in your soul.

Today I will connect with my inner power and be bold. I will rise up and know my worth. I banish all uncertainty and remember with pride my accomplishments. I will let no one diminish me. I embrace the strong, beautiful presence that I am and I will go forth with courage.

No matter what happens you can find new wings. Rise from the past. Accept the positive change that is coming.

Today I will give thanks for my trials and recognize them for the many gifts they bring. I know I grow stronger in the broken places. I know that the world will turn in my favor, that the dark night is over and a new day is here because the light has returned. I have ended things well and am ready for this new beginning. I will shine, because the whole universe is mine.

Reading from the deck Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma

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