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Flames of Liberation

Published March 11, 2022 by tindertender

I see the people, elbow to elbow in a circle, their backs are to the inside, their fronts facing out. Their countenance is like the sun.

As they open their arms exposing their front center to the light, the cocoon of darkness which had enveloped them opens, and as they spread their arms wide the darkness is contained behind them in the residue of the collective cocoon.

The darkness is encased by this cocoon, and surrounding this dark ball is the golden, fiery light of the liberated souls.

This dark ball burns in this fiery light, enslaved in its own making … the cocoon of darkness … now surrounded by the flames of liberation.

Maybe this is what the prophets spoke of when describing the earth on fire.

The Key of Wisdom

Published April 21, 2021 by tindertender

I, Thoth, the Atlantean,
give of my wisdom,
give of my knowledge,
give of my power.
Freely I give to the children of men.
Give that they, too, might have wisdom
to shine through the world from the veil of the night.
Wisdom is power and power is wisdom,
one with each other, perfecting the whole. Be thou not proud, O man, in thy wisdom.
Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise.
If one comes to thee full of knowledge,
listen and heed, for wisdom is all.
Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken for Truth
like the sunlight shines above all.
He who over-steppeth the Law shall be punished,
for only through Law comes the freedom of men.
Cause thou not fear for fear is a bondage,
a fetter that binds the darkness to men.
Follow thine heart during thy lifetime.
Do thou more than is commanded of thee.
When thou hast gained riches,
follow thou thine heart,
for all these are of no avail if
thine heart be weary.
Diminish thou not the time of
following thine heart.
It is abhorred of the soul.
They that are guided go not astray,
but they that are lost cannot find a straight path.
If thou go among men, make for thyself,
Love, the beginning and end of the heart.
If one cometh unto thee for council,
let him speak freely,
that the thing for which he hath
come to thee may be done.
If he hesitates to open his heart to thee,
it is because thou, the judge, doeth the wrong.

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