Introduction, Thanks and Disclaimer

Hello, and welcome to my blog spot!

I write (and share others’) messages here that inspire me and give me something to think about. I hope that there will be those of you who feel the content is as interesting as I do.

There are so many great teachers in the world, many of whom have never been publicized. The average person, walking the earth, sometimes has the most profound information to share ~ It is a great honor to share space with them, with you.

In 2003 I had a breakthrough in the threshold of my mind which allowed me to experience things in a drastic, different fashion. Frightening at first, and for quite awhile I might add, I became accustomed to this new reality.

Here I am today, with the absolute knowing that we are all from the same substance, united, even as we sometimes deny its truth.

The sum of my experiences thus far have brought me to this point … this point of appreciation, admiration, acceptance and applause for those of you who breathe, who sense the greatness within yourselves and others, who are yet to realize your value and strengths, who want to live and be happy, and want the same for those you encounter … man and beast.

Try as I may, words cannot fully express the awe I have for this great world and all who inhabit it. At times I see the complexity of everything, and at other times it all seems so simple, so easy … sometimes clear and at others muddled.

If something on this site strikes you as familiar, or you feel inclined to share an experience or point of view, please do. Every thought you have is of value.

My Writings: Many of my writings are verbalized as though ‘I know’ personally of what must be done. Rather, these are inspired writings, as much a message for me as they are for you. I only hope you gain as much from them as I do.

An Important Notice: This is a personal blog, and it is not sanctioned by any organization. Even if you have come to this page from an outside link, it does not imply that this page is speaking in any official capacity for the linking (or linked) organization. Posts here are of a personal belief, and the responsibility of the author.

At times certain material may appear to be contrary to my stated beliefs … please be patient. I am working through the same spiritual changes that you are.

Thank you for visiting.

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