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Strong souls are under attack from childhood…

Published April 4, 2023 by tindertender

It was hard for the High Vibrational Souls to penetrate here in the 🌎.

When the arrival of a soul of a higher order about to incarnate the matrix reacts by transmitting the signal “attention to all” its commands.

And immediately, opposing forces fall upon that baby yet to prevent birth, provide for an early death, or to extinguish and steal his potential to exercise his gifts.

Externally, this may manifest itself as problems during pregnancy, childbirth. The child is born in the most difficult environment to degrade them as much as possible.

The system accurately reads vulnerabilities and problem points in order to strike them ruthlessly and consistently.

The task is to deprive her of self-confidence, destroy the inner core, be subjected to physical and psychological violence, incessant criticism and negativity.

The main thing is to stop loving yourself, disconnect from your soul and believe in others – it has no value – that you have to live like everyone else, do what you are told, not believe in yourself, in your own ability, handing over your power to someone else.

Yes, powerful souls can choose this cruel journey to lift experiences to more difficult levels.

But having descended to these lower vibrations you instantly realize that it’s not as simple as it seemed “from above”.

But there’s nowhere to go and not everyone passes that test of rising in those conditions and still spreading positive vibes around you.

This path symbolizes the lotus flower growing strong roots to overcome the darkness of the mud, overcoming all obstacles.

Similarly, a Human, on the spiritual path, goes through the experience of negativity.

So if sometimes you feel tired, think this is the darkest hour before Dawn, soon your lotus flower will surface.

~ Author Unknown

Want To Know About Your Dreams?

Published March 7, 2023 by tindertender

By @Akashicel

Do you know the Oneiric portals?

Everything is a portal that takes you back to your unconscious,

You probably entered one of them last night.

Do you remember?

How do you know that what you dream are your dreams and not given by a third party?

Let’s start by talking about dreams…

Dreams are the main mystical door that evokes, links and channels us with our essence and our true home, they are vehicles and coarse channels of creation that interact with memory/consciousness fields (conscious and unconscious) through different planes of existence.

You may wonder why do we not always experience freedom when we dream?
Why do we keep remembering the conditioning exerted by the system?
Why do we sometimes feel imprisoned, attacked, deceived?
Why do we feel that we have no control over ourselves, over our DREAMS?

Fear creates illusory limits that shape our unconscious, limits represented in archetypes of power, languages, symbols with which we identify ourselves.

For example, do you know what the true meaning of the cross is?

Archetypes rooted in the collective consciousness.

Remember, culture is just rituals in disguise.

Your energy, the resonance of your electromagnetic field have visible weak points where parasites can anchor, because you consented to it, by forgetting your power.

Your recurring dreams may be prefabricated dreams, simulations created to extract your vital energy, or dream spaces that you kept after the attack to understand more about your fears, and dissolve them.

Most nightmares are prefabricated dreams, scenarios that interrupt organic dreams and lead us to another one.

The interruption of dreams is a sign of an attack.

Sleep paralysis often communicates a lack of control and connection with our human body.

Massacre of Innocence

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

Abortion isn’t about a woman’s right to choose.
It’s about stopping fresh challengers coming in to thwart the satanic dominance of this realm.

Minds are so twisted with manipulation and programming they cannot see it.

In the Bible it is said some king killed off all the babies because he was afraid of the challenger arising.

Same shit, different day.

Statement / Explanation

Published November 14, 2022 by tindertender

Ever wonder about folks who appear to lack conscience?

NPC is a gaming term for non player characters. We live in the 3D matrix where the “players” are incarnated star beings who are source created with source DNA.

And then there are “non player characters” who are hybrids that were creations of Annunaki, reptilian, Draco & other lower density star beings. Their creation’s purpose is to make this world chaotic. They’re narcissistic, low vibrational, never changing, stuck energies.

They don’t evolve or grow like source DNA star beings & since they’re currently the bigger population on the planet we experience the chaos we see around us.

Their programming agents have been dealt with as far as they’re concerned. Most of them are the population that took v@><, or are not ascending hence, as planet energy rises they’ll keep leaving this place for good.

Explanation by @AnkhetAmenti

Separation Connection

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

One piece of really good advice I received, during a period of what some call “nightmares” was to “let the night be the night and the day be the day.”

Another way to say it is “they are over there, and I am here”.

Waking life, sleeping life (“life” never really sleeps).

Sometimes our waking mind can get so wrapped up in the dreamscape and events there it affects our waking moments in a not so beneficial way. It can throw off our thinking, our emotion, and our energy.

Creating separation between these two worlds is necessary, especially if the lines begin to blur out in a big way.

Sanity often requires us to separate from people, places and things … now including time and space.

The thinking mind may say separation is division, but often true expansion cannot be realized without some type of disconnect … ie: meditation. It seems that only in the disconnect can true connection occur.

The dream self has a life, a duty, or obligation, which the waking self probably isn’t entirely aware of. We leave the dream self to do its thing.

Likewise, the waking self has fantasy’s or day dreams, perhaps inspirations seemingly from nowhere for superb creations … in the waking world.

How many aspects of you are there? Do you know their roles and the services they provide in the realms they inhabit? Does every aspect of self look the same?

Trinity ~ 3, 6, 9

Published October 10, 2022 by tindertender

Has everyone actually thought about the different aspects of Self in the realms we seem to inhabit here in 3D?

The Higher Self
The Self of Matter
The Self of Spirit

Some might say:

God/Goddess (Higher Self)
Son/Daughter (Self of Matter)
Holy Spirit (Dream Self)

Or …


Micro, to Macro, and Beyond


There are many of us here under the umbrella of Creator.

Those who are against “God” attack the Self of matter (Son/Daughter) and then do awful things to their Holy Spirit if able, in the attempt to kill the Higher Self.

This is the Holy War.

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