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War on Drugs

Published September 15, 2022 by tindertender

“War on Drugs” just found a whole new meaning.

Those who do drugs open their minds and energy to manipulation by the unseen. They are pulled into a spiritual battle, hence ….

War … on Drugs.

From my own perception, this is true.

Perhaps this is why the CIA, famous for drug trafficking, and experiments with psychedelics, caused the true pandemic … souls being “used” for spiritual battle without consent, manipulated for someone else’s gain, through their own misery.

Soul ensnarement.

Alcohol is the true gateway drug, and it’s “legal” for a reason.

Guard yourselves.

There is technology owned by governing systems which allow them to control thoughts, and actions of the compromised.

Start with “Voice of God” technology, aka Voice to Skull.

Try to develop more compassion for those individuals screaming at an unseen enemy, they’ve been compromised and need your compassion. This does not require you to be in contact with them, just try to soften your inner dialog about them. It will help.

As an individual whose “parents” allowed smoking at 11 and drinking at 16 for their “child”, I will share this little bit of advice ….

If you demand a child not partake, be certain you give them a life they do not want to escape from. Consenting can condemn them to serious challenges in their life, possibly ruining their potentials.

Many are not as fortunate as I and able to overcome.

Let It Out! Let It Leave. Be Transformed.

Published September 14, 2022 by tindertender

The hard shell of the heart is cracking open. Cry if you feel the need. It’s all about release. Release of that which no longer serves our highest interest.

Try not to be destructive during your release. We don’t want to add darkness to our new creation.

Or at least try not to get your destruction on anyone else. Remember, we are all being affected now.

The Most High means to claim us, we are his children.

Relax. Breathe. Cry. Throw the pillow. Leave the dirty laundry. Ground with Mother Nature.

Remember you are Loved,

Regardless of the excuses others have given you claiming the opposite.

Love Your Body …

Published September 8, 2022 by tindertender

… It has carried you in a good way up to now.

This world teaches people to be dissatisfied with their body, their “house”. If you hate your body, it makes it easier for entities to “walk in”, taking over.

Your body is your sacred temple. It houses your spirit, your soul, your potent essence. It is worthy of the utmost love and respect.

What it looks like matters little, of course we’d all like to be fit.

It’s the one gift from Creator that carries us through this experience. Don’t give it away like a cheap commodity.

It holds that which is Sacred.

Cherish it.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Published September 1, 2022 by tindertender

Unless your flashlight is your club.

This is really interesting …

Sometimes well known folks only have a little light in them, but they get all the attention thru contracts with the media.

We little humans, who rest apart from that, shine ever so brightly.

Do the work to reformat negative self talk.

Your value is immense, and not just to those who violate.

Death Does Not Stop Need

Published June 29, 2022 by tindertender

The dead still need energy.

They want you weak, you can be certain.

I’m not speaking of those who continue to live after body transformation and transition.

I speak of those who have separated from the Life Force of Creation… willingly.

Very brief …

There needs to be a catalyst opening the door to Life Force energy.

This is why alcohol is still being pushed so hard, why three letter agencies fostered and delivered drugs to communities, blaming another for this terrorism.

Those who partake in energy altering substances are altering their personal shield, their auric field.

A process needed so the vampire can attach and feed.

Alcohol and/or drugs break down the bioform auric field and shield, weakening it. This weakness permits the dead, among others, to enter auric field space and vampire the energy of the bioform, the Life Force.

Vampires feasting on the energy of others, on a different frequency brought about by specific state of health.

The living feasts on the dead.
The dead feast on the living.
A viscous cycle.

When the living stop feasting on the dead, the dead will stop feasting on the living.

This because a bioform nourished by foods which have stored the energy of the Sun within them, nourished our body and energy best. We are “light” beings. We need light, outside and inside.

Eating from the grave, meat imbued with fear, pain, suffering of many kinds, lowers the bioform frequency… weakening it, allowing the unseen vampire access to the life force energy of the body.

Many have chosen the eat living foods rather than feast on the dead. They are choosing to break the cycle…. living feast on dead, dead feast on living… they are shifting into a new way of being with self, and with the life surrounding us.

If the bioform is fueled by the Sun, by life force energy, vampires have a serious issue and difficulty feasting, for the fields and the shields are nourished, strong.

Water flushes the heavy energies from the body. One reason why our water rights have been nearly demolished by the controllers. They know it is a tool to cleanse and purify the toxic energy they inject into the bioform, attempting to lower the shield so they can feast.

Interesting Perspective

Published May 3, 2022 by tindertender

Written by:

I know a lot of you have been back and forth or confused on whether you think Elon Musk is a good guy or whether you think he’s a creep. Etc. I’m going to delve into this a bit. Elon Musk is a front man for Alliance military that’s not his real name he’s sort of a brand or a front man. He doesn’t own Tesla any more than Jack Dorsey owns Twitter and he sure the f@ck isn’t giving 40 billion dollars to the cabal to buy a useless digital bit of space though there could be some consolidation of their stock going on.

The fact that you are hearing about Twitter changing ownership is a good sign and I will tell you why.

There is an orbit war going on right now between the alliance and the cabal. You might have heard that the starlink satellites 40 of them were destroyed from solar flares. It wasn’t from solar flares they were being shot down by cabal operatives in Ukraine. It is believed it was done by Leonardo Spa which is an Italian military contractor company that was also involved in hacking the elections. That spawned what the Italy did it after the election.

One of the many reasons the mainstream media hasn’t been taken down is because it is broadcasted through secured satellites. You can’t just go arrest people and take down the media because of the cabal control satellites that control the functioning of the media.

The stock market, the banking system large and small, a lot of data based systems even things as commonplace as cash registers in Target or Walmart. The elections were hacked through satellites. They can even replace dead people through CGI in the mainstream media and broadcast it.

All of these things are plugged into satellite systems and there is a war going on for control of those. Elon was a double triple and quadruple agent who is working with the alliance but was also working with the cabal and both were allowing him to work.

Some say he was an opportunist some say he was always with the alliance similar to how Donald Trump infiltrated the cabal system as well. But make no mistake he is 100% controlled by the alliance. Whether willingly or because they own him.

Anything you see about him is a carefully construed image that has been built on his behalf. It’s not really him tweeting on Twitter. His family is made up him being married to that weird goth pop star Grimes was complete bs made up to make him look cool to younger Generations.

Larger than Life”richest men in the world” are frontmen. George Soros, Warren Buffett, the Rothschilds Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos , Bill Gates , Jack Dorsey. These people are frontman not individuals. They play a role. Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft.

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t build Facebook. Jeff Bezos didn’t create Amazon. All those things were businesses that were put together by the cabal Illuminati. The highest power Brokers of the cabal are not on display publicly they work behind the scenes.

The alliance is more secretive than the Illuminati cabal because the cabal always leave symbolism and brags about how stupid they think we all are. Donald Trump was born into an alliance family. He’s not even actually a Trump he’s the son of General George Patton.

Fred Trump was his adoptive father. And a good guy working with the alliance.

The Tesla stock which is the most valuable stock on the market. A lot of that money goes into funding the alliance war against the cabal a lot of the Technologies and Manufacturing for the Alliance military are coming from this. The cabal for years and years in a row was trying to short sell and collapse and make the Tesla company fail. They eventually gave up at that and then would actually buy into it to try to manipulate the price and make money off of it. The stock market is financial warfare that’s what’s going on right now in it. Tesla is owned by the alliance not by Elon Musk.

All note that Tesla is involved in much of the beneficial technology that is coming to us including Medbed holographic healing technology. Neuralink is more smoke and mirrors.

That’s probably just to keep investors putting money into it. And keeps people wondering whether Elon Musk is black hat or a white hat.

I talk about this all of the time. It is so important to stay fluid with your beliefs. The Universe is ever expanding… and so are the possibilities of truth. I see so many that when they first wake up are so proud of themselves….

they start to chase rabbit holes and it becomes almost an obsession/competition to see who can believe in the most outrageous beliefs.

What in fact they are doing is following the words of disinfornation agents that were sent to infiltrate our movement with deception and lies.

These poor souls follow these lies from the box that they escaped from and jumped right into a new shinier box….

Please do not be a victim of Hive mentality… keep your beliefs fluid like water because I assure you they will change many times before this is all over.

The last thing you want to do is bury yourself in a train of thought that you can not escape from.

This is a digital war… a war for you mind and soul. DO NOT GIFT WRAP IT AND DELIVER IT RIGHT TO THE DARK.

Keep up the good fight family! You were chosen for this now stay safe.

This Present Moment

Published April 22, 2022 by tindertender

It is very easy to become wrapped up on our future especially when our current reality doesn’t represent anything of our previous life. Worrying about what will come next, how will your life look…

Meaningful activities help keep us present in our daily lives and for some of us we are having to relearn or learn new meaningful activities. This is changing who we are at a core level and change feels very uncomfortable.

Without our habits, roles and patterns who are we really? Who do you become when all of those things have been stripped away from your identity? You are forced to face who you really are in that present moment.

As a collective we are being challenged to reevaluate who we really are. Do you want your reality to return to how it was or have you been able to see what wasn’t working in your life?

Now is the time to make a shift and reevaluate how you want your life to look on the other side of this. Be present in the things you love. Being present in joyful meaningful activities creates the vibration of flow and love…our highest frequency.

This allows you to shift from worrying about what is next into a state of presence in the NOW. There is no past or future. Your life is only in the present moment. Just be and know you are LOVE.


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