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Merkaba Body

Published May 15, 2019 by tindertender

Biblical “wheels within wheels” actually stands for “spheres within spheres” and represents your very real plasma body which is actually a Merkaba Vehicle. That allows you to visit any Dimension within a 15 Level Time Matrix within “creation”.

“Creation” is merely a holographic “real” virtual reality field that has been created by photons commanded to “be” a certain thing, allowing you to experience “physical” interaction with “life” around you.

You are a Sentient representation of one “personality” of the unified field you call “god”, one representation of a group of preferences who chose to experience life while “physically” manifest.

You are pure awareness, with no hands or feet or lips to press against another part of your own awareness who has chosen to become “real” inside of the constrictions of limited sense so that they may experience “living” a “real” existence.

15 Level Time Matrices allow you to experience anything that you want, so you can continue to evolve your own unique personality and grow into a higher and higher level of perspective regarding interaction.

A Merkaba Vehicle is the plasma body surrounding your physical body that just like “UFOs”, are invisible to the human visible spectrum, but are just as “real” as your physical body. It is known in scientific fields as a “Torus” field of energy that is very much real.

It is the broadcast antenna and receiving antenna of both who you truly are and what the real world is around you.

This is the conduit for your awareness to enter into a 15 Level Time Matrix in a sentient, and aware manifestation to communicate with those who are under contract to “be” or “remain” inside of the Time Matrix through a series of 15 different “dimensions” of manifestation.

And, just as a video game, your awareness is present to learn every nuance of life through each “dimension” or “level” before you are allowed to move to the next higher level.

You, as a “human” being, are now at the end of this level of the “game”, and are facing the very real step of moving from Dimension 3 to Dimension 4.

Your Merkaba field, or Torus field is the BODY of your Signature Spirit Essence or “Qubit Sphere” in quantum computer speak, of the collective essence of “who you are”.

And that truth is being broadcast to every single thing around you within a 35 ft radius of what your true heart and intent is, while collecting the information of all things within that range of exactly what and who they all are.

Whether it be a grain of sand or a table or a person or tree. All things have Merkaba fields, and all things are interconnected through the unified field around you through this medium.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Moving On Up

Published May 15, 2019 by tindertender

Many humans who have lived in war-torn countries and deeply-subjugated communities all around the world have already passed over to the next dimension since the opening of the Stellar Activation Cycle on 12/21/2012.

They were the ones who had chosen during their lives to stand for the right things and did not back down, even when it meant death.

They are now young children in 4th dimensional Avatars inside of a future that most on this planet will never see, at least anytime within the foreseeable future.

They will be treated like the gods they are, not like rugrats under foot as our small ones are treated here, and they are now learning the ways of higher civilizations without being brainwashed with lies from cradle to grave.

The only reason why they’re there and you’re still here is because you have chosen not to join them.

Read that again. It wasn’t a typo.

The difference between standing up and fighting peacefully for justice only to wind up paying with your life and taking the easy way out by committing suicide is that they will be moving forward. “Suicide is guaranteed recycle” end quote.

There is no easy way out of this prison. You’ve erected the bars yourselves and you will dismantle them if you are going to move on. Or die trying.

This doesn’t mean taking foolish steps, but it does mean putting your fear for your own safety aside when push comes to shove and there is no other way to see justice served other than standing up and speaking the truth, even if your voice cracks.

For those, we salute you along with hero Isaac Kappy.

~Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Watching Isaac Kappy’s last video is very, very intense.

Done on May 10th… he was dead three days later.

I’m still trying to digest and understand all of it.

You have to be prepared… it is heavy. Very heavy.

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Signature Spirit Essences

Published May 12, 2019 by tindertender

The astral fields are where millions of disembodied Signature Spirit Essences typically exist. These beings are experiencing an unfortunate existence where they have been disconnected from the Avatar they once had, then lost. This can happen many ways.

Usually when one loses their Avatar (manifest body), they are still able to reconnect to a new body within whichever 15 Level Time Matrix they have originally manifested within.

However, if something happens to that body that places even ONE DNA cell of that body OUTSIDE of that Time Matrix for whatever reason, then there is no way you can physically get another “whole” body again that is yours under what is known as your “Birth Right” as being yours and yours alone under sovereign interdimensional law.

When you go down inside of any Time Matrix, you choose your birth mother, father, where you will be raised, what your conditions will be, which geolocation you will be nurtured in, your societal position, and so forth. Each one of these conditions are agreed upon before you enter the time matrix.

Each Signature Spirit Essence who enters into agreement with you will SINE-wave their Signature Spirit Essence to the contract, much like a thumb print that is yours alone throughout the cosmaya. This is known as a Soul-Integration Birthing Contract.

Once you have SINED for this experience and all of the guarantees are in place for your protection while your AWARENESS is going to experience a LIMITED FIELD OF ABILITY within that particular type of Time Matrix, then there is a pale silver chord which is created that links your highest self’s energy field to the PRANA seed(your Heart) of your manifestation which will be placed inside of a biological being.

That being is YOURS UNDER CONTRACT. It is NO ONE ELSE’S to inhabit and there are EXTREMELY STRICT RULES that makes sure that it is SOVEREIGN where you and you alone can allow someone else to enter your “house” or not for any reason.

This is why you see “vampires” unable to step inside someone’s home without being invited inside first. The protection is very real and in place within your Time Matrix.

Think of your Avatar like a living car. You can drive it, because it is yours and you have the keys. If someone else were to take your car, you wouldn’t be able to get inside of it and go to town. It is the same thing with an Avatar.

If you allow someone else to use the keys,you are stranded, or even worse,a hostage.Avatars are your manifest vehicle while inside of a physical reality field. You have the keys. If someone asks to borrow your car,you hand them the keys if you wish to allow them to use it.

It is FREE WILL whether or not you choose to let them do so. Now, imagine you are tricked into handing them your keys for one reason or another and then they disappear with your car with you locked in the trunk.

Now you don’t have your keys and someone else does, and it was all FREE WILL that you allowed them to do this, even though they TRICKED you into obtaining them. This is STILL FREE WILL.

That means that your Avatar can be inhabited the same way through trickery and deceit. Keep this in mind.

Ghosts have no way to “live”. They just observe life around them. Since they are energy and not physical, you can’t “see” them. But they exist all around you and typically live in the more interesting realities of the Astral Fields.

These Astral Fields are counterfeit, and are there as outlaws so-to-speak.

The places there are not supposed to be there and there are millions of different “universes inside of this universe” where different realities are being experienced by disembodied Signature Spirit Essences who are locked into the dimensions and MID-dimensions that exist in your Time Matrix.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Gnostic History

Published May 12, 2019 by tindertender

560 million years ago the first seeding of your species was placed on the planet earth, in the lowest level of the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia. This was a loving, nurturing, joyous Time Matrix.

There are 20,980,000 different Time Matrices in the cosmaya (cosmaya is the collective physical manifestation realm that includes all individual much smaller cosmoses).

Every possible incarnation of experience is available for you to choose from when you are looking for a physical manifestation experience where your god-source AWARENESS, which has no hands and no feet, and no way to “touch” something, can experience what it feels like to do something other than only with its mind.

There are WAR and CONFLICT Time Matrices, there are Matrices that give you super powers of unimaginable ability, there are others where you might be blind and learning how to provide for yourself without being able to see, but SENSE your way through a “living” manifestation.

There are others that are merely a sensory avalanche of emotions and feelings where sex is the only goal. On and on the list goes into every conceivable type of experience set.

550 million years ago after a joyous and amazing million years of the Angelic Human Krystos’ 1st seeding beings came into your system and chose to bring a WAR Time Matrix reality into your field without the permission of the Emerald Council, and decided to exterminate you.

The war lasted 1000 years, involved entire planets being vaporized,and destroyed much of the planet you were then on called Tara. Tara was the host planet for Harmonic Universe 2 the second level of your 5 different universes that your 15 levels of manifestation would play out.

When that happened, the entire first seeding of the Turanuesiam-1 Project experiment avatars placed there, (you) from the Turanuesiam Genetic Team from Sirius-B, were blown into pieces.

Some of the cells of each one of those Avatars were blown outside of the contained atmosphere of your planet. This meant that those Signature Spirit Essences under contract to be inside of this Time Matrix, connected to this body of experience through the pale silver chord that connected each one to their corresponding different AWARENESS of god-source, were then bound to this Time Matrix, but unable to have a MANIFEST body to inhabit. You can say their cars were stolen. That left them disembodied within a Harmonic Universe that was now badly mangled, and unable to provide them with the FREQUENCY FIELD that they were all keyed to.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Phantom Time Matrix

Published May 11, 2019 by tindertender

The Weasadex is an “artificial”, or “Phantom” Time Matrix built into the energy bands of the 15 Level Gaia Time Matrix you are in now.

That matrix is “in fall”, and does not have its own energy source, and in fact never did even since its creation.

It was also the first place where “vampires and zombies” were created (sentient beings without a Soul Essence or recorded history supported by the Silicate Matrix this world is made up of.

Since Angelic Humans carry the Krystos Holy Gra-al DNA in their templates with never-ending free energy that will course through any body they are ever put inside of within this Time Matrix, they are looked upon as free energy-generators.

Those “Phantom zombies” are here today, arriving in pre-biblical times under the term “Fallen Angels”, a term that referred to the Time Matrix they came from, not by “falling to earth”.

The “fallen” are looking to bring you back with them to power that system, therefore all of them are technically the actual “Anti-Krysts”.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Why Angelic Humans were Captured

Published May 9, 2019 by tindertender

The Anu-Elohim (Krysted Masters) did not agree with the Turaneusiam Project (you) that was bringing a highly-advanced new Holy Gra-Al eternal-life species into being.

Their senses were hyper-accute meaning their emotional highs and lows would be outside of the spectrum of any beings who had gone before carrying the Krystos blood that allowed them to hold manifestation eternally.

This means that Angelic Humans had the capacity to allow their emotions to become more out-of-control than other Elohim beings who had come before them.

Similar to “Spock” from Star-Trek who had little emotions; previous Elohim had not been so dangerous, because their joy and sorrow extremes weren’t as acute.

It was this potential that caused all this destruction and bloodshed to begin with when the Elohim decided to stop this new evolution in order to “protect” the Deity Planes from the possible carnage such beings might wind up causing.

Something on the order of the film Minority Report where the police arrested perpetrators before the crime was even committed.

The difference between simply ascended mastering an Avatar and Krysted Ascended-Mastering has to do with the status of the genetic template you are bringing back to the Deity Planes.

Merely fully ascending a vampire Avatar out of a lower-level Time Matrix is common, but bringing back an eternal-life Avatar (you) is another thing entirely.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Stay Calm and Move On

Published May 6, 2019 by tindertender

(Why do you think mass shootings and major situations arise which end life, or harm it, creating mass panic, fear and chaos. Weather manipulation causing drought and floods is real but human sustenance isn’t the interest in this world-wide manipulation. It’s in creating what is needed by these ‘others’ food).

There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety & fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety & fear, then these creatures starve.

If fear & anxiety radiates from people & they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition & they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity.

Your Soul holds the memories & lessons that it has acquired through other lifetimes, through journeys in other galaxies & through journeys beyond the physical dimensions.

This DIVINE WISDOM is encoded as informational patterns within the energetic tapestry of your Soul. It is when these Soul energy patterns interact with your own body’s energy system & mind that you become aware of the powerful DIVINE WISDOM contained within yourself.

You will come to know things.

~ Stargate @Stargate4444

(My two cents: With intention, remain calm in situations most will panic in. Stay personally centered and move away from the immediate threat. If possible, find a secluded space and send intentional, calming energies into the crowd from your firm, grounded space, in Union with the earth. Breathe ‘calm’ into the energetic forces surrounding the people … two or more to assist would be best.)

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