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This is YOUR Power!

Published August 14, 2017 by tindertender

Show them how it is done.

There are many critics now days, in ALL areas of life. I have have received a private message from one who wants to “connect”, only so they could throw an abundance of foul insult and degrading rhetoric into words. Of course I did not accept, however it amazes me that this is the energy that this individual chooses to put out there.

When we find ourselves faced with a communication laced with profanity and insult, it is important to shut it down immediately. Do not give that language room in your mind. It can be difficult, for I myself have had the experience of being backed into a wall with someone physically in my face screaming these hurtful and harmful words, performing damaging deeds.

They are possessed with an evil that lurks in the ether, and truly, I do not think they even know this. When they come at you, hurting you, simply remember that it is your light and your inner strength they hate, and they will try to break you … do not let them.

Shine your light so bright! Smile at them when they are hurtful, delete the comment before reading the whole thing, take away the power of this crazy vulgar mess … for it is using YOUR power to hurt you, do not let them have it. It belongs to you, and you have been, and must continue, to use it bringing additional light into the world.

You have within you the power to change the world, and you are doing just that. These mean and hurtful comments and actions … the people who spew them out there like liquid dung, straight from the mouths and bodies … they know, they see your light, and it infuriates them. But you are strong, and no matter what comes your way, the light you shine will assist others in being brave enough to follow suit, for they too have this beautiful light within.

Show them how it is done. Practice. No one said it would be easy, but this is why you are here. Deep within you, you know this to be the truth.

“What Defines You, Is Your Heart”

Published August 12, 2017 by tindertender

“Don’t let you fears be boxes that enclose you.”
“Life is the miracle you are searching for.”
“Honor you life, each gift, and each moment.”
“Love … “
“Live now, live today.”
“Never, ever, live somebody else’s dream.”

The Picasso Life

Published August 9, 2017 by tindertender

I begin my morning in gratefulness, knowing that joy, happiness, and peace are my future. I am going to spend the remainder of my days listening to the flow of fresh waters and the beautiful harmony of the birds and other life in the wilderness. Peace … will be.

I look at the wall and see the canvases I have painted, wondering if I should donate them to good will, and then I realized, “These are good, and usable canvases. These can be recreated into new art which shows the current reality … the shift, from there, to here.”

Picasso LIfe
Such is our life. In our own hands, in conjunction with that divinity within, loving us every step of the way on this journey.

My life … your life … is a Divine work of art. As we began, we were amateurs, fumbling away. Our art depended on the start we received from our elders. Some of us did not get the nourishment we needed in order to produce a Picasso life. BUT ~ these experiences, when embraced over time, wounds healed through careful consideration … all of that, can be used to create the MOST beautiful art in, and around our lives, than perhaps we dared dream of.

This capacity is in all, seemingly dormant, yet brewing just the same.

Pain, anger, regret and remorse ~ love, joy, tears and happiness on all levels … these things are your personal master piece, none will ever compare, nor should they.

Build this beautiful life. This is your day, your week, your year, your life.

The beauty which you have power to create is within you. All you need do is claim it, nurture it, and watch it grow with every ounce of effort and attention you give it.

Back On Track, Thinking of The Keeper of the Flame

Published August 4, 2017 by tindertender


After only a week and a half, I’m waking at 3:30 – 4 am again. I’ll still set the alarm, just in case, but I think all is well.

Keeper … what does this mean?

This is an interesting picture of a Flame Keeper. But again, what does this mean?

I’m the keeper of the flame
My torch of love lights his name
Ask no pity, beg my shame
I’m the keeper of the flame

Played with fire and I was burned
Gave a heart but I was spurned
All this time how I have yearned
Just to have my love return

Years have passed by
The spark still remains
True love can’t die
It smolders in flames

When the fire is burning out
And the angels call my name
Dying love will leave no doubt
And I’m the keeper of the flame

Years have passed by
The spark still…

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Archangel With Flame Red Hair

Published August 3, 2017 by tindertender

Flame red hair, I thought he was female at first, but then realized he was much, much more than that. He looked deep into my eyes and said, “Let me see into your eyes” as if he wanted to know exactly what lay there, deep within my countenance.

There is no denying an Archangel when they want to know something, and you can rest assured … this is not a light and fluffy topic.

Yes, he knows full well MY name, as well as SO … MUCH … MORE. They say the weeds get separated from the wheat, and I can only hope that I am riding on the good side of his thoughts and intentions, for he is one of the fiercest arms of God.


Published August 2, 2017 by tindertender

There are those who would like us to believe that our loving, kind and beautiful soul is marred and ugly, something to be abhorred. Indeed, many have been coerced and manipulated into living these dishonest and twisted myths.

The truth is … sinister forms hate us and want us to believe we are not loved or lovable. They steal our joy and cause sorrow, disconnection and pain. We lose hope, and become pliable, as putty in the potters hands, easily misled.

However ~ At our core, so deep nothing of the hateful and spiteful nature can touch, is Love unconditional. It will remain with us always, even though at times we cannot sense it.

We are Warriors …

Reasoning lets go
and I am propelled in to you
My Skin widening…

Reasoning lets go
and I am propelled into you

Hands and arms grow
and I release what must go
My skin widening
to feel your angelic arms

((Come close so that I can melt into you))
Come Close…

Reasoning lets go
and I am propelled in to you

My skin widening
to your angelic arms
Leaving this weight behind
My spine becomes light

((Clean my senses
so that I can hear you

Reasoning lets go
and I am propelled into you
hands and eyes grow
and i release what must go

My Skin widening…
to feel your angelic arms

<< Warriors move gracefully >>

We lay down our weapons
at your feet
take us with grace
to the other field

Can we Lay down our weapons
and the tired intellect
rise above and…
((Bring me Grace))
I know you Can.

Unharmed to the battle,
Unharmed from the battle,
Unharmed wherever they go.

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