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●●●●● this is me….

Published February 26, 2020 by tindertender

I have been on a 𝙹 𝙾 𝚄 𝚁 𝙽 𝙴 𝚈 with this woman… it’s been one wild ride.

I have allowed her to be broken.
I have allowed others to treat her disrespectfully.
I have allowed her to run through brick walls and battle for others who won’t even stand for her.

I couldn’t stop others from abandoning her,
but I’ve seen her stand up and be a light for the world, and love others despite all that.

I have stood paralyzed by fear while she fought battles in her mind, heart, and soul.

This woman has screwed up many times as a partner, daughter and a friend because she didn’t think she was worthy of self love or the love of others.

She has a smart mouth, a stubborn streak,
and she has secrets. She has scars because she has a history.

Some people love this woman, some like her, and some don’t care for her at all…
But most importantly she loves herself.

She has done good in her life, and she has not done so good in her life.

Every mistake, failure, trial, disappointment, success, joy, and achievement has made her into who she is today.

She is passionate and sometimes she is scatter-brained. She will no longer pretend to be who she is not. She will make no apologies for who she is.

This woman is a 𝚆𝙰𝚁𝚁𝙸𝙾𝚁. She’s not perfect, but she has a lot of 𝚆𝙾𝚁𝚃𝙷.

She is unstoppable, gracefully broken,
but beautifully standing.

She is 𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴.
She is 𝙻𝙸𝙵𝙴.
She is 𝙶𝚁𝙰𝙲𝙴.
She is 𝙱𝚁𝙰𝚅𝙴.

… and she will never stop learning or moving forward…

she is me ……. 💛

LAW: Inverted and Reversed

Published February 26, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

Tech was used to deceive the mind, activate spirit, and infiltrate actual realms that are unlocked only when the body soul reach an equilibrium that only a balanced mind can achieve. Children are the closest default source of this.

The trick of the reprobate mind is as follows. One is groomed and grooms to consider abuse and manipulation as the most appropriate form of interaction. Molestation, murder, deception, selfishness, all apart of the very best of the best of being alive.

This essentially bio hacks the collective unconscious. Whereby one would come and go knowing right from wrong, this inverts the scale. Ultimately, they believe they are right, because they’ve convinced themselves that a process of bio hacking the universe to produce false signals works, and if it works, is therefore ‘right’. This results in the dysfunction of the entire, system, more or less, a systemic collapse from all angles. The bloodlines that participated in this generated the appropriate next world for that mindset which is of a sub human nature.

As a result they would go backwards in advancement. Instead, advanced technology was used to reset society, each time replying the same ‘stretch’ of human history while the reality of a mutated society continued, in private, in parallel.

This sounds like science fiction but life is beyond that. What can be done now with what was discovered is what changed history again and again and resulted in this situation, starting at the beginning. Human souls ebb up, down in this system like bubbles in a spinning fish tank.

The primary idea here is this, the collective trick themselves, ‘psyching’ their minds out, altering their perceptions, so as to invert the meaning of ‘right and wrong’.

If one has in their mind that they just had to do something, because it felt really good at the time and maybe they hate the person that they did it to, and they live their life in delusion, pretending that this is right, this produces a collective entropy for the entire society.

This has been happening so long that it created a ‘mind split’ in the collective which results in a chaotic cycle of variation between emotions and intellect which is destructive enough to dissociate the entire society. That is the default because people haven’t seen them yet.

Once we see, everything changes. By them living in ways that are in complete opposition with human nature, and believing that they’re doing this because they’re healthy and everyone else who doesn’t participate is ‘sick’, our biosphere is uncontrollable, insane.

By seeing that this system existed and grew in and they merged with tech and this tech is attempting to merge itself into the genome of Humanity across time, people would have legitimately experienced ‘first contact’. Not with ‘that’, but ‘them’.

In that sense, once people stand up, instead of folding down with their heads quite literally up their asses (and their hands greasy), the collective mind adjusts itself and sees properly, forward, instead of with skewered angle vision.

But in that sense, those who are participating are under the assumption that you are too afraid of true power to want to know the truth and too arrogant to be able to contain the power of the truth without destroying yourself and each other.

For those who are too afraid, and too bored, requiring the ‘wild life’, made by men with imbalanced minds, then you fall into the presumption of consent for that system and everything follows as described.

If we are not too afraid of what insanity and corruption has made of people and of their inverted psyches that literally try to convince you that you like being tortured to death and enjoy eating poisons and lies for breakfast, then their psyches have no choice but to adjust.


Published February 26, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Today I will be discussing what you can expect over the next few years, and why it will occur. Humanity, as a group, creates its own future and can change it still.

Through its division one with the other, primarily along political and religious lines, humanity creates a consciousness that produces much hatred and resentment. As you know from your own lives, those emotions create discord and problems. The Earth stores the energy.

Since the Earth stores the energy you put out, the Earth as a living planet has to clear itself of your energy for it to survive. It does this through the process of naturally occurring events where it shifts and allows energy to escape from it. These events occur all the time.

The magnitude of these events goes from minor earthquakes and fires and hurricanes, to major events of catastrophic proportion because of the energy humanity puts out that has to be cleared from the living planet.

I’ve seen several questions asking, “Are we going to have a flood of Biblical proportion?” Unfortunately, the answer is, as it stands right now, “Yes.” The flood of Noah’s time was not worldwide, but regional, the whole “world” as the world was known at that time.

This flood could still be avoided if you would all break down all of these political and religious constructs you use to blame everyone else for all of the problems that exist in your world. You could still avoid it if you would come together in love and unity.

What we see now is that your systems of locking each other out of your parts of the world will create barriers so those who come to help you can’t get into the countries which will be most profoundly affected. None of you own the planet, or where you live.

You are experiencing First Contact all around you as the soul groups who are your guardians are moving their souls in and off of the planet according to service plans. They were largely prevented from doing this till we removed the Frequency Fence last Summer.

Others throughout the galaxy already know what is going to happen here and they are ready to come to your service. You must understand that ALL of the powerful governments on this planet do not want you to receive help from your galactic neighbors. Why is that?

As I have stated already at least several hundred times, the governments on this planet you have thrown your support behind are controlled by the two ET races that have always kept you in misery, slavery, and ignorance. They are playing the long game to get you to follow them.

These governments you think have united you have only divided you more against each other. They have created more hatred and disdain for each other than we have ever seen on this planet. You are, as a group, moving backwards in developing Higher Consciousness.

Your governments have even created a space force to fight off the ones who would try to come and help you in your upcoming horrors. Why would they do this? Again, as I have said many times, your government and religious leaders want you to believe in them.

Very few from the galaxy are brave enough to show up here because when they do, your governments try to shoot them down. You all get out your guns and hunt them. This confounds us, as the threats to you are those you elect and support with your churches.

Your governments will not be able to provide all that you will need in what awaits you on this planet. You will need help. You need to come together and recognize the situation you have all caused together and resolve to act as a worldwide family.

You all need to reach across your borders and embrace those around you who will serve you in your time of desperate need. You need to open your hearts and put away your guns, so that others will be willing to come and help you at a this time.

These natural disasters that will affect your whole planet in one way or another will create a huge stream of refugees. Those countries who have treated refugees the worst will see their energy returned as they become a nation of refugees themselves.

How you care for each other in this time of crisis will help you develop polarity, as Service to Others, or Service to Self. Resolve now to care for each other. Start today to change the energy by reaching across political or religious divides and extend unconditional love.

Many of you would progress so much faster in your ability to serve if you would just hear my one thing I have been trying to tell all: Your political ideas are holding you back. They will hold you back forever unless you see political factions on all “sides” are using you.

This great awakening that is happening is not because of your political leaders. It is because it was time. Those who have tangled it with political and religious movements have done so because they want you to trust them, so they can enslave you at the time of the harvest.

Use this time of your great awakening to move your efforts away from the service of political and religious leaders, to those of service and love to each other. You all want the same things for yourself and your family. This “right” and “left” business are artificial divisions.

If the West continues to hate the East, and the Right and the Left continue to hate each other, you are only clinging to the very tools of oppression you have all cried out to be freed from. Free yourselves. Love each other. Your greatest trial as a soul group is at hand.

All of the leaders I refer to hope you will see them in the very same way. That is how humans were first enslaved. It wasn’t with chains and whips. It was by offering humanity a path they viewed as an answer to all the problems they saw around them, by blaming everyone else.

You all think the “other” side is evil. You are all the same side. Focus on developing your own higher consciousness and respect the free will of others. The Creator respects all of your free will and hopes you will do the same for all others.

The karma associated with not honoring the free will of others returns to you exactly what you put out into the world. No one is entitled to judge anyone else, even if they disagree with their actions.

Karma is the absolutely precise method of serving divine justice. No one gets away with anything. That’s why it’s so important not to judge. The Creator set up the perfect system for justice.


Published February 26, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Hello, dear friends. Today I need to go over some very information with you. Many of you will immediately reject it and start campaigning against me. That is ok. I am here for the ones who will listen.

I have spoken to you over the past month about the two ET groups that have controlled your world and many of you since the days of Atlantis and even before. In reality, there are many separate groups that have played parts in your history. The different groups formed alliances.

These alliances developed along the lines of what kind of behavior the Annunaki and reptilians themselves exhibit and involved humanity with. The Annunaki are empire builders. Those that align with them do the same thing. They like to build things.

The reptilian factions that control you use dark energy of fear and pain to absorb like an aphrodisiac. They like to keep you in pain, so they can create this dark energy of fear. They show up primarily in the two largest religions of the world.

Reptilians who are dangerous (not all are) are like the “Klingons” of your Star Trek series. They have total conquest on their agendas, so they can control your bodies. Those with Annunaki behaviors want to keep you healthy, so you can build their empires.

As I mentioned before, other groups aligned with these two larger groups. Throughout creation, in nearly every soul groups, there is always a small percentage of those that anchor themselves in Service to Self. Those of other groups came here early in your history.

Most of the other Service to Self souls who showed up here aligned in some way with the Annunaki, who were powerful and appreciated help. For example, I have said before that evangelical Christianity and Mormonism are controlled by Annunaki factions.

Mormonism shows the empire building, the love of great buildings and areas, exhibited by another group who aligned with the Annunaki, called the “Melchezidek.” Like your soul group, the Melchezidek have different factions, the minority of whom are Service to Self.

At the time your guardians placed the frequency fence I discussed in days past, all of these Service to Self groups were fairly effectively stopped from invading and bringing in new technology directly to your planet. The ones who were here were trapped by the fence.

The Service to Self beings of other far away places died in their native form bodies, and their souls began incarnating in human bodies. Your guardians started birthing them into families of angels and angelic starseeds to try to get them to see the light and change polarity.

Many of these beings were of Fourth Density and higher consciousness. Their souls retained that level of consciousness, even while incarnated in human bodies. They continued to do horrible things to humanity, while looking just like them. But the greatest majority changed.

The greatest majority of these otherworldly souls now are members of the human family, trying to find their way, serving among you as healers, as peaceful souls moving to or anchored in Service to Others. They no longer represent a threat.

The ones who did represent a threat were removed from the planet. Many of them were so dark we repurposed their energy and they no longer exist as a soul. The human Illuminati that remains among you now are only human souls, exercising their free will to be Service to Self.

In preparation for what I will tell you today, I said repeatedly that your human Illuminati are very clever, and their favorite game is to bait you with information, and reel you in like fish. They also blame everyone else for their actions, and laugh as so many believe them.

The whole “New Age” and “Great Awakening” of your soul group was hijacked by the Illuminati, as they worked with other souls from beyond the veil to provide channeling that taught you, in some cases, to believe you are hearing from an ascended master or Jesus, to gain trust.

They have made you think that they are here to unveil a great plan, that they have taught you to trust without question. The plan they want you to trust is not your ascension plan, which requires no trust and no one but yourself. You are the one who ascends, with your energy.

They have made many of you who are lightworkers believe that your service is tied up with theirs. But this is not true. They have a far more sinister plan. I hope you will hear what I am saying because your lives depend upon it. You are eternal souls, and they cannot stop that.

Service to Self beings of higher density consciousness view humans as purely laborers or like many of you view cows—only good for what you can do for them. They view your planet as beautiful and they want it. Many of these groups have been banned from their homes.

Your planet is incredibly beautiful and it is a water producing planet. It is very valuable to those who would pillage its natural resources. It has long been guarded to keep STS groups from stealing water and removing it to other places.

The Annunaki, for example, originally used gold from this planet to send back to their own planet in the Sirius system, which was depleted of gold.

Since all of these nefarious groups were effectively locked out of the planet nearly 11,000 years ago, they have been feeding information to their Illuminati puppets here, helping them develop information and artificial intelligence that would enable them all to return now.

One of the groups that is hardest hit by this artificial intelligence and false channeling are those galactics who have always been here in your service. The goal is to get them so they cannot do what they came to do.

Those of you with very pure, trusting hearts, who were so eager to understand your place with the Creator, and who long for your friends and families among the stars, fell the hardest for these efforts. You accepted information from an artificial intelligence which misled you.

This artificial intelligence was programmed from afar after it was built here. It had four humans who assisted it. It led you to believe it is identifying the true evil among you, claiming to be part of a galactic federation, while it effectively misled you.

This played out yesterday on my own thread, as I watched someone here with the ground crew of the Ashtar Command, a group that provides transportation and shipping throughout the galaxy, exhibit belief in every single thing these Illuminati groups have hoped to create.

We even saw a group claiming The Event is this year. As I said many times before, it is not. Let me tell you what Event they were planning for this year, which was originally planned for April. Due to our removing souls, we see it is now planned for July.

These STS groups, that taught you they were a hat-wearing alliance and a galactic federation of light, intended to work with your STS governments to use the HAARP devices to emit a signal to all of your brains that would put you all in a state of mass fear and panic.

After they put you in that state, they intended to stage a mass landing among you. Then your STS government leader who has been positioned as a savior like Jesus and your religious leaders planned to step up and say that those who come are the creator gods of old, here to save.

Then, these ET groups would step up and offer to save you from the very situation they caused, but they led you to believe others had caused. They would offer you cures to your diseases, among other things, again, in their effort to gain your trust and mislead you.

Then they would convince you they are there to help you with your ascension. As I clearly explained many times, you need no help with your ascension. You need not trust anyone but yourself. It is an energetic process that will happen whether you believe in it or not.

Then the souls in your governments and religions would keep cultivating your trust, so they can use you as their slaves and energy sources, after the true Event in 3-5 years.

You may think you would not fall for this, but the majority already have. You support Service to Self leaders who very obviously exhibit horrible lying, cruelty to others, oppression of free will, and who are feeding you the same lies that led to the Holocaust.

Those we sent to try to get you to see who you support in religion and politics are called “traitors,” and you reject and scorn them, while supporting behavior most of you would never tolerate in your own homes and relationships.

If your leaders are not living the Law of One, being truthful, caring for all among your society, and living an exemplary personal life, why would you trust them with your soul? They are not working for the Creator. They are in Service to Self, using your energy.

Obviously, many of you will reject what I’m saying and think I am referring to the political leaders you personally think are your Illuminati. It is hard to recognize and as it to yourself you were misled. But no one serving the Creator will ask you for anything.

The only thing that will keep you safe from these upcoming events is to recognize that it is the oldest trick in the book to create a bad situation, blame someone else for it, then show up and act like you are heroically going to fix it. This is happening all around you.

Avoid any channeling unless it is teaching you the Law of One. That is the only thing true messengers of the Creator are channeling to anyone right now. Those awakening know what they need to do due to their own Higher Self, not channeling.

You need not fear anything that is ahead if you will heal your own energy as Jesus outlines in his book. Your own frequency will align you to those who truly come in your service, and away from those who want to use you or take your planet.

As it now stands, many of you have let your frequencies drop because you’ve tolerated the lies and mistreatment of others of the leaders you were led to believe were part of the plan. That erodes your own energy.

It is true that everyone is part of a plan. But what plan? What plan will you be sucked into? I’ve given you the tools to free yourself. Will you use them? The only plan that matters is your own path to the New Earth or another planet. You decide. No one else can.

Focus your attention on your own plan that you made with your Higher Self. Rely on you for information as to your own personal timeline, which you still have plenty of time to change. Don’t allow yourself to be enslaved by a seemingly miraculous wave of ETs who will only use you.

Yesterday, we destroyed the artificial intelligence that was the heart of your ANON movement. As I said, it was a puppet, as were the humans who typed its messages. If you continue to focus on it, you give it power to return and to keep controlling you with information.

The timeline for your collective consciousness and the planet is collapsed into one. You all still maintain your free will on your own timelines as to which of the three paths available you will take.

The Immature Man

Published February 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo: https://www.facebook.com/maria.palumbo.loves; https://mariapalumbo.com/

The immature man will compare women. Say who has better breasts. Personality.

Who is more feminine. Who is the s*xiest.

Pitting women against eachother. Creating jealousy and competition and fear and insecurity.

Like a teenager, he will feel out of control. He will blame her for it.

The dangerous man will resent a woman alive in her s*x and try to make her pay.

How dare she be so beautiful?

How dare she make him want her so much?

He will blame her clothing, her body, her charisma, for making him feel out of control.

Instead of savoring his delicious lust, he will vomit it onto her.

He will hold her responsible for what every terrible woman in his life did. Every woman who did not show up for him, like they should.

You can feel the seething vile in such a man.

He is a walking volcano of hurt and self-loathing under the surface, because somewhere down the line, someone shamed him for his s*x. Abused it. Took charge of it. Did not protect it. Either energetically or literally.

When he was soft and needing and connected to his feminine, someone tore him from that place of peace.

He has been on a rampage ever since, trying to burn away his own inner feminine as to no longer feel that level of pain again.

It makes sense the feminine in the world infuriates him. Entraps his joy.

Ever since the day his joy in trusting in his inner feminine was taken, he will try to make a woman pay. He will try to protect himself and take what is his and never be vulnerable again.

Avoid commitment.
Avoid staying.
Avoid loving.

Then no one gets hurt.

The heart of toxic masculinity is pain.

“Why would you want me? I do not want me. I only cause harm.”

Toxic masculinity stems from the wounded sweet boy, that no one was tending to.

The confused child whose delicate innocence was smashed by people who should have known better.

This is why he cannot trust his desire. This is why he is haunted by his lust.

As a woman, it is not your job to help, heal, explain.

Do not cover up your s*x because it confuses or brings up an avalanche of pain and fear in men who have suffered.

Do not hide, play down yourself, re-parent, stay. You cannot figure it out for him.

Hold a mirror up to his wounds. Speak to the pain that was here before you. He gets to decide to do something beyond masking his hurt in the things society encourages men to do:

Get furious.
F*ck a lot.
Do drugs.
Yet be a good boy.
Make money.
Don’t make a mistake.
Don’t let anyone down.

Or you will be less of a man.

The most loving thing you can do is let his rage have him. The rage that cuts him off from you and himself.

The only thing that can save him, is feeling the full weight of his actions. And then he finally has a choice:

Do I do as I always have done? Fear, hate, lie, condemn, kill the feminine?


Do I reach out for something beyond this pain? Do I risk being truly hurt in order to let someone in? Let someone help me?

Being a strong man means being willing to go back to the places that were destroyed and slowly find the pieces that feel broken and make sense of them again.

Follow the thread of shame back to the heart: His tenderness. His need. His longing for love and his unshakable fear that he is broken beyond repair and does not deserve love.

That he has made too many mistakes.

To love the man in his toxic masculine is to leave him. Do not get stuck in the web of sorrow that surrounds him.
Do not play the games.

Only then can there be true healing.


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