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Myth Of My Creation

Published December 12, 2017 by tindertender

cosmic-crystal-polyhedronSitting here in the half-dark I think of you. It is quite difficult, this non-remembering. I keep hoping for guidance, some sort of sign … a little glimmer to let me know why this is, or what I came to do.

My eyes well up with inner fluids, I do not want to cry. I wonder if I’ve suffered some type of stroke, remembering grandmother after hers, as she cried for what seemed no reason at all.

I watch the world fall deeper into chaos, and I hope it is an illusion and that it is simply being seen now, more than before, and actually not worse but on the mend.

I worry at times that the human race has failed itself, even through all of its brilliance. Life suffers even though we possess great capacity for healing, for loving. We’ve been taught not to think, only to ‘do’ as told … to conform to an ideal imposed by someone else, by many others. Listening to our inner voice ~ beaten out of us, if not physically, then by mental manipulation. Some folks are so good at coercion they do not even know what they do (and then some are fully aware), and would adamantly deny any responsibility for what they give to the people around them, what energies they birth into the world.

Cycle of birth and deathThe cycle of birth and death keeps moving ’round, but I see little improvement. Technology advancements, yes, but not without a price, for the suffering of the earth and all on it are being given as payment.

There’s got to be more, there has to be a way to end the cycle of pain. But how? How, when so many will not look into their own hearts and ask the tough questions? How, when the accuser will not flip their blaming rhetoric and ask of themselves if they hold any part of it, if perhaps they’ve contributed somehow to that which they abhor.

If I say that person is a real asshat, I must also ask myself if ‘I’ am an asshat, for I know that only a reflection appears before me. So I try harder to change what is within me so that I may see outside myself, with my own eyes, and hear with my own ears, something more loving and kind.

ghost-woman1-300x225I ask questions and get no response. It’s as though my voice is a figment of imagination, somehow not real. I wonder if this is how the angels or guardians or guides feel when people fail to heed their advice, frustrated at the absolute avoidance of rational ideas, a purposeful ignoring of the inner nudges.

Determined I grow this connection, for I know this is where I go, and here … it seems no one cares too much. Perhaps it is all a figment of imagination and the work I do doesn’t exist. I am actually a dream … a dream in my own mind, a myth of my own creation.

Collaboration Needed

Published December 2, 2017 by tindertender

imaginary_friendWill I ever see you? Do you care enough to collaborate with me about what is best for our future? Do you think it is best to avoid me and collaborate amongst yourselves only?

Why am I simply the ‘observed’ and not part of the team? There must be an interest in what I have to offer, otherwise you would have left long ago.

When will I see you? Will there be a ‘meeting of souls’ in my living-room? Will you tell me what needs to be done and allow me opportunity to work it out, determining whether I shall, or not?

Perhaps this is why you do not approach me, perhaps it is my acknowledgement of WILL, personal power. Maybe you see in me a risk to your scheme … what else could it be?

I am seen, you are not, yet we are all equally ‘real’. Will you help me to understand?

Pocket watchTime piece returned today, traded for a pair of new shoes; five pair of socks; two bags of groceries; a gift for another; dog food and dog treats. There is still money left over … an obvious, worthy trade.

Who needs time anyhow? The seasons will let me know what needs to be done and when. The sun rises to my opening eyes and nights moon wakes the song of creatures who sing me to sleep.

I love it here. It is all I remember. I am certain there is more to this story than has been told. Will you share?

Bell strikes three times, a solemn sound follows. A good-bye, yet new beginnings. Bell strikes thrice more, it is time to move forward. Two more times the bell tolls followed by one final, fading out, to silence.

Can We Let Go?

Published December 1, 2017 by tindertender

ignoring each otherSirens sound, I dare not look, a pretending that all is well. Perhaps it is true and everyone knew before they rang to confirm. Dust collects as time goes by, so far away, evading sight. Age shows in flesh first, in discussion it is rare. Coloring within lines, motto for life, ended in disrepair.

Fan-fare howling, amazed and intent on seeing, heat escapes through the vent. A steady tone sounds, a preparation is at hand. White walls bounce sound, bring it in, put it down. Chiseled features, in a corner of the room, assumptions, guesswork, wasted energy.

Mother breaks bond with child, she knows he must go find his way. She cannot protect him from his fate, his journey. He is hurt, he is angry, she suffers his wrath, and so do others. He must find a way to climb out of this into purpose, into healing. Unease settles into shoulders and floor boards squeak.

Anger of man

Questions and answers both dwell in the mind, meshing the two in time, stillness, quiet observation. Lyrical notes, another language sought, only half of communication known. Singular lengths twisted, stretched, silken threads caressed.

Dreams from another world disrupting breath, silent now. Actions promoted, stillness needed, rest now. Judgments shed, blossoming encouraged, embraced, empowered.

Fossil remains spread at roots absorb toxic waste, a cleaner life at stake. Interconnected, all harmonious union, poison released, replaced, transformed.

Eyes slowly closing, calm settles in. It’s a mind thing, it won’t come back. Racing … hearing … closer now. Gentle hands do not cause alarm, breath recovered, resting, deep wonder, light.


A Deeper Connection

Published November 21, 2017 by tindertender

When a mistake is made and someone deems an error is punishable, many besides the one who determines this, jump on the wagon and assist in meting out the judgement. It can feel as though the whole world is against us sometimes, the negativity gets so thick. Often, this is the reaction to a minor slip up, or not a mistake at all, but a decision by one for personal reasons, carried out by the crowd.

Vultures in this world prey on those who’s glass is half empty.


This is one reason why positive self talk and compassion are so important. These things people say and do run around in the mind. When looking in the mirror a reflection of what they’ve placed there is seen … but these judgments do not belong here, there is no need to claim them. IF there is truth seen in any of it and change is desired, DO it … the mind is capable of miracles, and a will that can carry them out is in each of us. Look within, it is seen.

Can there be a person who would lift the world from chaos into peace? There is … and that person is you, it is me, it is we … the choice must be made, and effort applied, it begins in the heart.

There are many who will say war will always be, for people will never agree. If we teach ourselves how to disagree without the need for fighting, war will end. It isn’t necessary to have a fist fight, or worse, every time someone has a differing opinion, to think there must be a battle because of this, is just plain silly and childish.

laser battleWhat if … what if war in heaven describes a war between those who have the knowledge of flight? Standing on the ground, looking up, there is a vision … Light bursts from flying machines directed at others, back and forth they fire these attacks, the sky glows with these laser explosions. Soon it becomes dark, yet these blasts are still seen, fire breaks out on land, people scramble to put them out, to save their beloved animals.

grapefruitwaterIt is possible to have a deeper connection with each other. There have been chemicals of all kinds put in the food supply and water. When these things enter the brain, there is a dulling of thought, a disconnect from society, even from self! If you have ever taken a pharmaceutical which has this affect, which you can physically sense occurring, then you know how it is. What has happened to the foods and waters has happened slowly over time, we haven’t noticed the gradual increase in chemicals.

Once the body and mind begin detoxification a change happens, a deeper care for the world and all life upon it become very strong. This is happening now … there are many who have made this choice, who are ‘awakening’.

War is a tiring thing, people do not want it any longer.

Yet it is still being forced upon the world by those who have the technology of flight and other war making equipment. Are these the gods who make war in heaven?Are you the god who fights against the killing machines?

Recognizing and embracing the life force that flows within is critical, awareness of this will bring one closer to authority, and an understanding that there is no one in this world who has more of it than each personal individual.

How will this power be applied?

The Ideal Social Network

Published November 19, 2017 by tindertender

When the forest is no longer able to feed itself the whole body of it dies. Yet under the surface, there is still a beautiful network, working, and waiting for ideal conditions to return.

As the people have more and more taken from them while less and less is supplied in reward for their hard work, there is a shrinking, a holding tight to that which remains, a shriveling of the connection, of the spirit.

It is difficult to consider expanding and opening, to sharing that which is held so tightly. Only in doing so, however … only in feeding the forest with what remains … will new life be breathed into this network.

ALL people play an integral role in the rebuilding of a world that nourishes everyone, whatever role they fill is crucial to the whole. ‘Parts’ of the forest cannot be eliminated while expecting the remainder to thrive, it simply will not work.

“Some day you’ll understand.”

I would hate to think this life was wasted, and not used for the progression of that which is good for the world

A Tiger’s Tale

Published November 18, 2017 by tindertender

End of an era

The tale end of an era is here and it is finishing strong. Those who have become accustomed to having their every desire accommodated are seeing the lost ground, and they begin to ‘force’ their wishes on people. They do not care how many they upset, for their end goal is the same as it always has been … suppression and repression of the majority.

They flaunt their murderous behaviors of sentient beings in our faces, they kill large, peaceful, endangered creatures for the sheer ‘pleasure’ of it, for the trophies. They strip the animals of their rights to life, they get a sense of satisfaction as they dominate and control the existence of others. They market the eating of flesh as though it is our only hope of healthy bodies, exacerbating fear and pain in the world.

A Tigers TaleThere is another end that goes along with that tale though, and it is called the head, the head of a ferocious and powerful creature. I compare it to the masses who are awakening to the reality of the greed and hatred in this world, those who wish to create a better tomorrow.

The tale knows the head is coming around, they realize this beast will chew off it’s own appendage to assist in the elimination of this infection, the virus which is decaying the whole body. A scurrying about is happening … like little ants, a grasping at, and enforcing of, the only thing they have to offer the world … pain and sorrow. It is they who must be removed.

Like a scab over a wound, we’ve been picking it. It opens up afresh, scabs over again, and we pick it. The healing takes longer this way. Soothing, naturally medicated balm needs be added to this wound, something that prohibits the scab from hardening, something which keeps it soft. The dressing must be changed often as the infection oozes into the bandage, as the puss is discharged.

Light-in-DarknessThe head licks the wound during dressing changes, it does not want to eat it’s own tale, however it will, should the wound continue to fester and rot.

Let us be the light in the world that shines into dark places. Let the energetic imprint we leave behind as we walk among each other be that of light and love, full of compassion and understanding. Growing a peaceful atmosphere in which we, and others, live is the only way to reclaim the capacities the shadow has stolen. This darkness needs not be ‘fought against’, for as long as we clean our inner sanctuaries, in unison, the dim reality we experience now will brighten, naturally.

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