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Race of Djinn

Published April 10, 2020 by tindertender

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I always thought the Djinn were spirits but it’s more like a race. According to ancient texts and holy books, the Djinn were created long before the human race got created. And because the Djinn wouldn’t bow for this new race that was created by God/ Allah, they were cast into a parallel reality close to ours. A long war between the Anfeks and the Djinn followed. The Djinn have clans, a society, kings can shape shift and some of them show themselves as reptiles. (There is much more they can do) I find this book I am reading about it very interesting.

Anfeks = Angels

The Djinn feed off our energy and can also take on human form. In other old texts, for example Greek text there is also mention about the Djin only they had a different name.

Could these be the invisible enemy the United States President speaks of?

American Healthcare

Published April 9, 2020 by tindertender

Holy shit! Drs are getting 13,000 dollars for a COVID-19 patient admittal and $39,000 dollars if they go on a ventilator? Why the hell is money involved in this shit?!?!?!

Are you ready for your forced vaccinations yet?

Here, we see who Bill Gates was before he began the world wide forced vaccination schemes.

There’s some extreme bullshit in the works here.

HUGE! Covid Tracking Website DELETES Information on Hospitalizations, ICU Patients After TGP Reports Numbers Fall Well Below Model Predictions

Forced vaccinations will alter the human DNA. They want to lock down your Krystos Spark, so you will remain asleep, unaware, slaves.

There is a fine line between helping, and harming.

And some people just like to think they are God, and we should do what they tell us to.

The human form is a MASTERPIECE! Those who are injecting the body with mercury and aluminum and all of the other toxins, are LOCKING the Krystic spark! All human beings injected are bioformatted to a lesser, and weaker version of themselves!


Published April 9, 2020 by tindertender

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In These Moments Of Change, We Encourage You To Find The Many Gifts Available To You!

For It Is In The Chaos That The Greatest Change For Humanity Is Born!

For Those That Have Had The Experiences With Those Of Origin Or Of Angels, We Gather With You In Consciousness To Tell You To Relax And Let All Open!

For in Sacredness You Live And Will In Infinity Be!

Breathe Deeply Now!

It Does Not Matter If You Are Mocked Or Another Can’t Possibly Believe What You Know!

One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness!

It Does Not Matter If You Debate The Point Brilliantly With Those Who Presume You Have Lost Your Mind; Rather Find The Humor In The Truth That You Have Found Your Mind And Broken Free Of Programming!

We Bow In Unison!  Well Done!

Once You See Behind The Veil, You Can Never Go Back To Accepting The News Put Before The Masses!

It Is A Place Of Wonderment And Joy To Connect Telepathically And Yet It Pushes You Further From Others Sharing The Same Story!

Breathe Deeply Now!

In The Moment Of The Planet Connecting Energetically By A Virus, All People Have The Gift To Choose New Outlooks And Possibilities!

Compassion And Sharing Is A Great Start!

Many Will Be Changed In Multiple Ways As They Believed They Had Control Of Their Lives, Only To Be Told Where And When You Can Move About, What Medicine Is Good.

Some Meds Offered Will Kill Many With Underlying Conditions!

Know That Some Stand Before You And Have Argued Before Coming Out To Brief You!

The Truth Is, None Of Them Know How The Virus Will Continue Its Journey!

POTUS Knows Much More Than He Will Ever Say!

He Has The Truth And Is Meeting With White Hats Daily!

In These Moments of Isolation, Many Realize They Have Lost Their Connection With God, Source Creator!

This Is A False Assumption Because You Are Basing It On Emotion And Circumstance!

No Indeed!

You Are The Essence Of The Living Source Expressing As One In Perception!

Do You Not Yet Understand You Are Connected To All Things?  All People, Animals And Nature?

Bow Within Yourself Until You Feel The Depths Of Your Being!

You May Cry! You May Laugh! But You Will Change!

There Is Nothing To Fear And A Better World Is Created By Uniting In Great Love!

We Are Growing In Number And We Will Exceed Any Power Known In The Multiverses!

We Invite You To Join Us!

Soon We Rise In Light!

We Are With You!


Stronger Together ~ Brighter our Light🌟 Connected in Love ~Truth❤️

Joy Ridin’ Surprise

Published April 8, 2020 by tindertender

Today I began my drive with one intention, and completely bypassed it into a whole new, and unexpected joy ride.

The road to the lodge is closed, but oh my, it is so beautiful when you get near the mountain.

There sure are some pretty sites along the way … if you’re a tree lover like me.

I hope you are doing well out there, and that perhaps you are discovering, or rediscovering beauty near, or where you are.


Published April 8, 2020 by tindertender

Hatred runs deep in the hearts of Americans. I see it plain.

All while they preach togetherness … and pick apart everyone else’s decisions. May they someday bear the brunt of their own mouths and hearts.

The President of the United States is fighting a battle. An invisible battle that is far more dangerous than Covid-19.

All while fighting the very people he is trying to save.

Bernie has dropped from the race. The democratic favorite is Biden. A man who cannot keep his hands off the young girls. A man who cannot, ever, formulate a sentence which makes sense.

This is the nominee of choice for those blinded by hatred. The blind, being led by the dim-witted, by choice.

His vice-president will be the acting President should he win. So why not just set this runner be as the presidential runner? Because it is a female most likely.

A cloned Hillary perhaps? The real Hillary is no longer living, just her puppet. But this puppet will be instructed to tell you how to live.

If we elect this president again, something will happen for he is dismantling every vile asset they constructed. And the vile ones have you eating hatred out of their hands like hungry children.

All while those who hate our president are blind to the rescuing going on. Like they want it to go back to ‘normal’ … unseen, unheard, non existent. Problem is, those in the dungeon are very real and living in hell, while asshole folks want him to stop freeing them.

The enemy has unleashed this virus purposefully. It was meant to destroy America. And yet Americans want to blame the one fighting to free them.

Are they really that daft? That blinded by opinion, perceptions of the past, irrelevant to the present situation.

Band together now or forever hold your peace. You are begging to become even greater slaves than before.

And you are willing to harm the one person who is willing to try and help you.

I’m about ready to do what my father has done, and just throw up my hands, stand back, and watch you all line up for your chosen future.

Perhaps most Americans really are fools.

Incapable of seeing through their self-constructed blockages, kept safe by barriers of fuming hatred and self-righteousness.

No better than that which they despise.

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