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Oracle Reading 7-6-2020

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

Be bold, and mighty forces will aid you. Take actions. Good luck favors the brave.

Today I will start a new journey. I will not wait until everything is just right. I know there will always be challenges, obstacles, and imperfect conditions. So what! I will get started now. With each step I will grow stronger, more skilled, and more confident. I will take a risk and I will succeed.

Pay attention to the subtleties. Look with new eyes. There are signs and omens everywhere.

Today I will open my eyes and acknowledge a deeper truth. I will pay attention to the omens that Spirit sends and receive the message. Every sign I need is here to guide and direct me. I will not be deceived. I am now excited and ready to welcome the miracles life has to offer.

We are all becoming. Surrender to your changes. Release your fear. Trust this powerful process.

Today I remember the infinite rhythm of life. I will not be afraid of the darkness for it is always followed by the light. I will not be surprised when the light seems to fade for it is just a part of the process. I know life is a circle of birth, death, and rebirth. I will not fear. I will embrace all that I am becoming and welcome change.

Reading from the deck “Magical Times” Empowerment Cards, created by Jody


Oracle Reading 6-24-2020

Published June 24, 2020 by tindertender

Pleasure should be made a priority – actively seek it. Do not forget what makes you happy. Become more aware of the obstacles to your own pleasure.

Financial aspects come to the fore. Your prosperity will improve. You can be physically and spiritually rich. Ethics are necessary for real success.

Examine your darker aspects. You are being shown the way forward. Your path is illuminated, and there is no need to feel lost or indecisive. Something that has been lost to you will be found.


Reading from the deck “Goddesses and Sirens” created by Stacey Demarco

Shifting Timelines, Friction and Frequency Vibration

Published June 22, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: ~ Tom Montalk, Realm Dynamics

The world is now experiencing a parting of ways between sectors of the population no longer resonating with each other. It is a realm split, a cleaving of collective fields into several smaller ones.

Experiential catalysts are pushing people off the fence, forcing them to discover who they truly are and what they stand for. Their soul vibrations are purifying and intensifying, bringing a retreat from the superfluous and a return to destiny.

What was once an emulsified mixture of diverse realms is separating into layers, and when the cup tilts it will be the lowest density layers that spill down the drain. The polarization phenomenon begins with mutual disinterest between individuals of uncommon paths. There may be confrontation and separation, or circumstance may simply bring a gentle parting of ways. But as time goes on and people gather into their most harmonious collective realms, the chasm between these realms will run so deep that eventually even the collective sharing of perception and experience will be severed.

The learning requirements of each collective realm may become so mutually contradictory that they can no longer share the same space, the same timeline, the same density. This would entail a timeline split, each major realm following a different trajectory into the future that best accommodates the collective learning needs of its inhabitants. What tilts the cup remains to be seen.

Of course not all is predestined. There are chaotic factors left to freewill. Some hyperdimensional forces aware of the impending shift are counting on mass frequency suppression to lock mankind into a probable future where these forces reap maximum energy harvest and retain control, whether in this density or the next. This may involve anything from mass loss of life to genetic assimilation and spiritual enslavement.

A collective choice to elect such a scenario would acquiesce sufficient freewill to give such forces free reign to rewrite history in order to expand and solidify control in the present and future. To an extent this has already occurred and the world as we know it today is the end result of the most recent timeline revision. And yet time marches on and the “final” future is still open.

This brings us to what we as individuals can do. The wiser sources say we should simply be ourselves, remember who we are and radiate the essence of our soul. Indeed, we are frequency anchors. The vibration we hold determines the realm we establish, and our realm contributes to the collective realm. There are frequencies of suppression and frequencies of liberation.

By exultantly living from your heart you not only set an example for others, you also help lift the heaviness of the local and global collective realm. Nothing lifts gravity like levity and love. This assists those who would otherwise be subconsciously crushed by the prevailing low frequency fields.

It is commendable to take action and do something when called, but in the meantime simply hanging onto your center is enough. This sets you on the high path beyond the reach and sight of darker elements and clears the path for others to come with you. Keep your poise through the turbulence and cling tightly onto your mast when the sirens beckon you overboard. Shine as a lighthouse amidst the fog.


We Have A Choice

Published June 17, 2020 by tindertender

It is apparent governments, or at least the one in my country, is steering us toward mass vaccinations and chipping.

Pretty sure this is happening to us world-wide.

Will the people choose the light?

Or will they allow politicians and scientists to shut it down once more, leaving the mind in the dark, and us feeling alone … with the suffering inflicted by lifetime politicians?

A Healthier Self and Planet

Published June 13, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by:

Grab a bottle or two of water, go to a place with water, a stream, or river, hold that bottle in your hand, or on your chest(heart), see a light from your heart filling and mixing with the water in the bottle, and say “may this bottle of light cleanse and purify the waters of Mother Earth, the rivers, the lakes, the seas, the oceans, may this bring joy to all of the Water Kingdom. So it is. And than gently pour the water in the stream, river, and SEE it reaching far and wide into the oceans. SEE the oceans sparkling with light.

If you wish to see world peace, than imagine this, visualize this, SEE A PLANET OF PEOPLE DANCING HAND IN HAND OUT IN NATURE, LAUGHING, HUGGING, SHARING GIFTS. See the Animal Kingdom being free, playing in joy.

We have stated previously BREATHE IN LIGHT, BREATHE OUT LOVE. This is especially important RIGHT NOW. What do you wish to SEE in this world? What do you wish to experience? What do you wish to create? Be clear in your intentions, and see ’em manifest with the light of your heart.

This is a time of amplified intentions. A great energy is offered to YOU now, what will you do with it? Will you allow the old ways to distract you, pull you into negativity, or will you use this energy like a master in your reality, to change your life and the world.

This new light is assisting your healing, cleansing, and activation of your DNA at a much faster rate. A whole lot of activity is occurring in your head, the third eye in particular, you will notice much more activity than usual there.

Also your high heart is receiving intense waves of light, self love and love for all is greatly needed now.

Be at peace with all, within and without. Eat less, eat light, drink plenty of water get plenty of rest, spend much time in nature. Your entire being needs to be at ease as you are receiving extra boosts of energy.

There is so much going on right now within your being, and without, on all levels. So what are you to do? The short and simple answer would be to BREATHE, relax.

Now we approach a very unique and powerful gateway, that will bring immense change to this world once again. Waves of light amplified, contributing to the deeper shattering of the illusions.

This is a chance for both(you and the star body) to prepare, to find the peace within, to open the heart more, and be ready to receive and to CHANGE one’s reality, through raising your frequency.

As we stated earlier, you are eternally connected to the rest of the Universe, stars, planets, galaxies. In certain timelines this connection becomes stronger, the energy amplifies due to the way the ‘star bodies’ are aligned. This is the Divine in ACTION.

You are made of the same light and love which the planets and the stars are made of. You are eternally connected. You are continuously exchanging energy. You have an impact on each other, positive or negative, the receiver decides. Day and night you “play” together.

Your DNA responds to Earth DNA. In a way connected. When Earth’s DNA activates, yours does as well. However, there can be obstacles on your end. And these would manifest as physical symptoms. Which brings us back to caring for your vessel.

What remains is the adjustments and upgrades to the physical vessel, because this is, for the first time in the Universe’s history, physical ascension. Hence the reason for this process being so gradual, so it may seem to many, or the human body would burn out.

Now you are anchoring a higher part of yourselves into the 5th dimensional matrix. At the same time through the activation of your DNA you are “pulling up” your physical vessels into the higher light.

The light from the Great Central Sun is infusing every star system in the galaxy. Our sun is bombarding each planet of the solar system with the new refined light.

Unnatural things cannot exist in 5th Dimensional Earth. From the food to medication. From the paved roads to the gas powered machines. And everything else that is composed of unnatural components, will gradually dissolve.

Much will also be transmuted by advanced technologies into something that Earth can use.

They fail to comprehend the magnitude of what is transpiring on Earth, so they label it as “new age stuff”.

The new reality is being anchored on this world similar to an ice tray being filled with water. The light flowing from Source to Earth will not stop until every dark or empty area has been filled with light.


Let There Be Light

Published June 11, 2020 by tindertender

Matthew 4:16 ~ The people who are seated in darkness saw a great light, and to those seated in the region of shadow and death, a light sparkled.

2 Corinthians 4:6 ~ For God, who said: Out of the darkness shine the light!, it was himself that shone in our hearts, to make the knowledge of God’s glory shine, the knowledge that glows on the face of Christ.

Acts 26:23 ~ [Being] the Christ who suffered and the first to rise from the dead, he should announce the light both to the people and to the nations.


Moving Into 5D

Published June 4, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by:

Earth 5D is ready to receive the First Wave.

Care for your physical vessel in these times. For there is great change happening within every cell of your body. Drink plenty of water(purified). Eat light filled foods(veggies, fruits, grains). And make sure you get enough rest and sleep.

The next four years are very crucial for this world. We cannot emphasize this enough, release, release, release the old and INVITE the new. Release all attachments. In meditation take deep breaths and invite and envision a world of light, love, peace and joy.

Once again the light shines on the lightholders. It is YOU who have been and continue to lead the way for humanity. This remains of utter importance that all lightholders as well as the rest of humanity, release the baggage of the old, meditate, breath and PURIFY YOUR CORE, to make room for the greater light entering this world now, which is only increasing by the minute.

All are to realize that this world truly IS changing. Many will begin to turn to YOU and listen to what you have to say because the signs will be so obvious that what YOU have tried to convey to others in the not too distant past is NOW manifesting in front of their eyes.

They will see that the upliftment of this world is real, and the old unnatural world is fading.

The ones who did not believe in any of this are soon to be shocked. Everyone who did not believe that your governments lied to you for millennia, that the entire system was designed to divide and enslave humanity, and now in all of this there is a new world emerging, all this and more will soon be seen clearly, even by those in deep sleep. Their illusions are to be shattered.

As we move forward, the veil has begun to dissolve rapidly, this is not just from the light coming from the Great Central Sun, but it is also humanity’s desire to creating a new world that is bringing the veil down, so the truth can finally be seen by all.

Everyone in the spiritual community or ascension community speaks of “ascension”, “ascending”, and “going to 5D”, and so on. The truth is you are not “going” anywhere. To “ascend” does mean to leave one world and enter another. But that is not what you are doing.

Precisely an UPLIFTment is occurring. You are UPLIFTING yourself in consciousness and Earth is too, but you are NOT “leaving” the planet. Through your expanded consciousness you are anchoring 5D Earth here and now. This is why the process has been so gradual.

Perhaps it is time for clarification on a few things?

The whole energy of the solar system has been placed on Earth’s ascension.

I look into your eyes… I wish I could lie… But I cannot… For I see a soul of angelic essence.

There is a new energy entering Earth now. It is the Universal life energy of light, love and unity.

Truly you haven’t seen nothing yet. You can even expect the ground your feet rest on to begin to shift.

Earth is now accepted as a full member of the Galactic Community and greatly respected and honored by all. When you soon meet with the beings from other star systems, they will look at YOU, the lightholder with astonishment and reverence, and feel as if they are dreaming when they finally SEE eye to eye with the mighty ground crew. The lightwarriors, who’s light did not only change a planet but paved a new path for the entire Creation.

As a collective humanity has already made the decision to move forward, to leave behind the old and create a new world of peace and prosperity for all. With this you have showed the Galactics that your world is ready to become a member of the Galactic Confederation and be given a major role on the Galactic Stage. This decision has been made, you have been given that status. But it is only the beginning.

The entire Universe is being uplifted to a higher vibrational frequency and Earth leads the way. For what happens here will affect the whole. And this is why we have the attention of billions of beings from around the galaxy and beyond, watching, guiding and protecting humanity and Earth, for SHE IS the chosen one. She is the E A R T H = H E A R T of this process. She is E A R T H A = THE GOLDEN ONE

The “pure hearts” of humanity on Earth will experience the best outcome, regardless of what happens in the false illusory matrix.

The powerful energies of the Golden Age of Atlantis, the highest vibrations that were achieved in that world are now rising once again, returning and accumulating with the energies of the NOW of our surface world and of Earth’s Inner Realms that are also now making their way to the surface. This is creating a very intense light, the likes of which have not been seeing before in this world.

We will be seeing the light increase threefold as we now enter the energies of the Summer Solstice. This will continue all the way through the Lion’s Gate of 8/8/2020. The key energies to activate new beginnings, great change, on a personal level and as a collective.

Shall we make things more interesting?

The Earth, Humanity, the Universe, all need YOU to speak up now. Your voice needs to be heard by all. No more shyness, no more hiding away. Shine your light now!

THE GOOD BY FAR OUTWEIGHS the bad in this world. But there is still a majority focusing on the mainstream media who unfortunately purposely and repeatedly display nothing but bad images of lost souls and paid actors who reflect their level of consciousness on the outer world.

The world is not ending. What is coming to an END is the DARKNESS in the world.

The energies of this solstice will be the most powerful yet. However, with the mass meditations that we’ll be doing, and the involvement of the Galactics, the energies will be AMPLIFIED. So the waves of light will be even more powerful than previously thought.

The physical vessel is being upgraded with every minute going by. The change has accelerated now. This is why one may feel exhausted.

Many choose to simply pay attention to areas where they THINK the light is absent, and remain oblivious to the fact that the light has washed all of Earth and continues to expand.

3 = Self Expression 6 = Manifestation 9 = Completion 12 = Mastery Humanity created for self expression through freewill. Manifesting realities through freewill. Completing the journey, understanding that true balance and power come from love. Entering 5D as Masters.

Mass Meditations On 6/20/2020, link below.

These are truly exciting times. Humanity is receiving so much assistance, way more than prior times, from the Galactics. The Pleiadians and Arcturians in particular.

Love… is untouchable. It can only be felt with a pure heart and soul. Once it is felt in this way, you will have changed FOREVER.

One of the most important things that must come from within is expansion. True expansion and growth can only come from within. The outside may assist a bit, but more so it may distract you from achieving that which you truly desire.

You have to release all attachments if you wish to take flight.

You are on a journey, particularly in a cycle, where there is so much to gain, and nothing to lose. Of course this also depends on your perspective.

Continue your focus within. Allow the light from the source within to expand, and envelope your entire being.

No matter where you are now, what you are doing with your life, and how you cope with the changes unfolding, you are DESTINED to return to the higher planes of existence.

The veil between your current reality and that of the 5D Earth is now razor blade thin. And this last layer is dissolving swiftly.

You are healers and bringers of the light that will see this world into a new reality very soon. You’re so powerful, your heart’s energy with every beat, touches everything within a two mile radius, at times even further. Keep shining your light.

Have you been seeing 11:11? 1+1+1+1 = 4 = Heart Chakra The guides want you to focus on your heart center.

Time for the First Wave.

All that which one experiences in their life, is a REFLECTION of their own level of consciousness.

Know that within you there is an inexhaustible source of divine love.

The frequency of Earth continues to rise by the minute. Through the many portals activated on Earth, ancient vortexes’ points, and especially through the starseeds, lightworkers, the higher realms are being anchored on Earth at this time. Continue to shine your light.

Allow the naysayers, the sleepwalkers to be. Unless their actions affect you directly, do not get involved. It is a matter of time before they too are absorbed by the light.

You speak truth, and you’re thought of as crazy. The ones who speak lies, and those who believe in their lies, are the ‘normal’ ones. Well, there is a new energy now. And in this new energy, the liar and the believer of the lie have no room here. Tsunami of light approaches.


Get You A Girl

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Get you a girl

Whose life is bigger than you.

It will keep you hooked for life and keep you dizzy. Gasping for air at times from delight and ecstasy and other times from pure terror.

Get you a girl

Whose lifeline is not you

Who has a therapist, a coach, a community of powerful women committed to telling her the truth, to helping her see, to helping her love herself and you the best that you both deserve.

Who does not come to you hoping you will fix her emotions, give her what she wants to, “feel better,” but only comes to you clear in who she is and what she needs and gives you the honor of meeting her there or not.

Get you a girl

Who is not confused about how she feels, does not throw up walls and defenses, isn’t hot one day and cold the next because she knows she wants YOU and she always pursues the things she wants.

Get you a girl

Whose dreams are bigger than the ones you dream with her. That her purpose for her life includes you but is not you alone, and you can feel her fire and joy and the impact that she is making.

Get you a girl

Who is happy, alive, turned on, with or without you.

Get you a girl

Who listens to you and values you and keeps you on solid ground. You do not have to worry about where you stand, you are never unsure of how things will turn out with her.

You always know.

Get you a girl who values her well-being more than she values anything else. For you can trust that the woman you are loving is the woman that she is.

Get you a girl

Whose thirst for knowledge, growth, for self-awareness, for being the best human she can possibly be, outweighs whether or not you are happy with her. She does not cause drama nor is she callous and she is always deeply true to who she is.

Get you a girl

Who will tell you the truth when others will placate you. Who will push you when others would control you. Who will piss you off and make you wonder about the sea of spiritual barbie dolls who really don’t challenge you all that much. Make you wonder if it would be easier over there.

Get you a girl

You can’t ever leave, even when you want to run. Even if someone with better t*ts




Comes waltzing in. Because nothing compares to the thing you have and you know it deep in your bones.

She is irresistible and knows this too.

Get you a girl who you get to enjoy the overflow of her love affair with life and not for one moment think you are the reason for her happiness.

She will change your life.

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