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Light Of My Heart

Published October 14, 2019 by tindertender

Like steel, your firm planting allows my soul to rest.

The warmth of your heart is reflected in every ounce of light, beaming into my Center, my Core, healing my hurts.

The beauty of your simple crookedness permits me to know, without doubt, there is beauty in all my crooked places too.

I am eternally grateful for you.

Your treasures are not hidden, nor can they ever be marred, for every use, every gifting, only increases the portions which give you value.

Loving, Bright Value.

Even in your plain state, it shows that no other could possibly replace you.

The Calm of a Winter Snow.

The Freshness of a Slow Wind.

The Fire of a Warm Sun.

A Twinkling Flow resembling a Glistening River.

Thank you for warming my heart. Thank you for being kind.

Work To Do

Published October 14, 2019 by tindertender

Honor them, love them, help them, heal them, but above all else, free them.

Everyone, of course (even you).

~ The Universe

When the enemy senses you getting close to freedom, someone will be sent to Soul Punch you, to strip you of your song, to crush your spirit. They may even tell you it’s your fault, that you somehow deserve it. They may try to convince you to become that which you once were, or resembled … the only ‘you’ they know of … which is born from their personal perception, not reality.

I know it is difficult not to take it personally. I know how hard it is to continue moving forward when bearing such damages, fresh wounds, presented by the hater.

For healths sake, let it go. Cut it off, and never visit it again. This vileness is not worthy of your council.

The only way to move through this is to forgive, forget, and move on.

If they refuse to see you, as you are, then nothing you say will convince them otherwise. Let them have their reality, you keep rising, shining, and loving the new you, the you that you create in every moment of every day.

Give them their freedom. Freedom from ever being exposed to that which they proclaim to hate.

The hate is theirs, and theirs alone to bear. Don’t you dare carry that!

I can attest to this fact about negative energy and psychic attacks having sticky feet, and often leave a sticky trail wherever it goes in the body and mind. Overcoming these attacks is no small win, for to disconnect this tar like substance from our body, heart, mind and energetic form is a critical and crucial battle. Often, this is the cause for addiction, because people are not taught, nor do they have a good support system in place to battle such attacks. Don’t let those who broke it, fix it.

I am grateful for my connected friends. Thank you for supporting me as I walk through this storm. I love you.

Choose Happy

Published September 30, 2019 by tindertender

One of life’s most elusive lessons, saved for only the wise and peculiar, is that there’s nothing, ever, to be unhappy about.

Unless, of course, you lose sight of the big picture, think the illusions are real, or forget there’s no such place as far away.


~ The Universe

Our Galaxy’s Black Hole Suddenly Lit Up and Nobody Knows Why

Published August 15, 2019 by tindertender

This is in preparation of Anti-particle Tara Urths passage into the Wesadek Time Matrix. The Black Hole is a portal into that Time Matrix.

In May, the supermassive black hole at the core of the Milky Way became 75 times brighter in just two hours.
Tara Urth is on his way to the Aqueous Sun Matrix where Ascending up and out of that Matrix is not impeded. Anti-particle Tara is going to the Wesadek Time Matrix. This Matrix is where the Invader Races originate from. Only the 3rd dimension awaits. No levels higher.

2017 is when both Planets started phase shifting away from one another. This marked the Peak of the Stellar Activation Cycle and the Half way point of the 10 year Organic Ascension window.

Light/Power Harvesting

Published July 29, 2019 by tindertender

This isn’t your average marble. It’s so sensitive to light that it can harvest moonlight & turn it into electricity. It concentrates both sunlight & moonlight by up to 10,000 times — making its solar harvesting capability 35% more efficient than conventional dual-axis designs.

The Krysted Ones ~ The Human Being

Published July 21, 2019 by tindertender

There have been many lies, cover-ups, and manipulations. The destruction of innocence has been going on for decades, millennia even … most likely since the beginning of time. They figure if they can destroy the innocent, the vulnerable, and convince them they are not worthy of love, that they are powerless and weak, and incapable of affecting real, positive change in their world, then they can keep on with what they’ve been doing.

The fact that people are beginning to understand the healing energy they hold within them has been hampered by lies and false belief, controlled by those who wish to rule over them, then they will begin to wield their true power. And they will not allow evil to USE them to perform their evil deeds. In this denial, in this refusal and insistence on working for the light, those corrupt ones will fall … the power of chaos and destruction and pain will be no more. A peaceful, and bright future will be what is left.

RISE … you are the Krysted one … you, and every human you meet. Act accordingly, unite, and end this destruction.

The Holy Grail

The “bloodline” of Angelic Human Krystos (you) evolution comes directly from the DNA template of the Elohei-Elohim, the portion of the collective group of Elohim who never abandoned this species, nor had anything to do with its eradication.

After seeing just how amazing this new feature of unlimited power had been for the Elohim, a group of geneticists, Grail-Line Oraphim Angelics from Sirius-B decided to perfect it even further.

Their superior creation was then used as the template used forthe Human experiment here on earth. Regarding the term “Grail” in the name of the beings behind this stage of your evolution,grail is another term for the word Krystos mentioned in the Angelic Human Krystos species.

Another term for this same feature is “arc”, as the Anu-Elohim went on to add to their Archangel status, in reference to the silver-strand to eternal-life developed in the Elohim.

The bloodline of the Elohim template has always been the “holy grail” spoken of in your religious texts, as it has always been the one most-coveted feature of all beings.

The “chalice” of the holy grail always meant a real human body, and not some cup made of special metal from the heavens that imparted eternal life. Your captors do not share this feature with you, which is another large topic for another time.

The genesis of the race you now call “human” here is in every way considered royalty in the interstellar communities who have been EAGERLY anticipating your entry now for 560 million years.

Want to know more? Visit the website at, here you can purchase the manuscripts, The “Human Handbooks”. Or you can email direct with specific questions to:

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