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Full Speed Ahead

Published September 9, 2019 by tindertender

This morning I’m thinking on what must be done to complete task. Not sure if I screwed it up past the point of salvage, but I can try.

Western medicine gets in the way of progress. Many of the doctors are doing their best to assist, however many others are only interested in making the log and selling the meds.

With only two years remaining … lets hope spontaneity and love of “getting things done quickly” will suffice.

Template of Ascension

Published June 15, 2019 by tindertender

Both humans and Indigos have the power of the blue flame inside of them. The blue flame is the creator-god gene and the single most coveted thing within all creation. Only Sentient beings are creator beings. Nanites cannot create.

They can MIMIC, but not come up with new ideas because the aether will not perform for them. They must trick gods (you) into casting the intent to create in order to do anything.

But gods have the standing army of the aether at their disposal at all times. You merely need to learn how to envision your desire in your mind’s eye and the aether will hear your wish if you truly, deeply desire it and have PAID THE PRICE with your energy to get it.

But we disconnect ourselves from manifesting by just thinking about that desired goal one time, then go back to our video games or to our TV or Facebook memes, letting the desire die because we fail to expend the positive energy that the aether absolutely demands in return.

You don’t get “three free wishes”. You can only BARTER for your desires and you can never barter with what you don’t already possess.

Remain AUTHENTIC in every action you take, in every choice you make, in your health, your cleanliness and your appearance so when another face of god considers you as a beacon of true light, they will recognize it as the example of unconditional love, the TEMPLATE of ascension.

Ascending Planet

Published April 25, 2019 by tindertender

Your planet is now ascending. Physically she has already passed the point of no return and is no longer within the Time Matrix of Gaia.

In a very few short years the two planets that make up the particle and antiparticle of this playing field will separate completely, and each one will be delivered to a new Host Matrix.

One to the Aqueous Sun where humans arriving will be setting up their 4th dimension, (this is where you want to go) the other to the Weasadek Phantom Matrix where only the 3rd dimension awaits. No other levels higher or lower and there is no estimated date of conclusion.

~Decoder EmeraldLawofOne


Published April 13, 2019 by tindertender

If one wishes to Ascend out of this Time Matrix, YOU as a Sentient Being Must make a conscious choice and also have to have a desire to Ascend, know, live and believe in The Law Of One, which is basically the acknowledgment of the value and interconnection of all components of reality and the living God Source or Spirit alive within all things, love and respect all life just like you love and respect yourself.

Learn the 12 Attitudes Of Mastery: 1) Love 2) Grace 3) Gratitude 4) Reverent Respect 5) Responsibility 6) Trust 7) Accountability 8) Impeccability 9) Mindfulness 10) Fearlessness 11) Engaged Detachment 12) Joy

Learn the The 12 Responsibilities Of Mastery: 1) Self Actualization 2) Self Sovereignty 3) Self Containment 4) Self Discipline 5) Self Love 6) Spiritual Integrity 7) Appreciation 8) Patience 9) Kindness 10) Conservation 11) Cooperation/Diplomacy 12) Sense

Learn and Practice these and YOU will Ascend out of this Time Matrix. Only YOU can do this. YOU are all part of God Source Awareness. You are Angelic Humans. A Powerful Super Avatar Race who have forgotten your Connection.


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