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Election Day Asteroid

Published October 6, 2020 by tindertender

The world could change dramatically (we know it is in other ways, certainly) … let us hope NASA is correct.

Asteroid Could Strike Earth Before Election Day But Won’t Cause Major Damage, NASA Says

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) predicts that an asteroid with a 0.41 percent chance of hitting Earth will pass by our planet Nov. 2, the day before U.S. election day.

“Asteroid 2018VP1 is very small, approx. 6.5 feet, and poses no threat to Earth!” NASA Asteroid Watch tweeted Sunday. “It currently has a 0.41% chance of entering our planet’s atmosphere, but if it did, it would disintegrate due to its extremely small size.”

“It’s quite an accomplishment to find these tiny close-in asteroids in the first place, because they pass by so fast,” CNEOS Director Paul Chodas said in a press release. “There’s typically only a short window of a couple of days before or after close approach when this small of an asteroid is close enough to Earth to be bright enough but not so close that it moves too fast in the sky to be detected by a telescope.”

To The Many Helpers and Friends

Published October 2, 2020 by tindertender

Thank you.

I know the spine is a tricky thing … its health can inhibit or prohibit beneficial work.

Sometimes I think the damages acquired throughout life are intentional, not by the one who experiences them, but by those who wish to inhibit progress.

It is clear that all thoughts and desires are not merely belonging to an individual, but to those who implant the thought or desire, again, in an attempt to inhibit progress.

Some may say this is an attempt to shuck responsibility.

A child cannot be responsible for its own programming …. this is an implant, or training, which continues throughout life in various forms, with the use of various abilities and technologies.

This comes in two general categories … those who wish to control life, and those who wish to be free, and seek the freedom and harmony of the whole.

All one need do is examine the heart. Does the thought or action resonate with the innermost part of the being? If not, it does not belong there and can be thought of as a manipulation effort.

This is my perspective, and I understand it does not align with that of many.

My purpose with this particular post is to acknowledge those who understand, and to tell you how greatly I appreciate your efforts to bring about harmony in this world, in that of other worlds, and in the hearts of life itself.

You are undervalued and misunderstood by most. To be truthful, I myself have difficulties understanding that which I was never exposed to as a youth, or otherwise.

Yet, I see you.

And I love you very much.

Thank you.

The Beneficial Worm

Published September 30, 2020 by tindertender

Last night I dreamed of catching worms. All of the ones I caught were too tiny and had to be put back. There was ONE king size worm that was in its very own case-holder, the King Worm, the example of what was keepable.

(Much like the fishermen have guidelines as to the size of fish they can keep, and those that they must throw back for further development).

There was a time I was told (in the astral) that humans are a commodity … this ties in with the worms … stay with me.

Each human either consumes and releases that which is of benefit, or they consume and release that which is detrimental. Sometimes, their thinking is so small, no matter what they consume will not provide enough benefit to the atmosphere, not unless there are hundreds, and thousands of them, and usually the detriment mounts to a degree that is simply not sustainable.

Some try. They really do … even I … To digest that which is harmful, and turn it into something that is beneficial, the energies we create, that we absorb and transmute … if we are studious and determined enough to do so, or even try.

The energy of this world is foul … and unfortunately, it is becoming more and more foul and people feed and spew garbage (foul intent) into the whole.

The purifiers really have their work cut out for them these days, how can anyone possibly keep up?

Even one very large personality, exquisite in their transmuting ability, cannot keep up with thousands of smaller putrifiers.

Hence, it is time to clean house and the smaller minds, those who willfully refuse to be part of the solution, the clean up, must be put back. To dwell in the refuse that is impossible to cleanse by their efforts alone. They will need to feed on it until they themselves become large enough to cleanse their own energies, or be consumed by them.

This is the actual separation taking place.

Those who work diligently to transform negativity, in their own hearts and minds, households and communities … and those who work to tear it all down, without care for the whole.

Earthworms are natural composters.

Earthworms aerate and loosen the soil by digging tunnels up to 7 feet deep, bringing mineral-rich subsoil to the surface with numerous smaller organisms that contribute to the health of the soil.

Earthworms ingest soil and digest the organic matter as they tunnel, producing castings. The castings increase the nutrient level and organic level of the soil.

Are you a beneficial worm? That which transitions the negative into the positive, or are you simply creating shit enough for the whole without cleaning up after yourself?

Choice … we all have it.


Samoan Fire Crew

Published September 29, 2020 by tindertender

We were able to go up and see a Samoan fire crew, they were just ending their 10 hour day.

You could hear them coming through the forest because they were singing the whole time!

Then they performed 2 songs for us!

It was just amazing!

The crew boss said they work like that all day!

And those yellow shirts were literally soaking wet from sweat working up on that mountain! Did not keep them from entertaining and sharing their culture with us! 


Bless the Fire Fighters

Oracle Reading 8-31-2020

Published August 31, 2020 by tindertender

Shadow ~ Trust in Magic ~ Magic is the mysterious and coincidental. It is at the heart of those moments of synchronicity and knowing. It is woven into the awareness that there is more to life that what you can see. It is born of that moment when you step without fear and with loving heart into the Void, voice your desire, and have Great Spirit send his messengers to show you the way. Trust in Magic. It is real, and it surrounds you.

Soul ~ A New Day Dawns ~ Today is a new day. With the dawn comes an opportunity to begin again or to embrace something new. Create what you wish to create. Become the person who you dream of being. Do not allow your doubts or fears to hold you back, for this day is bright with hope and good fortune. Go forth and greet it with a smile upon your lips and joy in your heart.

Let the Two Become One ~ Honor Gaia ~ The earth upon which you dwell is more than just a rock covered in water, stone and dirt. The earth beneath your feet, the mountains, the forests, the rivers, lakes, oceans, and the air that you breathe are all part of the magical living entity that is Gaia. She is our eternal mother, our provider, and our home. Gaia gives us life. Without her, we would not be. Honor Gaia by seeing the truth of what she is. Honor Gaia by loving her as you love yourself.

Reading from the deck “Messenger Oracle” created by Ravynne Phelan

State of Mind

Published August 20, 2020 by tindertender

I once had arrogance, a surety that I “knew it all” and the world revolved around me.

I had an experience that brought on profound fear. Perhaps I still am in fear, and just don’t realize it … maybe it is suppressed.

My perception currently is that this fear shifted into stubbornness … a need for it arose as I tried to pry myself from fear.

Today’s experience seems to be one of happiness and love, more frequently than not. My goal is to shift stubbornness into Skillful Will, which partners with the various forms of Life.

Sometimes I have bouts of rage, I roil and spew, just like that raging river … and then I calm down and a gentler flow ensues.

Currently, my focus is on reformatting my language to be more inclusive. The knowing that we are about to unite with various other life forms is a sure presence.

I share this with you, because I love you and wish for you to join in the festival that is about to rise.

There will be a grand entrance, it will be a party for some, and a terrifying event for others.

Please join me in the excitement of a new era, a new way of being, of joining in with an expanded family … and creating our New World.

The finest celebration most will see is upon us.

Let’s shift together and watch as Beauty shines.


Our World Is Changing

Published August 20, 2020 by tindertender

We are becoming a world, unified … Race, Gender, Species … different from what we have know before.

The new, and proper, terminology when speaking of gender in our New World is MALE and FEMALE for not all species are of man. We must be respectful and inclusive in the coming times.

This of course still leaves room for the Androgynous folks … perhaps they will let WE know how they wish to be referred to in the coming times.

Habitual speech must be altered to inclusivity … such as “Ah, Man!” …. What should it change to? Or how about this one … “Hey, Man!” Could be changed to, “Hey, Buddy!” Or perhaps these ought to left behind, with all of the other habitual patterns of separation needing tossed.

Love is a very real thing … and what we reap, we sow.

Reject any portion of Life, and we’ll be rejected.

Abuse any portion of life … well, you can see it.

Acceptance breeds acceptance.

Judge others, and you WILL be judged.

Leave the superiority act behind, and join Life, in ALL of its forms.

The world will be a much happier place with a series of attitude adjustments … occurring now … you may have noticed.

Peace On Earth

Published August 20, 2020 by tindertender

This is the age of prophecies
Of miracles and telepathy
The revelation of the mystery
That I am You
And You are Me

Now is the dawn of our awakening
Spirit is in everything
It’s in the Earth and the moon
It is everywhere
It’s in the Sun and the Stars
And the Love we share
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth

Aum Shanti aum Shanti aum Shanti, Shanti aum
Aum Shanti aum Shanti aum Shanti, Shanti aum

I open my Heart to the language of Light
Receiving with Grace
The gift of second sight
Prepare the way for the Great Rebirth
The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth

Aum Shanti aum Shanti aum Shanti, Shanti aum
Aum Shanti aum Shanti aum Shanti, Shanti aum

Source: Musixmatch

I Am A River

Published August 16, 2020 by tindertender

Like a river I am gentle and calm with “seasons” (situations) of roaring flow that can destroy.

I spent two hours floating in the natural mineral waters of GAIA. Floating, stirring the hot waters with the cool waters. I tipped my head back and let the water cover my eyes, and I floated there, senses calm and still, receiving much needed love and acceptance from the natural world.

Someone constructed this fantastic art! I hope it remains for a time, and that if it falls over it will not land on anyone. (They left their beer can).

After a couple hours I headed back toward town for breakfast. I was so relaxed, a little smile upon my face. I was so grateful for the many blessings I had received while enjoying nature’s warm bath.

I decided not to go all the way home. Instead I went to another location and sat on the waters edge for a few more hours.

As the roots of the tree equal it’s branches, so do our inner worlds match the outer.

Balance …

While relaxing in this space a young boy walked into the center of this shallow part of the river with his mother, and with her assistance he climbed the biggest rock in the water. He shouted, “Dad! Look! I’m king of the world!”

I laughed heartily. And then I cried. I had to go into the river and splash water in my hair and my face to disguise my emotion. He was so precious! I stated softly, “Yes my boy, you ARE king of the world.”

Even now, many hours later, my eyes leak at his excited, innocent proclamation.

On my trip back home, I sang songs to GAIA and the elementals of the forest, of the waters, of all life which surrounded me. I sang sweetly to them as I used to do as a young lady, wandering in the forest day to day.

Here are a couple video compilations from the day. I am so grateful for the many blessings I have received.

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