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Family, Not Always By Blood

Published October 10, 2019 by tindertender

In my mind, in my memory, both recent and far …

I’m not everything you’d hoped for, I’m not everything I dreamed I’d be … my balance stems from this existence.

May any damages born be nullified, may all rough edges be smoothed and memory of pain be eliminated, replaced with calm, subdued.

Some are stuck in pain from the past, still playing the ‘blame game’, and instilling it in ‘close family circle’. Perceptions of one = poison of others, and the cycle goes on and on.

Things stated are not really heard, but things stated, colored by the triggers and emotions it stirs up, are used to weave a new story, a story of continued blame and pain. Four fold, against One.

Let them play the hero, let them claim the high road.

All I ask is, who brought what into your world? Who brought joy, and who brought poison.

Who works to build trust, and who is working to tear that same work down.

Who believes your legacy is their daughters legacy? Who initiated the conversation at all?

You will be told it was me.

Look at the history you know of me, and go from there.

All I’ve ever wanted was a bit of your time.

Please don’t swallow the poison.

Dinner, Memories, and Love

Published October 2, 2019 by tindertender

Tonight I broke out the ol’ cast iron skillet, plopped in a few scoops of left over beans and rice, smashed ‘em up and added cheese, and wahlah, bean burritos like we used to eat years ago when I lived in the wilderness.

Memories are great. I really loved those burritos back then, even if I did have to shred two and a half pounds of cheese for them. (Back then, ALL cheese was in blocks, none of this pre-shredded stuff).

After supper I sit and read from the book, “How to Love” by Thich Nhat Hanh. This particular passage strikes me, for I am nearly completely immersed in the stage of, your suffering is mine also, and I see it everywhere I go.

And so I practice. I practice understanding my own, relating it to what I see, working to heal past traumas and triggers, so that someday, in combination with the work others are doing also, this suffering in the world might be eased, if not lifted.

The Four Elements of Love

Loving Kindness ~ The first element of true love is loving kindness. The essence of loving kindness is being able to offer happiness. You can be the sunshine for another person. You can’t offer happiness until you have it for yourself. So build a home inside by accepting yourself and learning to love and heal yourself. Learn how to practice mindfulness in such a way that you can create moments of happiness and joy for your own nourishment. Then you have something to offer the other person.

Compassion ~ The second element of true love is compassion. Compassion is the capacity to understand the suffering in ones self and in the other person. If you understand your own suffering, you can help him to understand his suffering. Understanding suffering brings compassion and relief. You can transform your suffering and help transform the suffering of the other person with the practice of mindfulness and looking deeply.

Joy ~ The third element of true love is the capacity to offer joy. When you know how to generate joy, it nourishes you, and nourishes the other person. Your presence is an offering, like fresh air, or spring flowers, or the bright blue sky.

Equanimity ~ The fourth element of true love is equanimity. We can also call it inclusiveness or non-discrimination. In a deep relationship there is no longer a boundary between you and the other person. You are her and she is you. Your suffering is her suffering. Your understanding of your own suffering helps your loved one to suffer less. Suffering and happiness are no longer individual matters. What happens to your loved one happens to you. What happens to you happens to your loved one.

Spinning Wheels, Got To Go ‘round

Published October 2, 2019 by tindertender
Some are trapped here, just as we are.
I know these ones.
Frustrated Friends.
We need to help each other.

It is said that when they came to assist us, their mothership was blown to pieces, and here they remain. They are NOT our enemy, although millennia without support has made them frustrated and slightly impatient.

The real enemies are those who build a contraption on the outer edges of our planet, holding everyone in perpetual ‘recycle’.

Now And Again

Published October 1, 2019 by tindertender

I am so grateful I do not stay upset for long. Now if I can only refrain from sharing the fact I am upset before it eases. My goal is to not involve anyone else in these things, at least until I am calm.

One scenario after the other …

I once wanted to learn to play piano, however that was not possible at the time. I do not know any instruments besides the drum and rattles and such, and then it’s just play. No, for me my only true instrument is my vocal chords, and I am grateful for this instrument.

I’ve gotten back into singing love songs. I LOVE love songs! It is amazing how many of them I know all the words to! I asked myself earlier, “How Old am I?” Because it amazes me how many I really do know.

Of course, it takes it playing for the words to come spilling out my brain and mouth. HA! I never said instant recall without some lead in was a skill of mine.

I discovered some things are stationary. At first I got a brain cramp about it, then I decided it is okay, I’ll revamp around it, and all will be good and right in the world.

I often balk when someone gives advice. Perhaps I should try to be a better listener, instead of barging full steam ahead all riled up. More information, another mind thinking on subject, can never hurt a situation. It is a habit born from a life of standing alone for the most part.

I am hoping this will all shift soon.

If it does not (and I believe it will) I will simply find the good in delay and prepare for the time of alignment.

Until then … LOVE songs it is.

And candlelight …

Choose Happy

Published September 30, 2019 by tindertender

One of life’s most elusive lessons, saved for only the wise and peculiar, is that there’s nothing, ever, to be unhappy about.

Unless, of course, you lose sight of the big picture, think the illusions are real, or forget there’s no such place as far away.


~ The Universe

You Are Not Crazy

Published September 30, 2019 by tindertender

There is much suffering in this world. In the seen, and in the unseen. Incarnate spirits (humans) are made to go hungry, they are tormented in many ways. If their lives are cut short, especially through trauma, many remain and suffer still, reliving this trauma over and over again, going further insane.

Much of this tormented behavior we see in our fellow brothers and sisters is caused not only by their environment, but by other discarnate spirits seeking help. Often a medium, psychic personality will be a go-to for them, for their ‘antennae’ are wide open.

JS Godinhu writes much about this and techniques on how to help ourselves, and those seeking assistance from a discarnate position. I’ve learned of him only recently, have purchased a book on kindle, (using the translate option) and will put into practice these techniques.

If you find that you are somewhat anxious, have food fetishes, are experiencing pain in the body (stomach or otherwise), these could be experiences you are picking up from a discarnate spirit.

You have an opportunity to assist them in their healing, and in so doing, alleviating much suffering in this world. Of course, this is a choice for you. If you are a Medium, this is your gift should you choose to offer it for healing the traumatized … including, first and foremost, your own traumas, triggers, and defenses.

These connections will make you feel crazy, the Western Doctors will tell you you are crazy … however, this is the furthest thing from the truth.


The link may say there is nothing found by JS Godinho, push the search button with his name in the tool bar, it will show up as:

Also, this lady is a wonderful go-to for more information.

Getting United

Published September 29, 2019 by tindertender

Beautiful to see. I love the First Nations/indigenous peoples. The way they honor each other, and others is a blessing … and I’m honored to be on the receiving end as well as giving. This is the way … if we choose to live in harmony and love.

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