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Published October 29, 2022 by tindertender

“They” are limited. They cannot allow the full expression of a humans life force without purposefully keeping it in a constant state of flux.

Too much happiness causes humans to grow expansive. So there’s chaos, and war, and manipulation of consciousness, to keep the state of suffering alive.

Yes, they are limiting the expression of life for others, willingly, purposefully. Yet they want all the glory at the same time. And they need humanity to give it to them, rather than humanity claiming it for themselves. And so many do. Willingly “vote” for their “leader” or the commandeer of their lives, rather than accept their own rightful positions.

I for one wish to be my own boss … as my father puts it. Choosing my work every day on my own accord, living as I see fit and am capable of producing, without interference from so called commandeers. Living in peace, within a collective that knows how to barter and trade in their communities for what they need, rather than being sustained on wages from “rulers” in exchange for my time, my life.

It was once this way, and I foresee it will be this way again … for some of us.

Prayer for the Family

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

Some Call It Magic

I call it adding the element of fire, color, and oils to my prayer.

I don’t typically share my prayers, but this one is significant, so I plant the seed.

Tonight, I light a seven day white candle for the Blue Clan family.

White is for purity, new beginnings, fresh starts, peace and tranquility.

“Creator, please bless our family’s hearts with renewal. Let us come together in a good way, with love, honor and respect, so we may be a healthy family, supportive of each other, with open hearts and minds. Let us see the bigger picture, and not a narrow view. Let our Prinicple White Chief be honored and respected as the Spiritual Leader and Guide that he is. May we be willing and able to accept his wisdom, and support him as we learn from him, the traditions, with a humble and compassionate heart.”

Candle is dressed with the prayer, rose geranium essential oil for Love, and Frankinsence and Myrhh for the protection of our Spirits as we navigate this new beginning.

I love you all.
I am grateful for this family.
Let us be healed.

Silently, Ignorantly, Connected

Published June 16, 2022 by tindertender

Various paths, all playing out simultaneously.

Most are so wrapped up in their own personal experience and knowing they cannot honor another’s equally valuable experience.

Without trying to understand another’s path, we are forever condemned to judge it.


Published June 7, 2022 by tindertender

Unity once was. Then a split. A play for dominance. Those who exited unity, creating division and duality, now wanting to be recognized as the author of unity …. and folks be bailing on the original status of union in favor of a mutation.

One free

One dominated

A New Humanity ♥️ A New Society

Published April 21, 2021 by tindertender

From a woman teacher friend ….

Imagine a society encouraged/built up, empowered and supported to live freely through creativity, openness, kindness, sharing, supporting each other, thriving through enhancing organic and natural abilities instead of creating mindsets of fear, separation and lack…

Imagine a society encouraged to flourish without mind-games, flourish within limits, flourish through JOY, PEACE and up-liftment… and supported in all of this.

Imagine a society not bred through survival modes, lack and fear. Imagine a society not defined by how much they have or statuses that make one “better” or “more important” than another …

Imagine a society that cares enough not to let each suffer or do without….

Imagine a society encouraged instead of broken or torn down…

Imagine a System that supports humanity on every level and every way. Where up-liftment and inspiration are a priority and limits are no longer in place to prohibit each from living their own Divine Birthrights…. freedom, love, peace and equality.

This is what we each are here to create, implement, build, maintain and sustain. This is what is possible when all move beyond the excuses, stories/narratives and self-imposed limits believed….

This is what is POSSIBLE when each invest and dedicate their hearts, minds, resources, skills and energy into creating something that supports all as LOVE.

This is what Light Keepers do, Light BEings, Souls/Star BEings and what the Frequency Holders of NEW Earth share….

THE WAYS TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. This is what each’s template holds… you/each one of us…. It’s in our cellular make-up and DNA. Beyond the distortions are all new realities… a whole new world that each bring forth, unite and accomplish as Pure Love here. It’s our humanity, it’s our love…. It’s each one of us DOING OUR PART in accomplishing/living this together as LIGHT BEINGS here.

THE CODES FOR A NEW HUMANITY exist within us all. All we each have to do is go inward, connect deeper, unlock them through our Expanded Heart-Connected Consciousness in order to bring them forth and apply them to our own individual/collective realities/worlds.

Not “one day”… now. One day is the game that the ego aspect plays. A game of separation of linear time. NOW is where all is created from, emanates from and is birthed.

What are you birthing/creating and living from your every now?

Peace, unity and expansion or limits, fixed mentalities and illusory games of fear/give my power away and control?

In every moment we each have a choice. To OPEN OUR HEARTS FULLY and anchor the new or keep trying to live by the old. The old is a “karmic”/unconscious timeline/energy/Level of Consciousness in and acceleration process of collapsing for the whole planet so that all can finally shift to a whole new timeline/reality (vibrational frequency) to live cohesively and in Divine Harmony the Energy of NEW Earth Consciousness.

Everything: From this Now.

Our inner connection and knowing must be stronger than any fear energy of separation is.

Scared or Sacred

Same letters, different energies and frequencies when re-structured geometrically.

Feel each word to be able to tell the difference in how powerful the energy of words and beliefs are on a cellular level.

One brings peace. The other does the opposite.

Unity or Separation.

Different feelings… different results.

A Quantum Humanity (NEW Earth Society) holds the ability to shift/jump/collapse and activate all new timelines/realities at will. These Template Codes are here for all NOW.

Time Space – Why it Distorts Your Reality

Published March 30, 2021 by tindertender

Time is an application, not a fixed reality. Understand how to change time and you will understand how to totally change what you believe to be your reality.



Law of Cause and Effect – KARMA

Published March 15, 2021 by tindertender

Storytime with Madam Speaker

Authentic “Whole-yness”


Forgiveness does not mean that you accept abuse or harmful energies or actions being directed to you, such as people that are sociopaths and do not feel remorse or hold any respectful boundaries. It is possible to forgive a person who is possessed by negative forces, and to be completely neutral towards them, and yet know that for your health and well being you have to set proper boundaries or distance away from them. When undergoing severe trauma at the hands of another, it is important to know that person many times ceases to be in control of themselves, as they are being controlled by negative forces that carry out these harmful acts against other people.

Neutral Association or Observer Point

The Controllers have zero power over you (one’s thoughts and emotional state) when you are outside of their frequency reach by maintaining neutral balance or the Observer Point. If you stay out of mental and emotional polarity (inferior and superior thought forms) it is very hard for them to manipulate or control you. The Controllers have no access to control Now Moment Consciousness and do not understand the self-organization of God Force in Action as the Compassionate Witness. When you are capable to maintain and then embody energetic balance (through observer with no attachment to outcome) God Forces can access your being and bring resolution, reconciliation and peace to the most despairing of circumstances. Remember Fear closes the door to God Force while holding the inner Balance (Peace and Love) opens it.

A way to understand observer point is liken it to viewing a movie. If you become at all connected to any thread in an archetype of drama you are pulled into the movie, into the time and space of which the hologram is playing out. When observing it you are outside time, you are outside of the matrix of which is creating it. When you are outside looking at it you are not in the same time space field where this particular event is transpiring and that’s where you have to stay.

This is the same principles in working with some of the Galactic Wars and challenges that we see in the higher planes. The mistake is when we engage with it as is, like you are in it, you have made a mistake. You have got to pull out. You cannot be in the timeline. As soon as you are feeling the emotional pull or the vestment or the attachment, whatever it is that pulls you into the timeline and you get sucked into the identity, now you can hurt yourself. The level of holding observer is understanding that when you do this you are outside of the space where that event and that technology has power. When you are outside of it, that technology, whatever it is, whatever’s going on, does not have power over you. As soon as you get sucked into it you become a part of the movie.

Control your mind …


Message 2/23/2021

Published February 24, 2021 by tindertender

As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy & immediately saw white angel feathers falling everywhere. The angels are all around us.

They are here in numbers I have never seen before.

This indicates to me there is a very significant event on the horizon they are here to assist us with. I hear the angels are making gossamer nets to hold us in so nobody falls in despair. They are here to support and uplift us.

They are singing and their notes are anchoring in healing frequencies of love.

The second image I see are another group of angels bowling as I have viewed before. However this time, I see them bowl a couple of strikes and then they gather all of their equipment and leave the bowling alley. This indicates part of their journey is completed and they are ready to move onto the next mission of helping to build the gilded society on earth.

In the final image I see a Native American male riding a horse holding a flagpole as he rides. The flag on the pole is red, white and blue but it is not an American flag. The symbols are different. I hear this flag represents all of the Americas and that he rides to unify this part of the world. Then I see him standing next to a giant tree. He throws what looks like tobacco in the wind and gives homage to the Great Spirit. He says this tree represents the unification of humanity.

This is why the ancestors are here. They are preparing us for the next phase in our evolution, the time of the great peace. He says this is something so many have experienced many lifetimes to prepare for, to witness the birth of a new nation and a new world where the children of the Great Spirit will unite under a flag of peace.

He says it is a return to the rule of the children of the light. He signifies war will be no more I see a white buffalo calf as a symbol of the peace that is arriving on earth. With this peace our birthrights from the Creator will be returned to us.

Source: @lightworker4441

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