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Hydroxychloroquine Testimonies

Published July 30, 2020 by tindertender

People who have been treated, or know someone who’s been treated are starting to speak out. First hand experience cannot be refuted.

Visiting The Ocean

Published July 25, 2020 by tindertender

This morning I decided to visit the coast line, and oh how happy I am that I made that choice!

It was quite busy! I guess everyone had cabin fever, lol.

The children were so beautiful as they ran and played in the ocean. One brought the remnants of a tiny crab to his father who told him to drop it. haha

There were flowers everywhere!

This lily was actually HUGE

Apparently, the chickens have hatched, and they are dancing.

I was visited by Dragonfly. He kept flying around me. I took many photos, however these two are the only ones that weren’t blurry. What a beauty!

Of course, what is a day at the beach without ice cream?

On the road again … viewpoints!

Took a curvey route back to the city. Stopped to look at a creek and another friend said hello!

I drove all day with the windows down, the wind blowing my hair around, refreshing my energy body, blessing me in a way incomparable.

Aaaahhhhhh …. relaxation and happiness in the fullest.

Thank you GAIA. I love you so much!

PS ~ I have a bag of sand.

Current Truth About Society

Published June 22, 2020 by tindertender

A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue to sell medication for profit is not a true society, but a mental assylum.

So much beneficial technology and ways of being have been denied the people, all for profit and power.

It is time to flip this.


How to ‘Purposefully’ Add Good Energy to the World During Separation

Published May 8, 2020 by tindertender

During these times of Covid-19 and the fear it represents in the hearts and minds of people, we are separated, even more than we were before.

How do we put our good energy into the world?

Some of us have been home for awhile now due to layoffs. What do we do with our time?

I started sewing … masks. I rearranged my bedroom. I cleaned house, or at least ‘picked it up’. I changed my living room window treatment. I started going for joy rides and hikes in various parks that were/are open. I started praying again, in the forest.

All that is good.

I entered deep spaces in my mind that I thought I had already visited, but these spaces held additional blockages that needed attention, healing and clearing. Inner work is very good to do in these times.

How do we share the love we are working on increasing in our own hearts and minds?

We can:

1) Send note cards via USPS. It is amazing how rare it is that one receives a card these days. It is a nice surprise when you’re stuck at home with no visitors.

2) Smile and wave at those you encounter, whether you be passing another vehicle on the road, or in the grocery store … smile, show kindness.

3) Paint rocks with inspirational messages or pictures and leave them in various areas for people to find. The atm, the park, any stairs you may climb, and entrances or exits to buildings or flower pots. Anywhere people might find themselves stopping for a moment.

4) Have flowers delivered to a friend or family member … just because.

5) Share a meal with someone in need. Getting take-out? Purchase an extra meal and give it to the next person you see, who is hungry.

These are only five suggestions, but there could be many more. I welcome your thoughts and ideas to increase methods of growing happiness and care in this world, please add them in the comments section.



Pendulum Healing 4-21-2020

Published April 21, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: Karen Walters,

Here’s another uncommon pendulum I use. It’s super big, and the shape of it is in the Egyptian pendulum family.

It’s shape makes it called an Osiris pendulum, they come in all different sizes. The big size of this one makes it more effective for doing energy work throughout a house (it can remove hauntings), and it’s very good at distant healings, or just reading for someone who’s far away.

The geometic, “Osiris” shape, emits light that’s “negative green”. Negative Green light has the energy of Winter Solstice, it heals by way of killing the bad to hasten the cycle of life again. Negative green light is suppose to travel better to far away places, that’s why it’s chosen for distant readings or healings.

It doesn’t feel good to hold the body of this pendulum, it begins to make your bones or joints hurt. That’s true for all Osiris pendulums, but the larger it is the more light emits from it, making it more intense. I just held it for a second to take the picture so you could tell how big it is. It’s fine if you’re holding it by the cord.

Me and my husband use this pendulum when we’re asked to help people being haunted.

Simple, inexpensive Medicine recall … ?

Published April 17, 2020 by tindertender

My temp started to climb when this first came out, I used the mms protocol for 2.5 days and my temp fell back to normal. Had sweaty outbreaks for two days, but no other symptoms so not sure what that was all about.

They’re trying to keep simple, over the counter medicines from you. And I guess I better order another supply before they get their way.

**As with all things … use responsibly and follow directions should you choose this medicine.

Remember Toronto Billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman?

Published April 6, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

More recent photo

It was initially reported Barry killed Honey then himself in a domestic murder suicide

The couple was found seated near the pool, thier bodies positioned exactly like this art work seen here (in another part of the Sherman’s home)

The family protested the murder-suicide conclusion until the police reversed position and ruled it murder.

Barry and Honey spoke of signing up for Bill Gates’

“The Giving Pledge”

A commitment to donate wealth

Barry’s Job?

He ran Apotex, a leading Canadian manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals

Guess what Apptex makes?


You know, the Covid-19 drug.

Not suspicious at all,

Canada acknowledges how critical it is to manage your own pharmaceutical supply chain

Did Canada “nationalize” Apotex ahead of the attack?

Questions about motive for killing of Barry and Honey Sherman given how long ago the murders occurred etc.

@presscoreca – great job tracking this case.

I can’t endorse – I am not familiar enough with Canadian law to fact check supporting materials

This thesis might explain Justin Trudeau’s new fashion accessory

Check out who the Q-Crew said killed Barry and Honey Sherman!!

Welp, that didn’t take long.

We started talking about motive for a double-homicide and you will never guess who popped up…

Is a link possible between a New York City doctors strange “suicide” that looks more like a murder and the weird slaying of the Shermans that was also staged as a potential suicide – asks a friend of the billionaires? Both tried to help the people of Haiti. Now they are all dead

Turns out Barry and Honey Sherman’s Apotex was supplying cheap knock-off drugs to the Clinton Foundation in Haiti

Not only Haiti, Apotex also supplied drugs to the Clinton Foundation for Puerto Rico in 2017

Who else was in Haiti making a fortune??

Clayton Homes – Slum Lord for the Third World – Selling Shacks

Who owns Clayton Homes?

The Shelters That Clinton Built

Structurally unsafe and laced with formaldehyde, the “hurricane-proof” classroom trailers installed by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti came from the same company being sued for sickening Hurricane Katrina victims.

Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett

Hi Five! @GroverKingsley


Where there’s smoke!

Thanks @CoadyMacQuarri1
for sharing

O, Canibas!

Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered Just Days AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

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