Fulvic Acid

Published May 16, 2023 by tindertender

Written By Dr. Timothy Foo


Recently stumbled onto this and I’m all about Fulvic compounds now. There is immense untapped potential here for many individuals. Found a video that has comprehensive information about this here. It’s a 45min video but I’ve digested it and created some notes that I’ll share in this post.


All living things consists of 96% Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen.
The other percentages are minerals.

Oxygen is important.
– 4 mins without oxygen – brain dead.
– 4-10s without oxygen – lose consciousness.

Every process in the body is dependant on oxygen. If we have low grade oxygen deficiency over a long time, an outcome is cancer. Immune system weakens, detox systems become inefficient, toxins build up. Overtime this leads to genetic mutation which is the basis of cancer. Cancer is an imbalance, not a germ.

This is where Fulvic compounds come in.

What is Fulvic acid?

They are mineral resources found in humic shale. Humic shale is the result of >75 millions years of humification. This is a process where organic plant material decompose and break down. It is essentially concentrated biomaterial.

4 Basic Functions of Fulvic Compounds

#1 It Is The World’s Strongest Chelator.

  • It turns insoluble mineral solutions into soluble solutions in water.
  • Binds to toxic metals like mercury and lead, and draws them into the body’s own detox system.
  • Acts like delivery man and garbage man. Two in one.
  • We are 96% oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. The other 4% is minerals. Only needed in small amounts (they are dosed in micrograms), but they act like catalysts for all the reactions in the body. Fulvic acid has ALL of these 70+ minerals.
  • It is also a very small molecule. It is very easily absorbed by the body, crossing even the blood brain barrier. Something that many pharmaceuticals try to achieve artificially.

#2 High In Molecular Oxygen (Increases Cellular Electrical Voltage).

  • Molecular oxygen refers to available oxygen. Our body doesn’t just receive oxygen from breathing, you can get it also from the food we eat. Namely bioactive carbon complexes. These are carbon that carry molecular oxygen in them. Example: candy bar vs apple. Candy bar has spent carbon in it, oxygen levels very low. Apples (and living things) have high bioactive carbon complexes.
  • When you add molecular oxygen into the body, our oxygen concentration increases. This raises the voltage of our cells. We are electrical beings. Example, elite athletes, young children, and people with very high energy, they have high cellular voltage. Almost 5-6 times compared to people with conditions like cancer or degenerative conditions.
  • Example: Tree branch. If you stick it into the ground, it will grow. But if you plant a charred branch (a lot of carbon, but not bioactive) into ground, it won’t grow. It is spent, or inactive carbon.

#3 Enhancement Of Beneficial Microbes And All Enzymatic Functions In The Body.

  • Fulvic acid acts like a catalyst or spark to the engine. It takes 85 reactions for the heart to beat just one time! This is 60-70 times a minute in a normal person.
  • Liver has 56,000 known enzymatic function. It has 1,000-2,000 mitochondria in one liver cell. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. They require high molecular oxygen to function. If oxygen level drops, so does mitochondrial activity. It is like a fire without oxygen, it can’t burn. When you blow on a dying flame, delivering more oxygen, it comes back to life. Brain, liver, nerve, muscle cells all have high energy requirements.
  • Fulvic acid
    1. Delivers bioactive carbon and hydrogen to the mitochondria.
    2. Antioxidizes the mitochondria so they can keep doing their job.
    3. Remove waste from mitochondria so it can burn longer. It’s like a wood stove, if you don’t clean up the ashes (free radicals), it can’t burn as effectively. If too much ash accumulates, it snuffs out the stove. Eventually the stove dies, and when all the stove dies, eventually, the cell dies.
  • Sets up an environment for the beneficial microbes in the body to thrive. These are the oxygen eating microbes. There is a huge push now in the promotion of probiotics, even medicine is embracing this. So a lot of companies are selling probiotics. But if humans go to the moon, we die, not a good environment for us. Fulvic acid provides a conducive environment for the good bacteria to thrive. It sets the stage up for good bacteria to grow, and tears down the stage for bad bacteria.
  • If the detox mechanisms in the body don’t function well, all these toxic accumulation leads to cancer. Cancer patients don’t typically die from cancer, they die from toxicity. Fulvic acid is the garbage man that helps to take the toxins out of the body to prevent toxins accumulation.

#4 Massive Antioxidant Capacity.

  • Oxidation is the process of adding oxygen to something. Eg. When cutting metal, we use oxygen. By adding oxygen to metal, it dissolves and splits. Body uses oxygen in the process of eliminating toxins. When oxidation happens and releases too many free radicals, they start to cause damage.
  • Antioxidants come in to donate extra electrons to the free oxygen molecules. This keeps the cell stable so the process can be repeated again.
  • Fulvic acid not just deals with free radicals in the traditional sense. If that doesn’t work, it also steals the energy from that unstable molecule, and the free radical molecule collapses. This is unique to fulvic acid.

These are the 4 basic functions of Fulvic acid. It is used extensively by naturopaths around the world to aid in the detox systems of the body. Despite being so beneficial, not many people have heard of it because it is a difficult concept to explain to people hence it is not widely marketed.

Quick Summary – Fulvic Acid Basic Functions:

  1. It Is The World’s Strongest Chelator
  2. High In Molecular Oxygen (Increases Cellular Electrical Voltage)
  3. Enhancement Of Beneficial Microbes And All Enzymatic Functions In The Body.
  4. Massive Antioxidant Capacity.

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Timothy Foo
Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)
Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

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