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Moving Energy

Published November 9, 2022 by tindertender


Raise your arms above your head.
Touch your thumbs together, make connection.
Arch your back while inhaling slowly.
You’ll feel energy at the root chakra.
Arch, continue to breathe in slowly.
Feel the energy rise up the body.
Continue inhaling slowly until you feel the energy move up head and arms.
Release the breathe.
Lower arms.

Do at least once per day.

Before or after, whichever is most effective for you, make a metal note of things you have gratitude for. Gratitude consumes negativity of all kinds.


Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

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The nervous system is undergoing some radical changes at the moment. This can feel destabilising as our body attempts to manage electrical energy to establish homeostasis.

An influx of plasma energy is being countered by electromagnetic disturbances which are altering the earths surface charge and interfacing with our body. This can feel like an energetic assault and translate as turbulent emotional/mental states. One minute we may be feeling energised, optimistic and inspired, followed by a wave of feeling sluggish/drained, restless and anxious, which can be confusing.

The worst thing we can do is to condemn ourselves for feeling this way. These fluctuations are natural in the current climate and simply being conscious of how we are feeling without judgement will help to manage our energy field. When we identify with negative states we get pulled into lower timelines that become self-perpetuating.

Our body is highly intelligent and adaptable to change, but this recalibration can take some time. No matter what is going on outside of us, we always have the control. Patience is key.

It may feel like there is an urgency to get things done given the rapid acceleration of external change, but slowing down and trusting in divine timing will attune us with higher guidance so we don’t get pulled into chaotic frequencies and can more easily find our centre and align with our optimal flow. This way we can more easily discern between our organic personal frequency and artificial ones.

Some of these shifts are part of our ascension to higher consciousness but these frequencies need to be grounded in the body to be integrated, otherwise we will experience over stimulation and burn out.

Each phase of evolution requires synthesis through embodiment to keep us connected to this realm without prematurely bypassing. This is how we anchor and emit our frequency into the planetary grid to assist with the planetary ascension.

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