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Mountain Drive and Relaxing Bath

Published October 7, 2018 by tindertender

Last night I attended a sound bath meditation, it was amazing. Different from others I’ve participated in, there were many people. We lay down and as the facilitators walked among the isles, they played instruments over our bodies. This lasted for 1.5 hours. I appreciate those who spend their time and share their knowledge of sound to bring peace and healing to the mind and body. The work being done in today’s world is quite beautiful.

This morning I’m wondering if I ought to take a drive and enjoy a nice hot mineral bath in my home town. It sounds good and I think I will do just that, and perhaps I might be able to find a drum circle for this evening.

Since the bath house opens at nine a.m. I will toss on some sweats and cruise on up the hill. It’s always nice to visit the wilderness and ‘sweet’ memories of past … those not so sweet ones will be released even further, as I work on them every time I visit.

May you be blessed this day, may your contributions to the whole be beautiful. If you are experiencing fear, anger, depression, may you find relief and peace replace it.

It all takes a conscious and aware effort, the work is well worth the outcome.

How To Make Herbal Tinctures: The Percolation Method

Published July 27, 2018 by tindertender

I’ve been using the soak and shake method for my tinctures, and like he says, it does take a long time. This is intriguing and I am inclined to create a set-up such as this for future use.

Natural medicines are so much better for the body and mind. I can vouch for the benefits of switching over from pharmaceuticals from personal experience and great results.

Seed Nutrition ~ Long Life Secrets

Published April 14, 2018 by tindertender


Developers of nutrition packets for easy consumption and maximum health benefit are diving deep into the world of seed. There are many sites on-line which provide information.

Two of my favorite products are “Rain Soul” and “Rain Core”, available on Amazon.
Two of my favorite oils are “Hemp oil” and “Flaxseed Oil”.

DMSO Benefit & Scent

Published March 15, 2018 by tindertender

I arrived home last night and when I neared my room mate he said, “You smell funny.” I explained that I have been using the DMSO product and that this was the cause. He said, “Your boss is going to think you’re a druggy.” Well, let them UA me then.

There are distinct benefits from using this product. It is known to be an anti-inflammatory, it can relieve symptoms of painful bladder syndrome, treat shingles, relieve pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, treat wounds, burns, headache, scars, scleroderma, and is also known as an “alternative” cancer treatment.

DMSO can increase the effectiveness of certain medications and cause serious issues if used with blood thinners, steroids and sedatives, so use caution, and please … research. It is said that you should not use DMSO if you have diabetes, asthma, or liver and kidney issues.

I am in no way promoting this product for others, please do your own research and use at your own risk.

broken dna

DMSO is a potent free-radical scavenger, and helps dying cells recover. It improves blood oxygenation to brain and body. I can tell you that the pain from arthritis in my hip has decreased significantly. DMSO can alleviate symptoms if used with care. So while I may smell (for awhile, it is said the odor will dissipate after time) I will continue to observe the affects it has in my body.

peaceful sleep

While at the start my dreams were quite vibrant, last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in some time (after 5 days use). My body feels relaxed and my mind isn’t racing like it normally does.
“In my opinion, DMSO has the potential to be the pharmacologic treatment of choice for traumatic brain injuries from combat,” says Dr. Jacob. “There’s nothing that comes close to it in efficacy.”
“Pharmaceutical companies were saying that if DMSO can do this, so can other compounds,” says Mr. Bristol. “The shame is that DMSO is less toxic and has less in the way of side effects than any of them.”

“In humans, as well as animals, it has proven the first drug to significantly lower intracranial pressure, the number one problem with severe head trauma.” ~ Dr. de la Torre
“Dying cells recover”

Hello To Calm, Goodbye To Forever War

Published January 29, 2018 by tindertender

Love makes the body wilt and the mind soft. Those who live by war will never accept love, not fully, for they must be hard as nails and be at the ready to end life, forever on call.

Cure for humanity

Medical marijuana has been legalized at the state level in many of our United States. This is the preferred medicine of a lot of people, proving itself to be of most benefit for certain ailments. When people become relaxed and calm, they no longer want to fight, they just want to be happy …

This is a threat to the war making business, this is a threat to privatized prisons, this is a threat to law enforcement as they have fewer crimes to keep busy with. Revenue falters for the prisons, fewer people want war, humanity sees finally that government has a tight grip on what is allowed, reasons kept secret for the most part.

The Federal Judge wants to begin enforcing criminal charges against those in the states with legal marijuana for users. He wants to fill the prisons (which he has investments in), he wants to generate income by hurting those who just want to be calm, who use this plant to lessen anxiety, to treat depression, among many physical ailments which are benefited from its use.

The government needs more aggression so they can enforce their military actions on the public, so they can convince them that this is the solution to trouble.

Trouble is a bred thing, orchestrated by those in power so they can keep power.

Love is the natural state of humanity. With nature on the side of life, embraced by people who want to feel better and do not want to war with anyone, the edges are soothed and peace of a sort arises.

Many people reject chemicals created in the lab which poison bodies and minds nowadays. These concoctions poison the liver, the kidneys and other organs of the body. Of course there is another chemically created concoction to combat these symptoms and ailments. All of which, for the most part, could have been avoided … if government would just let nature do her job.

Hello to love, hello to peace, hello to a poison free world, hello to compassion, hello to shedding the incessant and persistent thumb of those who impose limitation.

Pharmaceutical Effects On Brain & Body

Published January 25, 2018 by tindertender

Energies rise, energies become lower. It is interesting to observe the different effects of certain foods and drink on the energetic output of mind and body. Different medicines, too, have varying effects for the mind and body.

I listen to my mind and body as I take a pain medicine, I listen to my mind and body and I add Vitamin B-12 (for instance) to the days agenda. I listen to my mind and body when I alter any input at all, paying attention to the feel of flesh, the reaction of muscle, the performance of memory, the energetic impulses at my core.

3d rendered illustration of an active receptor

Antidepressants: decreased alertness; sexual problems; suicidal feelings (among many other side affects).
Pain medicines: interrupts the bodies ability to combat pain naturally; disrupts the chemical process of the brain and body.

Drugs, legal and illegal, alter the balance of the neurotransmitters. It is unfortunate that people are medicated so young since drugs severely impact the development of the body & minds ability to naturally come into balance, for life. This is not an imbalance that can be corrected by more medicine. Once neurotransmitters are damaged, and the chemicals the brain produced thrown out of whack, the only thing more medicine can do is mask the variation so a person can function ‘properly’.

If at all possible, it is wisest to choose a natural medicine rather than a chemical, lab created one. The use of pharmaceuticals literally alter the balance of the mind and body, used long enough, these imbalances will last a lifetime, requiring the use of same substance for remaining life to feel normal.

One should take care and investigate to their best ability medicine prescribed before allowing it in the body for any prolonged length of time.

As a younger person it never occurred to me that certain concoctions might be harmful, after all, they were sold over-the-counter. Honestly, I did not think I would live this long … there are probably many people who were of the same thought. So from experience, I can honestly recommend a more careful investigation into concoctions sold before trusting in their benefit for mind and body.

Just because it is allowed to be mass produced and marketed, does NOT mean that it is safe. Time, decades … have proven the science behind products needs a trial before true determination can be produced … unfortunately, it is the people who use OTC medicines for a number of years, who report the affects from this use, resulting in many items being removed from the shelves.

Know your ingredients and their effects … google is a great resource for most people with access. Take care what is put in the body, it will most likely need to last another several decades. The healthier it is going into midlife, the easier old age may be.

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