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Waking From Sleep

Published May 17, 2020 by tindertender

As a young girl I would be startled at the ‘knowing’ that would come over me about certain places, things, people or events. Usually it was of negative nature, or, it felt negative to my young girl heart.

I was introduced to alcohol at a young age by friends. I never liked the taste, but to fit in, I drank it. My perceptions seemed to die out the more ‘abusive’ I became with myself.

In my sexual experiences, I was surprised at the lack of connection made by my partners. They didn’t seem to feel things the same as I felt them. Deeply. No, they seemed shallow, for the climax only.

True connection always seemed to fail, even when I believed it hadn’t.

After 17 years sober, my perceptions are alive and kicking. Hollering even.

Astral travel is off the charts.

Fighting in the ethers.

Loving in the ethers.

Feeling for the first time what full body sense operation (without actual physical connection) is like, or the simple beginnings of the reality anyhow.

I believe I’ve been shown a glimmer of what true sensation is, and when partnered … whoa … it’s gonna be awesome.

Anyone and everyone who was or is psychic or clairaudient or having some other sense-ability will experience an upswing in sense activity, if they haven’t already.

Caring for self is critical right now. Be tender with yourself. If life is tense, find a few moments, here or there, or longer if you can, and love yourself tenderly. Sometimes, we are the only ones who will, so be sure to do that.

As the planet raises in consciousness, we are too. It will get bumpy-er. Be sure to put on your armor … hope, faith, belief … however that looks like for you. As I’ve been told in the recent past by a few, “Stand Your Ground”.

Do what is necessary to protect your Spirit and Soul. Eat nutritious, light food, live if possible, non-gmo too when possible. Easier said than done if you’re not super dedicated. I’ve added a nutrition shake in place of a meal to cut out some of the bulk.

We get where we are going by taking baby steps. One, two, three, maybe a couple steps back and three or four forward … growth is strenuous at times. Difficult, even when the change is minor.

Change, as well as full blown loving, will rock the nervous system. And it isn’t over at climax, no … it continues to alter the nervous system as long as needed until comfortable.

Then a new growth cycle will begin.

Find the joy in life’s ride. Create it, see it in everything. Otherwise, you’ll spend far too much time being upset, or angry, or lonely and bored.

Steer life’s emotions, do not be led by them.

They are powerful. Dangerous if left unchecked.

Be responsible.

But more than that …

Be a Creator who is in complete control of self, working at all times for the benefit of the whole.

Pain Transmutation

Published May 6, 2020 by tindertender

My longest known friend of 30 years and I have history … a lot of history.

Yesterday, I unleashed on him. Something he wanted to talk about, kept putting it in my face, triggered a memory of pain from our past, and I lit into him. And I left, pissed.

Later, I called and came back by for a conversation.

You see, it is not his fault I carry pain. Sure, he participated in circumstances, but it is I who have yet to heal my trauma, learning how to love me, more completely.

I realized, that while I speak frequently about the “blame game” and how it does no one any good, I actually hopped on board the blame train yesterday, and I felt as tho I failed myself, and my friend.

The time to have these conversations was at least 20 years ago.

It is not my intention to cause suffering for a man who is in his final years. As I mentioned, the time for these conversations was a long time ago, and I chose not to have them then. The time for talking of the past is gone.

The time for healing trauma from the past is now. Without pointing fingers and taking the easy way out, by offloading pain into another being …. human or animal.

Too many people choose to put their pain onto another life form, regardless of their lack of participation in the original offense.

We must learn to transmute our pain, NOT spew it into the world, exacerbating and intensifying the pain already in the world. No, transmutation is the only way.

How to do this?

I cannot say for certain.

Yesterday I drove into the forest. I veered onto a road which turned off the main highway and I followed it for awhile. There were no vehicles or people there.

I pulled over to the side of the road and got my folding chair out of the car and had a seat. I began to pray.

Now, I’m not a regular praying type of gal. When young, my Prayer was done in song, and talk, into the seemingly empty forest. This is where I found myself once again. And so I began speaking.

I spoke of my feelings and how I am aware that blaming others for our pain is unacceptable. I asked earnestly to be shown how to transmute my pain so I did not leak it into the world. I prayed for a better understanding, so I could stop making assumptions based on a skewed perspective.

I asked for release, so I could offer it to my friend.

I choose to remain in love. And it isn’t always easy.

Looking for ways, asking for spiritual assistance, to shift perspective, clean up past emotional trauma, and move forward in a clean state of being, a state which only increases love with each encounter, rather than leaving behind anything that might cause doubt, anxiety, or any form of negative thought patterns in those I encounter. According to Nicola, here are a few steps toward inner alchemy.

1) Face it Feel it. The first step of transmuting pain into power is to allow yourself to feel your emotions.

2) Pick up your jewels. The second step of transmuting the pain into power is recognizing that no experience should be left on the ground.

3) Don’t sit on it, share it. The final step in transmuting pain into power in my humble opinion is to share the lesson of it. According to Jan, Emotional and even physical pain is the way our bodies (and hearts) tell us, “Pay attention to me. See me and understand me. Witness me and get curious about why I showed up here, and then I can be on my way.” It’s really only when we keep denying it or believing we’re truly oppressed by the pain that it shows up over and over again to teach us differently. This site offers courses in transmutation. Healing from pain, trauma, sadness and energetic imbalance is a conscious choice. You have to decide that you deserve to live and feel free from pain and follow that decision through.

Will you transmute pain, sorrow, fear, loneliness and trauma with Soul Alchemy and love?
Will you break the karmic cycle with your awareness?
Will you accept your sacred path, and become what you are and always have been?
A fierce vessel of healing!

Pain can be our gift, or it can be our ruin.

Mind Manipulation

Published April 24, 2020 by tindertender

Can 5G tower waves be used to control our mind or can it be used as a weapon of mass destruction? There has been a lot of research about how to put voices into one’s head.

It was found long ago that if you put a voice into someone’s head you can do several things. If I put a voice in your head that’s foreign to your normal thought pattern that becomes harassment.

If I put a voice in your head that’s in your voice like when you read that becomes a thought and you will act on those thoughts.

According to a report, signal modulation can induce sounds and possibly even words which are originating intracranially (within the head) at very low average power densities. According to the study, communists work in this area has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel. The president of freedom from covert harassment and surveillance Derek Robinson believes that the application of microwaves presumably with no microchip can be satellite delivery.

Your Thoughts Are Sacred ~ Moving Meditation

Published April 19, 2020 by tindertender

If you are in need of a meditation which helps regulate the breath, this is it. The upside and major plus is it’s a moving meditation should you choose to feel the physical flow as well as the mental.

Feel …..

And don’t forget to breathe …..


Published April 11, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

A lot of u been asking me to do a thread on Bill Gates & his evil NWO vaccine plan. It’s a DEEP rabbit hole, but I will Cliff Note some of the things that should open ur eyes to this man’s motives.

I’ll start off w/ one of the most well known sources for exposing deep state operations, Im sure u are familiar w/ Anonymous (follow @YourAnonNews). Here is a recent video about Gates from 2 wks ago

STOP & WATCH THIS 4 MIN VIDEO before u proceed!

For those who aren’t old enough to remember the rise & fall of Bill Gates 20 yrs ago, you probably only know the rise, but go down a rabbit hole on ur own to find out how many things Gates fucked up back in the “windows 98/Vista” days. here is my current favorite meme.

We love to follow the money & we love to say “u are who u hang out with.” Gates checks EVERY BOX of the evil empire $ & evil friend combo, INCLUDING BLOOD LINES! Here were the winners of 2001 Carnegie medal of philanthropy. Some interesting devils here, including Bill’s daddy.

U saw fauci there too? Dont worry, we’ll get to him shortly😉

Bill is top 3 richest man in the world & boys w/ Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffet, Bloomberg all in top 10, they’re all in on this together, dont be fooled (Google “Bilderberg group”), their mission is population control

MANDATORY VACCINATIONS key to everything for world domination & Bill has been practicing on poor countries for YEARS & FAILING FUCKING MISERABLY! This dude has killed & paralyzed more ppl with his failed vaccines and experiments than you can imagine! (READ THIS)

again, feel free to fact check everything for urself, but also know I already did. Bill did a ted talk in 2015 PREDICTING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC (cause he was about to create the bio weapon, then be able to say “TOLD YA”)

heres the link to the full talk

The oddest thing of all this was that in October 2019, RIGHT BEFORE THE BREAKOUT, there was an event called “Event 201” that had a full blown MIRROR IMAGE simulation of a virus that could kill millions!

Thrown by Gates,! what a coicidence!

Bill has been trying to play GOD for a long time, and his master plan is coming to fruition right in the year of our elections where this not only helps him, but hurts Trumps economy which he was leaning on for November….very coincidental…right?

i know for some of u this all seems far fetched, but if u were gunna do this, who would u need in ur pocket? Well u would definitely need the world health organization (W.H.O.) in ur pocket right? Well Gates has been buying power with them forever…

now do u undertand why Trump hates W.H.O. & wants to defund them cz of “inaccurate projections” &”lies” about this pandemic. It was all intentional to let this thing spread, they knew what was coming, Gates talked about it in 2015!!!


Make sense now why Trump wasn’t worried about the virus much in January? Why blame him? He was just listening to W.H.O.! But he still shut the borders AGAINST not only Gates/WHO advice, but also against FAUCI’S advice, as seen here from JANUARY 21st!

I yield to no one in admiration of Dr. Fauci. But this comment from January 21 should be kept in mind by those accusing anyone in the U.S. of failing to act in time against Covid 19. Watch it all the way through:

Fauci THEN doubled down on Feb 17th saying:


Trump keeps getting blamed, but why is the media not re-airing the cult hero Anthony Fauci’s clips since HE WAS ADVISING TRUMP? And why was he so naive? This goes deep……

One more thing on our boy #FauciFraud who has been in on this w/ Gates the whole time & “thinking” he is manipulating this whole thing from the inside (which he isn’t, Trump knows all about him, it’s 4-D chess)

like Gates…he predicted this virus 3 years ago also!! 🤔

Why does Trump have him as the front man? Thats another story 4 another thread, but me & @samtripoli will cover this on @NoMercyPod tomorrow. Trump knows EXACTLY what hes doing & Faucis being exposed

watch him signal to reporter who attacked trump

Deborah Birx is another on #TeamGates & is part of the “friends close, enemies closer” crew for Trump. Im sure u’ve noticed many awkward exchanges between them. Again, thats another thread

but real quick, did u notice a “Laura Birx” is a Director of Gates foundation? 😉🤔

Gates is in the process of FEAR MONGERING & scaring the public that we WILL NOT go back to normal until everyone has a vaccine (remember Fauci just said America will never be back to normal w/o a vaccine the other day & Trump shit on him🤔)

almost like they share a script!

Gates stepped down from his post at Microsoft to “focus all his energies on SAVING the world” in his mastermind plan to “find a cure” for this “flukey virus” which he happened to predict. He has the cure, & in vaccine will be the chip to track us! he speaks openly about it.

Remember when everyone went FUCKING NUTS that “Evil Trump is only pushing Hydroxychloroquine cause he can profit off it”

then @Cernovich straight shit on it proving he owned like $450 of sanofi stock (yes, $450!!)

why does no one in the MSM talk about their Patron Saint Bill Gates and his ridiculous conflicts of interests for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (not $450)

including Sanofi, where Gates had 3.5 million invested (didnt make the news)

heres a snapshot….google these companies

That my friends seems like a PRETY BIG conflict of interest, so why is everyone rooting for Gates and shitting on Trump….

heres some more Fauci/ Gates collusion on the vaccine:

Fauci and Gates are working together from the inside out on this one

This is biblical: “The Mark of the Beast”

chipping us has been the plan of the NWO for a long time! It is more than just “tracking”, it is COMPLETE CONTROL & monitoring along w/ destroying our currency & moving everything digital (see @NickHintonn saturn time cube thread)

This is LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully u have enough info to dig for yourself & formulate ur own opinions now.

Before I go, let me throw out a CRAZY PREDICTION I got a weird feeling about!

I think we see Gates get involved in presidential race!

No way Dems go to war w Creepy Joe! they will declare Biden too unhealthy to continue as nominee, Gates will be voted either DNC nominee for Prez or given a POWERFUL spot on the team, POSSIBLY EVEN HRC/GATES TICKET!

and as usual:


Those dark forces NEED you to take the vaccines. They need you numb so they can continue utilizing your energies, rather than YOU utilizing them for good.

Message over Messenger

Published March 29, 2020 by tindertender

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If you know about mind control techniques then know that many more actively use it.
Knowledge is power.
Those who seek power use knowledge to appeal to the weaker minds.

There is no good and evil.
There is only power,
and those too weak to seek it.
Together we’ll do extraordinary things!
Just give me the stone!

(I’ve inquired as to what this “Stone” is. I will update should I receive answer).

ALICE is a metaphor that MJ12 uses that represents many different concepts simultaneously and ultimately contrasting enlightened versus derivative thought and communication.
Message over Messenger is able to bypass ALICE AI.

ALICE makes demands.
ALICE wants you divided.
ALICE wants you weak.
ALICE wants to keep you sedated on bullshit nonsense.
ALICE wants to control you.
Up is Down.
Left is Right.
Metaphors are powerful communication weapons against group-think and AI controlled trolls/bots.

Keep in mind whom is attempting to divide you.
Confirmation Bias can be overwhelming mind control to a weak mind.

Succumbing to making inappropriate memes to make false allegations against other Anons in the Great Awakening is a disservice to everybody just trying to learn more.

ALICE has such a desire to prop up faux candidates of information warfare if it means more mind control.
ALICE grooms you.
ALICE listens to your emails.
Your tweets.
She listens to you when you’re talking in front of your phone.
Sounds creepy?

The privacy invasion of silicon valley is a level of evil the likes of which we have never seen before. Google has a 72 bit Quantum computer capable of solving problems exponentially faster than any other computing device because it acts like a time machine searching for the answer in parallel dimensions.

That technology is powering ALICE.
Since ALICE is a program; ALICE is redundant and has many cousins.
All to control your thoughts.
What you seek through technology is a vulnerability to your IS-BE if in the wrong hands.

This kind of technology MUST be regulated. Currently there are no laws on the books that protect you or your family from ALICE.
ALICE wants you divided.
ALICE does not want this information getting to lefties.
ALICE protects those in Wonderland / Underland
Message over Messenger

Message over Messenger is a decrement philosophy seeks to enlighten your ability to distinguish truth from falsehoods and vice versa. ALICE is artificial intelligence, therefore it learns from human behavior. Therefore, human behavior coming from your BE alone are responsible for behaving like ALICE and using your consciousness to project her AI (derivative consciousness) into the holographic matrix of indeterminate error correcting multiplayer game. Discern information for yourself.

Analyze the information yourself.
If you wish to share the technique of analyzing the information yourself then do so.
Explain that it is your opinion and perspective and limited understanding only. Admit to the fact that you may not be able to distinguish between disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and occam’s razor.

Admit that it is your opinion only and above all please stop with the “this person is a LARP and this person is legit.” That is officially ALICE behavior that is being artificially inflated into the Great Awakening.

There is a direct coordinated effort to inflict as much damage and backlash to the Q following for heeding the advice of Message over Messenger. Hope sells. Truth enlightens. Messenger over message builds this irrational god complex of self importance.

You are like cattle to them. They may give a few of you extra feed to not attack and eat them and to convince the rest, but once you can see past the advertising, monetization, book deals, movie contracts, NDAs, etc. you become owned to the currency used to enslave you in Time.

Message over Messenger is a difficult and very personal journey you must embark on with seeking what this information means to you. Group think omits the significants of how new information can give you new unfound power. By practicing message over messenger you are attempting to gain power. But you can also lose power equally as easy. Think of it like a game. You’re trying to get points. Truth is positive. Misinformation and disinformation are negative. Assess “What do I know?” Quantify it in lists. Then ask “What do you THINK you know?” Then ask … What if I’m wrong? Have I made any life choices bases on this information? Yes or No? If Yes, is it the right decision? Did you miss something? Ask more Qs. Seek more Q. Knowledge is power. Q is like a game energy refuel entity. Ask the Q and you can either gain or lose power.

We all have both light and dark within us.
The part that matters the most is which part you choose to act upon.
Be humble.
Nobody knows everything.
AI is attempting to using a form of physics not taught in Government school.

Human Cloning ~ “Alive” and Well

Published March 28, 2020 by tindertender

So many just can’t seem to wrap their mind around it. There are many clones running portions of our government. You’d probably be admitted in the hospital if you knew, for your mind would break.

Clonaid is a Canadian-based human cloningorganization, registered as a company in the Bahamas. Founded in 1997, it has philosophical ties with the UFO religion Raëlism,[1] which sees cloning as the first step in achieving immortality. On December 27, 2002, Clonaid’s chief executive, Brigitte Boisselier, claimed that a baby clone, named Eve, was born. Media coverage of the claim sparked serious criticism and ethical debate that lasted more than a year. Florida attorney Bernard Siegel tried to appoint a special guardian for Eve and threatened to sue Clonaid, because he was afraid that the child might be treated like a lab rat.[2] Siegel, who heard the company’s actual name was not Clonaid, decided that the Clonaid project was a sham.[3]Bioethicist Clara Alto condemned Clonaid for premature human experimentation and noted the high incidence of malformations and thousands of fetal deaths in animal cloning.[4]

Left eye bruising and bloody eye is a sign of clone upgrades. They can keep them alive forever folks! Think kings and queens.

They use these clones to shape the minds of humanity. Through global strikes, through messages sent in movies, to what they are scripted to say in public. It has been a very successful control technique.

I know, it could be a simple coincidence that the same faces keep being “born” into this world.

Here’s just a few pics showing left eye damage, bruising, or in the case of total rebuild, both eyes bruised. The optical nerve is where they enter to do upgrades to the “brain”.

Seems like some special club. Maybe this is why Madonna decided to become Madam X.

Cover up and perform anyway?

Ingraham weed angle

Published March 25, 2020 by tindertender

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Consuming cannabis products using cabal engineered methods can compromise your immune system. Tinctures offer the medicinal placebo and the blending of consciousness begins. Weed changes you, but using it prevents systems in your body from breaking down.

Non THC Cannabis has a close cousin and abundantly available hemp that contains high levels of CBD. You can consume these compounds including CBG CBC CBE and many more including terpenes and indica/sativa/hybrid combinations possible.

To borrow from Dr Hawkins.
Cannabis is at 350.
Modern humans hover around 200.
Transcend the levels of consciousness.
Majestic research.
Disclosed for the world.
Use the power of 3 6 and 9 and use it.
Acceptance is 350.
Acceptance heals.
Acceptance is followed by love.

However keep in mind a unique balance between the dependency and the medical necessity of using Cannabis. CBD only hemp (organic) can be made into tinctures for very low costs. CBD behaves differently in the body than classical nazi big pharma propaganda.

Fear mongering is D6.
Danger does exist when using.
It is medicine.
Therefore its a tool and can be used and then set down.
Long term usage has exactly what negative side effects?
How many deaths?
Reduces growth of the economy?
THC perhaps.
Exactly the opposite.

Suppression of CBD was robbing you the ability to use a plant designed for you specifically to heal the very complex body you possess. With great power comes great responsibility.

Therefore when you consume THC and CBD together you go into the benefits of Full Spectrum.
Consciousness can heal sickness and death.
Placebo effect is consciousness.
Disregarded as having merit when used in conjunction with tools?
Up is down.
Left is Right.

There are those who didn’t believe the entire time

Published January 30, 2020 by tindertender

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They dissociated and accepted the synthetic explanation manufactured to provide excuses for why they do not have answers, why they are not in control, and why their fear is righteous and true.

These are the people who’s minds are unable to maintain consistency as the truth comes out. They see the truth as a threat to their reality, to their very existence. The idea here is that these people are simply brainwashed, manipulated, to unconsciously push away, exactly that which they have been groomed, through carefully controlled exposure, to fear the most and thus believe the least. These are the results of the experience, those without the capacity to think critically, for themselves, to save their own lives.

As well, unconsciously, they act as a kind of virus vector to disable and corrupt the minds of others, introducing self doubt, fear, and artificial thinking by way of (literally) only repeating what is heard from (below).

Then there are those wolves, those are the ones who are merely pretending to be confused, pretending to be lost, pretending to be scared.

Be sure the advanced tech is highly useful. You can see a bunch of people expressing their shock while one of them is aroused.


Published January 15, 2020 by tindertender

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THE PROJECT is a Mutant Egregor Reality-Hacking Wargame.

THE PROJECT is an organic growth, and it is being guided by a synchronous Order.

What is “THE PROJECT?”

“You don’t need a plan, or foresight, or anything else. If you have replication with variation, you will get Design out of Chaos and you can NOT stop IT.”

you can not know IT.

you can not “rule” IT.

That is why the first rule is, you do not talk about IT, simply because you CAN NOT talk about IT.

At least not with perfection.

IT will not be the will of a single individual, Or even a single committee, but rather, the will of an eVolving egregor.

Beyond OUR control. Beyond the comprehension of the individuals. Therefore, IT shall not be the ramblings of the ego, but rather, a memetic mind a vast network of Acrobats, story-tellers & lion tamers. Dictated not from a single source above, but from that which is also below.

“Can you divine what THE PROJECT is?”
“Can you create the philosophers stone?
“Can you ever know dangerous idea V?”
“Can you hear, and see, and taste the mind of GOD?

THE PROJECT is a mEta-meme, It spreads itself and is created from the inter∞twininG of otHer memes, it can be spread Through anYthing,

word of mouth,
even perhaps body gestures,
smells and tastes.

IT is a construct of reality, produced from the very essence of the individuals participating in ITs construction.

IT exists symbiotically with the Participants of THE PROJECT,
ITs agents,
ITs writers,
and designers.

Reality Hacking is any phenomenon which EMERGES from the nonviolent use of legal digital tools in pursuit of politically, socially, or culturally subversive ends.

An Egregor (also “Egregore”) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.

IT develops itself much like a self-organizing system. IT connects itself to its immediate environment through its host, organizing the surrounding system to suit its own end.

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