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Dear “Mr. Be Careful”

Published August 14, 2022 by tindertender

Have you not reviewed my life?

Have you ever seen me, in my 56 years, and probably in previous lifetimes … have you ever seen me “be careful”.

The only time I’m careful is when driving, or walking across a river on slippery rocks.

No. You have witnessed me throwing caution to the wind, taking risks that most definitely were going to hurt, and did.

You have seen me make plans, get there, and before exiting the vehicle spontaneously changing my mind and doing something else, somewhere else.

You have seen me rebel against those who attempt command over my consciousness …. By those in a physical vessel, and by those unseen.

You know without doubt, I’m certain, that anything worthwhile requires a risk be taken. It’s always been that. Either it will be what is intended, or it will be something else.

This is my time for something else.

I am not alone.

I am loved.

And even if the violators infiltrate and place a puppet actor in my midst, even if they gain access, it won’t hinder the bigger picture, the final outcome.

They are fully aware of the workings of a collective. One individual member missing does not stop the production of what’s necessary. Ask the honey bee. It’s a continuous cycle.

Should the violator of creation win their war, seeking their own sovereignty, the planet cannot support them much longer. They’ve ensured this.

They are not creators. They use creation to generate mutations. These mutations will fail. They will recognize the value of humanity and other species who contain the Primordial Light of Source Creation.

It will be too late for them.

Their future is sealed, many times over.

The mutations of their mutations will degrade over “time”, with each “generation”.

This is no longer personal.

This is Collective.

Divided we fall. With every “death” there will be an end to a potentiality. We must learn to act collectively, the adversary does.

Person, House, Fortune

Published August 14, 2022 by tindertender

Person: Align, Karma, Rest after Labor

You are, or are coming into alignment. Karmic debts between light and dark are eliminated. You’ve done all you can, now enjoy the relaxation you deserve.

House: Breaking illusions, Protection, Prophecy

The illusion which the old experience was made of is crumbling. You are protected, and rising into the role of protector … according to prophecy. All whose life force essence was violated are being regenerated and returned to homeostasis.

Fortune: Justice, Beginning, Communication

Inequality is being ousted and brought into balance. Now is the time to begin a soul-inspiring project. New potentials are rising. Connection with the Ancestors and Star Nation Family are ramping up. Listen with intention. Heed with care.


It Has Been Said …

Published August 13, 2022 by tindertender

My understanding is that many of the indigenous say that one ought to express farewell as “safe travels” … never safe journey, unless they are about to transition out of this world.

My question is this, what if this life and it’s many experiences between birth and death IS the actual journey to the next life, the next world?

What if we are not to take a journey in future, but are actually on that journey right now?

I’ve Been, I’ve Seen, I Do

Published August 13, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve been touched deeply by many realms, in many worlds, and these realms and worlds have been touched deeply by me.

It is the insecure and unattended mind that hates. It is the resilient one who gains even more capacity to persevere through challenge. And all of it is choice.

I see you, so strongly representing not only self, but your entire lineage. And I wonder if you see how beautiful you are, how strong. The power of the ancestors shows in your every action, in every grace you gift another, In the way you care for self, like no other has. Amazing.

The trials of your ancestors fostered within the familial lineage strength to endure all kinds of challenges. I see you now contributing your own strength, courage and wisdom. Behind you, within you, and all around you is “true” history unseen mostly, yet a force to be reckoned with.

Atlantis and Lumeria

Published August 5, 2022 by tindertender

Written by:

Here’s my thread about the last 80 years of Atlantis and Lumaria. People have tried telling me its a myth? It was very very real. This is suppressed information. The cabal doesn’t want you to know your true history.

So 80 years before the famous Atlantis flood that most people are familiar with. A group of Atlantean priests visited Lumaria because they were seeking a cure for a virus that was decimating the population. First the Atlanteans tried a vaccine.

But this had widespread genetic consequences. Then they tried mixing animal and human 🧬. This resulted in the children being born with strange anomalies. But some of these kids were enhanced by the addition of the animal DNA.

So the third thing the Atlanteans tried was to go to Lumaria and bring back some red crystals. That had the apparent ability to heal people from all diseases.

The female leaders of Lumaria didn’t give the Atlantis visitors what they wanted. So in retaliation, they implanted explosive devices in specific key points in the Pacific Ocean sea floor. When these went off, it sent huge walls of water over Lumaria.

There is no modern event that compares to this massive tragedy. Billions of people were killed by the Atlanteans. (This event stands out from the life tapestry more than any other event). It generated huge amounts of negative karma for the Atlanteans.

After the flooding drained back. There were several thousands of survivors in the outlying areas, that weren’t as hard hit. Some of these survivors made a new home in Northern California. But sadly others were captured and forced to live on island prisons by the Atlanteans.

The Atlanteans recovered the red crystals and took these back to the capital city. Between the time of the Atlanteans assault and the destruction of Atlantis feels like it’s about 60 years or so.

It was decided by the Galactic Federation that the Atlanteans must be held accountable for their crime. The federation sent a explosive device into the Atlantic Ocean that caused a tsunami that destroyed the capital city. All other areas of Atlantis were left devastated but it was intended that recovery would be made possible by the survivors.

The red crystals were returned to Telos, in Northern California and they are still there today. This is why Mount Shasta is such a special place. It is the energy of these red crystals that radiates out from underneath it.

So fast forward to today and we see that specific world events are repeating. We have virus and vaccine. And rumors of conflict and hardship.

The souls of these Atlanteans returning to attempt to positively discharge their negative karma. Their thoughts are manifesting these events. Most of these souls need a very long recovery time in the quiet place between lives.

The priests that engineered the attack on Lumaria will not be allowed to reincarnate. They are beyond hope and help. They are still convinced that their actions were just and correct. They are running the events through their minds and it is driving them crazy with absolute rage that the spirit world has ruled against their actions. So as a result these particular spirits will remain in a state of permanent isolation and darkness.

I should add, that it might seem like the Federation was enacting a political decision against the Atlanteans. It might seem that its a cruel act of justice. But what most don’t understand is that if the Atlantean remained in possession of the red crystals even darker events would have occurred. The priests had gone roque and their punishment was appropriate to their actions.

So, to take this to the beginning. The Atlteans were descendants of humans that crashed landed in Antarctica. Humans are not from earth. Our home planet was Eden. Which was a moon of mars. Eden was blown up by the Annunaki.

This is why Antarctica is so important to the elite. They know bits and pieces of what i have just told you. They have rediscovered the crashed craft of what they call: “Pre-Adamites”. The Air force has named them “Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria. After Columbus’s ships.

Borax The Super Cure

Published August 3, 2022 by tindertender

Personal Testimony

My spine injury happened 42 years ago. My lower back was fused solid with arthritis.

I have been taking a pinch of borax in my water every morning for 3 months. After 2 months my lower back gained flex as it hadn’t experienced in decades.

I can now arch my back and feel my lower spine flex. It pops a little, but there is movement, and it’s improving.

It also encourages a healthy and balanced pH in the body.

I would recommend this product, a pinch a day in a large glass of water, first thing in the morning (I usually drink my 1st jug over a few hours), then chased with another 3-4, 22 ounces of fresh water.

Karma ~ this is a time of reckoning

Published August 2, 2022 by tindertender

All masks are coming off, repurposed, renewed.

Leaving chaos of old for a new, deeper spiritual goal elsewhere.

Following my heart to the next adventure!

Being certain to remain in present moment and not getting ensnared by past experiences and memories.

Redirecting restlessness. Creating something. Counting my accomplishments.

I will endure. I push myself through this moment in life. I am strong, and tho it may be incredibly hard in the moment, I know I will move past this to better times.

I celebrate! I reward myself for having completed a specific goal.

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