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As Above, So Below

Published November 15, 2017 by tindertender

bird-fishI looked, and there I saw what appeared to be a bird-fish, unlike anything I had ever seen before. It had beak, and a bird head, yet the body of a fish … I could not tell if it swam or flew.

Things in this world are spinning and turning upside-down, inside-out. As we observe these things and ask each other, “What in the world is happening?”, it continues to expand.

It is said that life ‘evolved’ into what it is today. Only those who do not pay attention will say they cannot see that science has tampered with the DNA structure of all life. This is a technique which has been around for centuries. We see it in hybrid plants, we see it in clones of animals, and surely, we are not so dull of mind to understand that although they will not admit it, they have tampered with humanity as well.

The winds blow, limbs from trees falling all around us. Lights begin to flicker and I say thanks for the inspiration to create candles recently. I feel inclined to gather sustenance, to prepare for that something which comes this way.

I try to tell myself it is only foolishness, these thoughts, but know in the core of me that it is not, evidence surrounds us the world over.

I ready for another normal day at the office. I expect a day to come soon where BIG shift takes place, larger than any that has come before. I stand at the ready …

May The Force Be With You

Published November 15, 2017 by tindertender

Mind PrisonThere are plenty of people in the world who think they are “in charge of you”. They run around and put forth a lot of ‘stolen‘ energy into creating this illusion. They prey, and feed upon, the fears and pain of people. They lord their perceived power over folks, saying, “Look here, I am your king, you must do as I say.” They forget that we are ALL sovereign beings … or perhaps it is only WE who have forgotten.

These life-force robbers preoccupy society while they siphon the impulses needed in order to keep alive this facade.

I am tired of leeches. I am sick of seeing their infectious, implanted thought patterns ruin lives, ruining whole societies. I am sad that the affected ones seem to idly stand by as it occurs, waiting for someone to come save them, chewing on the hate, the pain, the grudges, the blame, embracing victim-hood, while all of these things, and more, lessen the glory of their light.

Leech Man

Numbing the mind with substances (legal and non) will not make these thing stop, in fact, it will only serve to build up this heap of crap that is suffocating all of life.

Greed, and a manipulative way of living, are the two most valid mental disorders. Those suffering this illness infect perfectly healthy people and coerce them into believing it is they who are ill. Most of us are willing to trust others, we want to see the good side of everything, we live, hoping that we are correct in thinking care and compassion still exist in humanity.


In showing vulnerability we assist in allowing the putridness of this nauseating infection rise to the surface. It seems to be growing, however, it is only being uncovered. It must be uncovered so that it can be eliminated.

Rather than fall into unbelief and denial, it would be wise to learn techniques which dissolve these things … like cysts of the eye, they need removed.

Rest Areas Of Life

Published November 13, 2017 by tindertender

Certain humans beings led by evil do horrendous things to others. No one is born with this sickness. It is fostered, nurtured over time.

Rest areas

The rest areas of life have been given as a convenient place to stop for awhile, to regain composure and to gather about oneself the drive and determination to continue. There are those, however, who trash the place when they stop in, making it ugly and putrid for the next who will. Giving no thought to the one who keeps it tidy, they piss and shit on the floor, wiping it on walls, spewing their filth everywhere. They lack the ability to be grateful for this rest, they lack care for any who will follow, and most of all, they lack respect and honor for the one(s) who provide it for use.

The power of suggestion has been tested by governments and advertisers across the world. They use all types of media for influencing the decisions of the populace, for sending subliminal messages. They sing phrases called ‘jingles’, or they spew negativity in all too many ways. It is a form of hypnosis, we know that many actually seek this procedure out in order to help themselves. The media, and others, use words such as ‘cancer’ and ‘disease’ to instill fear and doubt in the human mind, attempting to program the brain to actually produce this sickness within the body.

Woman with mask in hypocrisy concept

There are those who smile, who send the message of care as though they are honoring others, as though they wish to ‘help’. For these ones, discernment is critical, for the copy of a caring human being is very similar to the true one, and hard to distinguish.

Pay attention to it, but don’t get too focused. We live in a place of shadows, it is our privilege to bring Light to these nooks and cranny’s. Who else has opted to go into the pits of hell and start taking notes? You have. Who else has determined to do all they can in order to flip this around and create a safer, happier, brighter place? You have. Those who tell you, you have no purpose are so very wrong … there is no greater purpose than this.

Her Testimony

Published November 10, 2017 by tindertender

“I wonder what it would be like if people
just loved each other.”

This is the thought she had for days prior to being relieved of the burden of anger. For years she carried a heavy load, weighing her down. She was fed up with the seemingly unjust life she was born into. She was indeed angry, she was hurting through and through. This pain she carried leaked into the world, it got on everything, but the day the load lifted she felt lighter, she actually felt the burden leave her shoulders, she grew taller.

She found that forgiveness came easier, but damage was done. Those who felt her pain over the years cannot seem to shake the old her, and embrace the new. They do not see she no longer carries the burden of anger, and that she no longer lashes out attempting to assuage her suffering by dumping it on them, or others. They do not see her concerted efforts to do what nice people do.


She continues to work on the most important thing of all ~ forgiveness of herself. She looks very deep into her wounds, she removes the venom from them, and keeps them clean while they heal. Combating this poison is difficult for it has embedded itself into her. She is consistent in dressing the wounds, and they slowly heal.

It is sad that she need to love from a distance those who she caused suffering in the past. Because they cannot see the new her, they insist she hasn’t changed, the memory of the venom clear in their minds. It is important that the proper message be told in her life, and that is the knowledge of who she is becoming … not who she once was. She sheds the memory, she sheds the opinions of the past, she refuses to wear these labels any longer.

Embracing the new self she is creating, she improves on the efforts to become more than she was before. She longs to build a kinder, gentler world and she knows that it begins in her own heart and mind, in her own life. She knows she must be willing to be that which is needed, and it must start in her personal space, she must walk the walk.

She may stumble periodically, however each time she picks herself up, the footing of the new life becomes more sure, the relief becomes more firm in her mind and body, in her heart. Every day she begins again, finding ways that will help her to continue shedding this old persona.

She is a creator, a powerful force,
and it is seen in the way she changes her life.

You're in charge

Cycle Of Pain

Published November 3, 2017 by tindertender

broken heartThe smell of a “too hot” cast iron skillet is pretty awful, I thought it was the worst of the day. I went to bed and my dogs decided I only needed 12″ of the mattress to sleep on, so I got up. That topped the cast iron “too hot” smell. But then … a complete stranger living with the pain of ancestors trauma decided to take out hatred and anger on me for no reason, insinuating I must be putrid. This is the icing on the evenings cake, and it is sad, for there are many hearts who are in the grip of this horrible pain, and the only solution they have to deal with it is lashing out and blaming others … others who had no part in the history made.

We are in the midst of creating history this very moment. To make this tale a good one, we must stop with the continuation of the old stories, the old experiences, we must build a new life which starts from square one. Out with the old, in with the new.

It is scary, for this pain has become the only friend some people have. For many years it kept me company, and anger was there too. I have had my fill of these two, they do not belong in the world I live in now, nor are they invited into my future.

Hurt people hurt others, until they decide they have had enough.

My hope is that it becomes easier for us all to accept the credit we deserve for the energies we put into the world. Healing the old stories in our personal lives will assist the ancestors in their own release … if this is something you can relate to. The cycle must end somewhere, and it will … whether we determine the change, or are given it.

Prevent & Reverse Disease

Published November 2, 2017 by tindertender


“Two major reasons the food industry adds salt to foods …
1) If you add salt to meat, it draws in water. This way, a company can increase the weight of its product by nearly 20%. Since meat is sold by the pound, that’s 20% more profits for very little added cost. 2) Eating salt makes us thirsty.
~ The chicken industry commonly injects chicken carcasses with salt water to artificially inflate their weight, yet they can still be labelled ‘100% natural’.”

To help with hypertension in a natural way, switch to a plant based, whole grain diet and take 2 Tbsp Ground Flax seeds per day, 2 cups of strong Hibiscus Tea every morning, 125ml Beetroot juice per day.

I highly recommend the book “How Not To Die”, or the YouTube videos by Dr. Greger to anyone wishing to take control of their health, their life … indeed, claiming their rightful power to step into healthy living.

There is much we can do naturally to help ourselves if we are willing to invest time in our lives. Time to learn, time to listen to people who know the body better than some, certainly, better than I. Living a healthy life with minimal pharmaceuticals is possible, however we see that the farming and food industry being inundated with GMOs and chemicals, even more so than in the recent past. If “they” have their way, we will not have opportunity, or access, to the healthy wholesome foods which heal the body and mind. “They” want us reliant on them, and their lab created medicines which keep symptoms of illness at bay, never really allowing for healing.

It is so important that we understand the plan being perpetrated in the world. Greed is an ugly thing, and while these chemical foods taste great, they kill.

Radical Self Love

Published October 31, 2017 by tindertender

Responsible for Bringing Energy

In today’s world, we find that most of the time we are either feeding off of, or feeding in to, someone or something. Not too often is there a mutual sharing, a caring, and generous gift and receipt.

It is very easy to attach our emotions to ‘someone else’ claiming our feelings to be caused by them, or something ‘they’ did. Only children can claim any sort of truth to this, for they haven’t the option of choice, most times. As adults, we consciously choose to remain in blame, or to come in to our personal power.

What a relief when we find someone(s) who care about similar issues and are willing to come together, in mutual sincerity, to assist each other in progressing into something greater than before, when we are surrounded by those who actually claim ownership for what they bring to a situation.

“In wholeness, in radical Self Love, we are fully engaged with our Authentic Self and own energy. Nothing can attach and take our Life Force. We are Sovereign Beings.”
     ~ Lia Love

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