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Earthquake in Turkey February 5, 2023

Published February 6, 2023 by tindertender

The Bioform ~ Mind and Body ~ Are A Computing Device

Published January 12, 2023 by tindertender

It is true we wrestle with unseen powers and principalities.
They implant thought forms subliminally to the subconscious from other “realms” or vibratory levels. Surely you remember the Angels on shoulders, one telling you to do wrong, the other telling you to do right … or the story of the two wolves.
Fortunately, we have free will to choose which thought forms we entertain.
Many of the thoughts we experience throughout the day are we, picking up on the thought forms in the ether which surrounds us. The body and mind are a connector to worlds. An antennae.
We can reject the thought.
Simply say to Self, “this is not my thought. This is not a thought process I’m willing to entertain. I command my thoughts, and the emotions they create. I will not allow another, seen or unseen, to manipulate my thoughts or my emotions.”
Take charge.
Create a world in mind which brings you peace.
Don’t allow the powers and principalities (or those under their spell) to program the mind, controlling ones life.
There is power in choice.
Use the gift.
And stop accepting every bit of negative another tries to force you to accept.
Some are crap.
Even if it’s just a sudden thought form of the negative kind.
Learn to say no.
Reject the thoughts which bring harm … to self and others.
No one said reformatting self, commanding self, would be easy.
It’s a daily challenge, where “choice” and “free will” must be exercised.

I’m aware of circumstances beyond our control.
I’m older.
I’ve experience to many degrees in this life.
The above is what I used to practice command of my mind.
It’s a challenge.
Worth paying attention to.


Published December 26, 2022 by tindertender

By A Girl in the Universe

It’s our last week of 2022 and the energies aren’t ready to stop now.

Energies just keep multiplying and growing. Helping you to get as far forward in your ascension as you possibly can before the Love Wave rolls through.

Today we have Flux Energies alerting at high levels early this morning.

These are the zappy, Itchy energies.

There are high speed solar streams coming off the sun, that mix with our solar winds.

They are pushing the bow shock in all kinds of ways, while bringing all those energies straight into you.

Plus, we have Ascension Energies hitting all hours of the day.

All of this, as you know, is to prepare you to be the highest and best version of you ever.

Truly, everything you need is inside of you at this time.

Tap into YOU to find your answers, your knowings, and your truths.

Your guides are all around you to help you along the way.

The Clarion Call is still expected at any time now. Sooner than later as we get into the last days of December.

The ascension teams are still saying they are bringing in the Love Way before the 29th.

They say we’re still perfectly on track. So we’ll watch this move through together this week.

It’s an exciting time in the energies.

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

Much love and light,

-SA Smith

Morning Message

Published December 11, 2022 by tindertender

I woke with this visual.

The meaning I garner from it is the upper realm is at 100% while the lower realms are being disengaged from the upper, a great separation.

Then I got on social media once I made my tea to see Melissa had received a message as well!

I remain seated here, after the gifting of breakfast kibbles to my fur kids.

I am grateful to the Star Nation, to our collective, comprised of many races and species.

I love you.

Thank you for being here.

Intention, Thought and Emotion Create

Published December 7, 2022 by tindertender

“Nothin’ I can do about it, so not gonna pay attention to it, shrug.”


You can pray about it.
You can intend strongly, with thought and feeling that it will be something other.
You can apply you mind, heart, body, spirit into its manifestation.

People would rather embrace their incapacity than their ability to co-create with all that is in this world, in a good way.

So many would rather argue, insist, try to force, themselves onto each other, but few these days actually pray for others, intending their abundance and benefit.

In the beginning was the word ….

Intention, thought and emotion create … Creator Being …

The Aurora Plan

Published November 3, 2022 by tindertender

Based materials Cobra:

Earth is a very special planet that is triggering a transformation of cosmic proportions. Earth is a planet where the last phase of the resolution of the Cosmic Conflict between Light and Darkness is taking place.

Different forces and beings exist in the universe, beings who chose Light with their free will and also beings who chose darkness.And this planet is the realm where this conflict goes through its final resolution,a realm of final purification,a cosmic refinery.And this is the basic reason why there is so much suffering on Earth.

If we look at the history of the universe, we can see that 7 million years ago darkness was created in one of the experiments when some Angelic Beings chose with their free will to experiment with matter. An extreme phase of experiencing matter means experiencing darkness, which is a consciousness with no trace of connection to Source. A consciousness identified with illusion.

The Dark Empire and the Galactic Wars

These dark beings then created their galactic empire. His goal was to enslave the entire universe.

The Light Forces opposed this: they wanted to maintain the original state of harmony and this led to the Galactic Wars.

There have been severe fighting in our galaxy and neighboring galaxies as well. In these battles many planets and civilizations were destroyed. All this has remained in the collective memory of humanity and many other races as the war between Light and Darkness.

The Light Forces were advancing and liberating planet after planet from the grip of darkness. At a very special cosmic moment, there is a Platonic year – a Platonic year is a great cosmic cycle that lasts 25,920 years — there was a big turning point. The Forces of Darkness then decided to choose planet Earth as their main stronghold and turned it into a quarantine planet. This means that it was no longer possible to travel freely from Earth to other worlds and back.

The Forces of Darkness had taken their native population hostage.

For the past 25,000 years, Terrans have been held hostage by the Forces of Darkness. And the Light Forces have been trying to penetrate the Earth and set it free. This process is coming to a conclusion as the Old Cosmic Cycle ends and the New is beginning.

Who are the Forces of Light, what is their role and how do they work? Most important among them are the Ascended Beings. They are beings who have experienced their enlightenment and have a perfect consciousness, freed from the illusion of time and space, a consciousness with a permanent connection to Source. We can describe it as pure consciousness, bliss, a fusion with the truth. So this is the state of consciousness of beings who have experienced their Ascension, the so-called Ascended Masters.

All these beings are connected to each other in a Cosmic Grid of Light. Your Mission is the liberation of civilizations and planets from the clutches of the Forces of Darkness.

In this Galaxy all the Ascended Masters formed the Galactic Confederation.

This is not a confederation as human beings imagine, it is rather a union of enlightened beings who have come together to preserve the consciousness of the One and liberate areas that are not yet aligned with cosmic laws, with the Galactic Codex that regulates everyone’s lives.

The Galactic Federation (or Confederation) and the Divine Plan

The Galactic Confederation is approaching Earth. Many different races and civilizations are cooperating with the Confederacy. Some of them are strongly linked to the planet and its history.

First among them are the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are cosmic beings who have helped the Terrans since Atlantis and brought much consciousness to this planet, from the creation of Mystery Schools to many inventions and improvements in human civilization. Many mythological figures are actually representatives of the Pleiadians.

Another of these civilizations are the Sirians. They significantly influenced humanity. By They are the so-called teachers of humanity. In addition to these two civilizations there are many others that are connected with this planet and are helping as they can.

All these races are cooperating with the Galactic Confederation with the planet’s redemption project. Also, there is an advanced civilization living under the Earth’s surface since Atlantis. In ancient times it was known under its Atlantean name Agharta.

There are many underground cities connected with an underground tunnel system. These tunnels are scattered under the surface of the entire planet and connected with magneto-hydrodynamic trains. This high technology can produce speeds much greater than the speed of contemporary airplanes.

The beings that run this technology are far more advanced than the current civilization on the surface. They are now in the process of being accepted into the Galactic Confederation.

The Light Forces have always had a plan for the liberation of humanity. This plan entered its accelerated phase on May 25, 1975, at the Activation of the First planetary Stargate. Since then, the Light Forces were actively interfering with the situation on Earth.

One of his methods was the awakening of the Star People.

Star people are Angelic Beings who incarnated as humans a long time ago and are now awakening to their higher state of consciousness. Many of us came to this planet millennia ago to help resolve the situation here.

After countless incarnations, we forgot where we came from and we also forgot the Divine Plan. Since 1975 our consciousness began to awaken and many began to carry out their missions for which they volunteered when they came to Earth.

This process was accelerating and consciousness was rising. Contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations also increased. There were more physical appearances of various UFOs and spaceships and also more telepathic contacts as these civilizations wanted to bring new messages and knowledge to humanity.

In the late eighties, the Ascension Plan was presented to humanity. This plan involves the Three Waves of Ascension and the Final Evacuation. This plan was based on the free will of humanity. Humanity has free will – that means it can decide for or against the Ascension Plan.

And because the critical mass of decision for the plan was not reached until the earliest possible date for Ascension in 1996, the Dark Forces attacked. ‘They sacrificed vast sectors of the Galaxy they previously occupied and redirected their forces to Earth.

The Draco-Chimeric Archon Invasion began on December 21, 1995 and reached its first peak on January 11, 1996. What happened was nuclear war on the astral and etheric planes of Earth. (In certain Earth Cities of Light, which were models for the physical manifestation of New Atlantis, and there was war, but not nuclear, also in physical Agharta, with over 500 million reptilian entities from Rigel, Barnard, Cloud of Taurus etc. taking cloned physical bodies in the Negative Military’s secret underground bases – Assulus). The physical plane of the surface remained as usual. Life went on, people went to work and study, lived their normal lives, not knowing what was really happening on Earth. This planet has not experienced such a crisis since Atlantis. There was a real threat of physical nuclear war, but luckily it was averted.

The System and the Matrix

People have received strong programming since 1996. The Dark Forces have spread biochips among the population using their technology. Every human being on Earth has received them.These biochips limit human consciousness, block spiritual progress and program the human mind. This technology has spread dramatically over the last ten years. The Forces of Darkness began to execute their plan called the New World Order. This plan envisions total control of humanity and the re-establishment of the Matrix.

The Matrix is a structure that surrounds the surface of planet Earth. It is created using advanced physical and etheric technology. There is a technology based on electromagnetic radiation that distorts the space/time structure and captures human consciousness.

The dark forces covered the entire surface of the planet with a very powerful extremely low or extremely high frequency electromagnetic field that captures human consciousness in the illusion of space-time.

This is why humans lost contact with their Souls and became totally enslaved within The System as we know it is part of the Matrix. It encompasses and programs all human life from birth to death. Programming begins with kindergarten education and continues through school and work. It limits and determines the development of human personality.

In 1999 the Dark Forces experienced the peak of their power and after that the Light Forces began again to advance towards Earth.The Light Forces have always had an alternative backup plan that envisions the transformation and liberation of the planet regardless of humanity’s actions. Each individual has an opportunity and power to improve this plan, but ultimately it is not based on the free will of humanity, but on the free will of the Forces of Light.

Aurora Plan

They drew up a Planetary Liberation Plan. The plan is taking effect now.

The plane is known under the codename AURORA. Phase I of the Plan was activated on March 21, 2005.

Preparations began on November 8, 2003. This was the date of an important Cosmic Activation when people around the world were meditating — on the day of the so-called Harmonic Concordance — when the planets created a perfect hexagram in the sky.

It was the moment when the Matrix received its first virus and control was no longer absolute. Therefore, 2004 was a year of improvement as the Pleiadians were trying to awaken Goddess Consciousness among the most conscious parts of humanity.

The Forces of Darkness reacted and sent the rest of their forces from the Solar System to Earth through the astral and etheric planes. This happened on December 21, 2004. So, 2005 was a year of a lot of stress and clearing the new astral and etheric layers of the Dark Forces around the Earth.
The pressure of all these energetic impurities caused many cataclysms, such as the tsunami waves in December 2004, Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 and the earthquake in Pakistan in October 2005.

On December 21, 2005, all the Dark Forces have been compressed into a thin layer that extends 100,300 feet from the surface of the Earth up and down the physical, etheric, astral, and mental planes.

The Structure of the System: The Workers, the Network, the Core ~ The Illuminati Hierarchy.

Before we explain the details of the Aurora Plan, we need to explain a few facts about the structure of the System. On Earth there are more than 6 billion people involved in the System (in November 2022 there are almost 8 billion).Each individual has their position, as the New World Order classifies each individual in his or her pigeonhole.

The System works in three layers that operate independently and are structured in hierarchical order. The largest group, the Workers, has the lowest rank. This group is the only publicly known part of the System.

It comprises more than 99% of humanity who have to work to survive and obey the laws.More than 99% of humanity is slaves.Slaves simply because they give most of their energy and work to the Forces of Darkness. Anyone who goes to work eight hours a day and gets paid, half of it goes to taxes.

Over the centuries, dark forces have placed their representatives in key positions in the System. These key positions are often not positions with the most publicity or obvious power, but rather positions with no apparent public appeal but with great potential to influence long-term decisions and actions.

Therefore, you are much more likely to find representatives of the Dark Forces among directors or in public relations than among presidents or CEOs.

The inner group, the Core, is a very small group of extremely powerful and evil beings around Satan, the true leader of the System.

They have access to unlimited wealth, advanced extraterrestrial technology and secret information of an occult and esoteric nature. They are System programmers. They came from various star systems. They make the final decisions about what is going to happen on this planet.

This group has about 1,000 members (Black Mage Archons, and arachnid Bugs from the Chimera group) and is not known to the Workers, there is no information about it anywhere on the Internet except here. His position is far above the Illuminati or any similar group. Network members know of the existence of this group and are terrified of it.
One aspect of the Aurora Plan is to remove Core members one by one. They will be replaced by members of the Resistance Movement who will continue to work in their positions within the System that governs the planet. [Editor’s Note: Admiral Jhonka of the Ashtar Command is a clear example of the infiltration of the Forces of Light within the System. He is the highest-ranking general in the US army. citation needed] This will transform the entire System because it will change its entire hierarchical structure.

If you place points of Light in key positions where there was once darkness, you can trigger far-reaching changes. This will create holes within the Matrix and eventually lead to its collapse. Humanity will finally be able to live in peace, free from repression.

Transforming the System from within

People on the spiritual path had always tried to bring Light to Earth from outside the System, but the System itself was not transforming.What is happening now is a transformation of the System itself, for the System as it is must transform and will disintegrate at a certain point.

The Aurora Plan has three phases:
Aurora Phase 1: System Purification and Infiltration

The first phase began on March 21, 2005 and signifies the infiltration of the Forces of Light within the very core of darkness that rules the Earth. Another aspect of the first phase is the clearing of the astral and etheric cloud that surrounds the Earth.

The astral plane is the plane of our emotions. Along with the etheric (bioenergetic) plane, it involves the physical plane. Around the surface of the earth there is much astral and etheric pollution. There are many dark beings and elemental beings that do not belong here.

All this must be purified. Because of this heavy energy, people cannot reach the Light, they have no contact with their Soul.

There are many layers around the Earth with different degrees of pollution. The closer we get to the surface, the more pollution there is and the less clarity and Light. The outermost layer extends 137 miles in altitude and marks the outer boundary of the planet’s etheric aura. The next layer reaches 45,600 feet in height and marks the energetic boundary between the stratosphere and troposphere. The innermost layer runs from 100 to 300 feet in height and follows the profile of the terrain. The Matrix and the Forces of Darkness exist only in this innermost layer. All the outer layers contain only the elemental essence that is being purified by the Ascended Masters.

But a Matrix bubble envelope the planes that fly through these outer layers. So all of humanity is inside a bubble, a cocoon of energy.

So the first phase involves the purification of the energetic layers around the Earth. And the Forces of Light are penetrating the surface from above and from below.

Beneath the surface we have a civilization of Light, the Resistance Movement, which is penetrating towards the surface. The darkness is shrinking and condensing and the surface is squashed together like the stuffing of a sandwich. That’s why there is so much tension in the air.

At a certain point,holes within the Matrix will be created and the Light will break through.These surges of Light will be sudden and unexpected and this will be a very important time.Since then everything will be happening very fast,until then only apathy and lethargy will rule.

In the first phase of the Aurora Plan, nothing special will happen. Nothing will be visible, life will continue as usual, but silently the Light Forces are already entering the System. They have very advanced cloning technology that allows them to make a cloned copy of each individual.

So, for example, they can make a cloned copy of George Bush with a Soul of Light and this new being would perform its function differently. Thus, the Light Forces would slowly enter the System and begin to transform it. The System will not function in the same way as before. At first sight everything will be the same for some time, but within the pores of the System itself there will be great changes.

Aurora Phase 2: Contacting Key Individuals

The second phase of the Aurora Plan means physical contact between representatives of the Light Forces and certain selected surface individuals. Some of them will even be able to visit underground cities.

Aurora Phase 3: First Contact

In the third phase there will be public contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, with the Pleiadians, Sirians and later with the Ascended Masters. [Editor’s Note: I add here that the Second Coming, or the return of our Lord Jesus Sananda, takes place after First Contact.]

During the transition between phase two and three, the system will break. All the media on the planet — newspapers, radio and TV — are controlled by a handful of people, about 20 or 30 individuals who own most TV stations, newspapers and a few internet companies.

This handful of people belong to the inner group, the Neighborhood or even the Core. They decide what will come to the media and therefore all the news we watch and hear is censored. When that censorship starts to crumble, real information about what’s going on will start to emerge. Among all this real information would be the exposition of proof about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

There are physical evidence, beings, objects, UFOs, concrete evidence, that will be available to the public.

Then there is information about new technologies that are also censored.Above all, there is the technology called free energy.

This technology allows us to acquire energy from the etheric plane at almost no cost. This technology should have been available to humanity for at least seventy or eighty years, but because of censorship by the Dark Forces it was never made public. Those in control of energy sources don’t want to lose their profits and do everything they can to prevent free energy from being available to the world. So when media censorship ends, all this information will become public. Again: the concrete information, plans for free energy machines and the machines themselves.Even at this moment there are machines capable of producing energy almost from the air. When all this becomes known, the very structure of the dominant system will begin to crumble: there will be no more need for oil, gas, electricity, power plants. The next phase of development are the materialization and dematerialization chambers. That technology also exists. The Forces of Light possess technology capable of materializing an object at will. For example, we order a dinner and it materializes. We ask for a golden chalice and it materializes. So we can get any material object we want with this technology. All this technology will be available to humanity.

The next aspect of the information that will be given is information about healing. Many diseases known to humanity were created artificially in the laboratories of the Dark Forces: viruses, AIDS, cancer… For each of these diseases there is a cure, but the Dark Forces do not want to give them to humanity. All these will then be available to humanity when the censorship ends.

The next information that will be given will be information with names and facts about the activities of the Dark Forces. When people really realize what is happening here on Earth, there will be inevitable riots. First, there will be a stock market crash. The financial system that is based on all this control and censorship is going to fall apart because if we remove some of the foundations of that financial system, namely oil, gas, electricity and media censorship, it all falls apart. A short period of chaos will follow and then the Forces of Light will come to the surface of the planet and re- establish a just social system based on the Galactic Codex. The Galactic Codex will regulate the functioning of society harmoniously in alignment with cosmic principles. This will happen during the transition between phase two and phase three.

In phase three of the Aurora Plan the Light Forces will do a few things. First they will create Islands of Light. These will be pure areas where those working on your spiritual growth will prepare for your Ascension, for your transition to a higher dimension.

These communities will be created all over the world. Then the Forces of Light will lead people through changes that will be very dramatic, but also very necessary. People will be shocked, but this shock will be much needed to wake people up from their slumber and facilitate planetary change. The Three Waves of Ascension and the Evacuation of Humanity will follow.

At the end of the third phase of the Aurora Plan there will be a physical transformation of planet Earth. There will be physical cataclysms predicted in countless ancient prophecies that will be necessary to purify the planet of all pollution (caused by periodic pulses from the Galactic Center, not by an eventual intruder star, because for the Light Forces everything about Nibiru and other intruding stars is disinformation.

Physical matter must transform.

There will be cataclysms outside the Islands of Light, within them there will be peace. Just before the great cataclysm, people will be evacuated from the surface of the planet in the final evacuation, there will be no slaughter. This will happen at the end of phase three.

Most of us will experience this during the course of this life. The exact timing of all these phases is not known because there are many factors involved. But we are in this incarnation precisely because of the planetary transformation.

The Real Light Will Occur

When all these breakthroughs take place, the true Light will occur. People have forgotten what true Light is and this will be something completely new for most.

And what is our role in all this?

We don’t need to change our lifestyle, but it is important that we begin internal preparation for the process.

Simply the first is to discover our Life Mission. Each of us came to Earth with a specific Mission and we discovered that Mission by following our true inner dreams. We wonder what we would do if anything were possible. And then we went in that direction. We insist, we use our free will and we transcend the obstacles that keep us from living the life we really should live and doing what we really want to do. What keeps people away from their Divine Mission is the commitments they have made to the System.

There are many such compromises. We started removing them one by one.

People who follow their dreams will be involved in the Aurora Plan, others will not. This project is based on the free will of the Forces of Light. Anyone who wants to participate can also do so with their free will decision.

The fate of planet Earth does not depend on the decision of individuals. But their individual lives certainly do.

AURORA is a keyword that can evoke a memory. In other words, before coming to Earth we contributed to the planning of this project.

That’s why some people can feel a strong energy behind this codename. This is a code that allows us to awaken to a higher reality and thus help us to carry out this plan.

When phase two begins (it started in 2022 but will be more active from April 2023 onwards), certain individuals will already begin to experience major changes…
Assulus Sentinel
Based on materials Cobra


Published October 3, 2022 by tindertender

Why do you make yourself available every so often to remind them you’re done with their crap?

Why go there at all with your time, attention and intention?

Leave them be. Walk away and stay gone. That’s the best affirmation of “I’m-done-ness”.

October ~ Huge Changes

Published September 30, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @AnkhetAmenti

October, the month of Huge Changes, is almost here. We are entering eclipse season. Mercury, Pluto & Saturn are going to go direct. The energy is swift, sudden, powerful & transformational. Universe is pushing you to move forward towards your life path & reacess your choices.

Seriously, some people refuse to change their life & then be mad at you cause they want you to perform miracles on them.

I’m sorry, there is a thing called Free Will. Use it to detach from your own toxicity. That’s how real healing works. I could cleanse your energy, activate your chakras to work in a healthy manner, but you going back to that toxic environment or habits would complicate things.

Inner/Shadow work can’t be replaced, anyone claiming otherwise is BSing & following the common business model of this industry. A healer’s true power lies in empowering you with skills & helping you recognize your own potential to heal yourself.

If you’re looking for an easy way out, you’re doing yourself disservice. You have to know how to work with open chakras, how to protect your energy, be mindful of choices you’re making, who you give access to in terms of allowing in your energy field.

Without this knowledge you’re basically a free flowing energy source for the sourceless, the chupacabras, energy vampires. And they would latch themselves to you until you’re back where you started. This is basic shit you’re not being told. This amounts to cheating people.

New Age Healers are no less than the doctors who give pills & cure nothing in long term. You cannot do someone’s inner work for them, neither can you remove their karmic lessons. You can surely become a participant in receiving karmic lessons that aren’t yours to deal with.

Saving yourself from exploitation, betrayal is your job. Common sense is going to be a growing necessity in coming times. Those who fail to achieve that state of mind & have an inner knowing of reading between the lines are going to be forced to deal with self created turmoils.

The cosmic energies around are going to force people to reveal their true intentions. The collective is going through a Dark Night of the Soul. Shocks will be common. Instead of resisting the truth, accept it. It’ll help you move on faster & you can move into healing mode.

These truths will revolve around general life related matters as well as interpersonal relationships. If you’re surrounded by energy vampires you’ll see them for what they are because they’ll keep putting it in your face.

Major relationship cycles will end with family/friends/romantic partners who are not for your highest good. North node in Taurus leaves little room for BS & flaky energy. Only grounded truths will make sense & provide comfort to the collective.

Change is Coming. Ready or Not.

Published May 29, 2022 by tindertender

Stories are fed into society, thru individual. If these ones are not aware of this “testing” they do not know they are being measured … skill, strength, endurance, ability to lead, to love. These are must know things for when the strike happens.

I wish more could get out of ego and Observe more closely. The enemy is patient. Fortunately so is my King, my God, my Creator and the entirety of my Divine Family.

It’s all about patterns.
So be someone who breaks patterns.
Starting with Self.

We see what is mirrored for us. Each one in experience, intricately laced, one to the next. If we don’t like what we see, we can often change what we give energy to, associate with, dwell upon, enter relationship with. There is power in choice … why it is societally stripped.

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