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To Say “I Didn’t Know” Is No Longer Valid’

Published July 19, 2018 by tindertender

Daily so many people eat the flesh of innocence while they slander those who take human life. Animals are innocent, like children, and they are brutalized and slaughtered and eaten, every day.

I was raised eating meat. I did not like it as a child, most do not. But their ‘guardians’ force them to eat it, and over decades these children become accustomed to it, just as the young person who takes their first drink of alcohol knows it tastes putrid, yet drinks it anyway due to peer pressure. (I came to realize the horror of this cycle several years ago, and have been learning and practicing a new way since).

These habits have been passed down through generations, and there are better, more humane ways of getting nutrition and finding a happy place.

Participation in this cycle, whether doing the killing, or doing the eating, guilt is shared equally. It is no more ‘okay’ than eating a human child, or the family pet.

The mindset that humans are lords over life and command who lives and who dies, is absurd. In this thought process, all are militant, cannibalistic bringers of suffering to the earth.

Lying to self and making excuses does not excuse … damages to life and fear added into the world is the only creation this brings. Participants, if not willing to accept responsibility and work toward eliminating pain and fear, cannot ever be part of peace and joy.

If you eat meat, you may as well eat other people who eat meat. Some say this is the best way to get protein. Using that logic, why choose a species that is vegetarian? May as well choose a meat eater, since by this insane idea, those who eat meat must have more protein in their bodies.

One day being a cannibal may be all you get, if the animals become sparce, and you haven’t learned how to grow nutritious foods … Is this the world you wish to continue creating and live in?

Lumped Sum Categorization

Published July 10, 2018 by tindertender

School children all take the same aptitude tests and are scored on their ability of comprehension, never once being coached, or inspired to be their true selves, having their natural talents nurtured.

Same with the law … those that were young and careless having committed minor offense, hurting no one, are lumped in the same group as those who viscously create harm and havoc in the world, prevented from living freely even after decades of proving their great and powerful contributions of good.

These things we do … or lack to do … follow us throughout our days, ALL the way to the end of life.

In today’s world I look around and shake my head, feeling sorrow as I see an incredible lack of care, in the instantaneous self righteous judgements, and of the stifling of creative force in the youth.

Those without benefits are shunned and omitted from opportunity, which in turn causes anger, outrage even, for those with better support systems get the benefit while they without eat the crud left behind, struggling to survive, sometime barely holding onto their sanity in an extremely chaotic world.

There is no balance. Judgements made are not well thought out and considered. Focus has been, and increasingly so, on self … the normal response from so many is, “screw you and the horse you rode in on”, not even noticing that those they judge cannot even afford the invisible horse they imagine they see them riding.

Once again it is the need for power, the need of feeling important and authoritative which rules minds. No longer is there wise determination, well thought out understanding and solution. Power to hold the reigns of another’s life in ones hands and determine their ability to contribute is tempting to those who have been given the right.

Fear of the loss of this imaginary power drives lives … and eventually it will be recognized as the illusion it is. They will understand that their strength is actually weakness, and those they deem weak are actually very strong, having weathered mighty storms.

We’re coming full circle, the cycle is near complete. There will be a return to the path of true care and compassion … for each other, for the earth, water, and air … for self. What we have known for so long, that which has birthed error and lack, will be left behind.

A new day is dawning, and all people will be recognized for the value they bring to the table. All people will be honored for their contributions, large and small. No one will be deemed greater than, or less than, any other.

Count on it.

Teachings About Mother Earth and Feminine Energies

Published July 6, 2018 by tindertender

“There is cosmic energy that is creating much now in both the human and the animal world. It is affecting all walks of life. You can see it happening now. It began in 1988 and increases in 1989, continuing into the end of the century. The causes are very understandable to those who are in harmony with Mother Earth.

“Mother Earth, as you know, is a living organism, just like you. She loves, She feels, She senses, and She hurts. She is trying to heal Herself now. This generation is being affected by this. Many people are being forced to make changes in their personal lives, especially in their relationships. Those who are not afraid to grow spiritually will understand and be able to adapt. Those who don’t grow spiritually will find their lives aren’t working, and unless they seek their spiritual selves, their lives will continue not to work until they self-destruct.

“As Mother Earth heals and grows strong again, the ill shall become well and the weak shall become strong. Each in its own way shall be given new life; just seek it out. Earth energy is feminine energy. As the feminine energies are increased, women and especially Mothers will be affected, so please make them aware that it is just to make them grow and be strong with Mother Earth. Many Mothers will become assertive, because they want recognition and validation of their worth.

“Mother Earth provides for all of you; use it to fill your needs, but when you take, you must give back.

“All knowledge is available to mankind, if he would just open up to it, but first he must reconnect with Mother Earth and become more spiritual within. Realize he is One with all things. Psychic ability is just being spiritually connected. There is a lot of psychic energy available now, but many misinterpret it and misuse it.

“There are going to be some Earth changes to come. Many people will be afraid, because they don’t know what’s happening. If the time comes and it is necessary, people will be shown safe places to go ahead of time. There is no need to fear.

“Mother Earth is using all available energy to heal herself. This is partly what is causing the earth changes. A balance must be regained. Mankind is being given a chance to heal himself. You are being forced to change, because energies are changing around you. Women are changing, taking charge of their lives, healing themselves, as Mother Earth is healing herself. Their female energy is being opened up, because women are instinctively in harmony with Mother Earth. This is causing stress in many relationships, as women who now feel empty, unfulfilled, invalid, and without purpose will begin to feel a need to get in touch with their feminine self and with Mother Earth. They will become more assertive as they reclaim their ‘power’.

“Even the female animals are changing – their behavior, their breeding habits, their migrating habits. The water too shall change. Mother Earth needs water for Herself and for her cleansing. She is calling for moisture, and the Universe will give it to her. There will be a time of imbalance, droughts where there was once moisture, floods where there were once droughts. Eventually a balance will be found. Unneeded things will be forced to the surface and discarded.

“Spiritual energy is primarily feminine energy. Mankind has been dominated by male energy; society is male oriented. You all have both male and female inside you. This should be in balance. Many men view the female as being silly, weak, erratic, and emotional. They deny any feminine aspects of themselves and put down feminine qualities in women as well. If such men begin to open to their spiritual self, the feminine self seeks balance. As they become more sensitive and begin to feel this feminine aspect of themselves, they fear they are becoming weak and overly sensitive, losing control of themselves and their physical world. They are quick to shut off this feminine energy and retreat back into their old masculine self, stopping their spiritual growth.

“The best thing Mankind can do is love. Love each other and love Mother Earth. She needs all this energy she can get. That’s why you are needed now, to gather the people together who are willing to understand. Show them how to get in touch with their Mother, how to love and share with each other. Separately you are weak; together you are strong.”

~ Dennison Tsosie, channeled message, August 1989, from Spirit Visions, The Old Ones Speak by Dennison & Teddi Tsosie

Slipping, Losing The Grip

Published June 20, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Ali Morshedlou

I am amazed at those who consider it okay for the young ones to pay for their parents perceived breaking of country laws. The closer I look at this the more I see that it is a habitual fact that blankets the whole of the world.

So many people think that by causing the children to suffer it will deter the adults, it will be sufficient force to manipulate minds and get the ‘desired results’.

We can see plainly that the norm has been, and still is, one of fear and torment, of imprisonment and forced silence. “Bend to our will, or we will make you and your entire family suffer!!”

There is something seriously wrong with this thought process … something in grave error of the mind. The crazys point fingers while they spin and roll in their slop, pretending to be one of the good guys, pretending that crazy doesn’t look like they do.

There is a magnified rejection of these types of ‘rule’. People for generations, the world over, have experienced these things time and time again. The truth of it lives in the DNA that is carried forth through lineage, through blood … trauma does not disappear, it is embedded in the form, in the subconscious of all who have come after, who still bear the deepest scars of their heritage.

The minds of the population may have been sleeping and forgetful, but the Spirit remembers, the subconscious knows, and these latest schemes and tactics are causing memories to surface.

The walls are tumbling down … and I wonder if they even know it yet.

Moving Forward

Published June 19, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Olivier Miche

Counting, 1 to 400+ and then on up to 1200+. These categories seem widespread, yet fortunately they can be, for the dilemma they hold is compact and easily managed. It is still quite sad there need be categories at all.

Restlessness pervades the senses as the sorting of these things takes place. While many refuse to see them, and so many more are paralyzed by them, there are others taking action which will benefit the whole.

I am sorry for those who do not/cannot see. I am sorry for their families as they will not be prepared, and much suffering will be. I would hope that soon they’ll take notice. It really is quite painful knowing that there will be so much chaos, what we see now is just the tip of the iceberg.

The speed of these massive changes will quicken, as in a cyclone, everything will be whipped into a new placement and status.

All I can do at times is observe. When I speak of the severity of our situation most people laugh and make fun … it is no laughing matter. I shake my head and continue doing the best I can. I am willing to move forward as necessary. This new world will require much work, hard work, and an extreme effort in cooperation.

Leave the need to ‘rule’ or ‘lead’ behind, it will not be needed, or tolerated, sooner than many think.

Climbing Mountains

Published June 14, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Andreas Fidler

He said, She said … How long has this been going on? Argument … consistent, never ending, argument. Who is right and who is wrong? Is there any such thing?

Has a human ever found it easy to place themselves in a situation they find someone else in, before making an assessment? I am aware there are many cultures who cultivate certain responses, certain controls of self, and nurture their ability to have compassion and understanding for others.

There are others who practice thinking before speaking … resting with emotion, and rather than let the emotion be in charge of what comes out the mouth, they choose to not say a word, until later, after the adrenaline slows.

It seems the tendency to jump to conclusions is prevalent nowadays though … it is seen plainly, every day, wherever one may find themselves.

Becoming older, learning to break habits and alter the ‘training’ learned from youth, to shed the person of the past, is a true blessing. Just to have the opportunity to recreate that which we are is HUGE!! So many people never see it, so many people stay in the strangle hold of that which someone else gave them to wear.

In youth, it is often that someone else forms who we are. How the hair is worn, what fashion is adopted, if any, how we speak, or act in public, what we eat, how we chew, whether we say please or thank you, or ask permission at all, whether we take, or give, acknowledge lack peacefully, or strive to have more and more.

If fortunate to live long enough, this point becomes noticeable, opportunity arises to recreate that person-hood who we walk through life being. Shedding habits, forgiving others, in order to hopefully, one day forgive self, lightening the load of humanity and assisting in making positive change for the world, bringing light and song and joy to the day, every day that is consciously chosen.

There will always be someone to try and stop it … to create doubt and feelings of insufficiency … this is their reality and they try to impose it into others lives … to make others wear who and what they are (… in that particular moment).

You do not have to bear that load for them, the energies you produce will always be spent on what you allow them to be spent on.

Power is in Choice … every day, you wield it.


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