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The Becoming

Published September 14, 2020 by tindertender

This world tries to tell us who we are from the beginning of our lives.

Fat, skinny, dim witted, intelligent, mentally challenged, pretty, ugly, selfish, generous, and any number of other things.

Before we become adults our psyche can be corrupted by the many opinions of our peers. We attempt to live up to their expectations.

Doctors may label us as ‘something’ in order to have an excuse to prescribe various medications which alter our chemistry in order to ‘help’ us. Once they do this, family, friends, society as a whole does its thing and tries to validate this ‘diagnosis’. Usually all done out of ignorance, or a requirement to prescribe meds, or a failed understanding of our experience of the Spiritual Realms, which we may have become connected to.

Triggers born of such experiences and judgments can be difficult to shed as we begin to stand more firmly in our OWN perceptions and ideas of Self. It can take a lot for us to finally say, No More … you are not allowed to define me any longer.

Yet the trigger is sometimes flipped by our connections, even unintentionally, due to the wounds we carry.

This is a good thing, for it allows us the opportunity to see it, to evaluate it, to sit with it and trace it to its source, to see how it has affected our lives and our decisions about self and relationships.

This is when healing can occur if we are willing to look at it deeply, acknowledge it so that it can be released, rather than suppressed. In suppression it will ALWAYS have opportunity to rear its head.

Acknowledgement and release is the only way to freedom from the stigma that began with others placing their own perceptions of our value on us, which we often take on as our own.

Becoming a healer is a difficult process, and always begins with our willingness to heal Self first. Becoming a healer cannot BE any other way, for books cannot teach it … it must be experienced for Self in order to BE IT, and to be of assistance for others.

Bless the courageous and their Stubborn Will which demands to become that which they have always needed, a nurturer. And somewhere along the line, transforming that Stubborn Will into a Skillful Will that is of benefit not only to Self, but to the World.

I love you so much.

Your Brilliance, your Endurance, and your Love for Life is tremendous and oh so beautiful.

I am one of the most Blessed Women, simply for knowing you. And for finally, coming into the true knowledge of what it means to be whole. I am so happy that this Life is a continuous opportunity for development and advancement in the Spiritual things …. in the Heart, Mind, Body and Emotional states which need focus to become Balance.

As chaos flies all about the world, let us reel in our energies, harness it, and apply it to that world we wish to co-create together … a world of beauty, acceptance, care, compassion and Love … in all of its forms.


Something’s Not Right

Published September 3, 2020 by tindertender

Conspiracy theories are something Hollywood pays attention to, this is just about feeling in your own gut that something isn’t right.

The difficulty about lying is making the lies consistent with everything around us.

No politician or doctor has been able to do that for 2020.

Taking a close look at the information we receive is critical at this point.

Do you feel as though you are being attacked?

From all sides, in the seen and unseen world?

Do you feel like peace has been utterly replaced with chaos?

If yes, then it is time to begin creating that which we wish to see … leaving behind us all of the bullshit, and the artists who shape it into form for our ingestion.

Be Like Water

Published August 20, 2020 by tindertender

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” – Bruce Lee

I say I am like a river, indeed I am, walking around in a flesh suit. You are aware already that the physical form consists mostly of water. The emotions are sometimes calm, and at others raging.

Since we ARE water … we ought to flow into and around perceptual changes, make it happen, reprogram thoughts of separateness into those of inclusiveness.

The language we use needs reformatting, since life as we know it is about to expand greatly … Race, Gender, and Species will connect as many human minds, in their current state, have yet to consider.

Become like water my friends, for indeed, you are.


Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Published August 13, 2020 by tindertender

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In These Moments, Many Search For Peace!

There Is Nothing Outside Of You That Can Bring You Peace. In These Racing Energies And Endless Thoughts And Opinions, Close Your Eyes, Breathe Deeply, And Remember Who You Are!

During These Times Of Transition, You Will Have Many Moments Where You Seem To Flow With Life And Nothing Bothers You. You Have Surrendered To The Moment.

Then A Word, Action, Or News Event Will Change Your Peaceful Mind To Chaos!

Sweet Beloved Ones! You Have Done Nothing Wrong! You Can Simply Get Back On Course And Know Your Peace Has Never Left You! The Energies Covered Your Mind And Now You Recover!

Breathe Deeply Now!

As You Practice And Repeat Pulling Your Attention To Your Heart Chakra, And Becoming Still And Quiet, You Will Desire To Return To This Sacred Place Throughout Your Day.  There Is Always A Place For You Here!

It Does Not Matter What Another Says Or Does, It Does Not Matter About Your Perceived Past. All That Matters Is This Moment Of Now.

You Are The Love Of GOD.  The Power Of The ONE.

You Are Everything That Is Powerful And Good And Your Strength Lies In Bringing This Forth In Conscious Awareness.

You Are Truly A Multidimensional Being Of Light And You Carry All Gifts Within As Light!

You Were Born Into A Physical Body To Experience Divinity In A New Way.

You Have Been Here Many Times And You Have A Planet Of Origin. You Are The Soul, Gifted With Free Will And The Presence Of GOD.

You Need Nothing Else. You Are Complete And Whole.

The Great Awakening Is Only Accelerated By The Perceived Negative Actions Before You!

Many That Were Asleep Are Realizing To Survive They Must Shift Daily. They Are Realizing That Only Love Matters And This Is The Only Answer.

The Silent Majority, The Ones Who Know And Understand The Truth Of What Is Happening, Will Soon Join As ONE And Truth Will Lead Again.

AA Are Very Wise!

Love One Another And Be At Great Peace!


I Love You So!


Oracle Reading 8-1-2020

Published August 1, 2020 by tindertender

Now is the time to let anything in your life fall away that is no longer useful or needed for the emerging expression of who you are. Allow yourself to gradually shed what has become burdensome and no longer congruent with your soul’s purpose. Conserve your energy by allowing yourself more rest while at the same time making preparations for the winter season. Look especially at your material possessions and be brutally honest with yourself as you discern which of these can be given away or somehow released.

Consider shedding relationships that have served their purpose and are no longer viable, as work or a job that has become devoid of interest and passion. With release comes a sense of being much lighter, just like the trees that openly bear their nakedness once their leaves have departed and give room for whatever new Life is ready to birth following a period of quiet and gestation. So let go of whatever has outlived its purposefulness and trust that something else will take its place.

Innocence is not simply the lack of guilt or shame but a quality in itself, one that you naturally possess when you first come into this existence. There are challenges you have faced throughout life that have further shaped your personality and character. You have also likely encountered moments following a disappointment or loss when you turned sour or cynical, and no doubt have had times when layers of anger or fear blocked the flow of your vitality, your life force.

Yet in spite of all this, there is a core of innocence that you can reawaken by releasing any shame that has covered over the truth of who you are. Take any opportunity to heal this shame and let it go so you can revisit that state of purity. Doing so helps you see every moment with fresh eyes and removes the filters that inhibit your light and love from coming forth. You truly are a child of God, so allow yourself to be that.

Your spiritual unfoldment is occurring at all times whether or not you are aware of it. It is inevitable as long as you put your trust in the hands of the Creator, the One who holds the Light. Like the lotus, your soul is always reaching for the light to fulfill its karmic destiny, but even in that process there are periods of darkness and times to rest. It is a natural cycle, one that cannot truly be coerced or halted. It has an innate rhythm of its own, one that is unique to the Being that is you.

You do not need to strive or be driven by spiritual ambition. It does no good to try to force growth upon yourself – or others, for that matter. Allowing is the key here. Allow the place in you that naturally wants to follow the light to do so while recognizing that even when you have complete faith, you will face challenges and, occasionally, suffering. Your steady faith and love will guide you on your journey of returning to the light.

All illnesses, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, stem from an illness of Spirit. It may be due to soul loss, psychic intrusions, ancestral karma, or any other spiritual causes that could be contributing to the manifest condition for which you seek help.

Whatever other methodologies or remedies you pursue, whether allopathic, alternative, or a combination, let the healing of your spirit be your priority. Know that the deepest spiritual wound is the illusion of being separate from Source, God, Great Spirit, or whatever name you give the Creator. It is the trick of the mind that creates this sense of separation.

This is a time for deep healing, starting with your relationship with Spirit. Call upon your spirit guides and ancestors to help you with any emotional, mental, or physical healing that you need. Call upon the Creator to assist you in mending any rift in your relationship with Spirit. Choose thoughts that support wholeness and well-being. Allow any darker thoughts or shadows to appear as well, but simply observe them as they arise in consciousness, then dissolve. See yourself as healed, whole, and complete, and it shall be.

Close your eyes, tune into your breathing, and allow yourself to sink deeply into the heart of the living creation that you are. As you notice your breath becoming steady and slightly deeper than usual, observe the urge within you that is begging to come forth in some creative action. Pay attention to any images, sounds, or feelings that beckon your awareness; and there you will find the key as to the manner in which to express this magnificent pulse.


Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

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I Bring Love In The Most Humble And Yet Powerful Vibration!

This Cycle Of Change Looks As If Those Of Darkness And Confusion Are Hoping To Destroy Your Beautiful Planet!  Rest Assured This Will Never Happen!

This Living Entity That Is Your Home, Has Survived Every Storm, Earthquake And Fire!

The Earth Is An Expression Of The Living God, And So Are You! Knowing This, You Are Able To Rest Your Being In The Very Essence Of Your Creator!

‘If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us’, Sing The Holy Books Of Many Dreams!  Find Peace In These Words!

For The Remaining Moments Of The Waking Dream, It Is Important To Focus On The Goodness And Wonder Of Life!

Observe The Tiny Birds And Imagine Their Life And Survival Skills!

Know The Animals Also Have A Heightened Sense Of Awareness And Will Bristle At One With A Low Frequency! Many Dogs Will Run To Some And Growl At Others.

They Know Frequencies Well!

Become Attuned To Your Own Frequency And Take Charge Of Raising It As You Care For Your Being!

Music And Uplifting Words And Mantras Will Assist In Raising Frequency!

The Physiology Of Your Body Is Changed By Thoughts, And Belief!  What Do You Really Believe?

These Are Moments For Purification As We Prepare For The Shift! Fresh Fruits And Vegetables And Lots Of Fresh Water Daily Are Very Important For Your Changing Emotions To Balance.

Exercise Your Body Frequently Throughout The Day, To Allow The Blood To Flow Freely And To Allow Your Body To Maintain In Its Highest Order.

If You Are Inside Or Older And Cannot Walk, You Can Do Isometric Exercising By Tensing The Muscles And Releasing.

Breathe Deeply Always And Slow Your Thoughts By Thinking Intentional Helpful And Heart Based Thoughts!  Meditate As Much As Possible.

Just BE.

You Are Magnificently Loved And You Are Capable Of Seeing This Dream Through To The Rising Of Light!

Fear Nothing! This Is A Passing Emotion!

Choose Another Perception!

I Want You To Know That Everything Will Be Fine And Only Goodness And Light Is Before You!

You Live In My Heart!


I Love You So!




Published July 8, 2020 by tindertender

The Ashtar Command is the Airborne Division of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the Administrative and Spiritual Direction of Commander Ashtar and the Spiritual Guidance and Directorship of Lord Sananda, known to Earth as Jesus Christ, Our Commander-in-Chief.

“We are also known as the Galactic Command, the Solar Cross Fleets and the Orion Jerusalem Command. We are the Hosts of Heaven who serve the Christ, our Most Radiant One, in His mission of Universal Love. We can best be understood as Celestial or Angelic in nature, functioning as Councils of Light upon Missions of Holy Endeavor in accordance with the Divine Plan.

“As a Member of the Galactic Confederation we oversee this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy protecting the Divine Plan against any type of interference or violation of Confederation Law or Melchizedek Protocol. We are here to assist Humanity through the current dimensional shifting in consciousness, the transformation of your physical forms into a less densified etheric-physical form capable of Ascending with the Earth into 5D+.

“We also work in coordination with our Brothers and Sisters in Telos and Their Earth based Silver Fleets under Commander Anton and with the Melchizedek High Priest of Telos, Adama. We are all working together under the Authority of the Office of the Christ, the Great Central Sun Hierarchy (Throne of God), and the Order of Melchizedek. We also have our bases located within mountain ranges, in desert areas and under the oceans.

“We, Our Bases and our Merkabas (Aerial Chariots or Starships), are invisible unless We wish otherwise. In order to see Us your vibration has to match the wavelength upon which We are manifesting. We, and our higher dimensional vehicles are composed of etheric matter, as real and solid to us as your environment is to you. Thus we appear by lowering our wavelength to match the 3D vibration and we disappear by raising our vibrations beyond your visual range.

“Know that you are not alone in the Universe nor anywhere else for that matter. What you do affects not only your world but countless other civilizations and worlds existing in different dimensions but just as desirous of maintaining their existence as you are yours. In fact, Ashtar’s first personal entry into this Solar System and Earth occurred in 1952 in response to urgent reports that Earth was attempting to detonate the hydrogen atom, a living organism, an act in violation of Confederation Law.

“The state of the pollution and decline of Mother Earth’s ecosystem as well as your delving into nuclear fission for defense purposes caused Him to immediately send delegations from the High Council of the Ashtar Command to meet with certain heads of Earth’s government. We do all that is possible without violation of your free will to neutralize excess radiation within your soil and atmosphere and to deflect potentially dangerous asteroids from impacting Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

“We maintain the stability of Earth’s axis and, as much as possible, relieve the pressure of your tectonic plate systems, thus directing earthquake activity away from heavily populated cities. We constantly monitor all geophysical and astrophysical conditions
affecting Earth as well as other planetary systems. We are universal ambassadors of peace, peacemaker/diplomats and peacekeepers, and we greatly anticipate the day when you too will join us within the United Federation of Peaceful Worlds.

“The Ashtar Command is composed of thousands of Starships and millions of personnel from many Civilizations. We also have many Members of the Command currently Living on Earth, some having been born into Earth families, and others who come and go, Living for a time amongst their brothers and sisters on Earth and then returning to Their respective points of cosmic origin.

“Life upon Earth and throughout this Solar System was originally seeded by the Elohim, so it is very similar, if not identical, in form. We are all Rays of the One God-Source-Creator and, as such, have the Divine Duty and Mission to extend God’s Love throughout all time and space continuums. It is you who give a face, voice and hands to God’s Love on Earth. You are in the End Times, the last days of war, conflict and harmful intent.

“Sooner than you can possibly fathom, you and your precious Orb will move into a kind, gentle version Permanent Golden Age Life. It has simply outworn peaceless existence as a viable or allowable option. Within less than 20 years, Earth, and all upon Her, will completely transform into a world of Pure Love. Those not willing or capable of making that transformative adjustment will find themselves in the world of their choosing.

“The Divine Plan is always Perfect and just! Watch for the miracles occurring daily in your life and worldwide. These will continue until you realize that you are deeply loved and part of the Divine Plan more beautiful and wondrous than you can ever imagine, until It Lives through You as It does through Us. We are sending you Messages of Love and universal truth via Crop Circle Designs ever more intricate and exquisite.

“Please stop a moment and contemplate how you live and move and have your being within such a great God! Know that you are an Embodiment of Divinity designed to be fully indwelt by the Holy Spirit. That is your Real Nature and Calling in Life and you will only find genuine and lasting Bliss and Peace when you give Unconditional Expression to the Pure Love that you Are.

“Ask and It will be quickened within you. Please also receive Our Love that We offer to each one of you upon Earth.

“You may know us as your Elder Brothers and Sisters, as the co-workers of Christ upon a mutual Mission of Divine Love. We are the Celestial Heralds of the good news of God’s Love for all of His Creation and of the entering of your world into a higher dimension of understanding, revelation and life more abundant. In the Light of our Most Radiant One we bid you God’s Blessings. Adonai, the Ashtar Command.”

~ Ashtar-Athena SherAn


Ashtar on July 4, 2020 via Galaxy Girl said, “Greetings, Beloveds. We are the Galactic Federation of Light. We speak as One Voice tonight, sending you waves and waves of Love, encouragement and good cheer. The eclipse triad Monad has activated swiftly what was needed to activate, and much that was hidden is to be shortly revealed. Your DNA upgrades that are occurring in you now will enable you to further enjoy the experience of being within your form. We See and Feel your exhaustion and ask that you hold the Vision of the Divine Plan a little while longer. Even though Nova Gaia is very real and waiting for you, you must Co-Create the Bridge and pull that reality time stream to you with your Divine intention to Love in every moment and your willingness to shine your Glorious Light.

“We are the Galactic Federation of Light. You are an essential part of the Divine Plan, you are key players in this Conscious Dream Experience. Your importance cannot be diminished. Allow no one to diminish your Light. The Light heals all wounds. Atrocities are no longer to be tolerated and violation of the free will of humans will no longer be allowed. The Light has won! The dark ones know this and it should not come as a surprise to you, seasoned warriors, that they will continue to try to bring you down. They are not able to meet together as they once did frequently to plan and scheme the further demise of Humanity. They are cut off, separated, drowning in their own fear. We do not say guilt for we are unclear if they have guilt at this point, for one must have a certain amount of personal awareness to process guilt and that is part of the healing work.

“Nonetheless, the Light has them surrounded on all sides. Those that choose to leave the Earth sphere simulation will do so and the virus opportunity affords them this. Do not be afraid. Self care is in order from now on and that includes the highest good of all in Oneness, as You all are now intuiting and Living the Divine Plan as One and meeting and finally beginning to Co-Create or uncover Shambhala with Your Group Soul Family. We wish for our Lightworkers to feel Our support and healing Love. Invite Our Healing Teams into your homes to surround your bodies for all to sleep with healing Light and Love. Extend This into all your communities.

“The vibratory Galactic Codex of a healed Lightworker is felt worldwide. When you are healed you heal many by smoothing the vibratory Galactic Codex of the human collective. Choppy waves instantly becoming smooth like glass so that one can see one’s reflection. Humankind will be able to at last See Its own reflection as the chaos is soothed. Self Realization is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the wounded warriors to judge another’s wounding. But as you are all a hive of collective energy one does affect the other and so sending healing Light Itself is tremendously advantageous, and in your own personal and collective best interests to do so.

“Do not be alarmed dears if the dark ones seek you out to end their suffering. They are lost. The Light is their true home. All is Light and One. All is Source in various stages of Self Awareness. You are doing them a huge service to send them your Light. They may not agree, but that is their perception. The heinous acts of dark are being curbed and eliminated. Karma is in play as well, as always. Justice will be most unpleasant to those who have inflected and they will experience their own hand.

“The Great Flash of Light is upon you. NOW is the moment of Gaia’s Rebirth via Humanity’s Awakening. Now is the moment of Conscious Choice or Dream and Love Realized. In every moment and place that you find yourself, beam Love. Beam It to Gaia’s crystal heart. We will See your Light call and we will amplify your Light beam with our Ships. In so doing we will create myriads of millions of prisms of Light beams, such as one that was recently above New York City. New York will be renamed for the old will be no more. Many of your cities will fall in order to be rebuilt as Shambhala Communities with the darkness being removed. The underground structures are being filled up. The children are being rescued. The Light has won!

“Many of us are within your human leaders, we are incognito on assignment, just as you are. You are warriors from the Stars embodied and you are in It now. Much healing is taking place and will continue to take place. Much has been broken that will require time to mend. Utilize the space in between your breaths for this mending, this healing, and send your strength of Light vibration out into the Collective Consciousness Field and It will boomerang back to you. Call your strength back! It is time. We are the Galactic Federation of Light. Peace.

“I am Ashtar. You must allow for your own complete healing. You must feel the pain for the wounds to resolve. This is what is happening upon Earth’s surface. The full scale war is happening under your ground and above your skies, and as You win the battle between Good and evil within, we reflect that more in the Dream. You, Ground Team, are the glue, the Love Healers in form, Warriors of Light and Love. Send healing Love and We will match It.

“Grieve of what has been so that you can See clear-eyed into the Divine future and Create It now. You must grieve to heal. Many will choose not to see and to be released from the experience. The coronavirus is a cover and opportunity for this Divine Exodus from the techno-matrix world now fully collapsing. Do not fear. Not all will choose to remain. It is their choice. But Gaia’s choice is clear to Ascend and We are following the Protocols and Decrees of those above us, ever in service to the Light. Fill yourselves and Your homes with Light. Fill all Earth with Light via the Shambhala Communities You are now Co-Creating or uncovering to replace all cities. Then the darkness will become transfixed and transformed and the highest Timeline for full Ascension fully anchored and manifest through You all. It is well known throughout the Multiverse what is happening Here and It is now coming into fruition.”

The Way I See It

Published June 24, 2020 by tindertender

Too many “businessmen”.

Not enough “helpers”.

Too many sitting in the seat of judgement.

Righteousness has fallen by the wayside.

Replaced by a sense of entitlement.

There is much error to be cleared.

And it only happens should people be willing to move forward in their character evolution.

No one can remove hatred from the hearts of others,

Or greed,

Or need for power over anyone else.

The work is internal.

The project of every living Soul.

Should they chose to rise and shift perspective.

Altering Truth in the world we currently see.

Gentle, Compassionate, Caring and Strong persons are the change makers.

The Creators of Justice, Acceptance, Tolerance,

And the Right way of doing things,

For the benefit of the whole.

Surpassing the needs of self, to create blessings for the entirety.

Amplifying ALL to a place of Well-Being.

Just by being alive.

By applying conscious effort.

Magnifying the Love in hearts.

By the hair of your chinny-chin-chin.

Sheer Will.

Beautiful Spirit.


Dark Night Metamorphosis and Dissolving the 3D Personality

Published June 23, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

There are four main types of spiritual crisis or down-cycle events in metamorphosis that need to be clearly understood to prevent unnecessary suffering and secondary backlash:

LIGHTNING: This is a terror event of intense energy pouring up and into the body similar to a euphoric inner-conjunction of spiritual activation, but in this case it is an inner-conjunction of feeling great discomfort, anxiety, pain or fear. Here we descend deeply into our matter and flesh and experience inner fears or energy blockages, or experience external anxiety with no apparent cause. We may be accessing buried parts of our Unconscious Mind or cellular memories that are embedded in our bodies. This “negative” inner-conjunction mostly occurs during one’s first initial awakening stages which can help to surface hidden fears or pain located in the Pain Body. This terror or fear is the polar opposite to the spontaneous bliss awakening in a neophyte-body at the early Soul initiations for those that are unfamiliar with such intensity of Expanding Consciousness and energy.

SHOCK: White Death, or autonomic shock in the CNS that occurs immediately after a mystical or ecstatic experience with kundalini spiritual activation. That is the contraction and toxic overload after a significant opening to the extreme bliss of a euphoric inner-conjunction event or a spiritual initiation stage into a higher frequency or level of the Lightbody. Sometimes in this stage a person can feel numb, apathetic or in a void.

SELF-DIGESTION: Then there are the die-offs of toxins or waste which are a catabolic breakdown of the former structures through apoptosis due to oxidation by free radicals and then phagocytosis[2] by the macrophages[3]. This is a physical event and a spiritual-energetic event. Thus, one can experience a cleansing cycle similar to a detoxification through the elimination channels of the body. Detoxification at all levels of the body occurs, including a mental and emotional detoxification of the Pain Body and Ego/Personality. Changes in the hormonal structure, and endocrine functions. This is also the process of Ego Death.

BURNOUT: Lastly there is the exhaustion phase of the overall spiritual awakening cycle where the body’s resources of neurotransmitters, hormones, and nutrients have been used up in the climb to the escalation heights of the spiritual awakening peak. During exhaustion depression arises, yet there is permanent bliss or peace giving the sense of being dissociated from the depression.

So dear friends – and there comes more…..Love and Light is GREAT- but FIRST you go through this ALL and SURVIVE and THEN you can talk about Ascension……Sorry, but this is Truth – I have had to realize that humans can`t be just helped with “sugar” and “sweeties.

So – how many of you have experienced this??? Ready for more??

Dissolving the 3D Personality

The incarnated station of our identity that was our personality matrix, the aspect that was enmeshed with the lower three dimensional frequencies, is also dissolving. This equates to the dissolution of our personality matrix or station of identity that was located in the lower three dimensions, and moving that aspect of our identity into the higher frequency bands of our Soul matrix or higher station of identity.

What happens to the people on the earth who believe that they are only their personality identity, when it begins to dissolve? We can see the effects of that consciousness shift now in the global scape. The range of experience for some people is from sensations of great anxiety, stress, and mental confusion all the way to the descent into madness and insane behaviors. Most people are not aware they are losing Coherence, and are unaware of the causality of what is actually influencing the way they think and behave.

The lower dimensional contents that exist in the planetary collective consciousness fields are undergoing massive reconfigurations in multiple ways. This energetic change in the 3D reality has reached critical mass, which means it is greatly impacting all people of the earth.

Whether asleep or awake, the self-mastery that has been either lost or gained is measured in how you personally deal with stress and chaos. No person on this earth is exempt from the exposure to the massive fields of chaos, confusion and darkness that exist in the collective mind of humanity.

During this time, our inner energetic integrity is tested in order to hold neutrality, while facing the great forces of chaos. This is being tested in every person, just from the mere fact of being on the earth at this time.

How well are we able to adapt to change and hold neutrality in every kind of stressful situation?

We have to measure our competency level now. If we are not doing well with adaptability, flexibility and neutrality in our life situation, we must make adjustments to gain strength with this skill set.

This is the time to take stock of how well we are coping with the madness of the earth, as the collective mind of humanity travels the Dark Night of the Soul. What does this take and what is being asked of us? All people must take responsibility for the quality of their thoughts, behaviors, actions, as all consciousness that is created has a direct cause and effect.


A bit more about the Dark night of the soul with more “practical advices” how to handle the symptoms.

Suggestions to Support Ego Death

Relax as much as possible in the down-cycle, Surrender and allow the process of the Dark Night. Make yourself comfortable without suppressing symptoms, without escaping to run away or propping yourself up with distractions and stimulants.

A spiritual die-off is a free radical storm which may induce stress. De-stress and take good care of your body, potentially consume superfoods or doses of antioxidants for protection. Also if guided, take support supplements, essential oils that help the thyroid (kelp, nettle leaf), the adrenals (licorice, Vitamin C), the nerves (Vitamin Bs, ) and the hormones (ginseng, gotu kola).

Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, and take a bath to re-hydrate potentially in salt baths. The body has a huge demand for water and Biochemic Cell Salts during a die-off phase, detoxification and spiritual activation.

If one is accelerated in full detoxification of toxin die-off, one may experience Ascension Symptoms like Ascension flu. The immune system is essentially dismantling the body and all one can do is rest in bed, and not eat much of anything.

It’s best not to eat while the body is in catabolic breakdown mode, or digestion will draw energy away from the transmutation of the flesh and your resurrection will not be as complete. One may create toxicity and tissue damage if you work against the natural break-down cycle and ignore the bodies request for rest, cleansing or fast.

Now we come to the last part

Psychospiritual Crisis

The symptoms of psychospiritual crises represent a manifestation and exteriorization of the deep dynamics of the human psyche and Consciousness. The individual human psyche is a multidimensional consciousness and multilevel system with no internal divisions and boundaries. We cannot, therefore, expect to find clearly defined and demarcated types of spiritual emergency.

I will first present a list of the most important varieties of psychospiritual crises as identified and then briefly discuss each of them tomorrow:

1. Shamanic crisis
2. Awakening of Kundalini
3. Episodes of unitive consciousness (Maslow’s “peak experiences”)
4. Psychological renewal through return to the center (John Perry)
5. Crisis of psychic opening
6. Past-life experiences
7. Communication with spirit guides and “channeling”
8. Near-death experiences (NDEs)
9. Close encounters with UFOs and alien abduction experiences
10. Possession states
11. Alcoholism and drug addiction.

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