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Bee Health

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

You have a garden?
You need bees
You like to eat FOOD?
You need bees.
You like beautiful sweet honey?
You need bees.
You like wild flowers stop’n soil erosion.
You need bees.
You want the world as we know it to survive?
You need bees.

In the industrial ‘development’ I work in, they spray toxins on the grass and bushes quite often. I find bees all the time walking circles and I know they are neurologically damaged and will die.

The poisoning of this planet MUST STOP.

Note from a bee lover:

Just this year, not a single bee – and we used to be swarming with them every year. Planting will not help dead bees. Have to prevent all the ways they are being killed, which may include, uh, ‘geoengineering’ the sky.

Yuga Cycle Timeline

Published July 1, 2020 by tindertender

This is quite an interesting article on timelines and history. Link to full article below.

The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. 

“Since Egypt’s Old Kingdom, up until very recently…civilization has been going down, not up; simple as that. We can follow that degenerative process physically in Egypt; it is written into the stones and it is unmistakable. The same tale is told in the mythologies and legends of virtually all other societies and civilizations the world over…Progress does not go in a straight line from primitive ancestors to smart old us with our bobblehead dolls and weapons of mass destruction; our traffic jams and our polluted seas, skies and lands. There is another, and far more realistic, way to view history. Plato talked about a cycle of Ages: Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron (or Dark) Age; a cycle, a wave form – not a straight line. A similar understanding is reflected by virtually all other ancient accounts. The best known, and by far the most elaborately developed of these systems, is the Hindu, with its Yuga Cycle, which corresponds to the Platonic idea of four definable Ages.”[30]

It is evident that the original Yuga Cycle was based on the Saptarsi Calendar. It was of 12,000 years duration, comprised of four Yugas of equal duration of 2,700 years each, separated by transitional periods of 300 years. The complete Yuga Cycle of 24,000 years was comprised of an ascending and descending Yuga cycle, which followed each other for eternity like the cycles of day and night. For the past 2,700 years we have been evolving through the ascending Kali Yuga, and this Yuga is coming to an end in 2025. The end of the Yuga will inevitably be followed by cataclysmic earth changes and civilization collapses, as is characteristic of the transitional periods. The Dwapara Yuga is fundamentally different from the Kali in its spiritual and material dimensions, as can be gleaned from the ancient texts. Hence, we may anticipate far-reaching changes in our environment, and possibly in our cosmic neighborhood, as we transition to this period of enhanced consciousness. The current upswing in tectonic activities and the increased incidence of extreme weather phenomena may be indicative of the fact that we are slowly entering into a period of volatile earth changes. We need to be aware of these greater cycles of time that govern human civilization, and the changes that are looming in the horizon.

Derivative of ‘Yugas-Ages’ by Inka (CCBYSA2.5)

Another Blessed Day

Published June 27, 2020 by tindertender

I woke this morning and decided to travel to the wilderness, to the lodge for lunch. What a glorious drive, the scenery incomparable.

Lunch was a beautiful giant pretzel with fondue, apples, cauliflower and onions. So good!


We were all gifted some sunshine while there too! Many folks were there for skiing.

Timberline Lodge
Mt Hood
Beautiful forest and Trillium Lake

There is much history here at the lodge.

Boot scraper
Time to head back to town

A beautiful day, followed by a nice dinner with friend, music, and a lovely bath to end the evening once home.

A glorious day.

A blessing.

Oracle Reading 6-27-2020

Published June 27, 2020 by tindertender

Heed the messenger: It is easy to ignore the messengers and the signs they show you, especially when they bring a message you do not wish to hear. Now is not the time to ignore the messengers. Do not let your fear of change or discomfort silence their voices. It is time for you to stop procrastinating, to see and to hear the truth, and do what is necessary. Heed the messenger for the wisdom they offer is born of your own intuition and need.

Do not fear the unknown: The ugly is not always bad and evil, and the beautiful not always good and just. Failure is not predetermined, nor is it a given that others laugh at you if you choose to follow your dreams. It is your fear of the unknown that makes you question and judge. Do not let another’s experience be the truth that guides you. Do not allow your fear of an unknown outcome to hold you prisoner. Your own experience could be both different and rewarding. Live!

Honour Gaia: The earth upon which you dwell is more than just a rock covered in water, stone and dirt. The earth beneath your feet, the mountains, the forests, the rivers, lakes, oceans, and the air that you breathe are all part of the magical living entity that is Gaia. She is our eternal mother, our provider, and our home. Gaia gives us life. Without her, we would not be. Honour Gaia by seeing the truth of what she is. Honour Gaia by loving her as you love yourself.


Reading from the deck “Messenger Oracle” Ted by Ravynne Phelan

Get It Off The Shelf !!!!

Published June 24, 2020 by tindertender

Bayer is paying $10.5 billion for the damages and deaths caused by a chemical they still represent to the government regulators as “Harmless”. Millions of pounds is being sprayed into the drinking water across the country today.

Roundup is being applied in parks, schools and front yards everywhere. Roundup is sprayed on agriculture and is found in our foods. Glyphosate must be outright banned.

Bayer AG is set to announce on Wednesday it struck a roughly $10.5 billion deal to settle tens of thousands of lawsuits with U.S. plaintiffs alleging the company’s Roundup herbicide causes cancer, a milestone in the German company’s legal battle that has been weighing down its share price for nearly two years, according to a person familiar with the deal.

Why is this still being allowed to sell?

This is outright planetary poisoning!


Shifting Timelines, Friction and Frequency Vibration

Published June 22, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: ~ Tom Montalk, Realm Dynamics

The world is now experiencing a parting of ways between sectors of the population no longer resonating with each other. It is a realm split, a cleaving of collective fields into several smaller ones.

Experiential catalysts are pushing people off the fence, forcing them to discover who they truly are and what they stand for. Their soul vibrations are purifying and intensifying, bringing a retreat from the superfluous and a return to destiny.

What was once an emulsified mixture of diverse realms is separating into layers, and when the cup tilts it will be the lowest density layers that spill down the drain. The polarization phenomenon begins with mutual disinterest between individuals of uncommon paths. There may be confrontation and separation, or circumstance may simply bring a gentle parting of ways. But as time goes on and people gather into their most harmonious collective realms, the chasm between these realms will run so deep that eventually even the collective sharing of perception and experience will be severed.

The learning requirements of each collective realm may become so mutually contradictory that they can no longer share the same space, the same timeline, the same density. This would entail a timeline split, each major realm following a different trajectory into the future that best accommodates the collective learning needs of its inhabitants. What tilts the cup remains to be seen.

Of course not all is predestined. There are chaotic factors left to freewill. Some hyperdimensional forces aware of the impending shift are counting on mass frequency suppression to lock mankind into a probable future where these forces reap maximum energy harvest and retain control, whether in this density or the next. This may involve anything from mass loss of life to genetic assimilation and spiritual enslavement.

A collective choice to elect such a scenario would acquiesce sufficient freewill to give such forces free reign to rewrite history in order to expand and solidify control in the present and future. To an extent this has already occurred and the world as we know it today is the end result of the most recent timeline revision. And yet time marches on and the “final” future is still open.

This brings us to what we as individuals can do. The wiser sources say we should simply be ourselves, remember who we are and radiate the essence of our soul. Indeed, we are frequency anchors. The vibration we hold determines the realm we establish, and our realm contributes to the collective realm. There are frequencies of suppression and frequencies of liberation.

By exultantly living from your heart you not only set an example for others, you also help lift the heaviness of the local and global collective realm. Nothing lifts gravity like levity and love. This assists those who would otherwise be subconsciously crushed by the prevailing low frequency fields.

It is commendable to take action and do something when called, but in the meantime simply hanging onto your center is enough. This sets you on the high path beyond the reach and sight of darker elements and clears the path for others to come with you. Keep your poise through the turbulence and cling tightly onto your mast when the sirens beckon you overboard. Shine as a lighthouse amidst the fog.


Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 5-21-2020

Published May 21, 2020 by tindertender

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I Hold You Closely In My State Of Being!

I Remind You That Your Arrival Has Been Achieved For A Multiplicity Of Reasons!

You Have Come For The Opportunity To Transcend The Parameters Than Define Your Very Existence!

And, In The Same Breath, You Have Arrived To Deepen Your Connection With The Interwoven Aspects Of Your Beingness That Give Your Life Truth Each Moment!

You Have Come To This Experience You Know As Your Life In Order To Break Through The Matrix,

See All The Players For Who And What They Are, And To Return To Your Original State Of Being For The Master That You Are!

As You Have Tugged At The Veil Of The Story For As Long As You Can Remember, You Now Will Not Let Go, As You Find The Holes And Tears That Have Always Been Before You!

Together, As ONE, You Are Pulling The Veil Down!

In Unity You Find Your Power As Never Before!

You Have Known Your Connectedness To All Of Life, As You Have Come To Know This Is One Of Many Waking Dreams!

Born Of The Essence Of God, You Have Complete Assurance Of Safety And Infinite Life!

You Arrived With All Needed To Complete The Story That Has Both Challenged And Blessed You!

Know That You Are So Loved And Many That You Will Know Again, Stand Close By Smiling And Cheering You Onward!

Find Your Truth And Let No Man Take Your Rights Away As A Sacred Visitor To This Planet!

Expose The Darkness And Shine Your Light Even Brighter!

For Soon The Skies Will Sing With The Sounds Of Your Friends! +++

You Will Remember All And Discover Nothing Has Ever Been Lost!

I Have Always Loved You So And We Will Meet Again As Family And Friends Of Great Light!




Hopi Prophecy

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

“Life will get very perverted, and there will be little social order in these times. Many will ask for the mountains themselves to fall upon them just to end their misery. Still others will appear as if untouched by what is occurring.”

Visit the below link for entire article.

Welcome to Swell City

Published May 9, 2020 by tindertender

Today as I drove through the Columbia River Gorge, I pondered life.

Wanting to get in touch with the masculine side of life, I decided to go watch men fish. I stopped along the way where people parked with their boat trailers, and were in the bay and near shore, fishing.

I sat and watched as various fishermen attempted to set hook. I imagined them there, friend with friend, in a sort of zen state.

I imagined that there might be a woman somewhere, baking fresh bread to go with the fresh fish her mate would bring home later in the day. I imagined fresh salad, supplies taken from the home garden. (Too early yet, I know. It’s a fantasy).

Anyhow …

After admiring these men, and family units, I drove on down the highway with a smile upon my face. How beautiful they were!


One of my favorite flowers is the California Poppy. Such a hearty plant that grows in seemingly impossible places. They open with the morning sun, and close up in the evening.

So Gorge-ous!

Nearing the Hood River Bridge I delved into my coin purse for the bridge toll. After crossing the bridge I saw a sign which read, “toll booth closed due to covid19”. I thought, great! Just saved myself $2. Folded it up and put in back in the pouch.

Driving along in the sun,

Feeling its warmth,

Grateful to be alive.

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