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Saturn ~ Losing its Rings

Published March 11, 2023 by tindertender

NASA Research Reveals Saturn is Losing Its Rings at “Worst-Case-Scenario” Rate

New NASA research confirms that Saturn is losing its iconic rings at the maximum rate estimated from Voyager 1 & 2 observations made decades ago. The rings are being pulled into Saturn by gravity as a dusty rain of ice particles under the influence of Saturn’s magnetic field.

“We estimate that this ‘ring rain’ drains an amount of water products that could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool from Saturn’s rings in half an hour,” said James O’Donoghue of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “From this alone, the entire ring system will be gone in 300 million years, but add to this the Cassini-spacecraft measured ring-material detected falling into Saturn’s equator, and the rings have less than 100 million years to live. This is relatively short, compared to Saturn’s age of over 4 billion years.” O’Donoghue is lead author of a study on Saturn’s ring rain appearing in Icarus December 17.

Chief Crowfoot on “Trade”

Published February 15, 2023 by tindertender

Crowfoot stood and watched as the white man spread many one dollar bills on the ground.

“This is what the white man trades with; this is his buffalo robe. Just as you trade skins, we trade with these pieces of paper.”

When the white chief had laid all his money on the ground and shown how much he would give if the Indians would sign a treaty, Crowfoot took a handful of clay, made a ball out of it and put it on the fire.

It did not crack.

Then he said to the white man, Now put your money on the fire and see if it will last as long as the clay.

The white man said, No….my money will burn because it is made of paper.

With an amused gleam in his eyes the old chief said, Oh, your money is not as good as our land, is it?

The wind will blow it away; the fire will burn it; water will rot it. But nothing will destroy our land.
You don’t make a very good trade.

Then with a smile, Crowfoot picked up a handful of sand from the river bank, handed it to the white man and said, You count the grains of sand in that while I count the money you give for the land.

The white man said, I would not live long enough to count this, but you can count the money in a few minutes.

Very well, said the wise Crowfoot, our land is more valuable than your money. It will last forever.

It will not perish as long as the sun shines and the water flows, and through all the years it will give life to men and animals, and therefore we cannot sell the land.

It was put there by the Great Spirit and we cannot sell it because it does not really belong to us.

You can count your money and burn it with a nod of a buffalo’s head, but only the Great Spirit can count the grains of sand and the blades of grass on these plains.

As a present we will give you anything you can take with you, but we cannot give you the land.

Chief Crowfoot : Blackfoot Confederacy

Fun in the Sun

Published February 11, 2023 by tindertender

Somebody’s a Hero … Ggrrr …

A beautiful stream of running water, divine.

The falls are wonderful, cleansing, purifying. Just being near releases all kinds of dense energy from the body.

These squarish rocks are interesting.

Natural stairs made of roots.


So much history here.

This is my home. After all the years I’ve been here (and there) I had not gone inside the building on the point. Today, I did, and was pleasantly surprised.

The original artwork, paying tribute to those people of the river, our indigenous brothers and sisters.

I took a video of the sun. I posted it to Twitter. Right away they locked my account for 12 hours. What did I capture here that caused them to do that?

I arrived home and took another video of the sun. It’s large and appears to be misshapen, and of course, they are spraying to block it out so we cannot see what’s got them so concerned.

We should all be paying more attention to the activity of the sun and moon.

Allegedly from Singapore on this day – Watch it till the end.

The same day Twitter locked me out of my account for posting video of the sun.

Earthquake in Turkey February 5, 2023

Published February 6, 2023 by tindertender

Earths Inner Core Changing Spin Direction Now

Published January 23, 2023 by tindertender

See links below for full reports.

Earth’s inner core is a hot, dense ball of solid iron and nickel the size of Pluto. Image credit: Vadim Sadovski/

(Constantine Johnny/Getty Images)

“Since the inner core is separated from the rest of the solid Earth by the liquid outer core, it’s able to turn on a different rotation from the Earth’s surface. The spin of the inner core is governed by the magnetic field generated in the liquid metal outer core, as well as the gravitational effects of the mantle.”


Published December 28, 2022 by tindertender

The darkness will be withdrawn whether it wants to or not, public and incarnated living beings that harbor darkness within, will be withdrawn by advanced automata beings that will replace the black-hearted beings and will be at the service of the light.

The beings of darkness who surrender to the light and wish to change will be put to the test to see if it really is a will of the heart or a mirage of their ego clinging to power.

There will be many deaths, but those deaths will be of souls who did not wish to wake up in their soul plan, others who will not be able to wake up, and others who are dark beings whose physical body will be taken away, returning to their soul existentiality where they will have to deal with themselves. for their acts.

The light that will be on the planet will be so strong that the weakest beings of darkness will not be able to resist so much light, where the vibrational level of the earth will rise much more than now, where the wars will end, where humanity will begin to awaken little by little from that state of sleepy lethargy to be able to exercise their right to decide what to do with their lives, if they want to join the changes that will come, or if they want to continue as they are; It is extremely important to respect free will.

Society will begin to fracture because dark secrets will be revealed, there will be no place for black-hearted people, everything will be known, and the world will realize how rotten the apple (the Earth) was.

During 2023 and the following years, the world will enter a kind of dark night of the soul, where everything will be put in order, where whoever does not have to ascend will not be there, who must answer for their actions in soul form in the review of life it will, and where everything will slow down, involute, everything that we know today and is harmful.

Just give yourself time and you will see the veracity of this channeling. Trust more in you. You are a universal channel.


The united galactic federation of planets
✍️Armando Mancia

Love and Light,
Michelle Price,


Published December 28, 2022 by tindertender

Doesn’t it make you wonder why you can feel all these big energies but the Schumann Resonance barely registers anymore?

We can feel them coming in?

You can see how they helped to elevate your ascension.

The incoming energies are helping to upgrade you, along with the inner work.

Following your triggers and emotions to see what is needed to be released from within.

The energies of this time are so high Solar weather tools like the Schumann Resonance aren’t made to read or even register these extremely high energies.

The only that is, is YOU.

Your system was created to take these energies in and expand with them.

Not an easy task even on the best of days.

Yet you continue to do just that and thrive in these energies the best you can.

Speaking of thriving, today is a very special day. We are taking in more energies and coming closer and closer not only to the Clarion Call but the Love Wave itself.

As we go through the next 24 to 48 hours the ascension team asks that you look into yourself.

They have been sending in energies to help you upgrade since 2018.

We are in the culmination of those energies now.

The Clarion Call is on the way to you first.

If it takes 24 more hours or 88 hours, it is what it is. There’s no years left, just hours or days.

Relax into that knowing. They want you to seek less timing and understand more how of how you’re feeling.

So when you find yourself deep in your 3d mind thinking nothing is happening, release from it and feel into you.

That’s where you’ll find the true you and all the power and knowings that you seek.

Much love and light,
-SA Smith

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