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Energy and System

Published January 20, 2023 by tindertender

One problem the body (house) has in regard to storing negative energy is that folks left behind water and lemonade and switched to toxic sodas and energy drinks. These do not hydrate, they toxify the body. And parasites feast on sugar, so if you’re constantly craving sugar you might want to think about a cleanse, and a reformatting of temple nourishment.

I write this because dark energies are in high gear looking for nourishment right now. They’ll hit the improperly hydrated energy centers, typically the solar plexus, with anger, fear, shame, guilt … these are what they feast on.

Let it go. Hydrate. Eat living foods. Practice breathing into the tension.

Or at least hydrate.

I notice very clearly the energy in my belly if I do not drink enough water. As soon as I do, it fades. I tell you these things from personal experience, it’s my testimony.

It is OUR responsibility to manage our electrical system, not the pharmaceutical companies or doctors (thank God!) They will toxify the body even further with drugs.

Don’t be a hungry spirits feast.

Or a feast for clones.

Levels of Consciousness

Published January 17, 2023 by tindertender

Let us rid ourselves of all who desire to pull us down into the lower fields of consciousness.

Let us stand firm against those who would strip us of this rising and expansion, eliminating attempts to sabotage our advancement.

If there is anything worth protecting, it’s this rising to enlightenment.

Having been involved in a severe spiritual battle the last 20 years, I understand the necessity for shadow work. I was forced to see myself. And because I wanted to live, I worked through all the shadows they tried to use against me. Major shadow work. And it wasn’t all on my behalf.

I’ve been down, dragging face on pavement down. Crawling out of the fiery pit down.

Now I rise.

Energy doesn’t lie, even from a distance

Published December 28, 2022 by tindertender

Thought forms, especially coupled with the vibration of the voice, energy, travels freely to that which is thought of. It can literally connect with that in this universe, affecting changes.

Why is it so difficult for people to believe that when they are cussing someone, spewing vile words and toxic energies with thought intention specific to a person…. they are clueless that we pick up on it.

Their faces pop into mind. Their violator energies hit the solar plexus. And their thoughts are like poisonous barbs in consciousness.

Then they wonder why we stop reaching out, or allowing them even the tiniest fraction of connection.

Abuse is abuse.
Even if you think your abuse is private.

Study energy.

Wizards and magicians utilize this knowledge and ability purposefully to affect change.

The average dote does it unintentially, causing chaos in the collective vibratory scene, contributing to suffering, rather than skillfully creating beneficial change.

I’m truly sickened by those who care not to be responsible with their words, energies, and overall contribution of chaos … and they self-righteously claim no responsibility for our circumstance.

I have decided. And I’m starting now. No longer will I hold space for ignorant chaos makers who lack integrity or any inkling of how to manage themselves in a good way.

I’m done with eating blame for others misery. Their refusal to do the shadow work necessary to bring healing is not mine to bear.

Love doesn’t necessarily heal, if the other despises the love you give.

I sometimes feel that those stuck in victimhood only feel worse and hate you more when you show kindness, compassion and love. It’s so far from their personal mindset it only reminds them what shitty people they are. And so they gaslight, once again saying you’re a horrible person, when all along, the horrible stuff resides in them.

It becomes even more clear when little to no communication has happened in 20 years, yet they still wish to see you suffer … because they are suffering, after all this time, still stuck in the proverbial well, having put forth no effort to crawl out, simply standing there telling the world what hell it is.

Irresponsible spiritual waifs.

This Is It ~ Reintegration

Published November 20, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

We are participating in the final stages of a long standing conflict spanning millennia, during this ascension window of opportunity.

The fallen aspects of creation are trying to keep earth locked within a lower frequency prison through genetic digression and enforced amnesia.

Historically, repeated cataclysmic events through magnetic reversals and pole shifts led to memory wipe and civilisation reset. Otherwise, humanity would wake up and remember their origins and break the cycle.

We can break the pattern if enough of us take self-responsibility to heal our internal conflicts/shadow and reach a critical mass in the collective consciousness to restore the planetary grids back to their integrity.

At the moment the leylines and stargates have been hijacked to run reversals that feed into the phantom realms, which is like a parallel, artificially sustained fallen system which interfaces with the earth.

As frequency anchors we can elevate the vibratory field of the planet to move outside the range of the anti-christ forces and disable their artificial infrastructure.

From a wider vantage point, this is all reflecting where we are on the grand evolutionary journey back to source. We all have something to learn through this fall down the dimensional layers and into duality. We are the co-creators.

Even the fallen ones will eventually have to reintegrate back to source, because nothing is truly separate from the one source, except an illusion we create for ourselves when we forfeit or forget this nature.

Energetic Exchange

Published November 17, 2022 by tindertender

I can’t sit still for a movie in the comfort of my own home, let alone at an outdoor game, in a sea of chaotic emotional energy being blasted off people in a very close and intimate atmosphere. Never did get into it.

There are people addicted to the rush they receive at these events. I think that’s why many are so latched to their favorite sports competitors. The chemical stew released by the brain in all the excitement draws them back time and again, and most think they just like the team, or game.

Folks talk about drug and alcohol addictions and now gambling, but one can become addicted to most anything. It amazes me the lack of personal energetic and emotional awareness in people.

It’s always someone else.

Intimate Flow

Published October 11, 2022 by tindertender

Life is a river of energy, mostly in motion, sometimes stagnant, needing a “shock” of sorts to start the flow again.

The Universe never fails us, giving us plenty of opportunity to reroute, reformat and come into a shift of perception.

I don’t believe the things I believed as a youth, or my early adult life, or even 5 years ago.

The Mental Body, the Physical Body and the Energetic Body is either empowered, or drained, by others and self. Only becoming intimately aware of the body’s energetic and emotional movement can a person even begin to manifest change purposefully, intentionally.

I flow the best I am able at any given moment.

Grateful for life.

Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic.

When you think a thought which is positive or negative, the emotion you feel about the thought begins to wrap itself around the thought, the more you think it, the stronger it becomes and neural pathways are formed, a rut in one of the roads of mind. This is pleasant when the thought and feeling are good, and very unpleasant when they are not.

If the feelings are negative, the thoughts becoming repetitious and the rut in that road of thought gets deeper, the more challenging it becomes to rewire the neural pathways.

Be intentional with your energy.

Be mindful of your thoughts.

Small steps …

Getting started is the difficult part.


It’s So Weird Seeing Two Women …

Published October 9, 2022 by tindertender

… In the same space.

One who identifies with and speaks with the body and sexuality, the other who lives from and shares from innocence, almost naïveté.

One feels toxic, like it’s hiding something and manipulative, the other Light, happy and transparent.

One acting from the root chakra, the other from the heart.

To each their own.

We’re all at various stages of “the game”.

Humans of New York

Published September 22, 2022 by tindertender

“Get a plant and name it after yourself. I tell that to everyone, especially if they have trouble with self-love. Take care of your plant every day. Water it, make it beautiful. If your plant is growing and nourishing, that means you’re growing and nourishing. If it’s dying, you have to ask: ‘What’s going on with me?’ Every time you see a dead leaf, pluck it off. Say out loud: ‘Get rid of dead relationships in my life.’ That means anyone who is lingering, stealing your energy, blocking your blessings. You need to put yourself first, second, and third. When you’re back to one hundred, then you can take care of the world. I learned that the hard way. I’ve been working since the age of twelve. I’ve been on my own since the age of sixteen. In my apartment there are four plants named after me. There’s Jiu Jitsu Deisy; she’s delicate but dangerous; the vines look like they’re choking each other out. There’s Yoga-Horoscope Deisy; she represents my spiritual life. There’s Rocio, which is the middle name of both me and my mother. I hated that name for a long time, until last year, when I made amends with my mom. Then the last Deisy is Little Deisy. She’s between six other plants, named after women in my life who have nourished me.”

Timeline Shift

Published September 9, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

The shifting of the timelines is a gradual process first established in our personal lives. Some turbulence is inevitable at first as we work to resolve the internal conflicts that are creating dissonance. The lower self functioning according to the will of the ego is hooked into the external siphoning system and doesn’t want to relinquish control. It will put up resistance and plant doubt until we can surrender with a deep enough self trust that our path is evolving in accordance with our souls blueprint and not external programming.

As we progressively clear the shadow body we access the undistorted intuitive signal that communes with our higher stations of identity to guide us along our highest expression. This is when we can consciously witness the chain of cause and effect following a new trajectory that isn’t fulfilling programmed prophecies.

We tune into a new frequency station which naturally repels AI frequencies and enables the embodiment of higher source codes, rendering karmic contracts obsolete and removing entity bindings that have been lodged within our lightbody.

Dissolving shadow debris recalls soul fragments back into unification within the body, strengthening the etheric field which drops more physical density to allow a merging with wider multidimensional internal and external aspects that are in greater communion with source.

As we bridge our consciousness with other resonant souls across the planetary grid in the quantum field, we generate a new timeline potential back in resonance with the organic ascension pathway. Each representative that carries this mission blueprint will act as a nodal point to anchor their divine light in their respective location.

By reclaiming life force, this creates inhospitable conditions for the parasitic entities who can’t thrive in such purity. This will help to shift planetary consciousness through restoration of the corrupted ley lines that have been running reversals to funnel siphoned loosh from the organic living systems.

We are witnessing the start of the collapse of the satanic infrastructure and their dark timelines generated through the collective shadow body. This is part of the planetary ascension beyond repeating armageddon cycles that have kept consciousness suppressed within the 3D matrix construct of artificially generated timelines that have been blending with the true organic pathway.

Eventually all dark systems will fall as humanity enters a new golden age built on the foundations of love, having experienced the contrast of dark and light through this evolutionary process. For now the war for the future timelines continues, and as wayshowers we are tasked to be the living inspiration to help emancipate souls from their amnesia and resurrect their divine light.

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