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Timeline Integration

Published May 1, 2022 by tindertender

I wanted to comment on the idea of timeline integration. What is a timeline if time doesn’t exist? Instead, different planes of reality exist based upon variances in frequency. As we ascend and our frequency increases, the collective wave function of our ascended frequency collapses planes of existence in the lower frequencies integrating into the higher vibration.

Thus, our ascension is key to eliminating evil because evil can only exist in the lower planes or lower variances of frequency. Therefore, we must be diligent in our daily activities to rise above the lower emotions and actions based upon these and stay in the higher vibrations. I hear the number one action we can take at this time is to stay out of 3D drama and go inward to our divine spirits to find peace.

This is of critical importance. When we habitually focus on our indwelling spirit as a means of guidance for our daily activities we help create a reality filled with love and love only as the governing force. This focus returns us home to heaven on earth.

Applying the Universal Laws to Life

Published January 5, 2022 by tindertender
The 12 universal laws can help many with everyday life
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There are 12 ways to apply the universal laws to life:

  • Law of vibration: You’re in constant motion that can inform your lived experience. This means that if you are manifesting a certain lifestyle, you have to adjust yourself to that desired level. You can apply the law of vibration by participating in mindful practices that promotes good vibes.
  • Law of attraction: The most popular of the bunch. It is used for manifestation. You basically attract what you focus on. You apply the law of attraction by believing what you are manifesting.
  • Law of oneness: Everything is connected. It is the first and most foundation law of the universe. This is activated when compassion is exercised and the fact that we are all one is accepted.
  • Law of compensation: Whatever you sow, you will reap is the mantra for the law of compensation. This law is activated when you contribute to what you’re manifesting.
  • Law of gender: Relates to masculine and feminine energy that exists in all things. To apply this, you have to achieve balance between the two.
  • Law of cause and effect: All actions have a reaction whether good or bad. You might not experience the effect right away but it is sure to happen.
  • Law of relativity: Your reality boils down to perception. It allows you to understand life with a greater compassion and comparison.
  • Law of perpetual transmutation of energy: Your actions are proceeded by thoughts and tend to fluctuate. You activate this law by remaining positive regardless of surrounding energies.
  • Law of polarity: There is a positive and negative to everything. You can activate this law by uncovering what’s happening on the opposite end of the spectrum.
  • Law of rhythm: This law promotes fluidity. You should activate this law by acknowledging your inner rhythm and not fight against it.
  • Law of correspondence: If your life appears to be out of order or you’re content, it is a reflection of what’s happening internally.
  • Law of inspired action: Similar to law of action, you attract what you want in life. You activate this law by creating a space for internal guidance.

Intensity Increases

Published December 18, 2021 by tindertender

Written by @SoulLight777

The excitement continues to build as we rapidly approach a very powerful energy portal. We speak of the 12/21/2021 gateway, the light of which will be felt at the core of all beings.

All of the major energetical waves that we’ve had in previous years, up until now, will culminate at the 12/21/2021 gateway. In addition with new portals being open, giving Earth and Humanity a great push in this process. This is going to be a huge one.

The light continues to intensify, the Earth and humanity reaching a new energetical peak. A time to rejoice, for this will be an in your face wake up call. Even those most asleep, won’t be able to help but notice the shift wherever they look.

Now, they can choose to make of this whatever they wish. If just for one second they allow their mind to wonder about this process and what has been unfolding, that will be enough to trigger a new process in their beingness, towards a higher awakening.

These higher waves of light will amplify people’s ‘curiosity’. This will be the start of a new journey for many. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to go within. Spend time alone, in nature, get in touch with the Divine in You.

You hold the keys to the Universe’s secrets. It’s time to remember who you are. The truth is it does not matter how any one else sees you. It does not matter how angels view you, & other higher dimensional beings, or even Creator for that matter. Why do I say this?

In simple terms, no one outside of you can change you. So if you see yourself as a weak, miserable, unworthy being, that is what you will remain. However, if you begin to awaken, give yourself another chance, believe in yourself.

Tune into the light within, realize your true divinity, realize your godliness through self love, you will have forged a new path for yourself, a brighter future. The light of the Divine rests within you. The purity, the wisdom, the love, all rests within you in this moment.

The time has come for you to claim your power, and go forward in leaps and bounds. Use this energy of the 12/21/2021 portal, and uplift yourself into a new reality. You are bound by nothing. Allow this portal to be the New Year for you.

A new beginning, where you see yourself, talk, and walk as the master that you are. One who has done this many times before, and now only needs to REMEMBER. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You are a blessing to this world. All the light to You!

We are aware of your strong desire to speed up the process of upliftment. You CAN do this. Especially for yourself. Though the vast majority only have the desire. That’s it. You need determination, discipline, commitment. Daily meditation, affirmations, mantras.

Any thoughts of limitation which arise, originate from outside of you. They are not yours. Why hold on to them? You are an infinite divine sovereign being, limited by nothing but illusory programs of the matrix, which you can dissolve with the power of your heart.

The heart center is your portal into the fifth dimension.

In meditation, or whenever you feel a past moment coming to the surface where you felt hurt, allow it to come, observe it, and send love to those timelines in your life, make peace with everyone involved, and release it into the light.

In truth you hate nothing outside of you. What you dislike, what you judge, become angry at, are nothing more than *reflections of *your *own *unhealed *lower *energetical *aspects. Everyone needs to realize this now.

Everytime you have an imbalanced reaction to something, your vibrational frequency drops.

Awaken Cells! Activate!

Published November 6, 2021 by tindertender

I’m no scientist, and I have no Ph.D., but I do have experience with the effects of a properly hydrated and nourished body.

Hydrated cells are more easily flushed of toxins. Proper hydration allows for the cell to flow freely throughout the body system, allowing the cell to function at its optimum.

A well hydrated body makes for a more powerful reception to the energies around us, and in us. The human body is a biological antennae as well as a power source, a generator, which picks up on even the most subtle energetic flow. It is that which connects the heavens and the beings of it, to the earth and those that live here. The bridge between worlds.

As we age the cellular wall becomes hardened, and hydration does not enter in the optimum. The antennae slowly stops receiving ….. receiving what? Energy, life force, support from our unseen team who communicates in vibration … the cells wither, and so does the body, the mind.

Some time ago I was researching DMSO. I experimented with it. I found that the hardening of the cellular wall became more pliable. The cell was able to receive a proper flush with the water I was drinking. The cell became softer, and therefore did not need as much of the medicine I was taking … in fact, I was able to get off a medicine all together! Once the cells softened and were flushed, the inner workings of body began to function better. (If you choose to try this at home, remember to research your product, as there is industrial DMSO, and the type used for healing. Here’s the one I use from amazon – NO ODOR DMSO – Dimethyl sulfoxide liquid (3.4 Oz – 100ml), Pharmaceutical grade, High purity, Heiltropfen).

These days my favorite thing is to be hydrated, and to listen to sound meditations full volume with head phones. I bring my attention to the reverberation of sound as it enters my ears, as it send ripples of movement through my neck, my arms, my torso. Wherever I put my attention, I wait until the vibration arrives in that location, and I feel it for a time.

Sound vibration, in the water of the cells, and in all subtle bodies.

I talk to my cells as they vibrate, “Wake up cells! Wake up!”

We, my body, my chakra system, and my spirit self, my life force essence, my soul, have work to do, and we must function ideally.

These days, it’s not so much physical fitness …. that was for the days of my youth (who knows what the future brings). In these present moments, its all about energy … how healthy the flow is, whether there are any leakages or weak spots. This all ties in with the emotional body, for if one cannot manage their emotional output, they will forever be manipulated by those who will manage it for them …. and the “managers” prefer to feast on fear. (ie: the state of the world right now).

Here is one of my favorite vibrational pieces. I enjoy starting or ending my day with this.

If it is evening, I’ll sometimes listen to the above followed by this one.

There is nothing quite like feeling the cellular structure of the body dance!! I highly recommend it for everyone! It’s amazing for the nervous system and mind.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate my friends, and get activated!

Navigating These Crazy Times

Published April 7, 2021 by tindertender

Learn what tools will make this transition easier.

– Why am I feeling fear?
– Why am I not feeling fear?
– Which Mastering Alchemy tools work best to maintain my balance?
– I’ve lost my job. What do I do?
– My brother has COVID-19. What can I do?
– I’m enjoying my social isolation. What’s up with that?
– Is planet Earth also going through a reset?

and – Everything appears to be changing. Is it?

Energetic/Morphic Field programmed audio – SOUND HEALING

Published February 23, 2021 by tindertender

Stem Cells Targeted to Face, Scalp and Neck (Energetic/Morphic field programmed audio)

This video is programmed energetically to induce the fat stores in your face to turn into stem cells, which then works towards regenerating and restoring your face to give you youthful features, It also works on your scalp and neck to provide the same benefit, (it may also help with hair growth on the scalp)


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