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Published July 4, 2020 by tindertender

Sometimes your worst antagonist is your greatest ally, whether knowingly, or unknowingly by either party.

Who else but those who love us most would agree to reside in a seat that receives so much expression, outburst, argument and complete freak out? Who would just kick back and endure that … for no reason?

There must be a divine purpose to the presence of all those who trigger us. They allow us to see ourselves, rawly, in the moment.

The reaction is often denial, yet how can one deny what is blatantly in the face? Apparent for ALL to see … no sense in denying it … may as well acknowledge it and at last see it.

Yesterday for me was a deep remembrance of intense pain. I was thankful for it being a memory only, for it was quite influential on my mental status for the day … even as the memory was from nearly three decades ago.

Yet … the seemingly cold hearted will say, “what does she expect, everyone to feel sorry for that, for her chosen self crucifixion” as tears roll down her face. They may perceive the moment as a pity party of sorts.

And we might say, “You bastard!” Jerk……. I’ve concluded that no one actually has the authority to tell me what my “process” must look like. This is my experience, unique to me. Of course many will not be in agreement or acceptance of it.

Someone else always seems to know best.

But then, if we are wise, we will evaluate the triggering phrase or event and see if it really does apply to our situation.

Harsh realities often are recognized by our worst antagonist … given to us for opportunity of ‘stretching’ the conscious capacity, growing beyond the trigger.

They must love us greatly to offer us this view.

At least … this is how I choose to view it.


Oracle Reading 6-27-2020

Published June 27, 2020 by tindertender

Heed the messenger: It is easy to ignore the messengers and the signs they show you, especially when they bring a message you do not wish to hear. Now is not the time to ignore the messengers. Do not let your fear of change or discomfort silence their voices. It is time for you to stop procrastinating, to see and to hear the truth, and do what is necessary. Heed the messenger for the wisdom they offer is born of your own intuition and need.

Do not fear the unknown: The ugly is not always bad and evil, and the beautiful not always good and just. Failure is not predetermined, nor is it a given that others laugh at you if you choose to follow your dreams. It is your fear of the unknown that makes you question and judge. Do not let another’s experience be the truth that guides you. Do not allow your fear of an unknown outcome to hold you prisoner. Your own experience could be both different and rewarding. Live!

Honour Gaia: The earth upon which you dwell is more than just a rock covered in water, stone and dirt. The earth beneath your feet, the mountains, the forests, the rivers, lakes, oceans, and the air that you breathe are all part of the magical living entity that is Gaia. She is our eternal mother, our provider, and our home. Gaia gives us life. Without her, we would not be. Honour Gaia by seeing the truth of what she is. Honour Gaia by loving her as you love yourself.


Reading from the deck “Messenger Oracle” Ted by Ravynne Phelan

Oracle Reading 6-13-2020

Published June 13, 2020 by tindertender

In this reading you can look at just the italic portion for a more earthly meaning, or the non-italics for a more spiritual meaning, or both for a more full interpretation.

Balance imagination and reality. Be cautious of giving undue influence to baseless assumption. Distinguish between opinion and evidence. Become aware of false limitations. Put real effort into proving a doubt or fear wrong. Be open to new ideas and perspectives, but do your homework and ensure a claim can hold true in practice as well as theory.

Only through the eyes of the soul can the true nature of your life, existence and purpose be known. All of life flows from one divine heart of creation. You have a purpose, a meaning and a role to play in this great journey of life. It may be beyond the knowing of the physical world, but it is not beyond the knowing of your soul.

A feeling that history is repeating. The patterns in your past – in your childhood, in your relationships, in your career – are escapable. Stop and learn the lesson so you can move forward. There is no need to mind,easily (endlessly) repeat. Look outside of what you know and break a cycle. Someone, perhaps the universe, is trying to tell you something. A unique response to a repeat problem is needed.

From the flawless patterns of your spirit, a great light shines upon the world. You are a leader, a healer, an inspiration, a free spirit … unrestricted by traditional thinking. A desire to be all you can be, and a vision for positive transformation draws you into deep exploration and clarity. Break free, reshape your destiny and follow the spiraling, intertwining pathways of peace, love and wisdom.

Sudden clarity amid adversity. Acute awareness of yourself and your circumstances. Finding unexpected strength and wisdom in a crisis. Realizing the limits of a situation … pressure cannot make diamonds from coal. Challenging a misconception or calling out a false promise. Isolate and develop an idea, talent or goal to excellence, without external influence. Trusting you will have what it takes when it matters.

All soon clears, heals and is resolved. Peace ascends within you like a glorious bud opening to the surface. Realization comes in a dazzling flash, and you will see the world and your soul as blessed as they truly are. Follow love to the peaceful space inside your heart, your power center, from which all is possible and all is available.

The tedium or drudgery of a safe but unstimulating environment. Denying a problem worsens an outcome. Avoidance f the tough stuff causes dependence, stagnation or loss of self. Make mistakes with the purpose of learning from them. Aim to manage stress, rather than eliminating it. Minimize damage by turning a difficulty to your advantage. A challenge brings needed incentive.

Challenge helps you face and overcome fear. This challenge is a blessing that will in some way make you stronger and more resilient. Open yourself to the light of the world. Draw it into you, be empowered by it and channel it into your environment for all to benefit from. Face all that comes your way and trust your ability to make change for the greater good.

Withdraw to the security of loved ones. Stumbling on or triggering a memory. Stories told in safety. Creative space. A message from the past, for the future. Your body remembers, listen to its story. Deep pain is transformed into wisdom and understanding. An inheritance, legacy or heirloom. Having access to the tools and knowledge you need. Be gentle with who you were and strong about who you will become.

If you are feeling lost, confused or are asking what life is all about, then it may be the perfect time to consult your original self. The one you keep hidden while you grow up and supposedly wiser around it. The sweet, loving, innocent you is not lost. Deep down, you are still that person. The original you exists outside of time, safe and awaiting rediscovery.

An underlying fear of success. New ideas threaten old ways. Positive change respects the past and the future – put your thinking cap on and brainstorm. Step outside of conformity and we’ll-meaning advice. Creative energy is generated through conversation and play. Be prepared for loud applause and the accompanying criticism. Experimentation recharges an interest. A sudden realization brings dramatic change.

An inspirational thought flows into your heart and something new is born. You are focused, inspired and intuitively guided towards success. Much is accomplished with seemingly little effort because the force of love and purpose is on your side. Your work and energy shall touch the hearts of many. Embrace your mental brilliance as part of your light.


Put yourself forward. Stand in the sun. Grab an opportunity and run with it. Reach beyond the shade, out of the comfort of darkness, and step into life. Holding yourself back is counterintuitive. Doubt, fear, anxiety and grief may be part of your journey, but don’t let them be the journey. Reach out. Stretch yourself little by little, grow strong and LIVE!

In a fleeting moment of grace, in the space between your thoughts, you glimpse a silent bliss that is beyond words or description. This all-encompassing love is your soulful, spiritual center. It is without beginning or end. Reach for it, and this state of grace shall be a guiding light in this world and beyond. It is life … it is eternal.

Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” Ted by Toni Carmine and Leela J. Williams


Core Of Man

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Unseen but seeing, unheard but hearing, unperceived but perceiving, unknown but knowing … This is thy Self, the ruler within, the immortal.

~ One of India’s ancient seers


O I could sing such grandeur’s and glories about you!

You have not known what you are, you have slumbered upon yourself all your life.

The mockeries are not you;

Underneath them and within them I see you lurk.

Whoever you are, claim your own.

~ Walt Whitman, from Leaves of Grass


Man, as he really is, and as he eternally has been and shall be, is a spiritual being. Life in the physical body does not detract from the truth of this statement.

Heaven lies all about us, not only during the innocent days of infancy, but every moment of existence, yet we know it not.

It is somewhat ironical that mans very self – his true nature – has become a secret in these days.

Wrapped in the folds of our own nature hides a rare jewel, though we know it not. None has dared to set a price upon it, nor will any ever dare to do so, for its value is beyond all things of known worth.

~ Excerpts from “The Secret Path” by Paul Brunton


Get You A Girl

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Get you a girl

Whose life is bigger than you.

It will keep you hooked for life and keep you dizzy. Gasping for air at times from delight and ecstasy and other times from pure terror.

Get you a girl

Whose lifeline is not you

Who has a therapist, a coach, a community of powerful women committed to telling her the truth, to helping her see, to helping her love herself and you the best that you both deserve.

Who does not come to you hoping you will fix her emotions, give her what she wants to, “feel better,” but only comes to you clear in who she is and what she needs and gives you the honor of meeting her there or not.

Get you a girl

Who is not confused about how she feels, does not throw up walls and defenses, isn’t hot one day and cold the next because she knows she wants YOU and she always pursues the things she wants.

Get you a girl

Whose dreams are bigger than the ones you dream with her. That her purpose for her life includes you but is not you alone, and you can feel her fire and joy and the impact that she is making.

Get you a girl

Who is happy, alive, turned on, with or without you.

Get you a girl

Who listens to you and values you and keeps you on solid ground. You do not have to worry about where you stand, you are never unsure of how things will turn out with her.

You always know.

Get you a girl who values her well-being more than she values anything else. For you can trust that the woman you are loving is the woman that she is.

Get you a girl

Whose thirst for knowledge, growth, for self-awareness, for being the best human she can possibly be, outweighs whether or not you are happy with her. She does not cause drama nor is she callous and she is always deeply true to who she is.

Get you a girl

Who will tell you the truth when others will placate you. Who will push you when others would control you. Who will piss you off and make you wonder about the sea of spiritual barbie dolls who really don’t challenge you all that much. Make you wonder if it would be easier over there.

Get you a girl

You can’t ever leave, even when you want to run. Even if someone with better t*ts




Comes waltzing in. Because nothing compares to the thing you have and you know it deep in your bones.

She is irresistible and knows this too.

Get you a girl who you get to enjoy the overflow of her love affair with life and not for one moment think you are the reason for her happiness.

She will change your life.

Steady and at Peace

Published May 16, 2020 by tindertender

If what you seek is the clear light of reality, then remember that it is protected in the stars.

You seek the ultimate in pure consciousness and enlightenment. You’ve found your destiny – now you must follow it to the end.

You have the quality of complete openness, absolute potential. You are connected to all beings. Everything is linked by the vastness of space.

You feel connected to all of life. You’re developing empathy for all beings and are beginning to understand others. You’re now noticing people’s similarities more than their differences and realizing that you’re at the dawning of your own conscious awakening.

You have the spontaneity of childhood within you. You are open to the world and all situations of this life.

You’re open-minded, ready, and willing to grow, and you’re inspired to encouraged growth in others, too. You take pleasure in other people’s successes and achievements.

You hold a banner of victory over the most deadly emotions.

You are the stillness in the midst of turmoil, with inner knowingness and acceptance.

You’re becoming stable and calm and developing the ability the see through certain of your own and others emotions. You’re steady and at peace. This energy flows out from you and affects the well-being of others without your realizing it.


Oracle reading 5-16-2020 from the deck “The 5 Keys to Happiness” created by Gordon Smith and Dronma.

How to ‘Purposefully’ Add Good Energy to the World During Separation

Published May 8, 2020 by tindertender

During these times of Covid-19 and the fear it represents in the hearts and minds of people, we are separated, even more than we were before.

How do we put our good energy into the world?

Some of us have been home for awhile now due to layoffs. What do we do with our time?

I started sewing … masks. I rearranged my bedroom. I cleaned house, or at least ‘picked it up’. I changed my living room window treatment. I started going for joy rides and hikes in various parks that were/are open. I started praying again, in the forest.

All that is good.

I entered deep spaces in my mind that I thought I had already visited, but these spaces held additional blockages that needed attention, healing and clearing. Inner work is very good to do in these times.

How do we share the love we are working on increasing in our own hearts and minds?

We can:

1) Send note cards via USPS. It is amazing how rare it is that one receives a card these days. It is a nice surprise when you’re stuck at home with no visitors.

2) Smile and wave at those you encounter, whether you be passing another vehicle on the road, or in the grocery store … smile, show kindness.

3) Paint rocks with inspirational messages or pictures and leave them in various areas for people to find. The atm, the park, any stairs you may climb, and entrances or exits to buildings or flower pots. Anywhere people might find themselves stopping for a moment.

4) Have flowers delivered to a friend or family member … just because.

5) Share a meal with someone in need. Getting take-out? Purchase an extra meal and give it to the next person you see, who is hungry.

These are only five suggestions, but there could be many more. I welcome your thoughts and ideas to increase methods of growing happiness and care in this world, please add them in the comments section.



See The Good

Published May 8, 2020 by tindertender

There once was a time in your very own planet’s history, long, long ago, when the earth was truly a paradise.

The diversity of life was as mind-boggling as it was spectacular.

Flowers sprang up in impossible places. Birds and their songs filled the air over every continent. Snow, fog, showers, or sunshine added sometimes shocking and unexpected beauty to every setting.

Animals were loved as family members. And complete strangers smiled and waved to one another, as it was everyone’s natural instinct to be kind, to give, and to love.

Yeah, very little has changed.

See the good,

~ The Universe

Flowers growing in seemingly impossible places.

Every ailment is a gift, an opportunity, an invitation…

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® © ®

Deep Down Nitty Gritty

Published May 7, 2020 by tindertender

I’ve been thinking lately about life and relationship.

When I was young, one of my favorite things was to watch people …. or “people watch”. I stopped doing that in my mid-twenties, when I began a certain relationship.

Now, thirty years later, I am beginning to think I’ve turned into a jaded old lady! Who, in current scenarios, has not really given men a fair shake.

I vow to take on some activities, where I can observe men, being men. I want to fall in love with them all over again.

As I shed my pain from past failed relationship, I open myself to loving once more, those who I have unfairly dropped blame.

This is only a beginning. It is not a request for attention or relationship. It is an acknowledgement, that I have been harboring resentment that may have poisoned further opportunities for love.

The journey begins … of further release.

Pain, anger, resentment ….. these have no value, for that which holds value.

May the release be swift.

May my appreciation for the masculine be rebirthed with vigor, in a sacred way.

May admiration, for all of them in their various forms and activity, grow in my heart.

May all things emanating from my person, be pure, healthy and loving.

And so it is. 🙏🏻



Published May 7, 2020 by tindertender
Shadow: See the Truth

Do not be deceived. Be watchful and mindful of the illusions others weave around themselves, and that you may weave around yourself. Know the night. Understand the shadows. See though the darkness to the light of the truth. Pay attention to contradictions. Notice when action and words are not in harmony. Hone your intuition and insight so that you may know the minds and hearts of those around you – and yourself – and trust in the wisdom born of that awareness.

Soul: See the Signs

We are often sent small signs in the form of synchronicities and coincidences. Be watchful. Do not overlook them in the everyday rush of life. Words, numbers, and symbols that repeat, animals and birds that appear on your path, people who come in and out of your life at odd or similar moments, and those flashes of knowing when you believe something will happen with every fiber of your being – these are all things you are meant to see and hear; messages from Gaia and Great Spirit sent to aid your journey.

Let the Two become One: Reveal your Truth

When you were born, your soul shone bright. As you grew, you were taught of right and wrong. You were taught how to think, how to live, how to believe in a way that makes you fearful to say no. To disagree is to risk alienation from family and society, and so you hide your true thoughts and feelings behind a mask. That mask hides your light. Cast it aside. Embrace and live your truth, and let your soul shine once more.

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