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Published February 11, 2021 by tindertender

I received my new pendulum today, it is called the Orion. (Purchased from Erich Hunter https://www.facebook.com/pendulum.healing.9)

It has excellent response to command and question.

I was doing some commands and then I wondered how it performs as a dowsing tool.

You aren’t able to see my hand here but I can assure you I was not purposefully influencing the swing of the pendulum.

Here’s a little video, and I guess I can claim status now. 😘 Gotta love a pendulum telling you you’re a queen and a goddess. I think the Orion is my new best friend, lol. 😉

I wrote a letter … to whom is but a dream, real none-the-less.

The hue of you is near translucent, I can see all of your cracks and scars. Fire’s flame reflects off you in a gentle glow.

Rose petals fall softly, surrounding your form, their sweet aroma filling the air.

I was a wanderer among shadows bumping into everything that gifted a bruise.

But then I saw the flickering light which drew me near, somehow smothering my fear.

You welcomed me, saying I was the “entertainment”, a thing to be used, not cherished.

And so off to the shadow I move once more, leaving you and flame behind.

The wind howls and temperature drops.

Yet I am warmed by dignity and wrapped in self-respect.

All I want, indeed, all I need.

When I was finished with my meditation I decided to draw a few cards. Looks like there is more to be seen and understood … much more.

See the Signs ~ We are often sent small signs in the form of synchronicities and coincidences. Be watchful. Do not overlook them in the everyday rush of life. Words, numbers, and symbols that repeat, animal and birds that appear on your path, people who come in and out of your life at odd or similar moments, and those flashes of knowing when you believe something will happen with every fiber of your being ~ these are all things you are meant to see and hear; messages from Gaia and Great Spirit sent to aid your journey.

See the Truth ~ Do not be deceived. Be watchful and mindful of the illusions others weave around themselves, and that you may weave around yourself. Know the night. Understand the shadows. See through the darkness to the light of truth. Pay attention to contradictions. Notice when actions and words are not in harmony. Hone your intuition and insight so that you may know the minds and hearts of those around you – and yourself – and trust in the wisdom born of that awareness.

Challenge Your Perception ~ You cannot challenge an out-dated perception or one born from a lack of understanding if you are unwilling to put aside your feelings and beliefs and embrace another’s point of view. To do so makes you aware of the whole and stands you up on high where you can see that both parties involved in a dispute can act against an injustice. Both can be right, both can be wrong, and what one may perceive to be harmful, may be seen as both healing and beneficial by the other.

Messenger Oracle created by Ravynne Phelan


Published November 18, 2020 by tindertender

She’s coming into her power…

The more she treated him like a king the more he treated her as his slave, She couldn’t understand this because she thought that if she gave him everything… putting him before her, he would crown her as his queen, but what she didn’t realize was that he wanted someone full of her “self” not emptied of her “self”, someone that would bring forth the hunter, the warrior and the hero in him, someone who’s respect needed to be earned. Instead she brought forth the exploiter, the betrayer and the abuser in him. She felt justified in feeling victimized and she wallowed in this murky swamp with her finger pointing in the wrong direction feeling falsely vilified in her suffering, feeling falsely supported by the sympathy of her friends…

It took her several rounds with different partners and a great deal of pain before she finally got it, “her external relationships were always mirroring back to her, her internal relationship with herself”. This was the relationship that she was being called to feed and nurture.

Her “Aha” moment came when she realized that it wasn’t the external king that she needed to bow down to but the royal queen within herself. She’s sitting on her throne now, it’s new and alien to her so she hasn’t quite relaxed completely into the sumptuous velvet cushion, but she’s aware of who she is and she’s determined to rule her own kingdom.

She now knows what she wants and she’s not willing to compromise…
She’s not willing to sell herself in order to be verified, She’s verifying herself…
She’s filling her own cup with self loving so she’s not ravenous for his…
She’s creating boundaries where they are needed and opening what was closed from fear…
She’s holding back some, she’s no longer so blindly eager to please…
She’s giving but keeping enough of herself to serve the queen that she is.

The suitors are lining up, they are respectful because her presence commands that respect…

She’s a woman who is discovering her royal, “Divine feminine” blood line and she’s stepping up to who she truly is.

~ Author Unknown

Games As Seen By A Queen

Published October 8, 2020 by tindertender

A Queen will not play games; she knows those that play are not worth the time.

A Queen will not jump up and down trying to get the attention of those that choose not to see her; she has too much self respect and dignity.

A Queen will not compete based on lies and half-truths; she is too clever for this. Her deep well of inner wisdom and knowing guide her in a direction in alignment with her purpose.

A Queen does not talk ill of other Queens; for her heart loves all her sisters.

A Queen deserves a true King by her side and not a Joker.

A Queen claims the divine crown forged from her own unique medicine and gifts and places it where it rightly belongs. She wears this crown proudly for she is deserving.

A Queen embraces the truth that is hers alone and rules from her sacred throne. She leads her realm justly for all around and within her is sacred.


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