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Games As Seen By A Queen

Published October 8, 2020 by tindertender

A Queen will not play games; she knows those that play are not worth the time.

A Queen will not jump up and down trying to get the attention of those that choose not to see her; she has too much self respect and dignity.

A Queen will not compete based on lies and half-truths; she is too clever for this. Her deep well of inner wisdom and knowing guide her in a direction in alignment with her purpose.

A Queen does not talk ill of other Queens; for her heart loves all her sisters.

A Queen deserves a true King by her side and not a Joker.

A Queen claims the divine crown forged from her own unique medicine and gifts and places it where it rightly belongs. She wears this crown proudly for she is deserving.

A Queen embraces the truth that is hers alone and rules from her sacred throne. She leads her realm justly for all around and within her is sacred.


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