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American Healthcare

Published April 9, 2020 by tindertender

Holy shit! Drs are getting 13,000 dollars for a COVID-19 patient admittal and $39,000 dollars if they go on a ventilator? Why the hell is money involved in this shit?!?!?!


Are you ready for your forced vaccinations yet?

Here, we see who Bill Gates was before he began the world wide forced vaccination schemes.


There’s some extreme bullshit in the works here.

HUGE! Covid Tracking Website DELETES Information on Hospitalizations, ICU Patients After TGP Reports Numbers Fall Well Below Model Predictions


Forced vaccinations will alter the human DNA. They want to lock down your Krystos Spark, so you will remain asleep, unaware, slaves.


There is a fine line between helping, and harming.

And some people just like to think they are God, and we should do what they tell us to.

The human form is a MASTERPIECE! Those who are injecting the body with mercury and aluminum and all of the other toxins, are LOCKING the Krystic spark! All human beings injected are bioformatted to a lesser, and weaker version of themselves!


Remember Toronto Billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman?

Published April 6, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aspfrt

More recent photo

It was initially reported Barry killed Honey then himself in a domestic murder suicide

The couple was found seated near the pool, thier bodies positioned exactly like this art work seen here (in another part of the Sherman’s home)

The family protested the murder-suicide conclusion until the police reversed position and ruled it murder.

Barry and Honey spoke of signing up for Bill Gates’

“The Giving Pledge”

A commitment to donate wealth

Barry’s Job?

He ran Apotex, a leading Canadian manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals

Guess what Apptex makes?


You know, the Covid-19 drug.

Not suspicious at all,

Canada acknowledges how critical it is to manage your own pharmaceutical supply chain

Did Canada “nationalize” Apotex ahead of the attack?




Questions about motive for killing of Barry and Honey Sherman given how long ago the murders occurred etc.

@presscoreca – great job tracking this case.

I can’t endorse – I am not familiar enough with Canadian law to fact check supporting materials


This thesis might explain Justin Trudeau’s new fashion accessory

Check out who the Q-Crew said killed Barry and Honey Sherman!!

Welp, that didn’t take long.

We started talking about motive for a double-homicide and you will never guess who popped up…


Is a link possible between a New York City doctors strange “suicide” that looks more like a murder and the weird slaying of the Shermans that was also staged as a potential suicide – asks a friend of the billionaires? Both tried to help the people of Haiti. Now they are all dead

Turns out Barry and Honey Sherman’s Apotex was supplying cheap knock-off drugs to the Clinton Foundation in Haiti


Not only Haiti, Apotex also supplied drugs to the Clinton Foundation for Puerto Rico in 2017

Who else was in Haiti making a fortune??

Clayton Homes – Slum Lord for the Third World – Selling Shacks

Who owns Clayton Homes?

The Shelters That Clinton Built

Structurally unsafe and laced with formaldehyde, the “hurricane-proof” classroom trailers installed by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti came from the same company being sued for sickening Hurricane Katrina victims.


Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett

Hi Five! @GroverKingsley



Where there’s smoke!

Thanks @CoadyMacQuarri1
for sharing

O, Canibas!


Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered Just Days AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch



We’ve been telling you this whole time

Published April 6, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

You’ll get it eventually.

The entire system is set up for this very moment, to collapse in on itself and drop the people out and let monsters roam.

It was designed for humans but taken and revamped. The “word” is a powerful message from On High that plays and has been deciphered by ‘those’ in society intending to do so for personal gain since the beginning.

In the beginning the word was carried by a specific group of a certain genetic lineage. That was the linage that was taken and assaulted, the information extracted. The ‘children’ in the bases, started with that blood line being used and milked for their blood.

That began long ago and expanded to what it is today, with almost the same set up designed to traumatize, deceive and reprogram the unconscious mind.

All of this is being explained but there is information regarding other things. All I can say if this what gifted to you, they were sent here, to show you. Everything else will be from the deception system.

The information regarding quantum access, biogenesis, collective knowledge transfer and so on is from then, sent from the beginning, for you to come to greater awareness and unlock full potential. If that occurs, those humans will not fit into a single society.

All of this is being shown in the background, so that you are given a choice, Your UNCONSCIOUS MIND is given the choice. Include the information through the reticular activating system (in simplified projection), or reject it and continue on. Every mind is given the same choice.

Games over, there are bad players, pretending to be seeking the truth, who are vile and reconverting every new facet of soul fiber into a dark web strand that results in death and decay.

The one’s on the level up don’t go with immunity, charges, or cases. They will review their genetics and if they don’t make the cut they can go eat shit.

This is not a metaphor. Everything I have ever said is literal reality.

Some forces have to be ‘cleaned up’ and some are going to be wiped. Most will be ‘resurrected’ in the name of truth and true liberty while others will run and a small portion will die fighting.

See this.

They will die trying to protect their raping, pillaging, kidnapping funds.

It’s ALL the money in the WORLD. See that. This is why it was described so. All the worlds riches, if you simply bow to evil. That is the people you’re seeing now. All the money and power meant power to perform darkness for pleasure over human souls, bodies and minds.

You now know what was hidden throughout all of your history. What you have been plagued by, what is still fighting now, in its death throes, to hold you down, to suffocate you if it can’t have you. See how others react, see how to navigate what is happening.

People waking up is what’s happening, everything else is a reaction or strategic placement that is either countered or neutralized. You are navigating the emotional fields and thus the TIME FIELDS of reality because EVERYTHING is in motion now.

If you stand still, you will go where the shakes take you. If you get up and walk, you can go places that the artificial boundaries can no longer contain or limit access to. Information is what you’re accessing and because it is reaching the minds, the foundation is transforming.

This is all right in front of everybody’s heads. Some are better prepared than others to know and control the flow of information.

That will not be changed. Those who seek to undermine that are the new ‘old’ guard attempting to revamp their services in a ‘new’ old way.

It’s disgusting. If the people who are here now, capable of explaining and maintaining control over what’s happening, are fought over and ripped apart, the same process that happened in the sandy times with biological warfare and language dissolution occurs.

The difference is the ‘messengers’ will not be there so this is the ‘last cycle’ for anyone who wants to know the truth, in the way that an eternal force has give us. An intelligence that supersedes the temporal occlusion systems, literally Spirit on High, has awakened.

They are showing you now. 100% without a doubt, if you stay, you will be at the mercy of people who cannot control their own medications or be ‘clean’ enough to speak clearly, without mentally fumbling, through a single meeting or conference, ever.

And then those people. They joined up with dark, and the dark is seeking to use them, to gain access to that powerful genetic time control system, called Humanity. Infinite, power, infinite tech access, ultimately control over life, death, and consciousness. Those are the options

There will be no ‘viewing’ to confirm who’s who, you get that after the horizon and if you there is no basis for that here, there is no you there. Not like you think.

You have to get it now, or you won’t. That’s how the new world is protected from monsters who only see red tint.

This is not to produce division. If you try to go help monsters saying, “Hey we’re all one”, that’s the end of your bloodline. They have been here for a long time and know how to deceive and absorb your emotions and consciousness.

No one is capable of ‘ousting’ any one, it is through the power of collective intent and increasing self awareness that produces a hyperdimensional feedback, controlled, contained, which will inform each ‘lower portion’ of what to do.

In short, if the future is already here and set. Anything less than ‘now’ is a set back. The more people want to resist this, the lower in the future they go. Resist the whole way, it turns out you never left, and have been here for eternity.

This was built into the system at the beginning. The entire process, this society, amounts to this time, this process, sustaining collective self awareness catalysts.


Published April 5, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Hello, dear friends. Today I would like to talk with you about fear, fantastic stories people are telling you to scare you, and healing yourself.

Since I am sheltering at home with you, I’ve had many opportunities to view really awful messages from those with vast platforms of influence, who are using those platforms to spin webs of deceit that are meant to frighten you and take your energy.

In the past, we’ve talked about how many of your galactic neighbors study humanity and its ongoing struggles. One of the things they study is the human tendency of many to believe fantastic stories about others, and be led to war or destruction because of their beliefs.

So many of you are being consumed by stories that are meant to mislead you, and test your willingness to be led down dark paths. Throughout history, particular people have been identified as enemies by those who deceive, and entire countries have been led to war.

This is happening again. This is something we need to work on. We have been discussing Jesus’s book, and the LETTERS OF CHRIST, as it is called on YouTube where Jesus very carefully explains that your reality is created by you, through your beliefs.

Whenever you are told a story about the sun going dark and other nefarious garbage, it is to incite an energetic vibration of fear. Within the dark energy of fear, frightening events flourish because they are created by the fear of the collective consciousness.

This is the time to time to turn away from those who paint gloomy pictures of your fellow human souls, and label anyone who dares to speak against the naysayers as horrible criminals. This is the time to heal yourself of the need to be involved with this kind of behavior.

The way to heal yourself, and change the reality you live in, is to purge yourself of judgmental thoughts about yourself and others, and develop love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Jesus explains the importance and method of doing this in his book.

Fear is an important response of your brain in the initial stage of identifying danger. It is meant to help you identify a threat to your safety, and open your eyes and move forward to change the scenario. After that, fear will only lie to you if you allow it to stay.

Healing yourself requires that you understand that humans have developed an enhanced fear response, because you have been through a lot. But today, you are capable of honing back the fear response, so you can heal yourself of the traumas of the past.

When you spend your time on the internet and view everything you see through the eyes of fear and judgment, you enhance the hard parts of your life, and ingrained the traumas you’ve suffered more deeply into your memory. Instead, try to be objective, and reject the fear.

You are all highly intelligent. The only person you should follow is your own Higher Self—you. You have access to all truth through your own Higher Self. You have a continuous connection to your Creator. You don’t need fabulous stories meant to lead you down dark future paths.

I hope, if you haven’t already, you will take the opportunity to reject the old fear-based approach taught by religion which wants to control you, as well as those who need to book shows and sell books today. Your reality is what YOU make it.

The Letters of Christ are a perfect way to celebrate Easter this week. Jesus explains how his mission was misinterpreted by his disciples who wrote the New Testament Gospels. He tells you how to heal your energy to change your life.

During this time, where you have more time than you might normally have, why not break free of the fear-based thinking, and learn to feel real joy, as well as better physical health? Reject the nonsense you hear and create the reality you choose. You can do this.

You are all so very loved and cherished, no matter what is going on in your own life. Remember that the angelic gestalts are here in your service. We will help you get rid of your fear if you will call on us for help. We are available, and eager to help with your healing.


Question: How do i wake up? Am i supposed to stop eating and taking medications? What about weed and cigarettes? I want to heal the world but im trapped in my own mind. The frustration is unbearable. I need my switch to be flipped.

Answer: The Letters of Christ I talked about today could really help you out. It’s not about religion. Awakening is a really normal process, but unless you heal yourself of your past it won’t be as great as it could be. That’s what the Letters of Christ will help you do.

Project DreamWeaver

Published April 3, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/Turboxyde

Our next #ProjectDreamWeaver focus is going to be a bit tougher & more advanced than most. This time, we are going to co-create directly with the Galactic, Solar & Planetary “Logos” to create a special field of energy that maps out interdimensional contact from a 12th dimensional viewpoint.

Each Logos is nested one within the other as Galactic>Solar>Planetary>Being in a fractal manner to facilitate the translation of energies as directed by consciousness & thought form. The Logos creates a field of living light upon which consciousness is able to express itself in various ways for the purpose of “experience” in this time/space illusion.

The Logos is generated from the core of our Galaxy, Star, Planet & Heart as a quantum field of “potential.” Within this field, we are also able to connect interdimensionally to other beings to share information/energy. For the purpose of this task, we will call these beings, IDEs or InterDimensional Entities. Some IDEs are “good” from the perspective of our awareness & being while others are very, very “bad” parasites.

Parasitic IDEs create their own energetic feeding tube inside the quantum tunnel that humanity creates with our thoughts & intentions naturally.

This is called a “hook” & the parasites normally “hook” a human host by manipulating their lower energy centers which connect to our physiology through energetic meridians in the body.

Keep in mind, we cannot stop others from forming these connections nor should we demonize them to the point of blind, willful ignorance.

Instead, we should begin co-creating with the Logos to create a wall of light to act as a purification filter for ALL IDE connections entering or leaving our Logos. This wall of 12th dimensional light will manifest instantly at the event horizon of the IDE connection to our Logos with the goal of preventing the formation of hooks & the subconscious entrainment/enslavement of the host that typically follows.

Humanity deserves to interact with IDEs that are benevolent, co-creative & respectful of our gift of free will.

The wall of light will act as a frequency filter for consciousness on BOTH sides of the tunnel to self correct before free will in our Logos is violated. If the Logos were our “Galactic Operating System,” we are about to co-creatively build a 12th dimensional encryption layer where these lower frequency IDEs simply cannot follow.

This is what I was shown in meditation…

After centering, grounding & balancing your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies of awareness in meditation, create a 12th dimensional sacred space to begin co-creating directly with your Logos/Highest Self/IS.

Follow the instructions on this meme to create a 12th dimensional sacred space from which we will co-creatively construct a holographic blueprint for this wall of light to manifest within our collective Logos.

Intentions & focus are paramount so be patient.

Once you are centered & balanced, create a thought form to support the wall of light including ALL interdimensional connections known & unknown to our collective awareness.

The wall of light becomes a mirror of unified 12th dimensional consciousness that functions as an impassable higher dimensional frequency fence for those IDEs who desire to force their will upon others or feed upon our life force energy. Visualize the wall of light being generated naturally & instantly at the moment of connection between dimensions for all parties.

If the consciousness of all parties is not fully aware & unified with the intentions & will of all sides/parties, then the wall of light reflects any projections from any side/party to their source. This will also create a unique echo or disturbance within the quantum field within our dimension, this “IDE Echo” will be detectable by advanced consciousness & by technological means.

This will allow the detection & (future) prevention of rituals, sacrifices & the parasitical feeding upon life force energy as the status quo within our dimension.

Now, it all stops at the wall of light between dimensions!

Visualize this in great detail & wrap the emotions of love, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness & unity around the thought form as if it has already happened.

We see, we feel, we become!

Now that we have co-creatively formed a “holographic blueprint” of thought & emotion, we need to amplify its potential by sending a packet of “light” containing the wall of light blueprint to the Logos for co-creative revision & immediate manifestation.

We will accomplish this by visualizing our holographic blueprint as a dense ball of golden/white light coming out of your heart & travelling directly to the core of the Earth, then to the core of the Sun, then to the core of the Galaxy itself.

See the ball of light being absorbed by the Logos or Divine Intelligence at each location. As it is absorbed, the ball of light is unpacked, decompressed & analyzed in every detail.

As this occurs, the connection between all beings within the collective Logos is strengthened & a powerful surge of 12th dimensional energy begins to emanate from the core (heart) of each body of awareness within the Logos to manifest this unified field of consciousness. Allow this energy to permeate every facet of your being & anchor it fully into your awareness.

Dream Weavers, thank you for your service to humanity & Creation! Please complete this meditation in totality at least 3, 6 or 9 times over the next few weeks. Be genuine & sincere in your efforts as you are connecting with multiple fields of consciousness.

If you are too overwhelmed by this, you may also elect to send the blueprint to the Earth first, then to the Sun & finally to the Galactic core in three different meditation sessions. Let us weave the dream of heaven on Earth for all beings to experience co-creatively!

This is perhaps the most complex #ProjectDreamWeaver post yet, as such, it will not be for the weak or faint of heart. Shield yourself daily with love & light (Armor Of God) & have no fear!






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