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Boom, that is the sign of the animal

Published February 11, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

When one is proved wrong and they choose to continue based on emotional bias, that is how you know they are not motivated by a desire for truth.

Don’t entertain people who just want to annoy others. If at any point they resort to that, then everything else was an act.

Many people are realizing what it means that some think the most serious situations in the world are games to be played for the manipulation of others.

This false belief, that people can manipulate the soul, for their own benefit, under law, is part of the dimensional ‘split’, which is simply the complicated physics translation of a collective delusional disorder. It was ‘thrust’ onto the people, thus they inherited evil.

One either generates their own power or they provide the illusion of power by tricking others into giving it to them. People used to openly take it from others, but that became a hidden practice along with the creation of the modern illusion.

The solution to this, legally, was to make EVERYBODY slaves. This is not opinion or exaggerated depiction.

This was the legal recourse and they attempted to solidify this, FOREVER.

You are LITERALLY owned as, considered, recorded, legally traded as tender of LIVING SLAVES. Of course, part of the jargon that effectively renders this is to classify you as a DEAD SOUL.

This is not a joke, this is not hearsay, it’s not my inside picture of the story.

Your legal system was cleverly shifted to render you legally slaves to the degree which you have a SOUL. Meaning, in that system, even if you die, there is no escape. That system must be turned back now, and you are the only people who can do so.

THIS is what happened and your response to this is what maps out your future for all of time. There is no way to go through what is planned and still exist as a free willed entity. Legally, spiritually, biologically.

If it is OPEN to interpretation, and yet, it is interpreted with personal bias EVERYTIME, then this is a clear pattern of legal ABUSE of the system.

Sue the people running cities that threaten all Americans and through that ALL HUMANITY.

So the freedom that the early patriots fought for, was absolutely never received, but only a temporary hold over to trick them while dark groups colluded and literally conspired to enslave every American.

Monday Inner Power Talk

Published February 10, 2020 by tindertender

Written by https://twitter.com/HealthMentor1

You are so powerful that just setting your mind to a purified thought, is what shifts out the old energy into the Higher Divine Energy here.

But it’s easier to not let people know that, said old energy, because then old energy loses it’s power.

I hope you all get this message….

By knowing You are ‘The Change’… gives the power back where it belongs…in your hands. No other human has powers over You. Don’t place someone who is Awakened more than you, as more powerful than you. When you do that, you give others, your power. This is exactly how malevolent (negative ) energies can fool you, by making you feel inferior, keeping them on the pedestal. Reclaim YOUR Inate God Given Powers back. The ones awakening, are simply RE-Membering, you are awakening back up to your Spiritual knowledges that You, have Always Had. Spirits here are Awakening up thru Spiritual Amnesia, the amnesia was for you to learn experiences here, in order to purify non-serving energy out, & walk into Divine Purifications of Higher Unconditional Love Energy Co-Creators with God Source.

The Worst of the Worst … Period

Published February 6, 2020 by tindertender

Written by https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

What if darkness took control of the most important resources of the world because those with goodness and power were not interested in controlling others?

What if the people who claim to be commanding judgment are actually instead projecting their own guilt of their own poor performance onto those around them? What if institutions designed this way are literally a collective of that personality flaw projection into the world?

What if the people telling you they are ‘good’ are those who got rich by taking what was yours, for themselves? Are people supposed to worship those who lied and stole the most from them?

What if they all have, literally, the most distorted brains around (aside)?

What if those outfitted, literally, anchored to the top, are those from the bottom?

What if thousands of years of distraction and redirection could’ve instead yielded 10’s of thousands of years of advancement?

The situation is FOR CRIMINALS in this country to make a date with CRIMINALS from another country, to destabilize and ENSLAVE those of both sides. WORLD DOMINATION, is the only game they know and their dice broke.

All those companies, ‘news’ on the internet, ‘feeds’, trendy, poppy, get your info, don’t question our ridicule BS, they all MADE FUN OF THE TRUTH COMING OUT. Made fun of the PEOPLE whose LIVES WERE INFLUENCED by that SYSTEMIC DARKNESS, ONLY because they thought they would win.

Now the record of who would rather sell humanity down the river, to continue making a buck and pretending they are important, telling the truth, ‘helping the people’, when they are deceivers and the lowest low of any form of society, is visible to all.

And yes, in any society, whether we go up or down, those who sell out their own kind, they are the worst of the worst, period.

The World At Your Fingertips

Published February 3, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

It was not one or two that was infiltrated, but the entire society. The goal was total domination, not just local ‘enterprise’.

How you respond and utilize what you come to know, determines who you are to become.

Who you become is inevitable, we are only what we are capable of and this doesn’t change easily.

When we have been through enough, we choose to appreciate and accept that which we sought to avoid or ignore by fear of persecution or self doubt.

No one has it all. Each of you contains some benefit to Humanity that is inherent to your personality and must be brought forth and utilized to provide the collective cure to the lack of self awareness and self control.

Isn’t this interesting? The entire world is potentially here at your fingertips. What circle of social interaction do you contribute to and does that negatively influence others or assist in the mental liberation of Humanity?


When Two World’s Collide

Published January 31, 2020 by tindertender

I could deny the connection, I could consciously work toward ‘forgetting’, but that would never mean the situation shifted … for you would still be there, speaking as you do, plotting and planning as you always have, even if I tune you out … for you have always been there, watching, waiting.

You cannot have trust without transparency. It seems fear, or some sense of it, probably named by a different descriptor, prevails in the consciousness of ALL life.

What happens in the unseen leaks into the physical.

And this is how you know.

It requires we come out of the “comfort zone” into that which can cause inner chaos.

Transmuting that which is absorbed is the only way to clean house.

So absorb, detach, transmute … open and absorb, detach, transmute …..

Thriving In The New Age

Published January 31, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Rowena McKee: https://www.facebook.com/Rowena.McKee

Times are changing and this is our opportunity to wake up and see things for what they are……

We have taken on childhood conditioning, conditioning from the government, ideas from our teachers, parents, but nobody asked us to think for ourselves – what we believe and how to be independent thinkers. What we have learned is often codependency instead of inter-dependency, we learned to fear something instead of creating positive outcomes, we learned to be afraid of hurdles, instead of being excited for overcoming them.

We learned to think small, without knowing we could think big and be big, we learned that we can’t be ourselves and have to repress our feelings, instead of learning to feel and cultivate our feelings. We also learned to shut down our own gifts and intuitive abilities. This is the time where we can learn to let go of the programming and go with deprogramming all of these dissonant interferences. This is the time to remember the Truth of who we are so that we can thrive.


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