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A Pondering

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

Could it be that “people” are the sun, the moon and stars referred to in this passage? Some folks shine brightly, others like the moon, and some twinkle like the stars.

What if something was done to the people to darken their light?

The day and the night no longer shine for them as it once did.

Light Burn

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

Moths, constantly flying around and bumping in to a hot light bulb, over and over until they die. I wonder what they are thinking. Are they mad? Thinking it’s the Sun, and want it to go out?

Reminds me of the dead. So many of them hate the light but are drawn to it. Bumping in to it over and over. Will they too die (again) like the moth? Double dead. Now that’s some strange concept.

Those I speak of are not those who go on to live again.

Seems to me the violator dead bump up against this Light Force of Source Creation within Humans just like the moth bumps into the hot light bulb. It hurts, but they can’t help themselves. But, if they plant shame, guilt, fear, and anger into that Soul, then they can touch it, feast on it, use it without getting “burned”.

Stay happy friends. Stay happy. It’s your best protection.

Do All Things With Love

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

The more you give the more you receive, and I don’t mean in the material realm. Spiritually, you expand.

Giving can look like dancing in the living room, amping up your energy and blasting it out into the world, with love.

It can be in prayer, supporting our higher Selves and Relatives, all who are working on behalf of the sacred.

It can be many things, done with heart and pure living intention.

This is what we do as antennae of the world, as the bridge linking upper and lower realms.

The more you give, the more you receive.

The more you give and receive, the greater the light you blast between these linked worlds.

The more light you receive from the upper and blast into the lower, the quicker change for the better is affected.

Yes. You are that powerful.

All things with Love, and a calm, steady emotional body.

Stay out of anger, shame and fear.

This energy feeds the oppressor.

Stay hydrated. Well hydrated. Be a faucet, and release everything that is not of love energy. Allow the water to flush every cell.

Be grateful to the water, do not complain.

Bless it as it blesses you.

Now Moment Energy

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

By @lightworker4441

As soon as I went outside today the energy felt different. As I began to drive and tune in to the energy I saw an image of a clock with many hands spinning. From this image I got the distinct impression that time is losing all meaning.

As of late I have been receiving more information from the ascended masters. Today very appropriately I received a message connected to Mother Mary. I have always had a great love for Mother Mary and Jesus. Everyday I wear 3 charm bracelets: Mother Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene and believe they were very close in the lifetime they were together.

Driving I saw aquamarine light stream down on me to cleanse and purify my energy field and was shown an image of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Pleiadians are working with her to increase the piezoelectric crystals in the water of our bodies as well as the water on earth. This will improve our ability to self heal and remain in good health. In addition, the increase in these high frequency crystals work to add length on the telomeres of our DNA extending our lifespans.

Finally, the increase in these crystals will transform our cells into powerful spiritual hearing centers so that we are able to communicate freely and easily with higher dimensional beings including the angels and our galactic family.

The water of Lourdes is within and around us. We are being healed on aspects of our being with the assistance of Mother Mary and our galactic family.

5-8-2022 Transformation

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

You have been on a long Spiritual Journey which resulted in the death of who you once were. You may be experiencing still, this death, releasing your anger, shame, guilt, releasing all those burdens that were placed upon you … coming into the new you, like a butterfly exiting the chrysalis. You will land in Seat of Power, you true Self, and home. Luck is on your side. Happiness will be the prevalent emotion, and obstacles become opportunities.

Sex and Energy Harvest

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

“Wielding sex as a manipulation tool is a form of energy harvest. In the duality Matrix, you will encounter shape shifters who become addicted to your sexual energy. Put up boundaries to these energy vamps.” Quote by @thelaurafaye

Those astral lovers are not having sex with you because they like “you”, they like your energy. They’ll also wake you up horny and expect you to masterbate so they can harvest.

They are in human form, but also in the astral.

Dream walkers.

They use Humans as an Energetic buffet. They’ve been preying on this energy for a very long time.

By bleeding this potent energy from the Human body, the person who has been violated must operate on less than their full potentiality of Power Source.

This is one way they limit the Power of the Human Being.

Gotta control that !!!

Doing work on the energy centers of the body will assist in the clearing of blockages so the electrical system of the body opens up and energy can flow UP, thru the Solar Plexus, into the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and then out the Crown, connecting you with the Divine.

Too long has the Human been forced to live in the Lower Chakra system, the Fight or Flight system.


Published May 6, 2022 by tindertender

A “Blast from the Past” is about to make entrance now, and it could bring happiness and satisfaction.

Hard work and patience will be rewarded. There will be good news about finances and a possible change of residence, perhaps at some distance.

You have all the skills required to handle a task and bring it to a successful conclusion. Apply yourself, your Will Power.

A new cycle begins in which progress can be made. Make the most of this fortunate time. Energy has been manifested to bring a project into reality. Focus. Apply effort now. You are moving into your goals and ambitions.

You’re following traditional values and moral ethics. A wise and trusted person is here to assist. You’re strong and independent, your inner strength is potent.

Financial stability, ambition, authority and achievement are highlighted. Keep calm at this time. Make decisions based on facts and not overly influenced by emotion.

Great Progress.

You are in a powerful position to achieve your goals. A swift moving energy is coming into play, a sudden burst of activity and excitement following the arrival of good news.

You are patient and courageous, qualities which bring the desired results and success. Your inner reserves of strength bring you more power than you realize.

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