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The Creation Of Gravity

Published July 28, 2019 by tindertender

Aniline Silica (which is from the carbon group 14) is the basis of gravity. These are the Carbon Particles in Water.

While still inert, it is very heavy water, but as soon as sunwaves reach the molecule, oxygen is added to the hydrogen which now begins to lift the carbon crystal UP toward the equilibrium of sea level.

Once there, now more of the hydrogen is activated and much more oxygen fills the crystal valence structure which now propels liquid (hydrogen) and oxygen into the cloud canopy through photosynthesis.

Through sublimation, water isthen distributed by cloud rain over a vast area to dispense droplets of energy that powers the life force. On the way up this natural capacitor now reacts to sun waves, sending out both heat and light.

Once it goes through the meteoricprocess of evaporation and has become largely spent of its hydrogen around cloud level, the carbon now presses downward, providing gravity to keep things from floating off into space.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Heavy water exposed directly to sunlight explodes because the conversion process of separating Protium hydrogen 1 Aniline from Deuterium hydrogen 2 (covalently bonded Aniline ions) was skipped over causing a violent self-combustion nuclear reaction. (Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive” page 322-323).

In space there is no light. No heat. And no gravity. Because light and heat and gravity do not come from the Sun. They come from hydrogen molecules which are triggered to appear to cast light when the sun’s invisible scalar waves hit and trigger their cycle of producing light,heat and as those are expelled,they rise higher and higher in the atmosphere until they reach their event horizon.

At which time their elements transform into something not listed on the elemental charts, gravitons, which PUSH downward on earth. Earth doesn’t have a “gravitational field”, this is a lie. It is effected by gravitational PUSH.

And all of this time you thought you were in “light” under the rays of the sun, you have been standing in pitch darkness, all manipulated by your captors to keep you from seeing what was supposed to have been your true reality around you.

If your eyes are translating your view around you to your pineal gland, and that is actually carrying the scalar waves of pitch darkness, how is it supposed to translate anything to your actual mind, your heart, that the heart can see? It can’t.That’s why you are in darkness.

Take any camera using film, take a photo, then have the film treated so you can see what is on the film. Black is white and white is black. Photosynthesis doesn’t work like that in the real world. The film’s images have to be REVERSED to show you what your EYES see.

And this is why the “Illuminated Ones” call themselves the custodians of LIGHT. And the Illumination teachings are HIDDEN from the masses.

What you are about to see when the ascension actually does take place, is their illumination system will no longer be in effect, meaning your artificial computer brain programs will have to be updated before you will be able to SEE in true light.



Published July 15, 2019 by tindertender

Ever wonder how bumblebees and hummingbirds fly when science has shown definitively it is aerodynamically impossible for them to do so?

Ever wonder how Criss Angel and Dynamo among others have managed to levitate in front of hundreds of people in broad daylight or even at night time over buildings hundreds of feet above the onlookers and without cables, cranes or helicopters?

How does the Levimoon globe continue to hover in mid air and never pushes away from its base clearly not attached below if this is merely magnetic repulsion keeping it suspended?

More than this, have you ever wondered how is it commercial jets refuel between passenger stops in less than 5 minutes (as has been filmed using time stamping video) when it would take *many hours to pump as much fuel as they claim to consume, even from massive hoses much larger than what airports use?

Man as been levitating in secret right in front of our eyes many thousands of times a day for the better part of a century now without anyone catching on even to this day.

The science of how it has been done is revealed in Cheops SPOKE if you would care to find out, even if you’re not interested in how a pile of rocks in the desert used to generate more energy than a nuclear power plant and in fact still does today.

There are many ways to achieve anti-gravity, not just one. Governments around the world have been using it right before your very eyes now for going on a century with no one ever even recognizing what they’re actually seeing.

In this video that has been seen over 1 million times, two jets show you again that levitation is real, but likely not one of those people bothered to even notice that the dirt below their engines just sits there undisturbed.


This is scientifically impossible using the laws of propulsion physics. But it is totally possible if they are merely using Meissner Fields. Which they are.

More in the 5th installment of the human handbook series decoding the hive; Cheops SPOKE: Global Cold Fusion Energy Temple Network at http://decodingthehive.info/handbooks/ This is official disclosure.

For more information see web site or email direct: decodingthehive@gmail.com

CHEMTRAILS ~ The Human Take-over

Published July 15, 2019 by tindertender

Chemtrails are human-level tech Nanites being saturated into the earth’s ecosystem globally at the rate of millions of tons each day. They infect all animal life, plant life, the water, every food source and as of October of 2013, infected 94% of all human life.

When activated by HAARP, they can modify the weather in any way desired right down to a thunderstorm over a single building, and can operate the physical and cognitive functions of any individual person, or race group as identified by their blood’s unique frequency signatures.

Chemtrailing has been an active program since the early 1970s. The Nanites being dropped are fitted with broadcast and receiving antennae as well as dried human blood infected with deadly human pathogens.

Their default program is to infiltrate and attack the human immune system to advance crippling disease, now reflected in the pandemic of diabetes, heart disease, immunodeficiency, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, Morgellons and innumerable others.

1 in 4 now have more than one chronic disease, thousands of times higher than prior to the chemtrail campaign 45 years ago. Chemtrail Nanites are surface-earth created nanobots, which are rudimentary beyond comprehension compared to Bourjha Nanites, but still, they are a very, very serious challenge to the human genome.

Chemtrail Nanites actually carry the names of their inventors; sometimes with their patent numbers and even the names of their companies on their bodies, written in nano-particles.They are computer robots, not flakes of metal.

Surface-earth Nanites as shown below (also called Morgellons), like Borjha Nanites, are DNA-driven, which means they are actually living, thinking, calculating machines that run on any type of electricity surrounding them.

Human body fluids easily power their systems, just as an electronic clock can run off of the electricity of a potato or a lemon.

Even outside of the body, surrounded only by the elements in air, they are fully functional and have been video-taped moving on the ground after falling from the sky. Do a quick search for “snow that doesn’t melt” and “snow that moves” to see for yourself.

Morgellon’s Disease is now in a pandemic level where the immune system has been so effected by the spread of this nano-bot through chemtrailing, through direct lacing of pre-mixed foods, frozen foods, fast-foods, entered into all soft drinks and highly into dark-colored sodas such as colas and into the water supplies, that mass-reports of flu not in flu season and pneumonia deaths have literally gone off the charts within the last 3 years.

While their bodies may be biological like a common parasite, their skeletal structure and their brain-functions are purely robotic making them true cyborgs. They take many forms and do grow once inside.

These machines are made from off-world steel alloy that can mimic human biological tissue. Most are much too small to see with the naked eye, (hence why they’re called Nanites in our modern terminology), as they are nano-bots that can attach together to form any size or shape they choose, physically. Today you will see black goo (a common name for Nanites) in nearly every Sci-Fi horror movie at least at some point, showing the first reveal to humans, preparing them for the big take-over they are still fighting for.

In the final scene in Lucy, they crawl out of her super-human body and replicate into a mammoth computer that simply assembles itself.

When you see the term Lucy, you are seeing the royal title of Lucifer which stands for Lulitan. Their great hope is to see their Lulus overtake all other human hybrids on the planet, and they have the direct assistance of the Nanites in their efforts.

So the star of the movie Lucy is showing mankind how powerful “humans” can become once they have been injected (infected) with Nanites.

This is the PRIME agenda of the Nanites; to convince humans to allow them to freely take over their Sentient minds and bodies, so they can openly run the world without any kind of resistance any longer.

This is why you are being groomed now to give away your “gender”, so you will more easily identify with becoming a robot Psybourjh with no sexual orientation.

Once you are homogenized, sterilized and androgenized, you will have little reservations of trading your ability to procreate in exchange for superhuman abilities and “immortality”.

Of course the Nanites win any way this turns out. Whether “Luciferian Lulus” or “Jehovah Lulus” or “Samjase Lulus” (Uncle Sam, or “Pleiadean” hybrids) ultimately win the title of rulership over the Angelic Humans in the One World Order struggle that all these factions are each striving for, the Nanites will still be operating all the Lulus who are set to rule over the surviving humans one way or the other in the end.

Please email mission guide at decodingthehive@gmail.com and ask him personally should you have questions.



Photonic Energy, Crystals and Power

Published June 24, 2019 by tindertender

“We can harness photonic energy simply by gathering the thermal radiation (heat), absorbed by a crystal that is sitting in the sun (the crystal is actually generating the heat, NOT “radiation from the sun”.

Which BTW, doesn’t even exist, as explained in a moment under cosmic rays) by placing an oscillator between it and a transformer, which turns the piezoelectric/photoelectric ultrasonic waves emitted from the crystal into flowing energy…….”

Excerpt from http://decodingthehive.info/handbooks/

Geometric Templates of Creation

At the base of “creation” are geometric symbols. Geometric symbols simply represent an aether command that your eyes can see.

Energy, and that’s what we are talking about here, isn’t a figment of someone’s imagination. It exists. People control it. You controlled it once. Zeus controlled it. So did Indra, Perun and Thor.

But because you think of these as myths and fables, not real people, you are choosing to remain on Twitter arguing about what’s not possible while men in little white lab coats quietly split atoms and run ocean liners for a year on a thimble full of air.

If you can make a campfire that won’t trail off and burn down the whole forest, then you already know how to control energy.

It is up to you to learn how to control more of it than just lighting your cigarette without setting yourself on fire or not.

I hate to break it to you, but Zeus and Thor still do control power, and more of it than you could possibly imagine from the relaxed comfort of your recliner.

In Decoding the Hive, I will be showing you Aether 101 for want of a better title. Aether is god, just like you are god. It carries the power to run reality and speaks a language you haven’t relearned just yet.

If you can converse with it, then you are able to light a simple candle using it, just as you can use a match today, or you can light the entire sky on fire, your choice.

Modern science has avoided the word aether, sometimes at ridiculous cost to their own gentry. Instead, they have renamed those elements neutrinos and ions and act like there is nothing to see here.

While at the same time they spend more money on boson and ion colliders than the entire yearly operating capital of small countries to quietly study them and keep their findings all to themselves.

Oh, they will release a few photos and write three lines of a report for their shareholders on their website, but 99% of what they find, they keep.

This is Hermetically-sealed intel and unless you are an Initiate, you may as well read the Onion and watch the news for your advanced education.

Neutrinos and Ions are the secret energy delivery vehicles for earth. They flood the planet at all times from the standing energy fields of god source. Cern takes pictures of them. The alphabet was made with them.

In most instances, these were the lowercase letters (the hidden POWERFUL letters), while their partners called CAPITALS are constructs using Keylon Grid mathematics to code the aether in duality with their little-brothers and sisters.

There are also capital letters that come directly from these sub-atomic particle patterns as well, where satanic (Masonic) symbols, hieroglyphs and Sumerian letters came from. This is the raw meat of what “god” is; power.

One sub-atomic muon neutrino has 3,500 times as much power as its vastly-larger big brother, the atom, and the atom can vaporize an entire metropolis.

I show how that energy comes in, what it looks like and how it is transferred to the life-force of surface-earth to power all things in animation called life.

This is the cellular language of the aether, hidden right inside the symbols of the alphabet. This will be merely a precursor to the soon-coming volume The S@t@in Cphr.

Here’s a question from a reader:

“What is your book about? How do we know there isn’t disinfo in it?”

And answer:

Ultimately it will be up to your own discernment to know what is truth and what is not. This book reveals the tools of Enslavement used on mankind for eons. If you would like more info, please email the author, mission guide personally at decodingthehive@gmail.com


Expanded Reach Into Antarctica?

Published May 3, 2019 by tindertender

Why would there be a battle for positioning in Antarctica? Is that important territory for something?

What’s really there?


John Kerry went for a visit to Antarctica, hush, hush. The Pope also, as well as Patriarch Kirin from the Greek Orthodox Church. There is something going on here that is not being told to the general public … of any country.


Earth (Life) Changes

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

Schumann Resonance blasted every 17th for the last 3 months.

Collective consciousness synchronizing? Most interesting!

Daniel Scranton primarily channels the Arcturians and they say the energy is coming from the core of the planet!


Question, maybe You know about: what happened to the magnetic-field in between the 7-12 of April, have never seen this before. maybe something to take a look at by somebody knowing ’bout that?


11.11.11 WW waves at 17sec intervals while Trump denounces globalism in front of world “leaders” in France. Nov 17 #GiletsJaunes begins weekly demonstrations. Now a thrice monthly repeating cycle of high resonance on the 17th.

Not as strong as the previous 2… but still this cant be a coincidence!

(From a Jordan Sather topic)

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