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Orgasm ~ Not Just For Pleasure Anymore

Published March 20, 2020 by tindertender

The energy blast created at the point of orgasm is intense.

It is Raw Power.

Rather than seeking pure pleasure, as in past, these days have an intention or specific prayer in mind before you begin.

Build the energy around your intention/prayer …

The fizzling out of the Coronavirus …

The liberation of the human race …

The lifting of pain from hearts of mankind …

Peace on Earth …

Free Energy Technology …

Just prior to climax, focus on your intention/prayer, that which you want this energy applied to, and send it.

Put your vitality to work for you, rather than having others manipulate your energies.

This is your Creation Power.

Let it be a selfless rite, rather than a selfish act.

This is your Time to Shine.

You can reshape circumstances on a grand scale.

You are more powerful than you know.

Admittal and Shared Powers

Published March 19, 2020 by tindertender

I refuse to give my attention to things that limit me or deny my wholeness. To all life I am connected. I understand the sexual flow within me to be the fuel of creation that can be channeled for those purposes I hold within my heart. I value this life force and direct it toward Right Relationship with ALL beings.

I let go of those things I no longer value, keeping that which I love and for which I can care. These things bring me comfort, support and help according to their purpose. I possess only by nature of my caring. With my wealth, I support the things I believe in, the things that enhance life upon My Planet. I withdraw this support from those things and institutions that bring harm to living beings.

I accept the Powers within me.

The arrow of my mind I aim toward God. Bow in hand, I am ready for anything I encounter. So filled am I with caring, I welcome challenge. I have words to guide me. I have a voice that can be heard. I can see the distant target and feel certain my aim. I have thought, and thought is my Power. I have will, and I will do. From my mind I weed all doubt, for the experience of life will be my teacher and falling, I will pick myself up; noticing error, I will make correct. I can do what I will, for I trust the will of the highest, which is known within me.

Words can heal or steal. Tact and Right Timing are part of speaking Truth.

You are not words themselves. You are in control of them. They are your tools. You will become the Master Craftswoman/man with them. Words describe life, but you are the willpower behind them. Only you can act on them.

Aim to take Command.

I/We must act with devotion, giving the most unselfish love. This is the ritual, or disciplined offering that must be made in order to reach full potential, to cross the bridge and experience Rebirth.

Share the wealth when sharing seems right.

Remember gifts received in hard times. Share with those who gifted them.

Teach your skills and share your creations.

Embody ideas from Creator on how to bring Peace and Comfort to the world.

Create beauty, support Love, actualize the Truth that ALL are worthy of care.

Response-ability is the Power that replenishes the world.

Gifts offered are also gifts offered to the Earth Mother.

And Just Like That …

Published March 18, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: Judy Sowell-Sadler

The beginning of socialism, all while people panic over a virus. Just a test run on how easy people fall for it. Get ready the next test will be a little harder . Wake up! How easy people are controlled is scarier than the Virus.

Those Who Steal The Light Of Innocence

Published March 18, 2020 by tindertender

They’ve been doing it for decades. This is how they become powerful. The more light they steal… we’ll, you get it. It must be retrieved and returned to the children trapped on another frequency level. Thieves have it figured out … but they are being uncovered.

Meditate on bringing the truth to light, the retrieval of, and return of stolen kryst light to original holders, the children and all others tortured and brutalized for a ‘few’ to maintain power.

Intentional Shifts During “Down Time”

Published March 17, 2020 by tindertender
Time to Reflect

Have you been rushing along, living from one moment to the next without thought or care? Have you failed to notice and acknowledge all that you have achieved and accomplished? Stop. Take a moment to pause and reflect upon all that has happened and all that is happening. See how you have grown. See all you have succeeded in accomplishing Acknowledge and delight in your journey and understand how it has played a part in creating the you who lives in the present.

Make the Sacrifice

You will not achieve the outcome you desire if you are unwilling to act upon your intentions. It is not as simple as wanting something to happen. You have to make it happen, and to make it happen requires that you be willing and ready to do whatever is necessary no matter the sacrifice. For everything you desire, you must give of yourself in return.

Know You Belong

You have place. You have purpose. You are special. Do not change who you are just so others might accept you. Do not dishonor your truths by allowing someone else to tell you who you must be. Change made just so you got the expectations or social criteria of a clique or group does not go out you. You do not need to change in order to belong. You are a blessed child of Gaia and Great Spirit and belong simply because you are.

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