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This Is Not A Game

Published May 11, 2022 by tindertender

So from what I understand the dark side basically digitalized the template of creation used to build the universe we find ourselves within. With this at their disposal they are able to manipulate every aspect of matter, energy, space and time inherent within this cosmos.

Using advanced mind control techniques they were able to lull the comprehension of many different types of beings, both physical and non-corporeal into any thought process or belief system. Other sophisticated measures are in use as well. False memories are often implanted.

So, with the ability to redesign body and mind, including perceptions and cognitive reaction, the arena of spirituality had to be addressed. It’s believed that the “God particle” is now being harnessed in a demonic fashion to alter the spiritual nature of how you were originally designed by our Creator. They falsely claim that they are superior to original creation and believe that this can be proven through mathematical formulas.

This is an incredibly intricate plan on their behalf and they are dead serious regarding it. What I describe is in very simple terms and not too technically demanding to understand. If you wonder why the world is going to he’ll right now, this helps explain why.

This is not a game!

This is very privileged information. I am trying to let others know the sheer complexity of the situation. I only touched on certain key points, it would fill a library to go into full detail. Rest assured that we are not being abandoned on this world.

Light will shine.

Sex and Energy Harvest

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

“Wielding sex as a manipulation tool is a form of energy harvest. In the duality Matrix, you will encounter shape shifters who become addicted to your sexual energy. Put up boundaries to these energy vamps.” Quote by @thelaurafaye

Those astral lovers are not having sex with you because they like “you”, they like your energy. They’ll also wake you up horny and expect you to masterbate so they can harvest.

They are in human form, but also in the astral.

Dream walkers.

They use Humans as an Energetic buffet. They’ve been preying on this energy for a very long time.

By bleeding this potent energy from the Human body, the person who has been violated must operate on less than their full potentiality of Power Source.

This is one way they limit the Power of the Human Being.

Gotta control that !!!

Doing work on the energy centers of the body will assist in the clearing of blockages so the electrical system of the body opens up and energy can flow UP, thru the Solar Plexus, into the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and then out the Crown, connecting you with the Divine.

Too long has the Human been forced to live in the Lower Chakra system, the Fight or Flight system.

Be The Controller

Published May 4, 2022 by tindertender

Don’t go to bed so early, or sleep so long. This will allow less time for sleep disruption, aka subconscious programming by the oppressors.

Be your own programmer while awake through affirmations, through planning your future, what will it look like?

Plant your own seeds.

It is YOUR energy, YOUR intentions which create. The violators have been running a program through the subconscious of humanity, hijacking this creator energy.

Dominate your mind.

Do not be dominated.

Control your emotions,

Do not be controlled by them.

What If …

Published April 21, 2022 by tindertender

What if the thousand years of peace, and the thousand years of terrible torture on the innocent, purposefully swap roles and management of the human souls on planet? Two sides of the same coin. Both factions dominator oppressor. It’s just one side actually makes you a happy slave.

Acoustic Signaling

Published April 20, 2022 by tindertender

If you think this technology is not being used on the populace, you’d be mistaken. It affects the subconscious, which in turn influences conscious thought and action. Especially if on drugs, whether they be pharmaceuticals or other and alcohol.

People do not understand that they are running on a “program” which is attempting to eliminate the sacred relationships and family units. This particular collective is seen as a threat, for it is loving, prayerful and strong.

Cause and Effect

Published April 19, 2022 by tindertender

‘They’ completely disregarded life of others unlike themselves. They said there was no value in it. They manipulated our experiences, bringing about significant suffering through decades. They bled us of our energy while we slept, hypnotized and drugged, not knowing why life was so damn hard. They deemed us as a throw-away laborer and sex slave, energetic food, a subject to be used and abused as they decided.

‘They’ demand that we have respect for their existence, their ‘rights’ as leaders, as commanders of our existence, as ‘superior’ beings. They destroyed our history, dismantled our sense of worth, and used our fellow man under the hypnotic programs to facilitate the effects of suffering they wanted in the field of our collective consciousness.

I think the “effect” they have been accustomed to enjoying is about to shift into something new.

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”
~ The Kybalion


Published April 9, 2022 by tindertender

The medical world never speaks of parasitic infection, never.

These parasites live in the energy centers of the body, feasting on the energies there.

This is the reason we are stuck in the lower two chakras, root and sacral … the energy centers which keep us in fight or flight survival mode, in fear, in lack, in shame, guilt and powerlessness.

The parasites must be eliminated from the body so the energies can flow properly and rise into the solar plexus, heart, throat and crown. The lower keeps us in bondage, the higher is our passage to higher states of being.

There is a reason doctors do not discuss parasites.

Those who run the system are in cahoots with other life forms (parasites who feast on the energy of human beings and other life).

A weakened and sickly body causes people to go to the doctor for treatment. Big Pharma gains a LOT of funding off of a sickly and weakened body. The parasite lives off its host, while making the host less than its actual potential, shortening its life span and deteriorating its health.

It is these parasites, their masters, and those who use humans as breeding grounds for parasites that keep us enslaved in the lower systems …..

Treat is ASAP.

Free yourself from these disease causing life forms.

You will find that a parasite infestation can cause many symptoms of many diseases. Know your body, your energy, and what is needed for your health. It should be apparent by now the doctors only do what the money tells them to do.

Ivermectin is a blessing. I used the horse paste, 1/4 tsp every morning with a full glass of water for 3-4 days, then again in a month.

Borax is another tool to bring the body into balance. It is a source of Boron, necessary for health. It balances the PH of the body, making it difficult for parasitic and cancerous forms of life to grow there. I use 1/8 tsp in 20 oz of water every morning, drank over about 3 hours and followed by at least 2 more 20 oz glasses of water.

Give to Gain?

Published April 9, 2022 by tindertender

In the astral, I came to a place, a café, where many people were. I went inside, and while there, the mini travel bus I came on drove off. I did not have the cab fare to get back to where I came from. A woman handed me a basket and suggested I go around asking for donations, so I did. Most gave a little, then I came to a table where two men sat. They pushed some paper money to the edge of the table. They said they would donate, but they wanted the window seat, privilege’s, in exchange for the “donation”. I turned from them, leaving the money on the table. The owner of the cafe chased me down, yelling at me, saying they treated these two men very well, and that I offended them. I said sorry, but I will not agree to give them anything for their donation. Either they wanted to out of kindness, or they did not want to. A few women started to laugh. They said I could graduate with honors. I replied that I did not want to graduate, only go on vacation.

This is why I’m having such a difficulty with the message of a woman yesterday, telling me that the angels will provide protection, but only if you give them something in return, a loyalty, a vulnerability.

I feel as though I’m forced to walk away from the angels too, for as in the cafe, giving comes from the heart … giving doesn’t require a reciprocation in order to receive the gift. Of course reciprocation is nice, and I strive to do just that in all situations …. good or bad, I’ll be your mirror … but to say I now “owe” you for what you offered me is not cool man, and it is not the way true love works.

This woman’s message leaves me feeling betrayed by the very ones who offered me so much relief. The only ones who offered me such relief. I feel as though I must stop working with them, for their assistance is “conditional”, according to this one female, who knows quite a bit I might add.

It feels like a betrayal by those I’ve come to trust.

I put away my materials, my prayers, and my intentions to connect with them.

If they require me to fight demons in order to receive protection, I’ll just walk away. I was already doing that …. and will continue on my own. I don’t need to do this under the “guidance” of another, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing, and practice my resilience.

Perhaps I’m meant to suffer through these attacks without assistance. Perhaps I need the intensity of it in order to truly expand.

So I have to separate from the very ones I’ve built a relationship with … the ones I’ve come to trust …. because I’m told this relationship has expectations and conditions … just like puny little human relationships.

No better ……

What a sincere disappointment.

I guess ALL relationships only last for a time, then fade due to stipulation and expectancies.

Reciprocal relationship is not dependent on a debt owed, or a “I helped you, now you have to help me”. Reciprocation comes from the heart, not from requirement. As soon as reciprocation become requirement, the relationship is no longer free …. it becomes bound.

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