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New Covid Booster

Published September 17, 2022 by tindertender

Hyper sped booster without proper peer authorization?

New High-Speed COVID Boosters Are Here, Without Human Testing

Analysis by Dr. Meryl Nass This article was originally published here.
September 17, 2022


Published September 16, 2022 by tindertender

Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas

I just secured a MASSIVE VICTORY for the Constitution & Free Speech in fed court: #BigTech CANNOT censor the political voices of ANY Texan! The 5th Circuit “reject[s] the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say.

And Ron Coleman (For easy reading, here are the passages posted into the above tweet:)

  1. There’s no absolute First Amendment right to silence others

If the platforms were right, every email, phone call or commercial transaction would be amenable to “private” censorship.

This position is particularly obnoxious when paired with the platforms’ insistence that they can induce users to join their platforms, build them to market dominance and then censor them at will.

  1. “Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say.

Because the district court held otherwise, we reverse it’s injunction and remand for further proceedings”.

No wonder I haven’t been kicked off Facebook for another 30 days yet.

Whose In Charge?

Published September 15, 2022 by tindertender


There is no military director at the WH. All of the military you see that is behind Byden aren’t official-according to an active duty marine I know.

There MUST be a director. No one else can order marines to stand behind Byden except the director.

TBD for all of 2022

Nothing Less Than Premeditated Murder

Published September 15, 2022 by tindertender

88% of those forced on ventilators died. These people are fathers, mothers, grandfathers, most of them far younger than those who died from Covid alone. It was a murderous calamity about which hardly anyone writes. No one takes responsibility.

Here’s a data dump if you’re interested in reading about the discoveries. They were testing and creating this weapon as early as 2012. These deaths were nothing less than premeditated murder.

Master Your Thoughts

Published September 8, 2022 by tindertender

You may be facing a new beginning, and whether it is a good or bad one is up to you. Be patient and attend very carefully to the emotional aspects of your life.

Be aware of thought implants, it’s a very real thing utilized by your challengers to shape your world.


Cities everywhere around the world are being hit with these devices. The thoughts you’re thinking mostly are not your own … those random, out of the blue thoughts that want you remembering a painful event, or remembering anything which brought anger or suffering of any kind.

This is a war for the consciousness and energy of the HUman BEing.

It’s not going away because of refusal to face it. Only facing it gives us a fighting chance.

“Health-care” Is A Scam

Published September 6, 2022 by tindertender

Now you know why governments refused access to this drug … the world over.

I read in the 1930’s a couple doctors had determined that cancer cells are filled with parasites.

Why do you suppose doctors NEVER recommend parasite cleanses?

Sickness is their “business”.

Here’s a whole google search on parasites and cancer.


Published September 2, 2022 by tindertender

After two years of censorship, suppression, threatening of doctors’ licenses, and relentless smear campaigns as being a “horse dewormer,” the HUMAN drug of ivermectin has risen from the ashes and quietly made its way to the antiviral COVID therapy list on the NIH’s website.

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