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“Rabbit Hole” Hide-n-Seek

Published April 10, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/BurnedSpy34

We are witnessing the exposure of the ‘shadow government’ or Deep State.

Evil is not easily seen. It is not being exposed by our news. It does not misbehave in public. Its corrupt deeds are frankly, unbelievable.

This makes evil out of sight.

Anyone who exposes evil is mocked as a “conspiracy theorist”.

Now, “conspiracy theorist” is an accusation against someone’s character, aimed to inflict shame and shut down any conversation about truth. This is how evil gets us to stop looking.

Evil has convinced our friends and family to use this accusation against any search for truth.

The phrase “conspiracy theorist” is uttered by cowards.

Those who make this accusation are scared of the truth.

Evil people live in shadows.

This means it takes a lot of work to find them, but once you see them, you can’t un-see them!

Think carefully: A shadow is any place that we are not yet conscious of.

Evil is there to be found, but they will never tell us ‘where’ to find them.

Consider we are currently playing a cosmic game of hide-n-seek.

Human consciousness is gradually seeking out evil and bringing it into the light of consciousness.

Many people ask how it is possible that a shadow government could have controlled the world, without us knowing.

This is a great question.

This dig highlights how they hide in full view.

It shows the danger in trusting government agencies to act in the interests of “we, the people.”

To highlight how evil people play this game of hide-n-seek, I am going to use FARA as an example.

Stick with me, because they are good hiders, meaning we must be good seekers.

Being a good seeker means you have to research and work hard. You must dig yourself or listen to those you trust as good diggers. Never trust blindly; always study the work of those who inform you.

To start off, let’s summarise the General Flynn case.

The details emerging about the #FISA crimes are showing that at least 4 people were spied on illegally. One of them was General Flynn.

There is even evidence that Flynn was being spied on during 2015!

Let me unpack why I think @GenFlynn was the original subject of the illegal spying by US agencies.

Flynn was accused of an alleged violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) 1938.


This entire charade by Judge Sullivan at Flynn’s sentencing hearing was very strange. His outburst was just before an adjournment. During the break, the frothing media made FARA famous. After the break, Sullivan apologised for making a mistake, but “treason” had been called.

This “musty 1938 statute” would now become central to every political debate.

The words “treason” & “foreign assets” were being entrenched into our collective narrative.

Even Pres. Trump would have impeachment articles brought against him due to his foreign connections.

It is a tactic of the Deep State to ‘project’ their crimes onto others, particularly onto those exposing their evil deeds.

But remember, we are playing hide-n-seek.

So these accusations against Gen. Flynn of FARA violations made me keep digging into FARA.


Gen. Flynn is well known in the US for “knowing where the bodies are buried”.

What “bodies” did he know about?

Many have suggested publicly that Flynn had the “list” of Washington p3dophiles.

I decided I would seek-out any connection between FARA and p3do networks.

Q #118 introduced some very good clues, although they are yet to be verified.

Links between Saudi Arabia and underage sex trafficking?
Links between senior government officials and NGOs?

If Flynn had this information, he would certainly be a target!

Q #1918 introduced us to ANDREW K0UDERS and the red shoe brigade, which included Tony P0desta.

Where’s Tony?

This post also made a connection to Western Pacific Kindergarten, but no further evidence has followed yet.

Q #1921 took us directly to the FARA database which logged years of registrations for every agent working for the P0DESTA FOUNDATION, and possibly therefore, the CLINT0N FOUNDATION.

Here is the link to FARA database, as it relates to the P0DESTA GROUP: https://efile.fara.gov/ords/f?p=171:200:0::NO:RP,200:P200_REG_NUMBER:5926

These P0DESTA registrations include people, countries, embassies, lobby groups and foundations.

There are years of results and hundreds of pages to search.

I randomly selected J0HN ANDERSON.

I learned that he wasn’t just known to the P0DESTA GROUP, he was an agent for them.

Look at the list of Foreign Principals he had previously contacted on his 2014 short form statement: https://efile.fara.gov/docs/5926-Short-Form-20140203-252.pdf

Here is “consultant” John Anderson, working with the “Centre for Studies and Media Affairs” at the Saudi Royal Court: https://efile.fara.gov/docs/5926-Informational-Materials-20170911-43.pdf

As Saudi Arabia made news in May 2017, this article talks openly about 28 companies representing Saudi Arabia’s interests in the US!


SA would have a huge shift in its leadership in November 2017 following the arrest of 11 princes. Something massive was going on…


Here is his FARA registration from 2017: https://efile.fara.gov/docs/5926-Short-Form-20170817-348.pdf

K0UDERS was working as a P0DESTA GROUP employee in Ukraine to a very “shady” NGO that was the subject of a Grand Jury investigation.

Please keep reading…

Remember, this is a game of hide-n-seek!

K0UDERS’ role was to give information to and from the Principal and set up meetings with:

-members of Congress and their staff,
-executive branch officials,
-members of the media, and

This is some power!

K0UDERS’ target was the “European Centre for a Modern Ukraine” which has since been “liquidated” as part of a much larger operation.

MSM will not report on this, but there are some very familiar names involved: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Centre_for_a_Modern_Ukraine

The indictment for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates was filed with a Grand Jury in October 2017: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/72/Manafort_superseding_indictment.pdf

A superseding indictment for Manafort was filed with a Grand Jury on Feb 23, 2018: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/72/Manafort_superseding_indictment.pdf

In 2018, it was noted in the Manafort indictment that the “European Centre for a Modern Ukraine” was effectively obsolete by 2014 when the old regime was overthrown.

So why was ANDREW K0UDERS still taking a salary from the P0DESTA GROUP in 2017, as per his FARA Registration, referenced above?

Why impeach Trump for a phone call that referred to Ukraine corruption?


Why are so many NGOs listed in all the P0DESTA GROUP FARA registrations?

What was the P0DESTA GROUP working on with so many NGOs?

Anons know…

So, this is great news! The P0DESTA GROUP is dead and buried?

Well, let’s not move so fast…

Finding evil in one shadow, doesn’t mean they don’t move to the next shadow.

The former CEO of P0DESTA GROUP, Kimberley Fritts, recently founded a new lobby group called C0GENT STRATEGIES in November 2017.


If you look carefully at the C0GENT team, you will notice far too many familiar names.

The Nov 2017 timing of this start-up also caught my eye, but I will leave that for now.

The [boxed] names below are all former Principals of the P0DESTA GROUP, as noted in the FARA Registration of the group’s closure.


Look at this interesting picture on their Government Relations page:

Obviously, working for an organisation doesn’t make anyone guilty of anything.

I truly hope that many people were just good at their job and ignorant of what may have been taking place.

Formal investigations must reveal more.

We can however, be confident that massive blows were inflicted upon the P0DESTA GROUP late in 2017.

This corresponds with the commencement of John Durham’s involvement on 28 October 2017, the day that Q appeared.

Don’t believe for a moment that “nothing is happening”!

Could there be links between the P0DESTA GROUP, S0R0S, Saudi slush funds and rogue contractors?

Much detail is still to be revealed.

What will the CLINT0N FOUNDATION investigations reveal?

Initially, I thought the FARA registrations would show that these groups failed to disclose their connections. The opposite seems to be true.

It looks like [they] provided the required detail, believing that the “musty 1938 statute” would never be used to prosecute them.

“They never thought she would lose.”

The treasure-trove of information that exists within these FARA registrations is enormous.

Every contractor is a possible research thread, and there are thousands of them.

They are all sitting there, waiting to be found.

The Deep State hides in plain sight. The shadows they hide in are known as NGO’s and government contracts.

The Main Stream Media is the glue that holds it all together, as they promote these folk as philanthropic servants to humanity.

I am not suggesting ALL foundations are corrupt, but FARA registrations reveal which “Non-Government Organisations” &“contractors” wield the full power of Government.

Don’t rely on government to expose this evil. They won’t do it, no matter how good you think they are.

“Power to the people”, means taking back our news and elevating investigative reporters back to their former glory.

Researchers are heroes, however too many have died in extremely odd circumstances.

This research project reveals those who need to be kept “in the light” of accountability and transparency, given their previous associations with the P0DESTA GROUP.

What did Kimberley Fritts know as CEO of P0DESTA GROUP?

Who is John Anderson? (European Centre for a Modern Ukraine)

Who is Will Bohlen? (Centre for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Royal Court)

Who is ANDREW K0UDERS? (European Centre for a Modern Ukraine)

Who is Randall Gerard? (India, Thailand, Egypt)

Who is Missi Tessier & Claudia James? (Principals at P0DESTA GROUP)

Who is David Adams? (European Centre for a Modern Ukraine)

Who is Emily Flynn Pappas?

Who is Shellie Purvis?

What is C0GENT STRATEGIES currently doing?

Why are they providing a NEW roadmap?

Shine light Patriots. We cannot afford to sleep during this battle for human consciousness.

Are these slippery folk now irrelevant or do we still have a huge enemy to overcome?

Q suggests the deep cleanse is well underway, but does not suggest we should not stay very sharp.

Some questions to ask during this current time of confinement:

  • Do you sense that a deep cleanse is occurring?
  • Is there an increase in the exposure of p3dophilia WW?
  • Why did the Nxivm, El Chapo, Planned Parenthood and Epst3in trials all occur at the same time?
  • Why are the 1000+ names in the Epstein Court documents still suppressed?
  • Why were Prince Charles and the Queen best friends with Jimmy Saville?
  • What really commenced when Trump issued his EO on 21-12-17 re human rights abuse?
  • Have the P0DESTA & CLINT0N Groups been brought to heel?
  • Have human tr@fficking “ports” truly been shut down?
  • What is the real reason for the treason against Trump?
  • Why was Gen. Flynn targeted so early and so aggressively?

There are many links and Q posts in this thread that deserve our attention.

For now, we keep playing hide-n-seek, exposing what we can with the information we have available.

Never stop seeking.

Much love Patriots.

Human Cloning ~ “Alive” and Well

Published March 28, 2020 by tindertender

So many just can’t seem to wrap their mind around it. There are many clones running portions of our government. You’d probably be admitted in the hospital if you knew, for your mind would break.


Clonaid is a Canadian-based human cloningorganization, registered as a company in the Bahamas. Founded in 1997, it has philosophical ties with the UFO religion Raëlism,[1] which sees cloning as the first step in achieving immortality. On December 27, 2002, Clonaid’s chief executive, Brigitte Boisselier, claimed that a baby clone, named Eve, was born. Media coverage of the claim sparked serious criticism and ethical debate that lasted more than a year. Florida attorney Bernard Siegel tried to appoint a special guardian for Eve and threatened to sue Clonaid, because he was afraid that the child might be treated like a lab rat.[2] Siegel, who heard the company’s actual name was not Clonaid, decided that the Clonaid project was a sham.[3]Bioethicist Clara Alto condemned Clonaid for premature human experimentation and noted the high incidence of malformations and thousands of fetal deaths in animal cloning.[4]

Left eye bruising and bloody eye is a sign of clone upgrades. They can keep them alive forever folks! Think kings and queens.

They use these clones to shape the minds of humanity. Through global strikes, through messages sent in movies, to what they are scripted to say in public. It has been a very successful control technique.

I know, it could be a simple coincidence that the same faces keep being “born” into this world.

Here’s just a few pics showing left eye damage, bruising, or in the case of total rebuild, both eyes bruised. The optical nerve is where they enter to do upgrades to the “brain”.

Seems like some special club. Maybe this is why Madonna decided to become Madam X.

Cover up and perform anyway?



Published March 23, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Hello, my friends. Today I will be discussing what basic things you can be doing to prepare you, and your family, for what lies ahead.

There is no easy way to approach this topic. I’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out what to tell you, and how to serve you best. Remember that fear only overwhelms your brain. Please just remember it is best simply to have open eyes, and no fear.

As Jesus discuses in his LETTERS OF CHRIST, there are horrors ahead of you. There is simply no other way to say it, and I don’t think it is on your best interest to avoid the topic. You have big challenges ahead of you as a soul group.

Many people feel that things are coming. This is no secret to any of you. And the best way to deal with that feeling is to prepare yourself and your family to care for yourselves in your time of need.

As you’ve seen with your viral challenges that are happening now, supply lines are quite easily interrupted. It is important for you to now, while you can, prepare your homes with basic provisions for your family, and if possible, another family.

While some of you have this time at home with not a lot to do, develop a plan for food and water, and even toilet paper, for a period as long as you can financially support. Please don’t hoard. You still have time to work on this.

There are going to be a lot of people without homes who will need to be taken in by those who have homes. I encourage you to find a way to provide for another family in your home if you are able to do so. What you give away always returns to you.

You may feel like you are doing your best just to provide for yourself and your family. I know I am asking a lot. But I promise you, and you can try this out now to prove it, what you give in service to another will return to you.

Take this time to convert your milk and juice containers to water storage. Find a method you like of preserving the water from the material available online. Equip your home with some sort of water purification system.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere where Spring is approaching, or in a temperate area where you can garden all year, this is a good time to learn to grow a garden. Hydroponic systems are now easily developed from ordinary materials such as PVC pipe. You can convert a sunny windowsill or deck to a garden spot, or use a light to grow food in your basement or anywhere you have space. There are many helpful instructions online.

Buy canned food as you are able to do so. Your sun is going into a phase where it could very easily knock out your power transmission systems with flares. Your governments have not prepared for this reality. Your frozen food will rot if this happens.

Even small gardens, producing easily grown leafy lettuces and spinach, will supplement your diets so you can remain healthy during the situations that will arise.

Check on your available bedding. If you have space, acquire enough bedding that you could make comfortable another family who may have no where to go.

Develop a good first aid kit for your family. This should go beyond your everyday bandaids to providing for sutures for lacerations and a means to splint broken bones if the need arises. There are thousands of YouTube videos to teach you these skills you can watch now.

Take the time to learn how to purify contaminated water, and avoid water-borne illness carried in standing water. Again, you have a huge, free library of videos to teach you these skills on YouTube.

Stock up on a basic supply of vitamins and minerals. If you can talk a doctor into a prescription for some basic antibiotics to store for an emergency situation, take the opportunity to do so. If you are able to do so, try to stock your family’s meds.

All of these are just basic, common sense things to do to be prepared to endure the different challenges that are ahead. There is no need to hoard or dig shelters to escape. There is nowhere to go to escape. We will get through these challenges together.

Please remember that as we serve each other in times of crisis, we change the future reality for all of us. If we hold strong in love and compassion for all, not just those we agree with, we create a new, and better situation with our energetic output.

The Reality Is …

Published March 17, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/morteperamore

I know no one wants to hear this. But it’s the reality and so you need to face it. The deeper you go, the harder they attack. This is why you must tend to your practice every single day. And KNOW that the attacks are because YOU POSE THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THEM.

I mean honestly. Do you really think they’re going to waste their non infinite energy attacking someone who poses no threat? Can we get real already. EVERY TIME YOU GET MORE OF YOUR POWER BACK THEY WILL ATTACK YOU HARDER. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. YOU AREN’T DOING ANYTHING WRONG.

It’s because of this that they have programmed you to stay on the surface. Because that surface layer definitely poses no threat. They hide in the deepest waters. BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE TRUTH THAT WILL DESTROY THEM IS. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST GO THERE.

Even if you can’t leave ur home make sure you are still going outside and especially make sure you are connecting with the sun. The more we are indoors the weaker our connection with the sun gets and we need it at full strength now.

For example the more we are outside and connecting (especially spiritually) with the sun, the less effect chemtrails will have on us

CDC ~ Hiring for Quarantine Program … “Prior” to Coronavirus

Published March 15, 2020 by tindertender

Yes. Dean Koontz wrote of this in 1981.

Bill Gates four years ago, on what scares him.

In November (2019) Netflix released a documentary about the coronavirus-like epidemic and Bill Gates spoke there like a real Nostradamus. He said we should invest more in the development of vaccines against such diseases.


Bill Gates in 2018: The world needs to prepare for pandemics just like war (January 2020)


Bill Gates weighs in on how to respond to novel coronavirus (February 2020)


Bill Gates stepping down from Microsoft board (March 2020)


Is this a clue as to completion of task? Time now to …

Report: Amazon and Gates Foundation aim to team up with scientists on home test kits for coronavirus


And how about those “false positives”? (Get one, get injected).

Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You!

In this report we take an inside look at Event 201, which took place in NYC on October 18 2019. Event 201 is a high-level pandemic exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This is extremely fascinating because this pandemic simulation exercise of coronavirus took place about 6 weeks before the first illness from the coronavirus was actually reported in Wuhan, China. That is one hell of a coincidence if you believe in that sort of thing. Another fascinating connection is the fact that not only did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation participate in and help set up the pandemic simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, but they just so happen to fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly coronavirus and are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis. Again, an incredible coincidence…

In this report you will see footage from inside the event from the members of the emergency epidemic board in this simulation consisting of representatives from major banks, the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson and Johnson, logistical powerhouses, the media as well as officials from China and America’s CDC just to name a few. This simulation also includes news reports that were fabricated just for this exercise — please keep that in mind because they are eerily similar to reports we are currently seeing regarding this real-world coronavirus outbreak.


The FDA Is Forcing the CDC to Waste Time Double Testing Some Coronavirus Cases

“In the U.S., we have policies in place that strike the right balance during public health emergencies of ensuring critical independent review by the scientific and public health experts and timely test availability,” Hahn said. “The CDC test is a high-quality test, and it’s important to remember that false negatives or positives can be detrimental to making sure we are treating patients early, without delay, and also not quarantining healthy individuals.”



The locusts? I believe we’re grown in lab and released to create the illusion of “biblical” destruction.

The rain and snow are toxic, killing plant life the globe over. Do you think all viruses (such as Coronavirus, SARs, Swine Flu , Bird flu) are Wifi / Microwaves based biological weapon based materials? Played out on the unsuspecting?

How about that anyway? Mass mind-control?

“Toilet paper” and “Corona Virus” share the same numerological value of 56 in Gematria. Ironically, “mind control” breaks down to 56 as well. The time span between Event 201 and the first case of COVID-19 was 56 days. The media is manipulating the masses.

When will folks realize they are seriously being “played”?

The wealthy are resigning from their posts. Jobs well done? or heading to their little ‘hole in the ground’ rat shacks (called bunkers)?

Why have more than 1,300 CEOs left their post in the past year?

“Boards have been too compliant and they’re finally recognizing it’s their job to be vigilant about chief executive misbehavior,” said one advocate for corporate governance.


Here are the most notable CEO departures of 2020 so far.



The world’s richest people are chartering private jets to set off for holiday homes or specially prepared disaster bunkers in countries that, so far, appear to have avoided the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Many are understood to be taking personal doctors or nurses on their flights to treat them and their families in the event that they become infected. The wealthy are also besieging doctors in private clinics in Harley Street, London, and across the world, demanding private coronavirus tests.


The Rich Are Preparing for Coronavirus Differently

Concierge doctors, yachts, chartered planes and germ-free hideaways.


When all is said and done, do you suppose the wealthy, perverted rats will emerge from their holes to continue the plundering of the earth and raping of babies and the usage of average people as slaves so they can continue their lavish lifestyles?


They will.

Unless the bunkers are flooded.

Virus? Or operation? Does this look photoshopped to you?

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past


Bill Gates says he met with Jeffrey Epstein because he knew ‘a lot of rich people’


Bill Gates refuses to explain why he went on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘Lolita Express’ plane four years AFTER the paedo was released from prison


They’re coming after all human souls.

5G and what they don’t want you to know.
Please pardon the Polish subtitles. Try to get past the beginning and hear what this man has to say.

Microwave Based Biological Weapons

Published March 15, 2020 by tindertender

Are all of the viruses such as Coronavirus, SARs, Swine Flu , Bird flu, Wifi / Microwaves based biological weapon bases. 🤷‍♂️

“Toilet paper” and “Corona Virus” share the same numerological value of 56 in Gematria. Ironically, “mind control” breaks down to 56 as well. The time span between Event 201 and the first case of COVID-19 was 56 days. The media is manipulating the masses.

They’re coming after all human souls. They mean to calcify, or actually destroy the pineal glands connection to higher realms … Creator, our guardian and guides.

And people have been mind controlled into a frenzy over toilet paper.


We may as well laugh. So many are in denial, there’s little chance we’ll retain any sense of freedom once all is said and done.

5G and what they don’t want you to know.
Please pardon the Polish subtitles. Try to get past the beginning and hear what this man has to say.


The “Event” and the “Harvest”

Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Hello, my dear friends. Today I would like to go over many past discussions and put information about the “Event” and the “Harvest” all in one long thread so you have it available to you to consider.

For all of the time beings of higher consciousness from different places throughout your galaxy have been serving among you, many who brought their gifts of clairvoyance have seen and discussed possible timelines they foresaw. There were many possible timelines until recently.

Representatives of your guardian alliance and I met last year to consider the possible outcomes of many different timelines, and through much respectful discussion, settled on a timeline, the only remaining timeline that you are now on. All timelines collapsed into one.

The timeline that was chosen was to harvest this planet within the next three to five years. Your guardians determined they had done all they could think of to help all of you polarize to either Service to Self polarity or Service to Others polarity.

Service to Self polarity is one of wanting to use control to manipulate others into one’s own personal scheme. Service to Others polarity is one of viewing and treating oneself as well as ALL others with unconditional love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment.

The Creator does not care which polarity a person adopts at this level of consciousness. This is because both polarities merge higher up in the density system. The two polarities create different paths. The Service to Self path is longer, more difficult, and more painful.

Beings from over 600 different soul groups that form up your guardian alliance have tried many programs over the years to help you reach polarity. The Creator set up the system whereby those of higher consciousness nurture those younger and less conscious souls as they progress.

This cycle on Earth is the level of consciousness called Third Density. Many of you have polarized, and are ready to advance to Fourth Density. Fourth Density splits into two parts—one for each polarity, with differing plans for soul development according to polarity.

About 20% of you are firmly anchored in Service to Self polarity. A little more than 40% of you are firmly Service to Others. The remainder of you are still working on deciding your course, and remain of no polarity.

Your guardians expected this would be a 75,000 year Third Density cycle like it has been on other planets. Instead, it has been hundreds of thousands of years, with everything tried that anyone could think of to help you develop as a human soul group.

It was determined last year that all that could be done had been done, and it was time to let those who reached polarity move onto Fourth Density. Those that did not reach polarity in this cycle will be repeating Third Density in another location.

Another factor came into play that led to our decision to end this cycle on this planet. Your beautiful planet is very ill due to the long cycle. It has endured more than was expected at the hands of humanity, and it needs to heal. Your planet is a living being itself.

Because of the facts that humanity needs to now move on to different opportunities, and the fact the planet needs to heal, the decision was made to “harvest” the planet, using an energetic process some have called “The Event. “

Unless humanity changes a lot as a group and becomes more peaceful, the time for The Event has been set and is known to very few. Although it will be accomplished through natural means, all energy can be controlled by high consciousness. It will not be a random thing.

We are advising you now that the timeframe for The Event is set for 3-5 years. Beyond that figure, we will not say, because we want to try to control the fear that many will feel and others will use to try to manipulate you.

There is no need to fear what is happening. The Event is a process of releasing you from your physical body, so that your soul can travel to the new location of your next opportunity. Because your planet needs to heal, you will all be moving to new locations on other planets.

The souls who developed Service to Others polarity will be moving to a beautiful new place called by some The New Earth. It will be like the paradise so many have foreseen and described. There they will be taught the skills of living in “unity consciousness.”

Those who have not reached a polarity will be relocated to one of several Third Density planets to continue the Third Density plan of developing a polarity.

And the relatively small number of you who have anchored yourselves in Service to Self will receive the karmic energetic return for using people in this cycle—you will move on basically as slaves of beings of higher consciousness who are also Service to Self.

The Harvest will scare a lot of people, and there are those among you now—a group of individuals representing different ET factions—who will try to get you to follow them by offering to save you from The Event by taking you off the planet in ships and giving you new bodies.

Please understand that all of you will be provided new bodies as you arrive as souls at your new locations. You are not taking these bodies with you. They will not function in the new environments of the new places you are going. Don’t sell your souls in fear.

I have been trying to alert you, through daily discussions with you, as to who the beings are that some foresaw and called “the Antichrist.” It is not one person, but a number, all who compete with each other to fool you into giving up your freedom so they can use you.

Religion and politics has always had the goal of “control.” Many Service to Other souls work behind the scenes of both to try to mitigate the harm these organizations do to society. However, all of the powerful governments of your planet are controlled by Service to Self beings.

Your guardians decided to allow the Service to Self beings among you to try to get you to adopt their ways, in hope you would see also the option to step forward and achieve Service to Others polarity instead. What happened is more Service to Self polarity was created.

Again, the Creator does not care what polarity you are, because your free will is the most important gift of the Creator. But your guardians, as do I, hope that you will see the three paths available to you, anf hope you will choose the one of love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment.

No one is being left behind. You are moving as a soul group. That’s why we do it that way—so those you love go with you. You will reunite with all you have known and loved from all of your many lifetimes during the ascension process.

You will go together as a soul group. Some of that soul group will choose to go elsewhere by their own actions. Some of you will choose to recycle or go to Fourth Density negative with them to serve them if all of you don’t qualify for the New Earth.

The Event is a shift to the new places you are going. There are many among you who are from higher positive densities serving here, in one of the harshest venues in the galaxy, out of love. We serve all, everywhere. All are deeply loved, no matter their path.

Social media is a tool for the awakening of the people

Published March 7, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

Unless you were in books regularly or scrolling page after page you would never know that there was immortal line cells used in food service, fecal matter and bodily fluids used in perfumes to tickle the senses.

What goes on social media is like a wave of information that passes around the world as people themselves know these things and thus their lives are linked in effortless communication in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

If you’re looking for the collective, it is right here in front of you the whole time.

Through this tool, what we become aware can synchronize by passing through this ‘collective alignment system’.

The tool is only as powerful as our ability to control its function by separating the deviating actions and those that result in greater coherency which must be in-built with the capacity to nullify attempts at distortion without having to expend new energy.

One way of saying that, is people simply have to know the truth, which to those who can’t see it yet, has been placed, cognitively, directly behind what they fear the most through a careful belief insertion and emotional manipulation system.

The height is the lowest, once people know the lowest truth, they can see the rest. This world is inside of a bubble of ignorance.

The highest low is that people use you as their high.

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