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Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Published January 30, 2023 by tindertender,to%20the%20stomach%20against%20infections.&text=Based%20on%20animal%20studies%2C%20capsaicin,risk%20of%20developing%20heart%20disease.


Published January 2, 2023 by tindertender

There’s a point of energy in the body that is rarely talked about, but could be described as a “point of happiness”. Located in the upper chest and is referred to as a timid.

It’s easy to find, place two fingers in the pit below the neck, just above the sternum. This is the approximate location of the team.

Timo is called the “happy point” because it neutralizes negative energy and strengthens the immune system and overall health.

Activate the point of happiness You can rub that spot with ice too.

The gland (thymus) holds energy in your body.
On the contrary, when you are stressed, it leads to reduced life energy.

Therefore, when your body suffers from an energy imbalance, it can fix it by acting as a bridge between your brain and your body.

Lightly tapping, caressing, and massaging this point are very effective methods to raise your energetic vibrations.

You can also stimulate your glute with your fist, (just a little taps, don’t hit the chest).

Whichever way you choose, do it for 20 to 30 seconds, and take a deep breath.

Of course you can align with this positive conversation stimulation.

You’ll know that this “happy spot” is activated when you feel goosebumps in your body, accompanied by a feeling of joy and happiness.

This could take a while.

If you train every day, you will feel the effectiveness of this stimulation.

If you tend to have panic attacks, anxiety and stress often, doing this exercise several times a day will help you regain balance in your life.

~ Fountain Jo Carpenter

This Is It ~ Reintegration

Published November 20, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

We are participating in the final stages of a long standing conflict spanning millennia, during this ascension window of opportunity.

The fallen aspects of creation are trying to keep earth locked within a lower frequency prison through genetic digression and enforced amnesia.

Historically, repeated cataclysmic events through magnetic reversals and pole shifts led to memory wipe and civilisation reset. Otherwise, humanity would wake up and remember their origins and break the cycle.

We can break the pattern if enough of us take self-responsibility to heal our internal conflicts/shadow and reach a critical mass in the collective consciousness to restore the planetary grids back to their integrity.

At the moment the leylines and stargates have been hijacked to run reversals that feed into the phantom realms, which is like a parallel, artificially sustained fallen system which interfaces with the earth.

As frequency anchors we can elevate the vibratory field of the planet to move outside the range of the anti-christ forces and disable their artificial infrastructure.

From a wider vantage point, this is all reflecting where we are on the grand evolutionary journey back to source. We all have something to learn through this fall down the dimensional layers and into duality. We are the co-creators.

Even the fallen ones will eventually have to reintegrate back to source, because nothing is truly separate from the one source, except an illusion we create for ourselves when we forfeit or forget this nature.

Statement / Explanation

Published November 14, 2022 by tindertender

Ever wonder about folks who appear to lack conscience?

NPC is a gaming term for non player characters. We live in the 3D matrix where the “players” are incarnated star beings who are source created with source DNA.

And then there are “non player characters” who are hybrids that were creations of Annunaki, reptilian, Draco & other lower density star beings. Their creation’s purpose is to make this world chaotic. They’re narcissistic, low vibrational, never changing, stuck energies.

They don’t evolve or grow like source DNA star beings & since they’re currently the bigger population on the planet we experience the chaos we see around us.

Their programming agents have been dealt with as far as they’re concerned. Most of them are the population that took v@><, or are not ascending hence, as planet energy rises they’ll keep leaving this place for good.

Explanation by @AnkhetAmenti

Minerals for Body and Soil

Published October 22, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @YatYas1776

“This Mineral, intentionally depleted from the Agricultural process…”.

I wonder why… 👀🤷‍♂️

Some History of the CDC and Vaccines

Published October 20, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @Forrestmaready

For those of you shocked by the CDCs action today re:COVID vaccines on the childhood immunization schedule, you should know that the other shots weren’t necessary either.

For example:
Hepatitis B is almost always sexually transmitted.
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary for infants.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough).
Vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission of disease (proven in actual studies).
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary for school kids.

Disease is not contagious. Even an actual infection itself doesn’t confer immunity.
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary for school.

Mortality rates from measles were nearly zero.
Unknown if vaccine prevents transmission.
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary for school.

Oral vaccine actually a direct source of disease transmission.
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary for school.

Disease mortality nearly zero before vaccines.
Unknown if vaccine prevents transmission.
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary for school.

Nearly every single vaccine on the CDC childhood schedule was rubber-stamped in the same way you saw today with the COVID shots.

What you saw in full view today has been going on for decades. The COVID vaccine is no different.

Might want to look into natural immunity.

If you made it this far, this next info might really interest you.


The polio story as you learned it is wrong. It’s one of the most often misunderstood sequence of events in the last two hundred years. I wanted to explain a few things about the disease to help people understand what actually happened.

The first modern account of something resembling polio was in 1789. A physician named Michael Underwood described an illness in children he called “Debility of the Lower Extremities.” He attributed it to teething and foul bowels.

One of the next mentions was from Louisiana in 1841. A few children came down with paralysis. The supposed cause: teething. Why would teething be associated with paralysis?

Various stories appeared throughout the 1800s of children coming down with paralysis, almost always in their legs. Many people called it “teething paralysis,” but others settled on “infantile paralysis.”

This was a new phenomenon: Doctors had never seen it before and didn’t know why it was happening. Research began to reveal that the cause of paralysis were lesions on the grey part of the spinal cord.

If you developed a lesion on your spinal cord, they called this a “poliomyelitis.” Polio = grey. Myelitis = inflammation of the spinal cord.

A poliomyelitis was a lesion on your spinal cord. You could have more than one of them. But they didn’t know why children had begun developing them, seemingly out of nowhere.

Scientists conducted research on animals by purposefully poisoning them with arsenic, an ingredient of popular medical remedies of the time. The result? Paralysis in their hind legs.

When they did autopsies of the animals, they discovered lesions in their spinal cord. The animals had what they called “poliomyelitis.”

During the 1800s, the most common medical treatments for any sickness contained mercury—in order to clear the bowels. Infants received mercury-containing teething powder.

This wasn’t a fringe treatment, but something as common as Tylenol might be considered today. If the metal arsenic was known to cause poliomyelitis, then perhaps, so could mercury.

Throughout the 1800s, there were a few cases of infantile paralysis that would pop up here and there. Not really any epidemics. In the 1890s, something changed.

A new pesticide was invented in 1892 called lead arsenate near Boston, Mass to combat the spread of a foreign invader—the gypsy moth. It combined lead and arsenic together because it couldn’t be easily washed off.

If you’re interested, I talk about this whole story in my book, “The Moth in the Iron Lung.” You can get it here:

The pesticide began being sprayed aggressively and within two years, the first real epidemics of poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis) began to appear in the northeastern U.S. Rather than a few children coming down with something, it started getting into the hundreds.

These epidemics affected children more than anyone, but had another strange set of victims: animals. Horses, dogs, chickens, pigs. All dead from poliomyelitis—lesions in their spinal cords that caused paralysis & death.

I say strange because the poliovirus doesn’t affect animals (besides Old World Monkeys). These early outbreaks are referred to as the first polio outbreaks in the U.S., but we know it couldn’t have been due to the poliovirus if animals were being struck.

Another event would confuse scientists of the day—an effect which is the main reason people get the polio story so wrong even today: Koch’s Postulates.

Koch’s Postulates were some research guidelines that basically stipulated there was a single causative microbe for every disease. It WAS true for all of the other diseases: cholera, typhoid fever, diphtheria.

Over the next few years, scientists discovered that many things could cause a poliomyelitis—it wasn’t just arsenic. There were several other viruses and bacteria that if injected directly into the nervous system could cause lesions that would trigger paralysis.

But the cloud of Koch’s Postulates hung over their research, and many scientists felt that—like all the other diseases—poliomyelitis HAD to be due to ONE thing: a bacteria or a virus. They just had to find it.

You can see the shift in their thinking around this time. They start referring to the disease as a proper noun: Poliomyelitis, rather than using it as a symptom: The patient has a poliomyelitis.

At this time, viruses were still very difficult to work with. They couldn’t see them, only deduce their presence by the symptoms they might cause. In 1908, a virus was found to be able to cause paralysis in monkeys.

They named it “poliovirus,” because it could cause poliomyelitis in the monkeys. Other viruses and bacteria could cause the same thing: coxsackievirus, echovirus, D68, etc.

With Koch’s Postulates guiding their search, they began to focus on this one virus as THE cause of poliomyelitis, despite knowing there were many other causes. This mistake would create suffering for millions of people over the next few decades.

The question is if viruses and bacteria COULD cause poliomyelitis, why then, and not before? Why did epidemics of polio suddenly appear in the 1900s when they did not exist before?

Some have suggested improvements in sanitation as the cause. They suggest that better sanitation prevented people from picking up the infections as children, when they were protected by their mother’s breastmilk antibodies.

This hypothesis is weak. The disease was called infantile paralysis by many even in the 1940s because it seemed to always strike infants. If better sanitation was the cause, teens or adults should have been the ones with problems.

Also, the early outbreaks were always in rural areas, where there was little change in sanitation practices. Not coincidentally, these rural areas were subjected to heavy pesticide spraying.

The real question is if the spinal cord was well-protected from these paralytic infections, why did it suddenly seem to become vulnerable starting around this time.

I believe ingested pesticides, known to cause cellular membrane dysfunction, created a path directly from the intestines to the bottom of the spinal cord, located directly behind, for the viruses and bacteria to take hold.

This is why multiple viruses (poliovirus, coxsackievirus, echovirus, etc.) all began paralyzing children around this time. It wasn’t a genetic mutation. It wasn’t sanitation improvements. It was a physical alteration of the gut integrity by pesticides.

Modern scientists will say the virus gets in the blood and reaches the spinal cord that way. But why did the infection nearly always affect the bottom of the spinal cord, when the blood supply reaches the entire cord evenly?

This is why I believe infants & children were the worst affected. The bottom of the infant spinal cord (the part that controls the legs) lies directly behind the intestines.

As you grow, the spinal cord does not grow as much as the vertebrae and in adults, the bottom of the spinal cord ends up being much higher in relation to the intestines—well out of reach for most toxic or microbial assaults.

This is why the injected Salk polio vaccine worked so poorly. It created antibodies for only one of many viruses that could paralyze, and it created antibodies in the blood—a useless defense against an intestinal infection.

As lead arsenate fell out of favor because of its toxicity, a new set of synthetic pesticides came into play and made this problem much worse.

After World War 2, DDT began being applied everywhere, sprayed directly onto children’s food, their clothing, their bedding, etc. It made people very sick and the paralysis of poliomyelitis exploded. It was horrible.

By 1952, it was clear many of the insects were becoming DDT-resistant, and its toxicity began to concern people. They began to use safer pesticides and, with lead arsenate also fading out of the picture, infantile paralysis began to disappear.

Even Steedman’s Teething Powder, the mercury containing product administered to teething infants for so long, changed its formula.

By 1960, the ineffectiveness of the Salk vaccine concerned scientists and they gathered in Chicago to discuss the problem. People were getting paralyzed after even 4 or more shots.

They were also concerned about study in Detroit where they had taken stool samples of nearly 1,000 people diagnosed with polio. Just one third of those people tested actually had polio. Everyone else had been stricken with some other paralyzing virus.

This presents a problem because many people were told they had “polio” when they were affected as children. The reality is—doctors could not have known what caused the paralysis. It could have been one of many different viruses, pesticides, or even bacteria.

The Sabin oral polio vaccine soon came into use & it could actually control the poliovirus infection within the gut—where it actually made a difference. But it didn’t matter. It only affected the poliovirus—none of the other paralyzing microbes.

By this time (1963), poliomyelitis (aka “polio”) had all but disappeared. As it turns out, neither of the vaccines were actually necessary. The Salk vaccine was horrible at actually preventing paralysis, and the Sabin vaccine came too late to make a difference.

Today, countries that use toxic pesticides still struggle with infantile paralysis, aka polio. Extremely aggressive oral polio vaccine use may help control poliovirus infections…

…but with several other paralyzing viruses in existence, it is not the panacea people believe it to be. To complicate matters, the oral poliovirus vaccine itself occasionally creates paralysis.

So what is one to takeaway from all of this? “Polio” is a man-made problem. The paralysis caused from direct pesticide exposure OR from viruses being allowed into the spinal cord can be directly attributed to a man-made cause.

It appeared in epidemic form in the 1890s from the introduction of lead arsenate and disappeared in the 1950s when DDT usage fell. Because we know it was caused by many different things, the effect of a single-virus vaccine on its decline is minimal.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a book that covers this entire story in detail and mentions many things I’ve skipped. It’s called “The Moth in the Iron Lung.” I hope you’re able to read it.

If we can get the polio story correct in our heads, many other problems can be solved. The infantile paralysis that still takes place in many developing countries will not be solved from the polio vaccine! Cleaning up their environment is absolutely necessary.

Many thanks for reading, and I’m happy to try and answer any of your questions.

One more thing, this picture is what everyone thinks of when they think of polio. This was a publicity stunt arranged for Life Magazine. Most of these iron lungs were brand new and were headed around the country to other hospitals.

It was taken in the auditorium of Ranchos Los Amigos Hospital in Los Angeles, which had been emptied of its rows of seating to make this picture. It was designed to show worried parents that the U.S. was ready for battle.

Although the hospital had the largest polio ward in the country, at its peak it would have never had this many iron lungs in operation. Most hospitals in big cities had a couple of iron lungs.

There were around 1,100 in the whole country at their peak. Nothing like this picture would indicate.

The next time you look at this photo, you should be struck at the destructive power of man and his inventions. The poliovirus, like all the other paralytic causes of that era, were incapable of harming us without some of our help.


Spirit Moves

Published October 19, 2022 by tindertender

The Spirit that moves us, that moves IN us, is no beast. The Spirit giving movement to this body of matter is not matter. It’s of a higher caliper, and those seeking to destroy the body, seek to destroy the Spirit inside.

Whatever you believe … if you think the inner Spirit is of Creator, God or Enki, or somethone/something else, is irrelevant. Whatever “it” is, it is not a beast to be enslaved, tormented, and butchered.

Indeed, we know the body of matter is a prized item, for many other spirits wish to steal the “house” from its occupant. It happens all the time. They’re called “walk-ins”. It can happen at the point of death, it can happen during an alcoholic or drug induced moment of auric and energetic weakness. It can happen because of an agreement with another spirit, for whatever reason… usually some form of power.

Guard yourselves.

Intimate Flow

Published October 11, 2022 by tindertender

Life is a river of energy, mostly in motion, sometimes stagnant, needing a “shock” of sorts to start the flow again.

The Universe never fails us, giving us plenty of opportunity to reroute, reformat and come into a shift of perception.

I don’t believe the things I believed as a youth, or my early adult life, or even 5 years ago.

The Mental Body, the Physical Body and the Energetic Body is either empowered, or drained, by others and self. Only becoming intimately aware of the body’s energetic and emotional movement can a person even begin to manifest change purposefully, intentionally.

I flow the best I am able at any given moment.

Grateful for life.

Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic.

When you think a thought which is positive or negative, the emotion you feel about the thought begins to wrap itself around the thought, the more you think it, the stronger it becomes and neural pathways are formed, a rut in one of the roads of mind. This is pleasant when the thought and feeling are good, and very unpleasant when they are not.

If the feelings are negative, the thoughts becoming repetitious and the rut in that road of thought gets deeper, the more challenging it becomes to rewire the neural pathways.

Be intentional with your energy.

Be mindful of your thoughts.

Small steps …

Getting started is the difficult part.


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