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The Goddess

Published June 26, 2022 by tindertender

A reminder to any woman who looks at her body and finds it flawed: these are prehistoric carvings of goddesses. These represent the epitome of feminine beauty to those we seek to emulate when we go on “paleo” diets. Not a flat tummy, thigh gap, or gravity-defying breast among them.

These are bodies that are unique to their owners, and contain stories of desire, creation, hardship, and perseverance. These are bodies that are ready to hold you as you cry. These are bodies that worked every day to provide nourishment, resources and guidance to their communities while also caring for the next generation. They supported one another in their labor, holding one another’s babies while they worked crafting tools, collecting water & singing songs to teach the young about the goddesses they so closely resembled.

And these carvings weren’t found in just one area. They’ve been discovered nearly everywhere humanity has settled and thrived. Which means there was a time when womanhood, in all her power and capacity, was revered not as merely a sexual novelty or shunned as sinful temptation, but seen as a source of inspiration to create, to connect, and to find courage.

Today, our patriarchal society reveres conformity in women over all. It demands that women strive to achieve and maintain a form that resembles an untested girl. Our bodies must look perpetually untouched, unspoiled, a blank slate for a man to claim and use and write his own story upon. Instead of worshiping women as they are, we scrutinize and discard them as never good enough. And the more we strive to conform, the more we give up control of our bodies.

So have comfort, women: with each fat roll and jiggle you gain as you move forward in time, you come closer to resembling the goddess as she originally appeared in the hearts of humanity. She lives in you and longs to be seen and revered as she was before.

And you deserve to be worshipped.

~ Alaura Weaver

“All Are One”

Published June 21, 2022 by tindertender

The red blood cells of a bio form have a completely different function than those of the white blood cells, yet they are in one body.

The red blood cell cannot say to the white blood cell, “I’m tired of being a red blood cell, let me be you.”

Even if the white blood cell agreed, it is not possible. Their function is what their functions are. It’s just the way it goes. At best, the attempt would only be an imitation, an illusion.

So while some say the light would not recognize itself if it weren’t for the dark, and vice verse, and while this may be true, the light and the dark are fundamentally different … in the same body of creation.

One… yet not alike, different roles, different functions. The likes of each do not belong in its opposing realm, yet share space in the whole just the same.

I believe at times, the balance between organisms sharing space goes out of kilter and measures must be taken to bring everything back into harmony, in the micro as well as the macro.

I believe we are seeing balance restored in the macro right now, affecting the micro.

There are two ways of seeing 3 basics in the coming new world.

1) Lab grown meat, limited garden crops, and whatever hydration they care to come up with.

2) Beautiful gardens, fresh grown and harvested foods year round, living waters.

One belonging to dominators and their sleeper slaves, the other enjoyed by co-creators, working together to benefit the whole.

Are all one?


About as one as two different type blood cells in the body.

The World As A Cocoon

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

I entered the Sun to be birthed into this realm. I have a Golden Light Body.

Upon entering this realm I was a clean slate, memory gone, innocent and vulnerable, like all the rest who come here.

The world was a very dark place. Suffering was experienced by my Mother, and the 4 husbands she had while I was growing into young adulthood. That suffering was transmitted to me, I was trained to see myself as ugly, fat, less than … it was a very difficult program to live, and very difficult to undo.

In meditation, I saw the world as my cocoon. The side of my cocoon was splitting. My arms sort of linked to its edges, I opened my arms, moving them up and out to my sides, straight out like a bird or butterfly about to take wing.

The cocoon opened, the edges of it spread out to the sides, my Solar Plexus exposed to my Light Body Family as they stood before me. Behind me were the stars in the dark sky, the violator manipulator on both sides, held in the darkness while the light penetrated me from the front.

My body was in both worlds, the darkness behind me, the bright fiery light before me.

I Am emerging once again, headed to my origin … Reunion with my Beloveds.

Sound Frequencies in Water

Published February 26, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve been listening to sound frequencies for 1 to 2 hours in relaxation before sleep. My whole body vibrates. I call it “waking the cells” and activating my DNA.

The body is mostly water. Let’s DANCE!!!!

Here’s one I will listen to tonight, loud, with headphones, and I will see and feel the sound moving through my body, just as it is shown in the video.


Published February 23, 2022 by tindertender

You must BE yourself before you can properly perceive yourself. No masks … of any kind … no role playing to please others … just BE.

Get used to looking in the mirror, no make up, no fancy clothes, suit or tie … see what is there … and learn to love it as it is, regardless of others judgement.

Heavenly Bodies

Published February 5, 2022 by tindertender

It is said that Angels are androgynous. Heavenly Beings who are neither this nor that, but able to be, should they choose.

Perhaps those called Fallen Angels decided they like both genders equally and wish to walk the earth as both all the time. Maybe those who are, walking among us are actually hybrid Angelics of a hierarchal line.

What we see today, with men wanting to be women, and women wanting to be men, is the birthing of this androgynous being into HUman form, but rather than be void of sexuality, both are going to be part of the next HUman …. IF the manipulation is permitted to continue.

I feel the genetics manipulations are less about confusing the human beings sexuality, and more about creating the HUman who is both sexes, a hermaphrodite.

Generation 5 HUman

The return to wholeness, oneness, in the physical.

But this is the inverted idea of coming into wholeness and oneness … at least this is what I’m inclined to think given my current awareness (which is constantly flowing into new awareness). True wholeness is the return of Sacred Union, our Twin Flame/Other half, to the one we now find ourselves to be. As two separate partners in sacred union.

Two Become One in Spirit, Energy, Essence. Auras fully connected and balanced in harmony. True partnership.

Not one physical body to house two genders, but two genders in relationship.

I like to think that two people who have healed themselves and are whole, who come into Divine Union actually have the power of three. 1+1=3

But the direction this world seems to be moving in is 1+1=1

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, but it IS something to ponder, especially these days when everything behind everything looks like it needs to be scrutinized.

The real scoop.

I suppose I’m considering there must be a Divine Partnership, Divine Duality which behaves as a heavenly whole when together, so intertwined energetically, they can afford to keep two separate bodies which affords them a greater amount of experience and pleasure, increasing the power level to 3 as a whole.

Then again, if two people who carried both genders got together, that makes them a 4 and potentially a 5 intensity.

No wonder they want to phase us out.

The Importance of Grounding

Published January 30, 2022 by tindertender

I love this visual. It explains why one may feel agitated if ungrounded … potent energies ping ponging through the body, instead of being released into the earth mother for purification.

There is benefit for those who “control” this realm to keep humanity ungrounded, for the energy bunches up in the body and allows it to be harvested through technology, then utilized to create the matrix we find ourselves in.

The energy harvested “out of thin air” is the ungrounded energy of the heavens in us, the controllers (violators) have positioned themselves between us and the earth. (Add in all the other ways they are harvesting energy from the earth, and you have a dying planet, and also, the life upon it).

All we need do is practice grounding, releasing the energy of the higher, into the lower. Our existence is a symbiotic one with the earth.

We are conduits connecting the heavens to the earth.

The disconnect is obvious by the state of the earth, and the life it supports.

Grounding, so we can have constant flow of the heavenly, through us, to the earth.





Published December 2, 2021 by tindertender

We have a physical body we can see. Perhaps the unseen are only unseen because the body’s they inhabit take on the appearance of whatever is around them, effectively blending into the environment. To us, it looks like the environment … but how many actual chameleon-like bodies are surrounding us at all times?

No such thing as being alone.

The human body is an antennae, a water filled electrical conduit, and it picks up on the slightest vibration, whether aware of it or not.

Some think their mood swings are all about their personality, and it sort of is – but for the most part I think they are extra sensitive and picking up on, and sometimes embodying, the energetics of others.

It is important to know what emotions, fueled by whatever type of energy, actually belong to us or are simply being picked up on and felt from another’s output., because not only are we an antennae, we are a power source, and empower that which is circulating within us … whether the thought, feeling or emotion actually belongs to us or not.

This stuff is like tar … it sticks to the energetic body, unless we can become aware of it and consciously release it, let it flow on out like a breath rather than constricting with it.

Taking charge isn’t always loud, sometimes it’s only a whisper in the mind, exercising the will to be as is without accepting the gifts of the wave, the energetic ocean of waves that we walk through and swim in on a daily basis.

Sort of like in the actual ocean where one gets wet, but the inner portion of the body remains as is. In the ocean of vibration, which is filled with waves coming from every aspect of surrounding life, it’s important to be “water proof” and let it roll off like water on feathers.

Physical body, emotional body, mental body, etheric body… and more! Caring for our body’s is so much more detailed than simply what we ‘see’.
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