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Frank Zappa knew it 45 years ago!

Published October 18, 2020 by tindertender

None of us have the promise of tomorrow, God forbid this is my last day on this beautiful earth, it won’t be spent listening to some news person telling me how rotten we are, how rotten life is, heck no, I’m going out and seeing how beautiful life is. As humans, our time on this planet is very limited…

Turn off, tune out and turn on your life.


~ Frank Zappa

Beloved Ones Of All That Is! 5-25-2020

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

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In Many Moments We Speak To You Of The Breath Of Life!

We Explain That You Are Not Breathing, But Being Breathed By The ONE.

This Sacred Breathing Of The Body Form Correlates In Understanding Of The Rise And Fall Of Life Itself!

In This Story Of You NOW, You Experience The Depths Of Despair, And The Highest Joy Ever!  Sometimes All In Moments That Are Very Close!

Breathe Deeply Now!

On This Journey Of Your Soul, Here In Form, There Is A Quickening That Occurs Quite Naturally When You Allow The Breath To Guide You Into The Depths Of Your Very Being;

Relaxing The Physical Senses, Relinquishing The Sense Of Direction, Being Willing To Allow The Energies To Flow As You Become The Awareness Of Your Soul!

In This Moment Of Allowing, You Will Know You Are One With All That Is,

That The False Identity You Chose Like Clothing With A Name And Form,

Is With Purpose And Power And The Underlying Reason For Being Here Is To Expand, Experience The Journey, Feel The Pain And Love, Break The Chakras Open To Let Out All Negativity,

And To Stop Projecting A Future Of More Chaos;

As You Fully Know You Are Co-Creators Of Life!

Observe Those That Are Of Darkness And Thrive On Harming Others, But Do Not Allow Your Energy Field To Even Come Close To These If Possible!

Know The Non-Physical Aspect Of Many Dimensions And Multiple Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) Are Present Now On The Planet!


To Attempt To Destroy Your Planet, Play With Your Thinking And Cause Confusion!

Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes And Harm To The Body Are Global At This Moment!

But Know That You Have Always Had Friends In High Places +++

And Every Place Of Destruction Is Filled With Light Warriors As White Hats And Multiple Forces From Angelic Realms,

And Other Star Systems, In Place, As Moving Energy And Containing Both The Givers Of Darkness And Their Deeds Of Destruction!

So All We Remind You To Do Is Breathe Deeply From The Love Of God!

Trust That This Too Shall Pass!

Know That You Are Powerful Souls Having The Last Waking Dream Of The Planet!

For Soon We Rise As ONE To A Place Called SHEEN!

To Those Unfamiliar With The New Earth, SHEEN Is The Heart Of The New Earth That Awaits You!

You Are Our Beloved Ones! I Hold You Deeply In My Essence!

Be Strong And Never Give Up!

The Best Is Yet To Come!


I Love You So!


The Rainbow Bridge Pt. 2

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

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In part 1 we discussed how CERN seems to have pushed us into a new reality, or over the rainbow bridge, as we approach the Age of Aquarius. I believe we will have fully transitioned into the next age once CERN succeeds in finding what they call a “rainbow universe.”

Ironically, in 2015, an April Fools’ day article was released saying CERN had accidentally created one. I only find this interesting because of all the synchronicities surrounding the article. Plus, this wouldn’t be the first time truth was disguised as entertainment.

I should also add that there’s an occult significance to April Fools’ Day. The holiday is a celebration of Loki the trickster god. Is it possible to trick people with the truth? If you read part one, you’ll remember Loki has synchronistic ties to the tesseract and rainbow bridge.

But anyways, the fake article said CERN scientists found an artifact in their data that resembled a dolphin. Their April Fools’ Day article the year before that was also about dolphins. It said scientists discovered a dolphins’ sonar could turn a laser beam into a rainbow.

The article from 2015 ends with a scientist saying he wants to create a particle accelerator in the space station next to a dolphin tank. So what’s the big deal about rainbow shooting space dolphins? It’s just a weird joke considering the dolphin is a symbol of the Aquarian Age.

Aleister Crowley said he had a vision of Babalon returning riding on the back of a dolphin. If you read part one, you’ll remember Jack Parsons completed the Babalon Working rituals right before he died and did them with the goal of bringing the world into the new aeon.

I believe CERN is performing rituals as well and their particle accelerator is an altar to Saturn. If you’ve read my Saturn Time Cube threads, you’ll remember the Saturnian symbolism decorating the facility and the myth of Kronos, the personification of Saturn.

In Greek mythology, Kronos was the god of gods, but one day, he was told a prophecy that one of his children would usurp him as king. To prevent this, Saturn ate his children. To this day, people who practice the Saturnian religion, or true Satanism, sacrifice children.

However, I think the Cult of Saturn has taken it a step further with CERN by offering up our entire planet as a sacrifice, perhaps more than once. Is it possible that we are now living in the belly of the beast? Are we not god’s children?

If you’ve read my previous threads, you’ll also remember Saturn’s hexagon. Dennis McKenna, brother of Terrance McKenna, researcher, and ethnopharmacologist, has said he believes the hexagon might be a sign that there’s a gravitationally stabilized wormhole inside the planet.

So how does this imply we are in the belly of Kronos? What if the black hole CERN dragged us into is connected to the one theoretically inside Saturn? Remember that a black hole can be one end of a wormhole. In Independence Day, a wormhole forms right next to Saturn.

In part 1 we also talked about how some physicists say black holes act like quantum computers. Perhaps this universe is inside a black hole inside another universe’s Saturn. The planet, possibly a failed star, has been called the black hole sun …

Kronos was also the god of time. Remember from part one that there is a synchronistic connection between the tesseract, or four dimensional cube, and black holes. Remember that the fourth dimension is said to be time. Are we inside what I call the Saturn time cube simulation?

There are also synchronistic connections between Saturn and rainbows. NASA has taken pictures of them reflecting off Saturn’s rings. The rings are also all different colors when viewed with an infrared camera, making them look like a rainbow.

The fake article also said they observed the rainbow universe for 2.6 seconds. This number is synchronistic as well. Saturn’s tilt is 26 degrees, it’s core is made of iron, the 26th element, a Rubik’s cube has 26 pieces, and 26 is the only number “between a square and a cube.”

Some people say people who practice chaos magic are destroying Saturn’s rings, either unknowingly or intentionally. Ironically, in the past few years, Saturn’s rings have started to disappear. Remember the scene from Independence Day?

I think CERN is also doing chaos magic. In another thread, I theorized CERN creates chaos every time they make antimatter. But if Saturn’s rings represent the rainbow bridge, what happens when they are gone? Remember Ragnarök reaches its climax once the bridge is destroyed.

However, I don’t think the rings are literally being destroyed. I think each time we enter a parallel universe, we enter one thats a bit younger. Antimatter is matter that moves backward in time. Eventually we will arrive in a universe that existed before Saturn’s rings formed.

Saturn’s rings represent constriction. After Zeus usurped Kronos’ throne, he imprisoned him in Tartarus. What will happen after his chains are broken? Is CERN using time travel to retrocausally resurrect the time god? This makes sense because the Aquarian Age is ruled by Saturn.

Is this such a bad thing? What does it mean for time to be unrestricted? Perhaps a more multidimensional existence, as I described in part one? Supposedly, before Saturn heard the prophecy that one of his children would usurp him, he wasn’t so pissed off and ruled the Golden Age.

It’s ironic that Aquarius’ symbol is a wave. It makes sense that we live in an age where reality acts more like waves of energy rather than particles. This is what quantum physicists are discovering. Quantum theory is how physicists came up with the theory of the multiverse.

So while all this sounds dark compared to the last post, it’s not. We are still left with the same result, the end of the old world and the beginning of new one. The process requires destruction and chaos. Strange gods, cultists, mad scientists, they all have a role to fulfill.

Have You Put Two And Two Together Yet?

Published April 30, 2020 by tindertender

The Coronavirus, or Covid-19 is known as a “crown”.

The name “coronavirus” is derived from Latin corona, meaning “crown” or “wreath”, itself a borrowing from Greek κορώνη korṓnē, “garland, wreath”.

What did the bastards supposedly do to Jesus? That’s right, they “crowned” him, to cause him pain, to mock his authority. And they killed him, silencing him, showing him who was really boss.

According to three of the Gospels, a woven crown of thorns was placed on the head of Jesus during the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. It was one of the instruments of the Passion, employed by Jesus’ captors both to cause him pain and to mock his claim of authority.

We are currently being told to stay home. Mothers being arrested for taking their children to the park. All while “elected” officials fight to release prisoners like the Green River killer from federal prisons.

This is about silencing humanity. Cover your mouth. Don’t speak to anyone. Do not come into contact with anyone. Do as you are told, don’t tempt “authority”. Slave. And they use fear to manipulate the masses. Who willingly fall into line. Not realizing they’ve been “crowned”.

It is said that there will be a great harvest of life from this planet. A male in the unseen told be humanity is a “commodity”. An energetic ‘food’, if you will. One of the most potent energies comes from those in fear, or in anger. Psychic vampires are NOT fictional.

Many are giving the “hidden enemies” what they want. Catering to the fear. Becoming angry with their family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else they might disagree with. Attacking their fellow human beings who see what is happening, and are willing to walk into the fear rather than shrink from it. Man, turning against his neighbor.

We’ve got to climb out of the well folks. Death comes to us all, we cannot escape it. Ever. Any of us.

Will you LIVE in fear? Or will you grow Love, compassion, care, and a proper community who actually works together for the benefit of the whole?

Or will you choose to eat lab grown meats some very wealthy people are investing money in, for the future feeding of the populace? Some say they use dna of the animals, some say they use human dna. One step away from cannibalism, or is it?;

Or will you allow mercury, aluminum, blood from Tom Hanks (or whomever), and aborted fetal tissues to be injected into you once, if not more times per year? Damaging you immune system, your cellular structure, your mind?;

Do you honestly believe Creator screwed up when he made the human race? Do you honestly believe it is a ‘man’, with the assistance of ‘scientists’, who was sent to manipulate the human bio form for “the benefit of life”?

Serious evaluation must be done in each mind. Stop believing lies told by the media. Stop allowing the “hype” to jack your energies all out of shape, causing you to be anything but kind.

Who you choose to be is up to you.

Altering The Human Bioform

Published April 22, 2020 by tindertender

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Trying to control what people think through deceptive tactics of controlling information and forcing narratives has delayed the activation of Humanity’s free will.

Collectively, Humanity is unaware and therefore incapable of directly influencing that which hindered and parasitically used more energy for personal benefits that did not collectively benefit Humanity and in some cases lead to the destruction or mutation of Human life.

The brain and personality flaws that are shaped through one’s response to stressful situations and the range of events that are not physically influenced, act like an organic AI program that limits each of us from seeing the truth.

People working for their own benefit at the expense of others implemented changes to remove some and introduced new processes to alter the mind. Society itself was reshaped to create contextual cover for the operating requirements and mechanics of a human control system.

Some aspects were made to function as disguises for underground business. The businesses were made to function as disguises for what can be described as a secret society given the direction to control Humanity.

In the beginning, those who stole power would not have access to the knowledge that sustains and advances society and the mind. There would be no real power outside that.

The influence that could be implemented through mere material wealth, through the course of history, through applied influencing of every form of learning and development (of humans), was used to distort language and communication by gradually altering the social infrastructure.

The result is two societies one of which is clearly benefiting from the work of the other. Up until recently, there was no great threat of those who would, but couldn’t.

Those who would challenge by introducing drama and taking up positions of wealth and power didn’t have any real power because that is not where the power is found. Specifically, that is not how the light house hydro gyro scalar transdimensional communication system operates.

The manipulation of the media is the attempt to subliminally bio hack the collective memory archives to reprogram the subconscious and use chemical modification to genetically mutate a stabilized sub human being that would lack resistance, intellect and mental well being.

Our Beloved Ones! 4-21-2020

Published April 21, 2020 by tindertender

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We Greet You In Peace And Light!

For Light Attracts Light And Only Light Can Hear Our Communication!

Many May Read The Words That Have Been Transmitted From Tones And Vibrations,

To The Language You Read Now, But Not All Will Resonate Or Comprehend!

This Is Natural As Many Have Never Heard Of Our Messages!

To Old Friends We Bow!

To New Friends, We Say Welcome!  And We Bow To You Also!

Earth Is In A Massive Energy Transformation And The Fundamental Composition Of All You Have Ever Considered To Be Real Is Being Restructured,

In Order To Resonate With The Higher Vibrational Composition Of The Life Change Coming Forth!

All Change Is Preceded By Chaos,

And You Find Your World Swimming In It!

As You Witness Systems On Which Your Society Is Based Seem To Crumble Before You,

It Is For The Reason That They Are Built On Foundations Of Diminished Vibrations That Cannot Be Sustained Under Conditions That Continue To Accelerate!

For This Is A Waking Dream And The Collective Consciousness Is Ever Before You, Calling You Home, Into The Being That You Truly Are!

You Are A Powerful Being Of Light And You Are Awakening To This Truth!

The Transformation Taking Place Within Each Being Is Reflected In The Collective, Of Which You Are An Energetic Part!

You Are Not Only Connected To All Life On Earth,

But The Multiverses That You No Longer Remember!

In A Burst Of Light And Powerful Vibrations,

You Will Find Yourself In A Natural Paradise Of Love And Peace!

You Will Greet The Angels And Archangels That Will Stand Before You!

Everything Will Finally Make Sense!

For You Are Our Beloved Ones And We Are Here To Guide You Home!

Never Stop Looking Up!  Many More Are Watching Our Crafts!

Soon We Rise!


I Love You So!


Pendulum Healing 4-21-2020

Published April 21, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: Karen Walters,

Here’s another uncommon pendulum I use. It’s super big, and the shape of it is in the Egyptian pendulum family.

It’s shape makes it called an Osiris pendulum, they come in all different sizes. The big size of this one makes it more effective for doing energy work throughout a house (it can remove hauntings), and it’s very good at distant healings, or just reading for someone who’s far away.

The geometic, “Osiris” shape, emits light that’s “negative green”. Negative Green light has the energy of Winter Solstice, it heals by way of killing the bad to hasten the cycle of life again. Negative green light is suppose to travel better to far away places, that’s why it’s chosen for distant readings or healings.

It doesn’t feel good to hold the body of this pendulum, it begins to make your bones or joints hurt. That’s true for all Osiris pendulums, but the larger it is the more light emits from it, making it more intense. I just held it for a second to take the picture so you could tell how big it is. It’s fine if you’re holding it by the cord.

Me and my husband use this pendulum when we’re asked to help people being haunted.

System Reboot

Published April 17, 2020 by tindertender

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” Morpheus, The Matrix

Ironically the greatest opposition to human freedom and a reboot of global civilization comes from those who will benefit most. The captive animal set loose has a period of trepidation, it felt safe in captivity, it may even return to its cage. But the wild calls to its soul. (


Published April 11, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

A lot of u been asking me to do a thread on Bill Gates & his evil NWO vaccine plan. It’s a DEEP rabbit hole, but I will Cliff Note some of the things that should open ur eyes to this man’s motives.

I’ll start off w/ one of the most well known sources for exposing deep state operations, Im sure u are familiar w/ Anonymous (follow @YourAnonNews). Here is a recent video about Gates from 2 wks ago

STOP & WATCH THIS 4 MIN VIDEO before u proceed!

For those who aren’t old enough to remember the rise & fall of Bill Gates 20 yrs ago, you probably only know the rise, but go down a rabbit hole on ur own to find out how many things Gates fucked up back in the “windows 98/Vista” days. here is my current favorite meme.

We love to follow the money & we love to say “u are who u hang out with.” Gates checks EVERY BOX of the evil empire $ & evil friend combo, INCLUDING BLOOD LINES! Here were the winners of 2001 Carnegie medal of philanthropy. Some interesting devils here, including Bill’s daddy.

U saw fauci there too? Dont worry, we’ll get to him shortly😉

Bill is top 3 richest man in the world & boys w/ Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffet, Bloomberg all in top 10, they’re all in on this together, dont be fooled (Google “Bilderberg group”), their mission is population control

MANDATORY VACCINATIONS key to everything for world domination & Bill has been practicing on poor countries for YEARS & FAILING FUCKING MISERABLY! This dude has killed & paralyzed more ppl with his failed vaccines and experiments than you can imagine! (READ THIS)

again, feel free to fact check everything for urself, but also know I already did. Bill did a ted talk in 2015 PREDICTING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC (cause he was about to create the bio weapon, then be able to say “TOLD YA”)

heres the link to the full talk

The oddest thing of all this was that in October 2019, RIGHT BEFORE THE BREAKOUT, there was an event called “Event 201” that had a full blown MIRROR IMAGE simulation of a virus that could kill millions!

Thrown by Gates,! what a coicidence!

Bill has been trying to play GOD for a long time, and his master plan is coming to fruition right in the year of our elections where this not only helps him, but hurts Trumps economy which he was leaning on for November….very coincidental…right?

i know for some of u this all seems far fetched, but if u were gunna do this, who would u need in ur pocket? Well u would definitely need the world health organization (W.H.O.) in ur pocket right? Well Gates has been buying power with them forever…

now do u undertand why Trump hates W.H.O. & wants to defund them cz of “inaccurate projections” &”lies” about this pandemic. It was all intentional to let this thing spread, they knew what was coming, Gates talked about it in 2015!!!


Make sense now why Trump wasn’t worried about the virus much in January? Why blame him? He was just listening to W.H.O.! But he still shut the borders AGAINST not only Gates/WHO advice, but also against FAUCI’S advice, as seen here from JANUARY 21st!

I yield to no one in admiration of Dr. Fauci. But this comment from January 21 should be kept in mind by those accusing anyone in the U.S. of failing to act in time against Covid 19. Watch it all the way through:

Fauci THEN doubled down on Feb 17th saying:


Trump keeps getting blamed, but why is the media not re-airing the cult hero Anthony Fauci’s clips since HE WAS ADVISING TRUMP? And why was he so naive? This goes deep……

One more thing on our boy #FauciFraud who has been in on this w/ Gates the whole time & “thinking” he is manipulating this whole thing from the inside (which he isn’t, Trump knows all about him, it’s 4-D chess)

like Gates…he predicted this virus 3 years ago also!! 🤔

Why does Trump have him as the front man? Thats another story 4 another thread, but me & @samtripoli will cover this on @NoMercyPod tomorrow. Trump knows EXACTLY what hes doing & Faucis being exposed

watch him signal to reporter who attacked trump

Deborah Birx is another on #TeamGates & is part of the “friends close, enemies closer” crew for Trump. Im sure u’ve noticed many awkward exchanges between them. Again, thats another thread

but real quick, did u notice a “Laura Birx” is a Director of Gates foundation? 😉🤔

Gates is in the process of FEAR MONGERING & scaring the public that we WILL NOT go back to normal until everyone has a vaccine (remember Fauci just said America will never be back to normal w/o a vaccine the other day & Trump shit on him🤔)

almost like they share a script!

Gates stepped down from his post at Microsoft to “focus all his energies on SAVING the world” in his mastermind plan to “find a cure” for this “flukey virus” which he happened to predict. He has the cure, & in vaccine will be the chip to track us! he speaks openly about it.

Remember when everyone went FUCKING NUTS that “Evil Trump is only pushing Hydroxychloroquine cause he can profit off it”

then @Cernovich straight shit on it proving he owned like $450 of sanofi stock (yes, $450!!)

why does no one in the MSM talk about their Patron Saint Bill Gates and his ridiculous conflicts of interests for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (not $450)

including Sanofi, where Gates had 3.5 million invested (didnt make the news)

heres a snapshot….google these companies

That my friends seems like a PRETY BIG conflict of interest, so why is everyone rooting for Gates and shitting on Trump….

heres some more Fauci/ Gates collusion on the vaccine:

Fauci and Gates are working together from the inside out on this one

This is biblical: “The Mark of the Beast”

chipping us has been the plan of the NWO for a long time! It is more than just “tracking”, it is COMPLETE CONTROL & monitoring along w/ destroying our currency & moving everything digital (see @NickHintonn saturn time cube thread)

This is LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully u have enough info to dig for yourself & formulate ur own opinions now.

Before I go, let me throw out a CRAZY PREDICTION I got a weird feeling about!

I think we see Gates get involved in presidential race!

No way Dems go to war w Creepy Joe! they will declare Biden too unhealthy to continue as nominee, Gates will be voted either DNC nominee for Prez or given a POWERFUL spot on the team, POSSIBLY EVEN HRC/GATES TICKET!

and as usual:


Those dark forces NEED you to take the vaccines. They need you numb so they can continue utilizing your energies, rather than YOU utilizing them for good.

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