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Who Killed the Giants?

Published September 25, 2022 by tindertender

Giants lived among men, women and children in the not so distant past.

If they were “winning” dominance over humanity, wouldn’t there still be giants running around this world in plain site?

Were the giants forced out of their original bodies and had to become body snatchers of the human race (of the temple, the house gifted to man from Creator) to continue their dominance and violation in this realm?

Who took out the giants, and are perhaps now here to finish the job?

Are the giants of Egyptian days and thereafter fighting for their “life”, which requires them to be parasite to Creators children?

Is this why no doctor anywhere in the Pharma field has ever recommended the human body undergo parasite treatment?

Human beings are the only “animal” on earth that they don’t treat for parasitic infestation.

Is it because humans are “hosts” to these nefarious beings in spirit, those principalities of darkness the Bible references Humanity as wrestling?

You think those dark, nasty, violating thoughts instigating vile action in this world belong to you?

Think again.

They’ll get what they deserve.

It has been decreed.

I don’t need to know what that is, but I have a feeling they’re being “transformed”, as are humanity.

Testimony Sampler

Published September 23, 2022 by tindertender

Twenty-two years ago I was an angry, lost, alcoholic who dabbled in drugs, to my own end. That person was immersed into the predictive programming and did things the heart of ME/We stand against. Those who are unaware of the war on consciousness will never understand.

I say to you now, that person died when she was spiritually attacked and suddenly fighting for her Soul.

For 18 years all I could do was persevere the energy harvest and violations in the many, until a woman from the UK gifted me my energy back, removing the feeding tube and sealing the wound in my astral body.

The past two years my energy has been mine and I’ve been growing in strength. My mind is settled and I’m left with knowledge gained through experience of extreme challenge in this spiritual warfare.

Many have come to my aid from around the world, bringing healing, balance and a hope for the future. I swore to My God that if he permitted, I would show him I’m capable of being a plus in this world currently undergoing creation anew, not a detriment, and he gifted me my life AND challenge, for my benefit and Soul growth.

I have a very large family from many nations, seen and unseen, on planet and off. I have some memory of who I am, and it explains why so many tried with their psychic and astral traveling skills to bring energetic attacks, attempting to eliminate me from this “living” equation and ensnare me in another realm.

Although I may not be a warrior in the sense of a battle field where might and strength are needed in hand to hand combat, I have survived some of the best efforts of those who wish to dominate the human bioform, energy and life.

Let us truly begin again, seeing the heart of each other rather than deeds done while under the “program” … the program working very diligently to remain in control of consciousness and its ability to create goodness … their preference is murder, whoring and chaos, and the flipping of all that is Divine and Sacred.

Pay attention and choose rightly. Many won’t get the decades of time for a chance to heal and extract self. Time is short now.

Indeed, I am nothing but perseverance without my family, who make healing, expansion, and love a possibility in an individual who is experiencing challenge navigating this other world.

May they be blessed abundantly for all time, and beyond. They are the true hero’s in this journey.

With deep gratitude and love, I share this portion of my testimony.

If you are lost in the midst of the suffering program, know that you are not alone. Share your story, your heart. Stay strong and determined to extract yourself. You will find you are not alone.

Do not shy away from your healing which leads to command of Self.

May you be strengthened and gifted patience as you walk this road.

Know you are loved.
Never forget it, even while the adversary tells you otherwise … they are liars.

Guard your thoughts.
Choose those which uplift, discard the rest as the trash it is.

Anything that sounds other than “I love myself” and others, is of the matrix programming.

Be well.

Much love to you.

End of Illusion

Published September 19, 2022 by tindertender

Written by:

Back in 2012, most of the folks were talking about the end of the world, no one was talking about the end of illusions (which is what the Mayan calendar was hinting towards).

Mayan calendar was created by demon Maya (well known figure in India) & Maya means illusions.

The calendar end basically represented the end of illusions of Age of Pisces & the shadow period that began with the ending of Age of Pisces to beginning of Age of Aquarius (in Dec 2020).

This planet currently hosts a majority population of hybrids that were scientific/test tube creation of the Annunaki/Reptilian race. This is also the group I refer to as NPC. Their evolution is much different from the others because they struggle to thrive beyond 4D.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that they cannot evolve – yes they can. But because they’re not Source created souls their DNA is different. Many of them are programmed (which is why you see the herd mentality & inability to transform).

It would require serious reprogramming & many more incarnations for them to get on the right path like Source created souls. A lot of the imbalance we witness is because Annunaki/Reptilian tried to create a race of souls they could control, enslave, rule & bully.

Question: Can you go over who the Annunaki really are? Are they the archangels? Or shall I say a group of.

Answer: Archangels? Nah Annunaki are not archangels, although doesn’t surprise me if they called themselves that. They’re lower density. Most don’t survive past 4D energies. The very ancient Annunaki well they evolved over time & can now move up to 5D.

A lot of folks are NOT aware of this but it was the Galactic Federation that created the 3D hologram matrix on Earth. This was after Venus, Mars were destroyed & Tiamat (5D), also known as Maldek (3D) exploded in our Solar System.

When the original inhabitants were gone, hybrid races were created. This is how the lower density forces created things like religion, race, countries etc.

The lower density energies could have been destroyed much earlier but they weren’t because Gal Fed was compromised a long time ago. Many are waiting for help from Gal Fed but truth is this planet & it’s people can only help themselves if they understand why this place was created.

Gaia/Terra/Earth was created with a single purpose. All beings that moved here were star beings from other star systems who were to become living breathing akashic records. This has been accomplished at different times however, after 3D hologram was created ascension was stunted.

After the original star beings & Neters the first inhabitants of this planet left this place, lower density beings took control of this planet. After a very long time, many of those original inhabitants returned in large numbers to complete their soul mission to Free Earth.

The White House Betrays Citizens Rights of the First Amendment

Published September 15, 2022 by tindertender

War on Drugs

Published September 15, 2022 by tindertender

“War on Drugs” just found a whole new meaning.

Those who do drugs open their minds and energy to manipulation by the unseen. They are pulled into a spiritual battle, hence ….

War … on Drugs.

From my own perception, this is true.

Perhaps this is why the CIA, famous for drug trafficking, and experiments with psychedelics, caused the true pandemic … souls being “used” for spiritual battle without consent, manipulated for someone else’s gain, through their own misery.

Soul ensnarement.

Alcohol is the true gateway drug, and it’s “legal” for a reason.

Guard yourselves.

There is technology owned by governing systems which allow them to control thoughts, and actions of the compromised.

Start with “Voice of God” technology, aka Voice to Skull.

Try to develop more compassion for those individuals screaming at an unseen enemy, they’ve been compromised and need your compassion. This does not require you to be in contact with them, just try to soften your inner dialog about them. It will help.

As an individual whose “parents” allowed smoking at 11 and drinking at 16 for their “child”, I will share this little bit of advice ….

If you demand a child not partake, be certain you give them a life they do not want to escape from. Consenting can condemn them to serious challenges in their life, possibly ruining their potentials.

Many are not as fortunate as I and able to overcome.

Nothing Less Than Premeditated Murder

Published September 15, 2022 by tindertender

88% of those forced on ventilators died. These people are fathers, mothers, grandfathers, most of them far younger than those who died from Covid alone. It was a murderous calamity about which hardly anyone writes. No one takes responsibility.

Here’s a data dump if you’re interested in reading about the discoveries. They were testing and creating this weapon as early as 2012. These deaths were nothing less than premeditated murder.

Spells, Lies and Murder

Published September 12, 2022 by tindertender

Kite. Hit. Steel. Plane. Must.

Kids were reciting the words as the towers were being taken down. Satanic.

This was a ritual sacrifice.

A painting of Bush from Epstein Island. Two toppled Jenga towers while he plays with airplanes. Can you envision the children present who were not painted, but who participated in the ritual there too, just as the children above in classroom.

Because the dark magic spell they’re under was strong. All those innocent souls sacrificed so evil can remain in power.

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