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The Kingdom of God is Within You

Published December 2, 2020 by tindertender

We are in a psychic war.

Many are unsuspecting.

Giving away access to their minds.

Channeling and thru mediumship, thru partying and any form of lowering of guard.

Those against us, once access is gained to our mind, view our dream state … the human dream state.

They must be human … they are very strict about this.

Some not so nice fellas want access to the Kingdom of God … that which is within you, within WE.

This is all kingdoms that we have access to, all places, in all dimensions.

The Kingdom of God … that the Human mind has access to, that which might be the race, the creation and creators that actually hold it all together, safeguarding the life therein.

When the infiltrators do this accessing … they eventually can ‘infiltrate’ all levels of a mind on a planet and planetary systems.

It might not be that they have all the technology … it might be that they require the human “organic portal” to get to some of these places.

This is what they are after.

The Organic Portals.

The WE that are holding these levels together.

It is wise to end habitual patterns that weaken the auric field … drinking, smoking, drug use. These things simply leave one open for infiltration.

Is it a wonder that liquor and now cannabis are legal while many harder drugs have been decriminalized?

It should not be. It’s a plan.

This, is the harvest.

It may be too late for me, and others.

I woke with an audience who had been observing my astral travels. One very strong sounding aspect of the masculine stated, “She’s like the last one”.

They remember these travels that I have forgotten pretty much right after I woke … they faded for me, but the audience recollects it all.

Bringing Some “Light” To a Truth

Published November 24, 2020 by tindertender


Source is within you and you are within Source

In the Oneness we are many “to experience EVERYTHING” to answer the Question “Who am I”

And now we come to “truth” :

There are many, but their multiplicity is temporary. Inevitably they all come back to oneness. The process, many to become, brings about many experiences. If something has been experienced and felt, then is it is “true” from this point of view.

But in the end this view is given up for another. Then new experiences come and other things come true. That way there are many Truths about multiplicity. But these truths always become inconsistencies, Contain contradictions and an imbalance.

This shows up as discomfort in your Life. Fear, pain and illness are the result. And so it happens that on one certain point of all travel must be started to learn all the truths about Separation and multiplicity in favor of truths about oneness and to give up the “truths of separation and diversity” if true healing shall be achieved. And then it becomes unlikely complex multitudes of truths begin to condense and flow together. The temporary illusions of separation will begin to dissolve, Until finally the illusion is released. Until it is understood again that oneness is the truth.

All was known long before election and all what “happened” is known the longest time – “disclosure” also happened a long time ago – so for whom is this WHOLE SHOW??? And “awakening” is something very different – Source for sure didn`t say “Make America great again” or that interdimensional spiritual beings are in need for Asthars Earth Evacuation project.

But of course, every human decides for him/herself to take part in the show. No judgment – just curiosity…..

Question: what is Asthars Earth Evacuation project ?

Very good question – try to find the answer. If not, I`ll answer it. Ashtar belongs to the Galactic Federation of light – Alliance to the Luciferian/Annunaki/Sirius.

Programming the Illusion – predicting the “future” – it`s all a game…..

Source: @Karina89350882

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

Published November 16, 2020 by tindertender

In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

What those in the West view as mental illness, the Dagara people regard as “good news from the other world.” The person going through the crisis has been chosen as a medium for a message to the community that needs to be communicated from the spirit realm.

In 2003 I had a “spiritual emergency”, I was labeled as having a mental disorder.

Living with this ‘change’ for nearly 20 years, it is beginning to quiet, to calm. I can only guess this is because what have been labelled as ‘negative entities’ are being cleared from the planet.

“Light Forces have managed to clear the vast majority of the plasma plane around the whole planet. What is happening now is the next phase of purification which is clearing all negative entities on any plane: etheric, astral, all those higher planes are being cleared intensivelyWhat is happening now is an extremely fast accelerated removal of all remaining negative entities on non-physical planes. When these planes are completely cleared, the energy around us will be better. It will be a taste of a new age comingThe next phase of this operation is to remove all entities living inside the auric field of all surface population. When those entities are removed, behaviors of a certain amount of human beings will improve significantly as well.

I am still considering what and who determines who is a negative entity … could be a label applied so folks don’t freak out about the ‘harvesting’ being done, the capturing of souls.

The western world of medicine has stopped many healers from emerging into our ‘field’. I am guessing this is purposeful, a method of maintaining the narrative and control of the human mind. To keep folks seeking a “savior” rather than coming into their own inherent power and connections with the Divine.

The Covid vaccine is an RNA vaccine which will alter the human bioform, the DNA, furthering the ‘sleepiness’ of the mind, deadening the pineal gland, and separating them from Source … the same Source which they ARE. A drop from the ocean remains the ocean.

This vaccine will also more than likely have an RFID chip in it … and GPS tracking. Folks will never be able to escape the watchful eye of the captors … no more going off grid. The story goes, yes, there will be a chip in it, but it only contains the batch number and date … partial truths are the captors specialty.

People are seen as cattle … sorry folks, it is true. The elite (who are hybrid humans) use the human body as food, (over 600,000 people go ‘missing’ every year in the USA alone) and the human energy in their spell casting, their sorcery of bondage upon the human race. They have a contract with certain Galactics who ‘harvest’ the vitality (human souls) from this planet and use it as their energy supply.

In 2019 there were more that 609,000 missing person record, of which, 607,000 records were ‘canceled’ … not solved, canceled. Governments and others are complicit in supplying food to the ‘captors’ and the ‘rulers’ of humanity.

Right now, there are telepathic ones nefarious in nature, who are attempting to find a 100% human who is also telepathic that they can convince is a ‘savior’. The savior story spans millennia … why change something, a plot, that has worked as a mind control over the masses for so long? (Link on history below). You may hear of people who come forth announcing they are savior … know they are being steered onto a certain ‘path’.

What is currently happening is all planned, it is planned so that the Great Reset can occur. Many are planned to die. If you think the reset is Canadian only … you’re mistaken. Have a listen at the 2:08 mark. Great ‘speech’.

Remember … these ‘leaders’ are humanities Captors. They’ve maintained their positions through fraud, which we will soon find out about … the Dominion System … Domination by Demons.


Crop Circles, Presidents and Disney

Published November 16, 2020 by tindertender

These shapes are created by Advanced Sound Devices used by the Elite to place frequencies into the Earth grid. Those frequencies affect health, mentality, belief, etc. When really studying these designs in Sacred Geometry we find them to be insignias and logos of the Dark Side, designs caused by extremely low frequencies or ELF’s, research Chlandi Plates.

The Geometry which has now been placed over our Earth Grid through Crop Circles created by sound devices like the HAARP, have allowed the Elite to erect a new grid which has been termed “The Earth Consciousness Grid”. This keeps Humans somewhat trapped in the Matrix until they learn the methods of building up strength to break out. As you see they call the new system the Internet or “Internal Net”. The biggest hint is the Ethernet cable, why is it given such a Name? Ether itself means Spirit so why is a term like that being used in comparison to computers? Since the Ozone “Oz Zone” layer is melting there is no telling what the potential is if it’s dissolved. Favor is often disguised as misfortune.

It becomes obvious that Crop Circles are not created by benevolent Alien forces from space trying to communicate to us. They are created by the same Hyperdimensional Tricksters that plague are Planet and continue to fool us with their lies and God-like Technology.

This false light that has come to the world has deceived many. It is the same false light that says it has come to Illuminate those who are humble and worship it. Light in the Latin is Luce named after Lucifer the bright mourning star or Venus. The strategy they are using is to give you two choices in which both are no good. The word Democratic taking its root from the Arabic word Demos or Demon and Republican taking its root from the word Reptile or Rephaim. So the choice is Reptiles or Demons you choose.

To prove this one simply has to note how many times leaders and Presidents have been photographed making the sign of Baphomet the Goat God of Mendes. Due to bloodlines of the Presidents of the U.S. having Merovingian origin they are definitely blue blood reptilian hybrids walking around the White House and Parliament hailing from the Orion constellation, Venus, Agharta, Mars, Vulcan and who knows where else. Ruling over us pretending they are like us. This is why they continue with this bloodbath without the slightest show of regret or resolution. I’m sure many reading this are familiar with David Icke’s work so it is unnecessary to reiterate what he has been explaining for years in detail thus I have been mainly covering how the blending took place.

Every IS-BE – not bound to dark forces through false beliefs, initiations, prayers, rituals – and there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS more – especially all this “beautiful love and light” groups working with Asthar, Sirius and channeling whatever are so hi-jacked in a false …

Here is what commonly happens. Because the Light cannot comprehend the Darkness many who do not have such strong evil inclinations refuse to believe anyone, especially their leaders who have such charisma, could be involved in such a vile plot of enslaving humanity.

The recent Zeitgeist movie, obviously directed by the Elite, shifts the blame of our current world state on the by product of humanity making the wrong decisions in regards to how the Planet is preserved, thus their solution is the “Venus” Project.

And the collective consciousness seems to believe there is a President in 5D…..hmmmm….I don`t think so.

The fantasy world of Disney was the fantasy of a satanic pedophile that we all had to visit because our parents knew no better. What you don’t know “can” hurt you.

People are made to believe Disney was a big kid like we all wish to be playing in a fantasy world of Castles of Medieval lure with Dragons, Princesses, and talking mice. Disney, along with other very sick men positioned themselves to be the corrupters of the innocent youth.

Source: @Karina89350882


Published November 15, 2020 by tindertender

In Roman times Sirius was known as the Red Star and they sacrificed red dogs to the star. Sirius B contains the entire mass of our Sun in a globe only 4 times bigger than the Earth. Sirius B’s surface is 300 time harder than a diamond while the core is 3,000 times harder than a diamond. This Planet makes “23” rotations on its Axis per minute thus generating a huge magnetic force. Every 50 years Sirius A and B come so close together they begin to spiral around each other at enormous rates. Once huge tidal forces are generated by these two Stars they eventually flip-flop positions. This energy is eventually released to flow on magnetic lines to the Sun, which transmits it like a lens to all the Planets. Sirius B is the far more massive out of the 2.

As you can see by these three artifacts predating the arrival of Jesus the story of the crucified divine savior on a cross is nothing new. Even the picture on the right which seems like an exact depiction of Jesus on the cross is actually Osiris conscribed way before the story of Jesus on the cross. Every era has been accompanied by a crucified savior story, there is no use in reinventing the wheel it always serves to disarm the people making them believers of something that is coming to save them and wash all their sins away.

Your sins and wrongdoings are your own past, get over them and balance them out in the present by your deeds. Nothing or no one can do this for you. Adults are behaving as children with such naive beliefs. People will soon see where all this leads and who these men really are.

A little digging uncovered that during the Initiation Rites, the Kemites, would procure concentrated doses of the Blue Lily and administer it to the Initiates. They would then place the vibration rod more commonly called an Ankh against the back of the Initiate’s neck to transfer vibration. After this the Initiate would be lead through the inner chambers of the great Pyramid, each room carried a particular frequency that would prepare the body to go into an astral death state. Finally they would be placed in the Sarcophagus and depending on the initiation his or her soul would descend to the underworld, Mars, or Sirius due to the Zero Point field of the Great Pyramid lined up on the Van Hallen Belt on 6 major ley lines. In that moment they would meet the Lord Dog of the Underworld Anubis, Bael, and others all surrounded by the hounds of hell and many other goons like Ra hanging out in the Netherworld of Dar which is were we get the word Dark.

Warning – and a bit out of the story now – but this is what the “D-elites” are doing to gather life energy from kids. Snakes are dead with the energy of sun – how appropriate….

The Fleur-de-lis is also the symbol of the Jester’s Hat or simply the Trickster or Magician who concocts magic and illusions. Just as you see the Three Wise Men come from the East also known as the Magi. You will begin to see that although it is profusely banned in the Bible for all others, often time people who are in the “Grace of God” are affiliated and acclimated with magic.

It goes further to admit that Moses himself was schooled in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. Even in Egyptian legend there are stories of other men parting large bodies of water just to find jewels that had been accidentally dropped in the sea by the women who were rowing the boats. Janus and Jambres had no problem duplicating Moses’ magic when it came to turning the staff into a Serpent, his magic seemed to be a little more powerful.

These acts are also symbolic but are mistakenly taken literal. It also mentions Dathan a well known name in Adept circles connected also to the Nephalim. In the Bible it says it was Dathan who caused the Hebrews to make the calf again. Tis true the Nephilim have enticed man to do foolish things like worshiping a calf. Of course this also has far reaching issues that effect the Spirit but let us just consider what this does on a basic level. How much time will one waste and how dense will it eventually make them if they consider their Ultimate God, a calf? Then they turn around and eat it. So you see – Believe always leads you away from yourself and who YOU really are.

Source: @Karina89350882

Channeled Messages

Published November 15, 2020 by tindertender

“No long term cattle at the table”

There are no special privileges for humanity for they are seen as a commodity only.


Some of which are doing a great job “channeling” messages of “love” … gathering folks for the “harvest”.

If you are a channeler and have not yet picked up on the fact you are being controlled .. in order to ‘control’ others, then please, work on your psychic skills.

They may have convinced you that you are not really human but a starseed or some reborn goddess or god. You are Source … in a nutshell. A drop of the ocean does not cease to be the ocean.

There is no need to bond yourself to a group who will use you to manipulate minds of others with their message.

You have the capacity to stand in your own power, fully, calling your own shots …. puppet strings are all around us.

There are hybrids and ETs in disguise governing countries across this globe.

There is a contract between them and the Galactics.

Every so often the Galactics come to harvest life forms for their vitality, their soul and spirit power. Life here is nothing but an energy source for them.

Same with the hybrids who run the show.

Our energies are manipulated in waves. The more people who participate in the controlled chaos, the bigger the energy wave … and the stronger their “spell” … the spell which “binds”.

What, did you not think they were all Sorcerers? Magnificent examples of what Controlled and Skillful Will can create, and do, using our very own energy … fear works best.

Take a look around, what do you see?

The television has programmed minds, desensitizing people to chaos and wrong doing. Add in 5G, electromagnetics to the mind, voice of god technology, mass hypnotism. You now have controlled chaos.

I’ve recently been told people are panicking about toilet paper again.

A very obvious example of mass hypnotism in play.

Superhighway Down the Path of Truth

Published November 14, 2020 by tindertender

During the invasion of the Anu known also as Ana, life forms from another constellation called Nibiru came to Tiamat/Earth to subdue it. Tiamat known as the Dragon fought the Annunaki who fought back using highly advanced weapons that ultimately split Tiamat. This is the story in the Bible of the Dragon fighting the Angels. Many of our religions are Annunaki propaganda. Their main interest was our natural elements especially the Spirit of man and woman termed, the Gold. Several situations ensued amongst these Beings even a mutiny amongst themselves. These Beings are responsible for the Nephalim stories of the Bible, they altered a race of what appeared to be then pure spiritual Beings of various types, into spirit forms incased in flesh in which they could slave and master over.

There was said to be a few amongst them that did not like the way humans were being abused and thus they began to teach “their favorites” the ways of enhancing their bodies by linking them to their spirit to become as powerful as the Annunaki, if not even more powerful since we had the spirit element in us given by the Most High. These mysteries of enhancing the body later became known as “the Wisdom of the Serpent”. The correct term would be “the Wisdom of the Spirit” who many relate to the serpent because of its spiraling movement and fiery nature.

As things began to intensify word got back to Anu the leader of the Annunaki about the humans and their new abilities. Anu sent Marduk in a ship which is Planet X to handle Tiamat called the Great Serpent and her offspring the humans once and for all. This ship the size of a Planet similar to George Lucas’s Death Star entered orbit around our Sun as the 12th Planet in the 10th position from the Sun hence its name Planet X. This marked the last crossing of Nibiru. Marduk used a weapon known in the Tablets as a Net called also the Net of Indra.

This is some type of atmospheric net that keeps souls trapped on Earth/Tiamat not allowing them to continue their evolution. Marduk who is Ra set up the Pyramid systems which I explained above as the first Matrix. Ra then became ruler of the Underworld which is the place where souls go when they remain trapped in the net but have expired their current physical body thus they are waiting on a new one, this is re-incarnation, a curse.

You can clearly see the Egyptian God Anubis serves Anu and is one of them. The Queen of England, who is the ruler of this world, has instilled the worship of Ra, Anubis, and the rest of the Annunaki pantheism under various Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebraic guises. They are doing this at the bidding of their God Anu who they say is returning with Planet X. There are many more in high places who also serve Ra such as the Arabs in Dubai.

Parliaments are tools for the Annunaki, they run mystery schools, governments, and practically the entire globe. I have yet to find anyone who opposes this force. They are supremacist such as the ideas the Talmud discusses about Gentiles thus if you are not in league with them, you are only a resource that can be abused. Christianity was hatched to seem as if it opposed all of this however it was just another plan to keep humans powerless thus continuing to stall anyone from activating by denying them information of Chakras. We will face the Annunaki in what will appear to be the first extraterrestrial contact on Earth, currently it seems Earth may face utter destruction and enslavement by them, however highest Source holds the key elements of setting such plans to ruin.

By the way – this is the Asthar Command and the “Galactic Federation of light” – the Alliance of the Luciferians….

The Annunaki themselves appear to be originally Reptilian, however, they have blended with various life essences and thus their appearances vary. In addition the Annunaki themselves seldom interact with humans directly, they use their underlings who are humans infused with Annunaki genes and in that state they are wholly indebted to the Annunaki and are controlled by them through a mental collective cellular connection.

Other names of the Annunaki and their offspring are Anakim, this is why Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader in the Star Wars Series. They are the Celtic Tuatha de Danaan Sons Dan or the Danu. They are offspring and servants of Sumarian E.A. (pronounced Aya). This is why the new name for our planet is “Ea”rth, three wise men came from the “Ea”st, and the major Christian celebration is called “Ea”ster. They are the Sumerian EL, Akkadian ILU, Babylonian ELLU, and English ELF called by their worshippers the “Shining Ones” or is it Sinning Ones? They altered man, a downgrade, calling them Lulu meaning “mixed one” and Adapa, “model man” who the Hebrews call Adam.

According to the Sumerian text Tiamat’s seas were full of souls that could be harvested. This is the hidden meaning behind the Fisher King and Jesus being called “the Fisher of Men”. When Planet X divided Tiamat into two parts she released an ocean of souls or cosmic essence into the cosmos. The Greek version of Tiamat was Demeter which is where we get the term Diameter, the cutting or dividing a circle in two, or split. This is how we became separated from our other half. The Egyptian termed these two parts the Ka and the Ba. Ka’bah.

What self aware spiritual entity would agree to a life of slavery? I was enlightened and made aware of what is transpiring and since my eyes have been open, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees…..

The Annunaki see the Earth bound souls as slaves, criminals, deviates, prisoners of war, detested social and racial groups, non-conformist and undesirables. Hammurabi’s Code, which later became the Ten Commandments, found also in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, became the guidelines issued to this race of souls to give them rules and conformity. Various plans have existed to keep us from reaching our real potential through the Art of Conviction.

The caduceus staff was in fact some type of Annunaki technology used to transfer spirits into matter and manipulate energy through the tuned vibrations of the carrier.

The scriptures say the Nephalim that roamed the Earth during the time Humans were created sinned against woman and then began to sin against the Beasts. What I have more than enough evidence to prove is that statement meant some type of insemination between animal and Demi-God that brought forth what we would now call mythological creatures. In the old days they became revered, feared and worshipped. It can be proven that many of these Beings make up the tales of Ancient Mythology when Centaurs, Cyclops, Cthulhu, and various other part man/part God/part animal creatures were roaming about, this was known as the abomination. In addition it states in the ancient text that when these Creatures died they had Souls thus they did not perish but roamed upon the face of the Earth and man called them evil Spirits and they could be evoked. These are the accounts that can be found in the books of Enoch the first man to write about the “God” of the Bible and what was taking place during those times. Interesting enough his books did not make it into publication and remained in the esoteric circles for hundreds of years. The list of the names of the Fallen Angels located in the books of Enoch were very important to the Elite for evocation.

Some of the offspring of the Nephalim that were reptilian and amphibian hybrids lived much longer and became kings. This is how the bloodlines began. The intermingling with woman continued in order to spawn successors.

The Great Pyramids point to the Sirius Star system more commonly called the Dog Star in Canis Major. On January 1st Sirius reaches the Meridian Point at exactly midnight. This is of course the beginning of the Gregorian Year. In Egypt this was the most important star, it is not only the brightest star in the sky it can also be seen from anywhere in the world which many stars cannot.

Notice the word DOG, reverse it you have God – anybody really think Source wants to call itself “Dog?? I don’t think so…

The various Demigods of Egypt were of the lineage of ancient Atlantis. Other Deities such as the African Bes became part of the Pantheism due to the power accredited to him by worshipers in Africa. Egypt absorbed all the powerful Deities throughout the land and thus the people where wholly dependent upon serving and carrying for the Gods who often manifested as the royal families. Generally they where trained in techniques of mental power, then given a rod to intensify those powers. To the people they had the power of Gods.

Everything that is living first examines what it was before, so it knows what to become next and this can be seen even with microscopic life forms. This means that if they tell us lies about what happened in the history of this world, as a race we face not only heavy mental alteration but also possible extinction. We are not continuing on our true cycle as I explained above about descending.

Real Zodiac does give a pretty accurate layout of your character but we have the ability to change our ways permanently thus altering our DNA, this is the marvel of the Human race. Considering how long this charade of playing God has been going on, this may be the first time at least in this segment that such knowledge of the inner workings of our society has been placed in our hands. Not to mention this is probably the first time a mass of people are at a comprehension level to at least grasp what is happening.

In the history of man the masses have been powerless with little intellect.

This is one secret of obtaining Higher Character, even if you have not astral traveled before, knowing that you are not the body releases you from the many expectancies of normal life and gives you another framework, the soul, to build upon. When you have dreams if you notice the shear detail that is involved in the environment you realize that we are a lot more than they are letting on about.

We are capable of doing amazing things. There is even a part in our mouth that makes 3 different types of saliva for different situations. It becomes obvious that we are not in a Ford with the standard parts we have been fashioned with bells and whistles that we have not even explored. This knowledge of enhancing the body has been held selfishly by the Elite Alchemist but now we are hacking Morpheus/Orpheus……

Source: @Karina89350882

Ancient Power of Words and Spell Casting

Published November 12, 2020 by tindertender

I will take a moment to elaborate a little more on the Code Breaking witch is Spell Breaking.

What you search for first is the smallest word of importance that you can think of let’s take for example: JAIL. Now it is actually the guttural tone and key spelling that you are searching for as everything is a vibration. That would then make the word, JAEL. It is of value to go to this extent so you can see all the words that are not so positive but used everyday as such. So let us begin.

AEL- Ale: This is the word for the intoxicating mind numbing drink of poison bluntly and rightfully called Spirits.

You have never had a President in history that showed bluntly he was a drunk. This was to send the subliminal message “you can drink and still be President.”

Programming – indeed.

BAEL-Bail: This is not only one of the main Deities of the Babylonians but also the term used when you need to get released from JAIL you must be bailed out by the bail bondsman. It also means to run like never before.

CAEL- The “K” and the “C” make the same sound when solo thus there is a more deeper meaning not to mention “X” can be manipulated to make this same vibration. What you have here is one of the most dangerous words. KAEL, KILL, to temporarily terminate life.

DAEL-Deal: Of course everyone loves a deal but this is what got us into the financial mess we are in now. Think of this, in antiquity there was such abundance barter was not even the form of transaction it was giving. We had no reason to even keep food because it grew everywhere and we loved it fresh, especially when we were on the right diets. No wheeling and dealing.

EAL-EL or L: As you see this is the keyword, it is also a one Letter word which makes it a “Core Word” when pronounced. The bible says “and the Elohim said, let us make man in our image”. This is the controller of the Matrix from multiple angles personifying itself as various Deities. L is also an upside-down 7 which is the sacred number of most belief systems.

FAEL: Fail: Besides its obvious meaning which is to not succeed it is also the past tense of Fallen. The story is really here. The Angels that fell they are the fallen ones. I will bring up now that most religions still share the same 4 Angels from Catholicism, Islam, and Christianity even in Hinduism they talk of Michael, Gabriel, Rapheal, and Uriel.

GAEL: The Gael with their mystical Ogam script can be found in various parts of interesting history as their leader Wooten was known to discover America and parts of Canada setting up trade routes before Columbus was thought of. Wooten is where our word Wednesday or Wooten’s Day comes from. This is also the name given to a destructive wind.

HAEL- Hell Hail: Again besides its obvious meaning, this is also a term used to salute various high rank officials’ especially in the German army. Since in ancient times you would name your forces according to where their power “hailed” from.

As you see in the Bible they say the good Angels come in Myriads and the bad Angels come in Legions. What would it mean to re-legion? Would this not mean to gather more troops to a previously depleted Legion? Even deeper how did their Legions become depleted anyway?

Could it be that that various beings such as the Venusians had been defeated before and fled to our Galaxy? I believe so and that is why we have to make sure to not join their ranks and if we know we have joined them through one folly or another, disavow.

Another depiction of El Saturn gliding through always sure to keep the serpent affiliation somewhere in the depiction. This is Sat, Sam, San, Sar, Sab, Sac, Sad, Sag, Sal, Sargon, Satan, Santa, Sacrifice, Samael, Salamander, Sabbath, Sadistic, Sage, etc. Many of us have these words as the roots of our names, colonization was truly about deluding and mixing bloodlines.

Question to think about: Why are so many different groups proclaiming “Victory of the LIGHT” but not “Victory of Love”???

There are contracts in place that all the deceivers have to tell the truth – in one or the other way. But humans have their eyes wide shut and are deaf—.

IEL- Ill: As in not well, sick, like the so-called Illuminated Illuminati and their Illusions.

JAEL- Pathetic these losers are using magic to imprison people thus most criminals are really victims. The Code is so heavy it is a wonder we all aren’t insane criminals even though many are and silently act it out in their mind or on video games. Behold look what things have come to man traps his brother in cages like animals for profit. The legal system itself I took personal interest in. All the Post Offices and Court Houses that belong to the United States are all built with the same Granite no matter how far they have to ship it. This granite comes from “El”berton Georgia. Crystals and Stones can be programmed with intent, and since all the stones come form the same place it all holds the same unique frequency. The police officer is a Mason, the Judge is a Mason, the Lawyer is a Mason and the Prison Guard is a Mason. From the time one gets in the system they are in the hands of the Masons modern day slavery chain.

One of the Unseen Hands of the real Illuminati. This is how they have received information of such high caliper on the subject of Galactic domination they do abide by a strict Hierarchy. Those who join are so far on the bottom of the pyramid they get crushed by the Titans on the top thus they are putty in the hands of these Beings who must be dealt with by the “Enlightened Human” on Astral Planes. One cannot concentrate too long on why they are doing this the Light does not comprehend the darkness.

Another part of the Unseen hand is the Red Dragon they are not shy in telling you they serve him. Their symbol is also the Lion and the Serpent, false Wisdom and Nobility.

“Evil has found a willing servant.” Spoken by George Bush

LAEL-Leo: The Lion who has been “Lying” since the beginning proposing to be the “Li”ght of the world and the King of the Beasts. The best depiction of the Lion is on the Wizard of Oz” and they now lack the courage to face what they have done.

MAEL- Male-Mail: This is the exciting part about the Code. Sometimes you crack into things that have such a deeper meaning that you know you still have a lot to learn. This is a powerful term all the way around. It is used to denote the masculine sex and its relationship to Ma.

A book written on Secret Societies spoke of a Brotherhood of Ma that predated most Secret Societies, period. This Brotherhood was said to be in conjunction with Mars and Maldek a Planet in our system that was destroyed. This is also a form of communication and a form of armor as in “Chain Mail”.

PAEL-Pale: An Angel that spends more than seven days on Earth is substantialized and becomes pale and opaque. Many of them dispersed into Canaan called afterwards, “Pale’stine which is now Israel. They swept the world with terror those who also came from the Isles of Albion which is Britain they looked lifeless this is where the term Albino comes from. Venusians have this same appearance.

QAEL-Quail-Still wondering why this is the state bird of California?

The Country of Canada is funding Rael to go about his Ministry of basically “do whatever you want there is no God”, just another hedonist cult on the surface however because they are linked with Thule as you can see by their Medallions I knew they had to be up to more.

Sure enough they run an actual baby cloning facility where a mother who has suffered a miscarriage can actually have the baby. They use the Blood and DNA of the deceased baby and make a new one. Of course this is a very expensive procedure so they attract very wealthy candidates. This is like the movie Omen where these evil babies were put into wealthy households to later control major companies. Either way this is big time E.T. action Rael has at least a dozen surrogate mothers on staff waiting to hatch a baby. Their website promotes all of this, no legal problems whatsoever, pure Zionist breaking all the rules they enforce.

SAEL-Sale-Seal: What you will find with the Serpent energy since each “S” is a symbol for a serpent like Hitler’s SS. Cracking the Code when you come to the “S” words, Swords, they always are deeply embedded with meaning. Now Sale and Deal go together and that makes business, the art of swindling our poor fellows. On the other hand when it comes down to it magical Seals are the most powerful. The purpose of a Seal is to close something in thus trapping it to do bidding or holding it so it won’t escape. Solomon’s Seal which is the Star of David was designed to do just that, trap things. When Solomon would Seal Jinn in bottles he would put the Star of David on top. Once again you can see that even Metatron’s cube which has hit the #1 spot in Sacred Geometry is none other than a hex used time and time again to keep souls which are seeking higher truth passing back and forth between this demented dimension and Saturn. It is a mental weakening tool as many have already admitted since its main purpose is only to weaken the cube it should never be placed in the mind.

The knowledge of the organic cube was taken from Egypt now given the title the Flower of Life. The Egyptians used this to visually encase matter within in it. Then it was used to move things, especially large objects, around with their minds. Meditating on this Geometric Shape incorrectly will help solidify the Cubic frame of the body we are already trapped in thus it is not the chariot. The real purpose for these shapes is an Art called Tesseract, which is the shape you see on the right. This is for bringing things into this dimension from the 4th. 6 Protons 6 Electrons 6 Neutrons, our body is the Carbon structure of the Cube, the Beast, but not our Spirit. The Flower of Life later became Metatron’s Cube when the lines were made straight.

TAEL-Tale- Tail- We come to our favorite Reptilian appendage the tail along with the word always used for the erroneous stories we are told especially as children i.e. Fairy Tales, Wives Tales, and Tall Tales.

VAEL-Veil: A very powerful word from my point of view, this is what creates the Illusion. The world walks about Veiled meaning unable to see the truth.

WAEL-Wail-Whale: To continuously cry and our aquatic friends known to originate on the Aquatic Moon Europa and also Sirius along with Dolphins.

YAEL- Yale-Yell: To scream and also the famous University which still has the Seal of the Urim and the Thummim, the ancient Hebraic Rune Stones. These are objects of magic used by the Levite Priest. This is also the home of Skull and Bones code number (322) March 22 turn of the Equinox.

The Name was placed under the Breastplate and would cause it to glow opening communication to the Tetragrammaton. Lucifer also had his body encrusted with special stones. The title on the book is Latin and means “Light and Truth”.

ZAEL-Zeal: It is noted in the Bible a man named Phinehas showed “Zeal” meaning in this case lots of aggressive energy to rain destruction upon the Gentiles and go to murder for God and this was shined upon. There are numerous ancestral tribes with an abundance of blood on their hands. If we chose to follow their religions we will share their same fate. Keep in mind many indigenous tribes claim to learn the worship of the serpent from Atlantians who arrived on their coasts with abnormal powers after the destruction of their city in the late month of Aether which is our October, Aeth is pronounced, Eight. October is our 10th month but Octo means eight.

As you see with this simple (4) letter word that we have examined there is a lot more to be extracted from language. Due to the Truth itself never being written nowhere near its entirety, this provides one of the only ways to extract the manifold story of what happened here on Earth, it survives in the language. Societies like the Druids never wrote anything down thus everything of value was committed to memory. As it states in several places the memory banks of man and woman were a lot more vast then they are now, they did not have to write things down. Even looking in Egypt it has been discovered that even the Hieroglyphs where a product of latter times in Egypt, the original inhabitants left no written records just Djedhi Priests. This lends more credit to the results of magnetic shifts which is extensive memory loss. I believe if a person does not have a strong sound aura, magnetic shifts can erase most past, present, and future information pertaining to the person.

Source: @Karina89350882

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