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HUman Child Sacrifice

Published August 23, 2022 by tindertender

King Solomon required the blood sacrifice of human babies.

King Mannesseh killed babies.

Moloch kills babies.

The Satan kills babies and rapes women.

Many more.

Who are these beings who feel they have the right to use HUmanity in blood sacrifice or in sex rituals to gain power in this world?

Attachments from another, explains their take on it….

Son of God

Published March 15, 2022 by tindertender

You’re all children of God.

We see how the church worships the suffering and death of the most well known child of God. They even get people to participate in the atrocity by consuming his murdered flesh and blood weekly.

That child of God did not sacrifice himself for sins. He was murdered, and the “magic” applied to this fact has not only kept him bound but the people who participate also.

As a child of God yourself, would you be okay with people killing you in a very horrendous and public way for the sins of everyone else in the world? Watching them symbolically eating your flesh and drinking your blood weekly affirming this ritualistic murder, knowing some are using this weekly sacrifice and cannibalism as a “binding” for the human family you love so much and want to save?

How would feel watching this happen over and over, seeing your chains growing thicker, created by the ceremony of the very people who expect you to save them?

Knowing they too are in chains they’ve created.

You want to know what the wailing is? It’s he, watching the children be tortured, mixed with their terror and pain and fear and screams.

The gnashing of teeth? Those who feast upon the living flesh of them.


Published March 15, 2022 by tindertender

Who do you symbolically kill and eat every Sunday in order to be saved from your own “sins”?

Sacrificing the innocence of someone else, animal or human, in order to save yourself from sin is a cowards way out. How about you focus on improving your presence in the world instead?

Making someone else pay the price for your poor essence in the world is wrong in so many ways.

Did you ever stop to think he isn’t free right now because you keep sacrificing him every week?

The story they fed you about him being in heaven is bullshit. Your actions keep him in a state of suffering.

He did not give his life for you. His life was stolen as sacrifice, the bond of which keeps humanity bound … and they do it to themselves.

What you do to one you do to yourself also.

Saturn / Remphan

Published February 21, 2021 by tindertender

Remphan is a figure described in Acts 7:43 of the King James Version of the Bible. The relevant verse reads as:

43 And you took up the tent of Moloch, and the STAR of the god Remphan, the figures which YOU MADE TO WORSHIP; and I will remove you beyond Babylon.(CONFUSION)

Another verse is that of Amos 5:26, where the word “Chiun” represents Remphan, which reads:

26 But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the STAR OF YOUR god, which YE MADE to YOURSELVES.✡️🕋

Remphan is a rendering of the Ancient Greek, ρεμφαν. It is part of a reference to Amos 5:26, which reads in Hebrew as “Chiun”, “Kewan”, “Kaiwan”, “Kiyuwn”, or “Kijun”.

The Septuagint’s reading of Amos is “raiphan” or “rephan”.

“Kēwān” is another pronunciation of the Old Persian word of Kayvân, meaning Saturn. ~ Robert R. Stieglitz,

“The Hebrew Names of the Seven Planets”


Earthseeds, Starseeds, Moon Chain Beings, Saturn and Satanism

Published February 16, 2021 by tindertender

Let me tell you something about EARTHSEEDS (in contrary to starseeds): Earthseed

There are extradimensional forces that have exploited the human race for very long periods of time by harnessing the power of humans and by harnessing the power of this planet in purposes that are very counter-evolutionary, constricting and ultimately degenerating and destructive for the species as a whole. So here we are at a certain apex in the Ascension process where our family of light, and when I say our family of light a simple way, this is very simplified, to discuss the beings that are in the human experiment on planet Earth at this time we could kind of call them ‘Earthseeds’ and ‘Starseeds’. And Earthseeds were souls that came to the planet earth to experience, never created nor destroyed, but through the creational experience of God source, to feedback the treasures of experience and knowledge into the one universal databank so to speak, and through that experience of physicality, actually grow to experience evolution and joy in the physical realms.

Here on earth we’ve got a lot of different dynamics and off planet agendas that have occurred, that have veered us off course, and now we are here again, because of the planetary dynamics of Ascension, the planet is evolving faster than human consciousness is at, in terms of human consciousness in its own self-awareness in its connection to the oneness of why this is happening. And to the larger dynamics of the planetary relationship to the human species at this time. So strange other worldly entities bombard us with their energies. Some of them obviously for evolutionary purposes, and some that are not for evolutionary purpose, but to enslave and control. So again strengthening our field, understanding the agendas, understanding why there are particular beings that are extremely interested in this planet and why, really helps us to understand as well why these particular conflicts exist and will help us again to navigate as we understand as beings in the human body at this dimensional level. We have power and dominion here. We do not realize we have power and dominion here however when we start to fully comprehend who we are as multidimensional beings, it is the key to the holographic template of which we exist. So when we start to understand this particular knowledge, it opens the field of our own self-consciousness into the realm of pure consciousness that will allow us to access God power and fully understand how to utilize that spiritual power in service to the greater good.

In the Earth human lineage there were seven (7) Root Races and five (5) additional races seeded within the Earth gene pool. The 7 Root races are called the “Earthseeds”. Each Earthseed root race evolution cycle was to develop one of the first five (1-5) strands of DNA within the 12 strand DNA original divine human blueprint. The latter additional five races are referred to as the “Cloister” races. Their function was to keep the 12 strand DNA potential alive for the entire human race and represent the advancement of human evolution. The Cloister races are also called the Starseeds. So the Earthseeds were a part of the planetary evolutionary cycle to activate each DNA strand 1-5 and then to anchor in each new respective level of dimensional experience for the human species on Earth. And the Starseeds were a part of the planetary evolutionary cycle to hold the dormant DNA strands 7-12 in order to have the template of the divine human in tact through the cycles of evolution. Even though these DNA strands are dormant, it keeps the potential of the divine human’s True Spiritual Inheritance as a 12 Strand DNA Avatar possible. Each strand of DNA when activated correlates to the dimensional field of awareness available to the soul when incarnated in the human physical body.

Throughout the course of human history there has been additional genetic material contributed from various Star Families creating large varieties of Starseeds on Earth. Further hybridization and genetic enhancements resulted in a perfect prototype intended as the seed race for humanity. The perfected genetic code created through this hybridization is referred to as the Indigo Grail Lineage. This Indigo Grail Lineage holds the DNA design to transmute entirely out of biological form and/or hold simultaneously a 12 dimensional awareness within a biological form. These Indigo Grail Lines are the primary grail lines or the “Christ” grail lines among the human races. Absolutely all human biology’s have the potential to receive genetic acceleration, evolutionary advancement that will allow the 12.

Moon Chain Beings are soulless beings, like the Greys and Zetas, that have been cloned and hybridized for use by the Annunaki, Drakonians, etc. whom have placed these beings as “workers” on various planets. Moon Chain races are a part of the Refugee Races that came from exploding planets in our Solar System. Moon Chain lineages are also cast offs from other cycles of evolution between multiple planets in our Solar System. The Moon chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the “Sexual Misery” program in the human race during this dark age. The sexual misery program is to distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual energies, therefore spiritual energies, in human beings incarnated on this planet.

The Baphomet fields are intricately involved in all deceptions and trickery relating to the Seducer Archetype which promotes the Sexual Misery Programming of the lunar forces or Moon Chain Lineages.

Many of these mind control structures on earth were held in place through magnetic imprints transmitted from the Moon, an artificial satellite. The Orion forces from Saturn have been using the moon as an outpost to transmit Lunar forces to earth. They have used the Moon Chain lineages as workers for this purpose for many millennia. These Moon lineages have been inherently responsible for the mind control transmitted to the earth to create gender separation, Sexual Misery and Misogyny.

Moon Chains, Lunar Forces
The damage incurred to the Solar Stargate system and Sun Disc Network disconnected the Avatar Christ Matrix spiritual-communication links inside the planetary core manifestation template, plummeting the Earth into the darkest age. This damage to the core template and its subsequent disconnection from the Solar Logos generated a closed system of finite energy supply that prevented planetary ascension and terminated communication with the extradimensional Diamond Sun families. The NAA groups took advantage of the closed system and the fragmented Souls of Tara as they were reseeded back into the Earth timelines to reclaim their lost Soul parts. As a result of the planetary grid damage, they had lost their Soul memories and many were recycled repeatedly into the lower dimensional bands of the 3D earth timelines, unable to heal their Soul Matrix, evolve or ascend as their consciousness body was stuck in time.

This cataclysmic event brought about the Moon Chains and Black Hole Entities that came into contact with the Earth, who began to genetically modify and harvest the planetary field to be a consciousness prison and farming territory. Moon Chains are soulless beings, like some of the Greys and Zetas, that have been cloned and hybridized for use by the NAA groups who have placed them on various moons and planets to be workers. Moon Chains also have connections to the refugee races that came from the Mars-Maldek wars, which resulted in exploding planets in the Solar System. Moon Chain lineages are also considered cast offs or laggards from other cycles of evolutionary rounds that occur between multiple planets root races located in our Solar System. The Moon Chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the sexual misery mind control program in the human race during this dark age, in order to harvest the maximum amount of human sexual energy for their explicit use. The Sexual Misery program is a lunar distortion that is designed to manipulate and abuse the Solar consciousness sexual energies. This type of manipulation is also extremely spiritually abusive because it greatly harms the human lightbody.

Saturn Base Transmission to Moon
Additionally, it has been recently observed that the Solar System Stargate 7, located inside the planet Saturn was also transmitting artificial intelligence beams through the Moon that corrupted the ultra-violet wave spectrum in our planetary Magnetosphere. The impact of several technologies used from this Archon base, seem to have been recently neutralized in some of their effects. Like 7D reversal technologies that allowed for having operable Hibernation Zones, used in phantom areas as ambush pockets, to get into the earth field quickly though parallel doorways. The parallel doorways appear to lead directly into Lake Titicaca underground water base, which have been closed off and secured. Many underground bases scattered throughout the earth are in some kind of spiritual or material conflict for control and security.

Correction of this particular AI distortion appears to help people on the earth, to potentially align with higher frequencies and to have a better functioning Crown Chakra, or 7D energy center. The moon transmissions have been especially difficult on the human mental body and the ability to actually have a brain and nervous system that actually functions well. The anticipation is for an easier clearing out of Glandular System Implants, Pineal Cages and related Crucifixion Implants, that can be more easily dissolved from the lunar distortion impact as a result. For those on the ascension path, this will gradually lead to clearer thinking, higher functioning glands and the ability to build the Perceptual Bridge that accesses the functioning of the Higher Mind.

Saturn’s Black Cube Matrix
Saturn is referred to as Black Star in ancient Judaic beliefs. A dead star would be denoting the Black Sun Agenda, the Black Star Abaddon the Destroyer which has its connection to the Black Cube Matrix in the core of the planet Saturn.

The Yahweh Matrix is a system connected into a Black Cube Matrix held through Saturn, that is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system. Saturn’s Black Cube holds a massive tank that acts as a harvesting station for blood sacrifice from human beings, in any way imaginable, whether through wars, rituals, crucifixion, martyrdom, suicide or menstrual. This makes it obvious why Saturn has been long associated with an assortment of blood worshipping cults. Saturn is also the Solar 7th Gate, so it’s been used to pump out reversal violet ray plasma light, and this is the distortion that generates reversal plasmas and reversal violet light on our planet. These reversal plasmas are designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the shadow selves or negative forms of the masses. Additionally, this alien construct was used to impale the Crucifixion Implants on the vertical axiatonal lines in the planetary body, which also devastated the vertical channel alignment of the Planetary Staff.

Satanism is based on the manipulation of energy and consciousness through Mind Control, deception and is many times ritual based SRA. These deeply sick rituals (such as Blood Sacrifice in war and killing) create an energy field, a Vibrational frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to the NAA group (i.e. reptilians) and other Consciousness energies in the lower fourth dimension. The Archons on the Saturn base transmit AI that contain Satanic belief systems to propagate these distortions on the earth. This dimensional field, also known as the lower astral to many people, which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, shame, hatred and so on. When a SRA ritual focuses these emotions, as Satanism does, a powerful connection is made with the lower fourth dimension, the NAA, Fallen Angelics or reptilians. These are some of the ‘demons’ which these rituals have been designed to summon and feed since the NAA invasion occurred.

Source: Karina

So the black sun, is Saturn!!

The incoming high photon wave as the Earth shifts into the higher vibration zone. That is possibly the real CORONAvirus of returning our DNA to its original blueprint which our controllers want to vaccinate us against.

Comment: Right – a lot of us get right now a DNA up-grade and also the activation of our light bodies which “empowers” to interdimemsional “travel” as we are interdimensional spiritual beings, just using a human body (avatar) to have a human experience. So we don`t have to be “rescued” by Lord Asthar or some other “hostile friends” of humanity.

You are ABSOLUTLEY right about the neutral point of view as an observer of the global situation. In just BEING here at this time/space point and in holding the energy we are the grid-builders and keepers for the ascension of Earth as a living entity of consciousness. Earth is the crown of creation in this galaxy. So the ascension process is in fact a process for an ascending planetary body and gives just THE POSSIBILITY of ascending human consciousness. And therefor also many incarnated starseeds are here right now in solving and healing some trauma from their incarnation during the timeline of Tara, when she exploded. Which of course created unimaginable trauma for the remaining Earth body and for the following engineered human earthseeds. Which also were “destroyed” of following cataclysmic events and none of this were really natural but always an effect of wars in the astral realm. So we have now the 4th human earthseed and are on the way to the end of a 26 500 year ending cosmic cycle which leads to the ascension of earth into Gaia.

Need For Dominance, Prompting Sacrifice Requests

Published December 21, 2020 by tindertender

So many in the unseen, trying to pour me into a preconceived role … attempting to force me into playing a certain part … that of ‘savior’ … they are SO confused! (and I’m not the only one who they are attempting to corral into this role).

It’s a mind f%ck.

They say I have the Christ Light.

(After I heard them complain that “the others” had a halo around their head)

They ask me why I wouldn’t want to do it.

They say to each other they’ll make me drunk, at the beginning … usurping my Will and my sub-conscious … as unwilling as I’ve been and AM … they still try to force the issue.

Their gods say I’m but an appetizer … a taste of Soul Energy, until the real one appears.

They say I’m innocent … and they LOVE to corrupt innocence. The things they’ve said they’ll do … perverts in the highest … an influence of the sickness we see in our world.

Cough, Cough …. a-hem … excuse me …

Perhaps they’ve forgotten the last 20 years, where they tried to end my life.


Good luck with that one!

Their intention, as I see it, is to eliminate the shiniest humans from this planet. To remove those who would thwart their plan to dominate the human race.

To ‘sacrifice’ those who would provide them some sort of gain, some reward, from their ‘god’.

It’s all selfishness.

And I do not promote or expand on it …

I ask them, “Haven’t you controlled humanity long enough as it is?”

No answer …..

Simply telling me of their need.

The ones they long to make this sacrifice to, say they have plans for this planet.

I tell them, “I do too.”

Go figure … a human being, in love with GAIA, longing to stay and see her prosper, along with bretheren … the human family.

I am so DONE with control freaks!

At the end of every generation of humanity (we are generation four) there is a new savior sought, and utilized by the controllers to make docile and subservient humans … generation five is just around the corner.

They need to rewrite the same old recycled story they use every time they harvest this planet.


You didn’t think these vaccines were for your health, to prolong your life, did you?

No … they need to clear the way for their “utopia” … provided to them by their god, for providing the shiniest souls they can muster.

Now that we are entering a broader time where telepathy will be happening to more and more people … perhaps this post won’t seem so out of the ordinary.

This is MY reality, MY creation
I am not going to be worried about anything

And I choose ME

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