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Future Proves Past

Published September 2, 2022 by tindertender

There was a movie made some time ago that showed people being “deactivated” and falling over dead. Eerily familiar to the below graphic video.

Gives new meaning to “future proves past”.

When the “lights” go out.

Sleep Paralysis

Published August 26, 2022 by tindertender

There are all kinds of things being said about sleep paralysis.

Here’s my experience.

I was sleeping, then became aware that I could not move.

I “willed” myself to sit up, then stand.

I then manifested a garden hose and sprayed the bed and room with water.

Those who burn when touched by living water do this trick of paralysis.

It’s a test of Wills, between the living and the dead.

Whether you Will yourself into movement, or pray and then receive release, it doesn’t matter the method.


Not all who appear to be living, are;

Not all who appear to be dead, are.

Claim your life force energy, gifted to you by the true Creator/God/King, and pass these tests … every time. And if you don’t pass it right away, keep trying. It’s school, it’s training, on strengthening the Will and it’s endurance.

Now is a good time to purchase room humidifiers. They will keep some of these ones at bay by moisturizing the air.

It’s No Conspiracy

Published December 19, 2020 by tindertender

We are in the midst of an intentional planetary extinction …

Please listen to the below report, and listen to many of the others Dane has offered to us over the last decade.

While humanity sleeps …

We must rise in collective, conscious awareness.

Please, jump off the political rat trap ….. it’s a distraction.


Published December 15, 2020 by tindertender

If getting vaccinated with a SECOND dose means you still have to wear a mask, and the SIDE AFFECTS are BAD for an over 99% survival virus …
Why vaccinate?

The Afterlife

Published November 3, 2020 by tindertender

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Now it is time to question what really happens to us in the afterlife. In order to do that, you have to be already awake here on Earth, and cultivate not only your self-awareness, your insight in your own inner divine self, but most importantly you ability to discriminate who you are dealing with in those spiritual or astral worlds. Ask yourself, why would a council of spiritual guides or masters busy themselves with processing the endless stream of deceased souls through life reviews to make them aware of what they might have done wrong.

True guides and masters have better things to do. It is the same there as here on Earth. People are conditioned to believe what authorities tell them is good for them. The school and governmental systems are set up for that purpose. In the spiritual arena, churches, priests, and gurus take up that role. People end up not believing in themselves. In certain yoga systems, they will tell you that there is only one Guru, that is your own inner divine self. Listen to that and you know what is true or not. Of course, you can listen to what somebody else tells you, but then go within yourself, and feel if it has any value, if it is based on truth, and let your own inner voice to have the last word.

When it is your time to leave this physical body behind, and experience the astral dimensions, be aware of what you encounter, and question everything. Keep your awareness in your center, and from there feel what the possibilities are for you at that point. Discernment always has been a necessity, now even more than ever before.

Let`s go deeper in humans “after life”….. The “tunnel of light” as part of the “extended earth matrix”…….. Excerpts:

…What happens in those ‘life reviews’ is cunning manipulation of your emotions in order to feel guilty based on your own morals and belief systems. In the universe there no good nor bad. Good and bad are based on conscience. Conscience is a mental construct n our own personal history of rules of behavior instilled in you by your environment, that is, parents, family, friends, school teachers, government. Then we add to that our own point of view of what we find acceptable or not. It has no bases on anything divine, or cosmic or spiritual laws. The cosmos is neutral in that regards. Anything goes. Yes, there is cause and effect. Whatever we do will result in certain effects that one has to deal with. There is nothing in the universe, nor inside yourself that says that you have to go suffer because of what you did in the past. You might want to rectify something that you are not comfortable with, but there are always ways to do this in a positive way.

The council of the ‘spiritual guides’ will never openly say that you did something wrong. They know better and they cannot force a soul to incarnate again. They show those scenes of his past life that they know will instill guilt in the soul, so eventually the soul will agree to go back into a physical body to go suffer again in an effort to dissolve his ‘sins’. When it is time to incarnate again, we find, yet again, other ‘guides’ that show the soul a selection of human lives from which he can choose, and then program certain life events that will ‘aid’ him in learning his lessons.

Shouldn’t we ask who are those ‘spiritual guides’ in the council of life review? Any authority that that makes you feel guilty, and tells you what to do is assuming control over you and makes you subject to their own wishes. Such an authority has their own agenda. Councils are OK when they work for the betterment of other souls or beings, but not if they impose something, even if it is done is a subtle or deceptive way. If you hear the word ‘contract’ that you have possible agreed to in a distant past, you should cancel it right away, because it is most often a deal in which you were tricked into.

Don’t misunderstand me, Earth is a learning school and we can reincarnate here as many times we want for whatever reason we want. The problem is that the soul between life times, is being manipulated into believing that he has done bad things, and that he must suffer again.

Now, ask yourself, if this is karma, if man has to suffer, then those suffering humans, need others who will inflict the suffering on them. For example, if you have to undergo bullying, then there needs to be a bully. So, what truly, enlightened guide or master, would make a soul incarnate and pre-destine him to go bully others. Or to go torture and kill. Or to wage wars, etc. Who makes psychopaths incarnate to make the lives of ordinary people hell on Earth? Then when these psychopaths die, they get the same story in their life reviews, and get send back to undergo suffering this time. And on and on it goes. The suffering of humanity never ends. And,…that is the point. Because all that suffering generates a lots of emotional energy that is harvested by the alien Controllers.

Separation Into Spirit

Published August 4, 2020 by tindertender

Question: In what sense should we understand eternal life?

Answer: Only life of the spirit is eternal; the life of the body is transitory and fleeting. When the body dies, the soul returns to eternal life.

Question: Is the separation of the soul from body painful?

Answer: No, the body often suffers more during life than at the moment of death; the soul has nothing to do with it. The suffering that a man sometimes experiences at the moment of death provides satisfaction for his spirit, in that he sees his exile coming to an end.

Question: Can the definitive separation between soul and body occur before the complete cessation of organic life?

Answer: During the death throes, the soul sometimes has already left the body, which in this case possesses nothing except organic life. The dying man no longer has any consciousness of himself, and yet a last gasp of life remains. The body is a machine that the heart keeps running, and it continues to live as long as the heart pumps blood through the vessels, and for that it does not need the soul.

Question: What sensation does the soul experience the moment it realizes that it is in the spirit world?

Answer: That is as the case may be. If you have done evil for the sake of evil, you find yourself at first ashamed of what you have done. It is much different in the case of the upright person, who feels relieved of a great burden, and does not fear the most meticulous scrutiny.

Question: Upon leaving the body, does the soul immediately have consciousness of itself?

Answer: Immediately is not the right word, it finds itself in a state of bewilderment for some time.

Question: Do all spirits experience the bewilderment that follows the disengagement of the soul from the body to the same degree and for the same amount of time?

Answer: No, it depends on their elevation. Those who are already purified are almost immediately aware of themselves, because they had already detached themselves from matter during their corporeal life. The carnal man, however, who’s conscience is not clear, retains the impression from matter for longer.

Question: Does the knowledge of Spiritism have any influence on the shorter or longer duration of this confusion?

Answer: It has a great influence, in that the spirit understands its situation in advance. The practice of a good and a clear conscience have the most influence, however.

~ The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec
Chapter 3, part 1, 153 – part 2, 154, 156, 159 – part 3, 163, 164, 165

Annihilation Of The Soul, Future Life

Published July 21, 2020 by tindertender

Question: Why does man have an instinctive aversion to the idea of the annihilation of the soul?

Answer: Because there is no such thing as nothingness.

Question: Where does our instinctive sentiment of a future life come from?

Answer: We have already told you: before incarnating, the spirit is aware of all these things, and, once incarnate, the soul retains a vague memory of that knowledge and of what was seen during the interval in between incarnations.

Question: At the moment of death, what is the prevailing feeling in most people: doubt, fear, or hope?

Answer: Doubt in the case of hardhearted skeptics; fear, in the case of the guilty; and hope, in the case of the virtuous.

Question: Why are there skeptics at all, as the soul gives man the intuition of spiritual matters?

Answer: There are fewer skeptics than you suppose. During life, many pretend to be bold freethinkers out of pride, but at the moment of death, they are much less arrogant.

The consequences of the future life derive from the responsibility for our acts. With regard to the distribution of the joys to which all aspire, reason and justice tell us that the good and the wicked cannot possibly be ranked together. God cannot have wished for some to be awarded enjoyments without effort, whereas others only through struggle and perseverance.

The idea that God applies His justice and mercy through the wisdom of His laws does not allow us to believe that the righteous and the wicked are at the same level in His eyes. Nor can we doubt that some day the former shall receive a reward, and the latter a punishment, for the good or evil they have done. That is why our innate sense of justice gives us the intuition of future rewards and punishments.

Question: Is God personally concerned with each individual? Isn’t God too great and aren’t we too small for each individual in particular to have any importance in His eyes?

Answer: God is concerned with all the beings He created, no matter how small they may be. Nothing is too small for the goodness of God.

The Spirits’ Book by Allen Kardec, Chapter 2, part 1: 958, 959; part 2: 961, 962, part 3: 963


A Buffalo Named Black Diamond

Published July 13, 2020 by tindertender

The historic, “Indian Head Nickel” once appeared on a 1970’s protest poster that read, “…The only Indian America ever cared about”.

The true story of the subject of the coin includes the account of the sad fate of, “Black Diamond”, the majestic bison that served as the model on the nickle’s reverse face. Black Diamond [nicknamed, “Toby”] was called The, “contrariest” animal in a New York City zoo where he was kept, hailed as the largest of his kind who in his prime weighed more than 1,500 pounds. After the Buffalo Nickel went into circulation, Black Diamond became something of a celebrity, with many people coming to the zoo just to see the buffalo from the coin. Amazingly, after an unsuccessful public auction, the Central Park Zoo sold Black Diamond to A. Silz, Inc., a meat-packing company.

Despite many efforts to save him, Black Diamond was slaughtered. A taxidermist mounted his head and turned his hide into an automobile robe. The A. Silz company began selling steaks to restaurants under the “Black Diamond” brand. ~ November 17, 1915.

New York Times article excerpt ~

“The mighty bison Black Diamond bravely stood his ground in the Joseph Stern & Co. slaughterhouse on West 40th Street in New York City, staring at the man aiming the .38-caliber revolver at him. When the man pulled the trigger, the weapon kicked in his hand as the bullet hit Black Diamond’s head, but didn’t penetrate his four-inch-thick skull, which was covered with a hide two inches thick. Instead, the bullet dropped to the ground, flattened, amazing onlookers [400 people were reported to be in attendance] , Black Diamond, angry and sensing danger, lowered his head to charge his assailant, but a second assassin was waiting, this one holding a sledgehammer. When the bison, nicknamed Toby, lowered his head, that man gave a mighty swing and the sledgehammer made a sickening thud as it crushed Black Diamond’s skull…”

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