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Rise Up, My Sisters

Published February 19, 2021 by tindertender

I am the river of life
I am the keeper of this dream
Walk with me I’ll tell you a thousand stories
Long ago given to the earth

These mountains tall
They are my only walls
In this temple where I bow


Rise up, my sisters, rise up
We are the water, the sacred cup
It’s in our hands that all life grows
It’s in your dance, it’s in your hands
It’s in your love we rise above

It’s in your song I hear my soul
So rise up, my sisters, rise up
Let us lift each other up
Sing it from your heart
and from your soul


Sun and moon they shine together
She moves the waters
and dances with the heavens

In your eyes I see Haseya rise
In your eyes I see the giver of this life



Connected ~ Who’s in Control?

Published February 18, 2021 by tindertender

You can’t stop a woman who has the universe inside her.

Yes, her dream states may be manipulated.

There may be those in the astral who attempt to shame her.

Their seeming intention is to make her feel weak and vulnerable.

All that does is show their own frustration at their inability to manipulate her waking state.

She remains in joy.

She sheds all attempts to make her feel shame.

She recognizes her power by the sneaky hidden ones frustrations, shown by their influence in the astral. In the dream state.

Their power ends there.

Fully conscious, she chooses self-love. Not perverted, but fresh, whole and free.

Strong efforts are made to cause the praying woman shame and humiliation.

The night is the night, and the day is the day.

They may influence the dream state.

But she knows who she is.

She has SEEN herself, true.

She is LOVE.

She is PURE.


She is SACRED.

She is here to remind the manipulators they have no authority here.

Their influence ends once she enters fully into consciousness.

Their power is shallow and vague at best.

She releases all burdens attempted on her.

She sheds any and all fragments of the perverted unseen.

And she goes on to live a fabulous, love filled day, knowing full well the guardians and guides she has called upon are with her always.

Life is life.

Seen, unseen.

1. Law of divine oneness

The law of divine oneness is the MVP of the universal laws, in that it’s the one upon which all others build. This law states that we are all connected through creation, Every single atom inside of you is connected in some way, shape, or form to the rest of the universe you move through.

This means that everything we do has a ripple effect and impacts the collective—not just ourselves. To call upon this principle for self-improvement, simply remember that your actions both matter and make a difference.

2. Law of vibration

Everything in the universe has a frequency and a vibration, Nothing ever stands still, as everything is always either being pushed away or pulled toward something. Furthermore, items of a similar vibration are attracted to each other. So, to use this law to manifest your desires, you must match your vibration with that of what you want.

3. Law of correspondence

The premise behind the law of correspondence is that our lives are created by the subconscious patterns we repeat every single day, and these patterns either serve us or hold us back. Activate this law by becoming aware of your own patterns, which are often passed down via family ties, and then consciously taking action steps to break them.

4. Law of attraction

This is the law of vibration in action. Many people get scared by the notion that bad thoughts or low vibrations can somehow destroy their life because they’re unaware. The law is not a punishment, but a very clear mirror of our self-worth and mind-set. You’re surrounded by the outcome of decisions you’ve made in the past and are fully capable of making other decisions and attracting a different set of circumstances.

5. Law of inspired action

While the law of attraction is about vibrationally aligning yourself with whatever it is you want, the law of inspired action is about taking—you guessed it—action in order to bring what you want to fruition. So you can certainly create vision boards, but Wilder says taking physical steps to move you closer to your vision is much more crucial.

6. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

This law means that even the smallest action can have a profound effect. Like the seed of a mighty tree holds all its promise in its tiny shell, you also have the power within you to move mountains.

To put the law into action on a practical level, it is recommended to do small things every day that uplift you, whether that’s singing in the shower, dancing like nobody’s watching, or anything else. Remember, small shifts equal major results.

7. Law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect, also known as the law of karma, states that any action causes a reaction, and that whatever you put out—good or bad—you get right back. To harness the power of this law, be aware of how your actions and decisions are affecting not just yourself but everyone around you, and focus on sending out good vibes only.

8. Law of compensation

The law of compensation is about reaping what you sow. It instills trust in us that we will be compensated for our work as long as we’re open to receiving in all the many ways that the universe can deliver.

To be clear, compensation in this sense isn’t limited to employment arrangements or financial compensation. Rather, it’s about receiving compensation for all your contributions to the world around you, including the love, joy, and kindness you spread; it is all rewarded.

9. Law of relativity

Nothing and no one is inherently good or bad. Everything is a spectrum of expression, and there is more than one perspective on any situation or challenge. In other words, we are the ones who assign meaning to things, so we can choose to regard things as “bad” or as happening in our favor.

10. Law of polarity

Everything has a polar opposite: If there’s an up, there’s a down. If there’s light, there’s dark. One cannot exist without the other. Experiencing these polarities is part of the human experience, and that they also help us learn from our mistakes and support us in identifying what we don’t want so we can get clearer on what we do want.

11. Law of perpetual motion

The law of perpetual motion tells us that everything is forever changing and our job is to embrace the ride. If life is tough and challenging, know that it will change. If everything is peachy, then savor the moment, but don’t try to make it last beyond the natural order of things. Each stage of life has tremendous gifts to offer.

12. The law of giving and receiving

The energies of giving and receiving operate within all of us, and in order to create flow, they need to be in balance. To work with this law is to recognize where in your life the balance between giving and receiving is off. You have to allow both sides in you to have their say and get their way.


Published February 11, 2021 by tindertender

I received my new pendulum today, it is called the Orion. (Purchased from Erich Hunter https://www.facebook.com/pendulum.healing.9)

It has excellent response to command and question.

I was doing some commands and then I wondered how it performs as a dowsing tool.

You aren’t able to see my hand here but I can assure you I was not purposefully influencing the swing of the pendulum.

Here’s a little video, and I guess I can claim status now. 😘 Gotta love a pendulum telling you you’re a queen and a goddess. I think the Orion is my new best friend, lol. 😉

I wrote a letter … to whom is but a dream, real none-the-less.

The hue of you is near translucent, I can see all of your cracks and scars. Fire’s flame reflects off you in a gentle glow.

Rose petals fall softly, surrounding your form, their sweet aroma filling the air.

I was a wanderer among shadows bumping into everything that gifted a bruise.

But then I saw the flickering light which drew me near, somehow smothering my fear.

You welcomed me, saying I was the “entertainment”, a thing to be used, not cherished.

And so off to the shadow I move once more, leaving you and flame behind.

The wind howls and temperature drops.

Yet I am warmed by dignity and wrapped in self-respect.

All I want, indeed, all I need.

When I was finished with my meditation I decided to draw a few cards. Looks like there is more to be seen and understood … much more.

See the Signs ~ We are often sent small signs in the form of synchronicities and coincidences. Be watchful. Do not overlook them in the everyday rush of life. Words, numbers, and symbols that repeat, animal and birds that appear on your path, people who come in and out of your life at odd or similar moments, and those flashes of knowing when you believe something will happen with every fiber of your being ~ these are all things you are meant to see and hear; messages from Gaia and Great Spirit sent to aid your journey.

See the Truth ~ Do not be deceived. Be watchful and mindful of the illusions others weave around themselves, and that you may weave around yourself. Know the night. Understand the shadows. See through the darkness to the light of truth. Pay attention to contradictions. Notice when actions and words are not in harmony. Hone your intuition and insight so that you may know the minds and hearts of those around you – and yourself – and trust in the wisdom born of that awareness.

Challenge Your Perception ~ You cannot challenge an out-dated perception or one born from a lack of understanding if you are unwilling to put aside your feelings and beliefs and embrace another’s point of view. To do so makes you aware of the whole and stands you up on high where you can see that both parties involved in a dispute can act against an injustice. Both can be right, both can be wrong, and what one may perceive to be harmful, may be seen as both healing and beneficial by the other.

Messenger Oracle created by Ravynne Phelan

That Which You Are

Published February 9, 2021 by tindertender

Perhaps people do not realize that they are Source.

When we give up the position of power, when we cede our authority to another, that effectively places them in control over the portion of Source which is us.

There are many powerful entities in the unseen who long to control Source … to BE god, to usurp the throne upon which we sit and essentially, take our place.

They require the Source … that which WE are.

Why do you think there are so many people inflicted with mental illness? It is not a chemical deficiency. It is an attack upon Source.

Now, some say that we all are one, even the pedophile, even the ones that the devil would say are evil.

Yet if this were true, then the Source that we are would not be under attack, would not be ensnared and entrapped.

You remember the story where the devil wanted to BE god? To claim the throne?

This throne resides in our essence. OUR human essence.

“She must be human” he states. “She has the gateway to Source” he states.

Oh how they pine for it.

They haven’t moved into the activation of their plan, for ‘survival’ of what they must do is not guaranteed … and they do not want to lose this one, or the opportunity they seek.

They claim to be from the future … to protect their future.

They feel if they find what they are looking for they can steer the results into a format they approve of … and not which is best for humanity … for those who are Soul, and the Seat of the Soul which is Source.

Yes, they call it a holy war for a reason.

Those who actually ARE helping humanity, standing back as observer and as guide, use feeling as and intuitive connection for the communication. Then there are the ones who put their voices into the mind of others, instructing them to do this, or say that, to put out specific messages to the public who cannot hear.

And they do. They essentially become the puppets spreading someone elses messages.

Same as a politician, or a religious ‘leader’.

There are people who pray to a god, or gods, or want-to-be gods, and they know that if they were to speak out about this secret agreement, they would lose everything they’ve acquired. Oh yes, they would be stripped of whatever successes they had gained thru their loyalty to the hidden rulers. I understand this as it was told to me by one who has this agreement … she stated that she provides for her family thru these agreements, and she longs to continue to provide for her family, and she knows that she would lose everything should she speak out about them.

I have no-thing … not really.

The hidden ones did a walk-thru of my house. They stated “she even has a dining table”. Apparently my life is too good, built not from their approval, but by the sweat of my chinny chin chin, thru my own trials and tribulations.

I have paid dearly for my position in this life, and it isn’t much, but it is comfortable.

I do not fit in with their system.

It is no wonder I attract so much attention.

How dare a portion of Source claim her Divine right to Create a Life for herself without prior approval?

Because I Am Source, I AM Soul, I Am the Seat of the Soul, I am Divinity in itself.

And so are my Human brothers and Sisters.

This is what they are working to eliminate.

They’ll lure you in, they’ll play nice and even sound as friend … and most ‘channelers’ relay exactly the information as told to them, they are good servants, doing as told. If they chose instead to stand on their own, they would receive massive attack from these so-called friends.

I know. And I have.

Yet I still stand.

Alive, and willing to tell you of it.

Those who have sex with you in the astral are simply tatsting your energies. Lower forms of life feed on the lower chakras … they desire to know if you are a good food Source for them … they require it to survive.

They refer to humanity as a commodity, as cattle.

It isn’t easy hearing the double-speak of these ones.

They are all beauty and care on the surface, but the reality is, they hate us with a passion … why? Because they need us. They would fade out if they were not able to feed on the Seat of the Soul, on Source. And this really pisses them off.

So they’ll make friends in order to get what they want, and once you are snared, they’ve got you and can do whatever they please … to your physical form, to your mental and energetic forms, to your life … in the past, present, and future.

To me even, yet, as the rebellious nature that I am, I speak out still.

I am sorry, many of you have been duped by the oldest form of control on this planet, AND their other-worldly masters.

Thankfully, there are more present who are listening and observing, knowing the Law of One and what Source truly is, and they fight on our behalf, even as we are convinced to play puppet to those who long to continue dominating life upon this planet, indeed, the planet herself.

Allowing another to steer you in the service to your soul is a manipulation, where you willingly give up your own authority to Live Fully, Authentically, from Source.

That which You Are.

God Source.

Goddess Source.

The most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

Humans are the Seat of the Soul, Source itself. And they want to control Source. Can’t let us know just how special we truly are … they call us (Soul) the most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

They KNOW that Source is LOVE and they manipulate it skillfully to achieve agreement, simply so they can continue to control it.

Awareness is step one to extraction from the binding.

We Are Goddess Born

Published February 4, 2021 by tindertender

We return to the magic of the shadows to recharge, growing our wild medicine with steady hands, the crescent Moon shining between our brows.

We are not evil, nor have we ever been. The tales of the patriarchy only veil us as such attempting to taint our gifts with fear and lies.

We who craft with rock, Moon, herb and branch breathing blessings into the sky. We who are the weavers of nightsong and Earth healing. We who commune with the animals hearing their messages and guidance.

We go by many names.
Shamaness, wise woman, witch, priestess.

Once they stood for healing, connection with nature and ancient wisdom. They meant hope for those who needed aid, guidance in times of peril.

But these names have been twisted by the system that would keep us hidden and our voices silent. They were painted through the ages with stories that cast down the medicine of the feminine and her wild knowing.

We are here to reclaim our truth.
We come from the stars, the sea and the wild to take back our power. The time has come to bring our medicine into the world and bring back the ancient mysteries, the Goddess and the ways of the natural world.

The time has come for healing and growth, for the daughters of the sacred to stand tall, rooted in the compass of our intuition.

The tides have turned and the age of darkness is over.

The time of the wise woman is once again upon us.

Long may we rise, long may we howl!!!



Who/What Is A Goddess?

Published January 29, 2021 by tindertender

This is for some of my devine feminines who were/are Goddesses and stepped down from much higher realms – so let’s ask the question: “WHO AND WHAT IS A GODDESS”?

A Goddess knows her strength. She’s anchored in her truth. She has channeled her experiences, good and bad alike, and transformed them into wisdom. She can guide you from dark to light and sometimes She will guide you into the depths of your own darkness so you can bring it to light, heal, transmute, and evolve.

She is a warrior of light. Unafraid she walks the earth and every step she takes along the way is a blessing for this planet.

All life is created in her sacred womb. It is She who breathes life into existence.

If you are blessed to have Her goddess energy touch your life She will transform you forever.

As the saying goes: “Be aware of what you’re wishing for.”

A man who has fully embodied divine masculine energy yearns for union with his goddess but a man who has yet to make contact with his higher self will run from Her.

When you have reached the light She will be your blessing but when you are still in darkness She will terrify you as She will inevitably force you out of your comfort zone.

He has to make sure that he’s ready for her. She will shower his life with magic. Her presence alone will challenge his mind and heart to enter uncharted territories. It is in this space where his conscious awareness is tested by the universe.

And it is here where his most profound transformation begins
-if he is not afraid of her power,
-if he is not intimidated by how unapologetically real she is.

You cannot love Her half-heartedly. She will know and not fall for it. She does not submit or acquiesce to a relationship that is less than sacred, true, and healing.

Her divine feminine wisdom knows that this planet needs Her energy to thrive and she will not sacrifice any of it to a man with limited conscious awareness. But She will worship a God who has done the inner work and is ready for a divine union.

This planet needs the union of Gods and Goddesses to be the conscious creators of new earth. The old earth too was once created by Gods and Goddesses.

Only when you are in touch with your own soul you are able to form a sacred union.

Mutual honor, freedom, trust, loyalty, authenticity, and integrity are the building blocks for romantic relationships of new earth.

All of this you must first find and cultivate within yourself to be ready for it.

Separating a God and a Goddess is to separate the cross. This is the meaning of Christ-Consciousness. The wisdom that males and females are equals who belong to each other.

The old world has been ruled by harsh male energy for far too long. Over time females have been forced to be more and more like men and ultimately, men have become suspicious of females.

It is time for women to be females again, nourishing, peaceful, compassionate, supportive creatures of unconditional love.

And men must be true again, comforting, caring, building, in touch with their masculine strength.

Come together in love. Evolve from trickery, manipulation, jealousy, and games. Learn to be vulnerable, regardless of your gender.

Begin by becoming a mate to your own soul. This is the first step before you can find and unite with your soulmate.

Ego (FEAR) brought us here, love takes us to the next level.

Separation is fear. Fear is an illusion.

Love means unity, oneness, harmony.

When will you wake up and surrender to love? That will be your moment of truth, the moment you acknowledge your own goddess within regardless of your gender, fall in love with Her and breathe life into your own existence.

Decide to acknowledge, honor, and worship the Goddess within now. Will it, speak it, and be ready for the shift.

Understand that She gave you the greatest gift of all, your life.

The masculine energy carries the frequency of light which is information. The feminine energy carries the frequency of love which is creation. Love is the only reality. Herein lies the power of all of creation. Love creates life based on the information provided.

“Choose love, choose love, this life is nothing but a burden without love.” ~ Rumi

Source: @Karina89350882

Who Is God?

Published January 27, 2021 by tindertender

I keep asking people …. who is god?

There are many …..

I view it as “Source” of which we are all a divine segment of … We ourselves are Creator Beings …. so I guess maybe when someone says, “give it to god”, this means, give it to the Collective in the unseen who are able to dispel it better than we, as they are at a higher vibrational level, with ‘other’ skills.


Oracle Reading 1-11-2021

Published January 11, 2021 by tindertender

Two opposites unite in harmonious relationship.

Acknowledgement of authentic feelings can lead to forgiveness.

You have a deep understanding of your current situation. You are able to reign in wild feelings in order to weather the storm.

Honor the union between natural and supernatural worlds. Healing is imminent, but attention must be paid to root cause – the illness of the soul. Attend to the dark, mysterious aspects of the self. There will be a period of health after the souls deeper yearnings have been tended.

It is time to withdraw, reflect, and prepare for the next stage of life. An ending of the current phase is inevitable. To move forward authentically, an encounter with an unknown or unlived part of the self must take place. It is not in the light, but in the land of shades that you will find the seeds of the next phase of your journey.

It is time to be reflective and meditative.

There is a need to explore herbalism and ritual. Honor the powerful healing properties found in the natural world.

From the deck Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines created by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark

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