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What Is God?

Published November 7, 2018 by tindertender

Sun Beam

If speaking to a spiritual novice during the darker days of human evolution, one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “He” were angry, testing, and judgmental. 

To someone a bit more savvy, during easier times, one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “She” were always loving, nurturing, and forever conspiring on your behalf. 

And to someone on the verge of a total breakthrough, during the latter days of human evolution, one might explain God by asking them to turn up the music, take off their shoes, walk in the grass, unleash the dogs, free the canary, catch a breeze, ride a wave, dance every day, get up early, take a nap, stay out late, eat chocolate, feel the love, give stuff away, earn it back, give some more, and laugh…. Really. 

Really, really. 

Catch a breeze – 

 ~ The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

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Who Is God(dess)?

Published August 28, 2018 by tindertender

I wonder when patriarchy got its start. The Bible states it was before time, but was it? There was once a time (and still is) when whole villages were led by the matriarchs, but they have been wiped from most of history, murdered, vilified. Could it be that the wisdom of woman threatened the psyche of man?


Forbidden History

Published September 24, 2017 by tindertender






Sri Argala Stotram – Show Me Love

Published March 26, 2017 by tindertender


She Who Conquers Over All. All-Auspicious, the remover of Darkness, the Excellent One Beyond Time, the bearer of the Skulls of Impure thought the reliever of difficulties, loving forgiveness, supporter of the Universe, you are the One who truly receives the offerings made to the Gods and the Ancestors. I bow to you.

Victory to you, Oh Goddess. You are the Supreme Conqueror and the slayer of passion and anger! You relieve the troubles of all existence! Oh Goddess who pervades everything. You are the One who destroys all darkness and negativity and always does good for us. I bow to you.

To you who defeated the negative qualities (demons) of “Too Little” and “Too Much”, Giver of the blessings of the creativity, I bow to you.

Grant us your form (Liberation), Grant us victory, Grant us welfare, remove all hostility (negativity).

To you who caused the destruction of the Demon of “Great Ego”, Giver of happiness to devotees. I bow to you.

Slayer of the Demons Shumbha (self-conceit), Nishumbha (self-deprecation) and Dhumalocana (ignorance).

O Chandike! For those who bow to you with devotion, you remove all distress.

Grant good fortune, freedom from disease, grant us supreme happiness.

Oh Goddess, grant us liberation and supreme prosperity.

Oh Supreme Goddess, the Lord of the Daughter of the Himalayas (Shiva) always sings your praise.

You who are worshipped by the husband of Indrani (Indra) with devotion.

With your great staff you have destroyed the demons of egotism and thought.

Oh Goddess, grant me a wife who will lead the family across this terrible ocean of life and death.

I wanna know what Love is.

I want you to show me.

I wanna feel what Love is.

I know (that) you can show me.

Bast ~ Protection and Pleasure

Published March 12, 2017 by tindertender


hathor-snake-US-WU76710A4-1Bast ~ her name means (female) devourer. Also known as Lady of the East, the Goddess of the Rising Sun, The Sacred and All-Seeing Eye, and the Lady of Flame. She is an ancient solar and war goddess.

She teaches us to relax and never waste energy, reminding us to luxuriate in beauty, perfume, and to sway in graceful movement. She refuses to take anything too seriously.

Protector of the household, bringer of health, and the guardian saint of firefighters … the original mistress of multi-tasking …

… leading us to accept the true nature of things (ourselves included) and helping us remain unswayed by the opinion of others …

Her gifts, very cat-like in nature, include the refusal to be at everyone’s beck and call and an insistence on the freedom of expression.

Who are you … really?
Do you remember?

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