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An Anointing Pours Forth

Published January 3, 2022 by tindertender

Oooohhh the Spirit GAVE ME the TEA ON SOME OF YOU!!!

An anointing is about to pour forth on you… Spirit is about to come through AND kick down them doors and obstacles in your way and that Midas touch is gonna hit like GOLD IS THE NEW WAVE! 🌊 …

Some of you are about to face STRAIGHT IN THE FACE of that hurt inner child and healing is gonna come like a new set of clothes. Fresh out the Box. The God Child in you is about to GLOW UP! LIKE WOAH …

Some of you have been struggling with addiction, self esteem, low energies … Y’all about to be shaken the fuck awake cause Spirit isn’t coming to play… He wants ALL HIS CHILDREN and if you ain’t getting RIGHT ..THEN YOU GETTING LEFT.

New Star seeds and Hybrids are about to EXPLODE on the scene like the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. All you older ones are gonna have to remember that every baby has to crawl before they walk. So be patient cause they’re gonna work your nerves but they’ll pick up quickly.

New colonies are going to be formed. Borders and boundaries that once were separating are going to be crumbling like the Berlin Wall. And a REMEMBERING is about to slap some of you straight in to 5D.

Technology is going to be like WOAH this year. But what THEY wanted to use against us, it’s about to flip because their Story plot got trashed like a shit screenplay. WE’RE THE NEW SCRIPT WRITERS NOW.

2022 is NOT THE YEAR to doubt yourself. It’s not the time to SECOND GUESS YOURSELF. Spirit is saying IT’S TIME TO BE THE ROYALTY YOU ARE AND STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOURSELF. Head Up…Chest Out…Shoulders Back! TAKE THIS YEAR BY AIMING HIGH.

Self Care is A MUST. Get your Vision Boards together. Get your meditations done. Move in SILENCE. Stop telling your plans to people who are too small to handle YOUR GREATNESS! LET’S GO!!!!

Spirit is saying … STEP ASIDE AND WATCH ME MOVE! Things you been praying for is about to come to like Magnets. Vibe High. Don’t look down.

Understand that the Shadow is just you. It’s the parts of you that need the most healing and love. Who deserves your love more than YOU? You can do this!

You have another BIG shift about to happen. This one is going to play you in total alignment fully in heart, mind, soul. Instant manifestations will come. At first it’s going to surprise you, then it’s going to become almost like a comedy or game how easy you’ll flow.

It’s beautiful the vibe and aura I feel coming from you. It’s like a frequency turned up from the heart chakra and the beaming from the Crown Chakra. There’s a presence that is going to just simply command respect without opening your mouth.

Written by: https://twitter.com/aradiant1899?s=21

Lilith the HU

Published December 31, 2021 by tindertender

Lilith … “first wife of Adam” …. wanted to rest in her sovereignty. She refused to bow to Adam …. Adam was a creation of the fallen. Over time we were snared and Rebirthed into carbon bodies. Our light bodies were replaced with carbon bodies. Because Lilith did not bow to this fallen HUman…. because she was HU, she was told her children would die by the thousands …. child sacrifice, perpetuated by those who gain power by doing it. Well HU are here from beyond the sun. Lilith is also here, in a carbon body. She, like others, are raising her own, and that of the worlds vibration, her truest family here to support us as we do …Rising to meet their HU family. Fallen no more. There will be an end to the killing of her children. Quite soon. And we will rise as the HU we are. Unless some choose they like being big in a fallen slave matrix.

Bhadra Kali

Published December 27, 2021 by tindertender

Our wild divine mother knows when to become gentle with our hearts, bestowing sweetness that liberates us from fear. Though you may have faced much struggle and challenge on your path, though it may seem only the most powerful intensity could stem the tide of negativity, the dark mother of grace will conquer the obstacles to your freedom with gentleness. She manifests herself now as Bhadra the gentle. She will calm the waves of emotion, eradicate doubt and despair, and provide safe and graceful passage through all difficulties.

Bhadra Kali, or ‘wish-fulfilling Kali’, is an auspicious and gentle form of Kali Ma. She is Kalyani who gives peace and happiness. She is the giver of windfalls and blessings. She appears when a gentle way will best accomplish what is needed. Sometimes, we are drawn to Kali because we need her ferocity. Sometimes, what we learn as we connect with her is that we deserve tenderness, sweetness and gentleness, and that we have been far too hard on ourselves for far too long. Bhadra Kali reminds us that we are strong enough to be gentle with ourselves. If we have been subconsciously sabotaging ourselves, she softly and deftly breaks the pattern. We no longer need to engage in unnecessary drama under a mistaken notion that it is necessary for growth. Sometimes, the growth is in choosing to cultivate and apply the kindness, strength and wisdom needed to disentangle and disengage from drama. It is about finding the inner strength to be true to ourselves in a moderate and peaceful state of being.

Raksha Kali, without protruding tongue so often associated with fiercer forms of Kali, is an expression of Bhadra Kali or gentle Kali. Raksha Kali has two arms, blue skin and a gentler expression. She is celebrated on the eve of the Buddha full moon in May, which streams an abundant and blissful download of amplified grace to Earth. Her presence signifies a time when an unusually powerful cosmic wave of spiritual light is very soon to become available to you. Like a surfer sensing and paddling toward the perfect wave, you can attune yourself to this sublime current of divine energy, and allow it to lift, guide and move you. It is a prediction of an imminent, joyful and significant breakthrough. At this particular time, greater progress than usual is opening up for you.

Raksha Kali is worshipped for protection from epidemics and drought. These are literal and symbolic protections. An epidemic is a mass contagion. It can be a swiftly spreading disease of the body, but also of the mind. Fearful collective reactions, based on societal conditioning and manipulated through the media, can spread like wildfire. The collective psyche of humanity is consistently being influenced. There are abundant spiritual sources of goodwill and peace constantly broadcasting divine love to humanity. And, there are forces of negativity and mean-spirited disruption seeking to assert their agendas through the human collective, too. The Kali wisdom within our hearts recognizes fear-fueling energy for what it is (no matter if it is dressed up as something else) and knows when and how to say stop.

Kali’s presence in our being commandeers negative forces. Instead of undermining us, we respond to those energies in such a way that our peaceful inner light increases. We become increasingly skillful in redirecting our attention, intention and action along productive, healing pathways. The presence of negative influence does not need to be denied nor decried. It does need to be acknowledged without one becoming overly interested or engaged with it. Kali promotes fearlessness and confidence because she knows how to use all energies – including negative energy – to promote light and awaken and blissful freedom within the soul. Your heart has the wisdom to transform even the most negative experience into a source of healing and freedom. You will not be negatively influenced by others. Although powerful in effect, your healing path shall be gentle.

Another expression of the gentle side of our dark mother is Shyama Kali, the peaceful blue goddess. Her presence teaches us that it is not always effective to fight fire with fire or to try to overcome force with greater force. Her wisdom is that of a gentling nature, able and calm, disarm and diffuse. There is not always a need to try and grapple and conquer. Sometimes, the need is simply to let go. Nothing rightfully yours shall be denied to you. The simplicity of this can confuse those who have learned they need to pick up any gauntlet thrown by any person at any time. Just because another has created a reality for themselves and is attempting to draw you into it, does not mean that you must participate. You have the divinely-granted gift to choose where to invest your energy. Be strong so that you can know gentleness.

Out of the fire of divine wrath, your gentle form emerges, calming the raging waves of emotion and disturbed fluctuations of mind. In settling myself beneath your fiercely compassionate and tender gaze, I find steadiness, kindness and peace. In this eternal moment with you, I am no longer afraid. Bhadra Kali, Raksha Kali, Shyama Kali, my heart softens as I take delight in the realization of your generosity and sweetness. With humble mind and willing heart, I bow before you, ready to receive with gratitude, love and wonder at your divine beauty and kindness. You are the unscripted creativity of the gentle yet unyielding divine workings for the greatest good of all. Jai Ma Kali!

Artwork by Jimmy Manton

~ Kali Oracle by Alana Fairchild


Published December 13, 2021 by tindertender

The old patterns of interference have been broken.


Father Sky ————— Mother Earth
Harmony ————— Temple
Energy Shift ————— Laughter
Balance ————— Don’t Drink the Poison
Follow Your Own Rhythm ————— Legacy of Light
Dream Sanctuary ————— Ally in Disguise


Published December 8, 2021 by tindertender

The tantric priestess of karmic release manifests with the capacity to integrate higher divine energy into even the most stubborn patterning that has so far resisted healing. When momentum is building, and you don’t know how to stop fueling the fire or reverse the damage, she appears. Her presence indicates that this is a powerful time for spiritual work and healing practices. She will support the work, and much growth can come form it, particularly at this time. No matter how wild they may seem, the storms of your life shall be gentled. You shall emerge unharmed.

Goddess Kali as Bhavatarini is the tantric priestess of karmic release and spiritual blessing. She liberates devotees from karmic struggles, especially those who keep repeating the same patterns with different players. Sometimes the jolt of divine disruption is such a shock that it is temporarily unpleasant, and we feel, therefore, that it is unwanted or harmful. However, once we allow the workings of such disruption to realign our affairs, we will come to recognize and be grateful for what is taking place. We will see it as a saving grace rather than something we had to endure. A ceasing of restrictive or negative influences is predicted.

Ma is adorned with flowers in recognition that she is celebrated during puja. Unlike the fierce Kali who is adored in fearsome places in the dead of night, the kind Bhavatarini is adored in celebrations of the light. The puja, or ‘sacred ritual’, can be very simple, In its most basic form, it is a call to the divine ones to manifest on Earth. It is a creation of light and has a cleansing effect on those doing the puja and, if the intentions and receptivity are strong enough, on the surrounding people and areas.

Bhavatarini teaches that our spiritual activities can have a positive influence, more so than we think possible. She foretells of a profoundly positive and expansive energy that will become available to us if we are willing to open our hearts to her. She also reminds us that we don’t have to wait until things become severe to call on the Divine Mother’s assistance. Why not call for her daily, not only to resolve issues but to prevent them from gaining traction in the first place? If we align ourselves with such simple and happiness-inducing wisdom, our lives can become peaceful and free from unnecessary drama.

Bhavatarini can take the form of Kali Phalaharini to destroy the results of our actions. Phala means ‘fruit’, and harini means ‘a female who takes something away’. So, Phalaharini means ‘the woman who takes away the fruit of our actions’. This means that she can conquer our karma. Kali Phalaharini can cleanse our samkaras, or ‘mental psychic imprints’. These are the familiar grooves that keep the soul repeating patterns, lifetime after lifetime. They are comprised of habitual ways of thinking and behaving that prevent us from evolving into something new and more suitable. They are the karma of ‘stuckness’, limiting our freedom, creativity and expression.

Samskaras can be negative in quality – such as an inhuman compulsion toward prefection – but they can be something we consider positive, such as a repeated attraction toward being a healer. Although being a healer can generate spiritual benefit if we identify with it, it can undermine our freedom to grow spiritually. It can become overly restrictive, and even lead to suppression of aspects of our authentic being that don’t readily ‘fit in’ with the healer archetype.

In the example of a healer, the Divine Mother recognizes the goodness in your heart and your genuine desire to assist. Yet, she will do what is necessary to protect your spiritual awakening and free you from your attachments (yes, even the attachment to helping others). This doesn’t mean that you no longer want to be a healer or that you are blocked from doing so. It means you will not be able to prop up self-value using external roles. Ultimately, this is a gift, but it is a lesson that many healers find painful in the beginning. They need to learn how to offer their heartfelt work and not be attached to how it is received. If they see immediate results and powerful effects of the work, the challenge is to not identify with what is happening and make the divine grace about their own ego. If the ego is failing these lessons and getting caught up in feeling superior or inferior, then the Divine Mother will intervene.

The lesson is that you can relish the roles you play in your life without allowing them to define you. You are asked to take care that you don’t restrict yourself to the roles you play. Embrace the spiritual freedom and unconditional love necessary to be your full authentic being. You are asked to bear the discomfort of no longer relying on certain familiar patterns to give you validation. This will open you up to greater self-realization, self-possession, and joyful freedom to be your whole self. You are on the cusp of a beautiful breakthrough into a more positive era. To amplify her blessings, open your heart to the unfamiliar.

Say this prayer aloud:

Beloved Ma Kali, Bhavatarini, Kali Phalaharini, please help me release attachment to the outcomes of my actions so that your grace can manifest without inhibition or constraint. Please abort negative karmic momentum flowing from me or toward me. I place my trust in you. You are the strength that overcomes current, You are the peace that arises in letting go. You are the graceful and effective wisdom manifesting spontaneously for the spiritual benefit of all beings. May your beautiful kindness and liberating wisdom emanate within my heart, always. May I love you more than I love certainty and control! Jai Ma Kali! Jai Ma! Jai Ma!

See yourself seated upon a lion throne with thick garlands of red flowers about your neck hanging over your chest. Stick out your tongue and breathe out a fierce cleansing breath. Then become peaceful. Place your hands at your heart. Sense that there is a guiding presence that knows exactly what needs to happen and when for the spiritual benefit of all beings. You can trust in that. You now become willing to rest in spontaneous wisdom of the heart.

Place your hands in prayer and bow your head in gratitude and reverence. You have completed your healing process.

Artwork by Jimmy Manton

Kali Oracle by Alana Fairchild


Published December 7, 2021 by tindertender

She wields the holy sword of divine severance, empowering the soul in radical letting go. She instils the courage to bear the pain of loss and the wisdom to realize the secret blessing that can only arise when we embrace change. Where our strength of Will may falter, she intervenes to ensure we do not sabotage our ultimate fulfillment and spiritual progress. She will not allow our souls to be ensnared in any kind of deception or trapped in fear. She is the liberator, and her sword clears the path, revealing truth. ~ Kali Oracle, Alana Fairchild

Artwork by Jimmy Manton

Can you hear me, O Goddess!

Published March 8, 2021 by tindertender

Sweet virgin of the forests who hunts the night under the glow of the moon.

Terrible lady who avenges harm against the young.

Daughter of Heaven

Can you hear me as I ask that you walk with me and bring into my life your many divine blessings?

Let my songs reach you!

Accompanied by the sweet scents of fruits and herbs that I burn upon this altar.

Let my prayers be heard!

Accompanied by my sincerest wish that all upon this sacred Earth be touched by your beneficence.

Let my hopes flow!

That all know peace of mind.

If you hear me, O Artemis, and your will aligns with mine, I ask of you that boon!

Grant us the willingness to temper that part of ourselves more animal than man!

Grant us the will to make it happen!

For in our hearts is your light if only we choose to let it shine forth.

Source: https://twitter.com/hellenicprayer?s=21

Image: https://lifeonartemis.fandom.com/wiki/Artemis_(goddess)

Rise Up, My Sisters

Published February 19, 2021 by tindertender

I am the river of life
I am the keeper of this dream
Walk with me I’ll tell you a thousand stories
Long ago given to the earth

These mountains tall
They are my only walls
In this temple where I bow


Rise up, my sisters, rise up
We are the water, the sacred cup
It’s in our hands that all life grows
It’s in your dance, it’s in your hands
It’s in your love we rise above

It’s in your song I hear my soul
So rise up, my sisters, rise up
Let us lift each other up
Sing it from your heart
and from your soul


Sun and moon they shine together
She moves the waters
and dances with the heavens

In your eyes I see Haseya rise
In your eyes I see the giver of this life



Connected ~ Who’s in Control?

Published February 18, 2021 by tindertender

You can’t stop a woman who has the universe inside her.

Yes, her dream states may be manipulated.

There may be those in the astral who attempt to shame her.

Their seeming intention is to make her feel weak and vulnerable.

All that does is show their own frustration at their inability to manipulate her waking state.

She remains in joy.

She sheds all attempts to make her feel shame.

She recognizes her power by the sneaky hidden ones frustrations, shown by their influence in the astral. In the dream state.

Their power ends there.

Fully conscious, she chooses self-love. Not perverted, but fresh, whole and free.

Strong efforts are made to cause the praying woman shame and humiliation.

The night is the night, and the day is the day.

They may influence the dream state.

But she knows who she is.

She has SEEN herself, true.

She is LOVE.

She is PURE.


She is SACRED.

She is here to remind the manipulators they have no authority here.

Their influence ends once she enters fully into consciousness.

Their power is shallow and vague at best.

She releases all burdens attempted on her.

She sheds any and all fragments of the perverted unseen.

And she goes on to live a fabulous, love filled day, knowing full well the guardians and guides she has called upon are with her always.

Life is life.

Seen, unseen.

1. Law of divine oneness

The law of divine oneness is the MVP of the universal laws, in that it’s the one upon which all others build. This law states that we are all connected through creation, Every single atom inside of you is connected in some way, shape, or form to the rest of the universe you move through.

This means that everything we do has a ripple effect and impacts the collective—not just ourselves. To call upon this principle for self-improvement, simply remember that your actions both matter and make a difference.

2. Law of vibration

Everything in the universe has a frequency and a vibration, Nothing ever stands still, as everything is always either being pushed away or pulled toward something. Furthermore, items of a similar vibration are attracted to each other. So, to use this law to manifest your desires, you must match your vibration with that of what you want.

3. Law of correspondence

The premise behind the law of correspondence is that our lives are created by the subconscious patterns we repeat every single day, and these patterns either serve us or hold us back. Activate this law by becoming aware of your own patterns, which are often passed down via family ties, and then consciously taking action steps to break them.

4. Law of attraction

This is the law of vibration in action. Many people get scared by the notion that bad thoughts or low vibrations can somehow destroy their life because they’re unaware. The law is not a punishment, but a very clear mirror of our self-worth and mind-set. You’re surrounded by the outcome of decisions you’ve made in the past and are fully capable of making other decisions and attracting a different set of circumstances.

5. Law of inspired action

While the law of attraction is about vibrationally aligning yourself with whatever it is you want, the law of inspired action is about taking—you guessed it—action in order to bring what you want to fruition. So you can certainly create vision boards, but Wilder says taking physical steps to move you closer to your vision is much more crucial.

6. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

This law means that even the smallest action can have a profound effect. Like the seed of a mighty tree holds all its promise in its tiny shell, you also have the power within you to move mountains.

To put the law into action on a practical level, it is recommended to do small things every day that uplift you, whether that’s singing in the shower, dancing like nobody’s watching, or anything else. Remember, small shifts equal major results.

7. Law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect, also known as the law of karma, states that any action causes a reaction, and that whatever you put out—good or bad—you get right back. To harness the power of this law, be aware of how your actions and decisions are affecting not just yourself but everyone around you, and focus on sending out good vibes only.

8. Law of compensation

The law of compensation is about reaping what you sow. It instills trust in us that we will be compensated for our work as long as we’re open to receiving in all the many ways that the universe can deliver.

To be clear, compensation in this sense isn’t limited to employment arrangements or financial compensation. Rather, it’s about receiving compensation for all your contributions to the world around you, including the love, joy, and kindness you spread; it is all rewarded.

9. Law of relativity

Nothing and no one is inherently good or bad. Everything is a spectrum of expression, and there is more than one perspective on any situation or challenge. In other words, we are the ones who assign meaning to things, so we can choose to regard things as “bad” or as happening in our favor.

10. Law of polarity

Everything has a polar opposite: If there’s an up, there’s a down. If there’s light, there’s dark. One cannot exist without the other. Experiencing these polarities is part of the human experience, and that they also help us learn from our mistakes and support us in identifying what we don’t want so we can get clearer on what we do want.

11. Law of perpetual motion

The law of perpetual motion tells us that everything is forever changing and our job is to embrace the ride. If life is tough and challenging, know that it will change. If everything is peachy, then savor the moment, but don’t try to make it last beyond the natural order of things. Each stage of life has tremendous gifts to offer.

12. The law of giving and receiving

The energies of giving and receiving operate within all of us, and in order to create flow, they need to be in balance. To work with this law is to recognize where in your life the balance between giving and receiving is off. You have to allow both sides in you to have their say and get their way.

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