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I Live in Heaven on Earth

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

I am not merely speaking of the geography of where I live, though it is smashingly beautiful
I live in Heaven on Earth because that is what my heart wants and has always wanted, and that is where it has always been.

It’s not that I don’t see the shadows or haven’t played in them, I see them, I use them to reflect and refract to assist my channel of light in becoming even more radiant.

I designed it that way.

I live in Heaven on Earth, every moment of every day.

Every smiling face that looks back at me contains it.
Every blade of grass, every sparkle on every leaf on every tree, the animals, the humans, all of nature, the rocks, the ocean, the mountains – all of consciousness contains Heaven on Earth.

I didn’t always know that I lived in Heaven on Earth, sometimes I forgot how to focus as I walked through my own tunnels of darkness.

But the Light, it was always there, the Light at the end of the tunnel, beckoning me, reminding me.

I live in Heaven on Earth and it really is not a place, it is a state of being and I love knowing that.

The Seraphim live closest to God, they love to look into God’s face, into the radiant effulgent light.
I imagine myself as one of the Seraphim and I cannot take my eyes off of God.

Him her me she you they us.

We are Heaven on Earth, not because we deserve it, though we do, but because we choose it.

I choose to see it, live in it, grow it, light it up.
I choose Heaven on Earth

As we turn this corner, the end of a year, the end of a cycle, Heaven on Earth is there too, around the corner but also here now.

We are just moving deeper and deeper into her splendor.

The sun the moon the stars the planets the galaxies the universe the multiverse the Om-niverse.
ALL here now in my Heaven on Earth.

And I am grateful as tears pour down my face speaking to the Joy that is bursting from my Heart.

Thank you each and everyone for helping me to choose again, to remember, to know that I can
Live in Heaven on Earth.

Image: Heaven’s Bridge from paintwithdiamonds.com. Not entirely sure of the artist.

Truth As I Witness It

Published September 13, 2022 by tindertender

“They” wield no true authority.
What they have is magical agreements with demons, and chaos.
Although they call this authority, it is not that which is true.
Because they can overwhelm the consciousness of a single individual with their hive mind, doesn’t equate authority either.
I’ve heard it,
I’ve seen it,
I’ve embodied the emotion of it.

And also it’s opposite.
They are not the same,
Nor ever will be.

Morning Prayer

Published September 12, 2022 by tindertender

Most High,
Thy Will be done!
Thy Kingdom come,
On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Honestly my King, my God, according to my current mood it cannot come soon enough. But You are the Master of Strategy, and I dare not assume otherwise. I have faith in Your Victory, in Your proper timing.

I will practice patience. 🙏🏼

What’s Your Name?

Published August 3, 2022 by tindertender

“They” knew who you were the moment you were born, anywhere in the world via “birth certificate”.

You wonder why your life has been so difficult? There are rulers and principalities who are fully aware of our potentialities.

Some folks have a very easy life, while others have challenge after challenge, and may feel like those spirits in this world want us dead.


It’s the dominators who have an iron grip over life on the planet. And they know their time is coming up.


The Event

Published May 16, 2022 by tindertender

On an ordinary day, everything will change..
On an ordinary day,while people are going about their daily business, clouds will fall from the sky and “fire” will rain.

On a very common day,when people fix their eyes on the earth’s floor, the heavens will begin to open above them.

On an ordinary day,the impossible will begin to unfold, the Divine Proclamations of many millennia will arrive, and at night, nothing will be like in the morning.

On a very ordinary day in space-time, the Forces of Light will emerge and become visible to all who see, audible to all who hear, to the reality that has already opened to this knowledge in the time of darkness.

On a very ordinary day, while the media is still spreading their lies, and while the financial mafia and politicians are pretending that the whole world is still imperceptibly tangled in their spider’s web, a Heavenly Sound will come that will put an end to this activity. what has happened will come so suddenly that even those who are well prepared will be impressed.

On an ordinary day, the change of the world will take place and all underground facilities to undermine ephemeral life will no longer be able to be protected by darkness;and even so those elites who believe they have taken the best possible precautions will be caught by the Time Force and plunged into nothingness.

On a very ordinary day, Earth will fall into silence like nothing else and Inner Earth Terrans will take command of the Earth’s surface for a short time, until the new Illuminati of Time return to Earth and their chosen holograms. give new impulses to a happy life.

On an ordinary day, the worlds will be parted in a spectacle that no human has ever seen and no creature on Earth has ever experienced.

On a very common day, birds will fall from the sky, mountain ranges will appear that did not exist before,and water where there used to be arid landscapes.

On a very common day, the “Guardians of Earth”, the Masters of Many Worlds, the Angels and Archangels of Creation and God Himself will appear in Heaven, and many will distrust this vision as they are unable to see the Light of the Ascended Realms to distinguish.

On a very ordinary day, the veil between the worlds will be lifted and everyone will meet where they choose to be.

On a very ordinary day, time will spin out of space and space will be stretched,then warped again until the timeless, spaceless being is achieved.

On a very common day, all the TV stations in the world will be reporting the EVENT and, before they reach the end, the reports will stop because the time for the “report” has expired.

On a very common day, the lies of the rulers will be revealed and at that moment the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and at that moment some will cry for help in disbelief and will be frozen in fear, and others will tread lightly with the “Guardians of the Worlds”, leaving for new lands.

On a very ordinary day, everything you have known will come true, but everything will remain the same for those who have not trusted or served the Light; for those who are little more than involuntary slaves to those forces that have endlessly enslaved and tortured them, so that their lives are not lives, but only a slow death.

Indeed, on any ordinary day, those who are ready and awaited by Heaven will ascend. Because really big events announce themselves for a long time, only to erupt when people least expect it – surprisingly and suddenly.

On a very ordinary day, a great multitude of people will go to bed at night and never wake up, while for you who have chosen the Light, the Rebirth will be completed in this one night.

One night, one ordinary day.

Beloved humanity, the remaining time is good to use. It’s time to become a “master in your own house” and let go of all fears because truly:
The world conflagration will start on a very ordinary day.

With infinite love for you humans..


5-9-2022 – Just a quick lunch time read

Published May 9, 2022 by tindertender

….. check in on the situation. Interesting at the least.

The evil one is creating a storm, out of which an aspect of the feminine delivers a message to the Queen(?) the higher feminine, about the chaos makers, sending flowers and gifts to our relatives, hoping to get into their heart space and control their output. Their plan is to cut them out of “paradise” keeping them wandering in an endless maze.

The Queen relays the information to her Divine Masculine who has “luck” on his side. He claims the children in a very strong and firm way.

The violators are anchored in a place under the Sun. They are then swept out into a place of “contract”.

Dead Relatives

Published April 17, 2022 by tindertender

They shall experience fame and receive honors, recognition by others.

Hope has won the game, true wealth is their inheritance. Their hard work pays off in the long term. They are protected.

They are gifted stability and comfort, a Sanctuary. They are coming home.

An opening for this is being made available now.

They have overcome obstacles and a bridge is presented to them, to cross a divide, they receive new opportunities.

The knowledge that was used against them becomes known.

They take a leap of faith.

They scrutinize the information presented, gaining clarity on their path.

They are powerful and protective, possessing indomitable dignity.

It is a time for healing.

They receive invitation, a lucky end to a phase experienced, welcomed into the garden.

The stormy experiences subside.

They are courageous and victorious, energized and revitalized.

They dwell near the Holy Mountain.

Their wishes fulfilled.


Published March 7, 2022 by tindertender

The wheels of nature are not made to roll backward; everything presses on toward Eternity; from the birth of Time an impetuous current has set in, which bears all the sons of men toward that interminable ocean. Meanwhile Heaven is attracting to itself whatever is congenial to its nature, is enriching itself by the spoils of earth, and collecting within its capacious bosom, whatever is pure, permanent and divine. ~ Robert Hall


Embraced By The Beauty of the Heavens Which Surrounds Me

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

I saw myself in the center of a wheel, like the old stories of the Chariot in the Bible. I was in the center of it, and the wheels were spinning around me.

My arms were out at my side, my legs slightly apart as I stood there inside this sphere, like atlas man.

The Light being emitted by the spinning chariot was a pale blue, like the light of a blue lightning strike.

It’s almost time to go home.

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