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Afternoon Treats, and Concern

Published August 7, 2017 by tindertender

Yesterday I treated myself to the first mineral water soak, wrap, and massage I have ever experienced. I cannot believe I waited so long to indulge in this wonderful activity. Past ~ so much money and time have been spent on not so healthy practices. I lay on the cot in full wrap, just inside the open door, I listened to the birds speak … back and forth their calls to each other sounded, many different bird dialects from various species, SO beautiful.

I took video of the place I lived for 7 years. This is where I matured into adulthood.

I am saddened to see the once lush and full forest dwindling away as it dries up and deteriorates. I know exactly what is causing it and am so discouraged, for if the forests die, the animals will too … and that includes us.

My hope is that many people will begin to take note and understand the destruction that is happening right before our very eyes. We see it in the skies, evidence supporting the truth found right here in the trees, and indeed, in our own health issues. Our gardens do not grow as they once did. The FDA, who allows Monsanto’s poison in our foods and fluoride in our water, is doing nothing to stop the overhead spraying which pollutes soils all over the US. They now want to tell organic farmers what they can, and cannot do to ensure good crop growth.

It is so important to see through the facade and pay attention to the manipulation. It is the only way we will be able to stop it, for awareness is the first step.



The thought of this forest being purposefully dried up, which will in turn, from a tiny spark, cause it to burn until absolutely destroyed, infuriates me. The spoon fed stories just don’t cut it any more.

Collecting and Storing Seeds

Published July 10, 2017 by tindertender

My lettuce went to seed. I clipped them off and filled a huge paper sack with the pods and stems. They ought to open when dried and spill their seed. I read that if they are not heirloom they will not grow next season. Honestly, I do not think I purchased any heirloom seeds this year, although now that I know, I’ll purchase them this winter for next grow season.

I read an article by a woman who said the seeds can be used in breads and other recipes, so I will investigate for winter baking. I also harvested seed pods from my poppy’s. I’m hoping they will grow, but again, they were not heirloom so I may just have to use them in muffins.

It really is nice to be able to save seeds, even if they will not grow. This is a good opportunity to teach myself how to prepare them so they dry nice and not rot. Going to be fun collecting these!!

Garden Started

Published March 25, 2017 by tindertender

Herbs and flowers for the bees and butterflies are in. Waiting for my other starts to come up so I can plant them as well. I’ll be putting up a short little edging type of barrier around the bark to hold it in and give it a different look next weekend. I may purchase an oblong planter to center in the front for some of my other things. (There are a lot of flowers in there). Doing my part for those that pollinate for us. I hope it helps.

Root Training

Published March 25, 2017 by tindertender

Amazing and brilliant thought processes going into future design. Diana is a revolutionary woman with health and beauty of the earth in mind, all the while keeping functionality and benefit for us all in her creative endeavors.

Relief ~ Soil Play

Published March 24, 2017 by tindertender

The last two days were quite a challenge. I work in a space with 5 other people, 3 of which seem to always be in a foul mood and urging each other to discuss rather passionately all that has, and could, go wrong and how it affects, or will affect, them.


I wore my headphones the last two days listening to Harmonic Sound Frequencies, yet I could still hear them talking as they raised their voices to be sure everyone understood the trauma they were experiencing. It was all I could do to keep my self from reacting. I had to leave the room periodically just to get a break from it.

Sadly I don’t think they are aware of what they are promoting in their lives, and in so doing, in others a well. I was getting the look … as though it disturbed (at least one) that I was not feeding into this drama. I tuned out, focused on my own work, and dealt with issues in a different manner.

There has got to be more to life than putting myself in a room full of people who can’t seem to pull their head out of negativity and spend that energy instead on building a healthy outlook. Five days a week, 9-10 hours a day, I listen to them ~ it is getting old.

Now that I have walked a moment in the shoes I write distaste for, I will gather myself and practice pulling my energies away from those thought forms, and detach from the hooks that have been placed in my mind during the past week.

plant startsRelieved, I am home, and tomorrow I will play with the dirt as I plant my starts. I am excited to grow my own food, and then prepare what I don’t use right away for later use.

May the sun shine on us and give the plants an opportunity to firmly take hold in the fresh soil.

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