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Several Ways To Do It

Published May 16, 2018 by tindertender

diff and easy 2

Eating isn’t always the easiest thing. Meals often require chopping and boiling or frying and baking. It is tempting to just throw a bunch of fruit and vegetables into a blender and drink the meal raw. Depending on how involved you get, the blender method can actually be much more nutritious. Complexity makes for an enjoyable form of gaining nutrition, sharing meals with friends and family, whereas the quick gets the job done, but is less pleasurable.

Life sometimes involves shortcuts. Rather than take the time to thoroughly explain what we are thinking, abbreviations are used and we wonder why no one understands. When listening, often we hear what we want to hear, picking and choosing certain phrases from the conversation and focusing on them, rather than the entirety of the what is being said. This too leads to misunderstanding and can create a negative emotional charge … or quite the opposite, when in fact we’ve missed the truth of what is stated.

Is it laziness, or lack of interest? Have our minds been chemically altered to produced apathy?

The skies are often filled with sprays which fall to the earth and waters. Scientists have reported that the foods we eat can be programmed to become edible ‘vaccines’. What are we really eating nowadays? We do not even know for certain, and testing is expensive. The average person will not be able to afford to find out, and if they can afford it, have no idea what to test for.

Mix whatever is being put into the soil, sucked up by the plants and fed to us, with wireless communication (microwaves), and you have disaster … all done while we watch the television and play with our phones.

Yes … I think apathy is bred … and people eat it up, much due to no choice, especially in todays world of secret agendas by government and sects of it.

Damages done … are the people willingly and naturally harming each other and their surroundings, or are the foods, medication, and sound frequencies programming them to behave in a certain manner? How many people actually care enough to think about it and begin investigating?

GMO Awareness and Petition

Published May 13, 2018 by tindertender


GMO Risks

After reading this document, make your voice heard, speak out about the quality of foods you wish for yourself and your family. Opportunity to report your views ends June 29th, 2018, when decisions will be made.

The above link takes you to government regulations page where you can enter your thoughts on GMOs, and add links to support your claims.

The below link takes you to a page where you can sign the petition, at the end it asks for a donation but you can put in $0 and still be heard.

Thank you.

Call To Action

Published May 9, 2018 by tindertender


The public commenting period is now open for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s proposal for labeling products that use GMOs, and you can add your comment by following the below link (luckily the process is simple and the link takes you directly to a simple-to-use comment submission form).

The deadline for the new rules to be finalized is July 29, 2018.

According to Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, the new proposal constitutes “a gift to industry from our now Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who authored the legislation to squash the Vermont GMO labeling law and mandatory labels.”

She especially believes that the proposal is deceptive because most consumers don’t know what the term bioengineered means, as most know the term GMO or genetic engineering, the latter of which is usually used on packaged foods in Europe that are labeled (most are imported since Europe largely bans the cultivation of GMOs).

“(The) USDA’s exclusion of the well-established terms, GE and GMO, as options will confuse and mislead consumers, and the agency must instead allow the use of those terms,” said Andrew Kimbrell, executive direct for the Center for Food Safety.

The new rules also allow companies selling potential GMO products like sweet corn to include the label “may be bioengineered,” and also allow companies to use a system of QR codes instead of labels, which are time consuming and discriminatory to the 1/3 of American shoppers who don’t have smartphones, consumer advocates say.

“This is a ‘Call to Action’ to all Americans who have waited for decades to finally have GE foods labeled,” says Kimbrell.

Drought, Cause and Affect

Published April 29, 2018 by tindertender

Geoengineering is to thank for this. The sprays that so many people deny are happening over-head … yes those, filled with chemicals we have an “idea” of but are not told of. We are kept in the dark, lied to, and degraded if we talk about it.

Seed Nutrition ~ Long Life Secrets

Published April 14, 2018 by tindertender


Developers of nutrition packets for easy consumption and maximum health benefit are diving deep into the world of seed. There are many sites on-line which provide information.

Two of my favorite products are “Rain Soul” and “Rain Core”, available on Amazon.
Two of my favorite oils are “Hemp oil” and “Flaxseed Oil”.

Cookie Filled Tummy

Published March 6, 2018 by tindertender

happy-tummyThere’s a reason I ask him to put these fresh baked cookies into a container and keep them in his room. Here I sit, a little more than half awake now, eating two of them, This is the way I roll with it, I have no will power … not for these cookies! Nice and thick, they are peanut butter cookies with walnuts and deluxe chocolate chips, baked just under so they are nice and soft. One thing that man never fails at, is cookies. Now if only he’d help me eat them!

I was blessed with a day off work today, so I moved up my dental appointment, no need to wait until Saturday … that day can now be used for something else! I know what my dogs would vote for.

I bought a few books last night while at a fair. I’ll be practicing at how to keep my attention ‘feathered’ and not pin point focused. I believe that by narrowing this attention, it actually makes it more difficult to see the wider picture, causing much to be missed out on. I’ll begin today … a little later.

Until then, back to bed for a cookie filled tummy nap! I wonder what kind of dreams this will bring …

EPA Allowance Of Nerve Gas In Foods

Published February 8, 2018 by tindertender

When man’s creation affects the health of all life adversely, there must be a reigning in. Yet what we see today is full throttle, full speed ahead, into careless and dangerous methods.

Our food, our air, our waters … they are all being systematically poisoned, causing the need to take a very strong personal action in our own households to combat this intentional pollution.

Often, the substances we can utilize to cleanse our bodies and minds of these harmful chemicals are they themselves contaminated with these toxins.

It seems the ‘powers that be’ believe people will just sit quietly by while they ingest whatever they are given, without care or concern, sleepers in illusion.

I hope people will soon understand that this battle should not be waged against each other, but against a system which holds no favorites among the populace, for it seeks to destroy us all … equally.

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