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Clarity Before My Eyes

Published May 1, 2020 by tindertender

I had some running around to do today and I found myself at Fred Meyer after a time to purchase a few things.

As I entered the checkout line, I came behind another who was male. The groceries he was purchasing looked odd for a man. Fresh vegetables galore! I thought, he must be vegetarian.

I mentioned that I liked his grocery list, that is was rare to see a man with these items being bought. He said his wife gave him the list.

The teller said shopping and cleaning was women’s work. The fellow in front of me stated that women do not receive a salary for raising children, and he wanted to step up where he could. And that he cleaned frequently at home to help out.

I said, “I’m going to love you, right now. Tell your wife.” And he proceeded to look a tad uncomfortable as he rolled away with his cart full of the good stuff.

The teller continued to tell me how cleaning was women’s work. He said he’d build a fence or whatever, but that was women’s work. That he did not like it. I told him, “None of us like it, we do it because it needs to be done.” (Except, I really do not like housework, and I have fur everywhere from my doggies, so, my place is never pristine).

Anyhow, I found it quite interesting seeing these two males, in stark contrast to each other. One, willing, and putting in the effort to help his woman. The other, blatantly stating he is not a partner, but an expector, a chaos maker, rather than a soother.

I drove away in amazement. I wondered if there would ever be a male that would want to partner with me in such a way. Unfortunately, my experiences have not included the sacred male, just his self-centered counterpart of the masculine.

I wonder, am I a bad person? (Am I that which I see and have experienced?) How is it that I never encountered a true partner, but instead those who were out seeking their own gratification, not ever considering my heart, or my love. Instead, tossing it (me) to the curb when they were ‘finished’ with me.

I’m told I have an attitude problem. My thought is it was developed by man. He forced it into life by not being a sufficient partner, able or willing to handle the fire this one woman embodies.

My hope is that selfishness will leave the building once and for all. For ALL.

Amen, and all that Jazz.

Men, Love them still, and always.

Stop Using Poison, You’re Killing More Than Your “Pests”

Published April 28, 2020 by tindertender

He came in yesterday. It always seems like the same story. I know you take one look at him and think I’m talking about mange, but I’m not.

We took a sample of his blood and timed how long it took for the sample to clot. It is supposed to take no more than about 5 minutes. It took 17…

What does that mean?

It means, like many other animals that live off of rodents, this young fox likely has rodenticide poisoning. There are studies being done to test the connection between mange and rat poison. It is believed that when an animal is compromised with rat poison, they are more susceptible to mange.

I’m not a scientist.
I’m not a biologist.
What I am is a wildlife rehabilitator.
Like others in my profession, I am the one these animals are brought to when they are poisoned and in need of help.

I am not a doctor – not in any subject.

What I am is an intelligent human being that has witnessed , first hand, the suffering and death rodenticide has brought on MANY of our birds of prey, foxes, opossums, raccoons and other predators that normally help us control the rodent population.


PLEASE READ this article by Laura Kiesel and PARTICIPATE in the poll. So far the poll’s results are not working in this foxes favor…

The time for change is NOW.

I don’t know if we can save this guy but we are going to do everything we can.

Saturday AM Communions: EarthlyMother10 Steps to Dietary Health

Published April 18, 2020 by tindertender

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1. Consume only non-GMO living foods in moderation: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs, milk, honey (i.e. within your Body, eating life is life, eating death is death)

2. Do not ingest when stressed or anxious

3. Eat only once or twice daily

4. Breathe deeply while eating

5. Eat slowly

6. Chew until food is liquid before swallowing; fully taste and savor each bite

7. While eating, meditate on the process of metabolism within your body

8. Be thankful to the EarthlyMother for providing your sustenance, realizing that your Body is formed of Earth

9. Drink the daily recommended amount of water for your body size

10. Know that your Mental and Spiritual health depends on that of the Body


Published March 23, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, my friends. Today I will be discussing what basic things you can be doing to prepare you, and your family, for what lies ahead.

There is no easy way to approach this topic. I’ve spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out what to tell you, and how to serve you best. Remember that fear only overwhelms your brain. Please just remember it is best simply to have open eyes, and no fear.

As Jesus discuses in his LETTERS OF CHRIST, there are horrors ahead of you. There is simply no other way to say it, and I don’t think it is on your best interest to avoid the topic. You have big challenges ahead of you as a soul group.

Many people feel that things are coming. This is no secret to any of you. And the best way to deal with that feeling is to prepare yourself and your family to care for yourselves in your time of need.

As you’ve seen with your viral challenges that are happening now, supply lines are quite easily interrupted. It is important for you to now, while you can, prepare your homes with basic provisions for your family, and if possible, another family.

While some of you have this time at home with not a lot to do, develop a plan for food and water, and even toilet paper, for a period as long as you can financially support. Please don’t hoard. You still have time to work on this.

There are going to be a lot of people without homes who will need to be taken in by those who have homes. I encourage you to find a way to provide for another family in your home if you are able to do so. What you give away always returns to you.

You may feel like you are doing your best just to provide for yourself and your family. I know I am asking a lot. But I promise you, and you can try this out now to prove it, what you give in service to another will return to you.

Take this time to convert your milk and juice containers to water storage. Find a method you like of preserving the water from the material available online. Equip your home with some sort of water purification system.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere where Spring is approaching, or in a temperate area where you can garden all year, this is a good time to learn to grow a garden. Hydroponic systems are now easily developed from ordinary materials such as PVC pipe. You can convert a sunny windowsill or deck to a garden spot, or use a light to grow food in your basement or anywhere you have space. There are many helpful instructions online.

Buy canned food as you are able to do so. Your sun is going into a phase where it could very easily knock out your power transmission systems with flares. Your governments have not prepared for this reality. Your frozen food will rot if this happens.

Even small gardens, producing easily grown leafy lettuces and spinach, will supplement your diets so you can remain healthy during the situations that will arise.

Check on your available bedding. If you have space, acquire enough bedding that you could make comfortable another family who may have no where to go.

Develop a good first aid kit for your family. This should go beyond your everyday bandaids to providing for sutures for lacerations and a means to splint broken bones if the need arises. There are thousands of YouTube videos to teach you these skills you can watch now.

Take the time to learn how to purify contaminated water, and avoid water-borne illness carried in standing water. Again, you have a huge, free library of videos to teach you these skills on YouTube.

Stock up on a basic supply of vitamins and minerals. If you can talk a doctor into a prescription for some basic antibiotics to store for an emergency situation, take the opportunity to do so. If you are able to do so, try to stock your family’s meds.

All of these are just basic, common sense things to do to be prepared to endure the different challenges that are ahead. There is no need to hoard or dig shelters to escape. There is nowhere to go to escape. We will get through these challenges together.

Please remember that as we serve each other in times of crisis, we change the future reality for all of us. If we hold strong in love and compassion for all, not just those we agree with, we create a new, and better situation with our energetic output.

Reversing the KARMA from Hoarding Supplies

Published March 18, 2020 by tindertender

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Great suggestion to reverse karma of hoarding necessary supplies. Be a blessing, not a sore.

Please….to the people that have bought up all the TP, hand wash, paper towels and milk. Walk down your block, go to someones door and ask them if there’s anything they may need. Then OFFER FOR FREE what you have, if they don’t need it fine, move on next door. Just don’t do this one time, one house, keep going, give some of that up. Walk around several blocks, get in your car drive to a different part of town where it might look like other’s may be in need of help.

I bet ya what, It’ll make you feel better for doing the wrong you did in the first place. You don’t have to know the people you help, you may even make a new friend or two. In times like this, people help people, neighbors help neighbors, and as for color, THERE IS NO COLOR IN THE WORD HELP OTHERS.❤️✌️

I Dreamed …

Published December 25, 2019 by tindertender

… I was on a Space Ship.

I heard, “They Found Us!” And received a bag which looked like kibble for pets.

I was told “they like the salt” and I saw them … little round, slug-like alien creatures, and they devoured the salt kibble.

I looked in the river and there was a mound in the middle of it. There was a baby there, with its mother and father. The father looked dead, the mother barely alive, and the baby’s eyes were rolling around, but their bodies were not moving, almost as if paralyzed.

Then I thought of the biblical passage that states, “Ye are the salt of the earth”.

Nothing is as it seems …

The “Great Harvest” is upon us … and you’ve heard it directly from the higher-ups.

They aren’t even hiding it … sadly, the average human mind cannot fathom it as a potential/probable reality.

My question is, does the human actually need salt to survive? Salt is an ingredient in everything purchased. Everything. Are they keeping us nice and salty for a secret, or not so secret purpose?

“The minimum in a country like the United States is probably about 1500 mg a day,” Whelton said. According to the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), this is about the amount adults with high blood pressure should aim to consume each day. It’s also the daily amount the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends for babies under three years old.

Other organizations suggest that full-grown adults can get away with far less. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the minimum physiological requirement for sodium is less than 500 mg a day — or less than the amount in one quarter of one teaspoon of table salt.

Do you understand? Let us repeat … According the American Heart Association, less than 1/4 of 1 tsp per day is needed to survive.

What is the real drive with food manufacturers and the amount of salt they put in Every. Single. Product?

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