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The Planet’s Tired Of Eating Our Sh!t!!

Published June 19, 2018 by tindertender

Photo by Frédéric Paulussen

For some reason (which looks an awful lot like insanity) some brilliant people thought building nuclear power plants was a great idea. As with most things, those who are permitted to make these decisions did not look too far into the future, carefully considering all aspects and possibilities. Or did they?

The world-wide damage is proving to be of such an extreme extent, surely no one with actual intelligence would have plotted this in full. There are so many out there pulling strings who would have the masses believe in their genius, which insinuates they MUST know what they are doing … does this prove that they are pure evil then? Or just plain stupid wearing a mask made of money?

My hope is that those who are baffled by illness in the world will soon understand.

Consciously Connected

Published June 15, 2018 by tindertender

There is a wall between you and I … I can hear the muffled sounds of your movement, of your speaking. Some say, “Hold a glass to the wall!”, yet it isn’t so easy … when you can’t see the wall.

Honing the senses is a pretty important feature which should be added to daily practice. Some say “MK Ultra”, some say the “veil” is lifting, some say “mediumship”, or “psychic”, or “sensitive” or “crazy” or “WiFi”. Whatever you want to call it, pay attention, and know you are not alone. Crazy isn’t necessarily the description given it.

Photo by Tegan Mierle

We benefit when we acknowledge the connection between ourselves, the planet, everything, and everyone upon it. When we allow the taught, and forced separation to rule our lives, we find a lot of pain and loneliness and struggle.

Is it possible to learn to embrace association once more? Has this inbred disconnect become too solidified in worldly existence?

Some say if you can count good friends on one hand you are extremely blessed. Was there ever a time when there were many more than one hand can count? A village perhaps, a strong community where each person worked toward the benefit of all others?

When we lift each other, spending time and energy to ensure our sister and brother are upheld … if everyone does this … then we can rest, knowing there are many who do the same for us.

Yes, it once was … are we able to get to this place again?

Today’s world is one of lack. The average family struggles to maintain a roof over their heads and food on the table. Wages are ‘stolen’ in the form of taxes to pay for war, and so many other destructive programs, and then the ones who run these programs turn around and act as though they are actually ‘helping’ people. There is a scheme which creates a world of reliance, dependent on those who form, and then run these systems, paid for by the very same workers who ‘give so generously’ their tax dollars.

We’re being pigeon holed. Separated and weakened in that separation until we cannot manage any longer, then we must ‘rely’ on the powers that be.

People ought to look deeply at this and rather than give their power away, bond with each other and claim it instead, growing it themselves … together, in conscious connected creation.

Greed and need for power must be left behind, otherwise, we’re at the mercy of those who have been siphoning the power from the people for decades … they have too large a head start to compete with. Only in relinquishing the need for power and adopting co-creation and care for each other will we be able to rise … once more.

Like Everyone Else

Published June 14, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Ida Kammerloch

Fashion, career, morning drink, meal times, tradition, religion … there really aren’t too many categories people live by and in. Sure, these things change from culture to culture, yet the basic category structure remains the same.

Most cultures have a few rules each citizen is expected to adhere to. If people deter from them, often they are beaten, killed, or ousted from the society. Fear of these things keeps them in check and obedient.

Was the world always this way? Did the every day civilian always bow to the tyranny of the ones making the ‘rules’? Was there ever a time when people worked together in harmony for the benefit of all?

History is written by the ‘so called’ winner. We are finding now that so much of the past has been wiped from the books, only told what they needed us to know in order to get the public to back them on whatever decisions they made, and continue to make.

It is sad that millions of people were (and are) lied to and intentionally kept in the dark about their true heritage, all so the few can reign supreme over them. Civil wars of the past? I get the feeling it was about much more than we’ve been taught.


Evil Is Not A Boogeyman

Published June 11, 2018 by tindertender

She looked at me and smiled an unnatural toothy grin. She seemed very satisfied with herself.

Know this: Evil does not look like a boogeyman, evil looks like you and me. It is difficult to fight them, for it is difficult to see them. They are very good at hiding and fooling others into believing they ‘care’.

You’ve heard of shape shifters, you’ve heard the line that this is a false story, something impossible, something only the paranoid toss about in their minds. I can tell you this is a cover-up to keep those who know silent, or in the least, to keep others from listening and absorbing the knowledge of those who know.

I urge you to pay close attention, it would be a shame if the majority came into awareness too late.

Dane Wigington is a very good source of that which is plaguing our planet, and all life, now.

Recognizing Personal … And Others … Pain

Published June 9, 2018 by tindertender

There is a tendency to push the load, to give it to someone else to carry. Often life’s experiences are so painful the weight cannot be shouldered alone.

When time is taken to look deeply into the emotional life, the pain which is ours, and that which has been given us to carry for another, can be seen clearly.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Although we may think we are helping someone by carrying their load, in reality this only depletes personal ability to utilize energy for that which is wished to be seen in the world.

In truth, unless people are willing to look at their own suffering, come to terms with it, and then work toward healing it, it will not be healed. No matter how much energy we dump into it, or into them.

It is sad, for we want to help those we love. We want to heal them and make them whole. All the while, being so busy with this, we haven’t looked into our own personal stuff to see if there is anything which must be faced, dealt with and worked on for personal healing.

If not careful, too much energy will be spent on that which is outside us, and if not received and results seen, the temptation to become angry or upset happens, for all that we have given may seem to have been wasted, and many times that is the truth of it.

Focus on healing your own wounds. Recognize that which is yours and that which belongs to someone else. It is possible to love someone while putting personal health first. It is crucial, for if we allow ourselves to be depleted, we can do no one any good.

What you may have believed to be your own burden may actually be the load of another you’ve become accustomed to carry.

Gift yourself freedom.
Freedom to love and care for you,
while still loving others.

Capacity to give love, and care, and compassion, are greatly increased when we become healthy.



Serious Snacks

Published June 7, 2018 by tindertender

Sitting here I began to smell brownies … it’s nearly midnight and he’s baking. I finally went to the kitchen and there it was, a scrumptious desert ready to be cut and devoured. I saw that he had already eaten a small piece and as I grabbed the little knife to slice my own I thought, “I am having more than a little tiny piece!” And so I am, periodically filling my mouth with this still warm yummy goodness and I chew, and I type. My dogs sit beside me as though they need a bite too.

Photo by Cameron Ballard

Often I find myself wrapped up in the events and circumstances which tell of the dire situation the world is in, absorbed in details and investigating ways in which to handle certain situations. Today, and tonight, is one of those times.

When the aroma of chocolaty goodness made it to where I sit I experienced a wonderful break in the seriousness of it all. I have just finished that hefty chunk of brownie and may just be able to fall asleep, dreaming of sweet treats.

Knowing the world and all of its systems are experiencing something which will prove to be life altering for everyone, human and animal, earth and water and air, can be quite unnerving. It is difficult to pull away from the reality and go about daily activities as though all is well.

Change for the better will not happen unless the majority becomes aware and insists on change, being that change, and assisting others to do the same. Not out of need to ‘rule’ or ‘lead’ but out of the need to ensure that all living beings have a safe haven … our home needs us to stand up and halt the destruction.

With that being said, I will lay me down and dream of brownies and whatever stories my subconscious wishes to tell.

Subliminal Programming

Published June 4, 2018 by tindertender
Photo by Tina Rataj-Berard

It’s not often that I watch television, but when I do, it affects my dream life … my subconscious.

I watched a series on returning to the planet after an all out world war which made earth uninhabitable for 100 years. A group of young ‘criminals’ were released to the earth in order to test whether or not the now ‘space dwellers’ could return safely.

I dreamed all night of this and the trials that would be faced starting over … creating a communal society from scratch with those who had no inclination of working as a team.

THIS is the way television works to program minds. The story is implanted during the day, it is solidified during sleep, and it tends to warp reality during the next conscious cycle, moving ever toward that which the ‘programmers’ intend to see for the world.

In order to combat this, it is important to turn off the TV. Let the mind, working hand in hand with the divine, create something different, something beautiful.

What we see on the teli is doom and gloom, destruction, theft, murder, personal stories of sex and betrayal … these things are then solidified during sleep, and become a strong reality during wakefulness.

If you wish to see a different, more pleasant world, stop allowing those behind the scenes, pulling your strings, to have access to your subconscious.

You CAN change it, you DO have a choice.

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