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Hide the Data?

Published December 13, 2021 by tindertender

Now they want it hid for an additional 20 years, making the original 55 year request now 75 years.

I imagine they believe, and rightly so, by that time no one will be alive with the ability to question what went wrong, and who did it to humanity.

Navigating These Crazy Times

Published April 7, 2021 by tindertender

Learn what tools will make this transition easier.

– Why am I feeling fear?
– Why am I not feeling fear?
– Which Mastering Alchemy tools work best to maintain my balance?
– I’ve lost my job. What do I do?
– My brother has COVID-19. What can I do?
– I’m enjoying my social isolation. What’s up with that?
– Is planet Earth also going through a reset?

and – Everything appears to be changing. Is it?

Stretching Through Perceptual Judgement

Published February 1, 2021 by tindertender

There are those who see the present moment and make the assumption that it will always be this way.

They judge people based upon their current predicaments. Seemingly unknown to them is the fact that no-thing remains the same in an ever evolving world. It is as tho they have not been watching history … their own … in order to know without doubt about this constant evolution of circumstances.

One new in an experience may seem like a failure or a flop, until they get the hang of it and learn to master it.

One who has seemed weak at one point in a particular circumstance will grow to become strong in it, increasingly so as time goes.

This is why there is a constant need for new experiences in life, because once lived through, life would stagnate otherwise.

We see these judgements all the time from accusers who say we have not changed, when they have not even been around or willing to observe the growth in us through the years.

Sometimes improvement is a slow process. Mental and emotional healing takes time, and effort. Without effort to rise above, the situation may never seem to change.

Yet, there are those of us who know without doubt the improvements we’ve received, because we are willing to stretch our capacity, and we are resilient in our intention to overcome obstacles, while remaining ‘heart open’ to the next, better thing coming along.


So when someone, or a group of someone’s say, “As long as (s)he does this, (s)he is okay, and I/we can cope with them” … Simply take what resonates with you in the circumstance, and let the rest go.

Doctors, parents, acquaintances, and the unseen all have opinions about what is best for us, and their desire to lead us knows no bounds.

They do not understand, or ignore the obvious strength and capabilities which lay, at times hidden, within a Soul. They see lack rather than potentials.

In my opinion, those who focus on the lack they envision in a person, a people, or a situation, have no business judging any portion of life … except perhaps their own … their own, which they never look at because they are too busy trying to change the world, not understanding that this happens when they go within and change their own Self.

Life is like a rubber band. When the rubber band is new it is stiff, and difficult to get any type of stretch. With experience comes the ability to maximize this stretch … capacity to maintain composure thru many situations, capacity to see things in a new way as they open to possibilities, capacity to shed layers of old and welcome in the new..

So, to those who sit in a seat of judgement and see lack … I say, “Get off my cloud with your limiting thoughts and ideas. You will not shape my personal perceptions of Self, and indeed, I will show you how it is done, and you will thank me later … or not.”


  1. Do simple math problems or puzzles in your head.
  2. Visualizing is excellent for boosting your creativity. 
  3. Write down three things you are grateful for. (Do this for about 3 weeks and see where it leads you).
  4. Fit in a few rounds of memory or logic training using word games or brain-training apps.
  5. Have fun with a jigsaw puzzle. Doing jigsaw puzzles recruits multiple cognitive abilities.
  6. Read thought provoking books.
  7. Try your hand at cards. A quick card game can lead to greater brain volume in several regions of the brain.
  8. Build your vocabulary, more regions of the brain are involved in vocabulary tasks.
  9. Dance! Learning new dance moves can increase your brain’s processing speed and memory.
  10. Take a new route. Don’t get stuck in a rut when it comes to your daily tasks.
  11. Meditation may help fine-tune your memory and increase your brains ability to process information.
  12. Draw a map of your town from memory.
  13. Try using your non-dominant hand.


Today’s Energy Guide

Published August 4, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Today’s Energy Guide to help you navigate this matrix: Being consciously aware that your body is an electromagnetic machine & can actually protect you from electric frequencies outside of you, in other words, knowledge is your power of overcoming matrix fear mongering.

Secondly our bodies continuously clean electronic toxins from our bodies, thru our Divine Energy Centers, the Chakras, they help keep our bodies, clean & clear of disease etc. Being Conscious that your body is a fighting mechanism, helps you not fall into the matrix fear mongering.

By not giving into matrix fears & knowing/trusting your bodies abilities to overcome, will keep your immunity stronger.. Mind over Matter & yes, we can deactivate any device planted within us, via our mind power, which we can program our body to rid. Fear, however, can deactive us out of staying focused & Conscious of our real innate abilities. We have all of these abilities to overcome this matrix, it has to do firstly, with knowledge of this & not giving into matrix fears. Remember we are Multidimensional Spiritual Beings.

Drinking a LOT of water helps the body flush out the electromagnetic toxins, clearing the bioform for optimal energetic output.

Harsh Reality

Published July 31, 2020 by tindertender

The moon IS a soul catcher. I did a ‘between lives’ hypnotism and found myself on the moon. It is hollow and very bright white on the inside, like an operating room or something. There, they wipe memories and recycle the life form back to earth.

There are entities here now who mean to make us slave and destroy our planet, just like they did Mars.

The want to shut your minds off, so you’ll never question the narrative, just go about life, wondering why it is so painful.

It’s all about power, and feeding off the energy of our manipulated suffering.

I highly recommend you stop letting ‘them’ inject you and those you love with toxins.

Oracle Reading 7-22-2020

Published July 22, 2020 by tindertender

Close your eyes, tune into your breathing, and allow yourself to sink deeply into the heart of the living creation that you are. As you notice your breath becoming steady and slightly deeper than usual, observe the urge within you that is begging to come forth in some alive action. Pay attention to any images, sounds, or feelings that beckon your awareness; and there you will find the key as to the manner in which to express this magnificent pulse.

Your breath is the crossover between Spirit and physical reality. Breathing comfortably and steadily helps you align yourself with Spirit, which then brings a clearer focus on what creative expression is preparing to be birthed through and from you. Discard any habitual thought patterns that would prevent the manifestation of what you are being prompted to bring forth. Allow yourself to take risks with this self-expression, and all of Creation will smile upon you.

In both subtle and more dramatic ways, you can shapeshift by your choice of clothing, hairstyle, adornments, and even mannerisms (such as facial expression, gestures, and the way you walk). By adjusting these along with your internal attitude, you can actually display different personas. When you experiment with these variations of self-expression that are not how you ordinarily present yourself, others will react to you, depending on the degree in which your persona contrasts with the one they are most familiar with. Be like the clouds as you try out different forms, stretching your limits at times, willing to move and adjust as necessary.

Lift your head up, square your shoulders, and stand tall such that your chest and heart open to the world, and note how this feels. You may feel vulnerable at first, but stay with it. Then let your shoulders fall forward slightly, pull your chest inward an inch or two, and let your head drop a little; observe how this feels.

Experiment with contracting your aura (your energy field), then expand it as far as you comfortably can. By this kind of shapeshifting you can consciously choose your expression into the world. Just remember who you are at the core.

The lethargy you feel is the result of a lack of activation – in other words, something that stirs your senses. This could be anything from walking outdoors, feeling the breeze on your body, or inhaling the different aromas that Nature herself provides. Or it could be finding the pleasure in a warm bath that helps you release the tension and stress from your mind and body. Music may activate your hearing, which sparks the pleasure centers in your brain. Art may activate your emotional responses. The touch of another human may activate a deep need to be physically held in some manner once again.

Now is the time for action. Engage in some activity and be fully present so that you forget about your surroundings and enter into that timeless and multidimensional experience of Union with the focus of your creative attention. Let your physical body be active. Movement alone – whether quietly dancing by yourself or hiking up that hill over yonder – will require you to be as present as possible in your body. Enjoy!

Reading from the deck “Earth Magic” created by Steven D. Farmer


Watering The Animal Life

Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

If you are able, please put water out for the animals.

Often, they need our assistance.


Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo

I did many things. All that I embodied, I teach in woman on fire. One thing I did was I started hanging out with people that made me uncomfortable with how happy they were.

Not people who wanted something from me. Not people who distracted me awhile from my own shit, by always having a bigger catastrophe.

I started being with people who dwelled in possibility.

Who had no limit to the fun they had in their lives. To the love.

No unending pain. No sob story. Just ease.

They treated me well, which made me feel on edge. I was no longer being used by others, heavily leaned on, my boundaries weren’t always being obliterated by an immediate need of someone else.

Could I trust that? Did I want that?

I did not feel worthy.

I thought it was only a matter of time until they realized I was full of shit. I was some shaken broken being.

There was no passive aggressiveness.

So I was either bored, uncomfortable, or a little of both.

It was incredibly confronting.

Pretty soon they would realize I was NOT one of them. I was, “The Other.”

Depressed. Trauma in my background. Confusion. Self-esteem was shaky.

Made mistakes.

But they did not see that in me.

They saw and loved my essence. They helped me begin to trust myself. Trust them.

I forced myself out of the house. Into the hearts and lives of others.

I forced myself to get out of my head, which was very frightening in the early stages of depression.

To grow, you must sit with the discomfort of being with powerful people.

People who are not sad all the time.

People who are not living in regret.

People who embrace who they are and speak up.

People who are not apologetic about what is healthiest for them.

People who when they don’t like something, tell you to your face.

People who are CREATING their lives instead of reacting to their lives. Showing you it’s truly possible to do the impossible.

There will be plenty of people in arrested development:

trying to smoke




complain away their lives.

You cannot surround yourself with them.

You get to be with ones that can make you jealous by how much they decide they get to have.

In woman on fire we use jealousy as a tool for intimacy. We name it, claim it, so it doesn’t get in the way. It actually becomes a GIFT to the person receiving it. What is possible when we all are showing up fully is more good than we ever thought possible.

To letting in the good. You don’t have to push it away anymore.

Pm to join us.

Concealed Influence of Spirits on Our Thoughts and Actions

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

Question: Do spirits have any influence on our thoughts and actions?

Answer: In this regard, their influence is much greater than you would believe, for very frequently it is they who drive you.

Question: Do we have thoughts that are our own, and others that are suggested to us?

Answer: Your soul is a spirit who thinks on its own, but you must have noticed that many thoughts occur to you all at the same time, regarding the same subject, and they frequently contradict one another. Well then, in that you have a combination of your own ideas and ours, and this is what makes you confused, as you have different ideas in your mind, fighting one another.

Question: How can we distinguish between our own thoughts and those that are suggested to us?

Answer: When a thought is suggested to you, it is like a voice speaking to you. Your own thoughts are usually those that occur first. But in any case, there is not much to gain from such a distinction, and it is often more useful not to know about it, as then you act more freely. If you make the right decision, you do so more spontaneously, if you choose the wrong path, you have greater responsibility.

The Spirits’ Book, by Allen Kardec, Chapter 9, Part 2, 459, 460, 461

The influence from the “unseen” is very real. Most people do not hear them. They recognize them as their own personal thought forms … this is not the case.

Humanity has been, and continues to be, tested, or should I say “tempted”. And when you succumb to this suggested failing, they punish you for it,accept zero responsibility for the suffering they intentionally attempted, and have created, in your world, in your mind.


They’re a bunch of CHEATS anyway.

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