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Parenting the Inner Child While Raising a Family

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

Are you sure your child wants to do what they are doing or are they doing it to soothe your insecurities about being rejected by society? If they are doing it to appease you, do not let them. If you allow this, children will learn to sacrifice peace within for approval of others.

And before you know it, your child is doing things they would never do in a million years only to be accepted by a group.

Spiritual warfare is teaching your child to give up their voice, innocence, MIND BODY AND SOUL. What are you doing to protect them as much as you can to prevent this from happening? What are you doing for yourself to be a better guardian to prevent this from this happening?

We may not be able to do everything. Because parents are suffering and under attack, too. But we can always do at least one thing. And then build on that. And then more and more each day. Doesn’t matter where you are at. What matters is that you start NOW.

Children who are not allowed to express anger or frustrations when someone crosses boundaries will slowly lose their sense of self and voice, and their understanding of the unique needs and boundaries which by nature, are designed to protect them when caretakers are not around.

This is why the shaming of anger is one of the weapons used in spiritual warfare to silence children and slowly degrade them of their natural free spirited innocence.

Parents, you cannot be around your children all of the time. So, what are you teaching your children at home. What are you modeling for your children at home that will help them protect themselves as much as they can when you are not around?

If someone tries to hurt your child and you are not there to protect them, don’t you want them to know how to protect themselves? Don’t you want them to know how to stand up for themselves? This world is doing everything possible to prevent them from doing so.

Be the best model you can possibly be for your children by simply being honest. And this doesn’t mean telling them everything. Because of course, like any healthy relationship, there are boundaries. Spaces in between. But those boundaries never withhold truth or perpetuate lies.

Do you know how to play with your child in a way that keeps their inner child alive and thriving? Do you let your inner child come out to play with them? Or do you hold back?

Children need to be taught how to express their emotions in a way that helps them navigate the world that will inevitably not be accepting of their authentic free flowing expression of self.

For example. Your child needs to learn it is ok to cry and necessary and not to “suck it up” or hold it back but also not to cry in front of strangers or those they do not trust or feel comfortable around. Teach them find a space in solitude where they can release.

Those who play roles have forgotten their inner child. Those who suppress their emotions to play those roles have forgotten their inner child. Because children don’t play any roles. Children just are who they are. Free. Which is why they are under attack. So they will forget.

Anger wouldn’t feel so bad to you if your inner child hadn’t been shamed by someone who was ashamed of their own anger. Make peace with this emotion so that you don’t feel the programmed guilt designed to suppress it when it arises.

If you think your child is not watching your every little move, YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Children pick up on everything. And yes, they will model after you. If they see you playing a role, they will play a role. If they see you being authentic, they will be authentically THEMSELVES.

If you have a child but have not yet remembered your inner child, then yes your child is going to be the one reminding you. DO NOT SHAME THEM FOR YOU NOT REMEMBERING. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE WARFARE TARGETING THEIR INNOCENCE.

If you as a parent know how to self soothe, then your child will learn how to self soothe.

Children are learning to play roles at a much earlier age because of social media and because they model after their parents who perform on social media because parents have not learned how to truly be themselves because of social norms designed by evil to suppress AUTHENTICITY.

When you suppress or shame emotions like anger, you are silencing and shaming your inner child. You are also teaching them that it is wrong for them to have boundaries and to protect themselves.

Don’t lie to your children. This doesn’t mean you tell them everything. BUT don’t lie to them. If they ask you a question you are not comfortable answering because you are not sure how, tell them you are not comfortable and that you will think about it. But do not lie to them.

Lying to your children is normalized and it starts with the insanity of Santa Claus but lying to your children is part of the indoctrination.

~ Sarah @morteperamore

Too Little, Too Late?

Published April 21, 2019 by tindertender

Could it be that if you are convinced you are not OF this planet, that you would leave upon death and there would then be one less warrior left to fight FOR this planet? Maybe this is what has been going on all along.

Perhaps there really is a massive attempt to steer the people ‘wrong’ … or perhaps that has happened already and what is currently going on is a ‘showing’ of the illusion.

Personally, I find many of these stories about ET’s and the other possible life forms very fascinating. Does this mean I swallow them whole as absolute truth? No … however I have been around long enough to know that if certain things are being said, those certain things have most likely already been done. So I glean the heck out of all kinds of sources, for I also know you cannot get to the truth if you travel only one road.

Have you noticed that when you speak silently to yourself it sounds much more eloquent, or more ‘schooled’ than when you actually speak aloud? It seems as though the “space” for the words has been disrupted within this world.

I actually think they made the cannabis plant illegal to grow or use all those years ago because people got too relaxed, they couldn’t get any work out of them. So they then put them to work creating pharmaceuticals and other things which they could make money off of while making people sick so they would seek help, who then could charge the insurance companies, then the care facilities get a share and then the funeral homes. This whole system is built around making people reliant upon the big machine.

Sad it took so long for us to notice.

To Do, Or Not To Do. To Be, Or Not To Be.

Published April 20, 2019 by tindertender

Have you ever felt as though you were being “tugged”, one arm to left, and the other to the right? It happens with these emotional choices we are faced with every day. “I should do this, but want to do that”. Be honorable and respect the plan, or be flaky, and slough off the responsibility agreed to?

This decision, while most often seems to be an easy one to make, sometimes has us stretched out to max, and our body, our trunk, is pulsing energy that seems to make us want to scream at times. Live wire!

Perhaps this is what is going on with humanity. The choice is typically easy, but lately, not so much … for many anyhow.

We know that governments have been practicing their patents for mind control for decades. They can transmit certain frequencies to the brain remotely, and watch to see if it makes “choosing” the honorable thing more difficult, and then they push until the desired results are shown.

Everything, and everyone, seems to be coming undone. Even the forests and plant life, it’s just not what it once was.

In 40 years I’ve gone from being able to leave the doors and windows unlocked, and even keys in the car, unlocked. No one would break and enter, no one would steal the car. I sold Girl Scout cookies door to door, by myself as a young lady. The worst that happened was I was bit in the stomach my a German Shepherd. Now days, moms have to take the girls to the grocery store and sit with them there while they try to sell cookies for an over inflated price because they are worried about them being abducted.

The attitudes about life have shift dramatically. We see that many people simply do not care any more. Those who do care are being squashed. This appears to be an intentional destruction of life. The methods are so blatant, yet the denial of them still exists. When will they be as transparent as the symptoms of their actions?

Someone needs to hold the destroyers accountable, obviously they are not willing to listen to the people and their concerns over being purposefully toxified, poisoned, and killed. In the process of it all, the people are also stolen from. Their lives and their money and their possessions are taken from their families as they struggle to pay for “treatments”.

This world is going to hell if good men do not step up and stop the destroyers, the chaos makers, the murderers of innocence. Let us hope they are beginning to hear the cries of the children, of all the people.

The Moon, A Command Module

Published April 19, 2019 by tindertender

The moon, (Luna) called the Lunar Earth Command Module because it is literally the headquarters of all the day-to-day management of surface-earth, plays into the effects of melatonin which is created by the pineal gland. So does the black sun.

It has been shown in studies that the light waves of the sun literally shut off production of melatonin.

Luna wasn’t placed there by Marduk just as a floating mobile office to pull levers on the hologram; it sets the circadian rhythm by regulating the flows of the tide (electromagnetic energy discharge-rhythm that powers the surface of the planet).

By sloshing the waters, the friction blends the oxygen from the lighter water above with the heavy water below, releasing the crystal energy into the oceans much faster than it would otherwise. This artificially increases gravitational push.

The sun shuts off the melatonin production of the body, then the moon sets the circadian rhythm to further force you to have to sleep each day in order to keep up with the flashline sequence set by the sun. Think bionic hamster wheel.

Known of as Enki now, was originally known of as EA. EA is a title, or office that holds domain over the earth’s waters. EA is the genius (at least as clever as reptilians can be anyway) supposedly father of Marduk (but seem to be the same being), and his specialty is energy and technology. He is now known also as Poseidon and Neptune and the reason is simple; because all the usable energy on this planet comes from the bottom of the ocean. Both the ocean and the sea are named after him because of this.

It was his son who hung Luna (parked the biosphere above our heads) who set up the commands in the Module to work directly with the ocean energy currents (as in electrical currents) to distort the pulse-rate of organic circadian rhythm to cause brain-fog, a result of melatonin starvation.

The word Lunatic literally comes from Luna, the command module.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Hello and Good-bye, Never Lasts Forever

Published April 18, 2019 by tindertender

Today the computer program I use at work had some pretty massive updates. During this “waiting” period, a very tiny beetle landed in front of me near my keyboard. I watched as it stretched it wings, and then folded them in, a few times.

It is very dry in the building I work in so I put a little water on the desk to offer it a drink. Once it found the water it stood there and drank deeply, who knows how long it had been since it had a drink.

Upon drinking it’s fill, it started having convulsions, like mini seizures. I cupped my hands around it and sent it warmth and comfort. After a short time, it’s legs folded underneath it one last time and it died. After looking through the loop to be certain it had died, I cradled it in my hands and took it outside …. I laid it to rest upon the earth and said good-bye. I am glad it chose me to spend its final moments with.

I do not look at life as I once did. As a meat eater I did not have much value to place upon the idea of life. When I stopped eating meat a few years back, LIFE took on a whole new meaning to me. Not just the cows, pigs and chickens, but the children, the fishy things (all of them) and the rest of the birds and squirrels and all other life forms. My self-love began to blossom as well, as I found respect for me in relation to the choices I was making.

My sensitivity levels have grown too. Cutting out the television and the news (as far as the preprogrammed dribble that gets pumped into households for an exorbitant monthly fee) and other fake “programming” has helped tremendously as far as taking back my time … and my mind.

Connection to the subtle realms has increased, as has my intuition and all other senses.

The world is not perfect, we know this by the shows we are given to watch, and the events we are buying into with our attention. The more we fill our minds with this catastrophic reality, the firmer it’s birth into this world.

Those who feed on pain and fear will give you the “programming” filled to the brim with it, and it will be birthed in your life and in the lives of others. The only way to combat it is to cut it off, eliminate it from the scheduled “time off” or the time you call “relaxation”. You may think you are at ease but you are being desensitized to violence in many avenues, you are being manipulated to increase the suffering in this world, or at least to NOT be too affected when you see injustices … it’s just a movie, man … a real movie.

On the way home I thought I might build a fire outside and finally burn that old picnic table, but upon arrival I discovered that my chair had other plans for me. HA! Since this is the case, it looks like you may have opportunity to listen to my personal dribble … if you’d rather not watch television … 😉. Or perhaps read up on things I find interesting, things that you might find interesting too.

It’s all about mind expansion. Facts proven by science are not needed at this time. What IS needed is for the blockages put in place of the many minds in this world to be dissolved. If you think something sounds too far out, it may be, but the limits of imagination will be stretched a little further from where the boundaries once were if you play even a little with possibilities. And soon you will begin to see things you hadn’t noticed before.

Best. Gift. Ever.

A Big Day

Published April 10, 2019 by tindertender

Today is a day for releasing that which does not bow to the “Do No Harm” rule. With assistance, and to the best of my current ability, I continue to fight for what is right and good … in my current view.

“If you run it makes her faster”

Are we going to last forever? Perhaps … perhaps not … where is your heart currently on the “Do No Harm” rule? Have you tried to shed that which is non-compliant, or do you embrace destructive behaviors?

I once did … embrace destruction. This was because my heart had been torn asunder by many who cared not, and in turn I became dis-heartened, and angry.

In order to reclaim our heart, that which has stolen our capacity for genuine care must be fought. It is similar for all people, yet circumstances (and planetary alignments) will make it appear less so. It is up to us to take note of our reflection, that which we see in this world, and then make changes accordingly.

Stop Blaming;
Take Responsibility For Your Part;
Forgive Others;
Forgive Self;
Build Upon This Clean Base,
A World To Be Loved In.

Here, Or There

Published April 1, 2019 by tindertender

Getting stuck in chaotic situations or patterns happens to us all. Upon death, if you are in a chaotic pattern, what do you think happens? Speculations abound … many say they know … but do they, or is it merely opinion and perception? Perhaps you’ll find yourself in a dark and dingy bar scene, or otherwise. Where are you spending your time currently?

Look at your life. If you were to die right now do you think patterns would all of a sudden end, or change? Addictions, victim-hood, warlike behaviors, selfishness, greed … these behaviors don’t just stop, not if they reside deeply in your heart. This is my take on it anyhow.

It is better to take a good look and clean the inner house now, while you are still here choosing what you want life to be.

People get so used to the discomfort, that when it begins to subside they chase it, for it has become habitual cycles of chaos.

Will you remain in habitual cycles, or will you purposefully choose to keep or eliminate certain patterns? Kicking to the curb those things which are of not benefit for forward, positive movement is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

I know … habits hook us and make it most difficult to let go. Sometimes only near death can help us with that. I am here to say I, for one, am grateful to still be living, and hope the shadows will not follow where it is I go … here, or there.

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