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See The Good

Published May 8, 2020 by tindertender

There once was a time in your very own planet’s history, long, long ago, when the earth was truly a paradise.

The diversity of life was as mind-boggling as it was spectacular.

Flowers sprang up in impossible places. Birds and their songs filled the air over every continent. Snow, fog, showers, or sunshine added sometimes shocking and unexpected beauty to every setting.

Animals were loved as family members. And complete strangers smiled and waved to one another, as it was everyone’s natural instinct to be kind, to give, and to love.

Yeah, very little has changed.

See the good,

~ The Universe

Flowers growing in seemingly impossible places.

Every ailment is a gift, an opportunity, an invitation…

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® © ®

Joy Riding on a Sunny Afternoon

Published May 7, 2020 by tindertender

Left the house to experience the wind once more, blowing everything in the car around, windows down.

I stopped at a little shack selling clam chowder and fish and chips. Purchased and ate a piece of fish and a few chips.

A fellow came by as I sat there. He walked to the man at the window, and then walked away, empty handed. He looked real down. I asked him if he was hungry. He said yes, so I gave him the remaining three pieces of fish with the chips. He looked very emotional and I watched as he walked to his room at the hotel nearby. I felt for him in that moment and hope he finds what he needs.

If we have extra, let us remember to share. Share with whoever happens to be there at the time, for this is our opportunity to do so. Regardless of appearance … share.

I drove along, for miles and miles, I came upon a pretty remote area, not a soul around.

I rested there awhile, munching on sunflower seeds. Here is a video of the place.

As I sat there, I thought about tools needed to tend garden, and supplies needed to preserve foods. I thought about a modest cabin with basic necessities. The simpler the better.

I wandered around taking pictures and then set up my chair in the sun.

Heading back toward town, I stopped to take more pictures.

Beautiful bull
Pony, goats and horse
A barn in disrepair
Cube, but it’s not. It’s actually flat, and an optical illusion.

That is the end of the joy ride, but much happened I did not capture.

I stopped along a rural road and stand. Bought fresh eggs, apples, red potatoes, cauliflower and honey.

I drove into a the nearest rural town and then out again, stopping at a roadside building selling more fruits and vegis. Bought watermelon, asparagus, a mango, and avocados.

It felt good to support the farmers, who are having difficulty getting their supplies to the city. I’m going to look for them every time I go for a nice drive and purchase from them if I am able.

My appreciation is growing during these days of separation from each other. For nature, for the work that men and women do, in all of the various ways work is done, for the benefit of the whole.

I’ve been dwelling on the inner stuff a lot. I understand better now, that I have been projecting and blaming for my inner pains. (And to think I thought I was done with all that inner work!) And so I have begun asking for help to relieve the pain so I do not project it into the world … praying, if you will. Whatever that looks like. Pretty sure it isn’t a wrong way, in private, with nature.

Nature helps me in many ways.

Connecting to benevolence seems to be easier here.

Where the trees cleanse and recycle my breath. Where the waters churn and provide oxygen to the things within, and those outside of itself. This delicate balance, consistently shared, constantly offered to life.

Home now, having eaten my corn and red potatoes, I relax and think on the day. I consider topping off the experience with a nice magnesium bath in some scented water … and so I’m off, until next time.

Below picture is not me …


Trip With Nature

Published May 3, 2020 by tindertender

Do you see what I see?

Decided to go for a joy ride despite there not being much “sunshine” in the day. It was still pretty amazing. Nature never ceases to impress me.

Panorama #1
Panorama #2
Snail friend
Sorry kids. You can walk the trail, but you cannot play on the equipment.
New growth, uncurling and reaching upward.

As I think about “new growth” I am reminded that growth, no matter the kind, is emotionally challenging, even physically challenging, but the most difficult is the energetic challenge, for it is charged by emotion and past negative conditioning. The nervous system rebels against change like a dying life form.

Do you think that our ‘mental condition’ (or life form) rebels every time there is change? Could this be why people are walking triggers much of the time? Because we are all constantly in a state of flux … never really ‘settled’?

When change comes, how does your body respond? Your mind? Do you find yourself tensing up? Pushing back? Rebelling?

To embrace change is a challenge all in itself. The pit of the stomach might feel like vomiting all over the place, your mind might be screaming in a mental agony, you may cry and holler to god or whomever you choose to make it stop, to keep it the same, to just make the uneasiness end, and comfort to once more be the base you find yourself in.

Unfortunately, when change comes, there is no thwarting it. Fight it as we may. (I know I am).

So, how do we ease our minds?

Personal Suggestions (may not be for all people):

1) Do not drink alcohol

2) Do not abuse drugs

3) Do not smoke (it dirties the energy, making one susceptible to energetic ‘attachments’)

4) Eat clean foods. Choose nearby, open farm raised meats if you eat it, and eggs and shop at local farmers markets when able.

5) Breathe intentionally. If anxiety or some stressful energy comes over, breathe, methodically, in and then out until eased. (Try a six second in breath, and a 6 second out breath.)

It is important that we support our bodies, our minds, especially in these times. We may not be able to gather, but Nature can replenish our supply. Let it.

It is also important we start supporting our local communities in other ways.

The days of frivolous behaviors are being left behind. It WILL cause discomfort, for the change will be great.

May inner fortitude and courage be yours as we transition into this new era.

Natural Beauty

Published April 29, 2020 by tindertender

The road called me for a joyride today. I got lost, and more lost, and lost deeper yet. Turn left, turn right, keep going for miles and miles. Finally having to ask a lady walking her dog how to get back to town. I crossed county lines repeatedly as I travelled the country roads.

I parked and walked for a very long time along an overgrown road/trail. Coming to this place, I see a log and a rock. They appear to be staring at me in the form of a turtle or tortoise. I reach into my purse for my pocket guide “Animal Speak” and I search for the meaning of this vision.

Turtle: (promise) Take your time in your pursuits.Trust in Mother Earth. You will have what you need.

Tortoise: (move through pressure) Pressures are easing and movement is slow but steady. Things will happen in the time and manner best for you. Focus on essentials.

The side of this rural road was peppered with beautiful flowers, small, yet many.

I took several videos and pieced them together. It is slightly long, but my oh my, the scenery!

I hope you enjoyed the journey with me. It brings such joy to be present with creation. I hope you will gain opportunity to commune with the natural world, and receive its blessings.

Sunshiney, Heavenly Spaces

Published April 17, 2020 by tindertender

Little tiny daisy’s and dandelions and shiny slug trails. I wonder how many dogs have marked these spots. I dare not lay in the grass.

Nourish me Sun. Nourish me please. Allow me the warmth of You upon my flesh, let it deep into my Be-ing.

Bless my spirit Wind. Your breeze flows around me, filling me, giving life in every moment with your family, the Sun.

Touching Mother Earths hair. She has flowers and clover in it.

Tree Hugger Alert!

So many cute little blossoms!

Sitting here at the river now. I just realized human beings don’t tend to eat animals that eat other animals, unless it’s a fish, dog, or gater … probably others. But animals eat each other even though many of them eat other animals. Perhaps this is the difference between man and beast when it comes to diet.

I get it now. They’re trying to steal each other’s food!

Aaaaahhhhh, beautiful, glorious days. Blessings abound! I hope you’ve been aware of yours. 🥰

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