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Tripping Over the Dragons Tail

Published January 16, 2021 by tindertender

Nearly 20 years ago I tripped over the dragons tail and fell into the lap of the satan.

The satan did not feel I was “worthy” due to my alcohol and drug use. They let the dragon “have me” for harvest.

They tried real hard to get me to self harm, to fall into their dungeon. But I survived.

Now the satan is back. Surprised that I survived and expressing this thought aloud, telepathically, of course.

At this time, I am not interested in what either “side” wants. Yet they pine for me just the same.

I am grateful that 18 years since the start of it, my mind has become much quieter, calm even.

I cannot help to think it could be the calm before the next “storm” they unleash onto me.

But maybe I am mistaken, and they are quieter because their reign is soon to be over.

Bless the benevolent lightworkers.

Bless them for holding the vibrations of Love and Light, emitting this frequency into the world.

Bless them for making it possible for me to do the same.

I’ve been practicing Sovereignty, embracing my life and it’s Divinity.

I suppose sometimes it takes a real tragedy to wake us from the dream … the perpetual state of suffering.

I now have 18 years sober.

And so I bless those who tried to kill me. I bless those who tried to control me. I bless those who brought chaos to my mind.

It is through these challenges that I discovered my love, for my life. It is through these challenges that I discovered just how resilient I am.

Although I would never wish this experience onto another, not even a perceived enemy, I am grateful for it.

Now I understand fully what the person walking down the street having argument with “thin air” is going through.

I found my compassion for self, and in so doing, I found it for others.

I am extremely grateful for my life.

My life is equally valuable to any other.

And I demand it be treated as such.

If this honor and respect cannot be reciprocated by another, then that other must go on with their life … apart from my own.




I did not know what this meant until I had to fight for my life.

And so it is with great gratitude I stand before you now … alive … healthy … and so much wealthier than I previously believed possible.

Step 1 to Happiness and Clarity

Published January 15, 2021 by tindertender

I find it interesting that at the drop of a dime we can give a stranger a piece of our mind and show them how nasty we can be.

Yet so many people have a hard time naturally giving someone a warm smile, a piece of our heart, and compassion to those that need it most.

Freedom of speech has turned into reasons to complain about things we may or may not have control over. Should not that same freedom be expressed with open minds, hearts, and arms to embrace without judging another’s journey or progress?

Stop being so emotionally driven to show people how we deal with drama, fighting fire with fire.

You yourself can be the change the world needs today. If you want to change the world start with yourself. Monitor your thoughts, are they negative and replay arguments or drama that we’ve seen on tv or social media?

Your mind can be your greatest companion also your worst enemy.

2021 is the year to take back control over your rapid thoughts and feeling.
Step 1 to happiness and clarity.


Force vs Cooperation

Published January 14, 2021 by tindertender

The one thing I have come to realize is that “leadership” in this country, and all over the world, is based on ‘forcing’ people to bend their Will, to whatever laws or mandates are put in place.

Control is their game and goal, and it seems, at any cost.

I am surprised, because even the least of them ought to understand that to have the best situation and the utmost power, is by obtaining cooperation and even excitement of participation, of the citizenry.

I wonder why “leaders” who have had so much practice at managing cities, states, and countries, have not tried to get the Will of the People in agreement … and instead rob them of choice, money through taxation, food in their bellies and even the roof over their heads.

They could do so much better.

It must be difficult to reformat the agenda that has been used to reset cultures and the world so many times already. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Problem is …. it IS broken.

I am baffled that humanity has agreed to this template for so long.

Do you suppose it’s because of fear?

Or perhaps it is due the the frequent mind swipes and rebirths humans have undergone while in habitation of the planet.

Do you think it is both the politician AND the citizen that are fueling fear in each other?

Or is it all a game … a game in which the majority do not even know they are playing?

Do you suppose what is going on now is simply because the chessboard has too many “pieces” on it?


Published January 13, 2021 by tindertender

“Ultimately, the problems we face cannot be solved at the same level at which they were created. The current problems of the world are bigger and more complex than the institutions established to deal with them. Meaningful change requires a true transformation that shifts the levels of understanding and opens the realms of possibility. Yet, there is a poverty of imagination when it comes to facing the size and depth of the problems we all face. In mistaking appearances for the real thing, people wind up with the appearance of strength, the appearance of leadership and the appearance of meaning while suffering a loss of all that is truly meaningful in the end. Genuine change, whether it be in the hearts of people or in the culture at large, is more difficult than changing the appearance of things and therefore can be a more rare occurrence. In hard times, inner changes must precede changes to outer circumstances.”

~ Michael Meade, “Awakening the Soul”


Published January 12, 2021 by tindertender

I often speak about purging & cleansing all that negatively consumes our spirits & minds. I speak from experience of holding onto traumas & tragedies that took me away from Who I Am. I am not alone, we are everywhere. Neighbors, friends, coworkers. etc.

Each of us has a story to tell that consumes/d us, that causes/d us to ruminate over & over again. Anger within us towards the situations, patterns created to build our unbreakable walls etc.

All that has hurt us must be purged.

There is too much darkness that has swallowed many of us whole. There are many that can’t face themselves or others still.

So during this tumultuous time, instead of focusing on the political agendas, my focus has been on healing the core of self & Mother Earth.

I spent decades into the “Conspiracy Theories”. I know the shock & awe they can produce. The dynamics, the eye opening, life changing whirlwinds as daily something new comes along to steer us in many different directions, seeking a truthful answer that may not be found.

But what it all taught me was this. Be aware. Be cautious of what you feed yourself. We weren’t meant to live in front of a computer screen, stuck on never ending rollercoasters fighting our neighbors’ over opinions. That is not why we were created.

We were created to learn, grow, create, as we are in our Creator’s image. To shine light through the darkness. To be beacons of hope to each other as we go through our lessons. And to learn Who We Are. Not as the history books taught us, but as Creator Made Us.

The world taught us what we know. Through Schools, Colleges, Religion, Tell-A-Lie-Visions, Media, Magazines. What about Nature? Did they teach us necessary skills to survive in nature? Or just work in a cube? Which direction were you pushed into? For many didn’t get a choice, but instead got thrown into the unknown just to survive. And when that happens, life becomes miserable. We become inherently angry, creating Dis-Ease throughout our bodies & minds. Anger turns to violence & horrible choices for too many. Creating a cycle of abuse in many families & situations. From domestic violence, child abuse, rape, molestation, drug addictions, drinking … the list goes on & on. And far too great a number have suffered the consequences of PROGRAMMING.

So, I share tid bits here & there on how I broke free of the hypnosis of it all.

Turn it off! For as long as necessary. Get to know yourself. That seems easy, but it’s not. That uncomfortable vibration that hits hard, causing anxiety, must be broken through. That barrier can be excruciating to go through.

It’s as bad as quitting a drug or cigarettes. For it IS a DETOX! We must all detox ourselves from the poisons told to us, beaten into us, and so on. We must confront our fears of facing ourselves & others, as our true selves. Without fear of what will be said to us, fear of separation from loved ones, and fear from strangers. Too many are afraid to stand up for themselves & suffer deep consequences. These consequences come in the form of health issues & mental health issues that can consume us to our cores & cause us to have suicidal ideations, self harm, violence, invisible, yet gigantic walls built around us for protection. Yet, within those walls, hide innocent children. Small, hunched over, curled in a ball children, that want to LIVE FREE & Happy.

You know that child. That beautiful inner child that needs so much love, yet is afraid to be hurt again. This child NEEDS you! For YOU are that child. That beautiful, innocent, terrified of being hurt child. This is why purging must be done. To set your beautiful self free, for once that child is healed, your health will improve, your thoughts will be more positive, your strength increases with each sensitive situation. Your heart grows, fears dissipate, for you have faced your greatest fear …. Facing Yourself.

I speak from experience.

For as we are yin & yang, carry goodness & our shadows, through facing & purging the self of all that has traumatized you, your heart begins to open. It begins to radiate the true you. That loving portion that has been hidden. That fearful portion converts itself into fertilizer that grows the most beautiful you that you never imagined while going through your torments.

Have faith in yourself. You are here for a purpose. Even if it is only to learn how to truly & unconditionally love. For it is through love, that we heal.

Be Blessed ~

Source: @hawk_cloud

A Storm of Epic Proportions Will Jolt Humanity Awake

Published January 10, 2021 by tindertender


What is happening right now in US politics is to create the greatest discomfort for the largest number of people to facilitate the most drastic form of individual change.

With the unprecedented events in US politics, many people have never felt more uncertainty.

The goal of this post is to provide you with a higher perspective in an energetic context and give you some tools to weather this storm, maintaining a sense of inner calm and peace.

For eons, humanity has been living in an invisible prison as described in the Matrix movie. We are not imprisoned by physical bars or chains but by the psychological manipulation of consciousness through which our reality is defined.

We have also suffered due to the imbalance between the heart and the mind:

We use the heart to intuitively grasp complex topics through subtle feelings, visions, dreams and vivid imaginations connected to higher realms.

In contrast, the mind operates with thoughts, logic and linear processing based on the limited physical realm, memory and already known information.

We currently have a severe imbalance between the heart and the mind:

Our hearts are walled in, underdeveloped and disconnected while our minds are dominating, in control and the supreme authority in our lives.

The over-reliance on our minds is by design as we are easier to control: We are living on a limited frequency band operating at negative emotions (fear, suffering, shame, guilt, hate, etc) which the negative entities ruling Earth exploit to feed themselves:

There are different names for those entities: Demons, energy vampires, spiritual parasites, archons, etc. It really does not matter how we call it – we don’t always need to over-define things with our rational mind, instead, we can intuitively “feel” what they are:

But how could those dark entities control us for such a long time? Well, as they are profiting from humanity’s traumatic suffering and infinite misery, they are doing everything to keep this negative cycle going as their survival depends on it.

The negative entities have found a myriad of different ways to keep us enslaved. A key aspect is the creation of traumatic entanglements between humans: They are able to take control of individuals through their unconscious soul fragments rooted in past traumas:

The majority of people have some sort of “possession” within their field, which exists as long as there are unconscious repressed parts of our soul. When a person is triggered, a past trauma is activated and brought to the surface.

Now, a person has two choices:

a) Remain unconscious of the emotional trauma and deny its existance

b) Becoming aware and deciding to heal oneself

a) If a person decides to remain unconscious, entities will continue to be able to take control of them, inflicting the same trauma onto other people around them, creating a “trauma entanglement” between more people, like a messily interwoven spiderweb:

Dark entities take control of a person via their unprocessed traumas. Those narcissistic energies try to play out the trauma over and over again externally pulling in as many people as possible – this way, they hide and fortify their position.

Well, it is time for untanglement!

b) Once a person consciously decides to heal, they will unravel many entanglements to past traumas, freeing many more humans in the process.

Hence, negative entities have fewer hosts to occupy, behave more aggressively, revealing themselves more until they starve energetically.

What is happening right now to humanity can only be described as a rude awakening from a long deep sleep. While we are incredibly resilient, we also are very stubborn and slow learners who do not like the unknown.

Thus, A LOT of discomfort is required to break the conditioning through a shocking series of events that are in stark contrast to the common programmed worldview.

This is the only way for many people to finally start looking inwards & to embark on their healing journeys.

Have you ever wondered why the presidency of Donald J Trump was so chaotic & why he always put out very extreme, sometimes even ridiculous statements? The last 4 years essentially have been preparation, the “preview” of what is to come right now.

Everyone who was shocked by Trump’s comments in the past will be absolutely flabbergasted about the things manifesting in our near future.

That is the point: Nobody’s worldview is safe! Even diehard Trump fans who thought they will get a repeat of 2016 will be shaken to the core.

And this exactly is the point: What is happening right now is creating the greatest discomfort for the largest possible number of people in order to enact the most drastic form of change as possible on an individual level.

That said, there is no reason to panic! Everything is fine as we have already transcended the timelines of physical violence.

The upcoming chaos is necessary to manifest the physical changes which are already established on an energetic level.

The exact sequence of events is impossible to predict because we are witnessing a very fluid and highly dynamic unfolding of timelines, depending on the collective level of consciousness of humanity, which in turn depends on the individual free-will decisions of every person.

The individual timelines aggregate into a “timeline window”, i.e. a range of possibly unfolding timelines. The good news is that this window is constantly rising as more people progress on their individual healing journeys and as the general frequency of Earth is rising.

There is a lot of upward momentum, as many old patterns within humanity are not matching any more and need to be released. So we can also regard the unfolding of US politics as collective shadow work to shed outdated programs and patterns like snakes are shedding their skin.

What we can do on an individual level?

Should we try to wakeup others by telling them the truth about politics? Should we go protesting on the streets? Or should we even defend the constitution with force? The answer is clear: No, no and no!

But what is the alternative?

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, we need to focus inwards, onto our own healing and expansion of consciousness!

We are interconnected, our lives are entangled through the multiple lifetimes we have to spend with each other.

Humanity’s traumas are like a messily interwoven carpet:

Each person is like a single thread interwoven with others over many lifetimes. As we slowly heal, we untangle our own thread, thus helping others as well by making their healing process a little easier.

How do we heal ourselves? 5 suggestions:

1) Acknowledging that we have unprocessed traumas

2) Observing our emotional triggers

3) Enduring negative feelings instead of distracting ourselves

4) Allowing negative patterns to leave the system

5) Creating a positive mindset

1) Acknowledging that we have unprocessed traumas

The first step is to simply accept that we carry a heavy load of past traumas. The majority of people are still in denial and prefer to project onto other people around them, preventing the initiation of the healing process.

Once we are aware of negative patterns, we can single them out to focus on and work with them. In other words:

What is unconscious will control us, what is conscious we have control over.

@kylecease perfectly explains the trauma healing process:

Once we face and heal our childhood traumas, the mind stops the negative protection and deflection patterns and we get a totally fresh and unburdened perspective on our lives:


2) Observing our emotional triggers

The next step is to become aware of triggers that are activated during our day to day lives. Each trigger is a divine gift, hinting at some inner unprocessed trauma, rooted in our childhood, that is ready to be released.

3) Enduring negative feelings

Once we identified traumatic events of our past, we can move into the healing process, by giving the negative feelings our full attention and unconditional love.

We need to sit in silence, breathe in deeply & feel our body’s subtle sensations.

The challenge is to endure the oftentimes very heavy emotions and not allowing to distract ourselves by giving in to addictions. Of course, it is much easier to drown our negative feelings in toxic substances such as alcohol or by engaging in certain damaging activities.

The more we distract ourselves from pain, the more intense it becomes: At some point it is so extreme, that distractions won’t work anymore.

4) Allowing negative patterns to leave the system

Once we acknowledge and feel the pain, it often vanishes quickly. We can imagine white healing light streaming through the body and roots growing at our feet connecting us to mother Earth, discharging all negative energy.

5) Creating a positive mindset

As the emotional traumas are released from our bodies, a lot of space is created within our vessels, which can immediately be filled by higher-dimensional energy, thus getting closer to become our higher selves.

Put differently, with each healing session, the Matrix veil is thinned a little bit and we are instantly rewarded with higher dimensional insights as well as intuitive abilities.

An example from my personal experience: https://lightprism.net/2020/11/24/my-whole-universe-is-unraveling-around-me

We can further ease this process by cultivating a positive mindset, focusing on opportunities instead of problems.

We can shift perspectives to view the healing process as a difficult challenge with many potential upsides, instead of terrible torture that needs to be avoided.

The healing process will never be easy or comfortable as we need to feel the negative emotions again to be able to clear them. But the more we accept and surrender to this process, the more quickly we can go through those trials and tribulations.


The unprecendeted events happening in the US and globally are only the beginning, things will most likely become much crazier soon!

But they are necessary to jolt humanity awake. The best way to asssist the process is to focus on your own individual healing.

To facilitate the healing process we can acknowledge that we have unprocessed traumas, observe our emotional triggers, endure the negative feelings instead of distracting ourselves, allow the negative patterns to leave the system and create a positive mindset.

A related thread:

How to break old cycles and access our divine sovereignty


To break those old negative cycles humanity has been trapped in for eternities, we heal and ground ourselves to become as solid as a rock, breaking all incoming waves and moving onto new paths of sovereignty and grace.

Humanity has been inside a narrow infinite loop of pain, trauma, hurt, unconsciousness and dependency which has been repeating over and over again, like a broken record constantly replaying the same dull 8 seconds of a song.

It goes like this: We carry pain and trauma inside of us but instead of focussing inwards, facing our traumas with love and courage, we decide to unconsciously project our darkness onto the outside world.

This perpetuates the negative cycles in the first place, as we continue to see our problems in others around us. The question is, how to break free?

If one party involved in a conflict is conscious of these damaging patterns, it can actively decide to not react with an “eye for an eye” mentality but to detach from the situation and react in a different way.

The consciously acting person essentially is akin to a wave breaker at the seashore, a massive solid rock that is unmovable regardless of the waves thrown at it. Eventually, the waves will break and the tide will recede.

In particular, there are a couple of things, every one of us can do to break the negative cycles and move onto new paths:

1. Focus internally

2. Practice forgiveness and gratitude

3. Choose a higher path in conflicts

4. Mix things up

5. Create and build something

1. Focus internally

The best way to help others is to help ourselves. We need to face our darkness by consciously reliving traumatic situations of our past with love and understanding.

Good tools are meditation, journaling, contacting people from our past and counseling.

In our healing process, we often encounter extremely heavy emotions that are hard to endure. But once we muster the courage to allow and just feel those dark emotions, they often are released in an instant thus making room in our bodies.

2. Practice forgiveness and gratitude

Forgiveness, for what we did in the past or for what others have done to us, is akin to cutting energetic cords that bind us like shackles to the past.

Gratitude redirects our focus towards the positive and acts like a magnet to attract more of it thus inviting abundance into our lives.

3. Choose a higher path in conflicts

If drawn into conflicts where the other party is projecting onto you, do not reciprocate and escalate it.

Instead, breathe deeply, detach and observe the situation from a neutral standpoint listening to the subtle signals of your body.

Remove yourself from the situation and meditate about it until you regain clarity.

State your viewpoint from a personal perspective (e.g. “I feel this negatively affects me with regards to..”) in a calm yet firm way. If no agreement can be reached, draw a line and withdraw.

4. Mix things up

We are the creators of our realities and every decision represents a potential turning point in our lives where we can shift onto novel pathways.

By doing things out of the ordinary with a positive intent, we can create massive shifts in our lives, for instance:

– Saying some nice words to the neighbor we had a dispute with last week

– Doing a spontaneous hiking trip in the forest

5. Create and build something

Through our healing, we create a lot of space within us to receive uplifting energy and inspiration.

This is an opportunity to put some ideas into action and start new projects, e.g. from fulfilling a childhood dream to starting a side-business.

I hope these suggestions help you to break free from old patterns and to consciously embrace the novelty of the million opportunities ahead of us!

More detailed information can be found in the Light Prism Blog:



Becoming Tempered

Published January 8, 2021 by tindertender

“The ancient Irish had a saying: ‘You don’t give a man a weapon until you’ve taught him how to dance.’ In other words, a different kind of learning is required before someone can be truly trusted with social power and potent things like weapons. If a man does not know the wounds of his own soul, he can deny not just his own pain, but also be unmoved by the suffering of other people. More than that, he will tend to put his wound onto others. He may only be able to see the wound that secretly troubles him when he forcefully projects it into someone else, in forms of abuse or violence.

So in the old culture-making idea, in order to properly bear arms a person must first become disarmed, as in becoming vulnerable and connected to something meaningful and supportive of life. The idea of forging the temperament of young men took precedence over the idea of simply giving them weapons at a certain age. The tempering of the souls involved discovering what kind of anger each might carry and learning about the inner line where anger turned into blind rage. Becoming tempered also meant immersing in the sorrow of one’s life and thereby being in touch with the grief of the world.”

~ Michael Meade


Published January 6, 2021 by tindertender

The maintenance of ones own energy and output is a challenge, a challenge that requires constant attention, attention to the details in specific contributions to the whole.

I recently (over the last hour) found my attention drawn and harnessed by this rally in Washington DC and the flagrant repeating of behaviors of so called “peaceful protesters (rioters)” of Antifa and BLM of last year, very recent history.

I told several people that I can see the pattern repeat, and that I am fully aware when the election was called early … NO MAGA burned, pillaged, or harmed anyone.

Now the media and SO MANY others want us to believe their story … again? Only now, rather than referring to these ones as “Peaceful Protesters” they are calling them thugs and rioters, sure to call them out as MAGA.

Look at the scrawny kids crawling walls … that is not MAGA behavior … but, whatever.

It is obvious I have zero control over the behaviors of people or the outcome of actions, but at least I am able to say my powers of observation are clear, not tainted by personal emotion … for honestly, I’ve been practicing keeping my energies from these eggregories.

And so now, one hour after getting caught up in this rat race, a wonderful woman offered a perspective, one that I have been adhering to for many months now.

Bless her.
Bless her for capturing my attention long enough to make a detour.

Earth Reconciliation

Published December 30, 2020 by tindertender

With all of this extreme chaos currently going on, so many don’t realize that it stems from a global control structure. Humanity is having their own victim patterns used against them, and are being manipulated into emotional storms of hatred and violence; serving the very people they claim to be against, completely ignorant of their handlers.

What so many people aren’t asking themselves is, “Who are the dividers?”

“Who are the profiteers that sit on top of the pyramid of war and disease?”

They own your religions, politicians, mainstream media and monetary systems.

What many don’t innerstand is they also own your mind, and the last thing they want is for you to take the red pill. This information that’s causing the human awakening is the red pill.

Even when you think you know the truth, there’s always layers of operations, twists and turns, and psyops designed to manipulate your beLIEfs.

These off-world controllers have done a brilliant job of dividing humanity. Including financing both sides of each war dating back to Napoleon. These controllers hide behind the guise of religion which demonize and sponsor harm outside of universal law upon the human race.

Our history has been one big manipulation.

The only way humanity is going to move beyond this enslavement by these off-world entities and their satanic agenda is to reveal it.

We need to move passed this low vibrational reality of the all mighty genocidal god that has put a veil over our eyes. This current transition and chaos we are experiencing will ultimately free us from this tyranny.

We need to erase the past, and ignorance and heal the collective trauma revealing our history and how truly everything that has unfolded on earth is the solution to world peace.

We need to know who is and has been perpetrating this fear, guilt, unworthiness, class separation,etc; and who are these hierarchies of power and wealth? It all goes back to our true ancient history and that history leads off-world.

People need to know that there has been a war for millions of years for total control of earth between the Anunnaki, Draconians, and several benevolent races including the Pleiadians.

To this day we have been under Draconian law, or what some people call the Draconian-Archon grid network. Why is there so much pain, suffering, satanic child sacrifice, pedophilia, war, disease, racism and senseless death? These inhumane acts are all sponsored by these nonhuman, off-world entities. Basically, there’s been an all out war on creation by these psychopaths and their antihuman agenda.

It’s time to wake up, grow up, and end the ignorance 💚.

This is the solution to personal freedom. The incredibly mismanaged disbursal of wealth and human enslavement needs to be truthfully told. Otherwise, it continues.

The revelation of these unseen, malevolent entities known as Archons needs to happen now. This particular information will be extremely difficult for many. There will be that time in which humanity will be told that we have been manipulated and enslaved by some very dark, negative off-world influence. These Archons are the puppet masters behind the mega elite that call the shots. From the bankers, politicians, most religious leaders and all who will do their bidding.

We have been brainwashed into playing their game, but their game is about to end. What’s hard for many to innerstand is that this galactic war has been happening in the 4th dimension and is now spilling into the 3D. Hence, our current situation.

This is why you hear me say that the war has already been won. It’s just playing out in our reality now. It’s our turn, but we all know it’s much more complicated than this explanation. This galactic war is being fought by the Draconians and other negative ET races against the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and the Andromedans. Which is to ultimately rid earth from their control.

Earth is the last stronghold and we’re seeing these Archons last dying breath. We are seeing the current unraveling of the dying Draconian grid. This is a trans dimensional war and it’s already been won.

These armies of God are multidimensional and have their ships. Some of these ships are physical, energy or magnetized light.

Just like their ships, some of these beings are physical, pure light energy, or magnetized light bodies.

You don’t need to worry about the and the ET races that are coming. You need to worry about the ones who are already here. Those negative ET races who’ve stepped out of universal law are being recalled.

Some are being rehabilitated. Some are being are being sent back to their home planet, and some will be recycled back to Source.

There are many players in this monumental undertaking for the liberation of earth. The Pleiadians that have played a major stock in human, animal and plant genetics, and were major terra formers of earth in the ancient past, who also created the colonies of Lumeria and Atlantis will have a major role in earth’s restoration process.

Earth was never meant to go into a negative direction. It was meant to be an eden where all inhabitants would be allowed to evolve into its highest potential. Earth was hijacked and is about to be reconciled.

Source: https://twitter.com/amen_baba_?s=21

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