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The Fall … On Repeat

Published January 18, 2020 by tindertender

Written by https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

When one is trusted with knowledge, and they then abuse that knowledge by bringing harm to others for personal gain and fulfillment, they must be held accountable for their actions.

Those who participate in behavior that requires them to be accountable, WILL NOT MAKE THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE.

The majority has been deluded, or was never capable of discerning, that the most violent, depraved criminals of all time, are innocent, because they haven’t turned themselves in.

That trend indicates that those people are incapable of discerning, not “the truth”, but literally, what the concept of truth, is. This is what it is about.

There are people who are incapable of comprehending what it means for something to be ‘real’ or ‘true’.

What’s ‘real’ and ‘true’ has been replaced for them, without their awareness. They have been mentally conditioned to no longer choose between a range of possibilities, what is ‘true’ based upon their own critical thinking.

For a group of people as large as this, with the technology and infrastructure required to maintain resource distribution, the situation is as dangerous as an immune disorder where cells can’t discern between self or invader.

The situation was locked based on the concept of holding the same abused, deceived majority, hostage to the others who choose Truth over illusion.

The false reality communication system that disarmed and corrupted minds was connected to the same system as the resource distribution infrastructure. They are not necessary, the media does not require a complete on/off switch for human reality communication potential.

But they had that and used it to their advantage, operating, essentially, like an invasion force that subjugated and brought harm to all life in the realm, and through that, all life in all realms.

What is a slight confusion at the top, with near 99% power capacity to that ‘mind’, could be the massacre of thousands, of innocent, down here.

That confusion or ‘hiccup’ is what enables the exploitation of a temporal distortion to rewrite history.

The higher collective mind that would shut that down is traumatized or distracted at that level, through the harming of innocent. So instead feeling pure pain at that level, it is displeased. As a result, there is less attention paid here and more distance.

That distance pushed was what is called the ‘fall’ and it was by a group who convinced the human to look up and say, “We don’t want your protection any more.” Humanity was infantile, and these invaders, all grown, armed to the tent, and vicious. Also highly perverted.

The energy of here and there is beyond. So, unless you got your ‘stuff’ down, right, you’re going to spill your beans in whatever way that is possible as the tension points of that conscious mind unravel and become basically a loosely connected dream state.

Add money, which they then figured out how to not have to require, but using advanced technology to literally print everything on hand. Add those who simply were not supposed to be there, were not strong enough and STOLE access, you get the previous situation.

Endless time, endless power, they destroyed themselves over a heaping pile of innocence.

And then if enough of that is left.

Then that trauma, builds up into a substance, that substance, evolves under their tech, that evolved intelligence is sent into the universe to reseed the same system that lead to the fall (or was the reason behind it) in the first place.

By leaving the trauma behind, generating enough of it to act as a literal ‘firewall’ to block out communication signals that we naturally use, this acted like a bridge to enable those of that low energy to re enter and repeat the same process.

The cycling system of life and consciousness, the mechanical and energetic interface, the conscious, perceptual, ‘virtual’ experiences and feelings that organize aspects of minds and thus reality, was mapped and organized for the molestation of Human spirit by a single group.

I Will Meet You

Published January 18, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo: https://www.facebook.com/maria.palumbo.loves; https://mariapalumbo.com/

I will meet you


In the men

that I meet

Until I let go

of the expecting

you will change.

Get better.

Stop drinking.

Get therapy.

You know, love yourself.

Love me.

I will experience your fire eyes

and words of hatred

until I am ready

to accept you

and stop sacrificing myself to help


No amount of pleading



Making you laugh

ever brought you back

for long.

You collapsing back

into you

And I learning what it is like

to be left alone.

Any hit or word of anger felt better

because at least it meant

you acknowledged

I existed.

Otherwise you would cry


in your own demise.

Watching you suffer

always hurt


And the peace was never peaceful

for it meant something else

was coming.

What did they do to you?

I’d wonder.

And the question kept me soft

in my heart.

What did your parents do?

Who hurt you?

My care kept me close.

I felt indebted

Spending years of my life

trying to convince you

I cared.

Someone cares.

I promise.

I wanted to be the one that could save you

The one that stayed

for that would not be my mother

And you would remind me

of that daily.

I will keep trying to complete this cycle

Prove that I am lovable

Convince the unconvinceable

Until I can learn to live in peace

without you

and stop trying

to fill that aching

for you

When the peace has always been

the most difficult part.


Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

Déjà Vu

Published January 16, 2020 by tindertender

You are surrounded by the most powerful cosmic energies that human civilization has ever recorded.

The Schumann Resonance went from 7.83Hz for thousand of years to now over 50+ in the span of 8 years and your DNA is changing to adapt to this quantum leap in evolution.

That energy is ripping at the fabric of your brain and the particles inside your bodies, whirling around at mega-speed, so this naturally excites your Krystal Seed Atom that stores the memories that you make during your times within manifestation.

This creates a “hot spot” within your memory-banks for that time period, causing your memory to leap across to your current awareness, reminding you that yes, you have absolutely been here before, and you have done that same thing before in past games.

Because you are not only living in a simulation, but you are on a time loop.

The time loop replays a successful time in history where you were able to remain alive, not blowing yourselves up, and continually producing huge volumes of electrostatic energy that your gamers use for their various applications.

So you have literally lived out this same life thousands, if not many, many millions of times before. Deja Vu is merely bleed through.

Memories are possible events that could happen given your limited number of options in life. Each moment is fully mapped and recorded in advance to your manifestation, then held inside Aniline crystals awaiting your possible choice to play that moment out.

You can choose to replay any one of these trillions of possible events as many times as you choose. By now you have likely played out every possible moment you could have ever experienced on Earth since recycling through millions of lifetimes.

Déjà vu is just you replaying a moment you’ve already played out before and you remember.

mission guide




Full Circle

Published January 14, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by: https://twitter.com/aug_tellez

As it turns out, in the real universe (aka, not hell owned by pedovores with advanced tech that slowly eat everyone’s soul) if you accept money, payment, and your job is to protect the people, yet in your duty, you are refusing to protect the people. What does that make you?

So you accepted payment, throughout your life, to ensure that no one would ever be able to touch the people who harass, abuse, rape, maim, and murder children for the process of harvesting their organ secretions.

Ok, pick your line.

If you don’t, you’re gonna default to the bottom and that one lasts for the entire length of the History of the Real Universe, of which this one remains on replay throughout, forever.

Your choice.

What you are watching now, every human from this point onward in history, will, as part of general knowledge. The depth of the most obscene is not seen unless the mind can handle, but the basic knowledge is available to all. People rape and murder children to harvest hormones.

The people that do that own all the industries, the big stadiums, the little child care centers, the education organizations, the establishments of new thought, the new tech, everything.

They were operating from one step ahead, and so no one had a chance.

2 Things.

Those who help are fucked.

Those who are fighting those who are exposing them are semi fucked.

The shot has already left the cannon.

You are already moved out of the why by higher power, or your future is sealed by that. No one can complain, because it’s the only future with humans in it.

What they don’t know is, as soon as they opened the gate, they were ripped to shreds first. Then the rest of the planet went to war.

Now they’re coming back as the fallen, get it? It’s a loop because we’re moving IN a circle.

If people don’t submit to the lunacy and fight one another in the time of greatest stress, it flips the cycle and the whole system revolves, right side out.

Various Quotes about the Moon

Published January 11, 2020 by tindertender

“Our Moon isn’t “natural”, it was brought here.”

“And it’s hollow, who is under the surface of the moon?”

“I had a hypnosis of “life between lives” and I wound up in the center of the “moon”. Totally white. This is where they “recalibrate” systems/souls … the mind, memories, the life and actions. There was a doorway that led out into the galaxy.”

“Ask yourselves this: Why is the Moon tidally locked to a planet that is only four times bigger than it? Why is Earth the only rocky planet with a significant moon (5th largest out of 200 in solar system)? Why does the Moon ring like a bell when struck?”

“Its a satellite. Notice it doesn’t spin as other planets do.“

“”Who built the moon” by Knight and Butler… A nice read. You can also check Credo Mutwa’s old interviews with David Icke, where he explains Zulu stories about the moon being “rolled in”, it being hollow and having been emptied of its original inhabitants by Invaders… Not the only ones explaining this though, but the first I saw.”

“Yes I agree as it has moved considerably over the last 2 weeks. Far from Venus. Point in case it moves to different positions.”

“Noticed the directions change, and it looks different than natural moon.“

“People need to stop their moon worship and giving their power away to it. It’s here to lower frequency of planet and interfere with the connection to source.”

“It is the remains of the full-sized planet that was there until approx. 30,000 yrs. ago. This will be simple fact in the future. oh bollocks. for pete’s sake. sheezuss. Stugf happens on the ‘dark side’ but that’s it. Nobody towed a planet here, or is disguising a ship. Mercy, let us leave the dark ages please. Thank you.”


“The mathematical likelihood that the sun and the moon would randomly appear to be the exact same size from the perspective of the Earth is infinitesimal.“

“Add to that the infinitesimal odds that the periodicity of the moon being exactly the same as 1 Earth day, so we can NEVER see the far side.“

“Our moon isn’t a moon at all. We are a naturally occurring double planetary system.”

“Does any other planet have a moon that does not rotate (so the same side always faces the planet) and orbits its planet at a perfect distance as to cause a full eclipse of the sun?”

“Here’s a thought … The moon could be a dyson sphere, like the assumed one causing the observed dimming over time of the star glisa 457b.. If an FTL craft it could have been parked here long before it was observed being built.. js Wonderous Infinite Moment this Universe is.”

“To The Trolls. Do research you scream LIESS. A Time Before The Moon Was In The Sky Many ancient people spoke about a time before the moon was in the sky – Aristotle, Democritus and Anaxagoras , Apollonius of Rhodes, Hippolytus and more.”

No Point In Hiding

Published January 7, 2020 by tindertender

It is said the “lesson” will continue to visit until we actually get it. Unfortunately, we never really do.

Sure, we may never do certain things again, but there will always be something else that replaces it, a new lesson, if you will.

When can a human being actually say they’ve finally got it, know the unknown, seen the unseen, and truly mean it?

It’s not possible in my view. Perhaps this is because I’m living in the impossible.

I could vow to live more inline with all that is possible, yet I understand that preconditioning gave me more habitual patterns than could possibly be deconstructed in one life-time.

“It’s Not Possible”, she said.

Ha! And she also said, Absolutely anything IS possible, if you want it proper and true … Whatever that means”.

There just isn’t enough time. Some of these lessons take a lot of time! And effort … the mind needs to recoup after every breaking down and building up.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Why is this? Do you suppose it could be mass hypnosis of a sort? Surely I am not the only one who recognizes this, after all, I did not coin the phrase.

I find it strange that over and over we see how crisis of any magnitude tends to bring people together, as a unit, working for the betterment of the whole. Yet for decades now, times of ‘crisis’ has been used to separate people … war, segregation … many other examples can be found should one think about it. IT’S BASS ACKWORDS!

Time to get back on track.

It all starts with recognition.

The people, for the most part, are broken ~ all across the globe.

They prepare to destroy an enemy, whatever the level … yet willingness for preparing to love with equal or greater intensity is fading.

I’m of the mind this was, and is, a very purposeful intention, an intention of those not fighting in the battles and wars.

What kind of rats ass game is this anyway?

Somebody(s) have been ‘complying’ very well.

What is done in the light is seen in the light. What is done in the dark is also seen in the light. The tendency to build an illusion which says the dark is not seen in the light is habitual, another human trait.

There is no point in hiding anymore.


It is these (above article) nanobots Elon musk is using to integrate the human mind to AI

Do You Remember?

Published December 27, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Mia Allen, https://www.facebook.com/m.i.ashleyallen

do you remember when you were fourteen and you sang Amazing Grace all by yourself on a stage in an old church⁠⠀

you watched congregation unfold like the bills they placed in the basket ⁠⠀

the old ladies gathered around you after the service to tell you what a bright light you were, and that you’d sung beautifully⁠⠀

you were embarrassed ⁠⠀

but you stole a moment and quietly slipped away to the bathroom ⠀

you looked at yourself in the mirror ⁠slightly smiling, saying Thank You, God, for this life, and giving yourself something to be proud of, for that moment, on that day⁠⠀
that was a really long time ago⁠⠀

and most of those ladies are probably dead⁠⠀

you don’t go to church anymore ⁠⠀

and most of the time the memories that informed your dreams just swirl around in your head ⁠⠀
the placelessness of your experiences makes for a heavy placeless heart ⁠⠀

where do we put our memories⠀

our days when we felt whole ⠀

you wonder and wander til a single beam of light comes pouring through the trees⁠⠀

and you stop ⁠⠀

for a breath and to let it fall over your eyes⁠⠀

you listen to the birds and the wind dance with the leaves⁠⠀

you wonder to yourself if there’s ever been a good time to believe you were worth a damn ⁠⠀

if not then then maybe ⠀
never ⠀

or if not then then maybe ⠀
now ⠀

photo by @_chriseadicicco
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