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Empowering Self

Published January 18, 2021 by tindertender

Any idea of not loving any aspect of yourself is nonsense. Your human form is an extension of you.

Give complete immense love to your human self precisely as it is, embrace yourself entirely & all of your humanness, give love to your bodies and your face, this human form is a sacred form, you will only be in this form once out of all of eternity, as you are formless eternally.

Just because this is your temporary home, doesn’t mean you can’t admire it and cherish it! Just because you’re much grander than just a human, and that this version of you is very temporary, doesn’t mean it’s not something to love immensely!

Loving and accepting yourself precisely as you are in this very moment and every other furthermore is a blessing that you can eternally bestow upon yourself. Treat reality the same way, unconditionally love life no matter what. Your unconditional love for yourself will mirror!

Everything in infinity all exists in the now, which includes; all infinite possibilities, all pasts and futures, infinite universes, infinite dimensions, infinite realms of infinite kinds, infinite beings whom are infinite themselves, infinite everything, all happening, NOW.

Analyze the hows and whys behind your creations of reality.

Create your experience of reality in such a way where no matter what you’re doing, all is play. Source loves to play, it is our nature!

When we are in any kind of state of resistance, we are in a state of being at war with the now/present moment. Be a peacemaker by making peace with absolutely everything and anything, let go entirely and just relax into the now, this allows you to enter that lovely flow state.

Seeking empowerment within yourself in a world designed to keep everyone in a disempowered state is among the noblest of acts.

Speak to yourself as a collective consciousness, because you really are an entire collective. We have so many aspects within us! We are a tree and all of ours aspects are the branches. We are a micro version of Source, just as we are branches on the tree that Source is.

Any thoughts you may have are simply aspects voicing themselves from within you.

These individuating aspects are our children, we are the father/mother of all of them.

Trinity of the Self:
The Creator, The Creation and Their Source
The Observer, The Observed, and The Reflection

Source: @gianniprovz

Self Empowerment

Published January 11, 2021 by tindertender

Be mindful of your attitude towards yourself, root in complete unconditional love, root in the pureness of the spirit that you are.

Go to infinite lengths to express your soul, do absolutely everything to express the all that you are. Bring full enthusiasm into your expressions, INFINITY IS YOUR DANCE FLOOR!

We all have infinite power within, though in our here and now we are only as powerful as our state of being/empowerment.

There is nowhere you should be other than this precise here and now. Let go of that word ‘should’ and everything about it. Be patient with your process and just flow with your journey.

You are so beyond what you know yourself to be. You are absolutely amazingly magnificent beyond your own comprehension of yourself! You don’t know just how incredible you are! Maybe you have gotten a glimpse, but there is so much more to you that you haven’t seen, so much beauty.

Look within yourself to see what you may be giving your power away to things outside of you. Whether that’s allowing something outside of you to dictate how you feel, or choosing to put a blame on something outside of you. Your power is returned through 100% accountability.

Everything can be used as an opportunity to empower yourself, open up your heart more and go even deeper!

Source: @gianniprovz

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